NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Videos of some of the 80 arrests of demonstrators at Saturday’s “Occupy Wall Street” protests have made their way online.

Dozens of videos from the week-long protest have surfaced on YouTube. Many show the hundreds of protestors marching through the streets of lower Manhattan. Others show protestors being arrested, demonstrators yelling or chanting at police and officers trying to barricade streets.

One of the YouTube videos appears to show officers using pepper spray on women who were already cordoned off. Another shows officers handcuffing a man after pulling him up off the ground, blood trickling down his face.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

Protesters have been living on pizza and sleeping on wet sleeping bags in Zuccotti Park where the march began.

On Saturday, demonstrators said they were protesting against bank bailouts and the mortgage crisis. The march proceeded uptown along Broadway toward Washington Square Park before moving farther to Union Square Park.

That’s where demonstrators and officers clashed. Police moved in with large rolls of orange mesh, corralling some of the participants and binding hands with plastic zip ties.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch the video below:

Adam Dirks was one of those arrested and the video of his bloody head is making the rounds on online.

“I just remember I was walking and the people next to me were just walking in a line and they got body checked by an officer onto the ground really hard,” he told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

Dirks said the officer then grabbed his bag.

“I tried to just pull away and then I got thrown into the ground by maybe like three to five officers, it was hard to tell, one of the officers was in denim jeans,” said Dirks. “My face got grounded into the ground pretty hard.”

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch the video below:

Police say the arrests were mostly for blocking traffic. Charges include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. But one demonstrator was charged with assaulting a police officer. Police say the officer involved suffered a shoulder injury.

“Everyone who was around me, I saw nothing that remotely could have been considered threatening or remotely would have justly called for the actions that were taken on a lot people like pepper spray and batons,” Dirks said.

Protest spokesman Patrick Bruner criticized the police response as “exceedingly violent” and said the demonstrators sought to remain peaceful.

After viewing CBS 2 and YouTube videos of the arrests, former NYPD officer and security expert Bill Stanton said it appears to him police behaved legally and responsibly.

“With law enforcement you have mace as a deterrent against danger,” he said. “When you feel your safety or someone else’s safety is in danger that’s a deterrent and that may be what happened.”

A police spokesman had no comment about the videos or the arrests, but the NYPD has called every arrest justified.

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  1. Jose83 says:

    I love it! The guys who lost 20 percent of the world’s wealth gambling with other peoples’ money complain about the kids protesting, remember Blankfein tell the country God did it, and who could forget Jamie Dimon telling his teenage daughter, financial crisis come every six years. (2013 socialist pigs on Wall street will be looking for another feeding).
    Remember the wall street prince who asked the President “when are you going to stop treating us like a Pinaha, Jon Stewart got it right when he said “that’s where the candy is” we need a couple million people to get their stickball bats go to wall street and get some of our candy back.qq

  2. Wall Street Bond Trader says:

    A bunch of useless idiots and crackheads…..Don’t blame us for the economy’s woes.

    1. Sir Joe says:

      No, what’s far better is when the CEO of your company pays himself a total compensation [salary, bonuses, stock options, etc etc] of $30 million a year, and then pays for it by outsourcing 10,000 minimum wage jobs to India. To be honest, that is far more constructive to the economy than what these kids are doing.

      1. Faiz Ahmed says:

        lol ….thats right … wall street usurious bankers who stole from the people need to be arrested, tried and should be awarded the highest possible punishment.

  3. G says:

    Isn’t this counter-productive? They can’t find jobs, so let’s hold a protest, block traffic, cause property damage, assault police officers, get arrested, have an arrest record, and then hurt your chances of ever getting a job again. Great idea.

    1. DSK says:


    2. Michael H. says:

      Marches block traffic, yes. But where is the evidence of “cause property damage, assault police officers”? No videos have surfaced showing these allegations, yet the NYPD and the news media continually repeats it.

  4. G says:

    Protesting is useless. 99% of the time, no one is listening or the person(s) who needs to hear it are not even there. These people need to go home and get jobs instead of blocking traffic and causing trouble. Let’s not go by edited video footage that shows only what the anti-NYPD want to see. NYPD is not screwing around because they have one thing on their mind: London riots, which also started out as a peaceful protest of low-lifes just like this. The woman getting hit with mace couldnt have been more dramatic. She acted like she was hit with hydrochloric acid or the wicked witch of the west dosed with water.

    1. Michael H. says:

      I have an idea. Let’s spray you in the eyes with pepper spray and see how you react!

      For those playing along at home, go into your spice cabinet and grab the container of cayenne pepper. Open the container and dump it in your eyes.

      Now increase that pain about 10 fold and you’ve got what it feels like to be hit with capsaicin based pepper spray.

      The people protesting are people who either can’t find jobs, can’t find well paying jobs (underemployed), or can’t afford college (changes to financial aid rules that benefit the banks and not the students). As for the video, there are tons of cops with video cameras. If these people are a huge threat, where are the police videos showing protesters assaulting police officers or destroying property?

