By Ed Coleman
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Give it a rest.


That’s exactly what Jose Reyes did on Wednesday after legging out a bunt single in his first and only at-bat, and you know what? He was entirely within his rights to do so.

I know the fans might not like it, those that were present may have felt deprived of watching Reyes, unable to cheer him on throughout the afternoon. And hey, I might not exactly be in love with the move. But it was his decision, and his choice, and it worked out for him.

So live with it. He’ll have to, and will.

This was not a guy stuck in an 0-15 skid trying to nurse his way to a batting title, desperately searching for the finish line. Reyes had two hits on Sunday. He added three hits plus a sacrifice fly on Monday. Then on Tuesday, three more hits, two of them home runs.

Since coming off the disabled list for the second time on August 29, Reyes had at least one hit in 25 of the 28 games he played. He batted .339 in the final month. And he finished the season with an 8-game hitting streak, batting .433 over that span. Reyes was in the lead, Ryan Braun had to catch him, and couldn’t do it.

I liken it to a team clinching a playoff spot. Once you’ve accomplished that, all bets are off. The only thing you owe anyone is to get your team positioned and prepared as best you can for the playoffs.

The Yankees had a 7-0 lead on Tampa Bay Wednesday night which quickly became 7-6 entering the bottom of the ninth inning.

Mariano time, right?

No. Joe Girardi opted for Cory Wade, who promptly gave up the game-tying home run — and the Rays win in extra innings. Would the Red Sox and Rays be playing a play-in game Thursday night if Mo was on the mound instead of Wade? Probably. But Girardi is resting Rivera for the playoffs, and he has every right to do just that.

Sorry Boston, and sorry Braun.

Mets manager Terry Collins wasn’t crazy about the move either, but he acceded to Reyes’ wishes and offered no apologies in doing so.

Reyes felt he clinched his playoff spot by dropping down his bunt base-hit in the first inning Wednesday. He was proud to deliver the first batting crown to the Mets organization and for himself.

If he can live with that, you should be able to too.

C U soon
Eddie C.

Do you agree with Eddie, or are you peeved about the Reyes situation? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Chewing says:

    As Mets Take Final Game Of Season From Reds 3-0: Reyes Bunts His Way To Mets First Batting Title! (77-85)

  2. KPMc says:

    Jose’s decision is indicative of the mentality that has permeated the Mets for several years.

    I will take a blast for this but here goes…. Latino ballplayers don’t care about winning championships… they care about personal goals.

    Now of course I don’t mean every hispanic player but the team that Omar built was full of players with that mentality and Reyes is/was the leading man.

    Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins are trying to change that atmosphere but it takes time. The Mets will be better off without Reyes if they replace him with a player that has a passion for winning games and championships, not batting titles and individual awards.

    Ted Williams could have sat out either or both games of a double header when his batting average was at .400 on the last day of the season. He elected to play both games, went 6-for-8 and finished at .406.

    Now some will ask if It is really fair to compare Reyes with Williams and I say yes. You compare the EFFORT not the results. In this area Reyes is severely lacking.

    Blast away blindly trolls without thinking about my comments critically. I expect nothing less from the masses.

    1. Jay says:

      Dear kpmc: the fact that you imply that Reyes is about personal goals and thats indicative of Latin players means 1) you’re a bigot, and 2) you don’t watch the mets play. I’m sure you had a different opinion in 2008 when jeter pulled himself out of the middle of the game and then sat out the last 2 full games of the season when his batting average dropped to exactly .300. By the way, say hello to Bachmann and Rick perry and the kkk.

      1. KPMc says:

        Keep glossing over legitimate issues and see where that gets you.

        As for using stereotypes to define people see most of your post.

        As for my defense… see my second sentence. Then take a few classes on reading comprehension.

        1. KPMc says:

          That is no longer true today. The eastern European players have certainly proved their passion for winning and the Cup is as much a goal for most of them as it is for most of the players born here.

          Do with the info what you wish. I can’t make you less ignorant or able to think critically but try opening YOUR mind instead of making knee-jerk reactions you were conditioned to and maybe we can have a civilized discourse about the state of baseball, the Mets and international players

      2. KPMc says:

        The real racism comes when we CAN’T talk about such issues because it wouldn’t be politically correct.

