NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have released two videos that show officers warning hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protestors who marched across the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday that demonstrators will be arrested if they do not get off the roadway.

In each video, an NYPD officer is reading a statement into a bullhorn.

In the first video, the officer says in part:

“I am ordering you to leave this roadway now. If you do so voluntarily,  n0 charges will be placed against you. If you refuse to leave, you will be placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct. If you do not wish to be arrested, you must leave this area now.”

As the officer is giving the warning, protestors can be heard chanting what sounds like “Take the bridge!” and “This is what democracy looks like!”

Watch the first NYPD video below:

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reports

In the second video, the officer says in part:

“Ladies and gentlemen, since you have refused to leave this roadway, I am ordering your arrest for disorderly conduct.”

After the officer reads the warning, the video pans over to show what looks like hundreds of protestors on the bridge and many begin sitting down on the road. The demonstrators then begin to shout what sounds like “Shame, Shame, Shame!”

Watch the second NYPD video below:

About 700 protestors were arrested Saturday after swarming the Brooklyn Bridge, partially shutting down traffic for several hours.

Photo Gallery: Wall Street Protests

The march began on the pedestrian walkway but soon spilled into the roadway.

“A couple of people kind of hopped up on that area and there was a huge surge of excitement,” said one protestor. “People were really feeling the energy and kind of marched up to the center of the bridge.”

Police rolled out orange mesh fencing to control the crowds and began arresting demonstrators.

“We were being trapped in there and then a sort of panic set in because we’re all human and we were being enclosed on both sides and then they started unrolling the orange nets,” said another protestor.

“It was hard to remember what your rights were, people saying you couldn’t be there or couldn’t be standing there, you had to be moving,” said another demonstrator. “I heard one cop saying to people who were taking a break and sitting on benches that the bridge was meant for walking, even though they were sitting on benches.”

Police say the arrests became necessary after protesters ignored repeated warnings not to block traffic, like those seen in the videos that were released by police on Sunday.

For more than four hours, Brooklyn-bound traffic was diverted causing tie ups across lower Manhattan.

“Some complied and took the walkway without being arrested. Others proceeded on the Brooklyn-bound vehicular roadway. The latter were arrested,” the NYPD said in a statement.

Most of the people who were arrested were given disorderly conduct citations and released.

Meanwhile, at Zucotti Park where protestors have been camped out for two weeks, FDNY officials reportedly showed up at 3 a.m. Sunday worried that the group poses a fire hazard and warned people against using any sort of fuel to cook or keep warm. The Health Department is also being called out.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Protestors Say They’re Not Giving Up

Tim from New Jersey says he expects some Marines to show up at Zuccotti Park Monday to support the protest.

“The Marines are coming tomorrow in solidarity with us,” he said. “It’s like the army coming to protect us from the brutal police force.”

Demonstrators with Occupy Wall Street say they are railing against a number of causes, including corporate greed, global warming and social inequality.

What do you think of the protests? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. says:

    They don’t have a cle as to why they are even there…..they say videos of the 70’s at KENT STATE…..when the rallies were for real…..I know….I was there……these are a bunch of whiners who don’t have a cause…are lazy , and only have excuses …not reasons……’re just plain out of touch……hard work my ass……they are lazy and shiftless…..they live in the greatest Country in the World and can’t make it…….Maybe they should try Greece…how ’bout Spain??….Italy??….France…that’s it…France…….

  2. tim says:

    Occupy Wall Street is standing up for the rights of you people on this thread complaining.You cowards can call names and talk down about these protesters but will you stand up for what you believe in???
    I have read complaints about blocking people from going to work??? How many of you were going to work on Saturday late afternoon??? Have you watched the videos of the NYPD leading the protesters onto the bridge??? The videos on this site are after the protesters were led onto the bridge and stopped by police. The protesters did not sit or stop until the police stopped them and started making arrest.

    1. hotness says:

      sorry tim, i have demonstrated with you all (not sat. though), the first video seems to show the protesters before they walked onto the bridge. that is fiine though, there is nothing wrong persay on doing a cd, it is just that it should be decided on beforehand and everyone who participates should know that it is illegal and what they may expect. Also getting arrested can be seen as a waste of taxpayers money (the military industrial complex is making a lot of money off of this-lots of OT for cops)- arrests were done in the days when cops were ill-equipped to handle it, now they are experts and that want to put you in jail. I am not really saying that either way is right or wrong; I am not quite sure what the answer is but unless the first video is doctored, that is at the bridge’s opening for sure.

