NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Nothing says “New York” quite like a racy picture of a woman on top of a yellow taxi.

But now cab drivers concerned about their role in selling sex are being given more say about the kinds of ads they’re driving around.

In an industry where communication is critical, the city’s cab drivers have managed to get their point across loud and clear regarding provocative advertisements for strip clubs on their vehicle’s roof.

“If they want to put an advertisement, put suitable things; respectable advertisements,” one driver told CBS 2’s Jay Dow.

It can be easily argued that in Manhattan, it’s reasonable to expect to see racy ads on billboards, pay phones and yellow cabs but many drivers say they aren’t comfortable bringing those same ads home – where they’re often on display for young children.

“Sometimes my children ride in the cab and they can see it,” another driver said.

After a recent public hearing, the Taxi and Limousine Commission said it has decided to amend its rules to allow drivers who own their cabs and lease their medallions to veto any ad they find offensive.

Before the rule change, only medallion owners had a say about vehicle ads, which earn them about $100 a month in revenue.

The commission’s gesture doesn’t impress every driver, especially those who are not offended by certain ads and more interested in a piece of the revenue they generate.

The rule change applies only to the large ads on the roof of yellow cabs.

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  1. snowdog says:

    Seems cut and dry here. If the drive owns the cab they should NOT be forced to put racy ads on their cars. It’s their car and if they do bring it home to family of course they shouldn’t have these kind of sexual ads on it. If it is NOT their cab and they have their own cars as a source of transportation, these cabs can do whatever they want.

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