        Don’t know how old you are but maybe you remember the first wave of Russian and eastern european players into the NHL. It was pointed out (by those brave enough to broach the subject) that many of the new players didn’t have the same passion for winning and certainly did not hold the reverence for the Stanley Cup that North American players did. At the time it was true, they did not grow up here and did not have that passion.

        That is no longer true today. The eastern European players have certainly proved their passion for winning and the Cup is as much a goal for most of them as it is for most of the players born here.

        Do with the info what you wish. I can’t make you less ignorant or able to think critically but try opening YOUR mind instead of making knee-jerk reactions you were conditioned to and maybe we can have a civilized discourse about the state of baseball, the Mets and international players.

      3. KPMc says:

        The real racism comes when we CAN’T talk about such issues because it wouldn’t be politically correct.

        Don’t know how old you are but maybe you remember the first wave of Russian and eastern european players into the NHL. It was pointed out (by those brave enough to broach the subject) that many of the new players didn’t have the same passion for winning and certainly did not hold the reverence for the Stanley Cup that North American players did. At the time it was true, they did not grow up here and did not have that passion.

      4. KPMc says:

        That is no longer true today. The eastern European players have certainly proved their passion for winning and the Cup is as much a goal for most of them as it is for most of the players born here.

      5. KPMc says:

        I can’t make you less ignorant or able to think critically but try opening YOUR mind instead of making knee-jerk reactions you were conditioned to and maybe we can have a civilized discourse about the state of baseball, the Mets and international players

      6. KPMc says:

        Do with the info what you wish. I can’t make you less ignorant or able to think critically but try opening YOUR mind…

  3. john says:

    Does anyone care what Yankee fans think – he could have gone 5 for 5 and they would be kissing Jeter’s ass.

    Believe me, if Yankess were stuck with jeter’s contract and PR disaster they would be offering Reyes a ridiculous contract.

    So yankees have a playoff game to be happy about but these clowns still want to troll a Met story – pathetic. Luckily I know a lot of mature Yankees fans who would have nothing to do with these losers.

    1. Jeff says:

      John, you responded to the post so do care what Yankees fans have to say you MORON!!!! Not too smart are you?

      Reyes did not go 5-5 now did he John? so it really does not matter does it.

      By the way John, you don’t know any Yankees fans, we’re too smart to hang with morons like you, you’re a LOSER and that’s a fact.

      Take your medication John, the worst for the Mets fans is yet to come, and it’s coming, Yankees winning the WS again & Jose “Overrated” Reyes leaving.

  4. Jeff says:

    Mets fans, stop your crying, you’re acting like little girls. So Reyes won a batting title, big deal, he’s gone after this season, leaving the Mets & their fans behind with no champinship in the 9 yrs he was there.

    Those are the facts, you can’t handle the truth. The back of his Tops card will not have those stats like Jeter’s like post-season games played, WS games played, WS titles (5), WS batting average. WS MVP (2000)

    3088 hit club member (20th all-time) so far, most 200 hit seasons (7) MLB SS record and most important, date voted into the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame (100% votes)

    Jeter is God, and those are the facts.

    By the way Jeter & the Yankees are in the post season…again.
    What will Reyes & the rest of the Mets be doing? LOL, LOL

    1. Bill says:

      Funny since all the whinny comments are coming from trolling Yankee fans. Once again a mountain out of a molehill via the media and it’s parrots like yourself

      1. Jeff says:

        Mets fans are so easy targets, their idiots and so damn gullible, they believe anything written by people like Coleman & Coutinho, even if they lie just to make Mets fans feel good about themselves, but hate & get upset in hearing the truth written by others.

        Hey Bill, don’t go postal once Reyes signs with another team, takes the money and gives your Mets & the fans the middle finger, like I’m doing to you right now.

        1. Bill says:

          Other than your attempt at being internet tough guy, why should the Yankee fans care what Reyes’ does? You just proved my point that they’re just looking for another reason to troll a Mets story. Bravo you have trolled successfully, maybe Obama will give you a job in his internet task force to defeat the evil anti-government “terrorists”. If Reyes’s leaves so be it, thats his decision, your not going to see the LeBron James type reaction from the fan base that your fantasizing about.

          1. Jeff says:

            Bill, Bill, you did not have to answer my post buddy, but because your dumbass just needed to say something, you did, I have no problem with that.

