Assemblyman Hikind Objects To Ads Asking U.S. Military To Stop Funding Israel

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New billboards went up across New York City on Wednesday night with a message that could have subway riders doing a double-take.

They’re paid for by a group that wants the U.S. to stop funding for the Israeli military.

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin talked to both sides of this billboard controversy.

The ads greeting subway riders across the city feature smiling dads and kids. Palestinians and Israelis pictured together, with the headline “Be on our side.”

“It says be on our side, so it’s like who’s side are we on?” resident Kayla Sanders said.

That “side” is revealed on a smaller line of the ad.

“‘End U.S. military aid to Israel,’ that is going to cause some controversy,” Jessica Hover said.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the group behind the campaign, “Two People’s, One Future” is pro-Palestinian and is seeking to weaken Israel by having the U.S. cut billions of dollars in military aid to its closest ally in the Middle East.

“I see this as something very, very dangerous,” Hikind said. “This is a one-sided mean-spirited attempt to undermine the security and well being of the people of Israel.

“They say this is for peace. This is not for peace. This is for war.”

New Yorkers got their first look at this campaign on Sept. 5 when the billboards were installed in 18 subway stations. A Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman said it didn’t take long for some complaints to roll in.

Carlin asked the publicly funded MTA why it agreed to the controversial campaign.

“We have specific guidelines for advertising. It cannot promote anything illegal, be obscene or imply the MTA’s endorsement. This campaign adhered to the guidelines,” MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said.

Ethan Vesely-Flad is with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, a lead sponsor for the ads in New York.

“This is a voice that needs to be heard,” he said. “We believe that that military aid is actually protracting the conflict between Israel and Palestine instead of working to end it.”

The campaign is spreading across the nation. Assemblyman Hikind and pro-Israeli activists promise they’ll respond with a series of response ads reminding the U.S. to remember its friends and keep supporting them.

Other cities in the “Be on our side” campaign include Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Boston.

What do you think of the billboards? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Mahmood Abbas says:

    Damn Israelis… Wasnt it on 9-11 that those Israelis were burning our American Flag… Oops I forgot it wasnt the Israelis… According to Al Jazeera it was the Palestians and other arab countries.

    Also Ive never heard or seen an Israeli terrorist going around blowing up people or crashing planes into buildings and the Pentagon.

    1. Bill Schultz says:

      The 9-11 attackers were mostly Saudi, including Bin-Laden. But did we go after Saudi Arabia? No, instead Bush attacked their great enemy: Iraq.

      As for Israeli terrorism, look up the long list of people the Mossad has captured or killed in safe/neutral third countries. Israel recognizes no law other than its own self-interest.

      1. vahellbilly says:

        You stand corrected… We took warheads to foreheads to Afghanistan in Sept/Oct 2001. Iraq came after the fact, in March 2003 on false pretenses, lies and a Bush family grudge.

      2. Mary Eberhardt says:

        I am 100% with you on this. I think we should stop giving them military aide, and actually why are we giving billions to Israel when we the Congress is crying about our debt. Stop giving away the money we don’t have, and particularly to a nation like Israel.

    2. Steinbrenner says:

      But I seen alot of Israelis spying on the U.S. our supposed “ally” receives BILLIONS about 30 Billion a year from U.S. Tax Payers while our Unemployment rate is 9.1% Israels unemployment rate is 3.9%, So why are the taxpayers in the U.S funding Israel which Muders Women and Children in Palestine!??!?

  2. morris2196 says:

    Israel is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who are actively working to destroy Israel, and they have the support of literally millions of people surrounding Israel. All that the US is doing is giving Israel a chance to survive. If the Arabs can’t destroy Israel, they have only themselves to blame.

    1. Steinbrenner says:

      Giving Israel a chance to survive? LOL what a joke , for every Israeli killed 11 Palestinians are murdered of those 11 97% are women and children, get your facts straight buddy !!!!

      1. bigdakine says:

        In which case the Pals should stop blowing up pizza parlors.