      1. CSI says:

        Oh please. There are people living off grain. People picking up cans for a living. Make something out of what you got. I am not saying people do not have the right to protest but I dont find a meaning to this one. I dont see what they will gain. They are not going to get a check and say go to school or pay your bills. The are not going to get job interviews. So what do they expect the end result will be. The only thing that is happening is using city money to maintain the protesters which will end up costing and then end up having to do more cuts because the city does not have money to pay the PD.

        1. Michael H. says:

          This isn’t about gaining anything. This is about drawing attention to the current political and economic climate, where the wealth of this nation is steadily flowing upwards, from the hands of the middle class into the hands of the ultra wealthy. The top 1% have been getting more and more wealthy at the expense of the rest of this nation. That is what this protest is about. They want to change the way Washington works so that they listen to the vast majority of this nation instead of just those with the most money.

          1. sk says:

            i feel terrible for people who don’t have jobs, but remember: we are in Amrerica with a capitalistic economy. there always were those one percent who are wealthy and are not effected by the economy! if these people want they can go live in a communist country and see how great life is there! besides, in a few years some of these protesters will become the big shots who will forget all about the comotion they caused!

            1. Michael H. says:

              That top 1% used to be taxed at a much higher rate than they are right now. the top tax bracket used to be over 90% back in the 50s. To see them complain about a few percent really can make the blood boil

      2. G says:

        Yeah, that is a good idea. Unforunately someone else came up with the idea before you did! I was part of an army battalion that operated military prisons for years. We took spray in the face as part of training. Yes, it sucked, but no I didn’t put on a show for the cameras. Anyone who names a protest “Occupy Wall Street” is looking for trouble from the start. Occupy Wall Street? Are they Nuts?! It’s unfortunate that people do not have jobs or money for tuition, but that’s no reason to block traffic so an ambulance to fire truck to repond to somewhere.

        1. Michael H. says:

          You were a trained and hardened soldier. Pain was part of your life for 6 weeks during basic and then through even further training. You were rewired to handle that kind of pain, plus you knew you were about to be blasted in the face with spray so you could brace yourself for it. Those girls who were “putting on a show” were not trained for such a thing. Capsaicin spray is very painful and somebody who was not prepared for it is going to wind up screaming in agony.

          The “Occupy Wall Street” protest is designed to draw attention to the failures of the current political and economic atmosphere. You’re here commenting, CBS is reporting. I guess it’s working.

    2. Sir Dom says:

      There’s a great metaphor for you; Corporate Greed vaporizing the Middle Class of this country, the same way the Wicked Witch of the West was vaporized when Dorothy accidentally spilled water on her.

  5. Jerky says:

    Looks like Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna of South Manhattan was one of the cowardly higher-ups responsible for the pepper spraying. has video of his nametag. So when are these thugs going to be prosecuted for assault?

    1. AV says:

      You protesters are a bunch of low life troublemakers…try going to another country and do the same thing…you might never come back !!!! and I must say the NYPD is the best !!!!! Obey the law and you’ll have nothing to fear….by the way did you people get a permit to to your mayhem?

      1. CSI says:

        OK. Listen I don’t care for the protesters either. but When you say NYPD is the best you are out of line.

        1. G says:

          I didn’t think NYPD was the best until I read this morning that they can shoot planes out of the sky! That’s awesome. And these people are worried about getting maced?!

          1. CSI says:

            Only cool if they can get to the planes on time to shoot them down. To many rookies and most of them are young and stupid.

  6. man form old school says:

    the police should beat there heads in the hell with these out of state junk lowlifes get the hell out of my state go to new jersey and protest ,you have no rights to do these things if you dont like this country move out

    1. DSK says:

      ..or like you, just get a stellar 1st grade education before working the pushcart.

      1. man form old school says:

        I’m form the old school: youse want frys wit dat?

  7. Midtown Apt says:

    Why do we continue to be shocked when police use force against the public? The only surprising part here was that the victims were mostly white. This is what police do, not just in NYC, not just in the US, but everywhere. When the Gestapo took my grandfather out of the shtetl and put him on a train, my grandmother went to the police (Ukrainian, not German) to ask where her husband had been sent. The answer was a club to her head, kicks to her body, more beatings while she was down. Every time I see video of police beating civilians, whether it’s Rodney King, bike riders in Times Square, protesters on Wall Street, or anywhere else in America or the world, I flash back on the Ukrainian police beating my grandmother.

    Can it ever change? Perhaps. Perhaps if NYC’s police were actually required to live in the NYC, perhaps if they were recruited from the residents of this city, they would have more of a stake in and more of a connection to their fellow citizens. Maybe; maybe not. But it’s worth trying. It certainly doesn’t work to have police driving in from Suffolk and Rockland Counties to make the ghetto kids take a joint out of their pocket so that they can be arrested.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Law Enforcement defensive tactics classes state the following:

    “When resistance has ceased, force must cease.”

