Legendary Entertainer Later Backs Off, Says U.S. 'Greatest Country In The World'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Maybe he should have left his mouth in San Francisco.

Legendary crooner Tony Bennett, 85, appeared on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show on Monday night to promote his upcoming release “Duets II.” The conversation took a bizarre turn after Stern asked Bennett, a veteran of World War II, how the United States should deal with the terrorists who were responsible for destroying the World Trade Center.

Bennett: “Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Stern: “They are the ones who started it — flying that plane into the World Trade Center. What do you do?”

Bennett:  “I don’t know about that.”

Stern: “Are you one of those conspiracy guys who actually thinks they didn’t fly the plane…that the government started it?”

Bennett: “They flew the plane in but we caused it.”

Stern: “Why?”

Bennett: “Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.”

Bennett then went on to describe an encounter with President George W. Bush at the Kennedy Center in 2005 where Bennett was being honored. Regarding the war in Iraq, “He told me personally that night that, he said, ‘I think I made a mistake,'” said Bennett.

Bennett told Stern he believed that the president made the revelation because “he had a special liking to me.”

Late Tuesday afternoon, Bennett released a statement saying: “I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity, and my desire for peace throughout the world.

He later added, “I was accused of not loving America, and it’s the greatest country in the world.”

Bennett wanted to make sure not to overshadow his granddaughter’s art show on Tuesday night in SoHo, and when CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis talked to her all she would say is that he has a history of strong opinions.

“My grandfather’s a pacifist, he’s anti-war,” Kelsey Bennett said.

But Tony Bennett has hurt the feelings of Maureen and Al Santora of Astoria, Queens. They live just blocks from where Bennett was born and lost their son Christopher, a firefighter, on 9/11.

“It’s upsetting because it brings up the issue again,” Al Santora said.

“He’s one of ours and it saddens me that he’s talking in this crazy manner,” Maureen Santora added.

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  1. Surfin Bird says:

    Tony Bennet has the right to his opinion.

    1. Richieagogo says:

      Tony Bennett is a true American Institution and has connected with every generation that has followed him. For him to make these inflammatory comments and reveal his most intimate conversations with President Bush disturbs me to think he might have a point even though he should have shut his mouth.

      1. Rodin says:

        You “think he might have a point even though he should have shut his mouth?”

        Huh? Why would you deny the man the right to make it?

    2. Mountainlion says:

      It really bothers me when people like Mr. Bennett use their fame and create more pain for people. I wonder if he would have the same opinion if it was one of his family members was in the towers. So many lives were destroyed with this terrible event, why would you choose this event to make a point about being against war? As a christian I struggle with war and 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but that just seems naive with evil people who are just centered on killing Americans. My thought is this, if you are not in the armed forces fighting this was war or did not lose someone on 9/11, you do not have the right to give an opinion especially this extreme. I was actually going to buy his new album, but that is not happening now.

      1. Rodin says:

        ” if you are not in the armed forces fighting this was war or did not lose someone on 9/11, you do not have the right to give an opinion especially this extreme.”

        Then neither do you. Even hateful speech is protected under our Constitution.

        “As a christian I struggle with war….”

        ““You wanna call yourself a Christian, you gotta wash the blood off of your hands.” ~ CHRIS YATES, Poet, composer, musician

        Not a word you have said, nothing but imbecilic dribble, is a valid or rational argument against Mr. Bennett’s statement.

  2. MCK says:

    Shut up old man! Go join your pal Amy Winehouse!

    1. Mr. Incredible says:

      MCK, UNFORTUNATELY, MR. Bennett was right on the mark! The USA has set themselves back 70 years (Pearl Harbor) by trying to be the world’s police force. We STILL haven’t learned our lesson!

    2. Wrath says:

      This is the voice of the tyrannical globalist elite. Too stupid and evil to live. Totally unamerican. If you don’t agree with this moron you deserve to die? Is this what we’ve become?

      1. Nutsac says:

        That’s not what yer mom said.

