NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police arrested protesters near Union Square Park in the “Occupy Wall Street” march on Saturday.

“There were approximately 80 arrests, mainly for disorderly conduct by individuals who blocked vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and also for resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration, and, in one instance, for assault on a police officer,” Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports

Protesters have been occupying Wall Street to voice their frustration with both the economy and Wall Street.

For a week, protesters have been living on pizza and sleeping on wet sleeping bags in Zuccotti Park, where the march began. It proceeded uptown along Broadway toward Washington Square Park before moving farther to Union Square Park.

“It’s been pretty rough,” protester Ignati Walsh told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “The police, they’re trying to do whatever they can to get us out of here.

“It’s been great. We’re still here, and I think we’re still here because of our resolve to stay nonviolent.  We’ve had people from all over the world send in donations,” protester Justin said.

“We’re not here to make life more difficult. We’re here to help empower you to take on the real enemy, which is the greedy corporate hedgefunders and bankers on Wall Street that are making life more difficult for everybody here,” Justin added.

Police moved in with large rolls of orange mesh, corralling some of the participants and binding hands with plastic zip ties.

“We’re fighting for what we believe in, and we’re not going to give up until our demands are met,” Walsh said.

Samantha Gonzalez says she spent hours searching police precinct stationhouses or her older sister Christina, who was taken into custody.

“There were about eight cops on her that threw her to the ground,” she told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin. “To arrest someone because they are doing something wrong is one thing but when people are peacefully protesting.”

The NYPD, on the record, called every arrest justified.

“”There were approximately 80 arrests, mainly for disorderly conduct by individuals who blocked vehicular and pedestrian traffic, but also for resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and, in one instance, for assault on a police officer,” the NYPD said in a statement.

Some spectators told CBS 2 they were glad to see police out in force.

“Yeah they have their batons out, they have all these nets out and everything, but they’re here to protect us,” said tourist Kimberly England from Salt Lake City.

One demonstrator, Eric, showed CBS 2 marks on his wrists and face, the results of what he calls police brutality.

“By my belt and the back of my shirt, picked me up and threw me over a bench,” he said.

After viewing CBS 2 and Youtube videos of the arrests, former NYPD officer and security expert Bill Stanton said it appears to him police behaved legally and responsibly.

“With law enforcement you have mace as a deterrent against danger. When you feel your safety or someone else’s safety is in danger that’s a deterrent and that may be what happened,” he said.

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  1. Chrissy Morrissey says:

    If you don’t like the police brutality you see in these videos and images contact the police commissioner and tell him his department is a national disgrace.

    Ask him what happened to the heroes of 9/11? All the violence that has been recorded and released during this protest has been the police dept. abusing American Citizens who have a right to peaceably assemble and voice their grievances. Their grievances are our grievances. Wall Street greed has caused Americans to lose their homes, their pensions, their jobs and their dignity. And these snobs who sit on their balconies sipping champagne sneering at the “little” people they have destroyed make me furious. If you are not angry at what you see, you are one of them.

  2. DC79 says:

    A note to those of you who equate having the spare time and/or energy to protest with being “spoiled:…. slavery is over, break the shackles already!!!

    most of are NOT so blessed as to be able to support ourselves AND have time and energy for activism and protests… that is a shortcoming of our culture, not of the minority who ARE able to spend their time and resources toward an end greater than paying rent and filling the fridge.

    The nerve of those uppity college students, speaking up for what they believe because they don’t have kids to feed, car payments, and a mortgage in their way. Bunch of Un-American ingrates!


  3. VIOLENCE NOW says:

    I hope this country erupts in riots and civil war begins……….its 99% vs. 1%……..the U.S. defeated the British and we can defeat the United Corporations Of America….violence and bloodshed are the answer folks…..we have no choice…..DOWN WITH THE UCA!!

    1. VIOLENCE NOW says:

      To clarify: I do not condone or want to promote any violence against NYPD for these demonstrations. I feel there needs to be a civil war however and war seems to be the only choice in this country at this point.V

  4. Tim Dabringhaus says:

    In case you haven’t noticed so far: the system was keeping us distracted from its true, abusive nature by supporting any kind of conflict. We got seperated by religion, race, class, ideology, sex, age whatever. We were fighting about these thinks and never watched who was putting the money on the table so the fight kept going.

    FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY we are seperated only by one thing: the ones that SEE the consequences of our life-form, and the ones that DON’T (WANT TO) SEE, because they are just blind or because they are afraid of losing privileges.

    Whatever, in a world ruled by love, and not fear, any sort of privilege will be just used to give and multiply love.

    So to all the ones that are afraid of losing their privileges: you will win beyond measure the moment you let go of your fear. The more you will give, the more you will receive!