        It doesn’t seem to get them anywhere.

      2. melvinslizard says:

        The reason there is an 11 to 1 ratio is because the Palestinians are STRAPPING BOMBS TO THEMSELVES, IDIOT.

      3. MARY EBERHARDT M.D. says:



        1. RW says:

          How did “Dr.” Eberhardt get an MD when she can’t spell or compose an English sentence?

  3. EJM says:

    Be on their “SIDE”? Did anyone see how the Palestinians rejoiced when our towers fell in 9/11? Every nation surrounding Israel is full of brutal, one-sided people who refuse to prosper and much less allow other to do so.

  4. Truth says:

    Judy, I am sorry but from you statement it appears you have no clue what is going on in the middle east. Israel has yielded in every way possible to make peace. The following are just some examples: 1. Israel left some of the settlements in northern Israel and in return there was the Lebanon war. 2. Israel vacated ALL of its citizens from Gaza and in return do you think Israel got peace? No. Instead the “defenseless Palestians” are throwing rockets the neighboring Israeli civilians.

    1. The Real Truth says:

      Thank you, Truth, for demonstrating so succinctly just how subjective “truth” really is.

    2. Mabb says:

      Truth I don’t think you’re watching all of the news, only the news you like. Israel has been accused of tearing down Palestinian houses under the claim that it’s their land. They literally go in and take the houses down, even if the people are still inside, leaving thousands completely homeless. If Israel really wants peace why don’t they do that? They also have a forced embargo that keeps essentials like food and medicine out of Palestine. I don’t see peace in that. I say if any country wants our money and our support, they must SHOW they truly want peace, not just their side to win.

      1. griley says:

        If Palenstinians want peace why is the first thing they did in Gaza was set up rocket launchers?

      2. melvinslizard says:

        Yeah, and the Palestinians have been given control of entire Isreali settlements, complete with water facilities and green houses, only to watch the Palestinians turn it from a self-sustaining area to a GHETTO.

    3. Truth says:

      @ Mabb… I want proof that Israel is tearing down homes etc. Show me proof thats all I ask. Also I don’t see how you can blame Israel for having an embargo. These Palestians are trying to smuggle weapons into Gaza. This has been proven! Also all essentials are getting to the Palestians albeit maybe a little delayed but the Palestians did this to themselves. They shouldnt smuggle weapons into Gaza and shoot rockets at neighboring Israeli civilians. Also if you were not aware Israel is not one that proves water, electricity to Gaza, amongst other things.

      Please tell me what has the Palestian gov’t done to show that they want peace.

      Get your facts straight or dont talk. Everything you have said is probably stuff that you have heard. You have not verified anything you have stated.

      1. Dr. Steven says:

        Haters don’t bother with the facts, they get off on hating. No if we can just put them all on a plane & send them to Teheran! Am Yisrael Chai!

      2. Jack W says:

        “Truth” — hey, the “google”, have you heard about it? It’s the coolest thing. Use it, why don’t you. Try it with “Israel home demolitions”. Just like that. It’s so cool. You’ll learn a lot.

      3. Paul says:

        And I bet you think the moon landings were faked and the Earth is flat.

      1. MARY EBERHARDT M.D. says:


  5. danny says:

    Well. What about the sign that is on the side of the BQE calling for Gilad’s release from captivity. My question is, with all of the problems we have right here in our own backyard, must we continue to help those that don’t help us? It is time for the U.S to leave certain regions alone to sort out their own problems.

    1. Eli says:

      I’m sorry… “those that don’t help us”? why don’t you do some research and see how much Israel dos for us, and what an ally they are to the U.S.” Is there a problem to support something that promotes Gilad’s release from captivity when his family has been waiting for so long for that innocent boy to return home? Would YOU like to be held captive in Palestinian extremist captivity? How exactly does it hurt you?
      I do agree that the U.S. should leave certain regions alone… that way Israel can actually defend themselves against those that use their women and children as shields….

