Educator: Pressure On Kids Massive; Attorney: District, Not Courts, Should Rule

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Seven former and current students of a prestigious Long Island high school were arrested Tuesday in an alleged SAT cheating ring.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced that six Great Neck North High School students had paid 19-year-old Samuel Eshaghoff thousands of dollars to take the SAT for them.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera with the details of the case

Eshaghoff, who graduated from the high school in 2010 and is currently enrolled at Emory University in Atlanta, was paid between $1,500 and $2,500 per student. He has been arrested and charged with scheme to defraud, falsifying business records and criminal impersonation.

Eshaghoff faces up to four years in prison if convicted, but his attorney said there’s no way this alleged scam should end up in a court room.  Bail was set at $1,000 for Eshaghoff.

“Even if something happened it happened within school grounds, under age, should be handled administratively within school. Across the U.S. no one has ever had a case go to criminal court due to cheating or alleged cheating in an exam,” Matin Emouna told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

Photo Gallery: Suspects Arrested In SAT Scam

Rice said the six students accused of hiring Eshaghoff have also been arrested and face misdemeanor charges. They have not been identified because of their ages and all six of them were arraigned and released on their own recognizance.

“Colleges look for the best and brightest students, yet these six defendants tried to cheat the system and may have kept honest and qualified students from getting into their dream school,” Rice said.

Rice said the students registered to take the test at a different school so they would not be known by the proctors and then Eshaghoff would present unofficial identification with his photo and the paying student’s name on it.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria With More On The Story

Rice said the students got caught because their SAT scores were so much higher than their school grades, some with as high as 2200 out of a perfect 2400, reports CBS 2’s McLogan. Rice is recommending that all schools who know a student who has cheated on the SAT notify the college the student has applied to.

“The goal here is not only to hold those accountable for their wrongdoing, but to level the playing field for all of the students who play by the rules,” Rice said.

Eshaghoff apparently also took the test at no charge for a female student.

An investigation is currently underway into whether similar scams occurred in at least two other Nassau County high schools, as well as allegations that Eshaghoff took the SAT exam for students of other high schools.  Rice would not name those schools.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell On The Story

The Great Neck School District released a statement saying it “does not tolerate cheating” and remains “committed to cooperating with law enforcement in the matter.”

“It is our hope that the actions currently being taken by the DA’s Office will serve to bring an end to any dishonest practices which may have placed students at an unfair disadvantage and will also bring to light any shortcomings in the security of the SAT testing system,” district officials said in the statement.

Great Neck educator Barbara Rothman tried to explain how this could have happened.

“There is a tremendous amount of pressure on these students in a town like Great Neck,” Rothman told McLogan.

Many students were defensive.

“I don’t think they should be arrested. I think the school should be taking care of it, not the court,” Nicole Nicholis said.

Rice demanded Education Testing Service, the non-profit that administers the test, make other immediate security changes like matching photos and handwriting. Late Tuesday night the ETS said it will comply immediately.

If convicted, what do you think is the appropriate punishment in this case? Let us know below…

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  1. dcNYC says:

    As the business school saying: If you ain’t cheat’n, you ain’t trying.

  2. brutus says:

    I read a column recently that pointed out that when asked questions about morality and ethics, a high percentage of young people today didn’t even understand the concept of right and wrong. What gets you ahead and how you “feel” about something matter more to them. It’ll be an interesting world in 50 years. Glad I won’t be here to see it.

    1. Phid says:

      Note that the “how people feel” argument forms the basis for just about every liberal social or political position out there.

      1. Mattt says:

        Exactly. More evidence of liberals destroying America.

        1. KPMc says:

          You morons think these kids come from “liberal” families? You are absolutely clueless. Not everything boils down to liberal or conservative but morons like you keep feeding the beast while lemmings just call each other names.

          Society is breaking down across the board. Keep your eyes closed and keep lying to yourself if it makes you feel better.

          1. Svigor says:

            KPMc, liberalism has been the reigning zeitgeist for at least 50 years now. “Liberals” and “Conservatives” are largely euphemisms for adherent to heavy or light liberalism. “Conservatives” are further left than “liberals” 50+ years ago.

            You admit that society is breaking down across the board. Liberalism is obviously the prime suspect.

            Liberalism – own the progress, baby.

            1. vdAWG says:


              1. Johnny Handsome says:

                Question for you dim-witted wanna be conservatives… Do you think you are part of the conservative party? They wouldn’t have you broke a/*sses. 50 years of liberal? Are you really that stupid? Come on. No one is that stupid.

                1. db says:

                  So only progress with negative aspects is due to “liberals”. Forget about all of the positives. According to your idiotic theory, humanity should NEVER change for fear of possible negative consequences. Conservatives were and continue to be against EVERYTHING. This world will continue to advance and those who hate the advancements can choose not to participate. Stop crying about everything, you babies. You are free to practice whatever whacked out religion stimulates your small minds and avoid all things rational if that’s what you want to do.

          2. Uber says:

            Question: Do we think this punk is a liberal?

            Your argument is like saying, “but white Christians are just as bad as Muslim Jihadists!”

            You “feel” like we are all equally capable of bad, but the TRUTH is that there are entire sections of society which intentionally choose to do what is RIGHT instead of what they feel.

          3. brian says:

            I grew up in Great Neck, I went to South because my parents weren’t multimillionaires or happen to live on the one ghetto street (Steamboat Lane) that is in North’s district. These are all Persian Jews involved, they’ve all immigrated to the US from Iran and brought a LOT of money with them, the lawyer is a Persian Jew and the teachers who brought this to light will pay dearly and quietly. As for “they kept people from getting into their dream school” cry me a river. The only reason that these kids cheated on their SAT’s was so their parents didn’t think they were any dumber than they actually are before handing them lives on a silver platter.

