NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The “Occupy Wall Street” rally gained thousands of new supporters as New York City became protest city on Wednesday when the group marched to City Hall.  The protests, however, were not without incident.

The NYPD said that there were about a dozen arrests Wednesday night.  Most of those were for disorderly conduct, but at least one arrest was for assaulting a police officer.  Police said a protester knocked an officer off his scooter.

Photo Gallery: Wall Street Protests

It was night of fury, and physicality by protestors and police, CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reported. Chopper 2 captured an image of an officer with a baton hitting a protestor as other police surrounded him and tossed the protester to the ground.

“I saw night sticks fly. I saw cops on the floor. I saw them charging groups of people,” Jack DePalmer said.

“There’s been a few agitators here, people real angry — which is understandable. But at the same time, we have to be peaceful about it. Cops are going to be cops — they have to make a living. They’re not the real enemy here,” Ty Davis said.

Meanwhile, there is a sense that the vaguely focused frustration of the demonstration, which was in its 19th day Wednesday, is beginning to resonate more widely. Al Jones of 1010 WINS reported that protestors had marched from Zuccotti Park to Foley Square.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports From The Protest

Jones also reported that Foley Square was filled with people, including union members, college students, some clergy members and regular New Yorkers, listening to speakers argue against what they call corporate greed.

The hundreds of protestors who have taken over Zuccotti Park for more than two weeks got reinforcements Wednesday when they were joined by and other community groups.

CBS 2’s Lou Young described the crowd gathered at Foley Square as “immense” and pointed out that there was even an overflow of people who did not fit in the area.

“We are the 99 percent, you know, and it’s not fair that people don’t have to pay taxes, that corporations don’t have to pay taxes and like we do.  It’s like my mom pays more taxes than like Walmart does,” Helen Curran, a student at Pace University, told Young.

"The Occupied Wall Street Journal" is seen in Zuccotti Park - New York, NY - Oct 5, 2011 (credit: Peter Haskell / WCBS 880)

The rage against the machinery of Wall Street is loud and getting louder. So much so that deep inside the financial center, regular workers are feeling maligned and misunderstood.

“Those of us who are still here had to take pay cuts just to keep our jobs. So, they clearly don’t know who they’re going after. They’re going after the guy down the block, not some guy in a castle,” Stephen Guilfoyle, an economist at Meridian Equity Partners, said.

Protestors in Zuccotti Park on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 (credit: Al Jones/1010 WINS)

The group also called for a student walkout at college campuses across the country to protest “against unforgivable student debt and soaring tuition rates.”

“Professors are asking their classes to take the day to actually go to this rally,” said Camille Rivera, a spokesperson for “United NY.”

Some students at Brooklyn College heeded the call and joined the protest early Wednesday afternoon.  About 150 students walked out of class at Brooklyn College to join the Wall Street protesters.

Students at Brooklyn College participate in the Occupy Wall Street Protest on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 (credit: Marla Diamond/WCBS 880)

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Students

Arud Sheikh said the struggle is the same.

“We are the 99 percent. We’re the 99 percent that don’t own the majority of wealth where we’re disgusted… There are clear policy changes that could be made,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Marla Diamond.

Protests took place Wednesday at several other CUNY schools over tuition hikes and cuts in tuition assistance.

“We’re feeling like we’re under attack,” said Brooklyn College senior Daryl Barney. “Tuition is going up and then we’ll be graduating. We have no hopes. We have no real future.”

Walkouts were also scheduled at State University of New York campuses, including Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, New Paltz and Purchase.

Meanwhile, a video claiming to be by the group “Anonymous” has surfaced on YouTube. “Anonymous” said it will shut down the New York Stock Exchange website Monday.

The video is addressed to the media and says that Anonymous has been witnessing the events of the weeks-long Wall Street protests and has had enough.

Watch the video below:

“We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life. We the people shall against the government’s inaction. We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill-gotten profits. We will not labor for your leisure. We will not assist you in any way,” the video says.

It goes on to say that it will attack the New York Stock Exchange‘s site.

“This is why we chose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange. We can  no longer stay silent as the population is being taken advantage of for the sake of profit. We will show the world that we are true to our word. On Oct. 10, NYSE will be erased from the internet. On Oct. 10, expect a day that will never, ever be forgot.”