      1. over&out says:

        Isreal was the first to arrive with food, water, medical supplies when Haiti had their huge EQuake. No one gave Isreal credit for that, no mention of it anywhere, They were not looking for credit either. They do help, because they can and care no matter who’s in need.

      2. Grant says:

        “that way Israel can actually defend themselves against those that use their women and children as shields”

        Who is that? Themselves?

  6. Lee says:

    Freedom of Speech – you can agree or disagree with the content – but you can’t silence it.

    1. American Patriot says:

      Right on Lee!

      1. kathy says:

        Right on, Lee!

  7. melvinslizard says:


  8. EffortPA says:

    Great idea! As long as Israel has a superior military than all of its neighbors, they will never want to reach a peace agreement. The only reason they have a superior military is because of all the billions of dollars we give them. That must be stopped, at least, until they return the lands they occupied after the 1967 war. I am glad the USA had the wisdom to return the lands they occupied in Europe and the Pacific after WWII, otherwise we would still be fighting those wars.

    1. melvinslizard says:

      fail x 2

    2. Truth says:

      I am not sure if you took your medication today but the Palestians lost the war! I do not understand how you expect to pick a fight and not suffer any consequences. The Palestians along with the rest of the Arab nations chose to pick a fight with Israel. Not the other way around.

      To be clear Israel has NEVER EVER waged war on ANYONE without being provoked or feeling its security is under jeopardy. Unlike some Palestian leaders (ie Hamas) who say not only will not not recognize Israel country but want to destroy all jews

      1. Mabb says:

        You’re going to have to change your screen name, Truth. Israel is not the sole innocent nation on the planet. Every nation is guilty of violence and war. It’s what we do now that we have come to understand each other better that will show whether we really want peace or not.

    3. rachel says:

      should we in turn “return mexico and hawaii”?

    4. Joe says:

      do you know WHY Israel has the military they do? Maybe it’s because they are under CONSTANT atttack from their neighbors? They have no choice but to invest in their military! Imagine waiting for a bus, and being blown up by a suicide bomber. Imagine going to dinner with your daughter, and one of you never leaving the restaurant… There are MANY examples of daily life “disruptions” due to rockets being fired on innocent civilians, suicide bombers, shootings, and dare I mention the Itamar attack on the family of 5, with a 2 month old being stabbed to death? HMMMMM wouldn’t you do anything to protect your country?

    5. griley says:

      Really? Guess the Arabs shouldn’t have started what they could not finish

  9. sumday says:

    be on your side? Your side lost now get the heck out of the land you illegal’s! Even your holy book says the victor get’s all the spoil’s- everyone you ever conquored you took from them and never gave back now you want back what your G-d gave to Israel? Besides that you never ever in your history was a soverign state- you were always governed by someone else now you want what is not yours. Go to your peaceful nieghbors who should be more than happy to take you in if you really are so peaceful.

    1. Palestine says:

      I know you are, but what am I?

    2. Ishmael says:

      if YHWH hadn’t picked one child over the other, the entire world would be a much better place. that’s what you get for being a nepotistic prick.


    This may be true, but we did not have any enemies there before there was an Isreal.

    Why, then do we send them over 9 BILLION ANNUALY? and that is looking at just the ca$h subsidies, and not the billions of sweet deals that they glean from the US

    1. InterNet and Yahoo says:

      How does Isreal get what they want? first they Ma Knock em, then they Beg em.

      Who said that? Anwar Sadat

      I can’t hear you, Ive got Gold in my ear

    2. Frank says:

      The U.S. has been giving Israel foreign aid for over 60 years now. We have also guaranteed their survival as a country so Israel can defy the world (including their benefactor the U.S.) while hiding under the skirts of U.S. military protection. After all of that, they won’t even TRY to make peace. Enough is enough. Stop subsidizing Israel.