  3. ross says:

    If you believe everything the government tells you about anything, then the goal of the dumbing down of the education system in America is pretty much complete. It’s amazing that in this day and age, after all that the governments have been caught doing, that people actually still believe they wouldn’t lie to them and use them as cannon fodder.

  4. pimugirl says:

    I agree with tony Bennett.

      1. Wrath says:

        What a great rebuttal.

        Way to prove him right. You’re the idiot. Put yourself in the shoes of the invaded for a moment, if you can/

        No one would fight back harder than we would. And perhaps, that’s what we should be doing now.

        Our government is evil and hell bent on world domination.

    1. Kevin Riley O says:

      I also agree with Tony Bennett.

      The U.S. government killed several hundred thousand Arab Muslims during the 1990s, so the Arab Muslims eventually shot back at us, in effect, on September 11, 2001. Just like we would do, if we were in the their place. If we kill half a million of them, and they respond by killing 3,000 of us, that isn’t “terrorism.” Its legitimate warfare in response to our aggression towards them. If you don’t want people trying to come over here and kill you & yours, then don’t allow your government to go overseas and kill them & theirs first. Its really quite obvious, and people who pretend they can’t understand such logic are just making themselves look like ridiculous fools.

      I’m a very patriotic, ultra-conservative Republican, by the way. But the truth is what it is, rather than the ludicrous neo-“conservative,” jingoist fantasy that often gets passed off in lieu of the truth, alas.

  5. Mrs. Jones says:

    He is wrong because he has no idea, and neither do some of the commenters here apparently, about the concept of a Shahid (Martyr) in radical Islam. It is not just simple cause and effect (you bomb me and I bomb you), don’t try to over simplify this ideology, it has deep deep roots. Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden and company got their ideas from people like Sayid Qutb. As someone here already pointed out, an infidel or what radical muslims call Jahilliyya goes much much deeper than the simple revenge concept of ‘You bomb me, I bomb you’. Stop trying to make excuses for their radical ideology and their actions, they themselves are responsible for their own actions.

    1. Kevin Riley O says:

      I wonder why it is they attack the USA, and such NATO allies as Britain, Spain, and Turkey, as well as other U.S. allies such as Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Aarbia, Yemen, and Australia (the dead in Bali were targeted for being Australian tourists), but non-combatants like Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, Ireland, etc., are all mysteriously left alone? Could it be that Islamic Fundamentalists are not as alien and inscrutable as your neo-“conservative” tutors have instructed you to believe?

      They are indeed responsible for their own actions. Just as we are responsible for our own actions. And in the 1990s, we killed over half a million Arab Muslims in Iraq. When you kill over half a million people, some of those people (albeit Arab Muslims from outside Iraq) manage to kill a few thousand of yours in retaliation, you don’t get to call it “terrorism,” and wonder why it happened. It happened because we killed over half a million of their people (which they define by religion & ethnicity, rather than nation-state), and when you kill hundreds of thousands of people, they tend to try to shoot back at you. Which is yet another reason we should probably refrain from engaging in such senseless slaughters.

      1. KPMc says:

        “And in the 1990s, we killed over half a million Arab Muslims in Iraq”

        What in Allah’s name are you talking about?

        Talk about believing lies.

      2. Mrs. Jones says:

        “but non-combatants like Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, Ireland, etc., are all mysteriously left alone?” No that is incorrect, radical Muslims have been engaging in terrorist attacks against civilians where your “justification” simply does not wash. First of all there have been terrorist attacks in Sweden and Polish intelligence recently foiled a terrorist attack aimed for the Euro 2012 tournament. Also look at the situation in France, Chirac thought that his public denouncement and stand against the US and Iraq War would put him in a positive light with radical Islamists but it didn’t stop them from nearly burning Paris to the ground, an incident which exposed the deep ongoing struggle between liberalist modern France and radical Islam. France has one of the largest problems in Europe with violent radical Islam and they were against the Bush/Iraq War, remember? Also remember the violent attacks in Denmark which had nothing to do with the war? Denmark is one of the most liberal countries in Europe but instituted a strict immigration policy in in response to violent attacks by radical Islamists. Countries all over Europe are experiencing the same problem with radical Islam, this happens to be an ideological problem and that’s why the “revenge” excuse simply doesn’t work.