  3. Lieutenantdan says:

    We must recognize that these young kids protesting are our Country’s children.
    Have we not learned anything! Just Google Kent State and the American Revolution.
    It is apparent that the protesters were peaceful.

    1. hotness says:

      Here here, and to continue on my comment above, even if it is “illegal”- although it is a constitutional right to assemble, particularly on a public street (bridge), it does not mean the cops have to arrest people. In Europe, cds and strikes happen everyday w/o recourse. It is understood that people have a right to voice their opinions. I can hear the comment clamor now, “well look at europe, no wonder……” Well, it has been said that we Americans work more days and hours for less money than any other country in the world. Is that right? We make the same “real income” as in 1973!

  4. lulu says:

    All those people on the bridge are out of work and not gainfully employed, should take the NYPD test and don the uniform. This should be done across the country as I understand it going viral via facebook, twitter and internet. Chicago and San Francisco have followed suit. Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Blumberg will head the biggest police force in the nation.

  5. michelle says:

    Those “RICH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!” How dare they!!! It’s terrible that the top 10% pay 70% of all taxes! They must stop that right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Octavian Popil says:

      Are you kidding, michelle? First they take 99% percent of the wealth, and then pay back in taxes a larger amount than those taht got stuck with the 1% of wealth? DOH! Those figures show exactly the opposite of what you are sarcastically trying to imply. They show that the top has ALL the wealth, and they got it from the middle claases and the poor of the world!

      400 US citizens owning more than other 160.000.000 US citizens in 2010? And we are supposed to feel sorry for the rich?! The top 1% got rich by the work of the rest of the 99%. Not even Superman can outwork 400.000 other humans combined, as the top 400 in US claim they can… They stole it, in legal and illegal ways, from the other 160.000.000.

      For the illegal ways, they need to be held accountable by justice. That’s why people are occupying wall street. For the legal ways in which they steal, it’s the laws that need to be changed to forbid profiting. And no government will do that, because governments all over the world are paid by the rich to protect their interests. It’s only the people that have the will and need the power of direct democracy to change these laws.

  6. Phyllis says:

    I’m glad the NYPD finally got smart and decided to start videoing the protestors AND sharing it with the media. I’m fed up with all the crybabies who only show what happens AFTER they’ve been warned and given ample opportunity to ACT LIKE GROWN UPS in a CIVILIZED SOCIETY. I think the NYPD has shown amazing restraint in dealing with these people. People are so quick to criticize the police but then those same folks expect the cops to come running if they place a 911 because something goes wrong and they need them. God bless all those who protect us REGARDLESS of how we might disrespect them.

    1. Brad Thor Rissmiller says:

      Civilized society? You are quick to stifle the outrage of others by hiding behind a guise of civil debate.

      If you purposely tread on someone’s toes don’t expect them to ask you to remove your foot nicely. It is easy to live behind the rules when those you are aligned with make the rules.

  7. Paul says:

    There really are a lot of flippant comments here. The situation this country is in is no joke. At least these protesters realize there’s a problem (unlike many making comments here) and are trying to do something about it. This country is crumbling before our eyes and most people are still too dumb to realize it. Wake up your freaking fools.

    1. Sue says:

      “Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program”
      sue them on the private not as public officer!!!!

  8. Tyriq says:

    I”m really sickened by a lot of the comments. Our rights are being stolen from us every single day and yet those who are now “comfortable” sit on their computers and call ppl willing to stand up for those right “ignorant”, “childish”, “insane”?
    They are marching, protesting, and creating havoc to bring attention to the injustices of our current system. They are the future of our country. I bet the same stupid things were said of the protesters in the 60’s and during the Civil Right’s movement.
    Shame on you!

    1. Nick says:

      My right to drive where I want have been Stolen by You. Give me your mommy’s address so that I may go protest you at your home. I have a Right to block your doorway too.

      1. Nick says:

        Typical of the lying turds rampaging in Wall St right now. Never a fact, never a datum. Just lie lie and lie. And if your lies fail, why impersonate, impersonate, impersonate. Pathetic really. Now go crawl back to bed, your mommy’s coming home with a new uncle.