            By the way, I forgot to mentioned and I hope you took your medication because I do believe you’re PMSing, but Rollins & the Phillies are in the post season as well.

            You remember Rollins don’t you?, why am I asking, of course you do, he predicted the Mets fall in ’07 & ’08 and damn if he wasn’t right. The Mets have not been the same, as I’m sure you & the rest of the Mets fans as well.

            Cheer up Bill, there’s always next year or the year after that, well, maybe. LOL

            By the way, I’m too busy looking those WMDs Bush & Cheney made the rightwings & the rest of you idiots believe excist, still looking buddy, so can’t help Obama.

            Also, Bill, don’t jump, Reyes will be leaving.

      2. john says:

        “Jeter is God, and those are the facts”

        You sound like a love-sick 12 year old groupie – thats embarrassing, man.

        1. Jeff says:

          Jane, you sound like one of those jealous ex-girlfriends. How happened Jane, boyfriend left you for a Yankees fan? Is this why you hate Jeter so much, his new boyfriend has a Derek Jeter jersey.

          Don’t tell us, when he returned the stuff you left at his place (panties, dresses, bras, high heels) he also returned the Reyes jersey you gave him for Valentine’s Day as well & that really set you off. LOL

  5. Steve says:

    Ed coleman, you are just protecting your relationship with the mets organization. Deep down you know it was a bush move but you have a job to protect and a family to feed.

  6. Jay aronowitz says:

    Well said Ed. Most fans responding here are Yankee fans. I guarantee that if Braun had the lead he would not have played yesterday. We never had a batting champ and we wanted one and now we want Jose back. Brandon Phillips pulled himself from the last game and a half because he was at .300. Decisions like that are made all the time in sports. I would have been very upset if jose didn’t do everything he could to win the title.

  7. Doug says:

    Ed, big fan and really enjoy your work, but I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    Met fans campaigned like crazy, begged and screamed for management to keep Reyes, and his move yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with him “delivering a batting title to the Mets”. Those fans who paid good money in the stands deserve better, It was all about him.

    Furthermore, he came out of the game then because he knows he’s not coming back.

    This is Wade Boggs and the mystery hamstring all over again.

    If the Mets do resign him for $100M+ (which I seriously doubt will happen), how does a teammate look him in the eye and take him seriously when he asks out of a game in favor of an individual statistic? Especially when he made $11M this year?

    I don’t know how people are comparing Reyes to Ryan Braun when Braun won’t be making tee times today and actually finishes his starts.

  8. ramwmkg says:

    It would have shown self confidence, a team player side, and respect for the game if Reyes would have played the entire game. Based on his past behavior Jose does not possess these qualities. But in all candor, there are many players in that category – he is not alone… I dont think David Wright would have behaved this way…

  9. Jon B. says:

    Ed Coleman is a Mets apologist and sychophant. Always has been and always will be. Anyone following the Mets who isn’t such knows that Reyes has always been a selfish me first player. To compare Reyes’ act of cowardice to the actions of an entire team getting ready for the playoffs is ludicrous. But, this is vintage Ed “nothing is ever wrong in Metsland’ Coleman.

    1. Jose A Vasquez says:

      Please you sound like a Yankees fan think back to the Mattingly and Winfield batting race. Reyes I agree didnt back into a batting title nuff said

  10. Robert says:

    Jose Reyes screwed the fans with his bush league move. What Terry Collins should have done with this situation is that if his intent was to bench him for the last game and notify the press of his intentions. This man is an injury prone player and I’m sure Ruben Tejada would fill Jose’s position should Jose take the
    money and run, injured hamstrings and such. He can take his dancing routines
    from the dugout to “Dancing With The Stars” if he so chooses. That’s why Ted Williams is repected for what he did 70 years ago, playing a doubleheader and
    going 6/8 to finish at .406. And take some lessons from Jeter and Mariano. Class acts celebrate only when they get rings. Do you have any, Jose?

  11. The Kid64 says:

    In 50 years he’s the first Mets player to win a batting title and I’m supposed to be all bent out of shape? C’mon…let’s talk about next season which BETTER include Reyes at short!

  12. Mike says:

    Why do I constantly see Jeter’s name being brought up? Is he the Jesus of baseball or something? Give it a rest people.