    2. Wrath says:

      No one is defending radical Islam, like you are defending globalist world domination. The real threat is within.

      What’s the point of talking to you? I cried on 9/11 just like every other person who loves America. Our government is not America. We are. America is about freedom and that not what our government is attempting to spread. They’re tyrants.

      1. Mrs. Jones says:

        “No one is defending radical Islam, like you are defending globalist world domination. The real threat is within.” Are you referring to me with this? Because I’m pointing out the dangerous ideology of radical Islam and holding them responsible for their actions, I’m suddenly now “defending globalist world domination?” Maybe you want to back up a little with this. And in regards to another previous statement you made, “You’re too stupid to be reasoned with. No wonder these people feel no other option is available but to go on the attack.”

        Did people like Gahdhi and MLK feel no other option than to go on the attack when they were oppressed and attacked? Are you saying that people are incapable of resolving matters peacefully even in the most dire circumstances? Everyone doesn’t believe in “An eye for an eye”, some people rise above violence and are leaders of peace. Thankfully you’re not in any kind of a position of power or influence. Instead of excusing people who act or react in violence, maybe you should concentrate on praising people who react in peace. Everyone is responsible for their actions, and that includes their reactions as well. As Gahdhi once said, “If everyone believed in ‘an eye for an eye’ we would all be blind.”

  6. ANONTDH says:


    1. Retired44 says:

      The better question is who created you. You idiot!

      1. Tim says:

        HAHAHAHA…..well said. Good one.

        1. Wrath says:

          When idiots like you think that’s a good rebuttal, then you know where this is headed. War WILL come to us and we’ll see if you can handle it even half as well as most of the “radicals” in the Mid-East.

          1. littlestar says:

            Well, what is the root of the problem ?

            1. Rodin says:

              I’ve quoted it a gazillion times. Once more:

              “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”

              ~ JOHN SHEEHAN, S.J.
              Jesuit priest and missionary

  7. Nic says:

    Inside job all the way.

    1. Tim says:

      You fools need to get a reality check.

    2. Michael H. says:

      There’s a big difference between what Tony said and what you and your Truther compatriots continue to spout despite all evidence to the contrary.

      1. Wrath says:

        look at the morons who agree with you. How can you still be so sure when you people obviously have nothing to add but childish insults.

  8. mj says:

    i agree with him

  9. LITTLESTAR says:


  10. carmen says:

    What a fool. You thin his producers are happy with him. His new album will be thrown in the same pile with the Dixie Chicks. He had is chance to defend America but instead he went with the BAD GUYS……

    1. Wrath says:

      Yes, because it’s that simple. Good guys vs. Bad guys.

      You’re too stupid to be reasoned with. No wonder these people feel no other option is available but to go on the attack.

      Like stupid corporate producers and the public opinion of materialists matter. You’ve lost your way.

  11. Natanarchist says:

    Only someone educated in an American Public school believes the official 9/11 report.

    1. Up Yours!! says:

      Drop dead!!

      1. Natanarchist says:

        Haha. You must be a product of the American public school propaganda machine. It must suck to not know the difference between fact and fantasy. Oh well, don’t worry, Jersey Shore will be on soon to occupy your brainwashed mind.

    2. bub says:

      your intelligence is absolutely blinding me


    Tony is a senile old fool.

  13. JOEL GOODMAN says:

    senility is obvious in thjs second rate hasbeen. He was never the equal of the big guys and now is behaving like a real jerk.

    1. Bennet is better than Don Rickles says:

      I guess georgy Jessel sounds too much like Horst Wessel after eating mass quantitys of Gevelte Fish eh?

  14. Bernie Sanders says:


  15. jerseyjoey says:

    This idiot is as clueless as a clam in the mud only difference is the clam keeps its mouth closed.

