NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Stony Brook University student says she is scared and worried about her impending deportation, along with her mother, to Bangladesh.

Nadia Habib, a 19-year-old psychology major, was 18 months old when she and her mother, Nazmin, moved from Bangladesh to the United States.  Her father had a Green Card and the family settled in Queens.

Habib’s parents had three more kids and so her siblings are U.S. citizens, but Nadia and her mother are not.  Habib and her mom got a letter from Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Sept. 10 stating that they are being deported next Thursday.

“We have to be there with 50 pound of baggage each and have our passports and be ready to leave or they can detain us,” she told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Habib told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that she is scared about going to Bangladesh, where she won’t even be able to communicate.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera Speaks With Nadia Habib

“I’m not very accustomed to Bangladesh and how the people are or anything.  Me speaking the language is like…no one knows what I’m trying to say,” she said.

“I feel like I’m going to be in a room, depressed. I don’t know anybody there. I can’t speak the language,” she told Sanchez.

Habib learned of her undocumented status during her senior year of high school.  She and her mother have been unsuccessfully fighting for asylum status.

Habib and her mother would qualify for President Obama’s DREAM Act, which says undocumented students illegally brought to the U.S. as children by their parents would not be targeted for deportation.

However, Habib says her case was ruled on some 11 years ago. She is seeking an appeal.

Her friends and other immigrant students have launched campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to keep the star student in America. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand has even joined the cause by hiring an immigration expert to help with the case.

“She’s an amazing, wholesome, good person. She has so much potential to give to this country. It would be a shame to have her be lost,” said Habib’s friend, Juliana Perez.

“She’s an American just like I am. And I don’t know what kind of America we’re living in if she would be deported. So please don’t deport Nadia,” said another friend, Malissa Ali.

“It just makes me really hopeful and happy that so many people are behind me and trying to help me stay,” Habib said.

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  1. Nadia Khanam says:

    yall need to shut upo and leave this poor family alone a couple months ago yall probably didnt even know about the habibs before this . and it didnt matter to yall. now all of a sudden they apper in the healines and yall want to be retarted superheros to the law. it didnt matter before and now “it rihgt ti follow the law” are they eatung you food ? no! are they living with your money? No! are they living on your land? No! so shtfu before i come over and do a double fist dance on your faces becuase they have the same right as yall do to live in the usa. that lady has 3 children shes going to leave behind becuase of some stupid papers. shes going to be seperated from her husbad and children ! does that not hurt yall. what if you were on if the kids and how woul dyou feel to say good bye to your mother and big sis and never to see them again. there so many more illegals in AMerica. and only these 2 innocnet people got you awake. yall shoul dbe ashamed for supporting the seperation of a family . yall shoulld also rememeber you guys were once immagrants tooo none of you are citizens im not either becuase this is not our land that we live on .it belonged to others and now we are here and yall are acting so selfish. im ashamed to call my self a U.S citizens even thou i am one. go to hell you bad poeple.

  2. JOHN EMERSON says:



  3. Ale says:

    Technically ALL Americans (except for native americans) are immigrants, and many many people a long time ago came over illegally, yet they are still here and their children and grandchildren are still here and considered “legal”. America was founded on European people coming over here and taking over! This girl has lived here her whole life; and she and her mother deserve to stay. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You should deport real criminals who don’t deserve to be here, and welcome hard working and honest people like them. Many Americans are lazy and take advantage of this system, stealing money from people who really need it. I’m from Europe yet I am considered legal since my mom is american, but i was born and raised in Europe and I do not see myself as american at all. yet now I am here and have to cope with it. I have to put up with all of you narrow minded people and it disgusts me. America is beautiful because it is filled with differences! It is people like you that are making it rot away!

  4. anita says:

    She is still an illegal and needs to be deported. If she wants to return – do it legally. As for her family – they can go back or stay but we have too many criminals (illegals) in this country and we should have to cont to pay for healthcare and education for these people regardless of what color their skin is. There are LEGAL US citizens that need assistant and can’t get it because we are being flooded by illegals getting services. IF you go thru the system in do it legally – More power to ya. this girl, as sad as it it needs to go!!!!!

