NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Here’s a sign of the times.

The new International House of Pancakes in the East Village has hired a bouncer.

He stands guard at the “24 hour” spot on East 14th Street from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. He’s reportedly an off-duty police officer hired to keep intoxicated patrons under control.

The IHOP opened Tuesday.

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  1. KevinVA says:

    This isn’t exactly new for IHOP. Arlington, VA has an IHOP that has a bouncer/security guard at night, as well… And Arlington isn’t exactly known for it’s horrible crime rate. They’ve had security in place for years.

  2. Upins Moke says:

    Keep the bars open 24/7 and drunks will stay away from lumpy pancakes.

  3. A Govt Spy says:

    Beware of Canadians packing back bacon

  4. Eddie says:

    Smart move by ihop…now they just need to remove Chicken & Waffles from the menu and the number of incidents will be reduced drastically.

    1. BIG ROB! says:

      Oh yeah cause the “brothers” are abundant on 14th street in the the East Village!! If you knew anything about the area you would know that it is definately not “them” this timie! You are obviously a closet racist, among other things!!!

  5. Al Schork says:

    Besides knowing more than the worlds medical professionals, your intelligent bravado regarding the execution of alcoholics is indeed noteworthy. My guess is you are highly educated, professional, with many friends, and a charmer at social events. It must be fun being you! I’ve never met a stronger man behind the secrecy of the web shadow. You GO Joe. You surely are a legend in your own mind. Doubt an independent strong thinker like yourself has time to be married. If I’m wrong,OOOOOOOOOh what a lucky lady. You sir, are a deprived idiot.

  6. Bklyn says:

    They need one in Carson City,NV Psyco killed 4 with AK-47 Few weeks ago. 3 of them National Guard

    1. bronx_cheer says:

      I know, “Psyco” was an off-duty cop.

  7. Harpo says:

    I used to live in NYC and 14st was a chiphole back then. Is it still the same & if so a Bouncer makes sense!

  8. Hank Warren says:

    Out-of-control crime, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  9. Ken says:

    The IHOP at 290 and IH35 in Austin, TX has off-duty police officers in the evening hours, two on weekend nights) to deal with the wanna-be thugs who want to come in and act like children and flaunt their disregard for the law and their fellow man. Maybe if society collectively raised its standards and stopped tolerating the illiterate and distasteful gangster culture of uneducated criminals, we wouldn’t see this lunacy.

    1. Bill in Houston says:

      Yo, yo, yo Ken. Whachu talkin’ bout? Naaamean?

      While I live in Houston I have been to that IHOP (business trip, stayed at a hotel right where 290 crosses I-35). It was “thug life” in the mid-evening DURING THE WEEK back in 2009. My wife and I had our dinner QUICKLY.

  10. Cleveland Philips says:

    From what I’ve experienced lately at Ihop, their pancakes also bounce.

  11. Warren Wilson says:

    Okay, now, let’s see … he’s a cop (8 hours) and he does graveyard at IHOP (8 hours). If he sleeps 8 hours, when does he do anything else? Something tells me his effectiveness when on cop duty, at taxpayer expense, is badly impaired.

    1. Regulas says:

      He sleeps in the cop car after eating free at the iHop.

    2. Butch Blosc says:

      To reach that conclusion from the information in the article qualifies you for lead scientist at a global warming think tank.

    3. Joey says:

      Can’t tell if trolling or actually that stupid….

  12. Bobin415 says:

    It appears from the attendance at the National Convention of IHOP owners that 20 to 25 percent are of Arab desent. Seven Arab locations in Indiana and Ohio were just raided by Homeland Security and the FBI.

    Can anyone tell me where these people are getting the financing, when the average American cannot refinance their own home??

    1. Vicky Bevis says:

      It’s obvious that he isn’t getting any financing through legal channels unless IHOP does their own financing. I’d like to know what country Terry “Elk” is from; that might be very interesting.

      BTW, Watch, “Braking Bad” on AMC ( Netflix has it on their home quere.) It’s a very intreguing story & by Season 3, Walt is making Crystal Meth. for a guy who owns several chicken restaurant chains & is an excellent way to launder the money they make..

  13. H. Martin says:

    Obama economy…already creating jobs!

  14. Constance says:

    Sounds like a great area. I’ll make sure to add it to my list of places to visit during a future vacation. Drunken slobs at the IHOP. Yippee. Can’t wait.