      1. rachel says:

        you cant honestly believe what you are writing. Every time there has been a cease fire between the arabs and Israeli’s, the arabs have broken that cease fire. I wont even dignify their terrorist regime by calling them palestinians because palestine does not and never did exist. What is now Israel, was a territory occupied by the BRITISH. After 1948 when israel became a Jewish state, the arabs cried unfair saying its Palestine. There are NUMEROUS arab nations. NUMEROUS. go and count them. There is one jewish state. Im so sick of hearing this garbage from you liberal pacifists who are brainwashed into thinking the arabs wish to attain peace. If they do then that would be amazing and beauty and PLZ Gd one day there will be peace but as of now..they do not want peace. They paint a picture of lies and for some reason so much of the world is buying into it.

      2. Connie says:

        Yeah…what Rachel said!!

      3. retphxfire says:

        Oh, Rachel, Rachel….you need to do some unbiased research, but someone who has to resort to the ‘libera…..” is probably not going to be honest or open. Did you all know that the majority of Israelis favor and support a Palestinian State? Vote after vote/poll after poll has shown support for a two-state compromise?? How about the right-wing Israeli settlers provoking the OCCUPIED Palistinian dwellers???? Or the right-wing settlers refusing to leave areas that the government has agreed to leave and return???? :Palestine, from Phillistines, occupied what is now Israel and the Gaza Strip looonnnngggg before Israelis took possession. The Jewish people base their claim to Israel four major premises: Jewish people settled and developed the land; the international community granted political sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people; the territory was captured in defensive wars and God promised the land to the patriarch Abraham. (jewishvirtualhistory). So they arrived AFTER and occupy it by occupation, war and devine intervention, the same priniciples Palestine offers. So it appears that those silly liberals have a point, both deserve a homeland, without occupation, without closed/blocked/armed enclosures around a city/area, home rule, etc etc I support an Israeli State, but the idea they have devine precedence over Arabs is somewhat arrogant and certainly inciteful. How would YOU react to having your land occupied by another country, closed off, and being ‘walled in’????? That is what Palestine faces every day.

      4. MARY EBERHARDT M.D. says:

        We could have made the parties come to the table a long time ago had it not been for the billions we have been giving to Israel . In return Isael has acted with impunity ignoring every sanction by the UN, Ignored every effort on our part to get them to come to the table to negotiate a settlement to the Palestinian question. Their leaders have shown and arrogance to our President that has no parallel ,
        They are a stiff necked people as Moses himself said and their intransigence is the cause of the turmoil in that area of the world

  11. Johnny Handsome says:

    The ads are one sided. But so is US aid to Israel. Lets send the same amount to both sides. Arm the alike. Give one a plane, give the other the same. The American people are sick of funding others wars. If Israel wants to kill people and steal their land, water and food, let the, pay for it. America cannot afford this anymore. Jews make up less than 1% of the US population. Why do we cowtow to them?

  12. Todd Boyle says:

    CBS says, Israel is the U.S.’ only ally in the middle east?? Laughable. Pathetic, really. Dear CBS: we are one human family. I thank the donors who contributed to this great billboard campaign. —Todd in seattle.

    1. jip says:

      Todd…seattle….says it all

  13. Johnny Handsome says:

    Continue to send money to Israel! Increase it 10 fold…. Send the the same amount to both sides. Let them fight it out. Dov Hikind is the worse kind of racist there is. How this POS sleeps at night is beyond me.

  14. JohnLP says:

    What makes Israel such a great “ally” if it is not reflecting our best values in its actions toward Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria? Instead, it frequently reflects the worst of our historical abuses. The U.S. plays a part in other countries as well, via military bases, training, and arms sales to Egypt, Djibouti, Qatar, Bahrain. But the relationship with Israel is at the center of it, and what needs to change.

  15. Billions for Military, Cuts for Us says:

    Yes Dov, political debate is dangerous, democracy is dangerous. Let’s give military aid to a country that has maintained a military occupation and denied people their freedom for 45 years. Let’s cut Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits but not a dollar from that military aid to Israel.

