NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got his chance to address the United Nations General Assembly today.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond: Hundreds Rallied Against Him Outside

Ahmadinejad launched a wide-ranging attack on the United States, suggesting in his remarks that our nation used the 9/11 attacks as a pretext for invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. He also suggested the United States was responsible for the global recession, and triggered world wars.

“Can the flower of Democracy blossom from NATO’s missiles, bombs and guns?” Ahmadinejad said.

During his remarks, representatives of the United States and a number of western nations walked out.

Ahmadinejad continued unabated. “They have no respect for others and violate the rights of all nations and governments,” Ahmadinejad said. “They officially support racism. They weaken countries through military intervention… they sow the seeds of hate and hostility among other nations… in order to prevent them from making progress.”

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“They threaten anyone who questions the Holocaust,” Ahmadinejad said.

He also questioned the killing of Osama bin Laden. “Why should it not have been allowed to bring him into trial?”

Former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge and former U.N. ambassador John Bolton joined thousands of protestors Thursday morning as they rallied outside the U.N. to demand it oust the Iranian president.

“As the world’s largest terror state, they are responsible for the deaths of soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq,” said Ridge. “They support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian-Islamic jihad. The answer, are they a friend of the U.S? Absolutely not.”

“I think we should have been seeking regime change in Iran for a long time,” Bolton told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer. “The people overwhelmingly reject this regime and that would be clear if there were ever free and fair elections.”

Protesters pointed out that since the U.N. gave Libya’s seat to the anti-Qaddafi rebels, it’s time to expel the Iranian regime. They want the U.N. to give Iran’s seat to the Iranian resistance for democracy.

As Ahmadinejad prepared to take the podium, security has been tight at Manhattan’s Warwick Hotel, where he has been staying.

Last year, the Iranian president held a news conference there and had 30 police officers and two firefighters assigned to him full-time.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city spends the money because of the U.N.’s importance to our economy.

“It doesn’t mean you endorse it. It doesn’t mean you like it,” Bloomberg said. “You’d prefer something else but the truth of the matter is, if you want the United Nations — and we really do this is a very big part of our economy. You just can’t say no.”

The group United Against Nuclear Iran has also been protesting outside of the Warwick, demanding the hotel “reconsider its decision to host Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his cohorts during their stay,” according to the group’s website.

Travis Bacote (C, on bicycle) talks to passers-by as he pulls a sign protesting Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad across the street from the Warwick Hotel where the Iranian delegation is staying September 21, 2011 in New York. (Photo credit: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

Protestors have been peddling around the Warwick and the U.N. with “bicycle billboards” condemning Iran, its leader and the hotel.

Thursday afternoon, the group plans to continue its protest outside the hotel with an Ahmadinejad impersonator and street performances.

The Iranian president was also expected to dine with a group of Columbia University students, but according to the school’s newspaper the Columbia Spectator, that meeting was cancelled.

As many as 15 members of the Columbia International Relations Council and Association were originally invited and hundreds of students were expected to turn out to condemn the meeting.

Despite the dinner’s cancellation, a couple dozen students still gathered on Columbia’s campus to protest Ahmadinejad’s human rights record.

Meanwhile, as Ahmadinejad was arriving in New York Wednesday, Iran released two American hikers who have been held for two years on suspicion of spying.

Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were released under a $1 million bail deal. They had been in Iranian custody since 2009.

On Thursday, Bauer’s brother-in-law Nate Lindstrom spoke with CBS’s “The Early Show” and said that his wife, Nicole, hadn’t spoken to her brother in two years.

American hiker Shane Bauer (R) is greeted on September 21, 2011 in Muscat, Oman, after Tehran released him and Josh Fattal (out of frame) on bail, months after handing them hefty jail terms.(Photo credit: Mohammed Mahjoub/AFP/Getty Images)

Lindstrom says his wife spoke to him from Oman on Thursday morning via Skype. He says there was no talk of when Bauer, Fattal and their families would return to the U.S., adding “everybody is just kind of living in the moment right now.”

He says “everybody is really happy to be together.”

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  3. DanTe says:

    FACT: Everywhere where there are mu-slimes, sh-!t happens.

    China — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children and run amok with metal pipes in the streets)

    India — sh-!t happens
    (mu-slimes burned 100s of Hindus alive in packed trains and burned villagers alive while they slept)

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    Europe — sh-!t happens
    (suicide bombers that kill little children)

    USA — 9/11 happened

    Notice the pattern here? Even you sanctimonious twits can’t be that dense.

    Goes to reason, no mu-slimes, no sh-!t.
    All these camel turds understand is violence and lies anyway. I say we oblige them by killing them all and then lie about how sorry we are.

    Islam. It’s a disease. And like any other infestations of boils, pox and pestilence, it should be eradicated. You don’t talk to diseases. You eradicate them like you did polio and small pox.

    And some bleeding heart imbecile here will write that it’s just a few “radical” individuals that are murderous, just like any other society. But then conveniently forgetting about the Fact that it happens worldwide and by a LOT MORE than just a few individuals. And they also continues to blank out of their empty heads the worldwide muslime jubilee celebrations as people burned on 9/11.

  4. michaelfury says:

    “suggesting in his remarks that our nation used the 9/11 attacks as a pretext for invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq”

    Only a dangerous lunatic would suggest such a thing.

    1. Aquilina Seacliffs says:

      Or an informed critical thinker. We DID use 9/11 as a pretext to go to war with those countries. As much as the guy is a nutjob, that much is true. Especially in the case of Iraq, the war was unjustified, based on cooked intelligence and flat out lies. Remember Valerie Plame? Remember what Karl Rove did to her for refusing to go along with the lies? I do.

  5. NYCBOY says:

    Jersey – you are absolutely right. USA MUST change its habits, change its consumption, EMBRACE alternative energy and get off our a-s-ses and get real
    about cutting the Arabs out of OUR economic supply chain. OIL is the ONLY reason we have an presence there at all. The only one. We cease being one of
    their primary consumers and about 75% of our diplomatic problems vanish.


      American’s shouldn’t change their habits. Keep using oil until it runs out.

  6. jerseyjoey says:

    There is only one true answer to the whole mid east problem, its not nuking them(i support this with all my heart but fallout does travel), its not isreal going to war n kicking arabs arses or Usa invading the mid east, its not protests in the streets( they are a joke and treated as such by most Americans anyway), its not boycott( we could use some money right now its all green baby), its not an economic issue with iran: its a religious one: over thousands of years in the making funded by our money used to purchase arab oil, period. Simple answer, Get off the oil standard and tell the mid east to go drink their oil and learn to live on your own grain. That will only happen if Americans are willing to get back to basics and the rich to be more responsible stop wastefull living and spending that fuels the Oil dependancy.

  7. JohnPA2006 says:

    So why dont we keep “Imadinnerjacket” in jail here for 2 years, and then tell Iran to give us 1 million so they can have him back.

    1. ted says:

      Do you really think they would pay a nickel to have him back? they would probably offer to pay us to keep him he’s such an embarassment.

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