  15. Jake Ferg says:

    Your are 100% correct.

  16. Bill Dybdal says:

    The guard should carry a subnachine gun

  17. Dana White needs to buy IHOP, start recruiting fighters from the parking lots….

  18. no says:

    Why is “24 hour” in quotes, like that? Is the author of the article trying to suggest that it isn’t actually open 24 hours?

  19. dw says:

    After the shooting at an IHOP about a 15min drive from where I live, I don’t blame them for hiring an off duty cop as a bouncer.

  20. moonmac says:

    Most people would never walk out on a tab unless they were drunk at the time and drunk people like to eat after drinking thus cop pads his multi million dollar pension!

    1. Lunar Mac says:

      Cop’s million dollar pension?

      1. Stop hating says:

        Just another hater! Cha-ching

      2. bear knucklez says:

        lol… he didn’t say million dollar pension, he said “MULTI million”. Lunar, maybe you and I can chip in to buy him a clue.

    2. Jake Ferg says:

      You are an idiot!

    3. RonnieReagan says:

      10 years ago, everyone was running around talking about the travesty it was that teachers, cops, etc make so little money.

      How quickly you clowns change your tune. The truth is that it still is a travesty that they make so little money.

      The real problem you guys (moonmac) need to look at is WHY HAS YOUR LEADERSHIP ALLOWED ALL OF YOUR WORK TO BE OUTSOURCED TO A COMMUNIST COUNTRY?

      Rather than kicking your fellow americans, talk to your leadership about this. You never would’ve seen so much MADE IN USSR as you see MADE IN CHINA today.

      1. Kyle Kepley says:

        Because government, lawyers and unions make it impossible to run a business in America, that’s why. Until that changes, all our businesses will keep going overseas to more business friendly climates. Their only other option is to go out of business, so either way we lose jobs.

        1. David Anfinrud says:

          It is bad when a Communist country like CHina has a better business climate than the US. It is not business fault that they are going to countries that will allow products to be made. Too many regulations Fed and State level is the cause. It is not greed.
          In Washington state a country stopped building a hanger until Boeing gave them a Million dollars. Why would you want to expand a business if you have to bribe the local officials to do the expansions necessary for giving jobs to Americans

    4. Ken says:

      Correction: Most DECENT people would never walk on a tab. There are a couple of generations now of “Little Gangsters” who wouldn’t know a thing about human decency. You might notice a trend of sorts if you pay attention to who the perpetrators are of these recent flash mob robberies and boardwalk assaults, etc. I think I see a segment of society that needs to hold itself to a higher standard. Maybe it’s hard to have high standards when your pants are falling down.

  21. Mikey says:

    A (more-than-likely) BLACK bouncer watching a bunch of spoiled WHITE kids. Does anyone think the bouncer actually lives in the East Village.

    And with an IHOP in Harlem and one in Downtown Brooklyn, why would a mass of blacks flood the East Village location? Geez, at least get the facts straight, folks.

    The one in Brooklyn has cops, and it was actually pretty mellow. Yeah, I’m sure any altercations there are more likely to involve gunfire than at the East Village one, but I bet the E Village one is more consistently obnoxious.

    1. ZeroTolerance says:

      Because (to quote an attacker from Wisconsin State Fair) “whites are easy targets”? Does one steal from his own neighborhood when there;s nothing to steal? :o(_!_)

      1. eh says:

        Because if there’s one thing this country has a long history of, it’s black-on-white violence.

    2. Kenny says:

      Yeah, a gunfight breaking out isn’t really obnoxious. Idiot.

    3. Andrew Bellucci says:

      Blacks “invade” the Dallas BBQ at 23rd st and 8th avenue in the heart of Chelsea, which is certainly not a Black neighborhood. and Blacks, for decades, have been invading the Village on 6th Avenue near 3rd and 4th streets, first with cars blasting music and now with motorcycles. Don’t know why they go there, but check it out any weekend and you’ll see.

  22. Coffee Shop says:

    Forget about the bouncer the saddest thing about this situation is that there is an IHOP in the East Village. Whats next a Dennys and a Cracker Barrel?

    1. Htos1 says:

      Yeah,the last thing you want to be mistaken for is AMERICAN!NEXT!