  16. Jay says:

    Tony is right. America has been bombing middle eastern countries for years, and NO ONE has cared to say anything about that.

    1. Emme Shore says:

      I agree, we caused the terrorism in this country, why don’t we mind our own business!!! Tony Bennett, thank you for speaking up to what our country is doing,

      1. Rudy's Dudy says:

        Was not Rudolf Giuliani the Hero of 911?

        I think Satan has a special room for Rudy, when Rudy’s time to answer for his sins comes.

        His was looking the other way while the Moussad wired the World Trade Center with new internet cable.

  17. Anne DiLorenzo says:

    wow, you are a vet too. How disappointing. Maybe all those drugs really did fry you, what else could I expect from Howard Stern’s show?

  18. Ed says:

    Very or Ultra Conservatism is more than a disorder; it is the product of a disfunctional mind.

  19. John V says:

    I’m sorry to say but I agree with him….to a point. If we didnt side with the jews aginst the arabs and more importantly minded our own businees and just let the arabs kill each other thenI bet 9/11 would never of happened. Who cares what goes on inside the borders of arab nations. We should be taking care of our own country first. L:et some other nation take up humanitarian causes. Bravo to Tony Bennet for speaking up.

  20. ZuZu says:

    Tony is old and sounds a bit punch drunk but he does have some facts to his statements.
    No one really believes that we were attacked for our freedom, right? I mean you’d really have to be asleep to believe that it was because we wear blue jeans and drive SUV’s.

  21. nycboy says:

    Oh kids, he’s got a point. It’s not a conspiracy theory – it’s called cause and effect.
    You do certain things around the globe and someone WILL come and try to exact revenge. Be as patriotic as you wish, but our policy is not always right just because its ours. Did we deserve it? probably not. Did we cause it. Absolutely. Guess what? They were successful with 9/11.

    1. Nigel says:

      How can you say that we absolutely caused 9/11. But also say that we probably did not deserve it. You cant have it both way’s. If we were the cause of 9/11 then we deserved it. We have no idea of the things that the U.S. Goverment has been doing to other countries around the world for the last 50 years. We should just be minding the business of this country and this country only.

  22. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Nick says:

      You should thank Michael H for proving your point.

      1. Michael H. says:

        I’m honored. I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible…

  23. Michael H. says:

    Tony may have gotten some of the details wrong but he is correct about the fact that we had a direct and undeniable hand in causing the attacks on 9/11. Bin Laden himself cited our presence in Saudi Arabia, specifically Prince Sultan Air Base, as reason for the attacks. Our military presence in the middle east caused what the CIA coined as “blowback”.

    Did we deserve to have thousands of innocent civilians killed? Absolutely not. Did Bin Laden attack us “because of our freedoms”? Absolutely not.

    1. Nick says:

      So the Thais bombed them also right? That’s why they’ve been killing people there?

      You’re funny. Any other “enlightened” thoughts from you? Like what did you invest in? So we can do the opposite and make money.

    2. Nick says:

      So the Thai’s bombed them also right? That’s why they’ve been killing people there?

      1. Michael H. says:

        Did I cite American bombings as a reason for the 9/11 attacks? I cited “military presence”. We’ve had boots on the ground in what Bin Laden considers “holy land” for decades. Although I’m sure our campaigns in Iraq (after Desert Storm we maintained a no-fly zone and conducted bombing and missile attacks) and our alliance with Israel haven’t helped either.

        I have not researched into Thailand’s activities enough to make an accurate assessment, but a reasonable guess would be their participation in the Iraq War.They also have internal strife with native Islamic and Malay rebels conducting attacks in the earlier part of the last decade.

        1. Tollevin says:

          i love how @NIck has nothing to say to that. i dont get what’s liberal about it either. its fairly objective.

          1. Wrath says:

            I hate liberals. And yet, I’m agree with you and I’m against globalist domination. People are so sold on the false left/right paradigm. It’s sad, really. We’re doomed.

