TSA, JFK Security Apologize, Admit Proper Protocol Was Not Followed

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Although October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it seems some Transportation Security Administration agents aren’t very aware when it comes to compassion.

Breast cancer survivor Lori Dorn says she was subjected to a humiliating public pat-down at John F. Kennedy airport even though she offered to produce documentation about her medical implants.

Dorn wrote in her blog that the patdown at JFK added “insult to injury and caused me a great deal of humiliation.”

Dorn was heading to San Francisco last week when a full-body scanner detected her prostheses. Dorn said she explained she had recently undergone bilateral mastectomy and had tissue expanders implanted for future breast reconstruction. A TSA agent refused to let her retrieve documentation from her wallet “that explains the type of expanders, serial numbers and my doctor’s information,” she said.

“I had no choice but to allow an agent to touch my breasts in front of other passengers,” Dorn said.

In a tweet on her Twitter account Monday, Dorn said she received an apology from a JFK official “who agreed that proper policy wasn’t followed.”

In its own blog, the TSA said it regretted the incident and apologized. “We do our best to treat passengers with the dignity and respect they deserve, but in Lori Dorn’s case, it looks like we missed our mark,” it said.

The TSA said the security director at JFK has reached out to Dorn to learn more about what happened.

The agency said medical cards “are a great way for passengers to discreetly let us know about a medical situation or disability,” and in Dorn’s case TSA agents should have “been more empathetic to her situation.”

It added that private screenings can be requested by anyone for any reason and said the agency recently rolled out a four-part in-service training course focused on screening prosthetics. Training is expected to be completed across the country in over a year.

Dorn said that while she understood the need for safety, airport security agents needed to show compassion and sensitivity.

Should the TSA agent be fired? What can be done to prevent this from happening again?

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  1. Teddy says:

    We were told they’d do this and I didn’t think it would happen in this country. I’ll never fly again.

    1. Frank Zappa says:

      It’s time to overthrow the government.

      1. Mike G says:

        Its been time for a while. I am waiting for the “Seven Days in May” for the military to take control and stand a bunch of these bastards up against a wall.

      2. Bob says:

        You do that by voting in all elections that represent you and then tell your representative to get rid of these types of people.

        1. Tex Expatriate says:

          Bob, you are a dreamer.

        2. JBRADF says:

          Bob, They’re unionized. Unless the TSA agent goes criminal, forget it.

        3. Bog says:

          Voting doesn’t help. Both parties support the TSA. It started under Bush and it’s getting owrse under Obama.

          1. Sign the Petition says:

            The pnly politiicians I know of who fought against the new security measures are Sen. Mike Doherty and Sen. Diane Allen of New Jersey:


        4. Randy Brown says:

          bob must be a liberal fool because the time for voting in change has passed

          1. truth says:

            if voting changed anything theyd make it illegal

            1. pat dwyer says:

              Good one!

        5. andrew says:

          Bob is right. The only change that wouldn’t destroy this nation is through the democratic process…. voting. Look at Egypt, they did things the un-democratic way. They overthrew their government. Now the next strongest party, the muslim brotherhood, is in charge, and none of the promised changes have happened. That has been the case throughout history. IF YOU HAVE NOT VOTED, THEN THIS IS MORE THAN PARTIALLY YOUR FAULT. Sticking your head in the sand is not an adequate response. But neither is anarchy. Have you even signed a petition? Have you written a letter to your congressmen? Have you called them? Have you done anything other than complain?

          1. roze says:

            Beware the government trolls trying to “rationalize” all of this irrational behavior. I never though there would be so much invasion of privacy in this country of ours.

          2. Johnny Handsome says:

            Andrew, do you have first hand knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood [a creation of the CIA mind you] is running Egypt? Signed a petition? Letter to congressmen? called them? Andrew, did you wake up in the year 1881? As long as we have a 2 party system, nothing will change. Both parties answer to the same master – money. The only way change will come I’m afraid is by Egypt’s example. But its not that simple. See, whats happening here is going on in every industrialized country on the planet. If you want to see were this road goes, just look at Greece. Look at what they had to give up in order to get a loan from the money changers. Look at what will happen to them if they default on that loan. Sad, but we will soon be headed the same way. Voting isn’t going to help. We are far pass the time of letter writing. The Ballot or the Bullet.

            1. SarahJane says:

              Lots of truth in your comments, but its off tipic of the TSA…..

          3. TenaciousTexan says:

            Bob is only right in theory; this is how it SHOULD work.

            However, in practice, you can only vote for candidates on the ballot or write in a a no-chance-of -winining candidate and no decent human being would even consider getting involved in American politics. What kind of a person would subject their family to the kind of ridiculous BS that goes a long with an election campaign at the national level???

        6. Cogito ergo sum says:

          I think it’s pretty obvious that voting has accomplished nothing but getting us in deeper messes. We need to go back to being a Constitutional Republic, which means following the CONSTITUTION, the document that no amount of votes should be able to change. I feel so sorry for this woman. I have stopped flying and it’s a bummer, I have to take slower and more expensive forms of transportation, but no amount of convenience will bring me to offer my god-given rights to some degenerate working (or gooning) for the government. We all need to stop flying for a start, unless it’s an emergency. That is one way to make our voices heard. Unfortunately, voting isn’t helping. I will vote for Ron Paul though, he’s my one exception.

        7. Johnny Handsome says:

          Bob, that worked in 1850 – maybe. “Your Representatives” no longer answer to you. They answer to money. You have none. Those with the money, make the rules.

        8. mhirzel says:

          Outdated information, Bob. Sorry, but your vote doesn’t count anymore. They laugh at your vote and your “letters to your representatives.”

    2. Hanya says:

      My daughter went through Denver last weekend. She told TSA she didn’t want to be xrayed. Three TSA agents surrounded her, invaded her personal space, talking all at once, gently pushed her into the xray machince. She spoke to the supervisor, who didn’t look up from what he was doing and told her she could’ve opted out. She did ask for a pat down. Anyway, both she and her boyfriend (who went through another machine) got a “buzzing” in their heads for about 30 minutes afterwards. She thinks the machine was set too high. Beware TSA wants everyone to use the xray machines. This lady had both, I feel sorry for her.

      1. Joe says:

        You are spreading false exaggerations…

        1. H. Johnson says:

          How could you possibly know that?

          1. Joe says:

            The story is from a mother – she wasn’t there, and travel in general is stressful on the body.

            People see what they want to see based on their perspective…

            1. Troy says:

              So Joe, are your statements based on your perspective? Hmmm? How do you ‘know’ the mother wasn’t there? Her statement neither indicates her presence or absense. Sounds like your perspective is creating a scenario of ‘your’ choice. Perhaps it would be better if you let the intelligent people on here discuss this.

          2. Navigate This says:

            H. Johnson – because X-rays have never made my head ring? Seems pretty clear to me. Not to mention, why do you question Joe, but not Hanya, she may not know what she’s talking about any more than Pilot Dave. Fact of the matter is – it could ALL be a lie from everyone and you’d never know. so perhaps we should just agree to disagree, but without all the accusations.

            1. PeterB says:

              Navigate This appears to be another TSA Troll. Look how many times he has smacked that Pilot David without offering a single piece of fact like a URL… other than the example that his head did not ring… Geezzzz – got back to the middle east where you claim to be from.

              Oh yeah, you’re actually in some TSA room now trolling. Good luck with that.

