NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Friends and relatives of a New Brunswick man are in shock after he was allegedly shot and killed by police early Thursday morning, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports.

A preliminary investigation determined Barry Deloatch, 47, was fatally shot after police chased him into an alley shortly after midnight Thursday on Throop Avenue, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan said.

Deloatch was pronounced dead at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg with Deloatch’s outraged family

Witnesses said police were investigating drug activity in the area and jumped out of their vehicle with guns drawn.

Witnesses believe Deloatch may have been frightened, causing him to run from the officers before he was shot.

Angry relatives are demanding answers in the death of Deloatch who is described as kind and affable.

“My brother should still be alive right now. There’s no way he should be in that hospital, lying in that bed dead,” Nate Deloatch said. “My brother sees you drawing a weapon at somebody else, of course he’s going to run.”

Relatives said Deloatch was unarmed.

Deloatch was killed on the same street where police officers fatally shot an unarmed man 20 years ago igniting racial tensions in the city.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  1. Shining Star says:

    It is ashamed how, all in the name of justice, the authorities do the things that they do. Not only has this been happening in this city for years to blacks, they have gotten so bold as to even start beating up the white kids too. Back in Feb. 2011 within a week, they were on the news twice for beating up 3 Rutgers students. I in no way condone negative actions from peers or pigs. It will take a long stand to make sure something gets done so I hope we are ready to go 15 rounds if needed.

  2. HUH. wasn't me says:

    Google search found another who also remembers Barry as one of their former clients,
    State of NJ remembers Barry Deloatch, AKA (Bennie, Boo Boo )dob October 7, 1962, where on August 10, 2000 and again on December 16, 2000 found guilty of
    2C:35-7*3 CDS/Distribute Drugs On School Proprty/3 received two 5 year Terms, let’s hope the school guards are throughly investigated before walking around my daughters school..

  3. r says:

    the polices job is to protect the people not kill the people, they have a responsibility to protect us even from ourselves

  4. may god bless says:

    May God bless this grieving family

  5. Randy says:

    Every story, no matter the website, that involves a black person is filled with racist and stereotypical comments. Why? A bad person is bad because he’s bad not because he’s black. Anyways, it would be easy to prove whether the guy got shot in the back when the autopsy is done. This guy is no angel, but also doesn’t deserve to be executed by the police because he’s out at 4am instead of sleeping.

  6. Blame yourself, Family Members. says:

    Why did he run into the Officers Warning Shot? Why did he run from the police? Why wasn’t he in bed to go to work the next day or if he was not working, to look for a job? A 47 year old man who according to his family, is frightened by the police. Why? What has he done in the past that causes him to run from the police in the early morning of a week night? These are the questions his family should seek the answers to. But they won’t it’s too easy to blame others when you refuse to place the blame where it belongs, on yourself.

    1. s dixon says:

      how do you know he wasn’t getting off work? how do you know he wasn’t going home from a friends house? you don’t know what his situation was. you’re ignorant for this comment. he had no weapon therefore the police were/are not supposed to shoot! he did not threaten them in any way. go sit down and be quiet

  7. BIG C says:

    THe Bottom line is that another brother is gone! No matter what the reason is/was for the shooting no one is being threatened running away. Getting shot in the back is a coward and no regard zero value for a Black mans life attitude.
    How many times must we read, hear, or see on TV the same story! White cops shoot/kills black man! The story gets old!!!
    THe story will change once its someone in your family!

    RIP! BArry!

  8. mj says:

    HOW many unarmed people are going to HAVE to die at the hands of the police BEFORE something is done about it ?

  9. friend of family says:

    Comments and opinions ar one thing but cindy I belive is making a false and imflammatory statement that s defamation. That comment should be removed immediately.. If she was there she needs to go to the police and explain why she was in that nieghborhood at that time and tell them whAt she claims she saw,I doubt she was , and if she was not there she does not know what she is talking about and that comment is imflamatory. its needs to be removed immediately i will be calling the paper in the morning with a. verbal complaint.

  10. blessedone says:

    I just remember Barry as one of our clients, he was a lil guy, and very pleasant, some of you people on here need to be mindful that a life was lost, and have some consideration.

  11. smokey jr says:

    people need to stop commenting about info that they did not witness…if yu wasn’t there keep ur mouth shut…Shooting someone in the back is a coward and they took the punk way out…I don’t care wat anyone says…if yu don’t know him then don’t judge him…It was wrong and foul as hell…they need someone to police the cops out here…this is gettin out of control…No one is safe out here in New Brunswick…If anyone sees a gun pulled out on them of course they are going to run…thats a natural fact…Stay in your lane and don’t get out of pocket…

    1. jessica deloatch says:

      yea that right…its fd up the police killed my cousin

    2. Quiet from the indignant ones please! says:

      Did you see the incident. If yes talk to the Police. If not, take your own advice and shut up!

  12. Tired of People says:

    Some people are just disrespectful. No one on this page knows exactly what happened. All you know is what you are reading. No matter what a family lost a member and they are all mourning. No matter how they do it. They want answers and they deserve them. The right answers not just some sugar coated mess and they have the right to know it. Some people need to get a life!

  13. neighborhood associate says:

    Barry was a very good man. He was a security guard at my High School and he was very good to the people in our neighborhood. If so many people are in shock their is something wrong. If he dared to beat a police officer there has to be a really big reason and right now I think there is more to this story and will will never find out from a dead man. That is all she wrote

  14. says:

    what was the charge even, I will truly be outraged if it comes to light he was wanted for a disorderly. or possession of cds.

  15. redpassion1776 says:

    yeah right, nowhere in the story was a 2×4 mentioned troll cindy. this is just another day of currupt cops in new brunswick who once again went to far, remember the prostitte they murdered in the 90s.

    1. Amp says:

      life is sacred, noting he could have done is worth his life. this is why the cops have less then lethal, teasers, mace, but they are zealots,

      Government should fear its citizens… Citizens should not fear their government.

  16. Howard Jones says:

    Oh here we go, someone is going to emerge from the cracks and make a big ole “Black Thang” out of it. Watch!

  17. Surfin Bird says:

    These typeof people always playing the race card when the police do thier jobs.

    1. mj says:

      THATS the problem … too many people AND the police BELIEVE that killing unarmed people is their job

    2. William says:

      …your comment is not surprising, seeing that surfing birds always drop”….”

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