NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Hundreds of “Occupy Wall Street” protestors continue to rally at a park in lower Manhattan.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

Zuccotti Park is protest city. Demonstrators have been pouring in since the “Occupy Wall Street” began over a week ago.

While the main focus of the protest is centered on the financial world, those camping out in the park speak to causes covering the political and social spectrum, from supporters of Ron Paul to the anti-war activists of the Granny Peace Brigade.

The owners of Zuccotti Park have posted new rules against sleeping bags, tarps and lying down on benches, but the demonstration shows no sign of abating.

Members of “Occupy Wall Street” have posted signs against drug use, warnings for demonstrators to be careful of the flower plantings and Ang from Jersey City, who did not give her last name, runs the free cafeteria.

“All the food is coming from donations,” she said. “People are donating money, which we use to buy food, but a lot of it is being sent to us. Home cooked meals, a lot of non-perishable goods are being sent and then we’ll send them out to kitchens which will then prepare them and bring them back.”

She said one person in South Korea went online to send the protestors a pizza.

Ang says they even have a clean up team.

“We’re being good about sanitation and we have a really great sanitation crew that has formed here,” she said. “They’re just hauling away any kind of trash, we’re doing recycling and now we’re trying to get a compost heap started as well.”

Authorities said they cannot force protesters to leave. Although the plaza off Broadway and Liberty Street is privately owned, it is required to stay open 24 hours a day.

But the demonstrators haven’t been staying still. The protest has also included marches with mixed results. On Saturday, about 80 people were arrested in tense and sometimes physical interactions with police.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Wednesday that the department will look into an incident of protestors being pepper sprayed by a high-ranking police officer.

Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna was identified by the hacker collective “Anonymous” as the officer who used pepper spray Saturday on women who were already cordoned off by a mesh barrier.

The group also posted a vague warning online which states:

“As we watched your officers kettle innocent women, we observed you barbarically pepper spray wildly into the group of kettled women. We were shocked and disgusted by your behavior. You know who the innocent women were, now they will have the chance to know who you are. Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!”

Following the warning, Bologna reportedly got 24-hour protection at his home.

The NYPD said the pepper spray was used properly against people trying to interfere with police attempting to disperse a crowd and that all the arrests have been justified.

Kelly says the video may not show the whole story, and said his officers had been tolerant of the protesters.

“We have not interfered with them even when they’re marching on the sidewalk in significant numbers. We’ve allowed them to do that. What, what we’ve told them is ‘Don’t go out in the street and block traffic,’ and that’s precisely what happened on Saturday,” Kelly said.

“What we don’t show is the tumultuous conduct that happened before [the incident],” Kelly said. “It was certainly a disorderly situation.”

The matter will be investigated by the Civilian Complaint Review Board, Kelly said.

About 100 protesters have been arrested since the group began its demonstrations. Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore and Dr. Cornel West are among the celebrities who have visited the protesters.

The commissioner said the protesters would make everybody’s life easier if they would apply for a permit. He said the NYPD has done everything to facilitate the demonstrators.

The group is expected to march to police headquarters on Friday.

What do you think about the protest? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. Vetman says:

    Wow! The nuts cases commenting here are far scarier than the protesters. Thanks, I fell better now.

  2. The Realist says:

    I’ve noticed that the media refuses to ask the important questions:

    – How much does Occupy Wall Street pay its PROFESSIONAL ACTIVIST employees?

    – How and where can people get the specialized training needed for a high-paying career as a PROFESSIONAL ACTIVIST??

    1. Robn says:

      Again… What??

      1. The Realist says:

        NOBODY would voluntarily leave their homes and camp out in a park for weeks on end, so it’s obvious that those “protesters” must be paid professionals.

        1. Robn says:

          Are you really that out of touch? EVERYTHING is not about how much money you can make for something – it’s about the being sick of getting stepped on over and over again. There will be more reward in holding these corporations responsible than any money they could ever be paid. These people are true heros and we should be thanking each and every one of them.

          1. The Realist says:

            Thank them? For what?

            – They’re eating up police overtime (paid for by you and me).

