Cops: Dogs May Be Same Ones That Attacked 67-Year-Old Man On Wednesday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island woman is in the hospital after being attacked by two pit bulls Thursday morning in North Merrick, police said.

The woman, identified by neighbors as  62-year-old Shasahi Sharma had just finished walking the track behind the former Brookside Junior High School just after 11 a.m. when the two 90-pound dogs attacked her.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera with the victim’s friend

As she got to the parking lot, the attack escalated. According to Det. Lt. Kevin Smith, the dogs bit her around the face and head and tore at her arms and legs.

“These dogs launched into full fledged attack,” Smith said.

On Thursday night the victim’s lone child, son Suraj Sharma, spoke to CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

“Her left arm is severely damaged and that she’s going to require a lot of physical therapy and surgery in the long run,” Suraj Sharma said. “Why do people have dogs that do this? She’s always been a little afraid of dogs, but usually when people are [at the track] they have them on a leash.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall with details of the attack

The woman managed to call 911 and officers arrived at the scene while the attack was in progress. The dogs then turned on the officers, reports Hennessey. Police opened fire and one pit bull was shot in the back and killed. The other managed to escape into nearby woods and is still on the loose. Police said the second dog may also have been shot.

The woman was rushed to Nassau University Medical Center, where surgery was performed. She is listed in serious condition.

Smith said, “It’s very likely if the officers didn’t arrive and put a stop to this that this woman could have lost her life.”

“We should say to the community at this time, stay inside. If they see these dogs they should let us know, call 911,” Smith told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

A neighbor told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that the woman walks the track daily to lose weight and get herself back into shape. Another told CBS 2’s McLogan the victim is actually a doctor.

“I just saw her laying down there. She wasn’t really moving too much. Cops just had gloves on,” witness Fred Rinzler told McLogan.

The search for the other dog in the attack continued Thursday night.

“The woods back right up into our back yard. They still have no idea where that dog is. That dog could be in our backyard for all we know hiding,” neighbor Amanda Hertzka said.

On Wednesday night, police believe the same pit bulls were responsible for the attack of a 67-year-old man on a bicycle three blocks from the site. He managed to escape thanks to a quick-think neighbor who fought the dogs off.

So just how vicious are these animals?

“They were so relentless in trying to get to this guy. I can’t imagine. They didn’t look like junkyard dogs. They looked healthy,” witness John Fiedel told CBS 2’s Hennessey.

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  1. peter says:

    like pit bulls–live in my neighborhood in the Bronx–kill hem all

  2. Steve says:

    While there might be some resonsible pit bull owners out there, the bad ones really “bring down” the good.

    In the hands of the malicious and/or dim-witted, pit bulls are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS weapons. The owner of the animals who attacked Ms. Sharma should be charged with attempted murder.
    Ownership of pit bulls should be regulated (just as we regulate ownership of firearms), because some people are just too stupid to responsibly rear these animals.


    The American Pit Bull is no different than any other breed of dog. It all depends on how the animal is raised.

  4. Meme Meyagi says:

    what about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa, who is going to deal with them?

  5. Sarah says:

    Why does this point from the neighbor matter?

    “A neighbor told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that the woman walks the track daily to lose weight and get herself back into shape.”

    This adds nothing to the story and the reporter should not have included it in the story. I’m sure this lady doesn’t need everyone knowing why she chooses to run. What an a-hole neighbor and reporter!

    1. Shark says:

      Yeah, that was a really rude comment.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I don’t live around the area of where this happen i actually live in another state. But my parents have always had pits and my kids were raised around them and as some have said its all on how an animal is raised. A little boy was just randomly attacked by an american bulldog where i live after the owner called it a big teddy bear…so its all on the way its brought up. Some dogs are given a bad rep for their name cause there not small and cute. What about a German Shepard? Their used in police business and can do the same if they decide to not listen to the commands when attacking a victim once told too…

  7. Dawn says:

    I don’t want to sound of depraved indifference b/c no dog should attack any human on the offensive, but the odds of these 2 dogs being 90 lbs is rather slim! It appears their description was greatly exaggerated. A pit that is 90 lbs would have 1 terrible hypothyroid problem! They’d also b sluggish as heck b/c of it! Most pit Xes are between 35 & 75 lbs.

    1. Shawn says:

      I own two Bully breeds and the dogs are not to blame it is the owners of the dogs… Bully breeds are loving and caring and just like any other breed if they are trained to be dangerous they will be…When someone shoots another person it isnt the guns fault its the person who pulls the triggers fault..The same can be said with Bully breeds..It is a sad day for pit bulls because now many innocent loving dogs will be killed The owner should be found and prosecuted and they should be euthanized!

