TSA, JFK Security Apologize, Admit Proper Protocol Was Not Followed

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Although October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it seems some Transportation Security Administration agents aren’t very aware when it comes to compassion.

Breast cancer survivor Lori Dorn says she was subjected to a humiliating public pat-down at John F. Kennedy airport even though she offered to produce documentation about her medical implants.

Dorn wrote in her blog that the patdown at JFK added “insult to injury and caused me a great deal of humiliation.”

Dorn was heading to San Francisco last week when a full-body scanner detected her prostheses. Dorn said she explained she had recently undergone bilateral mastectomy and had tissue expanders implanted for future breast reconstruction. A TSA agent refused to let her retrieve documentation from her wallet “that explains the type of expanders, serial numbers and my doctor’s information,” she said.

“I had no choice but to allow an agent to touch my breasts in front of other passengers,” Dorn said.

In a tweet on her Twitter account Monday, Dorn said she received an apology from a JFK official “who agreed that proper policy wasn’t followed.”

In its own blog, the TSA said it regretted the incident and apologized. “We do our best to treat passengers with the dignity and respect they deserve, but in Lori Dorn’s case, it looks like we missed our mark,” it said.

The TSA said the security director at JFK has reached out to Dorn to learn more about what happened.

The agency said medical cards “are a great way for passengers to discreetly let us know about a medical situation or disability,” and in Dorn’s case TSA agents should have “been more empathetic to her situation.”

It added that private screenings can be requested by anyone for any reason and said the agency recently rolled out a four-part in-service training course focused on screening prosthetics. Training is expected to be completed across the country in over a year.

Dorn said that while she understood the need for safety, airport security agents needed to show compassion and sensitivity.

Should the TSA agent be fired? What can be done to prevent this from happening again?

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  1. John says:

    My wife has fought breast cancer and on occasion TSA takes a closer look which involves touching. I have an artifical hip that gets me patted down at every domestic airport. We both avoid the fullbody scans for health issues.
    TSA people have always been friendly (with exception of Atlanta Ariprot).
    WAKE up people .. don’t take offense at something designed to save your life.

  2. Constitutionalist says:

    TSA will be irrelevent shortly since 20,000 stinger missles that are missing from Libya will start to turn up here….and terrorist will no longer have to get on board to bring a plane down. At least if that happens, we can FIRE the TSA cause they wont be needed.

  3. jj says:

    why do you people allow this to happen

  4. H. Johnson says:

    When you hire a bunch of rent-a cop grade morons, give them far more authority than persons of their limited qualifications and abilities should ever be given and allow them to unionize, you have to expect this sort of thing. What was George Bush thinking?

  5. Mike says:

    The whole damned TSA should be fired. Passengers have brought guns through checkpoints and onto aircraft, they’ve failed multiple evaluations for trying to detect guns and explosives,, they treat people like crap and have tossed the 4th Amendment out the window.

    It’s time we get rid of the TSA!

  6. LeChat says:

    This problem will be resolved only after a massive strike on the part of the flying public. People who still fly are contributing to the outrage.

  7. peter king says:

    Why do people always assume a story is true and then rant and rave like lunatics? It looks like this story may NOT be true and may be redacted. fools.

  8. David M says:

    Fire the TSA agent. Ignorant idiot.

  9. Michael says:

    This is funny, you libs called Bush & Cheney the modern day Hitlers, you want to re-think that now? The TSA is more intrusive under janet & obama then any organization under Bush & Cheney. I guess the wolves have come home to roost, you might want to look under those feathers before you go through an airport again.

  10. J says:

    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.” (Ben Franklin) I blame the American people as a whole. The problem isn’t that our government is out of control, the problem is that the sheeple are too complacent, ignorant, apathetic, and/or stupid to do anything about it. The hell with it, time to move to Galt’s Gulch.

  11. t says:

    As always, Total Stupidity After the fact.

  12. steve says:

    Disband TSA !!!

    It’s a joke that doesn’t work at all !

    Against our rights and will…. an affront to freedom !

  13. Riley Wolff says:

    I’ll tell you what needs to be done to prevent this kind of abuse from continuing to happen to American breast cancer survivors, grandmothers, disabled veterans and children…..START PROFILING AGAIN!

  14. Kazoo says:


    1. Riley says:

      Too bad…if the fed tramples upon your inalienable rights. Right?

      BTW…how do those jack-boots fit?

    2. steve says:

      Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

      Idiots like you will get our freedom removed.

    3. t says:

      True, but now it is when you attend sporting events, what’s next? .