            – They scorn anybody with a job as a “9-to-5 drone” while complaining about being unemployed.

            – They claim to be “leaderless” while standing next to an “Official Calendar of Events” (which suggests an Official who’s in charge of everything).

            Be careful when you “take your hat off” to them – they’ll get angry at you for being rich enough to afford a hat, and then they’ll steal it right off your head.

            1. Robn says:

              All of those things you mention above are exactly what happens when people are taken advantage of long enough… they eventually fight back. Kudos to them:-)

  3. BossMan says:

    Lets just see how long they stay once the free WiFi is cut off, been in works to do just that. cut it off….

  4. Reverend Rev says:

    What is this “Occupy Wall Street” outfit? It must be a hugely profitable corporation (with a highly paid CEO) if it can afford to hire thousands of professional activists to protest in multiple cities across three continents. How can I get in on this action??

    1. Robn says:

      If you are going to try to quash this with untrue statements they should at least make sense…. Who is this corporation/CEO that is paying these protesters? Name names if your going to play the game otherwise your statement has no merit.

  5. BossMan says:

    Nobody cares about these idiots, just stay out of the street. and clean up that mess

    1. Roy Smith says:

      You the type who think you live in a bubble…but when it affects you …then you cry like a child.

  6. Ross Wolfe says:

    Certainly the OccupyWallStreet demonstrations have created a lot of buzz and enlisted a lot of leftish celebrities like Chomsky, Michael Moore, Cornell West, and others to support their cause, but I believe that the rather inchoate, generalized discontent expressed by the protestors needs to be given adequate theoretical clarification in order that the participants in this phenomenon might dedicate themselves to a longer-term program of reconstituting the Left. Michael Moore quite transparently wants a return to neo-Fordist Rooseveltian capitalism, Chomsky is a self-proclaimed “anarchist” who voted for John Kerry in 2004, and so on down the line. I therefore offer the following (Marxist) critique of the protests to this point.

    Of course, I realize that it is not enough to relentlessly criticize from the sidelines, but it is essential that these protestors be engaged so that their understanding of global capitalism is deepened and their politics radicalized. This means more than waving a few placards with populist slogans and other such theatrics.

    Regressive “Resistance” on Wall Street: Notes on the Occupation

    1. Blasterific says:

      Sorry I stopped reading after the word inchoate. I was right there with you and then…

  7. Auslander says:

    The police department justified its use of pepper spray against four women behind a makeshift orange mesh fence, stating that the video does not show the prior behavior necessitating the spray’s use. Having looked at the video, I find that explanation massively lacking.

    First, whatever happened just before the video was shot, the women were peaceful when Deputy Inspector Bologna approached them. If the women had been unruly that was no longer true when inspector Bologna pepper sprayed them. That the situation was well under control is also demonstrated by Inspector Bologna’s calm manner as he walked toward them. If the situation really threatened escalating violence, I imagine he would have moved in far faster, and far more purposefully, perhaps calling subordinate officers to accompany him.

    Second, Inspector Bologna’s actions after he sprayed the women belie the police department’s official position that something violent, requiring pepper spray, was imminent or in progress. He neither took further action himself to subdue unruly protesters nor ordered the officers nearby to do so. Instead, immediately after he used the pepper spray, he furtively reholstered the pepper spray and walked back to where he had originally been standing.

    Finally, while the police allege the women were disruptive, there has been no official police department account of just what laws they violated and just what they were doing that violated those laws. Had there been something concrete to justify Inspector Bologna’s actions, you can be sure the police department press operation would have highlighted it.

    It is far more likely that the pepper spray incident was intended to punish the protesters, express anger, or if one is more cynical, they may believe there were NYPD agents provocateur provoking violence among the anti-wage disparity protesters to discredit them.

    What I suspect will happen now is that the department will defend the Inspector in any civil legal proceedings against him and/or it. That is how this administration works. The real test will be the outcome of any departmental hearings. The officers who conduct these hearing seem to play it straight and often apply strict penalties for patrol book violation and may cost officers their jobs and even pensions.