            1. Susanne says:

              Here Here!!

            2. delta says:

              Unfortunately, cheating on the SAT is nationwide. They have only touched on the iceberg. It is happening in Ohio and Houston for a fact. The kids make a fake ID and go and take the test for them. High School kids make more money than working at fast food. The SAT board needs to make a fingerprint ID test that matches their original driver’s license.

          4. Miguel says:

            As a formerly dedicated liberal from CA (where my college-mates have destroyed America’s most powerful economy), it’s easy to see that Hollywood’s sickening influence on our people is purposeful and intended, leaving people like these privileged teens to feel their childish entitlement to lives of amorality and unfair advantage.

            Liberal influences have and continue to undermine and destroy The American Dream for all young people as best their operatives can manage. All kids and all adults are targeted for de-stablisation and plunder at these insider progressive weasels’ hands.

            1. Johnny Handsome says:

              Wasn’t liberals who did in the economy: Economic policy failed for three reasons: (1) policymakers focused on enabling offshoring corporations to move middle class jobs, and the consumer demand, tax base, GDP, and careers associated with the jobs, to foreign countries, such as China and India, where labor is inexpensive; (2) policymakers permitted financial deregulation that unleashed fraud and debt leverage on a scale previously unimaginable; (3) policymakers responded to the resulting financial crisis by imposing austerity on the population and running the printing press in order to bail out banks and prevent any losses to the banks regardless of the cost to national economies and innocent parties.PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

          5. Matt says:

            Keep voting Democrat A hole.

            1. Johnny Handsome says:

              I will,. A Hole. You commie conservatives have destroyed a once strong economy You are traitors to the Unites States and should be treated as such.

          6. Dan says:

            From KPMc:
            “You morons…absolutely clueless…liberal or conservative…morons like you…lemmings just call each other names.”

            Hmmm, I’ll just let that soak for a minute. Can’t really add anything to it.

          7. The Musket says:

            Doesn’t really matter if the families are liberal or conservatie or libertarian of whatever – the schools are liberal and they are the ones that are teaching that feelings are the most important value.Schools teach that right and wrong vary with each person and each situation. Schools reward getting ahead at whatever cost – until someone gets caught. Therefore, the kids probably thought they were doing the right thing – it felt right, they would get ahead. Too bad for them they were caught.

            It’s not just the kids either – big scandal in Georgia recently – only it was teachers cheating on the standardized tests. The kids are just learning by example. Most teachers are liberal (sad to say).

      2. mugsy says:

        and of course lets look at the response from the typical Lib educator :Great Neck educator Barbara Rothman tried to explain how this could have happened.

        “There is a tremendous amount of pressure on these students in a town like Great Neck,” Rothman told McLogan.
        always making excuses for terrible behavior,

    2. Katiedidit says:

      I’m with you. The new entitlement generation don’t understand the definition of morals or honor. Lie, cheat and do anything to get ahead…that is their game…maybe they should all go into politics.

      1. Brendan says:

        Do you think this is some innate trait of this generation? Well, it’s most certainly not. These kids are pressured by the expectations of their parents and the success of their older peers, among other things. The peers I speak of are the kids who were just like them. Those who are established because they didn’t have to worry so much about the effects of a dwindling job market. Individual welfare sometimes dominates the common good here because that is what this generation was born into.
        Oh, and Katiedidit, this “generational” nonsense makes you sound like a cantankerous old woman. If you’re looking for this honor that you say is so lacking now I suggest you take a time machine back to pre-industrial Asia. I have seldom seen real honor in many years.

      2. uber says:

        I’d be willing to bet this kid’s favorite show was Suits. He’s followed the model to a “T.” Check this out:

        On page 105 (or 111 of the .pdf), it says Samuel Eshaghoff of Great Neck High School “aspires to pursue a career in legal studies.”

        They should throw the book at this kid. In fact, they should find a felony to put on his record to keep him as far away from the bar exam as possible. Funny, isn’t printing fake IDs a felony?

    3. Rusty says:

      I remember reading a similar article and was saddened but not surprised. Now, before we start dumping on the current crop of young people, let’s remember that every generation had their share of people who didn’t follow the straight and narrow. With regards to today’s young people, think of the environment they live in now: They are more likely to be taught what they need to pass a test versus being exposed to projects that develop critical thinking skills. Many go to schools with draconian “zero tolerance” policies, where a student can be suspended for having a bottle of aspirin in his backpack, but a cheerleader can be kicked off the squad for refusing to cheer for a basketball player that sexually assaulted her (true story). I realize I’m using extreme examples, but as students are given less freedom to exercise their judgment, they are more likely to develop a belief pattern akin to “if the rules don’t explicity state that I can’t do something, then I’m going to do it”. And real life doesn’t work that way, as of the moral decisions we make are almost never in “black and white” situations.

  3. SAT SCAM says:

    “The SAT is a scam! It has been around for 50 years. It has never measured anything. And it continues to measure nothing. And the whole game is that everybody who does well on it, is so delighted by their good fortune that they don’t want to attack it. And they are the people in charge. Because of course, the way you get to be in charge is by having high test scores. So it’s this terrific kind of rolling scam that every so often, somebody sort of looks and says–well, you know, does it measure intelligence? No. Does it predict college grades? No. Does it tell you how much you learned in high school? No. Does it predict life happiness or life success in any measure? No. It’s measuring nothing. It is a test of very basic math and very basic reading skill. Nothing that a high school kid should be taking.”

    –John Katzman
    President & Founder of the Princeton Review

    1. Brutus says:

      Explain those lower 50 percentile SAT scores for students majoring in education, then. Bwhaaahaa!