  9. liz says:

    You’re all a bunch of LOSERS! Get off the bridge, get out of town, and do something constructive instead of destructive. You are really turning people OFF by your actions. Do you really think by occupying the Brooklyn Bridge you are making a positve statement? Really!!! You are just getting in the way of the REAL PEOPLE who want to get to their jobs and earn a days pay.

    1. Tyriq says:

      Liz, That is very ignorant.

      1. Go Away says:

        liz is right in a city of millions you have 1200 protesters.I live in New york and pay taxes in new york how are these people here day in and day out get a job.THERE ARE PLENTY these people just need to go to DC where people will actually care.New york do not need these teeroist here.

  10. sk says:

    “occupying wall street” is not going to accomplish anything! there are a million reasosn why the economy is bad, and big businesses are not the only reason. just like the hippies in afew years these protesters will go on get great jobs, become successsful on WALL STREET and forget about all the public outcry they caused!

    1. Allison says:

      Back in the day, I think the hippies changed the world just a little bit. 🙂

  11. MJF says:

    Anyone who thinks this protest is a joke is ignorant. The suits are laughing all the way to the bank with your money in their pockets. Banks and brokerage firms got bailed out and the rest of us got thrown under the bus. This was a long time coming, and its very real.

    1. Hard Working NYer says:

      The people have spoken! His name is Barack Obama he promised hope and change. The president these protesters elected has surrounded himself with the very people they are protesting against. Take a look at his campaign contributors and who his buddies are Corzine, Geithner, and Paulson. What do those 3 have in common? All former Goldman Sachs employees. Who made out like bandits in the bailouts and swallowed all the other banks you ask? Goldman Sachs. Ah ok and you are protesting what again? Like I said you voted for the man. You reap what you sow.

      1. BlueCanuck says:

        This is not an issue that started with the current president – this is an issue that crosses political lines

      2. mjf says:

        I didn’t vote for Obama but like BlueCanuck said, this isn’t about that. Now back the the very first thing I said …


      What’s very real is losers like you who think they’re making a difference. They should be busy sending out resumes and looking for work.

  12. Saural Mekstone says:

    At least the protesters are showing they are serious. You all just whine in your comments section because your precious sense of order and predictability is ever so disturbed. We are getting seriously screwed in this country, unless you live only day to day. Their show of concern at least gives me some hope. Our nation is being influenced and lead by people of great cleverness, but with pathetically inferior insight into what they are really doing. They are ignorant and myopic, despite their power to manipulate and influence the course of our very government and society.

    It’s about time someone said it loud enough to be heard, with the risk of being scorned by those with no imagination or insight into why they are protesting.

  13. jim says:

    order in the scoops. dump them right over the edge. get back to work.

  14. barry says:

    joke….the age of these people indicates to me that the protest is on mommy and daddys dime…i work hard EVERYDAY to provide for my family..screw off if you think that im evil..get a job..graduate from collegeand join the rat race..other than that…stop clogging my roads when i need to drive….when you do that..clog ARE SCREWING THE EVERYMAN..

    1. BlueCanuck says:

      you sir are the joke – many of those people are there because they followed the path your telling them to – They worked hard in School, took out huge detb to complete Post-Secondary education – and are now unable to find employment. Maybe your children are some of the lucky ones and you’ll be able to cover the cost of thier education so that when they are stuck working at McDonalds thou they hold a degree in engeinering they’ll be able to survive. They are Fighting for the every man – for the 99%

  15. mike says:

    Order more pepper spray.

  16. Norman says:

    Wow, there’s a lot of dumb comments here. Professional activists? The Marchers are Nazi Sympathizers, Anarchists? Seriously? Oh no, they blocked the bridge, string em up! Get real people. You live in a bubble.You really thinnk Wall St is blameless? Have YOU ever had the balls to stand up for something? There’s nothing more American than speaking out. Let them speak.

    1. m says:

      Speaking isn’t the issue.


      Norman you anus, how would you like to sit in traffic because these idiots are blocking traffic? You obviously have no job and sleep all day and don’t realize what responsibility is.

      1. says:

        @double chin: You seem to have a lot of free time for a ‘responsible’ American. You apparently have to balls to comment anonymously on the interweb. Congrats.

        Who drives a car in Manhattan? Have fun driving your taxi.

