By Hazel Sanchez

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Unsanitary conditions at a Queens grocery store have neighbors and a state senator crying foul. The store has been cited, but neighbors hope some graphic photos will finally force it to come clean.

Employees at Super Halal Meat in Bellerose said they run a clean ship.

“We have everything is good. You check over there, the refrigerator, everything there is good,” manager Sharafat Dulal told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

But some pictures taken by neighbors paint a much different picture — uncovered meat being delivered in the back of an unrefrigerated pick-up truck, carcasses piled into a shopping cart.

Neighbor Rich Eichler said such practices bring nasty problems to his street.

“Disgusting. Rotten meat. It was not nice,” he said. “I’ve seen rats and I’ve seen other things here.”

The Department of Agriculture and Markets said Super Halal, open only a year, was fined for critical deficiencies in July, August and September of this year.

Inspectors found food was not refrigerated at the proper temperature and flies were present near meat processing. New York Sen. Tony Avella is trying to shut the place down.

“You think about the people that are going in there, buying these goods, especially the meat and poultry, thinking that the owners taking care of this meat and poultry. Who knows how many people may have gotten sick,” Avella said.

“The store just don’t belong here in a residential neighborhood,” Eichler said.

A woman who lives one house away from the grocery said she can’t take the rats and garbage so she’s selling her house, but many customers are remaining loyal.

“I don’t see anything problem. I buy,” said one customer.

The Department of Agriculture and Markets will inspect the grocery store again in mid-October. If critical violations are found again, a hearing will be held to revoke their license.

Super Halal Meat owes about $25,000 in fines for health and building code violations.

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Hazel Sanchez

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  1. mike messer says:

    517 days and still no help from the city

  2. JD says:

    The food cart is another issue that the city has walked away from. The Department of Mental Health and Hygeine and NYC Police Department will not ticket this food cart. The cart is obviously not following the Administrative code. Food carts are required to be cleaned daily at an authorized commissary or depot. This cart is located in the parking area 24/7 and never gets removed for cleaning. The cart is also blocking a very active driveway. Which has added more confusion to this already dangerous parking area. The police have said it’s not there problem and they will not ask the cart to move, The Department of Mental Health will not inspect as often as needed(they claim it’s harrassment) This store has been very lucky that the city is lacking in it’s enforcement of violations.
    This isn’t racism its a safety issue.

  3. AG says:

    The big question is….they owe at least $25K in fines and they’re still operating…how is that even possible…they should be shut down immediately. The store is more than just unsanitary, it’s causing disruption in the neighborhood due to the increased traffic, no parking, noise and garbage. I live in Bellerose and I truly feel sorry for the residents that live on that block. The whole look and feel of a once beautiful neighborhood has changed dramatically over the last few years. Every vacant lot becomes an ethnic store, supermarket or restaurant. There are now at least 5 ethinic supermarkets and many restaurants in a 20 block radius not to mention food carts. I think this is excessive. I have no problem with people coming to the USA for a better life, that’s what makes this country great, but I do have a problem with them trying to take over and make it ONLY their neighborhood and convient for ONLY their people. I feel they should embrace the look and feel of the neighborhood not try to change it. Bellerose is no longer the beautiful area I moved to 17 years ago and it’s getting worse every day and that is very sad!

  4. JD says:

    Thank you Siddique Khan
    Again, I would like to say this is not an issue of race. This is a quality of life problem that this store has created and the city and store refuse to correct. The traffic issues this store has created should also not be accepted. The city is aware that the store doesn’t have the required parking needed for this building. If the store had opened legally the owners would have know this. The traffic and parking conditions this store has created are very dangerous. If the owner of this store didn’t illegally enlarge the building and install a food cart in the parking lot maybe the customers wouldn’t have to park on the sidewalk or exit and enter the lot using the pedestrian crosswalk . Many times when exiting the store cars have to backup into on coming traffic on hillside Avenue. This is not only stupid it’s dangerous. The city and Buildings Department has enabled this store to continue operating in this manner. The city needs to act before someone gets hurt or killed.
    If the city would only enforce some of the violations, most of the problems that this store has created for our community could be eliminated

  5. Jesus says:

    You think this is bad? Come to 37th and 73rd in Jackson Heights, right outside of Subzi Mandi and Apna Bazaar at about midnight when the dump truck comes. Stacks and stacks of rotting vegetables and meat, and the next day the streets are a river of garbage juice. I don’t think people notice because it seems like city works conveniently forgets about fixing the sidewalks and street drains there, but when it rains… Let’s just say avoid sandals.