In September, Anonymous released the name of a New York City police officer who was seen pepper spraying protestors in a video that was also posted to YouTube.

On Thursday, demonstrators are planning to rally in front of the Goldman Sachs offices in Jersey City at 2 p.m. In addition, protesters plan to gather at the same time in front of the Statehouse in Trenton.

A spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs declined to comment on the planned protest.

For more information about Occupy Wall Street, click here.

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  1. JahLuv says:

    The day Robert Nesta Marley, Martin Luther King, Jr.,and الحاجّ مالك الشباز prophesied has come. The empire if finally falling.

    Buh bye Babylon System:

    1. Earl says:


      1. EastSideCholo says:

        Laugh now. Cry later.

    2. horseshrink says:

      Wow. You for real? If you can normally spell, then that ganja ain’t helpin’ you do anything but wait around for government $$ to fall in your lap.

    3. Dr. Scott says:

      Check it out, everybody! My thinkin’ box has them there “expeshul charikteers two.” Пойдите к аду!

  2. horseshrink says:

    How sad. Same old song. Malleable, gullible, naive, underinformed discontents.

    Though this does not serve the economy one whit, it does serve those willing to ride a wave like this into power.

    If the protesters truly feel a central governmental distribution of resources is preferable to a market economy, they should feel free to move to Venezuela or Cuba. No doubt they will be happier there.

    1. William Burchfield says:

      my sentiments exactly, even if they truly had a cause worth fighting for the protest has already failed.

      The only thing it’ll do now is justify more police action. Get organized and attack to right people, I say

    2. Dr. Scott says:

      Be fair, sir: go to Cuba or Venezuela and take no less than five like minded people each along for the ride….

  3. Adam Wentworth says:

    Every student that misses classes should be flunked out automatically

    1. Brassia says:

      The parents shpuld stop paying ANY tuition and /or financial support!! Will see hoe fast theyw ould return to class.

  4. Klaus says:

    Why is JP Morgan sponsoring these protests?

  5. adice says:

    the treasure chest is empty parasite

    1. gmasquire says:

      Take a shower, brother! You might feel better.

      1. patmurphy1965 says:

        Poor Libs, forever paving the “road of good intentions.” How’s that saying go…

        1. DayofReckoning says:

          See you there, Pat!

    2. Kevin Pearson says:

      IN other words Spain and the other socialist Europepeon countries with their putrid socialized medicine.

  6. Vince says:

    Hope Obama and the Dems are happy. See what happens when you preach class warefare.

    1. Anna says:

      Vince, they ARE happy, don’t you see? Their silence implicates them. Divide and conquer. All this is happening to take our eyes off of the Obama administration and what they’re trying to do. It is an act of despiration. What better way than to have the socialistic professors at our once-great universities turn our kids against their parents? However, there is one thing the O. administrations didn’t count on. US!!!!! Us, fighting them every step of the way. We are stronger and more in number. They’ll never divide US….wayward kids will always be among us. Pity them.

  7. roman says:

    Occupy Wall Street Demands movement demands are similar to what a 5 year old would demand without caring about how the real world works and why it works that way, he just yells: “I want, I want, I want”.

    I am looking at these demands one by one in my journal

    1. horseshrink says:

      Wow. They have the outrageous quality of a Hollywood desperado holding hostages, making obviously impossible, ludicrous demands as a distraction to keep the police busy while he makes his secret getaway.

  8. Norge says:

    If you have human needs GET A JOB and pay for them…I am not paying for yours…period….I paid my student loans back in full so can you!

    1. patmurphy1965 says:

      There it is in a nutshell!

    2. JPUnique says:


      1. horseshrink says:

        There are always jobs.
        Just not jobs you want.
        I suspect many that you won’t take are “beneath” you, or some place that requires a geographic move.
        If there aren’t even any SUCH jobs for you, then you shouldn’t have so many felonies on your record.

  9. Adrienne M says:

    You know, there was ANOTHER anti-Capitalist group that wanted to take down a symbol in New York. That symbol was THE WORLD TRADE CENTER.

  10. Josh Biggs says:

    We told you the fleabaggers occupying Wall Street were union shills. If the unions walk out then bust the unions.