  17. Pete says:

    They protest the loss of US jobs and salaries … meanwhile, they pass the time on their Chinese made electronic gadgets, which they themselves would not buy if they were made in the USA because they would be 5 times as expensive to complensate for USA salary structure. If they were faced with a CHOICE of buying a USA product for 5 times the price, they would pick the foreign made ones because they are cheaper. Now apply this to every consumer good they buy and you begin to realize THEY are a bigger part of the problem than they themselves realize. Is it a corporation’s fault or the consumer’s fault ??? Remember the worst thing in the world is not a conservative or a liberal … but instead a … hypocrite. and it’s also easier to NOT blame yourself.

  18. Pete says:

    They protest the loss of US jobs and salaries … meanwhile, they pass the time on their Chinese made electronic gadgets, which they themselves would not buy if they were made in the USA because they would be 5 times as expensive to complensate for USA salary structure. If they were faced with a CHOICE of buying a USA product for 5 times the price, they would pick the foreign made ones because they are cheaper. Now apply this to every consumer good they buy and you begin to realize THEY are a bigger part of the problem than they themselves realize. Is it a corporation’s fault or the consumer’s fault ??? Remember the worst thing in the world is no a conservative or a liberal … but instead a … hypocrite. and it’s also easier to NOT blame yourself.

  19. jimmy says:

    So much ignorance and so much stupidity by people who complain about the protests! It is ridiculous how many republicans have such stupid opinions! The right to protest is a fact of democracies! If some white trash apolitical People can’t see that the wall street thieves messed up the economy and the future of simple people, then I am just sorry for all the complainers…

    1. Amazed says:

      Yes, you have a right to protest, HOWEVER, when your right to protest interferes with my right to travel on the bridge we have a problem. Democracy doesn’t give anyone the right to trample others–even the others you disagree with.

      More people than you think can understand what is going on. They just have more mature and less abusive ways of dealing with it. Your maturity ( or lack thereof shows when you call those who disagree with you, “white trash” –THAT says more about you than anything else–and none of it is positive.

      1. Truly Amazed says:

        You’re mistaken. Maybe a better understanding of civil disobedience would help.

  20. Larry Schwarz says:

    These demonstrations will accomplish nothing.The way to protest is on election day with your votes.I bet the motorists stuck on The Brooklyn Bridge because of these protesters are not sympathetic to their cause.If they were once,they are not now.This is not the 60’s.The 60’s are over (of which I am a product of) and so should these demonstrations.

    1. Malber says:

      Hmmm. Election day votes. That worked really well in the 2000 Presidential Election in the state of Florida, didn’t it?

  21. Double-R says:

    “We were being trapped in there and then a sort of panic set in because we’re all human and we were being enclosed on both sides and then they started unrolling the orange nets,”

    I lol’d. I lol’d hard. Seriously? You march the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down traffic for your “cause” and you guys are scared of mesh nets? I don’t know if I should laugh or just pray for the day that this is all over. Come on! I’m legally blind, and we’re mostly thought of as a liability to a company! If we can find jobs and break stereotypes, you guys can definitely get off your asses and fill out an application or two, and stop living off of your damn trust fund.

    1. Malber says:

      Double-R, you’re part of the 99% demographic the protesters are out there for. 1% of the U.S. population controls over 33% of the wealth. And many of our politicians would rather keep banks deregulated and keep the tax laws such that money making money is taxed at a lower rate than your working tax rate.

      What exactly are you “praying to be over”?

      1. michelle says:

        Keep banks deregulated? Are you serious? The banking industry is one of the MOST REGULATED industries in the country.

        Do you guys even know what it is you are protesting??

    2. amazed says:

      I too wondered at these all of a sudden frightened, “humans” Who said you weren’t human? You broke the law, you took away the rights of others to drive on the bridge and now you are in a panic because of netting?=–are you dumber than you look or do you think we are dumb–must be the former

  22. Sue says:

    Wake County (N.C.) Superior Court Judicial Review Judge Ridgeway Upholds That Government Agencies & Officials Are “Private Entities”!

    Do Police Officers (and Departments /Agencies), and Elected Officials In N.C. Hold As Much Authority As “Private” Security Guards At Walmart?

    Post Oak Public Relations
    For Immediate Release

    Raleigh, NC — Judicial Review Judge, Paul C. Ridgeway, Wake County General Court Of Justice, Superior Court Division, has upheld a lower court ruling that Public Officials/
    Agencies are “private entities” and immune from liability. Judge Ridgeway has upheld the earlier (01/17/2011) ruling of lower court Judge J. Randall May in Class v. NORTH CAROLINA, Case No. 10 DOT 7047 (now known as 11 CVS 1559 in Judge Ridgeway’s ruling).