            1. Michael H. says:

              “I hate liberals”

              “People are so sold on the false left/right paradigm”

              So which is it? You’re contradicting yourself.

            2. Rodin says:

              I hate “liberals” too. Scratch a liberal, find a fascist! The proof is AmeriKKKA.

    3. LITTLESTAR says:


      1. Wrath says:

        Sad. You couldn’t even look it up before hand? That’s just lazy.

        Yes, it does matter. Kuwait.

  24. patricia says:

    I don’t know the political facts, as I don’t keep past or current Presidents, in earshot. But I’ve always wondered about the word ‘infidel’ as used by the Middle Eastern population. Accordiing to their belief, we, those of us, Americans or not, who don’t prescribe to their religious beliefs are considered unclean and not welcomed on their soil. I don’t agree with it, but I can understand it.

    Now, as far as critizing Tony for being an old man who isn’t supposed to have a voice or an opinion, grow up! You’re lacking in maturity and sophistication. Or you can’t express your opinion without going to a person’s age.

    1. Wrath says:

      The only reason we’re even having this discussion is because our government is trying to conquer them. It’s very simple – Tyrants vs. the Resistance.

  25. al says:


  26. Nick says:

    Awwww…. How cute. A retread speaks.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Tony is a tire?

      1. Nick says:

        Too stupid to know they censored r e t a r d ? You retread.

      2. Rodin says:

        TIGER, Tony the Tiger.

  27. RIchie says:

    Tony….you’re a great singer and I love you for that. But keep your nose out of politics and keep your mouth shut.

    1. mum says:

      keep your mouth shut? really? you might wanna reflect a bit.

  28. BOBBY SPINOZA says:


    1. Obake says:

      He’s an American, dummy! If he needs a passport to go to Italy he’s not Italian. So sick of this hyphenated BS! If you’re a citizen of the US you are an AMERICAN period!
      He’s also entitled to his opinion, just like everybody else under the first amendment.
      Even if they don’t agree with yours. Disagreement with your opinions doesn’t mean he’s demented or stoned.
      P.S. I’m no fan of him as a singer or his opinions but whats right is right.

      1. Jay says:

        Yes Obake! I applaud you.

    2. Garth says:

      Were you deprived of regular food during childhood and just made to eat pasta and pizza for years straight ?? What in the name of good God does rcording an album in Italian have to do with the article in question. Go lie down, and watch your favorite old commercial, ‘Prince spaghetti day’ over and over again. It will remind you of where you should have stayed. Senility is a fact of life, and recording an album in Italian won’t reverse the symptoms. In your case no one has a clue what ailment you are suffering from other than complete stupidity.

    3. Johnny Handsome says:

      Bobby, its people like you who will sell his own mother to the devil for a hand job. Tony stated fact. Just as your people – the mafia will tell you – if someone picks on you, its only a matter of time before they wake yo with a horse head in the bed.

  29. pete says:

    Tony had a nice voice, but it probably sounded that good because of the empty space between his ears. Keep singing Tony, stop talking, it does sound lousy!!

  30. Maria P says:

    Old people got no reason to liiiiive!

  31. DaEmph says:

    Sorry but the US stick its damn nose into everybody’s business, indirectly he is right. Matter of fact didn’t the US fund for weapons and training and school for the Bin Laden family?!?
    The US is its own worse enemy because politis are too laxed, all sorts of foreigners can come here and do what they please (biggest mistake…no wonder the United States is behind than other contries) take a look around. The dollar anit worth sh!t, credit rating, jobs, healthcare, education, the country is turning into one big ass joke, hell people are going to Asia to get jobs because there isn’t hardly sh!t here….and don’t bring the Obama bullsh!t into this, EVERYONE in Washipton, to the Capital is responsible for the state of affaris this country is in….Dems and Republicans are BOTH to blame, this is NOT some one sided thing here.

  32. Joe Russo says:

    For all of the sheeple here….please read this and maybe you’ll learn something today from a source other than state run TV:


    1. KOAM says:

      Sorry russo, Stern is not state run.