  5. Tim Dabringhaus says:



  6. Robin Hood says:

    Just A Reminder: The Unintended Consequences of Wall Street’s Greed

    I say “unintended consequences” because – let’s face it – Wall Street institutions tipped over their money pot and bankrupted the public casino they had created to leverage bets with house money. Today, Wall Street’s stranglehold on the economy threatens our very prosperity – and the future of a truly democratic republic.

    The Banking Sector Hits the Real Estate Market

    After Wall Street pumped and dumped tech stocks on an unsuspecting American public – resulting in the “tech wreck” of 2000 – and after the terrorist events of 9/11, the Federal Reserve sliced interest rates to record lows. It then kept them there for much too long.That’s when the subprime-mortgage and easy-credit games took off.

    Looking at the low default rates on CRA-predicated mortgage loans, bankers figured loan standards were too high. They realized there was room to lower them and still get paid in full. Standards were lowered across the board, and while bankers were encouraged to make more of these loans than they wanted to, they actually made a good profit on them. As long as housing markets were appreciating, CRA homeowners in distress could actually sell their properties and pay off their loans. Bankers sure weren’t complaining then.

    Behind the scenes, the public casino was primed for action and the dice were starting to roll. Because Wall Street and its lobbying armies had gutted existing regulations and stifled all efforts to safeguard the public from new exotic derivatives products, there was nothing to stop the juggernaut.

  7. CitizenOfTheWorld says:

    I don’t agree with Wall Street greed but I certainly don’t believe sending police officers home with a big overtime paycheck is the solution to the problem. I don’t remember seen this problem in the antiwar protests but it did happen in the Republican Convention. The police is always a major cause of unrest as the pick on people for no logical reason.

  8. MilesfromNowhere says:

    OK I watched the video on youtube. Its a bit clearer and less edited. It clearly shows a white shirt spraying these young gals with OC.
    Disgusting! I am all for law and order but holy cow guys are you that afraid to justify your collars? Have Bllomturd and Popeye scared you that much? You leave it up to a 60 year old white shirt to do your dirty work and OC these kids! BTW, I saw he gave no warning before depolying the OC and got a few blue shirts also, good work boss! I’d like to see you in forced retirement!

  9. Just answer me this: how is it possible that in DC during Aug-Sept, a two-week rolling sit-in in front of the White House netted 1,250+ arrests without a single incident of police brutality??? The problem here is clearly with the NYPD’s disorderly and disorganized and seriously inconsistent use of force. It is as though each officer has his own little idea of what to do. In DC, the arrest process was about as orderly as humanly possible. I think one time an old lady might have had a hard time getting up, but the officer gently assisted with that and proceeded to gently place the zipties on. If only the NYPD could figure out that THE NYPD is the cause of the escalation thus far

    1. oh, and macing young ladies AFTER they are penned up? c’mon! Who wrote the headline for this article? You have an odd concept of “justified”!!!

      1. (maybe u were just refering to the NYPD beliefs about themselves?) Just please do a follow-up that points out this is NOT justified and NOT characteristic of a police force that actually has its act together. GeesOPete!

  10. MilesFromNowhere says:

    I have no comment on what is happening as far as the reasons behind these protests but do have a comment on a section of video.
    I am a veteran LEO of 19 years experience. I have been trained in OC, firearms and all the usual training that is required by the NYS police for certification. I am by no stretch of the imagination a lib. As a matter of fact, I am as far right as one can be without wearing a hood and white robes. That being said…
    There is a scene where 4 or 5 young girls, probably combined weight less than one of the older hairbags sitting on the sidelines hiding from the action.One MOS leans over and OC’s a bunch of these girls while they were corralled in. It seemed they were just being loudmouths and from the video (and it may just be the way it was edited) they posed no threat.
    Come on guys you were trained in the use of force, it wasnt justified from what the video shows!
    The commentator/”security expert” used th term deterrent in the use of OC/”mace”. Something tells me he walked around with a slapper and periodically tuned up “urban youth” in the basement of the projects. These actions today in this political climate gets you indicted and jailed. ITS EXCESSIVE! If your caught on video, and some poor schmuck did get caught you’ll be canned at minimum, indicted on civil rights charges at worst.
    It isnt worth it, play by the books, get your hands dirty and dont be a lazy sh!t and pepper spray loudmouth punks on video.

    To the MOS on duty, stay safe and keep your faces off of youtube.
    The upside is maybe Popeye will get canned for his lack of response.

  11. Robert blake says:

    It is just a matter of time you will see civil unrest all over the country.

  12. michaelfury says:

    When will the NYPD arrest the perps who murdered 23 of their brothers on 9/11?

  13. Cary says:

    Lots of water carriers for the corporations commenting here. When they disrupted town hall meetings, they called themselves patriots. When citizens asked questions at town hall meetings, they were arrested(See Paul Ryan). Educate your self to what is really going happening on wall street and stop being sheep

  14. Tomahawk says:

    These so called demonstrators have been hired by Democrats (,etc) to further push the class warfare agenda for the 2012 election. Demonize,blame,scapegoat..anything to divert from the truth that the ongoing financial crisis is due to the socialist polices of the Democrats and the instability created by the printing of fake money.