    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      The NYPD press office is DCPI. That office is Deputy Commisioner For Public Information.

  8. anonymous says:

    Unemployed? Get educated!

    What is a “Paid Troller”?
    People who are paid for posting FUD content (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) at the bottom of online articles in order to discredit the author.

    What is a “HoneyPot”?
    A deceptive website set up as a “false flag” to lure targeted groups of people to post comments and/or register their personal information. The info is

    then correlated against other online data to identify those people.

    If I post from my home, can my street address be identifed?
    Yes! All computers have a MAC address that can be tracked down through the supplier who sold you your computer. Also your external IP address (the

    ID code used to connect you to the internet) can be correlated to your previous online activity. Google calls it “finding a needle in a haystack.” And of

    course, the Google Street View cars have already photographed your street front.

    How can I safely get involved?
    MAKE TIME AND PLAN YOUR TRAVELS so you can post from hotel lobby computers or any other non-managed public kiosk that is not near your

    home. Public libraries typically require your library card to be swiped and should be avoided. Internet cafes offer no safety unless the computer is public.
    DON’T WORRY if you’ve already posted from home because there is a considerable degree of ‘security in obscurity.’ Just don’t make it a habit!

    What should I post?
    Educate your worldwide brothers and sisters on these topics.Do it often and BE CONCISE!!!
    MOST IMPORTANTLY, have a positive intention, imagine what a peaceful world would be like and conjure a joyful feeling of that already being in place.

    What are the Banksters MOST worried about?
    1) exposure of the operations of the Federal Reserve Bank and fractional lending
    2) people losing confidence in paper currency and bartering instead
    3) people avoiding mainstream news media (mainstream news induces fear and generates hopelessness
    4) positive thinking and self-awareness of individuals
    5) anonymous mass resistance as described above

    Remember that your identity is not important… only your ideas… which can go viral. We love you. Good luck!

    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      Don’t you get it. I don’t care. I am sick from World Trade Center DUST. I have one kidney due to RENAL CANCER. I am in stage three of CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE. The banksters will be brought down. If people like RON PAUL don’t get elected, many members of the millitary are weighing options to restore our constitutional republic. They want all of us who either were volunteers or as first responders or as paid first responders to just drop dead. The cops are going to lose thier pensions and yet they act like total idiots and A**wipes.

      1. f muhlbauer says:

        God bless you Philip we the power are with you and you are right the banksters will be brought down

  9. Robn says:

    Why, in this article, do they focus mainly on the petty protest issues and not the issues that caused the protest? Why are they not directly quoting any of these protesters and trying to give them a vioce? They are reporting about them but not their cause? Are they even giving this any “on air” coverage? I don’t pay much attention to the broadcast news programs anymore but I am just curious if the news networks are still catering to their advertisers… or if they are letting the people who are rising up against those major corporations who destroyed the market with greed be heard?

    1. Christian Sierra says:

      Because the media is trying to maintain a normalcy bias and status quo in support of the Federal Reserves unconstitutional activities that is killing our nation.

      1. roseyposey says:

        in other words,

        Corporations own the news. If they air us, they risk adding momentum to the movement against them. Thus… no truth for the public.

  10. Robn says:

    No one is blaming you TJ… It is the corporations that destroyed your stock market with greed who should be blamed:-) Why are you so defensive?

    1. Goldman Sachs Analyst says:

      It was the European Debt crisis that mainly caused the stock market’s demise not socially responsible Wall Street power houses.

      1. ncpuma says:

        That is the funniest thing I have heard yet.

      2. JoejOe says:

        LOL>>>LIAR! Credit default swaps are all Goldman Sachs baby. Own it, it is your mess.

        1. Philip B Kirschner says:

          It’s called Deriviatives.

  11. Jen Powers says:

    the combination of street protests and online activism have made Occupy Wall Street a kind of movement that has not even begun to be understood. and although most media fail to mention Anonymous in its coverage, they are not only present but leading the way.