  11. dkamof says:

    I agree with many people on here. Try listeining to Pr. Richard Wolfe, a marixst (OMG a commie! ya better run! – I can’t believe how much my grandparents generation’s ignorance still infects us) who explains the economy very well. And watch this G. Carlon video:

    I work, I have worked out of my house since I was 13. I agree that we Americans are lazy and refuse to take jobs “beneath us.” But what is funny are people who make those anti- immigrant comments who, thank god, take those jobs. Yes maybe it is that too many pepole believe that they deserve to go to college and get middle class and higher jobs. That is more of a population thing, Yes maybe stop having so many kids (that most of really can’t afford, nor can the earth).

    I am with these people, to an extent. The wall st occupiers do not support Anonymous and I guess nor do i (If they shut down the haliburton ok, but the person below is right to say that many pensions and regular people invest). And Ed is right that this is about the 1%, not their minons who make less than 300,000 and do not have any chilrdren.

    And working girl, again I work, always have, and put myself through college and graduate school, but I still have a right to complain and see the injustcies (especially when those before us, many of them went to CUNY for free, had better education and were able to become CEOs without any degree, in some cases). My main stife is with the military industrial complex (remember many of those demonstrainnig have had friends fighting- for college tuition-for most of their lives) and bailing out the 1% who had nice warm homes and did not give a S*()&^%$#@t about the homes lost and the animals given up because people lost their jobs or their homes due to bailing them out. Oh and a person here said the other day that coporations don’t owe us anything. Yes, you are right and we don’t owe them anything. If they fail, they fail. Not, oh let’ s help you even though what you did was a massive ponzi scheme and you gambled, which means you bet it, you may loose.

    1. Earl says:

      You may “LOSE.” Not loose.

      I’m guessing graduate school was pretty difficult for you. I’m absolutely outraged that someone with such a sharp mind doesn’t have a job. OUTRAGED, I SAY!

      1. gmasquire says:

        You know that unemployment of only 4.3% for people with degrees?

    2. Drano says:

      “Try listeining to Pr. Richard Wolfe, a marixst (OMG a commie! ya better run! – I can’t believe how much my grandparents generation’s ignorance still infects us)”

      You forgot to quote the murder toll of the commies since it started. It is 130,000,000 souls murdered by commies to take power and keep it. The murder continues today in China and Vietnam and Tibet.

    3. Brassia says:

      Well, after reading all your ranting…doubt you have clollege and graduate degree though…. I have one remark – corporations haven’t taken the money- they were given money by this administration, so why don’t you go and demonstrate in front of the WH???
      Isn’t it suspicious that all demonstrations are spreading everywhere else, but not in DC, and you know why- because they were planned for a long time and organized by no other than Obama and his minions…soon enought even clueless you will be able to see what is up his sleeve

  12. Jim says:

    These are part of the 52% of Americans that want others to take care of them and or want something for nothing.

    Obama supporters for sure.

  13. Ralphsgirl says:

    Maybe tuition would not skyrocket if the expectations of incoming students (and their parents) were a bit more reasonable. For example, maybe you live in 70’s style dorm with a roommate, share a communal shower/bath with your floor, and go to a cafeteria. Instead many schools offer living in a suite with a private bath, and going to the multi-optional food court experience with Asian Fusion, Sushi bar, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Kosher, Mexican, Thai, dessert bar, etc… From there you can work it off at the high-tech rec center with the new rock climbing wall, salt water pool and masseuse. It’s ridiculous. College has become a spa experience.

    1. jeremy says:

      i go to the University of Southern Maine. it costs almost $10,000 JUST to live in a cinderblock cube and eat LAXATIVE infused cafeteria food for 8 months. thats a load. add tuition to that and its outrageous. this is a state school mind you, no spa here lady. no asian low carb fusion, and kids are still up to their face in debt.
      its an issue across the board, you cant blame the dessert bar.
      when the 1st percentile is making 1M times more than even the 2nd, let alone the majority, and the government turns a blind eye to the money our great nation hemorrhages to foreign banks, wars etc…whatever, im just a liberal arts student who wants a world worth living in.

      1. Professor Tom says:

        Actually Jeremy $10K is real cheap. Most Colleges are in the $30K to 40K territory for tuition.