    1. MilesFromNowhere says:

      Come on and stop with the socialist stuff. Its Wall Street and the bankers running amok that has casued this. They create a bubble, make money, burst the bubble and make more money on the short sales.

      If they lose then they go running to the Fed and cry we are too big to fail. YOU, I and WE THE TAX PAYERS ( i paid 65,000 last year alone so I am not one of these kids) pay for the bailouts coming and going.

      I understand the frustration of those not benefiting from Wall Street. Hell, I am not gaining a dime on any investments, as a matter of fact I’m 60 grand in losses but I dont blame any political party, I blame the power brokers, the financial sector for the economic lag.

    2. Biff Rick says:

      Please explain how this is class warfare. Due to our economy, everyone is paying more. Why should the rich be different?

      1. joey from B'hurst says:

        I pay $1.79 for a can of beans; I guess the rich must be paying $8.99, if your statement is correct.

      2. frustratedk says:

        Let’s take an economics course…the “rich” that don’t pay taxes are the liberal movie stars that live in other countries part time and billionaires that are not affected by any of this. Anyone else over 150,000 pays close to 50% in taxes. That is after working long 7 day weeks from early morning to late night (small business owners, back office support “wall street”, teachers, etc…. The protesters don’t know this because they never worked more than a double shift at the coffee shop. by the way, they should be in washington fighting politicians, not hurting NY economy even worse by scaring tourists, hurting small business in lower manhattan, and just generally looking for attention because they are not getting a big enough hand out. Guess what? If we loose more revenue in the city, more jobs will be lost and less services will be there for those REALLY in need (not able bodied individuals taking a vacation on the sidewalk).

    3. Chrissy Morrissey says:

      You have a very poor grasp on reality.

  15. Padmypension. says:

    Lock them all up. More ot for me. Collars for dollars, trash for cash.

    1. N Y P DrP I G S says:

      Did you say oink oink?

  16. Go Home says:

    These losers need to go home and get a life or a job. Nobody cares about your stupid protest which in turn is wasting the hard working taxpayers’ money in NYC.

    1. Nyc says:

      Well done trying to silent the people and at the same time lobbying for your greedy and evil causes. you are the personification of wall street arrogance, the exact reason why people are protesting.

    2. DC79 says:

      I beg your pardon!!!!

      the protesters are not being paid on City checks, the NYPD is. If NYPD brass or City Hall gave a flying fig about wasting our tax money, they might consider not bothering with the netting and zippy ties and pepper spray. They might consider dropping this farcical charade regarding pepper spraying unarmed 95 lb women because they presented a “threat” to a much larger and better trained ARMED cop.

      It is the NYPD who has asserted that such an expensive and excessive response to peaceful protest is “justified”… let them answer for the costrs and consequences.

    3. joey from B'hurst says:

      If nobody cared about this protest, why is the a$$-munching mayor wasting so much resources? Why are you even commenting if your statement is correct.

  17. mary says:

    I am an older (52yo) working person and I applaud these kids for getting out and doing something. I was down at Zucatti i Park and these were not a bunch of WB “Hipsters” or elitist college students. These were articulate, thoughtful young men and women who are trying to wake Americans out of their complacency with their Governments’ constant pandering to the financial sector. Why trash these kids when they are trying to challenge a system that is burning the middle class and low income/no income majority of this country?

    They aren’t looking for handouts. They are demanding our elected governmet for solutions to joblessness.

    1. Nyc says:

      Well Said Mary.

  18. N Y P DrP I G S says:

    And puppets for the politicians who are puppets themselves of Wall St inside traders.

  19. Cortez says:

    Bravo Young Americans, Fight The Power!!!

  20. A working man says:

    Obviously, it is easier to demand handouts than to work. There is plenty of work in this country, but the spoiled brats, who call themselves “overqualified”, are too conceded to take the ones that offer modest pay (those go to the hard-working Mexicans) and too stupid to take the ones that require brains (those go to the scientist and engineers from Europe and Asia). That is the main problem: a generation of kids who were taught that they deserve everything without giving anything. Of course, it helps that they are now sponsored by pro-Chavez AFGJ, and that the same people who were organizing riots in Europe are now in this crowd (how do these people pay for their travel?). Just wait for the cheerleaders from Russia Today to arrive.Of course, people who really care about the problems of this country would’ve been working on developing viable economic and political solutions and moving them through political process. But that would’ve been work…

  21. Pen the liberal Bitches says:

    Jets @ Oakland tomorrow.. Jets are going 3 & 0 J-E-T-S.. JETS JETS JETS!