      1. Rosie O says:

        So then Rosie O Donnel was wrong?
        Building 7 was forced down by an office fire?

  33. Kevin says:

    me thinks the happy vappy pot smoking has affected his brain

    1. Wrath says:

      Me thinks you have no excuse for your stupidity, other than genetics.

  34. homie dont play dat says:

    another jerkoff celebrity who thinks there opinion counts!!!!

    1. Michael H. says:

      It’s not his opinion. He got some of the details wrong but he was right that 9/11 was a direct result of our military presence in the middle east.

      1. LITTLESTAR says:


        1. Michael H. says:

          Comment of the day award goes to…

    2. Wrath says:

      Another internet imbecile who’s a hypocrite.

      1. littlestar says:

        why am I a, how do you spell it ? Oh great wrath of con job, , , ,

  35. sk says:

    he just sounding like a liberal hollywood star! there is nothing to argue about who started 9/11. US went to war w/ iraq after the twin towers were hit! he just sound slike a liberal who can’t admit the truth!

    1. Michael H. says:

      And you don’t know your history. It wasn’t that long ago. We had a military presence in the middle east that Bin Laden disagreed with. That is a direct cause of the attacks on 9/11.

      1. sk says:

        if you hear a lot of speeches taliban, and other militant groups say they hate america becuase they are not moslem. “holy wars” “jihad” these are terms used by these militant groups. This was not so long ago either! besides, any hate group you hear about has an excuse why they attacked. and there always people who defend them!

        1. Michael H. says:

          we’re talking specifically about 9/11 right now, and Bin Laden gave a very specific reason for it. I’m not defending his reasoning, I’m simply pointing out the fact that it exists, whether legitimate or not.

  36. Doubter says:

    He has a lot of courage to express doubt over the official line on 9-11. And I agree that the more our government interferes in the Mid-East, the more it puts our citizens in danger.

  37. Jerry says:

    He is an old moron. Too bad he wasn’t in the towers on 9/11!

  38. Edward Anthony says:

    Happy 85th Birthday big guy! Glad to see the Golden Voice is doing well @ 85. You are on the right road with that 9-11 assumption and there clearly were other reasons in the mix as well. Let’s hope & pray we don’t let ourselves drift or get led into a replay.. 2005?

  39. David Ruffin says:

    Oh man…..just like Helen Thomas…….old people need to keep their mouths shut, but maybe they don’t know they’re losing it before it’s too late.

    1. Obake says:

      Children should be seen and not heard Dave. So go sit in the corner and be quiet like a good little boy!

  40. susan says:

    the men who got together to hijack and kill americans were not representative of the country of iraq..they were members of a terrorist group whose sole pupose was to kill americans in the name of allah..it had nothing to do a particular country..besides all that, they were not all even citizens of that country, but came from saudi arabia and pakistan..tony bennett seems to have one of those “comspiracy” theories..ridiculous..like saying we bombed pearl harbor ourselves to start ww2!!

    1. Michael H. says:

      It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s called “blowback” and it was a direct result of our military presence in the Middle East, particularly what Bin Laden deemed “holy land” at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia. This is a well documented fact.

  41. B says:

    Hey “The Facts”… do your homework. You think Osama “hated our freedoms” and that’s why he could convince 19 men to kill themselves and murder innocent people? He wanted infidels off of Muslim soil and the military refused to close their bases — USS Cole and the embassies were bombed for reasons that Osama thought were valid.

    1. The Facts says:

      Do not put words in my mouth that I did not say. Do your homework!

      1. B says:

        You said: “How were we doing any bombing at the time of the terrorist attack?” YOU do your homework — find out about this thing called the Gulf War. Who cares if we were bombing other countries on 9/11/01? Osama planned the operation for years.

        1. The Facts says:

          I know about Desert Storm. I am not convinced that it was related to to the 9-11-01 terrorist attack. Where is the evidence? How do you know it played any part in Bin Laden’s thought process?

