NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An audit of New York City’s Animal Care & Control found the animal shelter system is working to improve the safety and health of animals and staff, but that more still needs to be done.

Comptroller John Liu released the findings of the audit on Thursday, which was a followup to one that was completed back in 2006.

In that audit five years ago, the comptroller’s office called for several changes in the AC&C, including:

  • More spot cleaning of adoption shelters
  • Making sure shelters have adequate medical staff
  • Separating sick and healthy animals
  • Giving dogs more exercise
  • Improving shelter security
  • Improving investigations of foster care animals missing from shelters

Liu’s report found that since 2006, the AC&C has made many of the changes while others still need work.

Getting more volunteers to help walk dogs for example, have improved throughout the shelter system, but the audit says dogs still aren’t being walked regularly enough.

Shelter security has also improved, but audit said the agency still doesn’t have reliable reports about missing animals or the ability to know the actual location of an animal in the shelter.

The audit also found while the AC&C had improved it adoption process, underfunding means a continued shortage of medical staff and medical treatment for animals.

In order to keep improving conditions for both employees and animals, the comptroller’s office made ten recommendations in the 2011 audit, including:

  • Keeping sick and healthy animals apart
  • Develop a written dog-walking policy
  • Focus their resources on animals that been at shelter for a long time
  • Modify its Missing Animal Tracking policy
  • Outline procedures of missing foster care animal cases.

The report said that AC&C officials “generally agreed with nine of the 10 recommendations and described the actions to be taken to address them.”

But the audit said the AC&C didn’t agree with the finding that there isn’t enough medical staff to meet the medical needs of animals.

To read the full audit, click here.

The AC&C has shelters in all five boroughs.

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  1. Lotus_108 says:

    The most basic thing is not even addressed in their audit…are they not aware that no one answers the phones, checks emails, or checks phone messages in a timely manner? Many, many dogs have died because people are not able to get through & give up. Or get through too late because no one answered the phone or checked a message. It is truly pathetic.

  2. stellasmom says:
    This is the link to the dog Jada that was left unattended for 11 days & died of a bladder infection .At the NYC ACC ~

    1. stellasmom says:

      Ms.Baker wrote about Jada on her comment below.This link shows beautiful Jada !
      Murdered by the hands of Julie Bank & Dr.Thomas Farley.Yes, doctor death !

  3. stellasmom says:

    This is the pup that Ms.Baker posted in her comment that was left to die with a bladder infection .

  4. stellasmom says:
    Jada she’s the pup Ms.Baker is speaking about !
    “There was a poor dog that was not seen by a vet and was later found dead in her cage due to vaginal bleeding. Something an experienced vet or vet technician should have diagnosed immediately. But due to lack of trained staff many of these animals suffer.”

  5. Dawn says:

    My cat was half dead when she was rescued from Manhattan AC&C. She laid in her cage with her face encased in her own mucus, unable to eat because she couldn’t smell her food. She weighed 3 pounds. This was only in January of this year. I HIGHLY doubt improvements have been made since then. If my friend didn’t fight to get her released she either would have died in that cage or would have been euthanized for sure. It’s a horrible system and they’re hiding the truth from the public. (She is now about 10 pounds! Amazing what good care and lots of love can do).

    I agree with the post above, New York City should be ASHAMED of what they do to animals.

  6. Teresa says:

    Agree with Alana – how could the very obvious and well-known fact that there are NOT shelters in all 5 boroughs be gotten wrong here. More animals are being killed than ever! No one answers the phones anymore so how could the adoption process have possibly “improved”? The lies just keep coming and the animals keep suffering and dying.

  7. Animals routinely go missing, every damn animal develops a cold that is not treated, properly and then condemned to die for being sick. Animals are labeled as sick in order to making room for more animals. The public is not allowed to know which animals are condemned to die the next day until it is to late to rescue them. Transparency is lacking and the public is ignored.

    1. Mariann says:

      Agreed! However improving the adoptions for long term animals is a lie – they don’t get to LIVE LONG! The stay is usually 3 days then they are killed. And as for the lost animals…..the NYACC recently advised they will NOT be offering assistance with lost or stolen animals – because of budget cuts. You cant call and ask if an animal has been found or turned in – they simply wont help……SO very very sad…

    2. Pandadoll says:

      It is extremely EASY to cure the cold – 10 days of treatment is all it takes. Please ask a reputable Veterinarian to check –

  8. Pandadoll says:

    Truth be told – There are RESCUE groups Begging to SAVE the animals lives – Please let them do so & when someone calls the NYC ACC shelters PLEASE answer the phone – an animals LIFE DEPENDS on that – Many have been killed while adopters are ON HOLD – that would really help – There are many groups that make the process open & available to the public that wish to help save lives, rather than NOT. Also, if an animal catches a cold or becomes ill, unless it is LIFE THREATENING – everything needs to be done to get the animal medical attention. These NYC ACC shelters fall way short of doing tat – DONATIONS are collected by the public for this purpose. The need to let the PUBLIC participate in saving the family pets, they are killing for convenience – Thank you –

  9. Alana Roberts says:

    There are not shelters in all 5 boroughs so if you can’t get that right I’m not sure how accurate the rest of this article is. Most people feel that the AC&C is doing a despicable job and that the recent budget woes are just their latest excuse to cover their inadequacies.

    1. Edith Solveig Neu Baker says:

      I so agree with you, Alana. There are only 3 shelters: Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. The animals stay a maximum or 3 days and then they are killed. The phones are not answered or are seldom answered. I know of instances of adopters wanting to adopt the animals and the animal was on the euthanasia table. I know of instances of people trying to find their lost animals and finding them in the freezer.

      There are cases of animals found dead in their cages with their feces all around them. No animal soils the area they sleep in. But these poor souls are neglected. They are not walked and have no other recourse then to soil the area they sleep in. I’ve seen pictures of cages with animals with no food or water. I heard of cases wherein food was dropped for the needy animals that were taken by the volunteers for their own animals.

      There was a poor dog that was not seen by a vet and was later found dead in her cage due to vaginal bleeding. Something an experienced vet or vet technician should have diagnosed immediately. But due to lack of trained staff many of these animals suffer.

      A person who would keep his or her animals the way NY AC&C keeps their animals would be arrested for animal abuse. NYC AC&C just continues business as usual. There is no transparency and there is no accountability.

      I also know a case of a dog that was run over by a car. There was 60 or more witness when she was brought to the Brooklyn AC&C. The group of people was demonstrating against AC&C continuous practice of destroying healthy, adoptable animals. A video of that event is available on YouTube. Anyway, the dog, a white female pit bull mix was sent to AC&C for medical treatment that she did not receive. She was only given pain killers, nothing else. By Monday, she was on the euthanasia list. It took a group effort to save and send her to receive the medical care she deserved. That dog is now adopted and living a good life, but no thanks to the AC&C.

      New York City should be ashamed of the way they handle adoptable pets.

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