  22. Luanne says:

    I’m a participant. I’m not an NYU student and actually most of the people there aren’t so what you’re saying is based on stereotypes that exist only in your head. Most of them are young but I haven’t talked to many of them who are students. Apparently no one read the article that reported on the Census report which showed that more people in their 20’s and 30’s are now living in poverty than since World War Two. We are all there because why should we have our tuition raised and our services cut to pay for these banks to be bailed out?

    1. A working man says:

      What did you do to deserve those services? Why hard-working people are forced to subsidize you, if you don’t contribute to the society? If you succeed in forcing the banks out of business, thousands of companies will close, and the people who are now feeding you and paying for “your services” will be jobless and unable to help you anymore. Have you though about it? People, who were working and pinching pennies all their life and have their savings in various pension funds will become penniless. How are you going to feed them? How are you going to feed yourself, if you are unwilling to develop any skills and take up any jobs that are actually needed for the society now (rather than those that you personally enjoy)?Have you thought why the sworn enemies of this country, such the dictators of Venezuela and Russia, are cheering for your protests?

      1. mary says:

        Have you been folllowing any information at all? The people “who have been pinching pennies all their lives” are losing their pension funds due to the financial sectors’ gambling. Bank presidents, Wall Street CEOs, continue to fund themselves with bonuses and financial options despite their institutions losing money. Wake up!

      2. Nyc says:

        So are the people of China, Russia and Venezuela. That is what make America great. The socially disadvantage groups can have a voice in America. We need to tell our government not to forget what America is.
        Dont you forget that governments are always irresponsible. If they were responsible and remembered that they worked for the people, not just the powerful lobbyists and unions, we would be in the mess we are in today.

    2. Jason says:

      Luanne, like most naive young liberals you swallow this BS line about “poverty” hook, line and sinker. More people in poverty now than since WWII? How hard is it to figure out that “poverty” is a relative term which the left is continually redefining to suit it’s anticapitalist agenda? The so-called “poor” in America now are in actual fact richer than most well-off people back in the 40’s, when you figure in the access to technology and medical science and all of the improvements in general living conditions achieved since then. In fact the so-called “poor” of America very often have microwaves and video games in their homes. To have anything comparable like that even 40 years ago you’d have to be a millionaire. There are very few “poor” in America – REAL poor people are starving and wear rags – now the only people like that in America are the hardcore homeless, and even they have more access to food, clothing and shelter than the REAL poor in 3rd world countries. In fact those poor people in 3rd world countries see people like you complaining about American “poverty” and shake their heads in disbelief that some of the most privileged people in the world (and human history) could possibly describe themselves in this way. Kids like you seriously need to get off of your backsides and travel the world, live in a few other countries for a while. You’ll soon realize that even with the current economic crisis, virtually nobody in America is “poor.”

      1. Biff Rick says:

        Jason, like most ignorant people, you are completely wrong. Poverty exists in the US. What does it matter if you have a microwave, if you live pay check to pay check constantly fearing losing your job? Or having lost your job, you cannot afford food.

        Don;t use the access to cheap technology to defend your class warfare. Especially when the accessibility of cheap technology is thanks to the very liberals that you now ignorantly mock.

    3. Jim says:

      Your complaint should be taken to Obama and the White House. He is directly responsible for wiping out the jobs of millions of decent folk across the USA.

      If you voted for that fraud, then you got what you voted for. Make wiser decisions the next time.

      1. Biff Rick says:

        Jim, do you not remember the stock-market upheaval of Fall of 2007? Obviously you have been listening to Faux News. This problem started under Bush II and has continued since.

        1. Nyc says:

          Obama is not any better than Bush unfortunately. It is either democrates or republicans, pick your poison America.

    4. frustratedk says:

      Why do the people who clean my house ($65/hour for 3 guys) have more work than they can handle and have to turn people away??? Why can’t I find someone to shovel my snow in the winter? Why can’t I find a young girl to babysit my kids? NO WORK ETHIC. SPOILED GENERATION. When I was building my business, I did ANY job that would help me pay my bills – I even cleaned apartments. After 2 years, I had a successful service business that had a waiting list. I worked from 5 am to 10 at night. NO HANDOUTS!!! Now, my husband and I are evil because we worked hard from nothing, pay close to 50% tax (only liberal movie stars that live abroad and billionaires not affected by any of the protests don’t pay their share of taxes). Why are we the enemy when we are trying to provide income to others??????

  23. wayne says:

    If this continue they will be getting offers of grenades, mach 10’s and dirty bombs.

    This is way out, demonstrators demonstrating against the opposition party and not the party running the government…. well….only in America.

  24. Theresa says:!!!! Support breast cancer – hope for a cure in every bag of Pink Potato Chips – check it out!!!!

  25. Gernan engineering irony says:

    buy an AUDI already

  26. Pedro P. Coniconde says:

    I believe that the arrests were unjustifiable and they are just there to protest for our rights and their rights as well since we are continually being short changed by Wall Street in terms of providing decent jobs for the Unemployed masses.