      1. Coffee Shop says:

        What does that even mean? Being American is eating at and giving my money to chain eateries and not supporting local establishments? Yeah, I want NYC and all cities to be exactly the same with all the same restaurants and stores. I think not.

  23. Jim says:

    Too bad. I love happy endings.

  24. malcom says:

    america has stage four cancer, white liberals, muslims, black racists, latino supremists, and on and on are destroying the country.

    1. Paul Begala says:

      ….such is the stench of “diversity”.

  25. Hazel Burke says:

    LOL go to youtube and search out Ihop fight or Ihop brawl…yeah there’s tons of them on there. Of course they’re all coloreds.

  26. Junnipersmippets says:

    When I eat at Waffle House, I always find an eyelash in my butter.

    1. ToledoCliff says:

      When I eat at Waffle House, I always find butter in my eyelashes

  27. MikeAT says:

    I used to work the Sat night shift for an IHOP just for this reason. We would normally get a rush around 200 am Sunday (after the clubs closed) and occasionally they would get roudy

  28. Van Wehrle says:

    I like IHOP butter pecan syrup. 🙂


      I LIKE YOU. 🙂

      1. lar mason says:

        I like tuttles.

  29. boom says:

    Wow, all of you racists don’t know jack! This IHOP is in the East Village at 14th and 1st, where white hipsters rent studio apartments for more money that most of you earn. And when they get wasted on $15 drinks and several lines of cocaine they cause trouble for the honest staff just trying to make a living.

    1. Veronica says:

      Wow! ‘No Blacks Allowed’ at this day and time!

      Maybe only the ‘good ones’ are let in…..(^;]

      1. Freddie says:

        Yeah, white hipsters getting rowdy and breaking things. Doesn’t surprise me at all. The only thing more common than that would be a pack of, let’s face it, BLACK kids waiting around the corner to jump the scrawny, cowardly greens. Frankly, for once, I sympathize. An urban Hipster is like a slinky: good for nothing, but brings a smile to your face when you push one down a flight of stairs.

        Still, white, black, hispanic, who cares. They’re all “empowered,” the way the academics want them to be, so that their Clockwork Orange style hedonism will help make the case for ever-greater regulation at all levels of government in all areas of life.

        This is the fruit that the 1960s has borne. This is what we reap. I WOULD PERSONALLY TIP THE BOUNCER A $5 NOTE FOR KEEPING THINGS CIVIL!!!

        1. Speak plain says:

          I’m with Freddie, thats my dog.

        2. SamIam says:

          the words of the prophets are written on subway halls and tenement walls.

          1. Htos1 says:

            “Disturbance at the Heron House”.

  30. RicardoCabeza says:

    I would figure the bouncers there to stop the dine and dash. Although I have to wonder who the hell eats at IHOP for the “food”? That dive serves reheated garbage.

  31. Marty says:

    How about not letting drunks into your establishment, & serving them? My lord… I don`t understand why IHOP won`t make a stand on this.

    1. Veronica says:

      Same as always and everywhere. If an establishment denies service to any of these ‘youths’, Al Sharpton and twenty lawyers will show up the next day.

  32. Allie says:


    1. Veronica says:

      Have yoiu kissed a Liberal today?

      1. Ted Long says:

        How is that revelant?

    2. efo says:

      wow I know Drudge linked this, and that brings out all the racists, but get your facts straight. this is 14th and 1st in the east village – there isn’t a black person living within a mile of there. Rather, it is white hipsters who black out on pharmaceutical drugs that they stole from their parents medicine cabinet.

      1. Freddie says:

        Here’s a drudge guy who hates white hipsters as much as he hates thugs, who almost always happen to be black, and almost always target whites, be they hipsters or not. Why don’t you test your smugness and pay the site a visit. See where they link to. Here’s an incentive for ya: if everything you suspect turns out to be right, you can be even MORE smug.

        1. boom says:

          Drudge Report: not racist, but #1with racists!

          1. Freddie says:

            Wow, so because some screwball out there joins in the chorus denouncing packs of thugs who look for whites to beat up, and because one of these racist screwballs visits drudge, you’re insinuating that we should stop doing that, or we’re racist?

            Unfortunately, that line of thinking only works with sheep like yourself. The problem is that your objective is to convince people like me. So this argument only serves for texting your friends during the obama speech you’re not really watching.

            Why don’t you take my dare….

            1. SamIam says:

              Do not blame them for they know not what they do.