    Jose went back to back 3 hit games with 2 HRs in one night. Don’t you think he deserved it? The guy plays 110% every day. Maybe the rest of the team should take note and learn something about that. Right Jason?

    1. scott says:

      Mike- make that 110% for only 2/3 of the season. You hear thename jeter because he plays through pain, plays best when it counts and clearly does not chicken out like reyes did. reyes misses more games than anyone- how can you say he gives 110% every day? he misses 40 games a year- EVERY year

      1. Mike says:

        Right. He spent ZERO days on the DL and didn’t milk it so he could get 3000 at home.

        Perhaps a Jeter tea bag is in order for you. Just don’t soil your #2 jersey. Oops! Looks like you already did.

  13. schri says:

    There has been a concerted smear campaign against Jose Reyes, one of the games greatest players, a gifted and superior athlete whom Ron Darling described yesterday as the most athletically gifted shortstop to ever play baseball. Darling’s credentials are indisputable, and MLB should step in and regulate the disparagement of a magnificent player and true champion. I am disgusted with those on this blog who continue to discredit and denigrate this great champion and call on MLB and the commissioner’s office to inquire into this issue both as it expressed on this blog and in other media portals and outlets that have bearing on the national discourse and opinion.

    1. Robert says:

      Good player who can’t stay on the field. Show me the rings before he dances his way to another team. Oops, I forgot this team has no pitching and they want to move the fences in. Give me a break. Jose will move to a team with the best chance to win, period

    2. Jon B. says:

      Where do some Reyes fans get this stuff from? 1) Reyes is not a great player and 2) He is definitely not a champion as the Mets have won nothing with him, not even an NLCS. Jose Reyes is a fantasy baseball type player who prefers to pad his stats over thet team winning.

    3. Doug says:

      “….true champion.”

      Of what, exactly?

  14. scott says:

    Reyes missed his usual 40 games 1/4 of the season . Braun played in over 150 games. He backed into this and he knows it. Wimpy move. He should have gone out and won it. I love Ed Coleman- but his comparison to Mariano is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Mariano is 41 yrs old and has a playoff game in 2 days. That is when you deserve a rest- in a meaningless game. there is absolutely no reason other than Reyes being afraid to fail- to come out of the game. you can guarantee jeter would never do that.

  15. tim says:

    You think Jeter would have done the same thing? Classless act by a classless player on a classless team.

    1. commenter says:

      Nah, Jeter wouldn’t have done the same thing…. He would’ve skipped an All-Star game while fully healthy after the FANS voted him in. He would’ve skipped the last 2 GAMES of the season to protect a fragile .300 Batting average (2008). Get your head out of Jeter’s ass before you say anything……

    2. Tony says:

      The Yankees have nothing to do with this story. Tim is a typical Yankee fan. Idiot.

    3. Schri says:

      Jeter is a relentless womanizer and celebrity pretty boy. He is a great player and failed human being. Reyes has the strength of his stated convictions, Jeter failed to even make an appearance at Bob Shepherd’s memorial.

      1. Bob says:

        Shi*ty or Schri, whatever the hell your name is, Reyes is an HGH user & loser.

        We have great doctors here in the USA and this fool goes to an unlicensed doctor in Canada who’s known for using HGH on his patients.

        Using steroids Reyes played 4 straight yrs without an injury, but once MLB starts testing for steroid Reyes stops using it, brakes down, is hurt for 2 straight years, goes to this witch doctor in Canada and has a career year in 2011 after having his blood spun with HGH.

        Reyes is an known HGH cheater. Jeter is clean and a Hall of Famer.

    4. Bill says:

      Yea because the Yankee organization is completely spotless, give me a break. Class doesn’t involved faking getting hit by a pitch.

  16. Kevin says:

    I wonder if Mr. Francesa will kill the Yanks for not going to Rivera last night like he killed Reyes all day yesterday. He’ll make some lame excuse that the Yanks have the right to rest him if they feel like it. Ed hit the nail on the head. Jose had eight hits in his last three games prior to yesterday to take the lead in the batting race. He was well within his rights to leave the game at any time he wanted. The only mistake they made was not letting him take the field in the 2nd and pulling him during the inning so he could get the ovation he deserved.