      Pedro, I have news for you, Wall Street is a street, it’s not a company that hires people.

      1. Pedro P. Coniconde says:

        Its just a loosely used term for Corporate America.

        1. Jason says:

          Well it’s a stupid term. Wall St and Corporate America are not interchangeable. Oh and by the way, if you want “Wall St” or “Corporate America” to provide jobs then why not campaign against your beloved Obama and his administration, who have done everything they can to inhibit the engines of wealth creation from creating new jobs. You complain that “the rich” won’t create jobs, while in the same breath you people are calling for higher taxes from the rich, money which would be put to better use creating jobs in the private sector than being shoveled into the sinkhole of a liberal government.

          1. Pedro P. Coniconde says:

            @Jason maybe you yourself are one of those luckier few who were privileged enough and have the sense of entitlement that never had gotten laid-off in your entire working life and lucky you. The way I perceived your reply borders on arrogance and probably you work for the financial institutions who were responsible for the financial meltdown. The typical arrogant response that I hope one of these days that you will be on the receiving end of our plight and finally I hope that you will get a taste of your bitter medicine and you will understand finally how it feels to be in our shoes. Its individuals like you which makes us want to fight harder for our causes and we surely don’t need you to tell us what to do since you are already defending your guilt.

            1. Jason says:

              Privileged? I have no educational qualifications to speak of. I came to this country 15 years ago with next to nothing. I worked some low paid jobs for a while and then started my business, which still continues to this day and currently employs 38 people. I don’t work for a financial institution, but I appreciate the role they have played in keeping capital flowing and making it available to both start ups and expanding businesses alike. I am not guilty in the slightest, I am part of the economy and create jobs. How many jobs have you created in your lifetime? I have worked my fingers to the bone, often 12 hour days 7 days a week in order to keep my business going, so I’m not about to sit back and let a snot nosed lefty like you call me “guilty.” Nobody is guaranteed the same job for life and nobody’s skills are guaranteed to be worth something to society forever. Industry changes, technology changes, the market changes. You have to be continually on your toes and be prepared to learn new skills to compete. Your “plight”? You don’t have a plight. Kids who live on garbage tips in Rio have a “plight.” Families who exist on a miserable subsistence in India have a “plight.” You don’t know the meaning of the word.

              1. Pedro P. Coniconde says:

                You are very condescending, I am not even going to dignify that with a response.You made some points with legitimate merits here but your condescending attitude by putting down my meaning of plight here is definitely unwarranted here.

              2. Pedro P. Coniconde says:

                If you are going to resort to ugly name calling then you have definitely wage a war with me you conceited A-HOLE!

          2. food for though says:

            Pay attention to the fact that major corporations are already not paying taxes (GE zero taxes 2010), they are allowed to freely take their industry to countries that have such low standards of living that we couldn’t possibly compete with them and Wall Street is no longer connected to the health and well being of the businesses represented. Your commentary is old school and may have been more true in the age when wealth paid very high proportions of their income in taxes, but it is not related to the realities of this era. Take a look at what they really pay out, what they really bring in and how laws have been structured, restructured and removed to enable them to serve themselves regardless of the impact on our society. Forget all the comments here… go do the research and decide for yourself.

            1. Jason says:

              What are you talking about? “Wealth” pay a very high rate of their income in taxes. They pay a higher percentage rate, plus the top 0.1% pay more in taxes than the bottom 80%. Also, corporations consist of people, all of whom pay taxes. When the corporation itself is landed with a tax bill, guess who pays it? The consumers, being that it is another business expense which is passed along to the paying customer. Of course the poor are disproportionately affected by corporate taxes and other taxes on businesses. The revenue of the government almost completely depends on the rich to keep creating wealth for it, and all you lefties do is demonize the rich. Enough is enough.

              1. Biff Rick says:

                Business 101 from Professor I-don’t-know-what-I-am-talking-about. Maybe you should go to school and learn. Oh wait, learning and speaking facts would turn you into a lib.

                All Hail the ignorance.

  27. Nyc says:

    Cops are thieves with licenses serving their wall street masters. They are there to serve the rich and powerful. Our government is full of rhitorics but no longer serves the people. we need to be heard!

    1. Jason says:

      Wow, that sure was a hackneyed grab-bag of cliched left wing bromides wasn’t it! Well done.

      1. Nyc says:

        I am just a traditional conservative sick and tired of squeezing by big government, big corporations and special interests. I support a smaller government and controlling the runaway government spending, at the same time I despite the wall street fat-cats. There you go, neither the Democrats or the Republicans can fix this country and lead us to salvation. They are the same evil in different flavor.
        Wake up America, think outside of the box. Dont you see that both Republican and Democrat have been screwing us for way too long?!

        1. Biff Rick says:

          No Nyc, Jason said you are a liberal, so you are a liberal. After all, he knows best.