    1. melvinslizard says:

      Didn’t Palestinians launch hundreds of rockets at Isreal just last week? Didn’t Palestinians murder 7 Isrealis just last week? Let’s all jump on the bandwagon and criticize the Jews while we give the Palestinian murderers a PASS. Ready? Go!

      1. hannelore says:

        and how many people did the Israelis kill with their sophisticated weapons ??? The Palestinians are using home made rockets versus latest technology of war weapons. supplied by the US !!!!give us a break.. can’t hear this same song over and over again that the Israelis are the victims… they are the aggressors…..

      2. Ham says:

        Israels’s greatest fault is refusing to be destroyed.

      3. Joe Shmo says:

        You mean the israeli’s who are on occupied land? What are they doing there to begin with? Not saying it’s good to kill anybody, but seriously, what would you do if Mexicans walked into the US and claimed it as theirs while a foreign power armed them and supplied them with billions and knocked down your house, threw you out, and killed thousands upon thousands of your people in the process and built their own housing on your land? Israel does not want peace, if they want peace they would have stopped building settlements on occupied land a long time ago. The image that Israel is the peaceful state while Palestinians keep getting labeled terrorists is something the media instills into the brains of Americans. The whole world sees the truth, which is why the US wants to Veto the Palestinians in the coming weeks. The Palestinians are only doing the same thing Israel did in 1948 when they went to the UN general assembly to gain statehood, and the fact that America will veto it and that Israel is fighting it is hypocritical. Don’t get me started on what the ratio is of dead Palestinians to Israeli’s. The whole world isn’t stupid, it’s just most Americans who are led like blind sheep to think Israel is a helpful ally when there are other agenda’s the US needs them that they don’t know about, all while bringing more harm to the US then it does help.

      4. melvinslizard says:

        Who attached who? End of conversation.

  16. Chiker says:

    How about stopping all aid from all sources to the area period. No aid to any one. How long would the palestinians and there fellow travelers last without outside support. Productive land returned by Israel was trashed.

    1. melvinslizard says:

      They would outlast the USA, dumba$$, after China and Russia stepped in and bought up the whole area!

      1. Yeah, right..... says:

        What a fantasy, melivinslizard. China and Russia only care about themselves. They couldn’t care less about the Arabs. Both China and Russia have their own oil fields. In their opinion, the whole middle east can burn. They don’t care.

  17. NYer in NJ says:

    Nice to see that hate and ingorance are alive and well!

  18. goblin says:

    Let some other sucker country send “aid” to Israel.

  19. nyc says:

    Emily STOP “one of the greatest national contributors to international innovation and progress,” from using my tax dollars to occupy and steal and kill using My American money.

  20. stephen is a fool says:


  21. Emily says:

    This ad is just ignorant. Let’s be real: if we stopped sending aid to Israel, that would be the end of Israel. It lives in a constant state of existential threat, surrounded by countries ready to attack if the opportunity would arise. Israel needs US aid as a deterrent. And if we stopped providing that support and abandoned our best ally in the region, we would be opening the gates for the beginning of the Pan-Islamist fight for control of the Middle East (Israel would be the canary in the coalmine) – not to mention we would be losing one of the greatest national contributors to international innovation and progress.

    1. sumday says:

      no you are ignorant- that country was NEVER a soverign country before Israel- it was always ruled by other countries so these people have no legal stand. Even in their religion is states the victors get the spoils. I’ll put it this way when was the last time a jewish person strapped a bomb on themself and tried to kill everyone? Now when was the last time one of these people did that? Oh not so peaceful when you look the history are they! Israel gave them land in return for peace and instead they used that land to fire rockets at Israel- not so trust worthy are they?

    2. melvinslizard says:

      Saudi Arabia is not our ally, the ruling family is just sucking on the US’ teat.

    3. Art Hadley says:

      emily: why should we care?

      give me one good reason why we should not treat israel equally as we treat iceland?

      AmericaNs are SICK of israel.

      Americans are SICK of perpetual war.

      emily/israel: LEAVE US/AMERICA ALONE!