    2. Joseph Calgarth says:

      You are wrong. Back in the 1950s, a pit bull weighing 50 pounds was considered huge, but for the past 25 or so years, pit bulls have been bred to be larger and larger and I personally know of one that belongs to a veternarian that weighs 130 pounds, and I have heard of pit bulls that weigh close to 150 pounds,

      1. pit bull = apbt says:

        Then those dogs are not Pit Bulls, they are probably mixed with Mastiff or are those designer “American Bully” dogs. A pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier should only weigh between 35 and 65 pounds.

  8. Veronica R. says:

    I am not an animal lover or hater, but I have no sympathy for these dogs!! Any dog that attacks an innocent person, no matter the breed, should be shot and killed!! I’ve lived in Merrick all my life and if, per chance, I see this dog, my shot gun will be aimed and fired at it until it’s dead!! No questions asked, and no regrets!!! Anyone who disagrees with this, can kiss the barrel of my gun and go to hell with the rest of the people who think these dogs aren’t evil. They most definitely are!!!!!!

    Shasahi Sharma, you and your family are in my prayers. May God bless you and watch over you as you struggle to make a full recovery.

    1. Steve says:

      Well said, Veronica.

  9. Kat says:

    Some of you wrote she was probably running or speed walking and that attracted the pitbulls. IF THE DOGS WERE ON LEASHES WITH THEIR OWNERS, MAYBE THAT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED !! And for those who love your sweet pitbulls, that’s fine but where is your empathy and outrage for KIDS AND ADULTS WHO HAVE DIED, LOST LIMBS OR ARE SCARRED FOR LIFE.

    AMANDA, other dogs are not in the media because they are not killing or maiming every month. And you could have stomped on the Chihuahua with your full body, if necessary, and gone to the media yourself.

    1. Shawn says:

      Kat..There are over 3 million pitbulls in kennels on death row in the U.S.. Funny thing is this dog used to be the Mascot of the U.S military.. The truth is that little dogs are more aggressive then Pitbulls..The owners are to blame most likely Gang members who use these dogs to intimidate other people..You cannot blame a whole breed for the acts of stupid people..The craziest thing about this breed is that 85% of the dogs which were abused raped and used as bati dogs from the micheal Vick case were rehabilitated and put into loving homes with Children..Its not the breed its the owners!

      1. Kat says:

        Shawn, I also am blaming the owners for letting dogs run loose. However, what do we do about all these maulings and deaths? Pits are always involved in these vicious attacks where people die or are horrible scarred. I can hurt an aggressive little dog that is biting and tearing at my skin. I cannot fight a pit.

      2. Joseph Calgarth says:

        Shawn, you are WRONG! The pit bull that was a “Mascot fot the U.S. military” is not the pit bull of today. In the 1940s-50s, pit bulls were MUCH smaller and were not human aggressive the way they are today. Afther dog freaks convinced people aggressive dogs should not be shot — as they were in the past — human aggressive pit bulls were allowed to breed and thugs have bred pit bulls to be more vicious and larger to the point there are pit bulls today that are three times as big as they were in the past. The pit bull breed has been hopelessly contaminated. Furthermore, dogs fighting other dogs does not necessarily result in a human-aggressive animal so your claim that many of Michael Vick’s animals were rehabilitated proves nothing.

  10. roneida says:

    Every attack like this, and there are many, always brings out the apologists that say” I have a Pit bull and he/she is the most gentle animal onearth and would never …….

    I say kill every pit bull found exceptions.

    There was a case out west 2 weeks ago where one killed a 2 week old baby in the dog’owners’ apartment.. Same sob story…

    They are not domesticated but are sleeper killers waiting for the flash. no good.. Even with their great strength and ferocious killing power, the military or cops never use them because they are psychopaths and un controllable.

    1. Bro Thomas says:

      ignorance is bliss I guess !!!

    2. Bro Thomas says:

      ignorant comment

    3. Sara says:

      One of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard. You clearly speak without knowing. Actually MANY pit bulls are used by police as search and rescue dogs…and MANY are therapy dogs as well. It is awful what happened to this woman, but your statement about killing all pits? Please, you may as well be saying arrest all those who look like gangsters because if they look like a gangster they must be. Ignorant prick.