    2. Really, all they needed to do was wait a year, the SAT and ACT drop their scoring criteria and difficulty just about every cycle. I doubt people would score 75% what they do on these tests today, if they were still of the difficulty and graded as they were 30 years ago.

    3. Susanna Gordon says:

      Interesting, since your company is in the business of teaching people to do well on the SAT.

      And, by the way, given the quality of today’s high school educations, many students can’t pass basic math.

      There is a huge disparity in the quality of high schools, and the educations each provides. One purposes of the SAT and the ACT is that they do, in fact, level the field. They present a standardized test that is the same for all students. No matter what the quality of your high school, you have an equal chance on the SAT or ACT to score well, and be judged on the same criteria as everyone else.

      1. Statistically Speaking says:

        That is certainly a liberals point of view, but more socialistic I would say. Why would you want every one to be the same, on a level playing field. Humans don’t live on a level playing field you moron. Wake the fork up. Just because you socialisitc morons WANT everyone to be the same won’t make it happen.
        Testing in highschools has become the new standard to the point where young people don’t have time for a social life because they are studying, studying, studying to pass these moronic test.
        When I was young I didn’t need a backpack to tote around my school supplies, and we did just fine taking the USA to the next level of world domination. Just what do you think YOUR testing will accomplish? NOTHING !!!
        Brains and entrepreneurialship is what makes our country great, and TESTING does nothing to bring this about. All testing does is try and make everyone out to be robot, a cog in a machine.
        Testing should be about finding out where a student is in their thinking processes, and should only be undertaken when a knowlegable instructor uses that information to help the student over that hump, as it were. THE MAJORITY IF NOT ALL TESTING IS NOT USED IN THIS FASION. it is only used to pigeon hole students and to egotistically heighten the schools standing, which does nothing for the student !!!

        1. uber says:

          YOUR school looked nothing like the schools of today. YOUR teacher did something only a very select few do today — CARED. Today’s teachers (for the most part) care about keeping their jobs and increasing their paychecks. My grandparents were required to know more in their first 8 years of schooling than I was expected to know after my first year in college. And I know this for fact because my grandfather showed me his 8th grade textbook when I graduated HS. His EIGHTH GRADE textbook included now-college-level Calculus 2. Today MOST kids coming out of H.S. can’t balance a checkbook or verify a checking account balance sheet (for tracking debit card usage).

          That being said, there are still some of us who tried the best we could to learn anyway. While some kids are allowed to sneak by using participation homework grades, others are out there taking the most advanced, challenging courses they can. The SAT offers an opportunity to level NOT the students but the field on which they play. Most schools allow a wide range of ability to graduate and get their diploma (because they know that holding someone back will emotionally scar them and they would “feel” bad about that). The diploma no longer means you have a particular level of intelligence or ability. The SAT, then, is required to put some sort of quantitative measure on the abilities of individual kids who have graduated.

          If teachers would teach (or in some cases be *allowed* to teach), and schools would fail kids who weren’t passing, the SAT would not be necessary. However, in that world fewer kids would graduate, more would drop out, and schools would receive less funding. This means teachers lose their jobs. Do you think teachers want that? What sane teacher would encourage their school or state to fail the kids who are failing, knowing that it would indirectly mean the end of their job?

          The emphasis HAS to be shifted back to the teachers. It needs to be the family’s responsibility to teach morals and academics, the teacher’s responsibility to teach academics, and the school’s responsibility to hold students and teachers accountable.

        2. James says:

          I’m a Libertarian and I think that there is nothing wrong with testing. The SAT may be flawed, as all creations of humans are in some way, but it measures your abilities in the “3 R’s (Reading, wRiting, and ‘Rithmatic)” and there is nothing wrong with that.

          Do some kids test poorly? Sure. Are there some smart kids who went to poor schools or slacked off, or are just late bloomers, who will do better in life than you might think based on their SAT’s? Sure. Are there kids who did extremely well on their SAT’s who don’t make it to the top of the heap for other reasons (such as myself, 2200 SAT, unemployed currently)? Sure. Are there others who do unbelievably well on their SAT’s and go on to positions of power, but are nonetheless fools? Sure. (I’m not going to mention our Federal Reserve Chairman’s name.)

          But still, it undoubtedly measures something, and it is absolutely useful in determining the aptitude of students for college. It’s not perfect, and it only measures certain factors at a particular time that it was taken. But that’s no reason to discount it entirely.

  4. Jason Weishaupt says:

    Arrested for cheating on an over-rated pre-college test?!? Please! Just expel them!

    JJ The Fed

    1. Pete Daniels Band says:

      No kidding. Whatever happened to disqualification and suspension? Is there a law against taking someone else’s SAT?

      Go, Sarah…

    2. GatesBrown says:

      Nahh, they deserve a promotion. I would have done what they did in a New York minute.

    3. SouthBronxKid says:

      We must maintain our standing as the most incarcerated country on earth – criminalize everything…arresr everyone !!!

      1. SouthBronxKid says:

        That should be ‘arrest’

  5. CambridgeAlum says:

    “Colleges look for the best and brightest students, yet these six defendants tried to cheat the system and may have kept honest and qualified students from getting into their dream school,” Rice said.

    That’s just a false statement. The primary concern of our indoctrination camps (college) is a colorful campus full of diversity regadless of the intellectual prowess they weild. Sad to say it but white kids have to be FAR more capable than people of color to get into a good college. “Honest and qualified” students these kids probably are, they just realized that it wasn’t enough to compete with the quotas and diversity mandated across the country.

    1. Tommy says:

      Honest and qualified only applies to white students who are not athletes. Athletes and minorities get special treatment at every college. With my grades and test scores I could have gone to Harvard for FREE. Since I’m white I had to pay $30K a year to go to a much less prestigious school. Gotta love diversity.

      1. Matt says:

        Diversity is another reason America is failing.

