NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Last October, the Port Authority changed the color of the necklace lights on the George Washington Bridge for the first time ever.

They turned them pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

They’ll be doing it again this October.

In November, they’ll be changing the color again. Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman told WCBS 880’s Evan Bindelglass that this time it will be green for the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

The green color was tested on four lights on the northern cable over the weekend.

To see more photos of the new lights being tested, CLICK HERE.

The necklace lights were off Monday night and will remain off until October 1. Though if you look at the bridge during the day, you’ll be able to see the new color on the light fixtures. A great vantage point is the bridge walkway or the Fort Lee Historic Park.

Do you think that the Girl Scouts deserve this honor? Shouldn’t? Sound off below!

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  1. John is a tool says:

    John- ever drop your pudding on a double mastectomy patient? it is fun!

  2. nen says:

    So who is paying for the cost of the lights and the manpower to change the lights? It’s an expensive process. I sure hope it’s not coming out of the pockets of the motorists.

  3. John A says:

    Nice idea, but what is the cost of doing this. I’m sure that we would all be thoroughly shocked.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Now I know why they raised the tolls. To buy those expensive compact fluorescent light bulbs.

  5. John L says:

    Enough with all this Pinkwashing! Breast Cancer is an insidious disease, but why must the Susan G Komen name be plastered on so many products? Every September the same thing: NFL teams wear pink wristbands, pink ribbons on milk cartons, and now the GWB being lit up in pink. There are other deadly diseases out there that are killing people, don’t see these being so in-your-face.

    1. propmgr says:

      Perhaps when someobe you care about is diagnosed with breast cancer, you’ll think differently.

    2. tc says:

      Just pray that you will be in good health John___ You dont know what will happen tommorrow__ or what Gods Plan is,
      God can change everything in a matter of a second.
      How would you feel right now if you lost a breast or a limb or an eye ball? You are very shallow __ no compassion for human life.

      1. John L says:

        God’s Plan? God has nothing to do with cancer; mutating cells do. Stop believing in fairy tales; there is noone/ nothing controlling what happens in your life. Sometimes, life happens.

        1. Kris says:

          So what you’re saying, John, is you don’t want to be inconvenienced by the reminder that people are dying of breast cancer. Gee. Poor you.

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