HUNTINGTON, NY (WCBS) — Long Island Power Authority officials could be on the hot seat for allowing two nursing homes to go without power for days in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell On The Story

The two nursing homes that are on LIPA’s critical care priority list were in the dark for four days. Suffolk County legislator Steve Stern says this is completely unacceptable.

“This goes beyond mere inconvenience,” said Stern. “This literally can mean the difference between life and death for many residents.”

Stern also says the utility needs to do a better job of communicating with facilities.

Irene initially knocked out power to more than 523,000 people across Long Island.

LIPA Chief Michael Hervey has said the entire storm response will be reviewed.

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  1. FunFacts says:

    Did the CBS reporter actually check that the home is on a critical care list? I doubt it.

  2. HonestAbe says:

    Nursing Homes are regulated by the County. Stern’s own committee. Could he be trying to divert blame?

  3. MorrisTC says:

    What are they going to investigate? That a bunch of utility workers working 16 hour days couldn’t get it done earlier because of…say.. HURRICANE DAMAGE? I wouldn’t want to put my relatives in any nursing home that cannot make proper preparations. INVESTIGATE THAT!

  4. EdR says:

    How does a nursing home that is supposed to have backup power get priority over my business and residence. It’s absurd that LIPA gives them priority (but it’s good news so let’s make a big deal out it).

  5. Matt C says:

    JFK, why not go back to the beginning of time. 2009? Really?

  6. IHeartUSA says:

    Maybe Sterm should work on getting the Nursing homes better facilities instead of taking the easy shot at the utility.

  7. PatM says:

    Nursing homes are supposed to have generator backup. The utility cannot restore everybody on the first day! The people of Long Island need to take on some responsibility for themselves and not be such big babies.

  8. Mitch Daniels says:

    This is political grandstanding! LIPA announced daily the number of hospitals and nursing homes not restored and publicly discussed it as a priority. Maybe the state should required nursing homes to have generators.

  9. Cool Head says:

    LIPA has destroyed countless homes and countless families, people who go against LIPA get in trouble with the law all the time, I believe LIPA has politicians in their pocket thats why nothing is being done about any thing bad LIPA does. Things need to change and LIPA MONOPLY NEEDS TO BE BROKEN. Some one needs to have some guts and needs to stand up to the big monoply and fix it permanently.

  10. JFK says:

    Maybe they can review their response in Rockaway. LIPA has a history of gross negligence, deceit and lies.

  11. diver says:

    While I don’t want to defend LIPA, millions of people were without power from NC up through New England. Maybe just maybe everyone was a bit overwhelemed? How about a backup generator at the facility? Now the politicans are going to investigate? It is afterall what they do best but basically a waste of time. But if politicians didn’t grandstand what would be left for them to do?

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