        1. James says:

          Diversity itself is not a problem. It’s something more along the lines of allowing favorable treatment for certain groups instead of looking at people as individuals and evaluating them fairly. That is a problem.

      2. Tired ot Foolishness says:

        Could have gone to Harvard? Don’t blame the athletes and minorities for your own shortcomings. If your test scores were so great you WOULD have gone to Harvard for free.

  6. Great Neck North Freshman says:

    Our school is amazing, i have just started and am having an amazing experiance. People cheated because the competition in our town to get into a good school is insane. We live in an affluent jewish community, and many colleges are tired of only having these kinds of students in their school. No I am not saying that this is right, or that it is ok, but you need to understand that this is not our entire school, this is not what we’re about, and even the kids who did this did not do it because they were lazy, they did it because they want to get into a good school.
    So in conclusion, no this is not ok, no this is not our entire school, and most kf all this should not change your opinion on Great Neck North, or any of Great Neck in general.
    This makes us all look bad because of mistake made by a small group of kids. So please understand where I’m coming from.

    Go Blazers

    1. Pascal says:

      I guess your school is great if no one minds an overuse of the tired adjective “amazing”. Try reading some classics and broaden that vocabulary Champ.

      1. Brendan says:

        Hey Pascal! A high school freshman wrote that, not a professional journalist. They are just stating their concerned opinion and you have decided to patronize them. I think that they got their point across just fine. In fact I think they did it AMAZINGLY. Leave the critiquing to teachers, CHAMP.

    2. ivy law says:

      Stop the attempt at sympathy. A cheater is a cheater, period. There’s a big difference between ‘wanting to get into a good college’ and deserving it. Cheaters don’t deserve the same distinction as those who sat through the rigorous coursework, took a prep course, and took the exam once maybe even twice.
      I never once cheated and did just that, then landed at an Ivy school. It’s done every day.
      Besides, those tough schools are even harder to stay in than they are to get into.
      And what the hell does an ‘affluent Jewish community’ have to do with anything? Oh, right, it doesn’t.

      1. uber says:

        Also, Mr. Freshman, note that the kids drew red flags “because their SAT scores were so much higher than their school grades.”
        In case you can’t read between the lines yet (which I wouldn’t blame you for), that’s a nice way of saying they WEREN’T the brightest kids (read: dumb).

        Does this mean your entire school is dumb? No. Are most of your peers dumb? Yes. This is why older generations are heard resonating “stupid kids.” And since you are surely offended at this point and beginning to think about how enlightened you are, know this: one day you will be saying “stupid kids” too! I hope you won’t be a stupid kid, but for that to happen you’ve got to wake up and realize that the world is not as it appears. Ivy law has figured this out, that’s why he (or she) took the time to correct you.

        Love it or leave it, this is truth.

  7. tim says:

    No different than what happens with affirmative action

  8. Carlo B. says:

    As someone who took the test honestly and got into the university I was aiming for 3 years ago, (im 20 now) any punishment that includes jail time, or them paying fines seems completely unfair, unreasonable and unjust. They need to do some community service, none of these people deserve jail time, one was trying to profit off of his intelligence, and the rest were paying for someone’s intellectual services. The “fraud” that they are accused of caused no damage to anyone, it’s a piece of data in a computer record that can be easily changed. It is ridiculous that these bureaucrats are putting these kids in handcuffs and taking them to jail, it’s an exam, they paid someone else to take it, so give them some community service to do over their school breaks, jail isn’t for people like this.

    1. CARLO B THE B is for BUSTED says:

      Wow your in college and think no jail time.I wonder how much you paid someone to take your test loser.

      1. Carlo B. says:

        first off, funny name.
        2nd, I didn’t pay anyone to take any test for me, I would never do that. However, I sympathize with them and understand why they did it, and even if they were someone that I hated, this is not what jailtime is supposed to be given out for, this is a white collar crime AT BEST, and they are teenagers. You’re going to send them to jail for this? Get real brah.

        1. Jeff schmitz says:

          How much of a chump are you. Do you realize these jokers tried to cheat other smarter more deserving people out of there shot at a good school? This kind of behavior hasHUGE implications for the folks that get bumped. And that’s ok with you? You need to stand up for yourself better than that, theses guys are ripping those that deserve off for possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost potential earnings and scholarships. Again, don’t be such a chump for these jerks.

          1. Rob says:

            Cheating other smart students out of a good shot at their target school is just NOW becoming offensive? Obviously you haven’t taken a look at the current state of athletics (or educational follow-through for athletes) or scholarships lately. It’s insulting to the caliber of our nation’s youth when we exclude intelligent students from our universities because we feel the spot would be better served by a kid brought in exclusively to fill a position on an athletic team, or exclusively to broaden a university’s ability to appear diverse.

            If you want the best quality graduates, your standard is education. Everyone must rise to the same standard.

            1. Nik says:

              Exactly, how do you think these schools build such AMAZING stadiums? boosters, who want to see exciting college football. It really is an archaic test. Who cares that they cheated. If they aren’t equipped to handle college, they will drop out or fail. Perhaps though, the SAT doesn’t prove anything and they go on to become great minds of this country.

              I don’t see NASA filled with individuals who played good football in college.

      2. Peedro Paula says:

        Based on your use of “your” when the proper word is “you’re”, I’m assuming you did not attend college. Also, there should be a comma between the words “test” and “loser” because, as written, you’re suggesting that Carlo B paid someone to lose a test for him.

        1. HardWorkIsHard says:

          Hey! That is my very own personal test loser you are talking about!

        2. Nik says:

          uh oh..GRAMMAR POLICE!!! WHOOP WHOOP..

          So you stoop to personal attacks because you can’t counter his point. You fail sir.. move along.