              1. Navigate This says:

                PeterB – Accuse them of being a TSA Troll – that’s number 4 on the TSA Antagonist checklist AND you got in a bonus accusation of challenging my patriotism…cool 4 you, have an extra drink.

                Fact of the matter is: I didn’t say I was FROM the middle east, I said I “just departed Israel”. Your type of “Facts” are to used to mislead others by misquoting facts. I know your kind.

                So, point of fact is:
                1) I am a US Citizen – born and raised in Oklahoma.
                2) Served in the USAF.
                3) An IT expert (Dang if only I could have been a Pilot and Xray Tech – I’d get more props).
                4) I do NOT work for the TSA, though I would be willing to portray one on TV.
                5) This is a COMMENT section related to a news report – not necessarily a place to convince others to take a position on something. So, I tend to use it to challenge the veracity of the comments made by the numbskulls that put their stories out and let me play five finger filet with their assertions.

                Try again, I’ll be glad to give you another shot.

                1. SarahJane says:

                  Dude, chill out. What kind of IT “Expert” ?? One of those Microsoft weekend things? You are missing the point.

                  Since you are so much smarter and better “with the chicks” than that Pilot, show us FACTS about what he said that you dispute. The only thing you are doing now is more mis-information.

                2. Navigate This says:

                  SaraJane, You just failed – You’re writing like a man…perhaps that’s why Pilot Dave who went suddenly silent while “others” took up his cause.

                  You will be pleased to know that your plethora of retaliatory strikes and my replies has garnered me a “slow down” from the website. So have fun, this appears to be your life and you fail to read (#5 in my last for instance).

                  No chill out dude necessary, I’m as cool as a cucumber. Otherwise, I would have been replying to your post with vapid replies of nonsense similar to yours.

                3. pilot.Dave says:

                  Some of us have a real life and do real IT security work…

                  Just give us facts 🙂 Bravado about “getting chicks” does not matter to us here, it only goes to show us you’re juvinile attitude.

        2. Ben Doverhereitcomes says:

          Leave Joe alone. He’s a government troll who’s drinking their KoolAid. He’ll find out soon enough that he’s not rich enough to be one of the clique. Be kind to Joe in the prison camp.

        3. Pilot.Dave says:

          Joe, obviously you are not a Radiologist or Nuclear physics – the ONLY people qualified to speak on the topic. If you look to your state’s health department laws, you will find no matter what state of district you are in, these ionizing radiation machines are in point of fact operated against the state laws on so many levels. Start with the requirements that all the operators wear dosimeters; follow that with the annual health department checks – NONE of them have EVER been examined by experts outside the DHS squads….

          1. Navigate This says:

            Pilot Dave – how about you put up your landing gear and fly off into the sunset. We’ve read enough from you and frankly you’re not as bright or witty or factual as you think you are, although you may have slept at a Holiday Inn Express.

            Now just take some peanuts and return to your seat, we all know you know NOT of what you speak.

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              Have you ever actually been paid to work on an x-ray machine ? Ever read a dosimeter? Ever flown a heavy (Plane talk for BIG plane)…. I have done all three. Get back on your meds, use Google, and with a little help you might start to see the truth in every word I wrote 😉

              1. Navigate This says:

                Pilot Dave – So now you’re an X-Ray tech, with a dosimeter in your pocket AND a Pilot – wow what diversity of skills. So unbelievable. Maybe I should have told you to come down out of the clouds, but then whatever you’re smoking obviously has you jacked up to believe your own stories.

                Also, Chicks don’t dig arrogant dudes (that would be you) and I don’t think you’re the ONLY ONE who has ever worked on an X-RAY, read a dosimeter or flown a HEAVY – wow that still sends chills up my spine to think how cool it would be to be someone who could do ALL THREE…but then I realize make believe time is over and go back to my life as a mere mortal.

            2. Pilot.Dave says:

              Taking a while for your meds to kick in, or is the TSA giving you a break from your Trolling ? Here’s one of the Michigan Laws being violated at every “back scatter scanner” used by TSA in Michigan:

              1. Navigate This says:

                Pilot Dave – As you so knowingly noted Radiologist or Nuclear physics are the ONLY people qualified to speak on the topic…so tell us Pilot Dave are you ALSO a Radiologist and Nuclear Physicist or do you just not know how to take your own advice? Because cut and pasting URL’s into an argument doesn’t give you the validity to make the arguments, just that you found something on the world wide web that substantiates what you want others to believe.

                Again, please spare us from anymore of your sad pablum.

                1. SarahJane says:

                  Well Mr or Mrs Navigator, I am none of what you are screwing the Pilot Dave on, but I see nothing factual from you, and when I read that Michigan Law thing, it does not take a rocket scientist to see you are full of jet lag –

                  Maybe we need to hear:
                  “Pilot to Navigator, check your TSA time card, you are in over time mode”

      2. John says:

        nonsense, I am delighted the TSA will not allow someone to avoid screening. My concern for saftey superceeds your “personal space”…quit whining

        1. Pilot.Dave says:

          John, you have drank the cool-aid. TSA after $1,000,000,000.00 per year (today) for 10 years have yet to catch a single terrorist with these techniques.. In point of fact, several real (underwear and shoe bombers) and dozens of test agents have gotten through these “security” measures. Contrast that to Israel’s procedures that do not endanger any one’s DNS with ionizing radiation – They actually DO catch terrorists.

          Glad you are delights with that kind of return on investment and more steps to Joseph Stalin’s dream state.

          1. Navigate This says:

            Pilot Dave,

            There you go again Dave, speaking out your pitot tube like you know something “IN POINT OF FACT”.

            Seriously I just departed Israel and their “system” was to ask to see a better picture of my passport because the one in my passport was too dim. It was, but had he flipped the page to my Israeli Visa – put in my passport by Israeli personnel, the picture was exceptionally clear. So, the Israeli’s are neither infallible or perfect by their own admission at “catching” bad guys.

            AND, by the by after their security is far and away more tedious and timely than what goes on at a SINGLE CHECKPOINT in the USA, so if you haven’t lived it, don’t propagate myths of grandeur.

            1. Pilot.Dave says:

              How’s the West Bank this time of year ?

              Will your TSA union rep allow you to google the facts ? Show us a SINGLE terrorist they have caught, so us a single state health department test / license for these machines, show us a single TSA test where more than 50% of the test bombs/weapons where detected///

              🙂 The truth is hard to beat even if your TSA boss wants you to spared misinformation. You would have done well under Comrade Stalin. And yes, I have been to the former USSR.

              1. Navigate This says:

                Pilot Dave, I’m still not impressed fancy pants. We all travel, that’s where the expression “small world” got its start.

                I love when you TSA antagonist look down your list of “what to say next” and your choices are:

                1) Accuse them of being a TSA Troll.
                2) Cite a senseles plethora of URL’s to mislead and redirect.
                3) Make false accusation re the lack of Terrorist apprehensions.
                4) Challenge their patriotism.
                5) Make other crap up as needed.

                YOU and your ilk scare me far more than anything the TSA has to offer. AND, if there were TSA Trolls on the internet, I know right now they’d be thinking “Dang, this Navigate This guy is ripping Pilot Dave a new one. I likes me some Navigate This, wish we could reply to his stupid inaccuracies we read whenever a TSA story comes up…but in the mean time – getter done in our absence.”