    2. Frank Johnson says:

      Try 60’s style dorm with bathrooms down the hall and comunal showers with 8 am classes.

      1. horseshrink says:

        And no air conditioning (in Texas).

        Even in med school I lived in a real dive – a dank, smelly, dirty medical fraternity house with a roommate, leaky roof, and oft broken HVAC system. However, when I was the house manager, I only paid ~ $150/month for room & board.

    3. Brassia says:

      You discount the outrageous faculty and staff salaries as well!!!
      The question was – why do they charge so much money – the answer- just because they can!!!!
      In addition the parents are payng for the illegals who get education for free!!!!
      Just like our halthcare insurances and med . bills- we have to pay for all those who “would take jobs American’s wouldn’t do” as well as take our money as well!!!
      Parents mortgage their retirements just to give their children education-it should have been a revolt against it!

  14. rufus levin says:

    stan….shove it bud….the rest of us are busy trying to make a living while you kids rant and rave like a bunch of hippie loonies.

  15. Earl says:

    I thought this was inviting people to occupy colleges until they stopped teaching kids stupid things that make them take part in these rallies rather than something that would actually help them find a career. You have to admit that it would be fun for a bunch of TAX PAYERS to occupy a public campus and protest GOVERNMENT waste (i.e. – liberal teachers).

  16. FredIsDead says:

    Wow .. 20,000 hits. Today’s YouTube video got over a million. What a bunch of losers that think that web hits == something of importance.

    1. ironage says:

      What i AM afraid of, however….is if this keeps up….Crosby Stills & Nash are going to crawl out of their holes….and NOBODY wants that! :/

  17. rufus levin says:

    If I were a parent paying for a kid’s education in college, and he left class for this stupidity, it would be the LAST cent he EVER got from ME. Live by the sword, kiddies, die on your own.

    1. littlekittie says:

      Indeed!!! Love it!

  18. Van Wehrle says:

    It’s amazing how uneducated these college protesters are. A mother with kids pays more taxes than Walmart does? LOL Thank you universities and so called institutions of higher learning for churning out abject idiots.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      If math was their strong suit they wouldn’t be liberals in the first place.

    2. dr. meh says:

      i think it’s called sarcasm…take an english literature course like those college students then you can understand and be on their level

    3. Mr. B says:

      As a percentage of their total income, twit.

  19. Ear says:

    Sent via iPhone…

  20. JonInVa says:

    Every one of those losers who is in college and skipping courses should be failed – not because they missed the course but because their incoherent and irrational ideals are so devoid of critical thought that you’d be saving them the money of wasting it on inherently stupid children. And the cops should bust their heads up and show them that even legal idiocy deserves nothing more than a beatdown like their absent parents should have given them years ago, before they developed such infantile delusions. Communism and Marxism failed miserably in our own lifetimes, resulting not just in loss of economic power but millions of lives, and yet these dolts still think that there is an endless well of economic resources that can give them everything they “want” for free. No work, no risk, no nothing. You crush Wall Street and you get nothing but more unemployment and less growth. And with the “rich” targeted for destruction, the Nanny Government they love so much will have no revenue for their entitlements. Heck, why have jobs at all if they think the government can provide them or force others to provide a “living wage” without any merit on their part but only their consumptive, self-absorbed lunacy. And people castigate the Tea Party for speaking of fiscal responsibility from a middle class perspective? And finally, where is the diversity? 99% are white, white, white. So much for that baloney. At least minorities have the good sense to either work or look for work rather than sitting in a park wasting everyone’s time.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      Likely their Socialist have this as a homework assignment for them.

      Any engineering student in this crowd, is obviously in the wrong major.

  21. kusojiji says:

    Generation P (Parasite)

    1. patmurphy1965 says:


    2. horseshrink says:

      “Atlas Shrugged” was written in the ’50’s by a woman who grew up in revolutionary Russia.

      Can’t say I’m in love with Ayn Rand’s writing style, but we are on a frighteningly accurate trajectory to her depiction of a dystopian society.

      And so, a bunch of “looters” gather together on Wall Street to complain about unfairness and lack of opportunity … and that they can’t help it. They’re just victims of the luckier, greedier people.