  11. FC725 says:

    While you debate the merits of this breed, please remember the victim here. I know her and she is lovely. I cannot comprehend the terror and pain she endured just because she was out on her morning walk. It is noncontroversial that someone was extremely irresponsible here at best, causing an innocent woman to nearly lose her life. She will have a long recovery. Please, please pray for her.

    1. Joe Schmo says:

      Wish her a full recovery. Unfortunately living in NYC does usually not bring out the kindness in people too often.

  12. Joe Schmo says:

    Agree with doing that to the owners. At least the dogs can’t use guns or knives and don’t live (directly) off MY tax dollars.

  13. Justin says:

    So if the dogs coming at be cops looking for blood I guess the cops should of just let the dogs attack them to SMH!!!!! The cops shot and killed one of these monsters good for it while one is still on the loose and could go after a child next. Dogs like this should be destroyed

    1. Surfin Bird says:

      totally wrong this is police brutality

  14. Surfin Bird says:

    The police need to be charged with police brutality for shooting and killing the pitbull.

    totally unjust to violate a dogs civil rights.

    1. friend says:

      you are crazy

    2. Lefty says:

      How dare you??!!! You are a sick individual. I was attacked by my friend’s pitbull in Feb 2010 who I knew and loved!!! The attack lasted 13 minutes! It was the most horrifying experience I have ever endured! He tore my legs apart until my actual bone was exposed. He also broke my leg in two places… the bone never healed because his jaws crushed the bone into a hundred pieces… he also broke BOTH of my hands! I somehow escaped and he then turned and attacked his owner! She was rescued and the dog then began attacking me again!! I then passed out from shock and the pit continued ripping my leg apart! The Pit was never trained to do this.. he just turned on us… They should be outlawed PERIOD and anyone who thinks differently should be attacked by one so that they can feel the terror and the pain these dogs put innocent people thru. I would be dead right now had the police not shot the dog off of me. I have severe nerve damage and pain and still have terrible nightmares, YOU need to be attacked!!! You would change your tune very quiickly. You’re disgusting!

      1. Sarah says:

        Did you ever think this guy may just be sarcastic in his comment? Way to overreact! You clearly need to seek therapy to get over your attack because his comment should not have stirred such a dramatic reaction.

  15. S a n t aC l a u s says:

    Aggression is definitely genetic in certain breeds of canines as well as humans. How many times do you see a golden retriever attack someone even when (at least passively) provoked?
    How many times do you see a person of Chinese or Indian descent perpetrating all of the rapes, robberies, and murders that we read about on here seemingly every day??

    Wake up people. And I am one of the biggest supporters of animal rights and I say it.

  16. Justice says:

    Pit bulls get a bad reputation because they have the potential to be very dangerous. More so than any other breed, whether you want to face the fact or not. ~50% of all dog attacks are by pit bulls.

    It’s funny how people take this as a personal attack on their own pit bulls, and even assuming the owner was abusive. What if the owner treated the dogs right? What if the dogs just turned bad? You have absolutely no idea.

    I personally find it quite sad that people are more concerned with defending their beloved pit bull’s integrity over the internet (really?) versus having any remorse for this poor woman.

    1. amanda says:

      I’m going to put this out there. I feel bad for the woman, its a terrible thing that should never happen to anyone. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

      However, it’s a sad, sad thing that the owners let their dogs get in that state of mind. No dog just “turns bad” it doesn’t happen over night. Its 100% the owners fault, but the media strongly overplays this,

      It makes pitty owners mad, because this is the ONLY dog breed you ever see on TV in a negative light. You would like to think that your beloved Golden’s and Labs never attack anyone well they do, you just never see it on TV because heaven forbid they get a negative rap. I got mauled by a freakin’ Chihuahua left me with 19 stitches, why didn’t the media say anything about this? Why can’t we ban this retard of the dog breed? I hear of chihuahua attacsk ALL the time.

      Pitbulls are not trained to attack people. Even as fighting dogs they aren’t. However they are a powerful breed and should be treated as such, I’m sure her speed walking (I’m assuming she is speed walking since she is an older lady) made them come out, and there was probably pack mentality, but once they sensed her fear it was all over. Any dog would take advantage of that. It doesn’t matter the breed.

      1. S a n t aC l a u s says:

        A golden retriever would have attacked her with a pack mentality? Are you out of your f***ing mind?!??!?

        As vicious as Chihuahuas can be, I can’t picture one (or any small dog) having a “pack” mentality. That’s why a small dog as such could never get the bad rep that a pitbull does.

        19 stitches? Next time WEAR PANTS while around one. Standing up can help as well.