  17. JP says:

    Agreed! Well said Ed. Good for Jose. A positive note to a rather dismal season. It’s also not going to hurt Jose in his contract negotiations either.

  18. Walter Becker says:

    I also believe Coleman is too close to the players and the organization. I wonder if the situation were reversed–If Reyes were trying to catch Brawn–Would Coleman have been as understanding if Brawn sat down after 1 AB.

    1. Bill says:

      If Jose wasn’t a Met nobody would be complaining about it, this is another episode of the double standard the sports media has for the Mets as opposed to everyone else.

      1. SP says:

        No, if Jose wasn’t a selfish prick, no one would be complaining about it. I hope the Mets don’t bring this dancing hot dog back.

  19. Nino says:

    In hindsight, if Reyes played the whole game and went 0 for 4, he would have still won the batting title because Braun also went o for 4. Although I would have liked to see him play the whole gave, it’s no big deal that he didn’t. Good for you Reyes and thanks for bringing to the Mets their first batting champion ever! You deserved it!

  20. CJD says:

    Mr. Coleman is too close to the Mets organization to provide an unbiased comment, as would John Sterling if we asked him to comment on a Yankee news item. Ask Bob Gibson, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Daryl Strawberry, Don Mattingly, etc. for their opinions on Reyes’ action. I guarantee it will be negative. Ask Joe B. from 10-2. I guarantee it will be negative. It is not an old vs. new school argument. It is indicative of today’s “ME” society. Ask the diehard fans who attended the game yesterday for their opinions, which would also be negative. Why didn’t Reyes and the Mets have a Tuesday press conference telling those die hard fans that Reyes would only be playing for the first 20 minutes of the game, so those people would not be so disappointed? It’s really sad. Show the game tape to your children and grandchildren and tell them to do the opposite.

    1. schri says:

      Reyes went 7 for 11 in the last 3 games, including consecutive 3 hit games. His superior performance and execution created the Weds. opportunity. Braun was unable to keep pace and was unable to put the ball in play for hits on Weds.

      As for the fans, many (probably most) Met fans have been extremely fickle and not worthy of attention from the players. I’ve witnessed so called die-hard Met fans horribly verbally assault and attack Piazza during an All Star season and heard the same kinds of fans vehemently argue to trade Reyes because of his fragility, or whatever. Fans, come on. Why should these star players have any allegiance to fans who mindlessly disparage their efforts.

    2. Walter Becker says:

      I agree with CJD–Coleman is too close to Organization and too worried about ruffiling someoneone’s feathers. I wonder if a player on a different club had done somethinglike that and Reyes had lost the title when that guy sat himself down if Coleman would have been as understanding?

  21. tee says:

    Well said Mr. Coleman. Reyes is not the selfish player that some fans want to make him out to be. I’m very happy and proud as a Dominican Met fan that Reyes was the first Met to win a batting title…something that I’m sure may bother some fans. Here is a player that never complains except when he is not playing nor does he make excuses when he does not do well. These are the same fans that make excuses for Wright’s failures by blaming it on the ballpark…I hope we can resign the best homegrown everyday player we’ve had since Strawberry…it would an embarrassment for this franchise if we don’t.

  22. GEORGE says:

    Reyes and Wright, considered to be the “heart and soul” as well as the “poster-boys” for the Mets, have demonstrated to be proven “losers”! The Mets will never win another championship with the two of them as their “marquis” players! To win in Sports, great leadership is required, and the two of them fall way short in that department.

    1. Tony says:

      Sounds like Mike Francessa. Must be a Yankee fan.

