Now Family Wants Empire State To Adopt Strict Law Like The One In New JerseyBy Maurice DuBois

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s a parent’s worst nightmare.

One Orange County family says their son took his own life to escape vicious bullying. Now his parents are on a crusade, vowing to make a difference. They want a new anti-bullying law passed to protect other kids.

“We’re … we’re the victims, the ones that are left behind, ’cause we’re here suffering his loss,” Wanda Jacobsen told CBS 2’s Maurice DuBois.

For Wanda and Kevin Jacobsen the pain of their son’s suicide will never end. When they remember their son Kameron they can only ask “why?”

“Kameron was a great kid. He was loved by everybody who ever met him, I think, except those who bullied him,” Kevin Jacobsen said.

Until then, the 14-year-old was happy, starring in his brother’s home videos, playing baseball and always on the computer.

But what Kameron endured at the hands of bullies was horrific. They broke his jaw and constantly taunted him on- and off-line.

“He said, ‘the kids in school are picking on me. They shove me into lockers. They say all kinds of things to me, how little I am. They laugh at me,’ and he said, “I don’t wanna live like this, mom,’” Wanda Jacobsen said.

The Jacobsens said they asked their school district for help.

“We wanted to get the teachers involved without Kameron understanding what was happening. We wanted the teachers to quietly raise his self-esteem,” Kevin Jacobsen said.

But the situation ultimately got worse.  Then, eight months ago, the Jacobsen’s world changed forever.

“He was in his room … and that’s where I found him. It was all in a matter of minutes. It … it went by so fast, so quickly,” Wanda Jacobsen said. “He … he took his life in his room.”

It wasn’t until after he died that the Jacobsens discovered the extent of Kameron’s online torment.

“I say my goodness the pain that I am in. How much pain were you in? Because I’m in so much pain and he must have been so hurt by people that he even called friends,” Kameron’s mother said.

Now, the Jacobsens don’t want anyone else to experience their loss. They are the force behind a proposed anti-bullying law in New York.

“We don’t want Kameron or any of these kids to have died in vain. We want society to recognize that there’s a problem,” Kevin Jacobsen said.

“All the kids who have died from all of this,” Wanda added.

If passed, the anti-bullying law will prohibit bullying on school property and educate teachers as well as students. New York Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal is behind the proposed legislation.

“It had been called harassment and discrimination but we broadened it to call it what it is — it’s bullying. Harassment can have many interpretations. If you say the word ‘bully,’ everybody understands that,” Rosenthal said.

New Jersey’s tough anti-bullying law took effect this month.

“I don’t look at it as a burden because at the end of the day we are responsible for the health and well being of our kids,” said Dr. Joseph Ricca, the superintendent of the East Hanover School District, which recently partnered with Crime Stoppers to put an end to bullying.

And that’s what the Jacobsens said they are hoping for.

“We are the face of the extreme. Kameron’s dead,” Kevin said.

“We miss him. We miss him terribly. Life is just totally different,” Wanda added.

It’s estimated that 1 out of every 4 teenagers is bullied at some point in their lives. The New York State Legislature will begin debating the anti-bullying measure in January. If it passes into law, it will take effect in July 2012.

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Maurice DuBois

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  1. Tina says:

    My son is an only child and has some emotional issues. He’s a great kid, but he’s not like the other kids on the block. He has been bullied by the kids in our neighborood for approximately 4 or 5 years. He’ll be 12 next week. One of the kids started the bullying by running and hiding everytime my son would come out of the house. He would get so mad he’d run away screaming. I guess the kids thought this was funny so they kept tormenting him. The latest is they shot the seat of his dirt bike with air soft pellets. There are 15 holes now in his bike seat. Nobody has owned up to this and nobody has apologized. Not even the parents. He loves this bike. We gave it to him for his birthday last year. I hope anti-bullying becomes law before another child is hurt.

  2. Terry Majors says:

    Bullying Aint Cool

    In today’s society there’s a brand new rule,
    To make kids that are special look and sound like a fool.
    You beat up on them physically and say things that are cruel,
    While the ones that are watching supply the fuel.
    You meet them in the morning on the way to school,
    Sit behind them in class while their verbally abused.
    So to the bullied I say, you’re special and you’re a jewel,
    And you and God together are like the dynamic dual.
    Face to face with that bully sitting high upon his stool,
    Tell him about your God and bullying aint cool.
    You big bad bully you don’t scare me,
    And I think that you’re jealous to a certain degree.
    And the person that I am you wish you could be,
    So I’m begging you big bad bully to hear my plea.
    Bullying aint cool and today you’ll see,
    That it’s all about God and not you or me.
    They say, hate your enemy and love your nieghbor
    And people that do think they have favor.
    But God’s love is bigger than that, his love includes all,
    Even that bully that push me down in the hall
    Poured water on my head and shoved me in a locker,
    Because I act like a girl and talk real proper.
    He even loves that bully that loves to annoy,
    That teenage girl who dresses like a boy.
    A wifebeater, boots and my sagging cardroys,
    You kill my spirit with the words you deploy.
    Because I don’t have what you have or act like you act,
    You demoralize me and give me flack.
    But today after hearing me you’ll enter a pact,
    That you’ll give up bullying and cut your victims slack.
    So stop destroying lives by talking smack,
    But instead rebuild one by getting yours on track.
    If I’m gonna right this wrong I need the right tool
    To change your heart cause bullying aint cool.
    To all you bullies out there where ever you are,
    Who thinks bullying is cool and makes you a star,
    A star you are, but one that has fallen,
    In a world of misery but God’s love is calling.
    It will change your heart like it changed mine,
    Teach you to love and say things that are kind.
    You’ll feel specail too after renewing your mind,
    And that star that was darkened will begin to shine.
    My father was a bully and it’s in me too,
    And as bad as I hate to say it, that’s what I do.
    Since the first grade and on that’s all I ever knew,
    But tonight because of love I can say, I’m through.
    A love who changed Paul, who bullied the Jew,
    And if he can change that bully he can change you too.
    To have a victim love you, you know that love is true,
    When your spirit man within get’s to stand in his shoe.
    It’s like being drenched in God’s love while dipped in a pool.
    So thank God an ex bully says, BULLYING AINT COOL.

    written by T.D. Majors
    date: October 19, 2010

  3. Debbie Paesano says:

    I agree with “A GOOD FRIEND”, on so many levels. When I was growing up, it was just called teasing, however if someone actually was physically hurt, then school personal were involved. It rarely happened. This is a very nice looking youth, son why would others be so cruel? The bottom line is that a lot of these bullies have very poor images of themselves, plus zero self esteem. They are usually children from abusive families, so they take out their aggression on other children who are afraid to fight back (not physically) or even verbally. The bully uses threats and intimidation to control and keep the victim in constant fear. What blow’s my mind is that Kameron received a broken nose, so why wasn’t this boy (bully) get away without any punishment. Any child over 7 yrs old knows right from wrong, so therefore he should have been brought up on charges of assault. I don’t know the age of the BULLY, or BULLIES, however they are most likely around the same age as Kameron. They (the bullies) had to have been very CRUEL, so he just couldn’t deal with it any longer. It had to be really bad for this boy to have taken his life; he just saw no end to the torment. The schools can’t watch every kid at all times. Parents need to be responsible regarding what their children are doing on their computers, and should know where their children are after school as well. This is a very sad story, and my heart goes goes out to Kameron’s family. RIP Kameron, No one can torment you now. You are safe. I hope that the family succeeds in getting that bill passed about bullying in schools and that that the person that bullies and causes injury, should be brought up on charges of assault’ Its time people can fight to peotect their children

  4. Kate says:

    Parents have to be responsible. Schools are only a small PART of the solution. Parents need to monitor what their kids are doing on the computer!!! They need to read EVERYTHING and perhaps things like this can be prevented long before it gets to this point. Focusing on the school is dangerous, because in today’s world of social media, the vast majority of bullying takes place via cell phone and computer.

  5. a good friend says:

    To all the people leaving hateful comments regarding the Jacobsens, HOW? How can you sit here and blame the parents and even Kameron? Do you have no intellect? A 14 year old child took his life because he was bullying and you will sit here and leave comments ridiculing the parents and the child? I hope if you have children you will never have to experience a pain like this. Think before you talk, or type. You are pathetic people and will never understand what they are going through. Keep your opinions to yourselves you hateful, awful people.

    1. christiem8 says:

      Amen. If you can keep the family from reading such damaging things I would. People are just evil. Please tell your friends we are so sorry for their loss. We pulled our son out of school over such issues and home schooled him. Not everybody can do that. I am thankful we could, but FRANKLY I’m angry we HAD to! The schools don’t do ANYTHING to help, they even cause harm. In my opinion, they are just as responsible as the bullys, because they give them permission. In our case, a teacher joined in……

  6. Meme Meyagi says:

    there are 7 million mooslime terrorists in usa. what is being done about it?

  7. notbulliedanymore says:


  8. Patricia Backora says:

    Bullying is a HATE CRIME! And it should be recognized as such by federal law. Oh, the deep hurts and emotional scars it leaves in someone’s soul for a lifetime! Bullying is character assassination, assault, a health and safety violation, a human rights violation, and schools which look the other way when it happens should have the pants sued off them Parents of underage bullies should be sued and prosecuted for any damage done to the victim. The worst bullies should be kicked out of school and do without a free education.

  9. Patricia says:

    Bullying is a CRIME! And it should be recognized as such by federal law. Oh, the deep hurts and emotional scars it leaves in someone’s soul for a lifetime! Bullying is character assassination, assault, a health and safety violation, a human rights violation, and schools which look the other way when it happens should have the pants sued off them Parents of underage bullies should be sued and prosecuted for any damage done to the victim. The worst bullies should be kicked out of school and do without a free education.

  10. Reta Looker says:

    I Grew up being Bullied and know how DEVASTATING it is…As an adult walking down the street I still get to Hear People and their ROTTEN Comments!!!!

    1. ladyfeathers says:

      I too was bullied in school. It is a horrible, cruel thing to degrade a person when they are just learning self esteem.
      Ok, we passed special laws concerning terrorism. Bullying is certainly a form of personal terrorism. The authorities and schools need to be a lot more sensitive to these issues.

  11. R.B. says:

    our school has that problem the worst part is some of it comes from the teachers and staff

  12. George says:

    Money talks bs walks. Make bullying a civil rights crime and sue both the school district and the parents. Watch how things change when their wallet is on the line!

  13. Pen Dejo says:

    Pelotas en su boca?

  14. Tameka Jones says:

    I mean, I could understand that he was bullied. But how does his parent know that it was JUST the bullying that made him take his life? How do they know it wasn’t bullying mixed with something else? It could be something they did. He could have been molested at some point that they don’t know about. I mean, unless he left a suicide note saying “I was bullied”, there is no real way to know if it was bullying that made him ultimately end his life. It’s easy to blame others, rather than take the blame yourself. If my kids was bullied to the extent that he had his jaw broken, please believe that i would do anything in my power to make sure he doesn’t go back to that school. I was having some problems at a school, and my mom went to the school board and applied for a special permit for me to be transferred to another school district. Not trying to be mean, but just saying, how do they know it was JUST the bullying?


    i am a victim right now at the greenwoogd lake middle school and i need help the school does nothing

    1. Al says:

      Then you need to tell an administrator or parent. I live in Warwick if you need help

  16. Christopher C. Gagliardi says:

    I am currently working on making bullying a criminal offense, for those who are of 18 yrs of age. But bullying starts from the age of 3 and that they should know right from wrong. Bullying has gotten so bad, that many of our youth are really suffering sincerely. To check out the petition go to:

    1. Nelson Muntz says:

      Gimme yer lunch money, and I’ll let you go.

  17. more truth says:

    Keep shaking your head, You just may knock some sense into yourself.

  18. A mother who cares says:

    It amazes me reading some of the ignorance in certain comments. If you have no idea what has actually gone on then you have no right to assume anything. A 2 minute news report does not give you a 4 year view into Kameron’s life. You are an outsider, a “Civilian,” probably never have been bullied, yet more so,bullied. If you can’t be part of the Solution then by in no way please don’t be part of the PROBLEM. Open your eyes, bullying is not what it use to be it doesn’t end at the bus stop anymore, it invades every room in your home. Even when you are sleeping and think you are safe.

  19. hbo says:

    Bullying is rare in westchester, but it’s very common in NYC

    1. DanTe says:

      I don’t think it’s common in NYC. We tend to knife the idiots who tries to mess with us. I did. Stops the bullying real quick.

    2. jorris says:

      Not as rare as you might think – my son returned home from his first day of school with a “hard wedgie” that left him in tears. happened on the school bus

    3. CT Native says:

      You are very naive if you believe that bullying is rare in Westchester

    4. sean says:

      Maybe that’s because NYC is about 10 times bigger than Westechester in population.

  20. christine says:

    i was bullied in middle and high school. i would come home and cry everyday. my parents had no clue. i would hide it from them because i didnt want to be a dissapointment. it was soo bad in high school that the teacherS (that right, plural) would stop teaching, wait for the kids to finish making fun of me and go back to teaching. i didnt have the guts to go to authorities because i was scared. i hope they pass a law….its for the poor kids that dont have the guts to do it themselves.

  21. irene says:

    Excuse me, but where were Kameron’s parents when some kid broke his jaw? I saw nothing about the police being involved. If your kid is so tortured, you do something, teach him methods to handle it or get him the hell out of there. Or talk to the paents of the bullying kids, not “quietly” to the teachers. When it’s this extreme and the parents of the bullied kid know what’s going on, it’s their job to take hard action. What would happen to your kid when he grows up and is walking in a bad neighborhood or is targeted in the corporate world? I am tired of parents who didn’t protect their kid wanting to pass these impossible laws to regulate human behavior to assuage their own guitl

    1. MARGIE says:


    2. A friend says:

      Kameron’s parents weren’t around in that specific moment. And the aggressor was charged in court. Kameron’s parents did a wonderful job, Irene. It’s hard to pin point one child as the main bully when plenty of the bullying went on online anonymously. They protected him as much as they could, but the choice was ultimately his. And his death has brought light to a growing statistic, it is beautiful what the Jacobsen’s are doing to honor their son. You shouldn’t take that away from them.

    3. Daisy says:

      Kameron’s parents did report the incident to the police and filed a civil suit in an attempt to get the boy’s parents to realize their son had a serious problem with aggression and violent behavior. It was not the first time the child had engaged in this kind of behavior. Nor was it the only child in the family exhibiting this kind of behavior. Impossible laws? This law exists in New Jersey and we parents in New Jersey have been informed quite sternly that is our responsibility to talk to our children about respecting others and treating them civilly. Not a bad lesson for you to learn – you found it very easy to disparage the Jacobsen’s – people about whom you know nothing.

    4. ham07 says:

      Thanks for blaming it on the victims (parents).
      Hope you nor your kids ever get vicktimized aka. bullied.

    5. Xavier says:

      IRENE: Your intelect rhymes with : Hass, or pass or lass.
      and not half, but “whole”.

  22. bullett says:

    To the teens who bullied Kameron to take his own like, I hope this will haunt them to their very end of days as a reminder of the wrong they have committed. To Kameron, I say R.I.P. in the arms of the Lord. To Kameron’s parents, my condolences.

  23. gotacomment says:

    I’d really like to hear the bullies and their parents try to explain their behavior. “Kids willbe kids” is not acceptable. The parents were probably bullies themselves and applaud what their spawn do.

    Real Truth, it’s not that simple. You can’t fight an onslaught of cyberbullying when you don’t know who’s sending the offending and offensive e-mails, bigger kids come up behnd you in the halls and shove you into a locker and are gone before you can turn around and teachers and administrators laugh this off or condone it outright, usually becasue the bullies’ parents have some clout with the school board or whatever. This kid had his jaw broken and probably couldn’t identify the kid who did it. School officials probably said the same thing you did. If he had fought back, they probably would have suspended him. They’re always on the side of teh bullies.

  24. Bruce Franz says:

    I was bullied from the time I was in kindergarten until well into high school. I wanted to kill them, plain and simple, and had guns been available as easily as they are today, I’m not sure what would have happened. I still live with it, remember it. The teachers condoned and even encouraged it. Parents’ of older and bigger kids told their children to beat me up. If I fought back or protected myself, I was punished. I carry that with me still. I still feel like I let people bully me.

    1. Jerrilynn Gardner Finkley says:

      i agree with you Bruce,we never forget the things that were said and done to us by others,and i hope that you have become successful in your adult life.people just do not understand what these kids go through while attending school each and every day.its sad that this young man took his own life because as a child they are unable to deal with these types of things in the most rational prayers of comfort to his parents.

  25. pugphan says:

    I taught my kid to defend himself, and when the bully came again, my kid landed a cool left hook right to his solar plexus. He never bothered my son again. Teachers had done nothing. Another time I happened to be walking him home, when another bully decided to pick a large block of ice, and as he was about to hit my kid in the head with it, I told him, “If you do that I’m going to kick your ass right back inside ya mama. That kid was 14 and 6′ and about 160 to my son’s 5′ 7” and 120. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and the hell with the consequences. smokersodysseycom

    1. Naptha says:

      Sure you did, ya pansy.

    2. jtorres says:

      Your solution worked for you but it doesn’t always. Not all kids can land “a cool right hook” And if you humiliate a bully, he may just come back with a gun and up the ante. Nine times out of ten, the parents of bulllies are bullies themselves. The school says it’s not their responsibility. So where does a kid turn then? The physical scars of brutal and/or relentless bullying may fade but the emotional scars last a lifetime and the damage to their self-esteem sometimes is irreparable and can result in suicide. I don’t advocate a nanny state but something has to be done. Too many kids are dying

  26. Greta says:

    Bullies are psychopaths plain and simple. They have no empathy and should be held accountable for their actions. It’s ridiculous that when this happens the teachers and school officials do nothing or blame the victim.

  27. Truth says:

    How sad. Go after the parents who were bullying.

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