  6. Ali says:

    Meat is meat as long as it is properly cooked there should be no problem.

    1. muhammed says:

      then i hope you don’t mind eating non halal meat, as meat is meat, you dumbass

  7. Aapka Dost Mr. Patel-bhai says:

    Come to Patel Brothers a few blocks away on 251 steet and do your desi grocery shopping in a clean store with our friendly employees.

  8. Jennifer T. of Bellerose says:

    God bless Reporter Hazel Sanchez and 1010 WINS for bringing this problem to light. We here in Bellerose have been complaining about the meat store for a year and nothing has been done. Maybe now we will get some needed action.

    The meat store used to be a Blockbuster video store and we were sad to see it close. The place sat empty for a some time and we were happy to hear a deli / meat store was coming up. But, we couldn’t believe the horror when this filthy place opened up. You see men carrying in dead animals on a stick from a truck into the store all the time. Absolutely horrifying! The place is dirty, the customers are slobs who leave trash all over the place, and the community wants this place to go. Who are the owners? Do they see the filth that goes on here?

  9. DanTe says:

    So the muslimes likes to re-create their homeland in their new neighborhood here in the States. Let them have the comforts of their birth right: rats, feces, infestations of islam, rotten meat/muslimes. Who are we to interfere with the mag gots?

  10. bullett says:

    I see the same thing in our neighborhood with a Halal meat market. Someone has to be paying someone to look the other way. But in the end, maybe it will be “GOD’S” way of retaliation for 9/11 if some of these people become ill from tainted meat.

    1. J says:

      Please leave the internet forever

  11. Siddique Khan says:

    I live a block away from the store, and of Pakistani descent (the owner of the store is also Pakistani and an arrogant jerk), and I can honestly say the place is really disgusting. But the real hazard are the shoppers that double park around the store and park all day blocking the bus stop in front of the store…I really wish the police would come by and enforce all the serious parking violations going on in front of and around the store by the idiot customers who don’t give a damn about the neighbors who live nearby. The store already owes the city $25,000 in fines and I can’t understand why it isn’t shut down yet? Hey Councilman Weprin are you out there listening to your loyal voters? SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!

    1. josh sucks says:

      Didn’t Weprin just lose the election? He could give a rat’s ass about anything at this point.

      1. Ali Babba says:

        That was his brother David Weprin. Mark Weprin is the councilman representing the Bellerose area. They are both sons of Saul Weprin. Ail of them are nothing but career politicians who don’t have a clue about the neighborhoods they are supposed to serve.

        1. Retired MOS in Bellerose says:

          Bottom line – all politicians are corrupt and losers who can’t hold down a real job. They walk around shaking hands and kissing babies and really think in their empty heads that they are somebody important. They talk smoke out their a** (saying meaningless garble, “the grass is green, the sky is blue”) and most of the public simply despises them. And we have way too many politicians in this city – fire 1/2 the politicians in NYC and use the money to hire more cops !

    2. israr khan says:

      siddique khan r u really a pakistani

  12. JD says:

    It is not racism to complain about the conditions at this store. They are operating illegally, they have created quality of life issues for the homeowners and the city has walked away from this ugly mess. If the city would enforce the zoning laws almost all the quality of life complaints created by this store would be resolved.

  13. ennoy53 says:

    i lived near a halal meat market for 3 years in queens and can truly say when i saw the meat being delivered in was taken off a non-refrigerated truck that smelled like rotten meat. in the summer is was particularly awful.

  14. JD says:

    The cleanliness of the store is a very small part of a very very big problem. The store was opened illegally and has created many quality of life issues for the neighbors, The store might have good prices and maybe they have nice employees, but thats not the problems.The city needs to enforce the zoning issues that has allowed this store to continue operating this never ending nightmare. No one wants this store to close but the store should never have been allowed to open at this location. The neighbors complaining about this store are not racist. They just want the city to enforce the laws that should be protecting them from this mess.