    Where was the resistance?

    You are correct, Mr. Bill Stanton, that mace is a great deterrant for danger. Where was the danger, however, in any of the footage showing the female protesters being sprayed with chemical agents? I’m waiting…… That’s what I thought.

    The NYPD “goons” (I use the word “goons” and not “officers” because an officer will follow the laws he/she is sworn to uphold) violated protesters civil rights granted to them by the 8th and 14th Ammendments. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!! “Protect and Serve”.

    We are the 99%. We will be heard.

    Expect Us, America.

  9. John F says:

    Clash? What clash? The video clearly shows the police officers holding a group of young women in a pen while a senior officer marches over and maces them in the face without warning. Your choice of headlines is both inaccurate and irresponsible.

  10. love says:

    JUSTIFIABLE!?!? in no way, shape or form were their actions even close to being legal or responsible! I WAS THERE! i was pepper sprayed in the face for standing on the sidewalks where the police told me to! we were not being aggressive or anything! we were trying to capture the police brutality on tape so that MAYBE the media would report the TRUTH! clearly, this is not the case!

  11. IK says:

    What do you use to support the byline “Clash”…….the evidence provided displays assualt/battery excessive use of force by NYPD and an abuse of police authourity. Your editor let this out……..shame on the reporter and the editor, but I guess “WALL STREET” writes your check this is “justifiable”……..WE ARE THE 99%………all we want is for you to report the news not try to slant it for anyone’s purpose. Thanks

  12. cindy gonzalez says:

    It doesn’t mantter if you feel they are “grimey. There is something called freedom of speech. Acts of unspeakable inexcusable violence are being carried out against these American’s who are excercising speech not violence. The law attacked by NYPD is free speech. Grimy or not – that doesn’t limit free speech.

    I’ve worked in the financial district, and while people smell of soap and aftershave, their morals are deep in grime.

  13. Rex says:

    Go home? Anyone who doesn’t see the value in these protests is a reactionary tool.

    1. The Educated Working Man says:

      I don’t see a value in the protest. Please go home.

  14. yragu47 says:

    Not one detail about the protesters grievances or demands. Is sensationalism your only editorial agenda?

  15. Brooklyn says:

    Problem is with nypd most of them are low lifes and don’t have to much intelligence, if any. Most are people who had nothing better to do in life and no other way to make a living and so they become “New York’s finest”. They are just a bunch of uneducated, low lifes, who realize they have some power and abuse it or feel like god. Its disgusting I always get harassed by them, and no I’m not Black or Hispanic, I am actually white but since I am young and I drive in a nice car I always have to be searched by undercover cops and my car searched because according to them either my car fits the description of a stolen car in the area or according to them I definitely sell drugs, which is pathetic and shows their intelligence and they are the rudest people I probably ever have met in my life, because of that power they think they are gods. That is “New York’s finest” for you.

    1. Tim Dabringhaus says:

      Guess where Hitler got his “cops” from? And remember how they burned books? And beat up or scared to death anyone more intelligent …. remember?

  16. DanTe says:

    Now aren’t you folks glad that Hitler Bloomberg had made sure you sheep are all disarmed before his SS goons come a knocking your empty heads?

  17. petra says:

    Why headline with a “clash between protesters and police” all i see in all the video is peaceful protesters being arrested, no clash whatsoever. Dont mislead the people! Show me a video that shows protesters provoking violence aor being violent and i will retract my comment

  18. lou says:

    If the protesters were violent – where are the police videos showing this. The NYPD had handheld cameras everywhere!

  19. Brandi Barrett says:

    These peopl are representing us!! If you are not part of the 1%, you need to get on board!!

    1. ChanaE says:

      Even those of us who benefit from Capitalism monetarily do not benefit from a brutal police force. Occupy Wall Street

  20. Ramon Zamora says:

    What disturbs me the most is the officer who maced the innocent women who were ALREADY cornered and isolated just ran off after. Face your victims you coward! The city is run by all these old geezers that didn’t think the video would get out.

  21. jay Pee says:

    I see these “protesters” everyday.
    They are the most grimmiest group you could ever see. They amuse the tourists. I don’t think they all have the same agenda . Some are protesting school financial aid cuts. Why aren’t they in class?

    These folks should go home and bathe. I feel bad for the kid who is bleeding. They are not a violent bunch. Go Home kids!

    1. Michael H. says:

      They’re protesting financial aid cuts for tuition payments and you’re asking why they’re not in class? Perhaps…and this is just a wild guess here…but just maybe they can’t afford college anymore because of said financial aid cuts?

    2. Taylor says:

      JAY, go Pee…you will feel better.
      …how “grimmie” would you be if you were sleeping outside for a cause that you believed in?
      ..or because you could no longer afford the basic necessities?

      I never condone law breaking. Were they breaking the law? I wasn’t there, I don’t know.

  22. ldm says:

    I didn’t realize roughing up little old ladies was responsible.

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