  12. Wall Street Trader Joe says:

    I made a few bucks today on the trading floor and I pay taxes on every penny I earn. Don’t blame us for the economy’s woes. The police have to do more to eradicate these trouble makers and crackheads.

    1. Bobby Vee says:

      Arab Spring: Wall Street Fall
      Be Careful what you say Mr. Stockbroker

    2. Philip B Kirschner says:

      Wall Street Trader Joe, so you made a few bucks today on the trading floor and I pay taxes on every penny I earn. Don’t blame us for the economy’s woes. The police have to do more to eradicate these trouble makers and crackheads

  13. Bee2345 says:

    I applaud the protesters. They are calling attention to a very real and very serious issue: the runaway greed of Wall Street and corporations have stolen the future of the majority, who are left to struggle to find jobs, hold onto their homes, and pay off debts. It’s time that those who so childishly insult the protesters to look at their own situations and decide whose side they are on. The greedy who control the nation’s wealth are not anyone’s friend except their own.

    1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

      I walked past that part at lunch time. Those “protestors” looked very comfy and cozy in their cushy professional activist jobs. How much is “Anonymous” paying them, anyway?

      1. plzmrpostman says:

        They looked cushy sleeping on tarps in a park in New York? I’ve been checking the live feed regularly, and while these people are receiving donations of food and medical supplies, I’d hardly call it “cushy,” and they’re certainly not being paid.

        1. Carol says:

          My son is there, currently, and there is NOTHING cushy about their existence. They are TOTALLY dedicated to changing our broken American financial/political system. They are not allowed to erect tents or anything that looks like tents. The best they can do to protect themselves against rain and cold is to “burrito” into tarps. They can’t stay dry. They are not allowed megaphones or amp systems so they have generated a wonderful “peoples’ mic”. They have food and water and generators for communication. They are dedicated. They are committed. They are out there to save us all. They deserve our love, support and respect. They want America to be great again…to be the constitutional government we were founded to be. So go ahead and criticize and make fun. I don’t care. They don’t care. But even you will benefit when the peaceful revolution suceeds.

  14. I am not Anonymous. I am an American.

    I am not just a Consumer. I am a Citizen.

    I will no longer be labeled Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Demopublican or Republocrat.

    I will no longer follow Puppets labeled Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Demopublican or Republocrat.

    I am the People. And I am coming for the Puppetmasters.

    I am part of the 99 Percent. And I demand the following:

    1. End the Fed.

    2. Reverse Citizens United.

    3. Repeal PATRIOT Act.

    4. Expose 9/11 Truth.

    5. End Profit Wars.

    6. Refund Taxpayer Trillions.

    7. Imprison the Kleptocrats.

    8. Single Term Limits.


    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      Amen Brother

    2. Chris from Queens says:


    3. cosmic says:

      Hey ironboltbruce!

      I’ve been seeing you at livestream/globalrevolution chat.

      Hugs to you. Peace!!

  15. Ben Russell says:

    As our State Dept. urges other country’s to show patience, and resist brutality, it seems it’s ok when the Leaders of our cities brutalize American Citizens. Its time we turned these thugs out of office. Come on, WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

    1. cosmicmom says:

      WE ARE THE 99%!!

      THIS is what Democracy looks like!!

  16. Trustafarian says:

    I’m posting here in support of the protesters because my mommy and daddy won’t let me go to New York to throw my temper tantrum with the rest of the children.

    Down with the pigs!

    Down with the Man!

    F*ck corporations!

    (Now gimme my welfare check!)

    1. 21stCenturyOracle says:

      That comment so uniformed and immature. No one is against the police. In fact there have been much respect shown to those officers who act civilly and with respect when making requests. No one is claiming down with the man implying a hatred against person-hood. We just refuse to have any longer a Corporation claim the same rights as a human being. We know corporations and the free market will exist, we just want them to change and not be so damned greedy and destructive. No one is asking for a welfare check in this protest. It’s way bigger than that. We just want our future back.

  17. Philip B Kirschner says:

    Hey cops, before you decide to protect WALL Street think about where your pensions are headed with the crash?