    The September 15, 2011 ruling creates a conflict in the public’s perception of basic government legitimacy because Judge Howard E. Manning, Jr. (who recused himself in August 2011) declared in Mr. Class’ 04/21/2011 hearing that “the Defendants were NOT ‘private entities’ or ‘private contractors’.”!

    Are the judges confused? Are the “government” agencies and officials NOT what they’re portraying to their constituents? Are they immune because they’re “private”? Do we actually have government “agencies” and elect “Public” Officials OR do we deal with “Private Entities”? Is the public being frauded? So many questions! So many conflicts!

    1. Sue says:

      For information on this ruling, you may call the Dispositions office of the Wake County Superior Court, Clerk of Court, Nancy Lorrin Freeman, at 919-792-4325 or 919-792-4400 or 919-792-4000. Or visit the court’s website at

      1. Sue the Left Wing Crackpot!! says:

        Hey Sue, You are a Left Wing Crackpot who edits a Court Decision to say what she wants it to say. I suggestyou really show us how dedicated you are to the cause, I suggest a Hunger Strike until Wall Street and Americas Rich share their wealth wiith the needy. I’m sure you will become a Martyr. It is you and people like you who are confused, the rest of us get it.

        1. sue says:

          Here is your answer on youtube!
          Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program

  23. blueiris says:

    the Marines are coming???????

    Is that what you call Grand Dillusion? Oh commies–dream on. You know nothing!

  24. Please go home Smelly People!! says:

    I don’t get it. The Marchers are Nazi Sympathizers, Anarchists and Trust Fund Kids. They are elitiists who obviously don’y work, which means they have money to pay for their needs. They are not 60’s style Demonstrators who performed acts of CIVIL Disobdience. Yet the Media portray them as victims of who knows what. Arrest all who break the law and jail them until they can prove who they are and where they come from. The NYPD should list the states of true residence for these demonstrators so we know where they really come from. We know their temporary residences will be the Lower East Side and Northwestern Brooklyn, such as Williamsburg and Greenpoint. They slmell like garbage and should go home and bathe.

    1. charlie says:

      Perfectly put, these stupid wannabe new yorkers

  25. Angel says:

    can anybody defined the dollar? see movie “Change is on the Horizon” also see case on North Carolina , Rod Class Vs. The Dept of Transportation. Case No. 10 DOT 7047 (now known as 11 CVS 1559 in Judge Ridgeway’s ruling). The ruling said that the police dept is a private contractor not public officer.

    1. Sue says:

      Wake up people you are been arrested by private contractors sue them on their personal not as officer.

      1. charlie says:

        stfu sue, you whiny yenta

  26. me says:

    Rallying against corporate greed, global warming and social inequality…
    Yes, because global warming is related to Wall Street. Of course.
    Because according to the protesters I’ve talked with, Wall Street is an evil corporation that rules the world and controls EVERYTHING including the weather. If you’re going to “occupy Wall Street”, at least do it right and learn your facts before you start complaining about everything. I’m sick of walking past it everyday and hearing your noise while I’m trying to work.

  27. Nick says:

    “This is what democracy looks like” Right….. It looks more like a few hundred useless bums taking the right of way AWAY from thousands of other citizens on a unilateral fascist basis. Just toss these bums who obviously have never worked in their stinking lives, off the bridge and society will be the better for it.

  28. FahQ says:

    ummm , wheres the video?

  29. Dale Auburn says:

    “Demonstrators with Occupy Wall Street say they are railing against a number of causes, including corporate greed, global warming and social inequality.”

    Yet this “Occupy Wall Street” group itself IS a large greedy corporation. It must be if it can spontaneously hire thousands of PROFESSIONAL ACTIVISTS to protest across the country.

    1. Allison says:

      Ummm, these are unpaid American citizens who are tired of seeing their elections bought by corporations and their money stolen by bankers and the politicians who fail to regulate them. I would think we would all be pretty tired of this by now. Why so much anger towards them? Aren’t you even just a little bit on the side of Occupy Wall Street? Most of us mainstream types are way too busy or skeptical to be camping out in a cold, wet park for days. These people are doing the hard work for us, and I personally thank them very, very much.

      1. michelle says:

        Yeah, we’re busy with JOBS.

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