    2. val says:

      It did damage to other students who may not have gotten a seat at a school. Not punishing this sort of behavior also sends a message that it’s OK to do. It is not. As a young person you need to have integrity and work honestly. Cheaters may get to a certain point by cheating, but in the end they are only hurting themselves. Eventually, they will be discovered for the fakes they are.

      1. Michael says:

        “It did damage to other students who may not have gotten a seat at a school.”

        Nothing compared to Affirmative Action.

    3. MC says:

      Hey Carlo! Afraid that they’ll catch you too?

    4. Solid Citizen says:

      Did you get a few affirmative action points to ease your admittance to college?

      Quo warrnto, B.O.?

  9. LadyLiberty says:

    Tells you something about our education system if kids are cheating to get into good colleges….the college system is a fraud anyways…they are trying to work the system that has already failed them. I mean try being a college graduate this day and age and find a job. I graduated from college and felt it was a joke. We live in a world filled with institutions that just churn out robots to make money.

  10. Mikey says:

    Since when is cheating a criminal offense?

  11. Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. says:

    If convicted, what do you think is the appropriate punishment in this case? Let us know below……. Have those who took the tests retake the test 1000 times! And for those who didn’t take the test, simply make them repeat their last year in school, and learn what they should have learned in the first place.

    1. Irishscot2 says:

      The problem is all they LEARN in school is relativism. My home school children were stunned when a co-worker from Asia commented that home schooling must have made it easier to cheat. He told them that everyone in Asia cheats, it’s how you get ahead.

      This is where are schools have been heading for decades.

      1. Vicky Bevis says:

        Interesting point, Irishscot2. I watched a “60 Minutes” episode sveral years ago on this sort of thing in INDIA!!!!

    2. Matt says:

      I think that the punishment should be to let an underprivileged, poor, uneducated minority have their seat in the prestigious school . . . no wait, Affirmative Action already takes care of that.

      See ya later America, it was fun while it lasted.

  12. Deb57 says:

    Peter Anderson: “Standardized tests are a foolish attempt at judging an individuals intelligence. ”
    Uh, actually yes they are. Colleges need a way to judge intelligence & as shocking as this will sound, TEST are typically used for that purpose.

    Zemindar: “What ever happened to the good old days where kids would get an F or be banned from taking the test?”
    Is that a joke or were you serious? You do know SATs are not graded with letters, right?

    I can’t tell if you guys are kidding or if you mean what you say….

  13. hyvision says:

    I attended two Southern colleges where we lived by the code of a gentleman. Essentially we pledged On my honor as a gentleman I have neither given nor received aid on this exam and I will not tolerate those that do. A good code to live by. NO TOLERANCE for those who abuse it. If we could return to those standards, the U.S. would be a better place. A hand shake would mean something. It still does to me.

    1. Carlo B. says:

      I agree with everything, I dont have tolerance for this either. That doesn’t mean that the punishment for cheating on a test = JAIL TIME, that’s a serious punishment for a not so serious crime.

      1. carlito is blind says:

        Wake up Carlito They are taking seats away from students who earned them

        1. carlito is blind is blindest says:

          Nothing compared to Affirmative Action.

  14. val says:

    Where did it say the kids who cheated were black? Why is everything always about race? What, like white kids don’t cheat? This has nothing to do with affirmative action or anything other than the childrens’ desire (or need) to get into a good college. However, as someone pointed out, it would have been better for them to go to shcools which matched their academic skills better rather than trying to compete with smarter kids at a better school.

    1. Matt says:

      You obviously missed the point. Are you black? The Affirmative Action argument was basically, who cares if they did this to get a seat at a prestigious school, minorities steal these seats everyday with Affirmative Action. Kind of ironic, a minority stealing something. LOL. Look at the numbers. Minorities are a problem in this country. Fact, not opinion.

  15. Irishscot2 says:

    Hmmm – interesting, if your SAT scores are out of line you are a suspect! I hated school, got poor grades, but at the end of every year they had those standardized achievement tests – which I blew away, always the highest scores in our school. It was simply boredom and the waste of time the public school was. So, today I would be a suspect! In sophomore year of high school had a great English teacher who got me back into liking school – 3 years of A’s and high SAT’s got me in the school of my choice. However, for 10 years I had the worst grades and highest achievement scores – grades DO NOT foretell performance on standardized tests.

    1. Beavis says:

      The truth is that the grades you make before high school aren’t reported to anyone… they are pointless.

      So if you started making good grades when you were in high school then that is all that your record shows.

      Fact is standardized test are BS… in my day we cheated like made on them just to see if we could… we broke the test down into section and everyone worked on their section if they didn’t know the answer for certain they pass it to someone else… then we all filled out the missing answer of everyone else…. last step was that we all randomly picked a question from each part and made sure we missed at least 2 questions… no one ever got caught and we all got damned high scores…. and didn’t have to spend as much time doing the test.. win win for everyone.

    2. Vicky Bevis says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I too was bored & my grades gradually went down from elementary to H.S. (It took many yrs. to realize that it was my only way to get back at a controlling mother who didn’t want me.)

      Anyway, I took the tests when they had the highest overall scores for students-1963 & got called into the counselor’s office due to the discrepancy between my grades & the scores I achieved. I did manage to get into college then due to the high scores AND the fact that I was a music major & my audition blew them away.

      Based on what I read on blogs, so few are truely educated today. Everyone makes errors in spelling, but the grammar, sentence sturcture, etc. is horrible.

      My husband retired as the President of a Proprietary School-one of the ones that advertises on T.V. & the stories he brought home were abominable. And yes, affirmative action IS causing our demise by not requiring the SAME level of academic scholarship for minorities as for whites. Ever wonder why there there so many minorities in government & not private industry? Businesses won’t abide total incompetence. We do our kids no favors by “social promotions.”