            2. jm says:

              Can’t get away from the truth, Freddy. Liberal entitlement programs have steered minorities away from work and into rage driven ideology. Black youth have no responsible leadership, just Sharpton and Jackson. The ihop invasions are a symptom, not the disease.

            3. mac says:

              VERY WELL SAID!!!!

        2. efo says:

          alright gentlemen, relax. first off, i am not a democrat who believes in entitlement programs. actually, i have voted republican the last 3 presidential elections. second, i check drudge every day. i may not agree with his stances all the time, but as someone who likes to be educated in that day’s news, i understand that the news cycle begins and ends with his site.

          third, i was simply pointing out that the whole ‘bouncer in an ihop in east village’ is not indicative of the problem this country is facing with thugs starting late night fights. while most of the articles he links to actually go right to the problem, this one does not. i live 2 blocks from this area. i have been to the ihop twice since it has opened. i guarantee you that this is a not a “WE HAVE A BLACK PROBLEM!!!!!!” (as our racist friend Alli so eloquently put it). rather, its a rich white kid problem.

          that is the problem with you ultra right-wingers. you make very valid points, but you don’t pick and choose your battles. rather than save your ammo for a few fights here and there, you throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at anything that comes close to smelling political. the end result is you looking foolish and, for a lack of a better work, like a bunch of kooks.

    3. franklin ben says:

      overcooked pancakes?

  33. zatom says:

    question… off duty cop pulling another full time job… thinking someone sleeping on one the jobs

    1. phil says:

      why must you assume that people who work 2 eight hour shifts…must be sleeping on one of them? The cop likes the extra money, pure and simple…and, he is willing to WORK for it, rather than stay at home and play X box. Try it sometime.

  34. Rick says:

    Go to any “Third World” country and you’ll see Armed Guards at every business!

  35. danp1 says:

    We are going toward Mexico and the third world. The “bouncer” will soon have an AK. Get your canned goods and water in stock

  36. HansJurgen says:

    They need to change their name to IHIP since the blacks are now their customers and want more identity as their primary customers. I haven’t been to an IHOP since they changed their name – and that’s been years – don’t miss it.

  37. not impressed says:

    So what? Diners in Bay Ridge have had bouncers on the weekends to deal with the drunk after-bar crowd for years. People drink, they do stupid things. It’s not the sign of a bad neighborhood, it’s just smart, proactive thinking when you know you’re going to have a lot of liquored up idiots coming through the door..

    1. lukuj says:

      I believe eating is a bit difference than drinking alcohol. One doesn’t expect wild, silly, or dangerous behavior from eating too many pancakes, and it is sad that people can’t control themselves at a restaurant – no matter what restaurant it is and no matter where it is.

      1. Freddie says:

        News flash: When you drink, you get hungry! What planet do you live on? Correction to your comment: YOU don’t expect wild, silly, or dangerous behavior from eating too many pancakes.

        I take it you don’t drink…

        1. lukuj says:

          Newsflash! if you get hungry,either behave yourself at the restaurant or go home to eat (not driving if you have been drinking, of course). Pancakes don’t make people rowdy. NO ONE expects pancakes to elicit rowdy behavior who is in their right mind, so am I to assume you aren’t in your right mind or simply have no self-control. I do drink – a glass of wine occasionally or a margarita. I have found I don’t need alcohol to have a good time or be witty and social . I have no issues with people who drink more than I do as long as they behave acceptably and don’t endanger others in any way. Both my son and husband drink more than I do, but they do so responsibly. I hope you do too. I truly feel sorry for people who have to rely on excessive use of alcohol to have a good time. It doesn’t say much for their own confidence or for their personalities or lack thereof.

    2. Metara5 says:

      Maybe not the sign of a bad neighborhood as much as the decline of a decent society. Many people 40 and under have grown up with the last 20 years of steadily declining behavior exhibited 24/7 on tv. I’m 54 and remember (fondly) of when people were actually kind and many even exhibited a little class. So sad what a small group of Hollywood elites along with a few other groups can do to a good society. I miss what our country used to be -when people were actually proud of it and when there was dignity in earning a living even if it wasn’t a lot…

  38. Joe Goad says:

    They do the same thing at the Ferguson IHOP in St. Louis, MO. They do it on Friday and Saturday nights to keep people under control, I’m an off duty officer and work there secondary occassionally

    1. Freddie says:

      Thank you.