        1. Pplrfunny says:

          Just felt the need to say that ALL DOGS have a pack mentality because THEY ALL are descended from wolves… Chihuahua’s are some of the worst with this… Wild packs in Mexico have been known to gang up on and kill other animals and people.. at the end of the day, the dogs are innocent until a pos owner turns them bad. its a shame that such beautiful dogs have to die for their owners ignorance and stupidity. I hope the woman makes a full recovery and they find the owner and charge them

          1. Joseph Calgarth says:

            Not true. While dogs are descended from wolves, dogs are NOT pack animals. True pack animals mate for life, both parents share in rearing the young, and animals remain with the pack. None of this is true of dogs in the wild, or dogs that go wild. While dogs in the wild will “run” with a group of dogs, it is not the same as a wolf pack because dogs come and go. For example, females must remove themselves from the group before giving birth or the other dogs will kill the pups. When a group of dogs attack, the more accurate description would be “mob mentality” the same as if a group of thugs attacked someone.

      2. Justice says:

        “No dog just “turns bad” it doesn’t happen over night. Its 100% the owners fault,”

        Yes they do. It’s called animal instinct. Dogs are animals.

  17. Mandy Boo says:

    I have a pitbull as well and she is the most gentle loving dog. She was abused as a puppy and has had a rough history and she has never tried to attack anybody. She was beat up by another pitbull when she was less the a yr old she still has scars all over her head and face from it. Aparently the one that owned her tried to use her for fighting and she just didnt want no part of it and was almost dead when the SPCA rescued her and she turned out to be a great dog. My mom also has 2 pits and they are babies. Great with the kids they like to play, my pit even gets along with them and she isnt really too keen on other dogs because of what happened to her. So dont say that all pits are bad dogs cuz mine went thru hell and back before I got her and she is now 3 yrs old and still doing great. She is awesome with my daughter and anybody else that she comes into contact with. Maybe you should own one or know the breed before you judge them!

    1. Joseph Calgarth says:

      Tina Marie Canterbury, Michael Cook and BADRAP member Darla Napora said the same thing you’re saying until their gentle, loving “big baby” pit bulls killed them. Any dog can turn on an owner, but when a pit bull turns, someone usually ends up badly injured or dead. Pit bulls were bred to fight and kill. It is in their genes to rip, tear and hang on until the victim, whether dog or human, stops moving. Anyone who chooses to own a pit bull is placing themselves, family members and anyone else who comes in contact with the dog at risk.

  18. Janet Petronella says:

    id say,if a pit is raised right to be a good family dog and loved as a family member then id have no qualms about a pitty,but there are certain individuals who beat and rough up pit bull from puppyhood,and raise it to be visious and a fighting dog then thats a perfect way to turn a good dog into a monster dog.

  19. Ralph says:

    It’s always a pit bull because this is the only breed of dog that is being mistreated by low lives. When’s the last time you saw a gang member with a lab? Go do research and you’ll see that a socialized pit bull has a better temperament then just about every other family dog

  20. Richie says:

    These dogs need to be eradicated from society, all of them. They are way to big and strong to control once they lock on to their next target. We all need a pit bull like I need a hole in my head. Come on people wake up….this breed…are vicious killers.
    I dont want to hear that your dog would’nt hurt anyone .Your not your dog. You have no way to guarantee that your dog will not harm anyone. So there….So shut up and like what I’m saying……you know i’m right….so don’t argue or write any non sense about how cute your dog is or how nice your dogs nose is….These dogs are not like your cabbage patch kids.

    1. jq says:

      do research on the breed and other breeds for you to understand. Most pit bulls are bred by dumb ass gangster to be vicious…i know because I see it all the time. chihuahuas are more vicious then pits, they just happen to be smaller. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  21. Carmen says:

    I also have a female red nose pit, i’ve had her for 9 years she is the gentlest dog I have ever seen, she’s very loving playful and she loves kids and befriends anyone. People get this breed abuse them, and then they let them loose in the areas, they do what they were taught to do so please remember all pits are not the same, and they all have different temperaments just like people,so punish the owner and euthanize the dog if need be, but don’t categorize them as vicious because they all aren’t

  22. anthony says:

    watch out now, they will be banning people from owning pitbulls

  23. Arjun Madan says:

    its always a pitbul attack. Everytime you hear a dog attacked someone, 99% of the time its either a pitbul or a dog mixed with pitbul. When will people finally destroy all these pit bulls! And then the pitbull loving idiots always say …oh its not the pitbulls. it depends on how you train them
    Absolute rubbish!