  16. jnsesq says:

    Saw the headline and knew it would be white kids. Asians don’t need to cheat and, well, you know the rest…

    (Oops! There I go again, gettin’ all racist ‘n’ stuff based on statistics and demographics. I really have to learn not to be truthful.)

    Remember: When a liberal burns the American flag, he MEANS it.

  17. Thirthton Thithtertinton says:

    this kid is gonna get more ass than a penn station toilet seat when he gets out…..street cred along with smarts.. atta boy

    1. andrew says:

      That’s cool. At least your priorities are straight…

  18. Hank Warren says:

    Arresting kids for cheating, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. andrew says:

      Hank Warren, you are a joke. I think its hilarious how you basically take the heading of any article, paste it into the first line of your comment, and follow with a bunch of garbage. Granted, you have every right to your opinion. But you never back up your accusations with any evidence or reason (logic).

      Oh and your “banned book” is available on Amazon, at Borders Books, at Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere online….

      Let me guess.. If you do respond, it will be to tell me “that I am another violation of our rights. Add it to the list…..”

  19. G.N highschool junior says:

    honestly, this is not new, look at any school in the country and people have been cheating on the sat’s, why don’t the police look into some other schools, or maybe the real problem is the amount of pressure kids have on them to do well on one single test. its not fair to students and as some of these kids are my friends, i know that they are good kids. go look into great neck south and north shore hebrew academy, everyone cheats, maybe its not the cheaters, its the test.

    1. val says:

      And maybe you should learn to capitalize your proper nouns and use proper punctuation. Or do they not teach that in school anymore?

    2. kbernatovich says:

      Hey smart one, Everyone cheats at your school. Sounds like you are all a bunch of losers who will be working for me kids someday. Actaully, they’ll be paying the taxes to support your lazy azzes.

    3. Bridie says:

      A new, young grad from a prestigious collage interviewed for an administrative assistant’s job. Because ours is a public policy organization, everyone employed has to take a simple grammar, punctuation, spelling test as a prerequisite to being hired. This honors student failed the test. When confronted with the failure and subsequent loss of employment, she straight face declared that there must be something wrong with the test. (This is the self-esteem generation coming of age) To NG High School Junior….No, everyone does not cheat! NO, the test does has a positive correlation to college success. Boo Hoo these kids may be your friends, but they are still cheaters.

      1. VH says:

        I love this ‘everyone does it’ attitude. I suggest that every potential employer have access to these kids’ Facebook pages. Especially if it is a government funded job and I am having to help write the paycheck for these illiterate sods. The problem is that these illiterate sods believe that after getting their degree they are just as smart or smarter than people that have work experience. Somebody had better grow up, read, write and have at least an elementary education in economics or they may end up living in their mother’s basement for a long, long time. P.S. a Chinese programmer that I worked with told me that they cheated all the time.)

  20. Atlas Shrugged says:

    They were probably students who didn’t benefit from AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, Minority GRADE ELEVATION, or Deviant Sex Identity. So, they probably were only getting into college with higher SAT scores, something the colleges can’t over look if you are the wrong flavor.

    Can’t blame them, it is the systems fault, unless you are WHITE.

    I see the government is cracking down on these high school students, but on the FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS that caused the economy to crash, or the SOLENDRA criminals who bilked the TAXPAYERS out of $430 million dollars, we just let it slide. NO PROBLAMA AMIGO!


  21. Pole sitter says:

    They blacks should hire him to take the fdny exam!!! Everyone of you low life’s should go up to a firefighter and thank him for keeping your your lazy a$$s safe

  22. Puppydog says:

    He was just trying to give the six kids a leg up. It’s not fair that some people are smarter than others. What’s wrong with taking the test for them so they can get a little affirmative action?

  23. val says:

    I’m just wondering how one person could take the SAT for several people? Was this done over a few years? It’s physically impossible to do it otherwise!

  24. Mineola H.S. Senior says:

    All my classmates cheated on an exam one time or another.

    1. val says:

      …and I’m sure they are all so proud of themselves, as are you! Nice to know we have a wonderful future generation to depend on.

  25. Common Sense says:

    Why didn’t these idiots just move to Atlanta where the school administrators would have done the cheating for them. Haven’t seen any of the administrators get arrested yet and probably won’t.

    1. HT Jones says:

      That is funny… but also kind of stupid, because these people are white… you gotta be black before the administrators will even consider selecting your exam for a “quality assurance review.”

  26. Zemindar says:

    What ever happened to the good old days where kids would get an F or be banned from taking the test? Why arrest and jail them? That sounds about as Nazi as it gets.

    1. BoscoH says:

      Not to mention, if your scores are out of line with your academic performance, you’re a suspect. Back in the late 1980s, at Princeton Review, we could reliably boost scores of students who showed up for every meeting of the paid for, private clases by 200 points.

      This is insane though to treat this as a criminal matter. The College Board is a private organization. People pay money to them to take these exams. And now this organization gets the power and resources of the state to enforce its integrity among its customers? The record industry is jealous!

  27. John says:

    Glad they caught these cheaters and hope they throw the book at them, including the minors. This offense needs to be indelibly written onto their high school transcripts. If they would go to these elaborate steps to cheat on the SAT’s imagine the cheating that underlies the rest of their academic record.
    Yet I do not recall the Baltimore and Philadelphia public school teachers being lead away in handcuffs when their cheating on standardized testing offenses were far worse. Also the teachers’ cheating was a scam that involved receiving federal monies, not just a component of an application process.

    1. andrew says:

      I hope they literally throw a book at them. Like a Holy book (any)… those are usually fairly large. Or maybe a good ol’ Websters…

  28. F. Lea Bailey says:

    Anyone ever wonder where, and when, Dear Leader and Moochelle took their Illinois bar exams?