      1. jip says:

        What a presumptious ass to imply you’re speaking for all America. I’m American….not Jewish…& fully see the evil that is Palestine.

    4. kcpeacenik says:

      Um, correct me if I’m mistaken here… isn’t Israel a colony established by the UN after WWII so Jewish people emigrating from Europe would have an “official” nation? I mean, Jewish people lived in this area a long time ago and dispersed due to complex historical reasons, but then immigrated back into the region after WWI (to Palestine opposition). Israel is basically an artificial nation created for the purpose of legitimizing years of unwanted immigration. The two world leaders who agreed that Israel should exist were U.S. President Truman and (wait for it) Joseph Stalin. Ringing endorsement, that. The Palestinians never had a say in the matter. Why the U.S. remains so emphatically pro-Israel mystifies me, unless it is to save face due to the Truman-Stalin agreement. We rise tot he defense of other Arab countries who want freedom and peaceful lives for their citizens (and engage in violence to those ends) but somehow Palestine doesn’t make the cut. Strange.

      1. bigdakine says:

        Uh no. Most of those who survived the holocaust went to the US. The majority of Israelis trace there recent ancestry to the middle east, where they were subjected to the tyranny that is Islamic rule.

        Consider yourself corrected

    5. mike says:

      How about this, lets take care of the good ol’ U.S.A. instead of catering to every damned country that hates us

  22. NYC says:

    Without our money Israel will have to make peace . With our money Israel does not have to pay for its brutally blatant inhumanity. I demand my US Taxes pay for American People.

  23. NonJewNonMuslimNonAnything says:

    Finally the country is beginning to wake up to the fabulous fraud perpetrated by Israel. Israel has been crying wolf for way too long at the considerable expense of the American sheeple. Any criticism of it is branded anti-semite. They get away with murder because our spineless, money-grubbing politicians are beholden to the far right-jewish lobbies. Enough is enough! Let’s put a stop to this insanity.

    1. Dr. Steven says:

      you forgot: non-truth.

  24. KPMc says:

    ““I see this as something very, very dangerous,” Hikind said. “This is a one-sided mean-spirited attempt to undermine the security and well being of the people of Israel.”

    Be very afraid when politicians start telling you that freedom of speech is very dangerous.

  25. HUD1ER says:

    ABOUT TIME…’s to get nasty.

  26. Bronx Bomber FAN says:

    I meant to say I am a Bronx Bomber Fan but somehow I deleted the Fan part before sending. Go Yankees! Go USA! Go Israel!

  27. Bronx Bomber says:

    Anyone in American intelligence, or US Military command, will tell you that the US must continue supporting Israel for OUR benefit. Israel is the only ally we have in the middle east. They are surrounded by 22 Arab nations that can only agree with each other on one thing, the demise of Israel.

    I fully support Israel as should any American. They have done MORE than we ever would to keep the peace in the middle east. It just is a bit difficult when their children and women are getting blown up for no reason at all. America will certainly never turn its back on Israel. AMEN.

    PS. I am a Catholic.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      Bronx Bomber: What year are you living in? We own the Middle East. Why do you think so many rules are being deposed? We plan on letting Little Germany go it alone soon. We can’t keep pumping billions into a states that doesn’t do what we tell it to do.

      1. melvinslizard says:

        You don’t know which end to wipe, do you?

      2. melvinslizard says:

        Johnny-You don’t know which end to wipe, do you?

  28. E. G . says:

    The aid to Israel doesn’t reflects the hole picture of US aid program numbers.
    Probably it is true Israel is the receives the biggest amount yearly , but not the only country who receive military aid from US . Muslim countries as Egypt , Pakistan, Turkey , Palestine territories combined receive probably triple of the amount Israel receiving .
    So the billboard is one sided . It should say nothing or say revoke all military aid abroad or name all countries and the received amounts . Let the tax payer know about where those funds goes and how much we gain back politically and militarily . The picture will be much different .