  15. Rick says:

    My sixty year old sister was taken off an American Airlines flight in Texas this past weekend because “another passenger stated she may be unfit to fly” apparently making a sobriey judgment. I should point out my sister offerred to take any test and that she had 2 glasses of wine on another AA flight. She was humiliated infront of other passengers, taken off the flight and delayed 4.5 hours. Sieg Heil!!!!!!

    1. jim brown says:

      Your sister’s a drunk and stunk like booze

      1. rick says:

        Were you there? No, of course you were not. You just spew hatred and hope for similar hatred in return. I bet you only give the finger to females on the hiway too. Try being a real Man sometime.

      2. PeterB says:

        So what if she was drunk? Not every one of us want to be stone sober flying…

  16. bily320 says:

    You should have had the paper work ready, and informed them before you went thru the scanner. You humiliated yourself. I have a steel rod in my leg and everytime I travel i inform the agent about my situation and show the paperwork they scan me see that it is a rod an i go on my merry way.

  17. dondon says:

    “”Should THE TSA agent be fired?”””

    NO………………..not THE agent…….All of them.

    Sicko people.

  18. mscapecod says:

    YES the agent involved should be fired !!! Perhaps setting theat example would encouarge other agents to adhere to some sensitizy behavior.. No person wwith legitimte medical issues should be subjected tto such public humiliation.
    Safety in the air is necessary t these terrible times but so is some compassion for specil situations necessary.

  19. moonmac says:

    Start profiling for actual terrorists. All they do now is harass patriotic Americans who are getting Fed up with the huge increase in the Police State. People are making tons of money off it so it will only expand until all our rights and freedoms get taken away!

    1. Kazoo says:

      They’re NOT aloowed to profile that’s why all people get searched. Besides what does an “actual terrorist” look like?

  20. Dutch says:

    Don’t blame the TSA… the real problem lies with a cowardly American public who meekly submits to such treatment. Not much different than the Jews who shuffled off to the concentration camps when ordered to do so.

    Don’t like being treated like a fat, dumb animal at the airport? Then quit behaving like one.

    1. t says:

      …and how long have you been working for TSA?

  21. bullett says:

    A pat down should only be performed if you’re being arrested. Until then, body scanners should be used for “everyone”, and I do mean “everyone”….!!!!!

  22. Brandon says:

    She’ll get over it… If you can’t accept what needs to be done to ensure the safety of everyone else you’re traveling with, DON’T FLY!! Take a bus, car, boat, or train — no one is forcing you to go through that if you don’t want to.

  23. John Cowan says:

    Freedom is a dream. We are not a free people. The sooner you come to accept this the happier you will be. Big brother is watching.

  24. Karl Magnus says:

    So tell us, oh TSA mental midgets – how do you “teach” common sense?


  25. Steve says:


  26. Spanky T Smackme says:

    Ban the TSA, they have done NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE and have faied to prevent anything EXCEPT the rampant humiliation of the citizens….These tactics should only be used on people ENTERING the country, not those who are already here……What are they trying to do ? Desensitize us for the coming police state ?

  27. snowflake220 says:

    When flying out of DFW a few months ago, as I walked through the old fashion x-ray machine I noticed a young man in his late twenties to early thirties looking at a monitor near the scatter x-ray machine. To my horror I was able to see the person standing in the scatter x-ray machine totally naked on the screen.

    By chance my gate was right in front of the security check point so was able to observe it for about 45 minutes while I waited for my flight out. I noticed the only people being picked to go into the scatter x-ray were young men. NO women, NO old people, just young good looking men. So wonder why this young man looking at the screen of naked men only wanted to look at young men.

    The other thing I noticed was real old people were being forced to open their luggage and let the security men go through everything in their suitcase. Thank God they did cuz one woman had one too many tubes of toothpaste. Whew! Thank God they caught that before she got on the plane. (I could hear him tell her she couldn’t have two tubes of toothpaste)

  28. John Dodge says:

    Way to go TSA! While you shakedown Grandmothers and cancer victims, the maniacs can skip by merrily thumbing their noses at you. Either eliminate TSA or get a credible leader who will profile. The current stooge in charge is a moron.

  29. Tom Brown says:

    I was a Delta Gold Medallion flyer. Four years ago I had enough with TSA and decided to vote with my feet. I have flown on less than one flight per year since then. It is not always easy but I have made it work and Delta will not longer get my money until they get involved in stopping this madness.

  30. Lee says:

    Always a “mistake” with the TSA.

    It’s amazing how many “mistakes” they make.

  31. Learn More says:

    Radiation from Japan’s 3 nuclear plant meltdowns was found in the milk, water, etc. in the United States, so the last thing we need is more radiation from airport body scanners.

    Read more about the radiation from Japan in U.S. milk, water, etc.:

    1. Goggle “Jeff McMahon Forbes radiation milk”

    2. www dot enenews dot com (excellent site)

  32. Hopingforabetterworld says:

    Please, I have a question…has anyone ever seen a muslim woman in her full body veil and robe being patted down? Just wondering because I am considering wearing one of those outfits the next time I fly.

  33. Art Clemens says:

    This woman is obviously a terrorist. She probably makes over $200K a year and is not paying her taxes either. She should be publicly flogged.

  34. LobaAzul says:

    Get rid of the TSA and passengers should carry firearms instead of being sitting ducks for any crazy-a$$ barbarian.

  35. Edward R Flach says:

    The T.S.A. advertises for agents with ads on PIZZA BOXES!!!!

  36. NBCISGREAT says:

    WHO????????? WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET BETTER NEWS WCBS!


  37. JM in San Diego CA says:

    I’d like those TSA agents flogged in public. A few beatings and the rest of them would square away.

  38. Ron says:

    Dismantle the TSA immediately, they’re nothing more than Obama ‘s 40,000 union goons pretending to offer security. what a joke, they violate your 4th Amendment rights every time you fly.

  39. JoeMich says:

    Americans keep voting for the corrupt politicians that are allowing the TSA to continue. Most Americans are political morons and deserve the TSA.

  40. Walt says:

    Make this a campaign issue. Find out which candidates are for reducing the power of Homeland Security, TSA, and other over zealous agencies. For everyone that is for big government, this is what you get.

  41. Walt says:

    Make this a campaign issue. Find out which candidates are for reducing the power of Homeland Security, TSA, and other over zealous agencies. For everyone that is for big government, this is what you get.

  42. Chip says:

    Let the victim pick a bouncer or pro football player to pat down the TSA agent using the same procedure. In public. With streaming video. For an entire shift. After Lori Dorn performs a bilateral mastectomy on the TSA agent.

  43. paul costello says:

    And just what would feeling her breasts has they been explosives? “Yes, from the feel of these, I think they’re C4.”

    SAY NO! 10 years later not ONE act of terror has been uncovered at a checkpoint… yet we get more and more intrusive searches.

  44. Teresa says:

    This is not the exception but the rule for TSA. Everyday you read about some new outrage in the govornment sanctioned ritual abuse, humiliation and – yes – torture of disabled Americans. I’m just waiting for the giant class action law suit that will forever shut down this rouge, criminal govornment atrocity.

  45. Bobby Love says:

    I think they patted down this woman because non Arab women cancer patients did Sept 11.

  46. Wheelerdude says:

    I say BS that TSA feels bad about what happened. Why don’t TSA agents get screened when they show for work or when they return from breaks!! How many TSA agents have been arrested and convicted??? What prevents a rogue TSA agent from going “POSTAL” and causing a security issue. What then??? TSA will require Americans to give up more of our rights!!! It’s time for Americans to refuse to be blamed for our government’s short falls!!!!!!

  47. LastLiberalRepublican says:

    This woman is clearly entitled to an abject apology from a senior TSA official.

    Something I am guilty of when I travel is that I ask myself, “What would the real unemployment rate be if we did not have the TSA and Homeland Security?”

    1. chip says:

      If senior TSA officials had the “proper procedure” performed on them in public, the procedure would change overnight. I wonder if citizen’s arrest criteria would apply to a “citizen’s patdown” of TSA employees entering the airport, or entering the building where the TSA has offices. You might not find weapons, but I would bet you will find pornography.

  48. David Gillies says:

    “proper procedure wasn’t followed.” So, riddle me this, Batman, DID ANYONE GET FIRED? We all know the answer. Of course no-one got fired. No-one even received any sanction beyond being told by a supervisor to not be so obviously moronic next time. Because there is no comeback, there is no incentive for these mouth-breathing cretins to mend their ways. I was going to call them high-school dropouts but then realised most of them would have struggled to graduate from kindergarten.

  49. Pepper says:

    On a recent flight from Boston, a TSA agent who spoke with a thick African accent held up my wrist watch and asked me repeatedly where my wrist watch belonged because there seemed to be some confusion about why it was in the wrong bowl. I told him several times, “It belongs on my wrist.” Finally, he quit and gave it to me. All this went on while there was an illegal pepper spray in a side pocket of my purse. They never caught it. Gee, I could have taken down the entire plane.

    1. Totally Believable says:

      Wow Pepper, that’s a nifty story. BS, but nifty. Lemme see, once upon a time, I was being pat down by a TSA Agent and he wanted me to remove my glasses because they had tinted lens and I told him that the frames were plastic so there was no need, but he insisted. My diversionary comments about my glasses however, let me sneak in a 500lb high energy bomb I had strapped to my leg that he totally missed as a result. Dang fool.

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