Parents Fearful Following Scary Case In February Involving Star Wrestler

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A health alert has been issued to parents and students at Hauppauge High School after health officials confirmed another case of MRSA.

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It has left parents saying not again, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“And I have a child here, a child who’s a student here at the school and she didn’t mention it either,” Michael Goldberg said.

School officials have not released the name or the condition of the student involved, but the scare is a familiar one.

Nick Mauriello was on a hospital ventilator back in February fighting for his life. The 16-year-old was a top wrestler at Hauppauge, but was hit with the bacterial infection, common among wrestlers where mats have to be scrubbed frequently and hygiene is emphasized.

The bacteria is harder to treat that most strains of staph, because it’s resistant to common antibiotics. Symptoms are most often mild infections of the skin.

But not in Mauriello’s case.

At the time, Nick’s dad said the infection traveled through his blood and attacked his lungs and other vital organs.

“His heart rate was going through the roof. He was laying in bed breathing at a ridiculous rate,” Nick Mauriello Sr. said.

The superintendent addressed this latest case in a letter to parents, saying “Our district has just been notified that there is a confirmed case of MRSA in the high school.

“In response to this, the district acted upon protocols to help guard against the spread of this bacterial infection, including sanitizing instructional areas.”

“I’m sure they are, sure they are. I’m very happy with how they handle most incidents at the school, so I’m sure they’re taking every precaution,” parent Carrie Angelico said.

Word was just beginning to trickle out Wednesday night to parents of students at the school. Not all have received the letter, but many are alarmed that this is the second case of MRSA in less than a year.

“I’m concerned that it’s the second time it has happened. And wondering whether it’s related to wrestling again,” Goldberg said.

Door handles, hallways and classrooms have already been scrubbed, with plans for the school to continue to operate as normal.

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  1. celia says:

    health care workers who return home wearing their scrubs bring with them many infectious diseases including MRSA. It is known that garments used in any health care setting are contaminated. Health care workers who refuse to change into street clothing harm all of us. They are probably eating lunch in a deli or resaturant near you, infecting your babies.

  2. DanTe says:

    I see that the diseased trash from Hauppauge has logged in with their ridiculous ideas of medicine. This is Hauppage, why are sick dirty people, who wipe and eat with the same hand at the same time, news??

    1. Kazoo says:

      What you wrote makes no sense. maybe you can rewrite it so the rest of us have a clue as to your point

    2. jvn2 says:

      People like Dan TE are the ignorant people who don,t know he’s probably part of the 50% of the population who carry staph. Even if you live in a bubble MRSA can disguise itself in your DNA and rear its ugly head whenever it has the opportunity.It is an opportunistic pathogin that should not be underestimated,it doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor.More than 19,000 people died from it last year,and that number will continue to rise.Per capita the U.S.has the highest incidence of MRSA infections.This is the direct result of decades of antibiotic abuse(have a sniffle take an antibiotic)

  3. Rosa Ramirez says:

    Sorry for the mispell MRSA

  4. Rosa Ramirez says:

    I was told by my doctor that I have MARSA and I am very concern I am being treated with antibiotics and shots of injection I have Children n am afraid that they can get it as well. My doctors have I guess seen it fit not 2 place me in the hospital because they say that would be a place to pick up the bacterial disease … Are they rite???

  5. servantoftruth says:

    100% pure oxygen will help rid the body of MRSA. In and around the patient.

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