MEDFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A second family of one of the Medford pharmacy massacre victims has filed a claim against Suffolk County and its police department.

The wife of pharmacist Raymond Ferguson Jr. filed the negligence claim on Sept. 14. Ferguson was among four victims killed at Haven Pharmacy on June 19.

David Laffer, 33, pleaded guilty to all charges in connection with the Father’s Day killings, including committing first-degree murder and robbing the pharmacy of thousands of prescription pills.

Also killed were 17-year-old high school senior Jennifer Mejia and 71-year-old grandfather Bryon Sheffield.

Ferguson’s wife, Viedya Quail Ferguson, is seeking $10 million in damages, according to published reports.

A negligence claim was also filed on Sept. 16. by victim Jaime Taccetta’s ex-husband on behalf of their two children.

Both families claim the county knew Laffer was troubled and should have taken his gun away before he hurt someone.

A police report released last week showed that a Suffolk County detective was concerned about Laffer having a pistol permit months before the Medford pharmacy shootings.

To read the full police report, click here.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer has said there was no legal basis to take away Laffer’s guns.

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  1. Proud_LTC_Carrier says:

    Johnny Handsome, Hope your not referring to me. I think this woman (and the other families) are within their right to sue.

  2. Proud_LTC_Carrier says:

    If a police department can try to take away MY ltc due to a family members criminal history (over 20 years ago)… even though I have NEVER been in trouble with the law then they darned well should have listened to the detective who showed concern.
    May the victims in this case Rest In Peace. May the shooter & his accomplice get the help they sorely need as well as pay for the crimes they committed.

    1. Proud_LTC_Carrier says:

      I forgot to mention I was only 12 years old 20 years ago and did not even KNOW the person.

  3. what a loser she is says:

    Wow next time I am in car accident I will sue the State because they should know that the person cant drive.You are a great role model trying to steal money over a death .Sue the person who shot him and the store for having no security but I guess they do not have enough money for you and your future boyfriend to live on.

  4. another loser she is says:

    Wow what a pair of balls she has the nerve.

    1. CT Native says:

      It’s not hert fault. I smell a lawyer slithering out from under a rock behind this suit!

      1. Proud_LTC_Carrier says:

        The family members bringing forth lawsuits over this crime probably only did so because they were approached by a slime bag lawyer. I am not saying they shouldn’t sue, I think they should. The Detective voiced concerns over this guy having a firearm before he committed this crime.

        1. Sue the pharmacy says:

          Put me on this jury she will get a big fat 0

  5. Sir Joe says:

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda, there is no way a police department can be held legally culpable for an individual’s action BEFORE he commits a crime. They raised a similar issue with the mass murdered in Colorado who killed the U.S. congresswoman, and this individual had many violent ranting blog posts, which I don’t think the Medford suspect did. This isn’t the police department’s fault that this happened, and they didn’t apprehend him BEFORE it happened.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      You people are idiots. You should have stayed in school pass the 3rd grade. You might understand how the law works. If it can be proven that this guy was unstable and you still allowed him to have a gun, you are guilty of negligence. All you commies here who have no idea how America works need to go back to the hole in the wall country you boated over from. You are traitors to the Constitution of the United States of America!

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