  18. Bob Watson says:

    lol, do you think the “Sheeple” will ever realize that its gonna take a LOT more than some silly protest to get anything done??

    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      Watson, I don’t even thing these kids have any idea what to with those pacificist minds.

    2. Rhosyn Felinau says:

      Such as sitting home and heckling those who dare do something?

    3. roseyposey says:

      Are you implying that the majority’s voice in a supposedly democratic society is ineffective?

      What action, besides a “silly protest” would you recommend in inciting change and inspiration?

      Should we just sit pretty and do nothing while we slowly rot in a system supposedly governed by the people?

      Have we all forgotten what the word democracy means??

      1. cosmicmom says:

        Show me what Democracy looks like.

        THIS is what Democracy looks like!

  19. Bobby V says:

    CBS: why are you blocking my posts? I am now taking steps to copy each and every post before hiting the submit button. CBS has taken part in the Media Blackout of the protest and now appears to be blocking favorable comments towards the Occupy Wall Street movement.. Shame on You. You will be held responsible.

    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      CBS is owned by Larry TISH. A part of the Millitary Industrial Complex that IKE warned us about. As RON PAUL is the frontrunner, and as RON PAUL is winning 1’st and 2’nd place on most polling unless doctored and as the economy implodes by design, we will see efforts of any FED supporting media to maintained a normalcy bias. But, I will tell you this when the final crashing of our dollar comes, FEMA has the camps ready for us. America is no longer america and groups like OATHKEEPERS who are true constitutional patriots are doing something about it. CBS who’s side are you on, the globalist Bankers or the founding fathers of our republic.

      NYPD, the line in the sand is drawn. Are you with us, or against us. Already 100 of your officers refused to work the protests. While useless, the reason why these kids are protesting is because these college grads have no hope. No jobs and no republic. NYPD join oathkeepers and refuse unlawful orders to disarm law abiding citizens and at the same time refuse to arrest decent. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER sheeple.

      1. envelope says:

        “the reason why these kids are protesting . . .”
        Your patronizing and condescension towards thosepresent at the vent belittles the rest of your post.they are not “kids”, there are even grandmothers present and by this weekend veterans too.

  20. Robn says:

    Very smart bums who want to be sure not to enter a workforce where corporations take advanage of others for profit and greed. You are correct, they are useless to those greedy corporations – thank God for the useless bum who leads the way:-)

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      Nice theory, except that these PROFESSIONAL ACTIVISTS are working… for a greedy corporation that’s making all kinds of money from the protests.

      1. Tony baloney says:

        Facts or shut up liar!

      2. cosmicmom says:



  21. Robn says:

    This movement is long overdue. I am at mid career level and out of work (by choice). I left my job for personal reasons but just in time it seems… My company turned a significant profit in 2010 by downsizing, working with skeletal crews, forced furlough days and cutting our 401K matches. They encouraged us to cooperate during the very scary downturn of the economy. It worked and the profit the company made is proof of that. How did they reward their employees? By a pay freeze, lowering salaries, adding new assignments to each existing position and not hiring others to take on the assignments fore mentioned. With so many people out of work you would think with record profits the company would try to help lower the jobless rate by hiring, but no. Instead they blame the current administration for the jobless rate, when it is the corporations that are still turning record profits and not hiring. It makes one wonder if it is not an orchestrated attack on a government that is trying to encourage them these corporations to pay their fair share. It is the corporations that are creating this economic climate with their greed. Not the silly politicians who have NO power over them. These corporations have the entire country under their thumb because we are so addicted to the products they are pushing on us. And when I say “entire country” that includes Wall Street. People of my generation have been conditioned since the 1980’s to pay into 401K retirement plans. They use scare tactics to get the middle class and even less fortunate people to sink money into retirement plans, like telling us that our Social Security will be gone by the time we are eligible. Then they crash the market every once in a while – and where does that money go? We loose all of our hard earned money and it basically just disappears into the abyss we call DJIA. But like robots, we keep over achieving for these companies, purchasing their products because we are conditioned to believe that we can’t live with out them and paying into retirement plans that are basically ponzi schemes.
    I am so relieved to know that people are finally opening their eyes to who the culprits really are.