  23. Augustine says:

    Ed I agree with you. But I also think that people have missed something subtle. Might not be the reason, but I wish someone would mention this.
    I was shocked and disappointed when I heard that Jose Reyes got one hit and then took himself out of the games. Made no sense? It was just like everyone else was saying: get a hit, preserve the lead then win the title. Pretty selfish motive!
    I could only think of one other scenario that might explain this. Take a dynamic but injury prone player. He’s having a career year playing full out. After his second stint on the DL, management thinks of a new strategy. The injuries seem to come when he plays too much and too hard, especially on day games after night games. The new strategy becomes to rest him on day games after night games. When he came back in September, that’s what they did. In the 6-5 loss against Cincy, Jose had a baserunning error that cost the Mets game. He was trying not to go full out and get injured. On that same day, Ryan Braun was being rested for the playoffs and had one at bat as a pinch hitter by the way.
    Now it’s the last game of the season with the only the batting title as any kind of achievement. It’s a day game after a night game. What do you do? Stick to the plan of resting Jose? This might be his last game as a Met. Why not have one at bat, got all out and then say goodbye? I haven’t heard anyone give this explanation. Why? I don’t know. But if you heard this coming from Terry or Jose it might be read as, oh Jose doesn’t want to get injured. He’s too selfish and fragile. Given the history injury and just how much he has meant to this team over the years, it’s not a notion you can discard so easily.
    When are individual achievements something more than just selfish pursuit? Surely any Met fan would trade a World Series ring or playing in the playoffs for batting title? But that’s not the choice here. The pursuit of the batting title was a personal achievement. It was a glimmer of light in a dark season, and something for the whole organization to be proud of. No Met pitcher has ever pitched a no hitter. It’s not like 1940 chant for the NY Rangers but it is a topic of conversation and consternation. But if a Met pitcher would pitch a no hitter, that conversation would change.
    So thank you Jose for giving us a Batting Title. Thank you for all that you’ve given us as a player and I hope to see you next year in a Met uniform.

    I just want to talk about Terry Collins breaking down. This hasn’t been given enough airtime I think. With the wild card races and then the batting title, this is at least number 4 in the news cycle. I don’t know Terry personally, but anyone who breaks down crying like he did and with what we’ve seen over the season, you can say that the man cares about his team. He cares about winning and he cares about the fans. Thanks Terry for a great season. It wasn’t what we as fans wanted, but we saw a team play hard every day, every inning, and just about every play.

  24. Matt says:

    Usually on board with you, Eddie, but this was all a ploy for negotiations. He and his agent will hang his batting title over the Mets heads. Reyes, as he has his whole career, was about Reyes and this is no different. Good luck to the team that gives him 100M, it won’t be the Mets.

  25. Bill says:

    Why are the fans being blamed? Why dont you blame your fellow brothers in the media, they’re the ones who turned this molehill into a mountain.

  26. Thomas Giudici says:

    sportswriters should stop backing up these selfish players-tell the truth for a change-Mariano should have pitched Reyes should have played whole game-we all all know it -speak the truth and stop the rationalizations.

    1. Schri says:

      Selfish players? Professional sports is a competitive arena. As such it involves constant maneuvering, positioning, gamesmanship, etc. as well as the demands of skill and athleticism. Reyes out performed Braun at the wire with back to back 3 hit games. He created the opportunity which to his credit he took advantage of on Weds. Who, given a situation to out maneuver a competitor at work or in the market , wouldn’t do so?

  27. laddie says:

    he’s gone anyway so who cares???

  28. Kurt Spitzner says:

    jose reyes is exactly whats wrong with sports today!ted williams is rolling over in his grave listening to all the alleged sports writers trying to back up what he did so that way he continues to grant interviews even when he plays for a new team next year!

    1. schri says:

      Ted Williams spent his post baseball life in bitter self promotion as the “greatest living baseball player.” Right – thanks for reminding us. The myth making around Williams is about as disgusting as the disparagement of Reyes’ outstanding performance.

    2. Greg Pagel says:

      more like rolling over in his freezer…

  29. Lenny D says:

    Mr. Colman, you compare Reyes sitting down to a TEAM clinching a playoff birth. THAT IS THE ISSUE. THis was a selfish move by a pampered player. He got a hit and quit. What message does that send to the fans? What message does that send to your team or organization? It says here in the Mets organization it is OK to put your self before the team. And as long as the Met organization tolerates that belief, they will NEVER be champions again.

    1. Schri says:

      Reyes played 13 innings on Tues night, hitting 2 home runs in the process. Braun took 2 walks in front of Fielder and failed to put the ball in play. Reyes blew past Braun because he had consecutive 3 hit games while Braun was either sitting on the bench or walking to first base.

  30. kathy says:

    Congratulations, Jose. Good for you. You played your heart out every game. No one deserves it more than you. Hoping your will always be a Met.

  31. Schri says:

    Thank you Mr. Coleman. Well said. I completely support Reyes, his outstanding play in the field, and each of his tactical decisions in the last 3 games of the season. he won the title simply because he out performed Braun.

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