  15. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Americans consider this unsanitary but the third world people who come here don’t. They live like pigs in their homeland and want to come here and live like pigs. Go back home, and by the way wash your @sses. They stink.

    1. Halal Hokaloog says:

      Glenn, For the last time I am telling you; remove your nose from by buttocks area. I beg of you.

  16. garett williams says:

    just as bad as the halal guys in their metal boxes lined up on broadway south of houston. picking their nose, serving terrible food..

  17. M S says:

    My family and I have been frequent consumers of this store and most of our grocery is done here. The store is clean, the staff is friendly and beyond helpful, even as much as going out of their way to help bring groceries to the car. It is sad to see people slandering such a wonderful establishment based on false accusations.

  18. Pamella Kay says:

    I’ve been shopping at this store since it opened, and have experienced absolutely no problems. It is clean, well-stocked, and the staff is extremely courteous and helpful. Perhaps, the neighbors have a problem with (skin) color rather than product quality???

  19. Debra Saldana says:

    Can’t take the rats and garbage? And others things? The squirrels in your backyard, maybe a pigeon perhaps? Come on people, animals are everywhere not just in the vicinity of this of this store alone. All of these allegations are pathetic, my family and I have been loyal customers for as long as this store has been in business and we have yet to get sick from any “rotten meat” and we will remain loyal customers because they offer the best prices in the area, plain and simple. The employees are friendly and always offer to carry your gorceries to your car for you. Not one customer has any complaints about Super Halal Meat, and in my honest opinion, all this negativity simply stems from racism and some bored neighbors looking for anything to show their face on televisioon for 15 seconds.

  20. seema singh says:

    I’m a frequent shopper at this store and I’ve been shopping there since it opened a year ago. I’ve never had a problem, its always clean and i live on the same block and have to take the bus at 4am and I feel safe that its open 24hrs. People who are complaining are just racists and cant stand to see a pakistani/indian person successful. And john patel dont you own patel brothers?

    1. Stephanie Klien says:

      I completely agree… I’ve never had any problems either and am shocked to see things have taken such heights, And funny John Patel would write his own reviews over the competition- very unconscious of you. Obviously this is nothing but pure racism and its sickening to see it at such levels .. what century are we living in again?

      1. Stephanie Klien says:

        * inconspicuous lol

      2. Gerard Van der Leun says:

        Quite obviously it is not racism. Get over yourself and get out of your colonized mind. The “racism” rap is a screaming bore. It’s over. More on.

    2. israr khan says:

      seema singh u the best

      1. israr khan says:

        i agree with u seema singh i shop here all the time since this store is open i dont see any thing wrong with it . its just some racists live in the neighbourhood thats all.

  21. EdgarZaza says:

    dont you guys own the store a couple blocks away? oh yea your mad because the prices are cheaper here and they basically cut your business in half…

  22. Huh? says:

    I guess those complaining must have been living under a rock for some time. Ever hear of HALAL and CLEANLINESS in the same sentence? I think NOT.

  23. John Patel says:

    This store has been a nightmare for the neighbors for over a year. If the New York City Buildings Department would just enforce a few of the zoning violations almost all the quality of life issues could be resolved. The city has issued many violations and then walked away from this disaster. They refuse to enforce any of the violations, nor have they given the owner of this building any reason to fix the problems. If the city can’t enforce or collect any of the violations or zoning issues,who can? What has happened on this block should never have happened.

    1. karlson says:

      Why can’t the city collect on violations? The City Marshall should be engaged or the police. It’s not criminal but a civil offense. It’s still contempt if you fail to answer multiple summonses. Eventually the fines increase, they don’t go away.

      1. John Patel says:

        Nope, not in New York City. Until the Mayor and City Council change the laws, building owners will never have to correct the violations or pay any fines.If you lived in New York City and had a neighbor like Super Halal Meat you would be screwed.
        Check out the Buildings Department website (253-06 Hillside Avenue, Bellerose, NY 11426) The buildings Department has issued violations but not one of them has been corrected. Instead of telling everyone in the community that the neighbors are racist. Just correct the zoning violations, and be a good neighbor,.

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