          In all seriousness, I understand your dislike for Ds and Rs. I believe that the strong party system has caused a lot of problems. But we can get this back on track. What we need to do is listen and understand the issues. We must not vote for candidates that use buzzwords to get out of honest discussions.
          People like Jason use easy catch-phrases because they do not understand the issues, such as tax reform. They scream that they want regulation that is business friendly, but even though eliminating tax loopholes and lowing the corporate tax rate would lessen uncertainty for businesses, they cannot get behind it because they are told it is class warfare.

          People like Jason believe that roads should be privatized. This is because he believes in business. But he has never studied business. He cannot comprehend that some things need to be paid for by the gov’t .

          People like Jason go to work and work hard. And should be given the due respect for this. But they should understand that we do not look for them for answers, because they are not even articulate enough to explain their own world view without inconsistencies.

          1. Nyc says:

            I am all for fair competition. It is just not fair to have the rich and powerful trying to silence the socially disadvantage groups while the powerful fat-cats controll the government.
            Time to let the main street be heard. When I say main street, I dont mean the unions for crying out loud.

  28. another sheep says:

    my fellow Americans, please don’t protest just bend down for the government to stick it up u know where.. we have to do all what our government wants us to do. take away our rights one by one, harbor Muslims from all over the world, send our most needed dollars to israel but it is okay, it is our government and we are just sheep. pple wake up

  29. cdog says:

    80 arrests = News Coverage!!!!

  30. sk says:

    first of all, its not wall street! there are plennty “wall street” busineses that have lost alot of money since the economy collapsed! second, our fedral government has not done so much to help the economy either! just you have liberals who can’t blame hwere the problem really is! last, eventually these protesters will be the first people out of college looking for a big job on WALL STREET! they will forget about all the comotion they caused!

  31. John Gulbunnie says:

    A peaceful protest is too threatening to the monied elite taking NYC from the people. And THIS is our response? The city’s “finest” in action:


  32. James says:

    I work near Zuccotti Park and these kids have been there all week. Most of the time it is just street theater, but there are a small number of hotheads among them who are itching for a fight with the police. Each day, as they realize that no one is listening to them, they get more extreme in their acts. By the way, whoever said they are NYU students there on mom and dad’s dime is absolutely right. If you ask people in the area who are actually workers (doormen, store chshiers, construction workers,secretaries and so on) they think the demonstrators are a bunch of spoiled college kkids, and they’re right.

    1. maya says:

      So? Does that invalidate their cause, or something?

    2. Keryn Lundgren says:

      and what about those of us who are out here protesting who have already graduated college, have gainful employment, but still recognize there is a huge problem with social equality and the financial system? where’s the flaw in our ideology? And why does it have to break down to bashing “liberals”? why not sit down with one of us and have an honest, decent, HUMAN conversation about why we are out here, you might find out there is some commonality between us.

    3. Keryn Lundgren says:

      that bs. i’ve been at the protests all week and we’ve strived for a peaceful demonstration at all times. are the vast majority of protesters young? yes. passionate? absolutely. but i have met people this week that are younger, older, blacker, whiter, poorer, and richer, and all of recognize that the system we are living in is dysfunctional and needs to change. why don’t you come down and have a conversation with some of us or better join in our general assembly discussions. you might come away with a different perspective.

      1. cdog says:

        the founders didn’t leave us the right to bear arms for no reason. patty cake isn’t going to stop the Millitary industrial machine. if you have big demonstrations and mass arrrests you will have riots….this is 2011…Im down with peacful demonstrations, however …i question the premise. when it comes down, its going to be hell. right wing crazies, left wing crazies,gangsters, sheeple, millitary, police, bankers . you will pay a price…. a heavy price to be free from the system which enslaves us,…or secures your workforce and fills your bank account, whichever side you are on.

  33. cdog says:

    anyone ready to douse with gasoline and light? I bet there’s 100 who’ve already killed themselves quietly…

    1. Kathy B says:

      I guessing you stopped taking your meds ?

      1. cdog says:

        your damn right i don’t take no meds fool

  34. cdog says:

    id love to see this thing get big and violent
    just big would be ok…but fin a mates were all gunna take it up tha A here over the next couple of years…virtual peasants vs the machine, with only #sand small arms on our side

  35. cdog says:

    id love to see this thing get big and violent

    1. Jason says:

      Me too, it would give some of these dumb overprivileged young liberal azzwipes their first taste of prison.

      1. cdog says:

        I’d love to see you with a boot up your @zz ..
        (.probably one there already)

        1. Jason says:

          Keep your sick sexual fantasies to yourself.

      2. Biff Rick says:

        What a surprise. I would love to teach you hicks about law, business, and the international markets. It would be great if we could educate you. Then you would not be a drag on our economy,

      3. Tim Dabringhaus says:

        Jason, In which century do you live??