                The truth is, your a sad pathetic self rightious individual that wants his way or no way. You’ll argue all day if you have to, in order to convince yourself you’ve won the argument:


                So, I’ve given you more than your share of attention, valid feedback, and advice to stop before you continue to make a bigger fool of yourself, but now, I have other things to do than to fiddle with your twisted logic. And so, I bid you adieu – yeah, I been to France – whooptido.

                1. Pilot.Dave says:

                  Nice. Still can’t refute any of the facts I have pointed out with well vetted URL’s.

                  Funny, that site you listed for more redirection did not have a basic concept you should be familiar with:


                  How’s that Microsoft cert working for you? Expert 🙂

                  It is interesting to note how many of your posts under various pseudonyms you posted within the same minute. Does the TSA give you various VMware slices to play with, or are they several old PC’s lined up on a bench for you?

        2. ertdfg says:

          I’m not whining; I’m just pointing out you’re a useless coward who is “delighted” to have women and children groped in public as part of a process that might make you slightly safer.

          Your concerns for your safety supersedes any rights any other people might have… I get that. What you don’t get is that I’ve been in fights to prevent women from being groped… I’m not good with a deal by whisk someone else gets molested and I get to pretend to be safer.

          But hey, if you’re that much of a coward, that you’re “delighted” to have women and children groped… what’s the limit? How many women and children need to be groped in public so you can remain “delighted”?

        3. Johnny Handsome says:

          John [you yellow bellied coward], don’t you mean your Your concern for your fear? And your safety in no way trumps my right to privacy. At no place in the laws of the land does it state that you have to be safe. Stop being a wimp.

          1. Yawning at your diatribe says:

            Johnny Handsome – This comment section is rife with foreigners like you, pretending to be Americans calling for the overthrow of the USG. So it’s pretty clear those using “Yellow bellied coward” and other insulting comments are false flags.

            Re their logic – Apparently under their utopia we would be free to have an opinion as long as people live within their approved standards. Sounds a lot like a Sharia Law – which should give everyone some indication as to who they truly represent.

            Whimpering sniveling iconoclastic twit.

            1. SarahJane says:

              I guess you misseed the head lines the past few elections – the Media talks about how much money such and such raised tne the lemming (We the Sheeple) follow with votes…

              Foreigners would the all the cash the P.O.C. dump into the elections from where ever.

              1. WTFRURA says:

                Sarah Jane – Want to give that a second try in English this time? I couldn’t even begin to understand what you were rambling about.

      3. JB says:

        Pls state the exaggerations.

      4. Sam says:

        I absolutely believe you.

        Someone I know went thru the scanner @ Colombus, Ohio a/p and felt a “stinging” in the mid-section. So on the next flight, he opted out of the scanner, and had the pat down. He proceeded to the gate, and a few minutes later, TSA showed up at the gate and had him open his briefcase (after it had already cleared x-ray screening.)

        That sounds more like intimidation than security.

        I’m curious to hear of any more people experiencing a “buzzing” or “stinging” from the x-ray scanners. Maybe the machines AREN’T calibrated properly.

    3. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Excellent organization, thanks for the link.

    4. Tom says:

      Hitler would be proud of the TSA.

      1. vic c says:

        Hitler would be proud of the USA!!!!.

    5. john C. Wolfe says:

      The only thing that the TSA proved its response to incident is that, TAS agents are not only a group of undertrained federal agennts who never earned ther badges, they also never apologize… until it they break the rules of political correctness.

      These guys have rolled 90 year olds out of the wheelchair and fondled countles womem and children — without ever issuing an apology,

      But when the treat a breast clacer surivior and activist the same way they treat 5-year olds, 80 year-olds abd even former Vice President Al Gore and Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumfeld, they issue an immediately apology.

      TSA is a joke. They exercisie no common sense and routnely violate the right of the disbabled, the young and the old… but as soon as they realize that they frisked a breast cancer survivir and activist, they apologize, as if their overbearing tactics upon her were worse than the way they treat other people with health problems that are far worse.

      TSA agents have forced eldery people out of their wheelchairs, without apology. Why was TSA so eager to apoligize for using the same tactics against a breast cancer survivor?

      1. Nimby5956 says:

        @ John C Wolfe You couldn’t be more correct !

    6. sloppy joe says:

      Touch me, and I’ll make it hurt, TSA.

      1. Mannie says:

        Tough guy. Tough on the Internet.

        1. sloppy joe says:

          Oh no, I was called out by an internet wank-/wangster. I’ve shown more balls than you have, wankster.

    7. juanita valdez says:

      sexual assault.

      It wasn’t a mistake it is assault.

      1. Linda says:

        This reminds me of when my 8 month pregnant daughter went through at the NEWPORT NEWS VA airport. She got a vaginal and rectal exam!

        1. Dutch says:

          If in fact you and your daughter submitted to such treatment… You’re not victims… you’re the problem.

        2. NoMoreKoolAid says:

          Why didn’t you make that story public, or did you and I missed it? That is a huge charge. I would expect she could sue for that, it would certainly be sexual assault!

          1. Linda says:

            Because I’m lying!

            1. ACDenco says:


    8. Rex says:

      Yes you will. Quit basing everything and everyone in that orginization off of this incident. They miss handled this situation and that is a tragedy, but that is a dumb statement.

      1. P Lewis says:

        I have metal implants in my spine. When I flew recently I dreaded TSA. It was no problem at all. I showed them the card from my doctor, they told me what they would do. A pleasant female TSA patted me down with the backs of her gloved hands telling me where she would touch me, it was not invasive, it was not disgusting. At the next airport I repeated the showing of my card, they had me step through the metal detector, all the alarms rang, they politely ask me to step to the side (allowing me to see that my husband was watching my belongings) and did the simple scan over in seconds I would say. I did not feel invaded to abused, I felt like “What has all the fuss been about?”. Thousands of passengers have the same experience daily and many airports. You hear about the passengers who are the exception for whatever reason their own or the TSA agents.

        1. George N. Weezie says:

          That’s what you call luck of the draw for the TSA “agents” you were lucky enough to encounter. Keep flying and eventually (sooner than later) you will be “gate raped”.

        2. Pilot.Dave says:

          P Lewis, Google “health effect of ionizing radiation” – read about DNA damage…. Then read about how many Terrists TSA has caught – should not take long as it is ZERO. But, you might read about how many bombs/weapons and test bombs/weapons they have in fact let through…

          1. SarahJane says:

            Just did the google thing…. more health risks to male gonads that female from those back scattering machines.

            Hey Navigator, got some bright ideas as to why this is wrong too ? 😛

      2. just2curious says:

        I nominate Miss Handled, speaking of dumb…

    9. Toad says:

      Who cares if you never fly again. You’re insignificant…

    10. Harry Carry says:

      The time will come when one of these cancer victims strips naked to the waist showing the TSA goons what her condition is really all about and in front of all the others in line. The shock to all bystanders might force TSA to rethink their policy AND behavior! No, probably not.

    11. Yeziam12 says:

      Thank God you’ve decided not to fly again, you have made a wise decision.

      Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying the empty seat beside me so I won’t’ be so cramped up in flight. Again, my thanks from a greatful fellow passenger.

      1. ertdfg says:

        Hey, lets promote rectal exams as well; then the planes will be even emptier.

        What, you’re good with invading the privacy of others needlessly to get more space on a plane, why not go the next step? Clearly we don’t care about Constitutional Rights or freedoms or any of that crap, just more space on planes.