          1. Don says:

            Bin Laden offered the Saudi govt the help of the Muhajadeen to expel Iraq from Kuwait but was rebuffed. He made it clear that the war to expel Iraq from Kuwait should be fought ONLY with Muslim soldiers and NOT foreigners like the U.S. and British. those are the FACTS.

            1. The Facts says:

              Thank you for this information that I was unaware of. I disagree with our participation in both Gulf Wars, but our policies cannot be controlled by what a madman like Bin Laden thinks or may do. Despite our mistakes, there was no justification for murdering 3,000 ciivilians on 9-11-01.

          2. Wrath says:

            It’s not just Desert Storm, it’s our meddling since the creation of Israel. We have become world police so of course people are going to react violently in response. they’ve made several attempts at diplomacy, but since we’re so strong they’ve never been addressed. Face it, we’ve become the world bully and now we’re getting what’s coming to us. Our enemy is NOT in the mid east, it’s in DC.

  42. Dr. Boombots says:

    Tony, Tony, Tony. You’re losing it guy! Possibly related to that syphilis you reportedly had contracted in the 90’s. The mind’s not all there.

  43. Bubba says:

    How desperate is an artist like TB to be on the stern show. The fact he would appear on that show proves he is slowly losing his mental capacity.

    1. Chris Schiavone says:

      Stern’s show has an estimated 8 million plus listeners. He’d be stupid not too.

  44. Joe Russo says:

    He’s 100% right. It’s called blowback and the CIA clearly defines it in text books. Our actions, coupled with occupation of various countries in the mideast and support of Israel are the main culprits. Stop denying it sheeple..it’s the truth and it hurts to hear it! Until we change our foreign policy and stop trying to police the world…nothing will change.

    1. The Facts says:

      We did not occupy various countries in the middle east on 9-11-01.

      1. Michael H. says:

        We had a base at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia up until 2003. I owuldn’t call it an “occupation” but Bin Laden himself cited it as one of the reasons for the attack on 9/11.

  45. Liam Carey says:

    Why would anyone try to nail Tony Bennett for making this statement? He’s been a wonderful artist all his life and has brought a lot of love to a lot of people through song. Just forget about it.

    1. Sinatra was better any way!! says:

      He should have kept his G*D D*MN mouth shut and plugged his Duets 2 CD instead of pouring salt in his fellow New Yorkers’ wounds. A lot have healed from 9/11, but not all of us did!!

      1. Lou says:

        I agree 100%……… and Sinatra was better!!!!!

  46. The Facts says:

    9-11-01 was prior to the start of the last Iraq war. How were we doing any bombing at the time of the terrorist attack? The man is confused.

    1. Chris Schiavone says:

      Hey The Facts. I believe you are the one who is confused. We attacked Iraq 10 years before 9/11/01. The Gulf War? Desert Storm? Ring a bell?

      1. The Facts says:

        I did not forget Desert Storm. It was long over before the terrorists attacked us on 9-11-01. I see no connection to Desert Storm.

  47. skweegee says:

    Didn’t take his Aracept.

  48. jme says:

    he’s over the hill and probably has dementia

  49. Benny says:


    Two things — it’s time for some new glasses and for the old age home!!

  50. Linda says:

    I agree he should have left his mouth in San Francisco.

    1. Aaron says:

      Tony, shut up and sing. You obviously left your brain in San Francisco.

    2. tyclip says:

      Tony might be wrong or right, depending on how you look at the situation. We have been the policemen of the world for many decades now. Soldiers die and mulyi-mliionaires are made. Ike tried to warn us.

    3. kevin says:

      A lot of poeple should keep their mouths closed

      1. Wrath says:

        You belong in a tyrannical system. Where you’ll be expected to keep your mouth closed.

        Not like you really have anything to say, anyway. Just “Me too!”

    4. Dr.E says:

      Tony is the MAN.

    5. Rodin says:

      It’s a sad day indeed if this is what CBS considers this inanity “Feature” material.

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