  36. jim says:

    freedom? human rights? America is not any different than China

    1. Jason says:

      I suggest you reconsider what is essentially a statement of complete and utter stupidity. Perhaps you’d like to go and live under communist oppression for a few years to find out just how lucky you are to live in such a privileged country as America.

  37. John McG says:

    I am a NYC high school teacher. I work all week and Sundays. Friday night through Saturday morning i spend my free time trying to end coporate control of my government. I have a degree in economics and another degree in political science. As you see I have both a job and knowledge of the subject. The transnational banks and hedge funds have no allegiance to any country and exist only to make profit. They use a small part of their profit to buy politicians who write laws for them making it easier for them to manipulate markets to make more obscene profits. It is an endless cycle that is sucking all resources from the world economy. Is anyone really ten thousand times smarter than you, or work ten thousand times harder? We are regular people who see that a future where corporations are persons with more rights than real people and no responsibility as unsustainable.

    1. tomahawk says:

      Public employee Unions use a small part of their profit to buy politicians who write laws for them making it easier for them to get obsene raises. It is an endless cycle that is sucking all resources from our government.

    2. A working man says:

      Being a teacher does not necessarily win you the 1st place in the popularity contest. You have a privilege of a guaranteed work and benefits that has to be paid by the private citizens even if you decide to molest their children. you are protected by the laws that were passed because your union has extraordinary powers by “buy politicians who write laws for them”. Because of this, if you are a bad teacher, there is no way to reward you, if you are bad – no way to punish you. Now, if you are so smart and educated as you claim to be, why don’t you and your cronies in you spare time (it looks like you have a lot) write a meaningful and realistic program of economic and political reform and share it with the rest of us? There is certainly enough popular longing for such a program, that you would have a chance though the normal political process. Especially if your unions backs you up. Or would you rather fight for human rights the way British rioters do: by robing stores and burning buses?

      1. Big Kahuna says:

        First you want to argue that only unemployed bratty kids are protesting, then when someone isn’t “one of them” you find a way to discredit their comment. Nice move Putin. Run for president again.

        1. Biff Rick says:

          Well put BK.

  38. jerseyjoey says:

    Wonder what tony bennet has to say about this.

  39. John Butchko says:

    @ Gerry Smith. The law they were breaking is the one that state you need a permit for any march on a city street,
    @Joe. I was there, and maybe you should show that beginning of the video where she verbally berates and attacks the cop.
    I left the march after they did major damage in Washington Square and hit some guy who made the mistake of wearing a suit… This wasn’t a real protest, it was just an excuse. The majority of the “protesters” are NYU students going there on mommy and daddy’s dime….

    1. Big Kahuna says:

      The law they were breaking is the one that state you need a permit for any march on a city street,
      They used that excuse to beat kids in the street in Thompkins Square in 92. Eventually the whole corrupt 9th precint got kicked out.
      @I was there, and maybe you should show that beginning of the video where she verbally berates and attacks the cop.
      Which is when she should be arrested. Macing a group of people behind a fence you have just built is called slaughter.
      I left the march after they did major damage in Washington Square and hit some guy who made the mistake of wearing a suit… This wasn’t a real protest, it was just an excuse. The majority of the “protesters” are NYU students going there on mommy and daddy’s dime…
      That’s what they said about Kent State – easy to dismiss everything until there are dead children with their blood on your distasteful and ignorant comments.

  40. buck w says:

    who the f— are you george lurye? probly another rich, arrogant banker. outcast? really, are a king of some country or royalty? obey what law? should we all sit back and let the filthy rich f— us?

    1. George Lurye says:

      I’m an Enduring Freedom veteran, a New Yorker, an immigrant and someone who works for a living.

  41. A.M. says:

    I would be ashamed to let my daughter or son, or mother, father protest there by themselves. Where is the support???? There are opportunities for cowards who believe in the cause….stand back and shine lights on the subjects, take pictures, talk with people about the history of democracy in our nation, bring band aids, hand sanitizer, bring water! I wish I could be there to help!

  42. tomahawk says:


    1. George Lurye says:

      Women or not, obey the law or get the penalty.

      1. Gerry Smith says:

        what law are they breaking?

        1. maya says:

          rebelling against our pimps.

        2. George Lurye says:

          1. Unlawful assembly (without permit.)
          2. Causing a public disturbance.
          3. Assault
          4. Assault on a Police Officer
          5. Resisting arrest.
          6. Public endangerment.

          I’m sure the list is actually much longer than what I’ve listed, but the point is made. The end does NOT justify the means.

          1. Big Kahuna says:

            George Lurye threw his voice while gurgling water and said

            1. Unlawful assembly [You must mean “walking down the street”]
            2. Causing a public disturbance. [aka Talking]
            3. Assault [Standing still]
            4. Assault on a Police Officer [Standing still next to a cop]
            5. Resisting arrest. [Standing still next to a cop and saying the word “no”]
            6. Public endangerment. [Yes, we are all in danger now, George]

            You of course forget Kent State. Doubt it’s coming back? Don’t hold your breath. Children murdered in the streets, again.