  39. HairyHerry says:

    I’m happy that IHOP is doing this. Whatever works to keep out undesirable riff-raff, no matter what their color. Alcohol tends to be a gigantic truth serum. There are people who can’t control themselves under it and have no ****ing business drinking another drop.

    I can agree that some Dennys eateries have issues. Those in the smaller towns not so ghetto tend to do much better. My experience is the larger towns generally suck at service if you’re a white guy, especially alone – except at certain truck stops where a Dennys is set up.

  40. suibne says:

    iT’S a black thang… wouldn’t understand

    1. kilo7 says:

      oh we know….we

  41. Bill Poje says:

    Which sign of the times is the artcile referring to? In my life I have known of many late night eateries who have always had drunks and disorderlies to deal with. One would think this is a new activity the way this written. What a joke!

  42. Attack Watch says:

    Soon you will need bouncers everywhere and we’ll be a third world country like Jamaica who has armed security guards at gas stations albeit in a chair leaned back and half asleep

    1. Tex A. Montana says:

      Or like Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia Zaire, etc., etc.

      1. wow says:

        Zaire hasn’t existed since 1997.

  43. Roger Sterling says:

    Why would anyone go to IHOP?

    1. bubble boy says:

      to get the bouncer’s autograph. . .

  44. tubby says:

    big deal, people have been buying fried chicken from behind bullet proof glass and iron bars in bad neighborhoods for 30+ years that i know of.

    1. efo says:

      wow I know Drudge linked this, and that brings out all the racists, but get your facts straight. this is 14th and 1st in the east village – there isn’t a black person living within a mile of there. Rather, it is white hipsters who black out on pharmaceutical drugs that they stole from their parents medicine cabinet.

      1. ZeroTolerance says:

        Shut up, efo and kiss me where I sit.

      2. Kenny says:

        WOW efo, guess that means that blacks aren’t allowed in that neighborhood? I highly doubt that’s the case. I’m not saying that blacks are the problem, especially since all indications are that this area is mostly white. But to say that it can’t possibly be black is assinine. Now grab your ears and pull real hard…POP!! There you go, feel better now?

        1. efo says:

          i never said they are not allowed in the neighborhood.

          a beer in this area costs $10 minimum. a well liquor is costing you $14. this ihop as upped their prices to correlate with the bar prices. (insert Zero Tolerance’s comment here about black people not paying)

          all i am pointing out is this area is not a black area. whether living there or socializing. rather, its one of the most expensive parts of the city to do either.

          that is the problem with you ultra right-wingers. you make very valid points, but you don’t pick and choose your battles. rather than save your ammo for a few fights here and there, you throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at anything that comes close to smelling – drudge linked it because it smelled political. in the end, it wasn’t. i know that may be shocking to you because Lord Drudge would never dare mislead his readers, but trust me on this one, as someone who lives a couple blocks from 14th and 1st, you guys are just flat out wrong.

          the result is you looking foolish and, for a lack of a better work, like a bunch of kooks.

  45. Stanley says:

    Its pathetic how certain people act in restaurants.

  46. American says:

    just those canadian yuts at it, again

  47. Lee Yarbrough says:

    Sorry Joe but just because others have to do it does not make it right. It is a sign of the times that Americans no longer respect others or take responsibility for their own actions. IHop hiring security? That is just pathetic and shows how low Americans are letting things get. It is not the leaders, it is the people that have brought us to this point.

  48. Nick 9075 says:

    Where on E 14th street is this?? certainly not by union square, would be too ghetto & downscale for that new upscale neighborhood & shopping district

  49. Joe McReynolds says:

    This is standard for all sorts of 24 hour eateries, in all sorts of places… good places, bad places, wherever. It’s not a “sign of the times”… this is amazingly lazy blogging/writing.

    1. JC says:

      I wouldn’t say “all sorts of places”…. I daresay most Dennys’ throughout the country don’t have independent security. Either it’s a bad place, or there’s a bad clientele.

  50. Mark says:

    Is he really there for the intoxicated people or the “youths”?

    1. Mark says:

      Hes there for the “intoxicated – youths” that stumble in, are loud and rowdy while in there…just now they’ll get a few knucks on the noggin for their idiocy

      1. SamIam says:

        It used to be that easy, knock a couple of heads and keep the rest in line.
        The world turned upside down before, why not once more.

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