    I have my suspicions…

    (but the rumor that they were disbarred is not true. Lawyers who aren’t practicing, and who do not want to be liable for pro bono work, routinely surrender their licenses w/o prejudice)

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Probably Connecticut, where people go to become lawyers after they fail the NY bar a few dozen times like JFK Jr. It might help explain Kenyan The Barbarian’s CT SSN anyway…?

  29. txtdocc says:

    Great fforumm! Thanx guys!

  30. Mark Matis says:

    Hey, it’s New York! Why is ANYONE surprised?

  31. dan says:

    You have intimate knowledge of said fraud? If so, then to which schools are you referring? I work alongside carib docs and they are very well qualified!

  32. jim says:

    just make sure their names get lots of air time. Ruin their lives as a message to the high school students out there. Also shame their parents. Wish I had $2500 when I was in 12th grade0

  33. truth says:


  34. David Ruffin says:

    The dishonesty part of it is what is really disgusting. And how those dummies squeaked their way past more deserving students to steal their spots in the prestige schools they faked their way into………..expell them all and teach those little phonies a lesson they won’t forget!!!

  35. NY Rangers Fan says:

    Why is this even news? Nobody got hurt or anything. The kids just want to go to college and then become productive members of society.

    1. ericm says:

      Re-read your question – then re-read it again. You’re kidding, right?

      Cheaters do not suddenly turn into ‘productive members of society’. These people will cheat in college, cheat in business, and probably cheat on their spouses if they aren’t reigned in and punished appropriately.

      Cheaters hurt everyone.

      1. Human Resources Recruiter says:

        So let me get this straight….you rather have the kids not go to college and get a minimum paying job that does not require a degree and probably have to go on some sort of assistance to make ends meet?

        1. val says:

          Nah, send the dummies to college where they will cheat further, then into the workplace so that our work force is dumbed down and people who can’t spell hold high ranking positions! Yeah, that’s the solution! They will cheat all the way to the top and then become politicians!

        2. LSLKahuna says:

          I’d rather have them attend a college that better matches their effort, or lack thereof, in high school. They’ll be more likely to succeed in the right environment, rather than struggling (or cheating) to get by. Meanwhile, the kids that should have been admitted will get the education they’ve earned by working hard, and honestly, in high school. Besides, as Judge Smails would remind you, the world needs ditch diggers too!

        3. kbernatovich says:

          They were heading for a minimum wage job anyways….probably worse.

        4. andrew says:

          Yes, that is exactly what I prefer!! Somebody will always be needed to flip my burgers. Somebody will always be needed to pick the garbage up on trash day. I hope the assistance he is on comes in the form of a quarter I throw out my window..

          You are naive if you think that admitting cheaters into college will somehow make them productive members of society. I’m not talking about the “occasional” cheater either… the one that just didn’t study for “this test, or that test”. I’m talking about people who feel the need to cheat their way INTO a school. Sometimes (no this shouldn’t happen, but it does) a student feels the need to glance at his neighbors paper… Which is wrong and should be punished with a Failed grade… Cheating on the SAT should also be given a “failing” grade (in this case, a zero). Not allow them to retake it.. A damn zero.

  36. Schmellma Arss says:

    Arrested? For cheating on exams? Is this yet another area the government is poking its nose into? Next we won’t even be allowed to fart anywhere! Well, that’s unless you have a Davidoff cigar stuck in your sphincter.

    1. Major Bedrock says:

      You, sir, are a moron. People who do NOT cheat on their SAT’s can lose out in college admissions to those who do.

      Report back when you get your GED w/o cheating on the final exams.

  37. No Charge for you!! says:

    I hope they get these poor kids out for the start of the Holiday. It would be wrong to make not allow them their right to celebrate Rosh Hashana. They are victims of their parents needs to have the best students at any price, and it seemed like $1500-$2500 is todays price. We know these kids had to go somewhere for the money, Mom and Dad are the most likely spot. Except of course for the gal who he took the SAT for free. Wonder what she did to pay the bill.

    1. mariano rivera says:

      its his on and off girlfriend relax

      1. Open up! says:

        Get your head in the game and stop reding the news. I’m sure she used her womanly guiles to have this SAT Stud take the test for her, along with some body parts! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        1. mariano rivera says:

          i agree with you but i didn’t want him to insinuate it was a prostitution type thing

          1. R says:

            All of you commenting on this post are absolutely disgusting and should be ashamed that you’re stooping THIS low commenting on a girl that you don’t have a CLUE about. You don’t know her life or her relationships; so before you decide to go on a rampage about her, get your facts straight. As a woman myself I feel personally insulted that those thoughts would even come to your nasty ass minds. Grow a pair, maybe be concerned about the actual issue, and grow the hell up.

            1. Hopkins says:

              R: Sounds as if it’s time for your monthly meds…possibly you need to double up on that dose. Feel personally insulted…who cares?!

              1. R says:

                obviously you do if your answering me you moron

  38. Surfin Bird says:

    typical actions of a guido

  39. LG says:

    I wonder how many students already in college will have their sat scores revoked?

  40. TC says:

    Was it worth it? Now you ruined your whole life and now you go to JAIL

    1. Finbar says:

      Not hardly. He’ll probably run for president.

  41. Great Neck H.S. Senior says:

    No body got hurt so what’s the big fuss?

    1. Switch schools while you can says:

      LOL your a idiot
      You must be a parent of one of these losers how dumb were this kids to need someone to take test for them.What would of these idiots done when they got accepted to a college.I guess stupid kids come from stupid parents .And now all the honest kids from that school have to suffer because there will no be doubt that they cheated.