  22. Parker says:

    It is interesting how Tea Party rallies were seen as a threat to our country and social stability and cauldrons of violence etc. etc. but no one seems to care about this unrest. Ohh, of course, the left wing is doing this, so it is OK. All of the criticism of the Tea Party was just self-serving jabber intended to smear a true grass roots movement with broad support.

  23. dmiller says:

    oh yes, lets listen to a bunch of students. Im sure they know all the things that it takes to make America. Havent paid one bill and they know about wall street. Or the unions , lets listen to them or maybe we could ask Karl Marx.

  24. murray says:

    Why doesn’t the news media publicize the anti semitism being spewed in these protests. You can be d-mn sure if this was said during a tea party demonstration it would be splashed all over the news media

    1. murray says:

      And one other thing

      Why aren’t you leftists commenting on this. Dirty little secret about your belief system.

      And why aren’t you people on CBS news even mentioning things like this are going on? Maybe you sympathize with them

      1. horseshrink says:

        Get a life.

    2. FredIsDead says:

      OMG … what a racist. Where is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson when you need them!!!

      Congratulations, you are the most uneducated moron yet to post in favor of this idiocy that will accomplish .. nothing more than spewing a lot of trash into the street.

      Take that last comment however you wish, it could be about garbage or people.

      1. Roland says:

        I am not a racist! Zionism is not a race, it is a belief system. Zionist are the racist. If It walks like a duck……. Open a feakin’ history book for gods sake!

        1. ironage says:

          Why don’t YOU open a freakin’ history book?! Turn the chapter that covers 1938 thru 1944. Imbecile.

          1. Roland says:

            Are you referring to the holihoax that led to the creation of your beloved zionist state? You might want to choose a different history book, like one that points out that they tried the same BS at the turn of the century. 8 million my arse.

            1. ironage says:

              Once again…..IMBECILE! But….i guess MY words aren’t needed to show how pathetic you are….your own words illustrate it quite well.

        2. Think Again says:

          Zionist slaves? Regurgitated Islamic extremism and progressive naiveté!!!

        3. Frank Johnson says:

          He didn’t dispute that he is a moron thought.

          1. RolandMoron says:

            Roland can’t dispute he isn’t a moron, unless he claims to have an alternate personality that wrote the prior posts…..

    3. horseshrink says:


    4. gmasquire says:

      You aren’t smart enough to realize that Obama and his ilk are using you. When he is done with you, don’t be surprised. You are exactly what you claim that you don’t want to be. You are a socialist slave. The only freedom comes from personal independence.

    5. Frank Johnson says:

      You have smoked too muchweed

  25. working girl says:

    i really am tired of this. i was unemployed for almost 2 years. yes, i sent out tons of resumes, i networked, and ultimately had to relocate back to ny. i helped care for an elderly parent with alzheimer’s. i worked as a seaonal worker in retail to make some money, and i volunteered at a hospital which ultimately led to a job. chanting, obstructing traffic is not yielding positive results. are you registered to vote? vote & make a difference. don’t interfere with those of us trying to get to our jobs, our homes.

    1. horseshrink says:

      Someone with both feet in reality.

    2. littlekittie says:

      Indeed! I too lost my job. It became pretty obvious very quickly that I wasn’t getting what I had before, so I reinvented myself and did something different that will pay better money than I ever made. And I was making amazing money believe me. Fast forward 2 1/2 years. My business is taking off. As of the end of July, I doubled my business from all of 2010, and it’s not even the end of the year yet!

      These idiots that are carrying on, not working, not going to college, but camping out for some ridiculous protest are losers with a capital “L”. Get off your butts, losers! Stop expecting a freakin’ handout! Weasels.

      1. Keith Stafford says:

        If I may ask, what biz did you start? I’ve been thinking of starting my own biz as well.

        1. littlekittie says:

          Hi Keith – I started by finding investors who would purchase foreclosed homes, and pay for the fixup of those homes. I hired a contractor and sub-contractors, did the rehab of the homes, then got them sold, and made a profit. The profit was very small at first, and the whole process was scary, too. But everyone got paid, and the investors made their money, and I made some, too. As I figured out how to do the same quality of work, but be more efficient, the profits grew, too. From there, I’ve added the service of offering client remodels (kitchens, bathrooms and basements), and have been very busy providing that service to clients for the last year. Both of those things have grown into a nice business for me. It’s hard work, but very rewarding. After making this happen, I am a firm believer in reinvention of oneself!

