By Sweeny Murti
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No pitcher on the Yankees staff draws more venom from fans than Allan James Burnett.

Partly because of his huge contract, partly because of his maddening inconsistency, partly because of his perceived attitude. And well, mostly because he just hasn’t been very good.

Burnett has shown flashes, but not nearly enough to make anyone — least of all himself — think he has lived up to his contract in the first three years.

With two more years left on his five-year deal, and the postseason — which will include him in the bullpen — upon us, A.J. Burnett sat down with me in the visiting dugout at Tropicana Field on Wednesday.

We chatted for half an hour, addressing many of the issues and criticisms that have been part of his first three years as a Yankee.

You may not like him any more than you did before, because frankly that’s only going to happen if he wins games more consistently. But Burnett doesn’t always come across his best in short sound bites or brief interviews immediately after a game.

My goal was to give him the chance to let his voice be heard. Here he is, in a forum that allowed Burnett more room to expand on his thoughts.

So here you go:

Sweeny Murti

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