True Italian panini, specialty burgers, and ramen to warm you up on a chilly day: it’s all in today’s Lunch Break! By Yvo Sin.


salume1 Lunch Break: Cool Weather Comforts


330 West Broadway
New York, NY
(212) 226-8111

Somewhere along the way, the panino in America became simply known as panini (the plural form of panino), and had to be pressed flat in order to be known as a panini. At Salumè, though, they stay true to the panino as it is in Italy; lightly toasted bread that allows the quality ingredients to shine on their own, every component melding together without being smashed, coming together to form the perfect union as you taste the sum of its parts equalling more than the whole. Salumè doesn’t mess around, and this shows in the care and attention paid to creating these fantastic panini. Try the langhirano (prosciutto di parma, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and extra virgin olive oil), which positively sings in your mouth, or the cortina (speck, fontina, roasted peppers and tartar sauce) (pictured), another winner. Bonus: though it’s cold outside, it’s still sunny, and the giant front windows will let in plenty of light to help you forget just how unseasonably chilly it is right now.

Burger Burger

burger burger Lunch Break: Cool Weather Comforts

Burger Burger. (Photo: CBS 2)

77 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10004
(212) 269-9100

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The burger place so good they named it twice boasts a list of specialty burgers that would make any burger aficionado drool. The Ultimate Stuffed Burger (pictured) is Thursday’s special, stuffed with BBQ sauce, bacon and two types of cheese, though Tuesday’s special is no slouch either: the Aussie burger, grilled tomato, roasted beets, fried egg, special sauce, served with fries. Not prepared to spend the afternoon napping under your desk from so much food? Try a 6 oz. Angus burger with your choice of toppings, which comes with fries or mixed greens. If you choose the mixed greens, make up the difference in calories by indulging in one of their milk shakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel, Neopolitan, Oreo or peanut butter Reese’s); they’re made with Breyer’s ice cream and skim milk.

Naruto Ramen

naruto Lunch Break: Cool Weather Comforts


1596 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10128
(212) 289-7803

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On a brisk, cold day, nothing warms a person up faster than a big bowl of noodle soup. Have a go at one of Japan’s noodle soups – ramen – at Naruto on the Upper East Side. The space is set up much like an authentic ramen house in Japan; about 15 seats at a countertop around the cooking area, so you can watch as the servers quickly prep your food and serve it to you within minutes of ordering. A bowl of the house ramen contains bamboo shoots, half a boiled egg, scallions, bean sprouts, fish cake, roast pork and long strands of the egg-based ramen noodles, which will warm you to the very core. Warm up while keeping your wallet full.

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