  5. Abu Hossain Shazzad says:

    We are all humanbeings.We should respect each other.All of you before you say somthing bad about other people put yourself in there.I pray to GOD/ALLAH whoever up there just let them stay here, Amin. Shazzad

    1. Joshua says:

      It is funny how the only people who actually care about her staying are of Arab backgrounds. Fine let the girl stay as long as she starts the process to become a US Citizen. Now here Mom can be sent home and within 6 months to a years can apply to come to the US but this time the legal way.

  6. True Talk says:

    She should stay in America! This is WRONG, don’t send her! She was a baby when she came to the US, she didn’t know what was going on around her.

    1. anita says:

      her parents had plenty of time to take care of it and they failed to therefore she needs to go .

      1. Some Guy says:

        You need to learn some things from history. Why should she be punished for her parents wrong doing? Previous slave owners thought just like you, “these people arent humans, why should they have rights?” Think before you you let selfishness ruin your humanity.

    2. Thirteen With A Voice says:

      I totally agree. the nicest word i can think of to describe these people is BUTTHEAD. her friends would all miss her, her FAMILY would miss her, just let her apply for citizenship SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Linda says:

    You had the time to work the papers to stay. Now, bye-bye.

    1. Amy says:

      You have issues stop …

  8. fed up says:

    Go find Steven Solarz, he should be able to help you. He’s the one that told JFK to let them in, then he started the “Save Soviet Jewry” movement in Brighton Beach. Solarz, the fifth-columnist of the Asian Invasion!

  9. Jenn says:

    This story illustrates the problem of illegal immigration beautifully. From a humanitarian perspective, it is wrong at this point to deport the girl – or the mother, for that matter who would be leaving her children without their parent. But what choice does our country have in these matters? Review each case and decide who is worthy and who is not? Who might be more productive? Who has the bigger heartbreak story? Would we be having a debate if she was in a trade school to be a “lower class occupation?” Or if she had taken an interest in learning her language better, thereby making it less difficult to assimilate in her [original] country?
    The problem lies with the ENTRY system. If our country cannot handle the waves of immigrants, than we need to find a way to stop them from entering in the first place. Look at the hate that is generated towards these people in these comments alone. People are resentful that people who are not even citizens are getting financial benefits and possibly jobs when the people who are citizens are out of work, struggling, and very worried about their futures and the futures of their children. Shame on our country for putting our own people in that situation, for breeding hatred towards non-citizens by giving away what wasn’t theirs to begin with, and for now trying to fix the problem by ruining people’s lives.
    The system is broken. Conservatives are so angry that they forget how to be good people, even to those who aren’t citizens. Liberals are so open-hearted that they forget logic and good economics. What a mess. God help us all.

    1. The Law Is The Law says:

      “People are resentful that people who are not even citizens are getting financial benefits and possibly jobs when the people who are citizens are out of work….”

      The problem is that illegals are getting ABSOLUTE PRIORITY over citizens and legal immigrants. Let’s fix that first.

    2. Joshua says:

      I have a way to stop them, make it illegal for them to hold down a JOB in the US. Fine any and all companies BIG or small that knowingly hires illegal, and they have to prove by showing paperwork that should have been submitted to the Government to show that they can legally work here (and make it VERY hard to be able to prove it, so those only that TRULY did not know would be speared). Stop any and all benefits both health care and others to illegal’s. If we make it hard for a illegal to make it in America then they would have know choice but to come back illegally. There is a reason why we have a system in America that allows people to come and work and live in America from aboard. We also have to have a population control as well, because if we did not have one, well then having a estimated 11 million illegals in the USA would happen. So make it hard for them and send them all back home not by force or arrest but by their own hand because they would not be able to benefit from Government programs and they would not be able to find work. We have to start somewhere and if the damn Federal Government wont do anything about it, because that would mean sending the presidents relatives back home, then we have to. Federal Government start doing your DAMN job and send the Non legals and Non US people back home, all of them

  10. vincent ebarb says:

    nadia habib if you need to get marry to stay in the united states i would love to marry you so you want have to leave and your a very pretty yong lady let me know if you want this

    1. iflypeeps says:

      sleez. im sure if shes a star-student the last thing shed want to do is get hooked up with a dumb citizen like you. you sure you spelled your name right because you totally replaced won’t with want and you’ve misspelled young. too bad you’re not yong enough to redo the 1st grade..i’m sure you would get it right after some practice or maybe not considering your talking about marriage which means you should be of age yet you’ve apparently gone by your whole life without knowing how to spell or use words correctly. bad first impression at this time of proposal

      1. Charlie says:

        Check your own spelling before you criticize “sleez”. Then, what about caps on pronouns? In addition to your misuse of the proper use of contractions, your punctuation begs for help, too. Put your rocks back onto your thick head before you begin throwing them at the house.