  29. Danny says:

    Another moronic move by the MTA. No wonder they’re broke. What idiot made that decision to okay an add like that. What a moron!!!

    1. QWERTY says:

      Yes, because receiving money for an advertisement is clearly why they are broke.

  30. Dov Unkind LovGold and Silverstein says:

    How dare they try to stop funding our tanks and guns!!! How are we going to defend ourselves against little boys throwing rocks at us!?

  31. Dan says:

    The only dangerous thing about this is to keep giving money to Israel who uses these weapons on civilians in refugee camps. This breed hate towards us because we are the one that are arming these zionists. Why can’t we give these billions to people to pay their mortgages. There are hundreds of resolutions in UN against Israel for using illegal military force and not a single against Palestininas. STOP GIVING MILITARY AID SO THEY WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO TALK!!!!!!

    1. dave says:

      there are no resolutions against palestine because theyre not a recognized country?

    2. Mary Rando Eberhardt says:

      I am 100% with you on this. I think we should stop giving them military aide, and actually why are we giving billions to Israel when we the Congress is crying about our debt. Stop giving away the money we don’t have, and particularly to a nation like Israel.

    3. MARY Eberhardt says:


  32. Cris says:

    I’m not a big fan of sending American aid money overseas, but if any nation has proven itself a staunch ally, and if there’s any nation that needs our aid in a very real sense, it’s Israel. Surrounded and beset by enemies constantly looking for a moment of weakness, Israel is under continuous harassment. They’ve only survived because they act in a necessarily harsh manner. Originally Israel was much smaller. It grew by taking lands from its neighbors because its neighbors kept attacking and trying to destroy it, so Israel had to weaken them. Read history. Israel has been on the constant defensive against aggressors. Should we end our aid, we can only expect our ally’s demise and the rise of states that will have no sympathy to us. That’s not how you treat a friend.

  33. Cleaner44 says:

    America is BROKE. Borrowing more money from China to give to any country is stupid, Israel included. Cut off the free borrowed money!

  34. Lev says:

    Its obvious that world is antisemetic. Israel is surrounded by 500 million people who seek its complete destruction. Israel is the only country in middle east that is our true ally. Saudi arabia, egypt, yemen, pakistan, even turkey and other muslim countries have all produced terrorists. I never heard of israeli terrorist who is seeking to attack america or its interests any where in the world. palestinians want their own country, but they are ruled by terrorist organizations who still openly say that they will not stop until israel is destroyed. israel has the right to defend itself. they dont seek to destroy any of the country around them, even though those countries want to do that to israel. keep aid coming. defeat terrorism. creating free palestine is not about palestinian freedom. it is about creating a safe heaven fo hammas and husbolah.

    1. Leo says:

      It’s not our job to to spend OUR country’s money on ANOTHER nation that already provides its citizens tons of free, socialized services (like full-access socialized medical care) while we fund their military, all while Americans are homeless and have no health care. If Israel can’t handle its own finances after DECADES of existing and expanding its borders, then why the heck should it get to be a sovereign nation? The only reason the US keeps funding Israel is because of Zionists and propagandists.

      And Israel won’t attack the US because we’re the ones supplying them with weapons. However, they are terrorists to the people of the Gaza strip. They launch missiles into neighborhoods. I have Israeli friends who tell me about the attacks that Israel launches first. Hammas exists in REACTION to Israel’s expansion and aggression, displacing Palestinians for YEARS. It’s just like the American Revolution began because of oppression from the British monarchy and military.

      Oh, and before you accuse me of antisemitism… I’m Jewish.

      1. melody says:

        Self-hating jewish?

      2. bigdakine says:

        NO your not Jewish, and you’re a lying sap. SIlly goose.

        Even Hamas admits its actions precipitated Israels’ invasion in early 2009.

  35. Avi says:

    The best way to fight terrorism is to stop supporting Israel. Mondoweiss dot net

  36. Max says:

    As a Jew, I find your comments and your attitude disturbing and offensive.
    Reform Jews, such as myself, believe that all human beings are God’s children and just as a parent loves his/her children equally, so too does God.