          2. Biff Rick says:


            You obviously know nothing about law. Gov’t has no right to limit peaceful assembly in a public venue. And using the excuse that it is causing a public disturbance does not qualify the gov’t to limit peaceful assembly.

            I saw no assault, nor did you. It was not there. If it happened earlier, then is the time to arrest, as Big Kahuna said. But you still refuse to respond to this point. An arrest must be justified in order for a citizen to resist it. And I saw nothing that shows public endangerment, except the shameful police officer that sprayed mace and hit his own officers.

  43. janeen says:

    Our children and grandchildren deserve better than this – we worked hard to promise and make their lives better and because of the fraud, forgery, greed, etc.. – they are suffering despite them playing by the educational and moral rules because of Wall Street. Shame on all of you. Wall Street should be arrested and imprisoned.
    Thank you protestors for being on the front lines. Godspeed!

  44. Jill Fletcher says:

    I think that these are people who are protesting a system they don’t understand. they want to bring things down just to do it. Killing the stock market would ruin us in world trade. They use their visa atms, they use their apple tech. Like the NY Times article had a broker that mentioned that they probably don’t even understand the giant Apple is at $400 a share.

    1. Glitchy says:

      Jill, you really have no idea what their agenda is…do you? It’s not to destroy wallstreet, or destroy anything. It’s a protest to stop having wallstreet control our government and a late protest regarding the bailouts going to bankers instead of going where it needed to be.

      If you are seriously that uneducated about this situation, get informed. Understand their position…then make an educated opinion based off solid facts. Don’t just start slandering these brave people for finally making a stand against corruption and corporatism.

      1. John Butchko says:

        I was like you, and thought that their position was a legitimate protest against corporate greed, so I was part of the march. Unless you were there, please don’t defend tham or say ANYTHING to someone who makes a comment like Jill’s. The marchers were a bunch of NYU kids (yes, with iPhones and iPads…) who were more likekly looking for a riot. End of story. Go down to Wasington Square park and ask the people there what happened today, and why an ambulance had to come. Learn something firsthand BEFORE you make any comment.

        1. maya says:

          It’s not “end of story” and who are you to speak for people and control what other people say?

        2. Big Kahuna says:

          NYU kids, with iphones _must_ inherently be looking for a riot. Okay sure. First of all, they have those items because they are icons of their generation, not objects of wealth. Demanding your government do something is always within your rights unless you live in a communist state. Are you a communist?

      2. Jason says:

        If these protests were really about ending the cronyism between government and Wall St then they would be protesting in Washington outside of the White House, with Obama as their target. But they’re not. It’s just another whiny left wing protest against the rich, mainly by rich kids who will themselves be working for hedge funds and corporations in a few years time.

        1. Tim Dabringhaus says:

          In a few years time hedge funds and corporations won’t exist anymore. Or: humanity won’t exist anymore. Jason did you ever hear about evolution? A new way of seeing the world is getting born all over the globe. If you can’t see it …I feel sorry for you.

          FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY we are seperated only by one thing: the ones that SEE the consequences of our life-form, and the ones that DON’T (WANT TO) SEE, because they are just blind or because they are afraid of losing privileges.

          Whatever, in a world ruled by love, and not fear, any sort of privilege will be just used to give and multiply love.

          So to all the ones that are afraid of losing their privileges: you will win beyond measure the moment you let go of your fear. The more you will give, the more you will receive!

  45. Heckyeah says:

    Awesome! Keep at it, the world needs you to straighten out your country!

    1. DemOmaN says:

      Been with the Live Link all Day.. Everyone Join us.. 7000 viewers

  46. russ says:

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. hyp3rcrave says:

    Occupy Wall Street wishes accountability for corporate malfeasance and money out of politics.

    1. George Lurye says:

      All they wish is to create trouble for society which they don’t feel they are a part of. Unfortunately, these individuals don’t want to be a part of any society. They enjoy being outcasts.

      1. JGCitygin says:

        Outcasts of WHAT????? Corruption at a monstrous level???
        Count me out any day.
        Count me in with morality, decency and fairness.
        What we have is an increasingly fascist state masquerading as “liberty”. This is not run by real Americans, but by strangers to our heritage. Even the food we eat is deliberately tainted by monsters like Monsanto, who “bioengineer” our corn and our soybeans. Monsters who refuse to keep their borders from expanding into and tainting the small farmers who don’t bioengineer, so the table of “The Great Jehovah” is corrupted through and through.
        Convenient to label these young folks “liberal” to avoid seeing the BIG problem for what is truly is: in all its hideousness.
        GOD bless America, and deliver New York.

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