  11. bill burns says:

    Are the coloreds all being deported too?

  12. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. And studies find those with such a disorder were verbally abused as children.

    1. IndependantChick says:

      Ignorance is a disease, which you seem to have. Being very conservative or very liberal means you don’t think for yourself and stick to a pary line. People like you are why our country is in the hole we are in.

  13. Jane says:

    I am amazed and saddened to read so many prejudiced comments. We are all children and grandchildren and descendants of immigrants. Nadia was brought here as a toddler; she did not “sneak in.” She has studied and done well. She is attending a top state university and is on her way to being a productive member of society. Contrast the potential she has to contribute to our country than, for example, an American-born felon . . .

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  14. bob says:

    If they were mexican no one would be trying to deport them. racists.

  15. Chris says:

    What I would try to do is apply for a Student Visa. This way she can still stay in the US and continue her education while she battles the appeal.

  16. Himalaya says:

    I think, it is not her mistake, her Parent could be deportation but not innocent kid even though she was not born here.

  17. Vlad says:

    America must be free of illegals. Deport them all with they supporters.
    Illigals must pay all deportation expenses and huge fines or hard labor to cover deportation expenses.
    Then we rid off all of them .

    1. moka says:

      can you at least brush up on your English before you pass a comment. makes me think twice about you being American and if you are damn did you just tarnish their image.


    If they are illegal they must go.

    1. bruaph says:

      and if you really are double chinned, your obese, and you must go as the gym. hit it up n chill i’m not even asking you to hit up another state, far from another country. but here try to piece this together- fish live in water. never been on land but pulled up from the water and throw onto land. will that fish survive? if you’ve gotten an answer which i hope doesn’t require much brain activity, take the analogy and apply it to the girl who lives on planet A, is asked to shift to planet B, (again a place shes never been to or seen). will she be able to adjust. no this isnt a trick question but since we are advancing from a fish to a person, take into consideration the complexities of being of higher order-emotions and behavior and all that good stuff..oh and please come up with an answer before you go off searching for your next meal if you choose not to go to the gym

      1. Very conservative says:

        Liberalism is a mental disorder..

      2. Truth says:

        everyone has the ability to adapt. Both in planets A and B, she will still be above or under water. Does that mean a person who has never been to jail should not go since they never been there? There are millions of people who pick up and move to a different part of the world and adapt. This is exactly what her parents did when they were younger. You learn. Why not go back to your homeland and learn new things until your situation is cleared here,

  19. jardyjarjar says:

    I can’t stand or illegal. All they do is cause trouble.
    If you don’t believe me, ask the Native American Indians.

    1. Very conservative says:

      I detect some sarcasm with a dash of liberalism. Actually more like a few 5 gallon buckets full.

    2. Al says:

      that is the most contradicting and idiotic thing ive ever heard,
      your forefathers were immigrants too.
      dont believe me? ask your dead grandmother.
      next time try to think before you speak.
      everyone has immigrant roots in this country

      1. Chris says:

        Wow, really? That comment cannot get any more sarcastic. Just read this line, “ask the Native American Indians”

        “your forefathers were immigrants too”
        He/she knows that, thats why he/she said “ask the Native American Indians”

  20. Jonathan Chau says:

    i would definitely support their cause. the daughter is working hard to better herself buy going to a specialized high school, going to college. they are actually trying for the american dream. they may be getting some public assistance but they seem to be trying to better their situation.these are the type we should be allowing to stay.

    1. milli says:

      specialized hs? damn good for her. you see when you tell this kind of stuff to the so called american folks who claim their kids are getting denied rights or getting pushed to the bottom of whatever effin imaginary education ladder that exists for them, all they have to spit back is well look at those people coming in here and taking whats ours. like honestly.. do you people even have the brains to make it that far in the first place. shouldn’t have to hate if it cant be yours to begin with.

