NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Time’s up for parking meters in New York City.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman With The Story

Department of Transportation workers removed the last single space parking meter in Manhattan today — 60 years after the city’s first meter was installed in Harlem.

It’s part of the process to convert the entire city to the Muni-Meter system.

An NYC DOT worker removes a parking meter - New York, NY - Sep 19, 2011 (credit: Alex Silverman / WCBS 880)

An NYC DOT worker removes a parking meter - New York, NY - Sep 19, 2011 (credit: Alex Silverman / WCBS 880)

A DOT spokesman says the new meters are better because they take credit cards and require less maintenance.

All remaining single-space meters outside of Manhattan will be replaced with muni-meters by the end of next year.

A few of the old poles will be converted to bike racks.

The city will also be launching a Request for Proposals to sell decommissioned single-space meters as memorabilia.

Is the Muni-Meter system more effective? Tell us what you think below…

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  1. f you mayer says:

    this is another way to fu@k the people you have to walk half a block or more
    and some of these meters dont work right one i used will not accept any quarters

  2. Michael H. says:

    So without the single space meters is the city going to paint lines for parking spots or are we entering the era of people intentionally parking smack dab in the middle of two spots so their precious rides aren’t bumped by the people in front or in back? I see this being disastrous for NYC drivers looking for parking spots, only to find block after block of haphazardly parked cars with gaps in front and behind that could have been room for another vehicle.

  3. Frank B. says:

    I do agree that Muni-Meters allow more cars to be parked, and it’s good if you want to move the car a couple of spaces up without paying again, but I’ve gotten so many tickets from a Meter Agent whom always say “They Didn’t See Me” and “I’ve Already Started Writing the Ticket”.

    The Muni-Meter machines are far too slow. Honest people keep getting robbed.

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