        Rectal exams would give you everything you want, wouldn’t they?

        1. Yeziam12 says:

          When you say “we don’t care about Constitutional Rights”…please don’t include me in your group…I’m fine w/o your wicked desire to remove my rights to get more space on a plane or some other silly perceived perk you enjoy like, apparently rectal exams.

          BUT, if you wanna stay off that plane to prove some inane point, I encourage you to do so.

    12. Jay says:

      A couple I know cancelled their travel plans after reading this story. They said enough is enough and they weren’t going to take a chance at having a vacation they saved for ruined by overzealous “security.”

      We’re hearing so many of these stories, and there are many similar stories that don’t make the press.

    13. Deej says:

      Easy to stop…Arrest any offending TSA agents for sexual assault. The remaining will be diligent in adhering to the law.

  2. SteveFromTucson says:

    What do you expect from these goons. Believe me, they get their rocks off pushing people around. Publish the agents name and let the internet do its thing from there. This will stop only when the American people have had enough of the goons, morons, and child molesters in TSA.

    1. Scottie says:

      YES! Why do they protect the agent? Print their names and pictures and perhaps they will think twice before they cross the line or sleep through their “training”.

    2. Randy Brown says:

      that is a great idea. their names should be published

      1. SarahJane says:

        the union rep will no more allow that as allow them to get time off without pay for not following the rules, again.

  3. alex says:

    This is why our hijacked government allowed massive 3rd world immigration and travel to the US. They then have the excuse not to trust anyone for “security.” Nobody wants these immigrants here. Nobody wants these illegal aliens here. Nobody wants this H1b filth here. Yet the government pretends not to hear – even after we were attacked by immigrants on 9/11. There is no other explanation. Diversity is the tool of tyranny.

    1. Ryan says:

      What the hell does immigration have to do with this news report? It looks like you’re just looking for avenues to display your discriminatory intolerance. Diversity is the tool of tyranny? More like racism is the tool of the ignorant.

  4. jung says:

    I dont like it when they touch me in my no no spot 🙁

  5. mary michaels says:

    Blame Islam.
    Muslim jihadists are already experimenting with bomb-implants in breast implants, for the glory of Allah!
    So, all of these things– shoes off, water thrown away, extra security — are all caused by Islam.

    1. kshutup says:

      Do not blame Islam, blame the ones who take their Islamic religion and turn it inside out to take it for something that it is not. Do not be ignorant.

      1. Brett says:

        No you’re an Idiot, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, only a muslim who is ignorant of their own faith. Once you become a true follower of Islam, you by definition become an evil murderous human being. Its part of Islam to kill infidels, to dominate the world and create a world caliphate. If you deny this then the religion your talking about isnt islam, you have taken words from the Koran and cast them aside. Leave the Koran intact, stop reading parts about murder and killing and say, ohh thats not a nice part lets ignore it.

        1. Mike says:

          How about you lay down the quotes you claim suggest all that…lay it out instead of just speaking the words of your goon friend Emerson. Guys beware of these idiots…today it’s Islam, tomorrow it’s Mormons, Jews, all the rest of us. Islam is only the flavor of the day

        2. Robert McDaniel says:

          You are absolutely correct. Islam was founded by the mass murdering pedophile Muhammad. Islam is based on terror and hate. It is all in the evil, filthy Quran.

    2. rukhsana abbas says:

      Do not blame islam , as what ever is happening today is because of people like you dividing human beings,and giving a bad name to other religions which is not the way to handle situations … follow your Bible it is one of the books that we all believe in like the Quran..

      1. just2curious says:

        Dividing human beings? The way King Solomon would do?

      2. Robert McDaniel says:

        The Quran is a book of evil. Islam’s founder, Muhammad, was a mass murdering, child molesting barbarian. Islam is his twisted, sick fantasy.

    3. George N. Weezie says:

      You guys are too trusting in what your government tells you. The “war on terror” is a hoax designed to get you to voluntarily surrender what rights you still have. There is no significant Muslim threat. They simply wish to be left alone as many of us do. How would you like it if “humanitarian bombs” were dropping all around you while going to church or shopping at wal mart? How’s about burying your children? I don’t think you would be too happy about that. Question what you are being told! Question the 9/11 lies, in particular the physics-defying free-fall of WTC7!

      I now believe that Ron Paul really is our last hope…

      1. Scholar says:

        Yes sir, Mr, Physics Professor. Where did you get your degree from?

        1. Ben Doverhereitcomes says:

          Hey dope, what about common sense? I’ve been in construction for more than two decades. How’s that for a degree? The government story of WTC 7 is a lie! There’s no way it would fall that way. Lots of architects and structural engineers agree. Don’t listen to the experts who’ve actually designed and built buildings like WTC7, you just continue to believe what the government tells you. I’m sure they always tell the truth.

  6. Pat says:

    I have two screws in my spine for the last ten years and a pacemaker for the last four which means I cannot go through a magnetometer at the airport. I never have this “groping” issues even though I have to be patted down or frisked.

    The solution for anyone with a medical implant is to hand the TSA screener your ID, your medical card from your doctor(s) and, if you have one, your Medic Alert card that outlines your medical situation. In all my flying experience, the TSA agents will review your medical data and then conduct the appropriate screening.

    If you don’t provide proof of a medical issue, you are partially to blame for causing the problem with TSA. Without proof, you’re just a schmuck running your mouth.

    1. readingisalifeskill says:

      Did you read the part where the TSA agent refused to look at this woman’s medical data? She HAD everything she was supposed to have but she got felt up anyway.

    2. rocketw says:

      “Pat,” either you are a TSA employee troll or just extra duped. No one should have to be frisked without probable cause, and if you capitulate to it, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. No one should be sexually violated for having merely bought an airline ticket. That is patently and forever immoral, no matter what the “gropee” thinks. May this country be saved from mindsets like yours among the majority of the traveling public.

      1. starzzguitar says:

        Well said. Start standing up for what is right or the lemmings will lead us over the cliff!

    3. schatzi says:

      Read past the headline, buttercup.

    4. Commandrea says:

      Pat no read

    5. Knot Jammin, Jr. says:

      I guess it takes one to know one!! Maybe we can get anonymous to hack the TSA files so we can get the home addresses of these perverts and give them a midnight “Screening”!!!!

  7. retiredsarge says:

    Terrorist never have to get on an aircraft. Winter is coming. Coats and jackets can coverup a bomb vest. All the Osama’s have to do is go to the airports and get in a crowded line at the security area and set the vest off. No one ever has to get on an aircraft. The results would be the same as if they had gotten on the aircraft. Afterward the security would start at the airport entrance.

  8. Patricia says:

    the TSA should really be shut down. There are too many cases similar to this where these sex-offenders are groping everyone in line and if they don’t like it, too bad, we’re doing our job to keep you safe. Excuse me, but if you believe that, then I’ve got a bridge in New York that I’d like to sell you.

    1. Sheri says:

      This is the exact reason that my family doesn’t fly anymore. We have a disabled child and I have been and read about too many incidents where the disabled have been abused by the TSA.

      We the People could stop this situation if all of us except those who absolutely must fly to keep their jobs would refuse to fly for 2 or 3 weeks. The airlines would demand that this problem be fixed.

  9. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    When the backhoes and bulldozers show up with a new alphabet agency in different coloured uniforms operating them, you’ll know it’s the end for the degenerate TSA. Government always removes those they use as their thugs with new thugs. Just a bunch of goons in costumes that are expendable. Have a great day. http://91essentials.com

  10. Barack Obama Sucks It says:

    ALL of you who voted for the Obomination should hang yourselves. THIS IS YOUR FAULT you idiots. You elected a COMMUNIST who only knows rabble rousing and creating violence. Operation Fast and Furious is the perfect example.

    1. Klaus says:

      And Darrell Issa will let Obama get away with it, like he always does.

    2. Really??? says:

      Really? The TSA is Obama’s doing? Don’t you remember that it was set up by King George II? How does this have to do with FandF?

      1. Klaus says:

        Bush and Obama work for the same bosses, who ordered Fast and Furious to pass the next gun control law. Their bosses carried out 9/11 to institute the DHS. Their goal is a global police state and total control of the planet’s resources. They are the central bankers. They print money and buy all the politicians. The fractional reserve system means no matter how much you earn, they will always have more than you. You can’t beat them. Unless you expose them and end the Fed, repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, and return to the Constitution.

        1. George N. Weezie says:

          Wow! Someone who actually understands what is really going on! That gave me a little hope in an otherwise dreary scenario. Thanks Klaus. Maybe it’s not too late after all?…

          1. Klaus says:

            Truth is movin’ on up, George N. Weezie!

      2. starzzguitar says:

        This has to do with fast and furious because the regime was claiming American guns were being bought by the drug cartels so they could get stricter gun control laws. So, they had to make sure that was happening. Turns out it was our own government doing this. This is a major scandal.

      3. ertdfg says:

        So the TSA, part of the Executive Branch has nothing to do with Obama, the head of the Executive branch…

        Gotcha, so in your weird little world who is in charge, at the very top, for the TSA?

        I’m just curious, because I thought it was Napolitano, who was appointed by, reports to, and could be dismissed by Obama… but I guess I’m wrong.

        Go ahead, spin me a conspiracy by which Obama, President of the United States and Head of the executive branch can’t possibly do anything and we must blame someone (anyone) else.

        Is it Bush, Space Aliens, the Illuminati, or the Milk Marketing Board who is really in control of the Executive branch now in your bizarre conspiracy laden mind?

        Or do you agree that everyone in the TSA ultimately reports to Obama… but you still think blaming him is somehow wrong?

        Personally I hope you believe it’s aliens; that would be less clueless than you seem to be otherwise.

  11. George Scott says:


    1. diane says:

      The airlines have no control over the TSA your remark is ignorant!

      1. Klaus says:

        The airlines did not speak up to stop the TSA from being formed. They are therefore responsible for failing to take action. As a result, they are liable and can be sued. We all know that corporations can get whatever they want in America if they buy the right politicians. In this case, the airlines were complicit in the crime.

        1. diane says:

          Total BS. Back it up…you can’t

  12. Mr. Progressive says:

    This lady is obviously another tea party trouble maker. How dare she question the government’s power. Who cares if she is a breast cancer survivor? Send her to the Gulag!

    1. Klaus says:

      Will Obama murder her for speaking out, too?

      1. rocketw says:

        He could. After all, HE WON the election in 2008, as he reminds us every so often, and that means our earthly lives are his to do with as he pleases.

        Everyone will find out how serious that is, come the full ramifications of Obamacare as they show their full complement of TEETH on Jan. 1, 2014.

        1. Klaus says:

          When ObamaCare passed, it was the handing over of total control of our bodies to our dictator. It limits our healthcare choices to those approved by the state, and it took away our alternatives. It eliminated informed consent. Now our dictator has the final say about what we can and cannot do with our bodies. It is pure evil. Millions will die early as the result of ObamaCare. Exactly as it was designed to do.

          1. George N. Weezie says:

            Also, they will be rolling out the “Codex Alimentarius” around the same time in order to outlaw supplements so that we are totally dependent on big pharma’s poisons to “heal” us. Food production is also at risk. All thanks to our sociopathic masters and their UN cronies.

  13. Gunny G says:

    Odd how the TSA has turned into the Gestapo under Burackus Obomination.

    THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE on blogspot.

  14. Bob says:

    I wonder if the people and familys of 911 victims wish they had tsa screeners on that day.

    1. Jerri says:

      or a government that would have put 2 and 2 together and stopped these guys before they even made into the country. Nice try thought to justify the brown shirts searching everybody.

    2. Klaus says:

      Would WTC 7 have collapsed if TSA screeners were working that day?

      1. diane says:

        There were screeners…at the time it was perfectly OK to take box cutters on board the aircraft whcih is what they used to assault the crew and take over. What should have been done is better scrutiny of those enetering and wishing to enter our country.

        1. Klaus says:

          There is no evidence that box cutters were used. The paper passports of 1 or 2 of the alleged hijackers magically survived the fireballs and collapses, while everything else was turned to dust. The script you were trained to believe is a fairy tale. Objects cannot collapse onto themselves unless explosives are used. The explosives were already in the 3 WTC towers when the 2 airplanes hit and 1 airplane crashed before reaching its target.

          1. diane says:

            Have some more Kool-aid

          2. ACDenco says:

            Yes, Bush and Cheney snuck into the WTC bldgs and personally planted the explosives. After the towers fell, they returned and sanitized the ruins to remove all traces of explosive residue…………………

            1. George N. Weezie says:

              Nope, no “sanitization” was required because they destroyed all the evidence by shipping it off to China for recycling. The evidence is out there. I used to think they were kool-aid drinkers as well until I saw WTC7 free-fall. Americans were always known for questioning authority and renound for critical thinking, but no longer is this the case. You don’t believe me? You think I am a kool-aid drinking dullard? How’s about you check out what professionally licensed architects and engineers have to say about the subject: http://www.ae911truth.org

              Listen to them and you may come to the conclusion that you are the kool-aid drinker that has been deluded into believing a monstrous lie.

            2. Klaus says:

              Actually, traces of the explosives used were found by a physics professor and a chemistry professor. I included their names and universities in a post earlier, as well as the name of the explosive used, but it was censored, so I will be general this time.

    3. George Bush says:

      It wouldnt have mattered because they dont check Musslims only Americans .We had screeners and the underware bomber got on without a passport or ID.tell me how that happened???If we had the tsa screeners on 911 they would be in prison because we still had our constitutional rights!

      1. Klaus says:

        Because Muslims didn’t carry out 9/11. Homeland Security isn’t for them, it’s for you. Give up your freedoms, or else you will get more terror.

  15. George A Lovenguth says:

    Require all TSA agents and screeners ti have an earned BS degree in Psychology.

    1. Julian says:

      BA in Psychology would be a better fit because its clinical not research based.

  16. Janus says:

    Bottom of the barrel and/or foreign employees cannot be trained to understand
    four syllable medical terminology. Their groping proved nothing, and could have
    caused another surgery to repair damage. TSA should be sued for trillions in
    a class action suit by everyone they have harmed since they were deployed
    like hostile military prison guards, into our airports.

  17. Fed up with this nazi regime says:

    Time to follow these TSA nazis to their homes and scare the shyt out of them. Just saying…

    1. electronpusher7 says:

      scare? what scare? Nazis need one thing. 30.30

  18. Timmy ! says:

    What can be done to prevent this from happening again?”

    Money. An apology is not enough. Lawsuit, settlement, money. Sorry if it upsets people (“why should she get money blah blah blah) but it’s the only thing that ever gets a real reaction/change — when it costs you money. Of course the employee should be fired. That goes without saying. Also the fact that it won’t happen.

    American’s are a passive bunch. Any if any ever do anything so radical as to peacefully protect (see Occupy Wall Street) they get lambasted.

    1. r3VOLution says:

      I supported and was hopeful about Occupy Wall Street. Until I read their list of demands. While there were a couple I would support, most of it was clearly influenced by the liberal groups (unions, Soros backed groups, etc.) that are taking them over like the Republicans took over part of the TEA party. Most of their demands are just “gimme, gimme, gimme”.

      1. Klaus says:

        JP Morgan Chase is sponsoring the Occupy Wall Street “protests” in order to get Warren Buffett’s tax hike on the middle class passed. The enemy combatants of the Constitution always try to control both sides of every staged conflict, then pose as saviors with a “solution” that enriches them while stealing our freedoms.

      2. Mike-N-TN says:

        The Republicans have not taken over the Tea Party. We would lay the smack down on a Republican just as fast as on a Socialist Democrat. The Tea Party is for “Stop spending our money NOW!” and for “Get off of our constitution”. The Republican establishment does not want that no more than the so called “Progressives” in this nation. We will win.

    2. Klaus says:

      The U.S. government never fires anyone. No one was fired for incompetence after the 9/11 bombings of the 3 WTC towers. The whole darn government should be fired.

    3. Gunny G says:

      The Wall St protestors are nothing but spoiled brats. The cops should give them wood shampoos and taser spa treatments. Most of them will flee home to mommy and daddy when it gets cold.

      The Anti Liberal Zone

  19. Terry Clifton says:

    Why isn’t the TSA Nazi already fired? This is insulting, and pathetic!!

  20. Chuck S says:

    Not only should that screener be FIRED— I think I would be seeing Brother Janet Incompitano in a courtroom!!!

    1. Regulas says:

      If this rate of movement toward a communistic dictatorship continues on our present course another civil war will happen but this time it will be for everyones freedom.

      1. Janus says:

        180 million armed Americans vs about 30,000 passive aggressive idiots who’ve bought into rules for radicals, the Obama narcissims.

  21. troyt says:

    On a recent trip from Seattle to Detroit Mi, my wife and I went through security at Seattle. My wife has a replacement hip, during the pat down search the TSA hag asked my wife it she was wearing a new bra… To which I commented that the TSA hag should smell her underwear to see if that was new.. This is what happens when you give a wall-mart security guard a little authority.

  22. Me says:

    I’m thankfully not stricken by cancer, but I was patted down on my genitals last week by TSA. The whole thing sucks, whatever your life story.

    1. Regulas says:

      One of the reasons I have not flown for my vacations since the New Gestapo, aka TSA infiltrated our so called private airline companies.

  23. John C says:

    Yes, this person should be fired.

  24. letthelightshine says:

    “It added that private screenings can be requested by anyone for any reason…”
    I’m NOT in favor of offering the private screenings and no matter how humiliating it may be for the passenger the TSA should not have the option of hiding their activities from public view. If groping breasts will keep us safe then let everyone see. If they require an elderly person to remove their diaper to make us all safer then no hiding it behind a closed door. If they need to put their hands up a pair of baggy shorts or a flowing skirt then the public should know what they are doing. If a woman is going to be required to remove a prosthetic breast and show it to a high school dropout TSA agent in order to fly then take it out for all to see.
    The only people protected by the private screenings are the out of control TSA agents. They should not be able to hide what they are doing.

    1. Lipstick says:

      Are you completely nuts? They have no right to touch us period. No way.

      1. Klaus says:

        Innocent until proven guilty — unless you’re a taxpaying American citizen. Now that America’s current dictator can murder any American citizen he feels like without charges or due process, which one of us will be next? Why must Americans be terrorized by its own government anytime we fly? This wickedness must stop immediately.

      2. letthelightshine says:

        Sorry, I should have been more clear. No, I don’t agree with the searches or groping…but they say it is needed, that it will keep us safe, etc. Rules trump rights according to the TSA..not saying that it’s right. However, given this is the policy I won’t EVER go in a private room for any sort of screening. I don’t think anyone should. These sorts of abuses need to stay out in the light and not hidden. Perhaps if enough people see just what is going on in these private screenings there would be more outrage and resistance.

        1. hopingforabetterworld says:

          Letthelightshine, I agree with you, but I fear that would make very little difference in stopping this abuse. There are too many Americans who simply do not care and until they do care, things will only get worse before they get better.

  25. Rod says:

    How much longer is America going to put up with the BS?

    1. electronpusher7 says:

      are you ready to die? Can you Kill. The ballot box and the jury box have been co-opted. The only box left is the ammo box

  26. Justin Case says:

    This world we live in is NOT because of islamic terrorists, it is because of the traitors in Washington DC. There is no need for greater security and anyone who accepts the TSA or greater security gets exactly what they deserve. I do not feel sorry for those who do not fight back against the government. If you are not a brawler then you ca fight back with your wallet and just stay away from the airports and buss stations till the TSA is gone.

    1. Linda Green says:

      Right. There is no danger that I can see at airports. If there was such danger they would close the border. But then again maybe they know they have let terrorists in so we must suffer for their ignorance.

    2. electronpusher7 says:

      Until we rise up the TSA are here to stay

  27. George Johnson says:

    Don’t forget peloski’s “You don’t professionalize unless you federalize!”

    This is about control. And liberalism. It’s PC liberalism we have this sort of thing in the first place. I mean come on, what things in common do all the terrorists have? A) middle eastern and B) muslims (and several other things too).

    Yet, we’re almost actively excluding those people because of PC. They get upset you know, and then they threaten us with cutting our heads off etc… (and carry out those threats too, that’s why people give into muslims so much)

    So we have to make a show of going after 3 year old girls and little grandma there to prove to them, we’re not “discriminating” against them.

    The Jewish have pretty good system of LOOKING AT THE PEOPLE first. Yet that guy Janet something or other, says that would never work here. BS!!!

    And it’s about control. Making YOU, the little people, blindly follow what ever the government says you should do. How long has it been since the houses of congress have actually followed the Constitution in performing their jobs? LONG DAMN time!!

    1. Klaus says:

      End the TSA and its unholy parent, DHS, immediately. They “killed” the bogeymen in the caves (allegedly). Coast is now clear, until our taxpayer money is used for another false flag. We’re on to your game, enemy combatants, haters of the Constitution, and you will be defeated by We the People. How’s that Underpants Bomber trial going? Let’s get some daily coverage of it, CBS! Interview attorney Kurt Haskell.

  28. Steven Monfrini says:

    If I said what I really felt about this the masters would jail me. I will say this though. the lash is to good for these people. It is time for the peseants,us, to storm the castle

    1. r3VOLution says:

      If we don’t speak out now, we will definitely not be able to in the future. I felt as you do, but have decided I’m speaking out while I still can.

      1. Steven Monfrini says:

        What I want to say could be seen a a threat to the ones in power. I would call for injury to certain people

        1. r3VOLution says:

          You’re right. We can only speak out in generalities, and speak out we must. As loud and as long as we are able.

  29. SpeakFree says:

    At no fault of our own, this is the world we live in now, created by Islamic extremists. I for one do not care about feelings when it come down to my flight being safe and secure. Any and all necessary actions that need to be taken should be taken. I work in healthcare and I do realize the sensitivity of the subject, however, TSA can put their hands anywhere they want, it’s just body parts. It’s really no big deal. If you don’t like it, don’t fly. Take a bus, train, car or ship.

    1. papabear47 says:

      I would expect these types of comments from someone in medicine,everyone elses body is free to see or feel as far as you areconcerned,after all parts ar parts in your little world (not all of you,some are decent),However you probably use your status as a medical provider to avoid the toucy feely types in your “profession”.

    2. r3VOLution says:

      First, you have a higher chance of dying of a bee sting than you do of being harmed by a terrorist. It has been WAY overhyped with the purpose of teaching us to submit. Tests of the system show that weapons can easily get through. We are no safer for this harassment. There are already random bus and train maulings by TSA with plans for more. Now you can’t even go to a football game without a grope-down.

      1. SpeakFree says:

        I’ll take my chances with the bee’s

      2. keith says:

        Higher chance of being killed in a hospital by the medical people than being killed by a bee sting…

    3. UCS says:

      How about this instead:

      If Mother Government hadn’t violated all of our 2nd Amendment rights in the first place, 9-11 would have been a 5 minute news blurb, and that’s only if it took place at all.

      We don’t need mommy government to violate our rights FURTHER to protect us because they are violating our rights in the first place, making us unable to protect ourselves.

    4. Rob says:

      I would be so worried about someone in health-care working on me like you. Someone who clearly cares nothing about oaths, the law, the men and women who have died for our freedom and everything else that is American. So typical of the usual sheep who need to get home to watch Survivor and Americas Got Talent. WHere exactly were u educated at and did you ever take a history or civics class…ever?

      1. r3VOLution says:

        Be kind. This might be a younger person who didn’t get a real education. They only teach twisted history now and no civics whatsoever. The “must comply” mentality is stressed in public education from a very young age, along with open-mindedness about every possible lifestyle and life choice (except independence and independent thinking), the global warming myth, etc. My junior high niece was doing some homework recently. One question was, “Of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which has contributed the most to western civilization and culture?” She chose Islam. When I asked how she decided, she said they had to go from their reading and provide three points to support their choice… and Islam was the only one about which she could find three supporting statements.

  30. Dean says:

    Let’s address the real reason for the pat down. Foreigners who commit these crimes of the past are allowed in to our country. If we can take a lesson from Saudi Arabia, then let’s limit those who can come in to our country. You and I cannot visit their country unless it is for a religious reason or business. Once all of the foreigners from the ‘bad’ countries are gone, we can get back to our normal lives. The only problem is that our government likes to control us so this will never happen.

    1. UCS says:

      I’m sorry, but you didn’t at all address the “real reason” here.

      The “Real Reason” this is going on is that the government and the airlines have been violating our 2nd Amendment rights for decades.


      1. Klaus says:

        The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. They hate us for our freedoms.

  31. BirdieGirl says:

    Personally, I think TSA was put in place to slaughter the airline industry, thus requiring a “government bailout”, then new ownership via the GOVN! Then the GOVN can tell us who gets to fly, when , and where. It’s more of the same; govn takeover of everything.

    1. Klaus says:

      American Airlines is on the verge of bankruptcy. Mission accomplished!!

  32. Opt Out says:

    No one should be going through the body scanners.

    1. The “backscatter” scanner can cause cancer on the outside of your body

    2. And the “millimeter” scanner uses microwave which can damage DNA on the inside of you!

    Cancer survivors especially but also everyone should OPT OUT!

    1. Sharee says:

      Exactly! And neither the Millimeter Wave nor the Backscatter machine was put through any meaningful testing, and there were no long-term studies, so we could have generations of new cancers popping up in a few years.

      1. r3VOLution says:

        There is already a cancer cluster in TSA workers in Boston, one of the first places to install Michael Chertoff’s scanners.

    2. Opt Out your mind says:

      Everyone who is concerned about the Backscatter body scanners, should also be willing to put down their cellphones, wireless phones, wireless computer connections (that means no more trips to Starbucks), avoid sitting to close to your TV/Monitor cause you’ll go blind, avoid driving a car – it’s proven to be unsafe – much worse than airplanes – why have even stopped buckling up, damned if i’m gonna get cut in half because some bueracrat says I have to wear a seatbelt – it is my car or butter, I love butter, but then it’s full of bovine hormones or most importantly most people don’t know the USG injected a fix into all computers and software that actually delayed the Y2K bug until 2012 – coincident with the end of the world – so be prepared – find the chip and the bug in the code and remove it before you need to get to your computer Dec 2012 and you can’t. And lastly, the whole world order is a coverup because governments were taken over by aliens in 1955 and we’ve all been working to process methane gas for them since then.

      Let’s pull together on this one, just watch out for anyone that has a small scar on their left upper arm – that’s the sign of the beast and marks those that work for Satan. OMG – I just saw a butterfly, it’s so pretty, I gotta try and catch it….

      1. Pilot.Dave says:

        Are you serious ? Back scatter body scanner use IONIZING RADIATION as in x-rays, cell phones, wireless data, etc use radio waves. They have about as much in common as heroin and milk 🙂

        OK, I get it, you’re one of thiose TSA goons getting paid to surf blogs and such and run mis-information interfearance for We the Sheeple.

        1. Opt Out your Mind says:


          While I was just having fun trying to say you all worry too much about nothing, BUT since you tok the time to question, I think it’s particularly unlikely backscatter’s cause any more harm than reported by the USG since the TSA folks live and work near the scanners daily – so I would think a daily dose of whatever you proclaim they’re getting would accelerate the timeline for any cancer concerns and yet nothing is showing up… So, the examples I gave were to show you there are people who have similar unfounded fears – like TSA being exposed to backscatter, if cellphones were a real threat, more than likely the trend would have surfaced – given the number of people who use cellphones. AND just so you know, RF can kill you – stand too close to a radio tower and see how that works out for you. You really need to check your facts before you go about challenging things you’re not necessarily familiar with.

  33. AD_Military_Guy says:

    Fired? Why isn’t he charged with assault? I’m in the military and the nature of my job if I make an error and “…don’t follow policy…” in the same manner this TSA worker did I’d be court martialed and imprisoned!

    1. MsUnderestimated says:

      I agree! When will this madness stop? THIS IS GOV’T-SANCTIONED MOLESTATION!

  34. SomeAngryGuy says:

    ” The agency said medical cards “are a great way for passengers to discreetly let us know about a medical situation or disability,” ”

    No. No they are not. If this were true, this wouldn’t have happened.

  35. theseeker says:

    dismantle TSA AND DHS – DHS has 22 policy agencies full of lawyers and pinheads. Leave only original agencies – ICE, FEMA, CBP, SS, Coast Guard

  36. JW says:

    You do realize that the terrorists have won, right?

    1. r3VOLution says:

      And yet they still sit in Washington and we pay them to.

  37. Mike says:

    Yes, these TSA agents need to be fired and the system overhauled. It is probably the world’s worst secret that it is mostly women subjected to these abuses, and the reason is the women who work for TSA are predominantly lesbian, thus undermining the purpose of a same-sex patdown. I have seen women who are busty or otherwise “exceptional” treated obscenely by these wretches in the blue uniforms, and I felt my own manhood degraded by having to stand there and watch, powerless to intervene. It is disgraceful. Hopefully when we get a real President it will be changed.

    1. Donna says:

      For almost NINE years after 9/11, the airports used metal detectors and wanding, if necessary.

      Why then in 2010 did they suddenly thrust cancer scanners on the flying public?

      It’s sad to repeatedly hear one story after another of airport abuse, and that’s exactly what it is…abuse. No wonder no one wants to fly anymore.

      1. Klaus says:

        They thrusted the cancer scanners on the public because Michael Chertoff’s company, L3, makes them. The U.S. State Dept. said they got a call from “an unnamed agency” to force the Underpants Bomber onto the plane without a passport the day before they had the cancer scanners scheduled to be rolled out. They don’t test the cancer scanners periodically, unlike all other X-ray equipment used on humans, and they don’t release any test results of the dose the victim gets. There are 2 types of cancer scanners the TSA uses. One uses X-rays and the other uses microwaves (euphemistically called millimeter waves to conceal the fact they are microwave ovens). Both will cause cancer. They treat you like an animal, and it’s time we unite to make them stop.

      2. r3VOLution says:

        While the order for the scanners was placed with L3 ( the former head of Homeland Security’s company) prior to the incident, the underwear bomber was put on as theater to justify the purchase. Check out http://haskellfamily.blogspot.com/2011/09/colossal-deceit-known-as-underwear.html HaskellFamily on blogspot.

  38. John says:

    New T-Shirt:
    “Nuremburg: I was following orders didn’t work in 1945 and it won’t work when we come for you”

    1. Klaus says:

      “Just following orders” has become the American way of life. The lessons of the Holocaust have been forgotten, if they were ever learned.

  39. Attorneygirl says:

    TSA employees are NOT polite, and do not care. I have experienced the same kind of humiliating pat down. My mother had just died and we buried her, and then I had to go to the airport at DFW airport. The scanner found the thing in my breast from surgery, and demanded that I go through a public pat down. I demanded a female to do it in private. The TSA male employee was completely rude, condescending, and outright mean. He was trying to pick a fight with me because my mother had just died and I was quite emotional. I stayed quiet and demanded a female do it in private. This is a major problem; a major violation of our privacy rights. It is slave training. TSA is arrogant, uneducated, unaccountable.

    1. Joel Weymouth says:

      And all of you idiot liberals want this same government that came up with the TSA to manage your health care? Now imagine the “appeals” process because you have been denied a procedure because of some arbitrary reason. The government employee who deals with your case is probably a minority with a chip on their shoulder and a neurotic power trip. The actions of the TSA are a harbinger of things to come.

      BTW, you are also aware that the TSA monitors blogs and keeps track of people who say negative things? And uses it against them? And don’t think you’re safe if you use an alias. Do you think this site will protect your identity when confronted by Homeland Security? We are dealing with a praetorian guard for the “Emperor Caligula”.. And those of the buttsucking Obama bots who say “well it started” under Bush – need to remove their tongues from his majesty’s sphincter and realize that it will end just as badly for them as the rest of us. have noticed, it wasn’t this bad under Bush?

    2. Joel Weymouth says:

      IN my post – I was not replying to you, thought I was doing a general post.

    3. SarahJane says:

      You last word really hits the nail on the head !!! What happened to “Clear and Transparant governent” or what ever they said ??

  40. Bill Fisher says:

    TSA has been promising to “learn” from these abuses since last November and nothing has changed. Pistole promised to stop molesting children four times so far and every time another child has been recorded while having their privates groped by some low life TSA screener. Whenever one of these abuse stories makes it to the mainstream news outlets, TSA repeats the same tired “treat passengers with respect and dignity” lie and then goes about humiliating and degrading anyone they choose.

    TSA is a jobs program creating an illusion of airline security. After nearly a trillion dollars over eight years they can’t cite one success. Meanwhile 60% of the freight in the cargo hold remains unscreened, half of which is from foreign shippers.

    Add to that the 52 TSA screeners arrested this year for serious crimes, including two last month, one for rape and the other for murder. Of these, nine have been for sex crimes involving children. They can’t prevent crime within their own ranks, but we’re supposed to trust this agency with airport security.

    There was no excuse to harass and humiliate this woman simply for the “crime” of flying. The guards at Treblinka were just doing their job too and sadly even had those who excused their atrocities.

    This is a clear failure in management and explains why so many abuses are occurring. Pistole and the senior staff of TSA have failed miserably in managing this agency and it must be abolished.

    TSA Crimes and Abuses

  41. Hank Warren says:

    Perverted TSA agents, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  42. Derek Elliot says:

    She should change her name to Mahibah and wear a burka and she’ll never have a problem again.

  43. Factchecker says:

    Janet Skunkhead is a FACIST. She and Obama are two heads on the same snake like the picture below.

  44. Bob says:

    Fat Janet is the one that needs to be fired.

  45. John says:

    You could have waited for a supervisor.
    A few years ago – they tried to pat down my 3 year old daughter. We flatly refused nuti la supervisor came and cooler heads prevailed….

    REMEMBER you STILL have rights

    1. Alan says:

      No we don’t,

    2. Marilyn says:

      I HAVE asked for a supervisor and all that got me was a more intensive search … all because I pointed out that the fingernail file that they wanted to take away from me was on their own “permitted” list on their website. The supervisor was called. He took my nail file and sent me to be searched.

  46. Dan says:

    I am SO SICK of having my life impacted by stupid people. Shame we can’t neuter/spay ’em or ship stupid people to a desolated island elsewhere. Do the entire species a huge favor.

    1. Klaus says:

      That island is the United States of America. Welcome to the island.

  47. Dan says:

    These TSA agents are bottom feeders, slack-jawed, bottom-feeding mouth breathers who can not hold a job anywhere else. Firing this agent is not the answer. What needs to be done is re-structure the entire TSA – have people with actual minds who are empathetic, are regular human beings… get OUT the morons and the mindless who currently occupy the agent positions and replace them with people who are intelligent and capable of critical thinking.

  48. Scott says:

    Most TSA agents are recent immigrants and could care less how they treat us.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Time to back up that claim with a source.

      1. LIBSLAYER says:

        Short bus, refer back to JFK!!

  49. John says:

    Would rather drive (and boat if necessary) to wherever rather than have my privacy invaded by these McDonald’s worker level of TSA agents. Nothing to hide, just have an extremely high regard for my privacy and absolutely refuse to be part of the rat race playing the Big Govt’s game.

    1. Tim says:

      LOL…..”extremely high regard for my privacy”…..Do you have bank accounts, credit cards, store discount cards? Do you use Google? Do you use Gmail or Yahoo Mail or Hotmail or any other email services? Do you receive mail at home? Do you pay property taxes? Do you file for change of address? Every time you do any of this activities, you are signing your “extremely high regard for your privacy” goodbye.

      1. Clark says:

        Oh, so it’s ok for a member of the TSA to fondly with a woman’s breast in front of public?

        1. Tim says:

          No, it is not ok. I was merely addressing the concern John expressed for his privacy.

          1. Pam says:

            Then Tim, you should’ve addressed John’s privacy concern in the same context it was expressed.

    2. r3VOLution says:

      Yeah, just avoid those “inspection stations” all around the country within 100 miles of our borders.

    3. Bishop says:


      Boring, tired argument re TSA’s qualifications and your disdain for air travel. Find a new line, yours is the definition of trite.

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