    2. goblin says:

      Better herself? I don’t know of any other country where you can just waltz in, get free education, free housing, free medical, and other free benefits all while claiming it’s your right to stay here.

      What garbage. No wonder these people all come to the good ole sanctuary city of NY. These politicians who allow this to happen should be removed from office.

    3. Superman 31 says:

      Spoken like a true illegal yourself. So why should my taxes support people taht have no legal ststus in this country. That is not fair at all.

  21. Deniece Smith says:

    I am sick and tired of all these people with their “sad stories” thruth be told they are not suppose to here with no legal status. I mean this makes me angry , cause it makes me wonder how much of my taxes support this family,

    1. JQ says:

      first off it its not the girls fault she was here illegally. she was raised in this country therefore she is an American. Did you forget that this country was built by immigrants themselves. Also she is not a bad person, she is a college student trying to make a good life here. Just because this is a family of immigrants does not mean that YOU are supporting them with our taxes. Some people do deserve to be deported but not all immigrants do. You know nothing because you dont live immigrants lives. Im a born breed American and I am so sick and tired of the American arrogant attitude!

    2. deedeedee says:

      pffttt..your money? you wish. did you even file your previous taxes? make it like your standing there giving them dollar by dollar to live off of. what should make you angry if you are paying your taxes is how its getting wasted in the other priority affairs that the govt is trying to sort out. thats what id call a waste cuz if you have eyes and a brain to comprehend the situations are not getting anywhere. dont give yourself too much importance sweety. those folk really arent your burden and if you insist that they are, keep up this rant all the while pulling slick moves with other american folk in not paying up taxes.

  22. Tricia says:

    Where is the father? We are not being told the whole story. Only enough so that you feel sorry for them and that the INS is being unfair.

  23. Truth says:

    Give me a break about respecting the law. Everyone breaks the law. Speed limit 55, if you’re going 56 then you’re breaking the law. Texting and cell phone use… Breaking the law… Lying on your taxes… Breaking the law… J-walking, littering, having a broken tail light, breaking the law… It shouldn’t matter if it’s minor or major… Breaking the law s breaking the law and everyone does it. Whether these two should stay in the US is not ou call but at least they are already dressed to go back.

    As a business owner, I would keep the illegals over legals any day. The illegals work hard and show up everyday. I once gave a job to a homeless guy. Worked two days and quit. He would rather panhandle at the local Dunkin Donuts than work construction. Why? Because it’s much easier. Gave another legal person a job. Worked two days and disappeared for 2 weeks. Came back so that I could sign something so that he collect unemployment and said that he tried to work. He would rather stay on welfare and abuse the system.

    Get rid of welfare and every other assistance program. U need money, then work then all the jobs would be taken and there would be no jobs for the iiegals.

    Actually as a business owner, I would rather keep the illegals than the legals. The majority of legals are lazy and don’t want to work. I gave this black homeless guy a job in construction, quit after two days and was back to panhandling at the local Dunkin Donuts? Why? Cuz it’s easier than actually working. He collects welfare since he has an address and refuses to work. He said why? The government gives me free money, why bother working. The illegals i know, work hard everyday, show up 7 days, and pay taxes.

  24. tom says:

    There are more Illegals here than U.S citizens. Get out we dont want you hear. go back to your country when you belong.

    1. nypj says:

      Don’t know the difference between HEAR and HERE?

      Difficult to agree with you, when you sound like an illegal yourself.

      Also it is WHERE you belong, not WHEN you belong.

    2. JQ says:

      Well Tom, you might want to learn how to spell first. Second, this is a country build by immigrants. And yes we do want them HERE because they help build this economy and do the jobs US citizens wont do.

      1. Very conservative says:

        If someone needs a job and income bad enough, THEY WILL DO SUCH JOBS. You piece of dog.s h i t.

        1. IndependantChick says:

          Obviously people don’t want the jobs or they would’ve taken them by now or has your conservatism blinded you so much that you can only see red?

      2. anita says:

        Yea their (the illegals) job is live off our system and not pay taxes. REAL HARD WORK THERE!

  25. go home says:

    two less…

    1. gg says:

      nope’re doing the math wrong, when you pass it’ll be one less

  26. tc says:

    You are not legal here__ you need to respect laws__ go home to your country.

