EAST MEADOW, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — With Nassau County struggling to close a $310 million budget gap, one county lawmaker is calling for the cancellation of Sunday’s antique car show at Eisenhower Park.

Legislator Kevan Abrahams calls the “Cruise To The Show” Parade And Car Show a frivolous expense.

Abrahams says the show will cost the County $75,000 in police overtime.

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Over 1,000 vehicles are scheduled to follow the parade route for the show, heading south on Stewart Avenue to Hempstead Turnpike before ending at Eisenhower Park, beginning at 9AM.

“As a car enthusiast, I am very excited to once again host this great event. This year, the ‘Cruise to the Show’ has expanded to include a variety of different activities for everyone to enjoy and will also benefit two great local organizations,” said County Executive Mangano.

“If you have a car that you want to show off, or if you just want to enjoy the classic, fast, and unique cars, I invite you to come and spend a beautiful day at Eisenhower Park.”

Attendees are asked to bring two cans of non-perishable foods to support Island Harvest.

A Mangano spokesman says the event is funded by the hotel tax but will not cost taxpayers any money. Abrahams, however, says the funds would be better spent to keep museums open.

“The Hotel/Motel Tax also goes towards the funding of museums, the very service that the County is looking to cut. It’s a shell game in their mind,” the spokesman said.

Abrahams said County Executive Ed Mangano should be looking to control costs.

This week, Mangano proposed a budget with painful cuts including more than 700 layoffs.

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  1. rob c says:

    oh yeah sure..because he and all the others are doing such a bang-up job..you want to cut frivolous spending, then start with their salaries

  2. David Turk says:

    Small potatoes. Remember over .60 cents of every local tax dollar goes to the school budget!

  3. goblin says:

    What the hell is a hotel-motel tax?

  4. Greg says:

    I got a better idea, cut your salary and the rest of the salaries of OUR so called representatives. It not there only jobs anyhow, if you make them less lucrative see how fast these guys LEAVE office.

  5. Mike says:

    why do you need that many police at a car show? $75,000 ……really?? they have car shows at Belmont race track all the time ,the only cops i ever saw there were 2 walking around checking out the awesome cars that were there. i’m sure that didnt cost $75,000 !

  6. Veritas says:

    This is just a cheap political grandstand stunt to grab headlines. I am not a car enthusiasts, but it is event like this that people enjoy and want them to live in a given area.

    Instead of going after $75,000 in a $300,000,000 budget gap, how about speaking up on real change Mr Abrahams are look into reducing welfare, medicare, the costs of illegal aliens, etc etc and other items that create real savings?

  7. keith says:

    yes b elder, excellent idea, vote him out. that’ll teach him for trying to be realistic with tax expenditures. let’s just spend to our heart’s content without any rationale approach or constraints.

  8. nypj says:

    sounds to me like an event like this draws people to the community, increasing revenues for the local businesses in the area, and therefore increasing the tax revenue collected during such an event. i think that something that attracts tourists and their money should not be canceled under the assumption that it would save money. what should be looked at is the over-all cost to taxpayers vs the added revenue to local business and tax revenues…

    1. kyle says:

      you got that correct, brings huge revenues to local community’s, folks as far as California going to be at this event. im going and remembering that name at voting time.

  9. b elder says:

    all the car guys/girls need to remember this name at election time and vote him out (Abrahams )

    1. dlh says:

      And all the reasonable people who are truly looking for ways to cut frivolous spending need to remember this name at election time and vote him in (Abrahams).

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