          1. me says:

            So essentially, you made profit off of the victims of Wall St. Honest.

            1. A-hole says:

              I guess you would rather have them sit around and watch the OWN network, eating their government cheese? The Dodd Frank legislation killed the real estate market, moron! Libtard policies designed to kill the economy. Saul Alinski is proud!

            2. littlekittie says:

              Made a profit off victims?? How myopic. People ARE buying houses, no matter what the media is feeding you. People ARE paying to fix up their own homes, too, no matter what BS you choose to believe. Should we all shrivel up and die because people have lost their homes?

              For every defeat there is a victory. When something dies, something else springs up in its place. That’s the way of life. I made a business out of nothing after I lost a job I loved, that paid me very well. And my business now provides a living for me and those who work with me. When my group rehabs and sells a house, it takes a foreclosure off the market, and puts that home back in the hands of homeowner. When we rehab a house, we take what was an eyesore in a neighborhood and turn it into something beautiful again. And when we work with homeowners to redo kitchens, bathroom, basements, additions, etc., it means they feel good about investing in their own homes and neighborhoods.

              What we do helps to rebuild value in neighborhoods. And in turn, that attracts new businesses and restaurants and services, so that those who live in the rehabbed neighborhoods have better access to what they need and want. And guess what? That brings in more potential homeowners, too, who will buy and sell, and make money doing so. That’s the free market. That’s how it works. But, I guess it’s “evil” in your whacked out version of the world.

              Try growing a spine. Figure out how to make your own place in life. You might be surprised at how good it feels to be self-supporting.

              1. horseshrink says:


            3. torre says:

              These liberal losers will whtiher away as they always do. Hunger will drive them to work for a living, or starve. That’s the beauty of choice!

    3. Mike R says:

      I hear what you are saying, but vote for who? A DemoPublican? That is no longer a real choice. Can you agree that both parties are bought and paid for? If either the Tea Party or the Occupiers can generate a platform and get some people elected, maybe the deadlock will be broken. Right now, I feel like a guy in a grocery store with only two products to choose from, Spam and rotten cabbage.

      1. Lola says:

        There’s spam, rotten cabbage, and then there is Ron Paul, the anti-establishment candidate no one seems to want to talk about. Maybe its because his “crazy” ideas make too much sense.

        1. horseshrink says:

          The media shun him, hoping their silent treatment will make him disappear.

    4. Engineer's Mom says:

      Better yet, get involved in politics, run for office, support a someone who runs for office. Step up, start a new party.

  26. support the cause but not the methods says:

    I’m sorry to see someone’s solution is to bring down the New York Stock Exchange website Monday. Many of the OWS supporters, including the teachers and unions, have their retirement money tied up in there (the stock market). Even if what they have left isn’t much, it is what they have. Seems odd to me and rather short-sighted to cause further financial problems to the people they are claiming to help and speak for.

    1. Nobama12 says:

      Since when have liberals ever cared about consequences or cutting off their nose to spite their face? When you are ruled by emotion, you seldom care about things like that..certainly not the truth.
      Ahh.. Useful Idiots…Obama and his Wall Street support thank you.

  27. Merrill Lynch Manager says:

    Those protesters need to get a job and a life. Be productive not destructive.

    1. ironage says:

      If you listen to what they are actually saying….they don’t WANT a job. They want the government to take care of their every need! They are Marxists.

      1. ironage says:

        There apparently aren’t any good mental hospitals in your state.

      2. FredIsDead says:

        Hey moron .. the 85% don’t care about the 5 and 10%. Get a job and shut the hell up. Join the Army, they’ll take just about anyone, give you food and board and an education. Then in 5 years you can leave and start your own life with a tidy nest egg and lots of benefits.

        If you don’t want to do that, then you aren’t hungry enough yet.

        1. me says:

          That’s your solution? Surrender you life to the goverment in exchange for money? That’s sounds like communism to me.

        2. Mr. B says:

          The military is a socialist institution. You and people like you are too stupid to get that.