  27. Tone says:

    If you are illegal,you are illegal.No exceptions,they must go.It’s clear as day.Uphold the laws of the country.

    1. villa says:

      clear as day? really i’m looking up and i see strange clouds..uh yes its a figurative meaning behind what i’m trying to say-the systems not cut out to be straight up yes or no. if you want it like that study up become a judge and deny deny deny but since it doesn’t look like you’ll make it there anytime soon if ever, stand back and let others take care of it.

  28. eab says:

    My grandmother found out she wasn’t a US citizen only after my grandfather died. She thought that since she was married to an American citizen, she became one. In high school I had a friend who found out she wasn’t a citizen. I don’t think kids even think about that, especially if they’ve been here for as long as they can remember. If your parents bring you over as a baby, life here is all you know.

  29. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

    I know the feeling of a child who has depended on a parent to “do the thinking” for a family, and as a result destroys the family reducing them to stateless beggary.
    It ought not to be a minor’s responsibility to make the arrangements that parents should have are legally responsible for making. It is possible she was told, “Allah will provide” or “It is all taken care of”. The mother may have been unable to speak English and, as a result, put off fixing her status vis a vis immigration or becoming a citizen, until it was too late always assuming that “In the Land Of The Free” she would be treated fairly.”
    Americans know better, now. Unfortunately, now so does the mother. and eldest girl. It may be possible for the oldest daughter to obtain a hardship decision or some other dodge to keep her in the country until she finishes college, but she is no longer going to be considered a legal citizen of NY and thus will have to pay enormous fees, as a foreigner, to attend a NY state school.
    Kids must learn that the last people they should trust for legal help is their parents. I do feel sorry for the schoolgirl. I hope the mother is kicked out and never allowed back. Knowing Muslims there are numerous relatives here to care for them until they need to marry.

  30. Marina Ios says:

    i dont understand one thing: how is it possible someone does not know their immigration status until they get in college, and what about the mother….you cant work unless you prove you are legally in this country, if she was supported by husband or someone, still, in all these years you do not wonder what in god’s name is your legal status in this country??? weird, but, if so, scuze-me, they need to go back, laws should be respected

    1. JQ says:

      The children dont know about their immigrants status especially in a racially diverse community such as Queens NY. How many laws out there have you broken? Their a family trying to better their lives here.

      1. Very conservative says:

        JQ got issues. Probably an illegal him/herself. Or has such working for him/her at pennies per hour with jobs that U.S. citizens “don’t want to do”.

        1. very anti conservative says:

          very conservative just feel sorry for people like you…your family failed to give you any principles….

        2. very anti conservative says:

          @ very conservative
          i just feel sorry for people like you…your family failed to give you any principles….

  31. goblin says:

    Send them back along with the anchor babies. If you can’t follow the law, you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

    1. JQ says:

      Anchor babies? And I thought racism was over decades ago. People like you make me feel embarrassed as an American.

      1. Very conservative says:

        Facking liberal p.o.s.

      2. anita says:

        well head over to MExico JQ I am sure they will take you. Anchor babies are a big problems and are a big reason why so many people get knocked up and come to the US to have their babies, so they can’t be deported b/c their kid is ” A US CITIZEN” (AND B4 YOU GO OFF CALLING ME RACIST I AM A MEXICAN AMERICAN).

  32. The Facts says:

    How could this be a “snafu” on the part of immigration? The mother and daughter had years to adjust thier status and failed to do so. No tears for them.

    1. NYC says:

      Moron, they found out when the child was a senior in high school and they have been unsuccessfully been fighting. Learn to read before you state ‘The Facts.’ Tears for you for being stupid.

      1. nypj says:

        no.. they did not learn when the “child” as you call her was a senior in high school – that is when it was revealed to the “child” her immigration status.

        why did the family not make attempts to legally remain in the country, and why did the family not tell this young woman at a much sooner time of her immigration status.

        while i feel sorry for the young woman living her life thinking that she is a legal citizen having to be deported, but it was her parents responsibility, and if they are not here legally then they have got to go

      2. The Facts says:

        Name calling will not win you any points here.

        1. iflypeeps says:

          uh i think it would considering theres not much weight in what you said to judge you by

          1. The Facts says:

            Please explain this comment using proper English.

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