    Also, this is America so whether or not I agree with someone, I still support their right to voice their opinion. Obviously you don’t. As such, perhaps you’d be better suited and happier living in a country that doesn’ have this privilege, such as Iran. Shalom.

    1. Marvin says:

      Does a reform Jew like yourself agree with ending the funding?

    2. Rafi says:

      Yes Max, I’m sure that you would rather see Israel destroyed than see left wing anti semitism stopped. What exactly makes you Jewish? You don’t follow the commandments (you’re “reform” whatever, that means. You really don’t care too much about Israel. I’m sure that your “temple” isn’t kosher amd your “rabbi” is probably some wild left wing hippie supporting an anti Jewish platform.
      Stop with your Iran comments. Your left wing buddies are a danger to Jews and Israel. It’s about time you woke up and smelled the houmous.

    3. Art Hadley says:

      Max: this has nothing to do with Jew and everything to do with the zionist/Nazis.

      Remember: Our vice-president Biden (He is a zionist) will tell you – “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a zionist.”

  37. ejones says:

    You may be the “chosen ones.” But I choose Peace and Justice, instead.

  38. Very conservative says:

    Maybe another billboard can condemn those who demand reparations for slavery. Not that it’s going to happen anyway.

  39. Ralph Yama says:

    $30,000,000,000.00 ? (That’s $30 billion for those who think they have double-vision.)

    That’s $300.00 from every single family in America, every single year. With 49 million American’s living below (the phony poverty line – more like 100 million Americans). I wish I had an extra $300. I want my money back, because its bought nothing. Stop the funding. NOW. Nothing against Israel, but I don’t have the money. We don’t have the money. That money could be better well spent here. Let Israel fend for itself. It may rethink its policies.

    1. rmsbl4 says:

      @ Ralph Yama What kind of car do you drive?

    2. bigdakine says:

      Actually the get 2.5 billion have to spend on it US weapons and goods.

      You don’t think they actually get 2.5 billion with no strings attached do you?


  40. usaisawesome says:

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Mustapha Akbar says:

    We are no longer in a financial to give Israel 30 billion dollars when we have so many needs at home. They can take care of Hamas and Hezbollah on their own, and Gaza needs to man up and kick out Hamas to show they are serious about peace instead of harboring terrorists. There are many private donors who can support Israel as well as Palestinians, so let them both be self sufficient and work out their own situation without any outside interference from either the US or the arab world. This is not anti-Semitism, this is a push to get people to realize that they CAN live together in peace, once the agitators are removed, and we always have the nuclear option to force the arabs to hold their ground. Perhaps we could threaten to drop a few on Iran to convince them that peace is attainable and sustainable, and that in the long run, common sense on solid ground is much better than insanity on the bodies of the dead.

  42. james says:

    long overdue. stop the funding now. Its very very dangerous to stop funding. its only dangerous if you live on the west bank. why not let them try to live without our money and see if they really want peace.

  43. Testing for Censor says:


  44. zionism is wrong says:

    Great ad, i wish they had more up.

  45. Martin "Marty M" Levin says:

    THOSE ADS ROCK!!!! and are LONG OVERDUE!!!!!
    Time for some REAL CHANGE in public opinion, based on TRUTH.
    BRAVO TO THE MTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Jane Byron says:

    It’s AWESOME to see even a small ad campaign attempt to tell another side, to attempt counter the BILLIONS spent annually on pro-Zionist PACS, ads, agit-prop and lawmaker-persuasion. It’s only “dangerous” (VERY strange choice of words) to an entity that seeks to maintain a total hammerlock on hearts and minds here.

    1. MARY EBERHARDT M.D. says:

      What a welcome change to have a chance to see this attempt to get both sides of the story. For too long we have been bombarded with the israeli propaganda. Now an attempt has been made to show THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE to this problem

  47. IO says:

    Remember the USS Liberty!

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