      1. val says:

        My goodness, where did YOU go to school? Spelling, grammar errors, run on sentences…

      2. Peter Anderson says:

        I don’t think you can really blame the parents at all. I’ve seen so many bright students who are simply poor test takers have the SATs screw them over, myself included. Standardized tests are a foolish attempt at judging an individuals intelligence. Thankfully, many universities and colleges are beginning to shy away from the SATs. But for an individual trying to get into an institution that still pays attention to the SATs, knowing you’re a poor test taker can be a cause of great fear and nerves. As unfortunate as it is that these students went to these lengths, it comes as no surprise to me.

        1. val says:

          Peter, I totally agree with you, as I am a poor test taker myself. However, when your overall acedemic record is stellar and your test scores are not so good, one can see that perhaps you have a problem with test taking. These kids has a not so good academic record and all of a sudden did really well on the SATs. Naturally, red flags went up. Someone who is honest and is a good student would be able to get into a good college w/o resorting to such measures as cheating on the SATs. It shows poor decision making and weak character. I, for one, would not want such a person working for me.

        2. Realist says:

          REALLY not trying to be rude, but “so many bright students who are simply poor test takers” are talking themselves into the idea that there can be such a thing. You are average in intelligence, and it is indicated on a national exam of reasoning skills like the SAT. You have been told over and over that you are so “bright,” so when the scores come back mediocre, you’re convinced that there’s some sort of reason for it. “Poor test taker” is the reason you make up for that. If you were smarter, you’d do better on the test. People do perfectly fine on tests that they are prepared for, and you probably answered the questions correctly that you were prepared for. It’s just that you somehow have been told that everyone who does well in school is “bright,” when there are lots of factors (grade inflation being the main one) that are causing GPAs to be off the charts. Colleges NEED a standardized test to differentiate between the haves and the have-nots.

          The SELF-ESTEEM generation believes that everyone can be above average. Yeah, that makes sense. “Little Johnny is a poor test taker” has been spoon-fed to little Johnny by Mommy and Daddy (probably well-meaning, too!) for so long that it’s become an entitlement.

          The SAT is bar-none the most researched standardized test in the world. It is by no means perfect. But it doesn’t lie — average scores are indicative of average intelligence, all other things (like prep time) being equal. You can learn the test, but if your scores still don’t go up after that, stop hiding behind “I’m a poor test taker” and take a dose of reality.

  42. TJ says:

    Typical, North Shore long Island white collar crime. nothing new here. Do you honestly think that $50k – $100k a year in property taxes is covered by an honest living? Even as a Dr. or Atty? Puhlease. Scams, Ponzis, fraud, theft, drugs etc. It’s all on the North Shore.

    1. Stuart Kaufman says:

      TJ: You are a schmuck!

      1. tj says:

        You are entitled to your own opinion but the statistics speak for themselves. How else would my comment be the “featured comment” out of well over 100 comments? Long islands north shore is riddled with corrupt politicians, greedy corporate executives, slimy lawyers, crooked physicians, criminal business owners you name it. Dont even try to tell me that you dont agree with this. I know of many of them. And if they aren’t one of the above, they are just trash who inherited a fortune and do hardly any good with it. Maybe they make a donation to North Shore or LIJ occasionally.

    2. Lynn says:

      Excuse your presumption! There are a lot of hard working families who earn honest livings that live in Great Neck. Yes, the property taxes are horrendous, but families make sacrifices such as both parents working, in order to enjoy the benefits of this community. I should know, my grandparents came to Great Neck when you still caught the ferry to New York at the end of Steamboat Road. They worked to build their home and provide a decent life and a good education for their three children. There are many other honest people in Great Neck, but they are either the “old rich” or the towns people who have lived there for years and struggled to pay the taxes because of the benifits. As usual, you are judging the masses by the behavior of the minority!

  43. Dan Te says:

    They should eliminate all SAT tests. The scores are inaccurate because of cheaters.

    1. kbernatovich says:

      They should eliminate cheaters, the scores are a very accurate means of determining ones abiltiy to succeed in college. Your an idio t!

      1. Barry says:

        They are not very accurate at all actually.

  44. Alan Brown says:

    Students interested in performing at a suspiciously high level on the SAT, (honestly) should call Test Prep New York/TPNY for the most advance private SAT & ACT tutoring available. 646-290-7440 or

    1. iwork247 says:

      Alan, get a life bro.

  45. diver says:

    Why did the school officials accept an “unofficial” ID as proof to begin with?

  46. ramwmkg says:

    his punishment should be to repeat all four years of high school

  47. mj says:

    i’m REALLY surprised the cops didn’t just shoot them

    1. Heywood Yacroak says:

      Yah! Kill zem all!!!!!!

      1. Get rid of the low lifes says:

        That would of been great.Think of what these little dirtbags will turn into when they get older.Itwould solve alot of problems.

        1. d says:

          YOUR DISGUSTING GET OUT OF HERE YOU LOW LIFE…look at yourself…doubt your any better

  48. doc says:

    What scores did they get? 2400?

  49. Joe Schmo says:

    Black crime: a drug smuggling ring at a school. White crime: this. Anyone notice a pattern?

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      Actually Joe – the drug smuggling ring is a white thing also. Whites ALWAYS cheat so this is no surprise. I’m kinda puzzled as to why this is BIG NEWS!!!! This is an everyday thing. White people with no skills or experience getting ahead because of who they know… not what they know. Example: George W. Bush.

    2. Comment from a Non-Black Person says:

      Hey Joe , What an idiotic comment ! Its comments like yours and people that think like you that causes problems in this great country of ours!

    3. Jack Kennedy says:

      Joe …………. again, the facts touch nerves for the quota set

      you have the facts on your side and the loons dont like it ………….

      1. Johnny Handsome says:

        What a come back Jack. Wow! You showed me. Idiot.

  50. Dean says:

    …explains a lot.

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