          1. Klaus says:

            That’s a very important point. The military trains humans to abandon their individuality and sacrifice their lives for the collective. Anything in a uniform is a socialist tool. They merely serve to animate the uniform. A free man does not subordinate himself to such dehumanization.

            1. Jack says:

              Take a look at the very theme of this report and the reporter. from CBS. I saw him in action at a healthcare town hall meeting. I was sitting 2 seats to the right of his camera and watched him direct the soundman to keep placing his boom mike at all the most virulent anti healthcare shouters who were in the minority. I spoke to the reporter after the meeting and tried to voice an opinion but he already had his piece ste and I have a DVD of the entire piece so I know how he manipulated it. He is one of the “if it bleeds it leads” ilk ERvery time I see anything by this character I hold it in contempt for I know he is not a journalist but a tabloid style schlock.

            2. John says:

              wow…another useful idiot who thinks he’s a genius. who’d a thunk it.

            3. soldier says:

              Klaus, you have never been in the military I can tell. The military does not train its sailors or soldiers to do any such thing. Boot camp gets rid of the mamsy pamsy whiney individualist ideals while the rest of training makes you work for the USA’s best interest. The Military is not a socialist tool, as the indistrious seek to rise through the ranks through accomplishment and are rewarded with that rise.

              Do not attack the military using the freedoms they safeguard.

              1. Dan says:

                With all due respect, even though the military filters out the wimps, they are in fact a socialist and even communist organization. It’s not an attack, just a simple fact. They provide “common” defense. In this country, our safety from common enemies is a right enforced by our military. With or without the weenies, extend the same idea to healthcare and you’d call it what it is, socialism. I urge you to think about it. It is possible this country has slipped more than you realize.

          2. John says:

            thanks for the commentary, useful idiot.

    2. digger says:

      You are the 1%, i.e. fools and or whiny children kicking and screaming for something you have no intention on doing – working for a living and earning it what businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals alike that pay for your sorry entitlement mentality all at the expense of the country. You and your ilk are greedy and envious of those who have done well for themselves. Stop being a drain upon society by destroying what others have achieved so you can share your misery by bringing others down to the sewer where you reside.

      1. adice says:

        I agree with your sentiment but unfortunately it’s abput 50%

    3. The 1% says:

      How about using some of this “energy” to actually start a business, rather than whining about how one hasn’t been handed to you straight out of college? Do you think that most RICH people got rich by sit-ins? I imiagine that in your minds that people get rich by STEALING from others. Funny, but the people I know got rich through hard work and sacrifice. Give that a try.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        1% 1% … phooey…/
        It’s time to go after THE ONE.

    4. patmurphy1965 says:

      In Alabama they are paying $100.00 per day just to harvest sweet potatoes. There are many jobs available; this generation is just not willing to work. The American culture I respect, includes a bit sweat and toil… Don’t be spoiled and lazy!!

    5. OctaviusMaximus says:

      You’re not the 99 percent. I am. My brothers and sisters are. And we see the occupy movement for what it is. It’s doubling down on the mindless hope and change crap that brought us this far. Do us all a favor and stay the hell away from the voting booth next year.

      1. Mack says:

        do us a favor and commit suicide.

    6. Frank Johnson says:

      There are lots of jobs available. I am retired and just checked the on line posting and got a job in 20 minutes–maybe not as CEO as you feel you are entitled, or $200,000 a year as you feel you are entitled. Join the military they could use some man power–sorry I said man power. I retired from the military–good pension. WHAT ARE YOU QUALIFIED TO DO??? I said qualified not entitled.

    7. littlekittie says:

      Are you for real??? I lost my job in 2008. It was a FANTASTIC job, which I loved. And believe me, I made great money. Well, I got laid off, just like millions of other people. As my savings were dwindling, rapidly, it became painfully apparent that I wasn’t going to get the same job for the same money anytime soon. So, I reinvented myself. It didn’t cost me a nickel. But, I thought very carefully about what to do and I did it.

      Fast forward 2 1/2 years. I’m beginning to do well. What I’m doing now will end up paying better than I ever had done before. And yes, I employ a couple of people. As my business does better and better, I will employ more. So, according to you, I must be one of those greedy people who just doesn’t understand the issues our country is facing. Really?? I don’t think the people I’ve hired, in a rough economy, who are able to support themselves and pay their own bills because of MY business will quite agree with you.

