NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –– Police say a 65-year-old man died after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver on the Grand Central Parkway early Thursday morning.

Accident investigators say Jerry Kishun’s car rear-ended another, possibly a yellow cab, around 4:30 a.m. at the 82nd Street exit.  However, police said when he got out, a second car hit him, killed him and left, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported.

According to officials, Kishun was struck while inspecting the damage to his Mitsubishi Galant.

“I would like to know who was so cruel to him, hits him and leave him to die.  Why did they do this? You wouldn’t hit a dog and leave the dog, much less somebody’s father,” family friend Brenda Kent told Guzman.

Police said they found Kishun lying in the road unresponsive. He later died at Elmhurst Hospital. Even Kishun’s son was trying to get the facts straight.

“What I heard hit and run and he was hit from the front, then he was hit from the back. I’m not…you know, we don’t have any more details, yet,” Jerry Kishun Jr. said.

Police want to talk to the driver of the car Kishun rear-ended only because he is a witness. Police want to arrest the driver of the second car that hit him, Guzman reported.

Kishun was on his way to one of his two jobs. Family members said he was married with two kids and five grandchildren.

“Hit and run is even worse because I’m sure he got up to see how the other person was, because he puts everybody else before himself,” grandson Anthony Shamsundar said.

“I hope we find the person.  I mean, God bless his soul, I hope they find the person  and I want to tell them in their face how cruel it is to hit someone and leave them on the road like that,” Kent said.

Police are checking surveillance video in the area to try to track down the drivers.

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  1. Andy says:

    I was fortunate to meet Mr. Jerry at the Albion reunion at Baisley park this year. He was in good spirits and was catching up with his old friends. My dad introduced me to Mr. Jerry, and told me that ” Mr. Jerry used to be an umpire.” Mr. Jerry was wearing a cricket shirt and I will never forget his face. My dad told me that Mr. Jerry used to give him money when they used to go to school and that Mr. Jerry’s family were rich and Mr. Jerry used to take care of all his friends. My dad will really miss Mr. Jerry. I would like to convey my condolences to the Kishun’s family, and with time, I hope the pain will become less. Once again, I am sorry for your loss.

  2. Roma says:

    I would like to extend condoleces to the family of Jerry. Jerry & I worked for the same Insurance Co. over 20 yrs ago.

  3. Arlene says:

    Jerry Kishun was a sweet, kind, and caring person. He will be greatly missed . My prayers go out to his family. He did not deserve to be left to die in this manner. The two drivers involved should have done the humane thing and stayed with him instead of leaving him to die on the road as though he was an animal. No bad deed goes unpunished in the eyes of the lord.

    1. DanTe says:

      So those two drivers should waste time out of their lives because this jerk likes to smash into cars in front of him? Than stand around in the middle of a HIGHWAY to damage other cars?

      As to him being a “techer”, apparently not a good one.

      And boo hoo, coat driver, boo hoo. Learn how to drive. He’s a murderer waiting to happen. If he’d hit a kid instead of a car, you’ll be singing a different song.

      1. An Old Employee says:

        I really do not want to insult your intelligence more that what you said about yourself. Your limited vocabulary expend your poor sense of thought from being grossly ignorant as what are required of anyone involve in an accident.

        The law requires jerk like you and the other two drivers to remain at the scene of the accident. These Felons is no different from you, and may I inform you that Mr. Jerry Kishun has been driving for more than 40 years.

        If he had remain alive, I would have personally ask him to “teach” you how to be humane and mannerly, since your way of life is totally different from Mr. Kishun students and friends.
        Try taking a course in Human Behavior and Mannerism before making insidious and unsupportive remarks.

      2. DanTe says:

        The Law also requires that this jerk don’t hit anybody and not stop in the Middle of a Highway. Who’s going to pay for the damage to those two cars? Not this jerk, and not you jerk.

        1. Another Moron with a lot of respect for Jerry Kishun says:

          Were you involved in this accident or perhaps know something about it? One has to wonder based upon the manner in which you are attacking Mr. Kishun. As a side note, Mr. Kishun’s funeral was quite large…perhaps more than 600 people. I wonder how many will show up to yours.

      3. Barb says:

        You are seriously a moron aren’t you? Let me set you straight…..whether he hit someone’s car or someone’s car hit him, he wanted to come out of his vehicle to look at the damages and maybe exchange insurance information…did you think about that??? isn’t that what people are supposed to do when they get into an accident you moron???? and while he got out of his car, the idiot that was involved in the accident decided to flee the scene….so since Mr. Kishun was already outside examining his vehicle, another driver decided to drive right into him….at 4:30am there are not a lot of cars on the road and maybe the driver came so fast that Mr. Kishun did not have time to move out of the way….So before the rest of us have to read more of the stupidity that you have written or intend to write, think before you type….Maybe you should have been in Mr. Kishun’s shoes that day to get hit and left to die alone in the early morning hours….it would have been a blessing to get rid of stupid people like you one by one…..

  4. Another Moron with a lot of respect for Jerry Kishun says:

    Perhaps you may want to be more tactful when commenting about a person that you clearly do not know. Jerry was an intellectual gentleman. He was an active member of St. Paul’s evangelical Lutheran Church. Right before his untimely passing, Jerry was spearheading a Coat Drive to benefit the community. He has worked tirelessly to support St. Paul’s and its congregation and has given unselfishly of himself to ensure that others were cared for. Jerry was a dear friend who will be sorely missed by all whose lives were touched by him. in simple terms, Jerry Kishun was a human being in every sense of the word. Perhaps you may want to vist St. Paul’s, learn more about the man that he was, and may, just maybe you can take a page from his book.

  5. rozana gaffoor ali says:

    Stop being disrespectful.
    Mr Kishun was once a techer ,he was a very kind and mannerly person .I am sad to hear of his passing and sorry to hear of this brutal event .It is indeed a sad day for me .
    Mr Kishun was once a Sales Manager of an Insurance company .IIwas under his suprvision and I dare say he was a very caring and respectful person..
    I am sad to hear that at 65 he held two jobs and he was out in the wee hours of the morning to honour his obligations ,may god bless his soul,go in peace my friend /boss .
    Thank you for the opportunities you gave me.

  6. An Old Employee says:

    When people have insidious comments they try to apply the scenario to their close ones or family first. Jerry if he was alive will never make any innocuous remarks or comments of anyone whether they act unjustly or dishonorably to Jerry.
    I work with Jerry some 20 years ago, and thought us to always be humane and considerate to every living creature. He would always say to us at our staff meeting “Try to Treat Others As You Would Have Them Treat You”. I always saw him with a smile even if he is mad with you. I am sorry to hear an esteem human being had to die in this manner.
    No one have that right to kill any “Living Creature” in this manner. The law should not have any mercy on any driver who drive and kill any living creature in this manner. These people should be order to die by the “SUN” and not death penalty
    “Driving Is A Privilege, And Not A Right”.

  7. nelson rodriguez says:


  8. Arii says:

    Dear CBS News , Correction Its 4 Kids & 6 Grandchildren.
    Also Correct Spelling For The Last Name Is “KISHUN”
    – Sincerely, An Immediate Family Member <3

  9. LUIS says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    You’re the idiot, Nick! The guy DIED, you miserable, insensitive cow!

  11. Surfin Bird says:

    Where was the 65 year old man going and headed from at 4:30am.?

    The first car that took off he hit so basically that driver can’t be charged with leaving the scene of an accident since he did not cause it. Th only reason I think that driver left was because he was drunk.

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