    1. amanda says:

      ha, you’re so ignorant. Its sort of cute.

  24. Dee Cas says:

    Punish the Deed not the breed.

    1. David Zahler says:

      chain them. one dogi is bad but 2 in that setting is a pack

  25. C says:

    Knowing a dog lover who basically WORSHIPS dogs, talking BABY TALK even with STRANGE dogs I’d have to say after reading about the VICIOUS attacks by the pit bulls that I will have to WARN my acquaintance and i, too, will be A LOT MORE CAUTIOUS when going out and exercising alone. HOW HORRIFIC and SAD, too, for the people who have been attacked, especially the woman who was exercising! Hope the pit bull which escaped is VERY SOON captured and EUTHANIZED! ALL THE BEST re. QUICK RECOVERY to the victims who were attacked!

  26. mary smith says:!!!! Support breast cancer – hope for a cure in every bag of Pink Potato Chips – check it out!!!!

  27. Hilary Wolfson says:

    You are an evil, uninformed person who should be exterminated instead of the pit bulls. Shame on you….You should be #15….

  28. Hilary Wolfson says:

    I have had it with the press making it like pit bulls are the most vicious dogs on the planet. I own a beautiful female pit bull who has a pink nose, beautiful heart and spirit who literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. She adores her family, and every human who crosses her path. These dogs being spotlighted on every newscast are obviously aberrant creatures, just like human beings, who have been taught and trained to do horrific things. Just like there are sociopaths, killers, and vicious human beings who have the ability to harm others, there are unfortunately innocent, beautiful animals who have been trained to do the unthinkable. Instead of blaming these dogs, blame those malicious “humans” who trained them to do these things. Remember….they do what they learn.

    1. Arjun Madan says:

      all pit bulls should be destroyed!
      and that includes your pit bulls too!

      1. Jennifer says:

        @ Arjun…you are clearly an idiot!!!

      2. brucekimball says:

        its people like you that need to be destroyed

  29. CJ says:

    Investigate the owner and his background, i own 2 pitbulls and they are the most loving and gentle dogs i ever had in my life, I have 2 girls, a 3 yr old and a 1 1/2 year old and they are the most gentle when the girls are near. My daughters even play dress up with them.. Do your history check, in the early 1920’s the pitbull breed were also called Nany dogs. People the claim app pitbulls are killer or should be banned are the most ignorant of people and should be euthanized themselves.

    1. Hilary Wolfson says:

      Thank you CJ for speaking up for these innocent animals who can’t!! 🙂

      1. WORD says:

        Thank you for showing no sympathy for a human being. Clearly animals rank higher than humans.


        People like you make me fear humaniity.

    2. Billie Joanne West says:

      Thank you CJ I also have 2 pit bulls and had 3 as my oldest female just passed. They are the best dogs and do not deserve this! They are not bad dogs as a breed,

  30. Kat says:

    RGt – The article doesn’t say if she was running or walking. Whether or not you run past a dog, not all dogs will attack and tear at your face and body and kill or maim you. These dogs should have been on a leash with their owners. I can fight a small dog attacking me but not pit bulls, dobermans, etc.

    1. DJ says:

      1) There is a lot of talk about ghetto this and that. From the news report the neighborhood looks pretty suburban and as far removed from the ghetto as can be. 2) @ 90lbs these are not pits 3) the dogs are either not socialized, which speaks to irresponsible ownership (not to mention they were running free) or bad DNA, which speaks to poor breeding, both factors that effect every breed.

  31. McGruff says:

    Hopefully the dog owner will be euthanized. You let your dogs run loose = you are an ahole.

  32. JDK says:

    Like most of the time when this happens, chances are it’s not a straight-up pitbull like the media would suggest. So many times, they wind up being another breed of do, or a mixed breed. Most people can’t tell what a pitbull is anyway anymore.

  33. RGt says:

    The choice of the stock pitbull photo is a poor one. Stereotyping of what are very good dogs.. If You run past any dog , You will excite them and they usually chase.. These are very misunderstood dogs, I have had them all My life, and with children in the house, You couldnt ask for a more gentle protector

    1. dave says:

      Who cares what the breed it.
      There is a report in merrick patch about a pitt bull incident on bridge street last month. Is it possible these are the same animals. The woods run from Babalyn Tpk all the way to the Southern State.

      If theis is indeed the 3rd incident with thest dogs, the owners sould go to jail, and be held civally liable for their actions.

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