      Get off your butt, figure out what to do, and DO IT.

      I’m ready to start my own protest. STOP THE ENABLEMENT = END THE ENTITLEMENT.

      1. horseshrink says:

        I think few should be in government leadership positions without having first been “producers” whose own business was their only source of income.

        Without such a critical lesson in reality, stupid policies and laws seem like really good ideas.

    8. Me says:

      You do realize that people quit their jobs and traveled across the country to complain about this stuff.

  28. Bob O'Link says:

    I’ve listened to the Wall Street protesters being interviewed by the news media, and the protestors sound like a bunch of idiots.

    1. Kenneth says:

      You’re an idiot if you don’t realize the media is just showing the morons.

      1. UnionParisites says:

        Clear the crowd by bringing out some soap

      2. sycodon says:

        Lots of morons to show!

      3. mike says:

        Just showing the morons. You are so right. Morons all of them.

    2. Wall Street Trader says:

      That’s because they are a bunch of idiots and crack heads.

    3. Lunaluvs says:

      How about calling them severly ‘MISINFORMED’???? But, I know what you are saying, just saw a young woman say ‘It’s ridiculous, my mother pays more in taxes that Walmart!” Wow, didn’t know we had the child of a multi mult BILLIONAIRE! According to Forbes, Walmart paid nearly $6 billion in taxes to the U.S. last year. Don’t go on rumors people! Anyhoo… I do not blame anything on the banks or wallstreet, nope, they just are making money on what they LEGALLY CAN. Where people should be marching? Head on down south a few hundred miles, start on either Independence or Constitution Aves, protesting at the buildings there marked Senate offices or House of Rep. offices, then head on over to FIRST AND EAST, the CAPITOL, where everything is VOTED ON. After spending adequate time there, (and please make sure they are in session, they do take EVERY 3RD WEEK OFF and GO HOME to their Congressional District or Senate office). After that, MARCH, MARCH, MARCH on over to 1600 PENNSLYVANIA Ave, doesn’t matter if the president is there or not, Mr. Obama will get wind of it. Okay, maybe not all of these people are responsible for the state everything, but it is THE OFFICES that put the bill up, VOTED ON IT, AND SIGNED IT INTO LAW. Everything that Wall Street, the Banks do, they do it because they legally can. And they legally can, because a law was written or TAKEN AWAY.And NOT JUST THE LAST 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!

      1. luxomni says:

        A corporation like Walmart actually doesn’t pay taxes. It collects them from its customers and passes hemt through to the government. Every cent they paid came from a customer. Nowhere else. $6 Billion in taxes? That’s six billion from the pockets of their customers.

        1. luxidiot says:

          Brilliant. So, apparently you don’t pay taxes because all the money you get is received from the company you work they pay the taxes.

          See how idiotic logic can be turned right around on you?

        2. IgnoranceIsBliss says:

          So…are you saying Walmart should pay no taxes or give everything away for free so they don’t take money from people? Are you texting this from the crowd on Wallstreet?

        3. torre says:

          Most of these unemployable fools are liberal arts majors with no future marketable skills.

          When you head off to college take up a major with a marketable future. If you don’t, blame yourself and get ready to line up at the handout counter…

  29. Goldman Sach VP says:

    The ‘Bailout’ was only a loan and was REPAID IN FULL WITH INTEREST.

    1. Banks paid back says:

      You are 100% right Goverment made a boat load of money on interest .

    2. mike says:

      So not true

    3. Profits for pimps says:

      Don’t forget about the DISCOUNT WINDOW, that baby is giving money away so fast you can see the smoke a block away. Zero %. Free money!

      Wall street owns the government. The federal reserve is the muscle.

      Bye, bye ms. American pie. Sold my chevy just to get by.

    4. Jimmy O'Faolin says:

      Now if you could only pay back all the people who lost thier homes and futures due to your little ponzi scheme. How about a 2% income tax boost on your income over $500000, to help dig us out of this hole.No you”ll fight that tooth and nail. It might affect your bloated year end bonus too much.

      1. torre says:

        If you’re so great with numbers you’d realize there isn’t enough we can tax from everyone in this country to dig out of this hole.

        Mortgages were made to people who should never have qualified to begin with. