The great Jerry “Rello” Recco came in to give us his first update of the morning, and he came prepared with the sound byte of Kevin Gilbride that Boomer and Craig had been talking about at the top of the show.

The way Gilbride was quoted in the paper might lead you to believe that he was not particularly thrilled by the signing of free-agent wide receiver Brandon Stokley. But when we hear the tone in his voice – not to mention the complimentary things he has to say about Stokley – both Jerry and Boomer declare Gilbride to be free of blame.

Craig isn’t so quick to let it go, saying that by stating it was the powers that be who brought in Stokley, Gilbride is distancing himself from the decision. He still believes this was a no-no on the part of the Giants’ offensive coordinator.

Then we hear from some of the Jets, including Santonio Holmes. Boomer wants to know if Santonio had anything to say about his diva act on the sidelines in the first half when Mark Sanchez struggled to get him the football.

Jerry continues onward with his update, and the focus shifts to baseball. The Yankees had the day off yesterday, and they are in great shape to win the AL East this year.

The Red Sox and Rays will meet in a weekend series at Fenway as they battle for the wild card spot. Craig says he would love it if the Rays were to overtake the Red Sox. But Boomer warns him to be careful of what he wishes for.

Oh yeah, and the Mets are miserable. Terry Collins sounds like he’s had enough. Listen to it all right here…

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