NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Subway riders in the Bronx are being much more alert of their surroundings as a subway slasher remained at large Thursday.

Police said a young woman has been attacking fellow passengers on 4 trains at random. Police have plastered train stations along the line with a sketch of the suspect based on the victims’ descriptions.

“I can’t even imagine that happening to me. I mean like being on the train and somebody coming up to you and slashing your face,” Shimiqua Coward told CBS 2’s Lou Young.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports: Subway Riders On High Alert

Police said the first unprovoked attack happened September 6 around 4:20 p.m. A 19-year-old woman was sitting on the 4 train when the suspect, wearing clear plastic gloves, took out some sort of sharp object and slashed the victim across the face. Six days later, police said, it happened again on the 4 train. That time the victim was an 18-year-old female.

Witnesses described the suspect as Black or Hispanic between 17 and 25-years-old, standing nearly 5’5″ and weighing almost 165 pounds.

Passengers are urged to take a good, long look at the sketch police provided and they are doing so.

“Wow, I’m definitely going to remember that face,” a woman told CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne when she looked at the sketch.

“Everything happens in the daytime now — people really don’t care anymore. So it’s just sad, it just makes me feel a little scared for my safety sometimes,” Kima Green said.

In a crime with no apparent motive, people here are hoping the pattern is over and that the slasher may know she is being sought.

“She might just stop right there to avoid getting caught,” Frank Montgomery told Young.

“It’s definitely something with a gang,” said straphanger Bebay Sibidey, of Inwood.

Police said they’re not ruling that angle out.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto Crime Stoppers’ website at or by texting their tips to CRIMES (274637), then enter TIP577.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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  1. Tom says:

    “In a crime with no apparent motive ….”
    If the victims are White, racial animosity would be an obvious motive.

  2. Ivan Yurkenov says:

    She gotta purty mouth.


  3. Miri Anya Abu says:

    just be on the look out for a girl wearing plastic gloves and I would carry her picture at all times when ever riding the train. This is so sad I hope she understand what terrible thing she’s doing or if any of her family memeber reconizes her on the picture and turn her in. where the girls hispanic, asian, afican american or caucasian that she slashed ? its good to know coz it could be that she’s after a perticular ethnic of girls.

  4. Reverend Rev says:

    Crime BELONGS in the subways because REAL New Yorkers are smart enough to drive everywhere.

    1. Huh says:

      Um, thanks for your intelligent input…

    2. Funny says:

      actually REAL New Yorkers use trains or limos…Scaredy Cats use cars!

      1. Reverend Rev says:

        No, REAL New Yorkers live upstate and drive everywhere.

        1. Don'tHonk says:

          you’re just wrong…

        2. What? says:

          Are you educated?

  5. Angry says:

    when they catch this piece of trash they should slash her little poonani to see how she likes it…

  6. Joey Dean says:

    Oh wow, there is a subway slasher on the loose! Thats scary dude.

  7. Pplrfunny says:

    She’s gonna try to slash the wrong chick and get her a@$ handed to her..

    1. Chloe Emily Janeole says:

      hahah yep

  8. Peter says:

    She needs a golf club upside her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. C Thomas says:

    ahh rite, mace will not do a thing against an unprovoked knife slashing especially if she is doing it as she runs off the subway out the open doors. You would most likely spray the people trying to chase her.

    1. jp says:

      4 in the afternoon and no one did anything to stop her then, what would anyone do now?

  10. jp says:

    Before, during and after she could.

  11. jperez says:

    this is why I gave my girlfriend mace.

    1. Yo says:

      Now would that be used before or after it happens.

      1. get rid of the trash says:

        next time this happens everyone in subway car should carve this ho bag to pieces.

      2. Joe of B'hurst says:

        when she puts on the gloves, time to start macing

        1. Ariel Murphy says:

          Oh my God, because THAT will go well. It’s a little odd to be wearing plastic gloves on the subway, but there are people even in upstate NY with skin conditions who must wear them, germ-o-phobes…the likes.

          Note to self-do not put on plastic gloves on a subway or you’re going to get maced for taking precautionary health measures when sitting in the last empty seat next to the wino.

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