    1. Wake Up Robn says:

      Robn, did someone to pay you to write that? Not all or many companies are doing what you suggest. Lets not blame the “corporation” and look at the invididuals that make up the corporation. Not happy with your situation? Move on. Everyone can make an impact and not take it from behind if you think your “clueless corporation” is screwing you.

      1. Robn says:

        Nope, no one paid me – but thank you, I am flatered:-)

        You are correct, “not ALL companies are doing” what I suggest… but too many are. And it is the greedy companies who allow, encourage, promote and and force the hands of the “individuals” they employ who should be held responsible; for destroying our economy, the jobless rate, the reduction in quality of available products and increase in cost. But they are not soley responsible, the goverment is also to blame for bowing to these corporations to satisfy their own need for power and greed. There is no agency in our government that ethical enough to hold Insurance companies, Banks, mortgage lenders and pharmaceutical companies responible for their part in the downturn of our economy. I thing a great name for a new branch of government of the people and by the people would be OCCUPY WALL STREET.

        1. cosmicmom says:

          Sending you much love and light, Robn.

          I’d like a new politlcal party named the OCCUPY Party. I’d leave the Dems in a heartbeat.

  22. J J Jatson says:

    God Almighty help us in this crazy world today. Most leaders today are after money and power. The only language they understand is moneyd and power. They don’t seems to see beyond their nustrils and that is why there is demonstration almost all over the world today. In the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. The present day leaders know only money and power and looting the wealth of the innocent poor masses. They are too hungry and greedy. God it seems this is the end times that was stated in the Bible. Remember me on the judgment day God for I am also a sinner but not as much as most of the rich and the highly placed people in this world, Lord. They commit crime and blame it on the devil Lord. Since I was born I have not seen the devil but I have seen the devil in men and women. They will deliberately commit crime and blame it on the devil. Lord let me be the lawyer for the devil on the judgment day. J J Jatson.

    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      JJ JATSON, that is an over simplification. There a handfl of individuals who are called OLIGARCHS who control private central banks like the federal reserve. They belong to clubs like BILDERBERG, BOHEMEAN GROVE and others. Guided by their DIETY MOLAK they plan for war, economic rise and falls and thier final agenda of population control. Google Georgia guidestones, watch a film like the OBAMA deception or ENDGAME, blueprint for global enslavement. Jefferson said it best, from time to time the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of mytars and patriots. Its time to restore the constitution, ending of the federal reserve and change the shape of washington by reconsituting a lawful leglslature and return our nation to the proper seperation of powers.

  23. CD says:

    Why is Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon helping aid these terrorists blocking the traffic in NYC, better keep an eye on those leading this….

    1. Philip B Kirschner says:

      Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon are known socialists. Not terrorists.Do you know, the US government is teaching law enforcement that our founding fathers were terrorists?

      1. Rhosyn Felinau says:

        There it is– the dreaded “s” word! It has become meaningless through repetition and a lack of general understanding as to the definition of the word. That is a Tearorist tactic– repeat “Socialism” (often seen as interchangeable with “Communism”) until fear has been instilled to the desired degree. Damn, people, learn how to present a cogent argument.

  24. Honest says:

    THe pepper spraying cop assaulted people who could and would not hurt him. or his fellow officersThey were practicing non-violent protest. I believe it is an American tradition.
    Would this cop have fit in in Selma . Would he have used it at lunch counter demonstrations. At the very least he should be demoted.

  25. Reverend Rev says:

    How do I get training for a lucrative career as a professional activist and protestor? Is there special certification? How much does it pay?

  26. PAULA says:

    if any have a job, especially at bk, wendys or mcd, they better quit, they are protesting the very places that employ them, they are all corps,

    1. Robn says:

      And if they don’t work there then they better not eat there either:-)

  27. DanTe says:

    Useless bum s who never worked in their lives. This may be their first real work experience.

    1. DanTe says:

      Typical censor loving dictators at C da BS. bum s is now a politically incorrect word? Along with p ost ?

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