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Give it a rest.

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That’s exactly what Jose Reyes did on Wednesday after legging out a bunt single in his first and only at-bat, and you know what? He was entirely within his rights to do so.

I know the fans might not like it, those that were present may have felt deprived of watching Reyes, unable to cheer him on throughout the afternoon. And hey, I might not exactly be in love with the move. But it was his decision, and his choice, and it worked out for him.

So live with it. He’ll have to, and will.

This was not a guy stuck in an 0-15 skid trying to nurse his way to a batting title, desperately searching for the finish line. Reyes had two hits on Sunday. He added three hits plus a sacrifice fly on Monday. Then on Tuesday, three more hits, two of them home runs.

Since coming off the disabled list for the second time on August 29, Reyes had at least one hit in 25 of the 28 games he played. He batted .339 in the final month. And he finished the season with an 8-game hitting streak, batting .433 over that span. Reyes was in the lead, Ryan Braun had to catch him, and couldn’t do it.

I liken it to a team clinching a playoff spot. Once you’ve accomplished that, all bets are off. The only thing you owe anyone is to get your team positioned and prepared as best you can for the playoffs.

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The Yankees had a 7-0 lead on Tampa Bay Wednesday night which quickly became 7-6 entering the bottom of the ninth inning.

Mariano time, right?

No. Joe Girardi opted for Cory Wade, who promptly gave up the game-tying home run — and the Rays win in extra innings. Would the Red Sox and Rays be playing a play-in game Thursday night if Mo was on the mound instead of Wade? Probably. But Girardi is resting Rivera for the playoffs, and he has every right to do just that.

Sorry Boston, and sorry Braun.

Mets manager Terry Collins wasn’t crazy about the move either, but he acceded to Reyes’ wishes and offered no apologies in doing so.

Reyes felt he clinched his playoff spot by dropping down his bunt base-hit in the first inning Wednesday. He was proud to deliver the first batting crown to the Mets organization and for himself.

If he can live with that, you should be able to too.

C U soon
Eddie C.

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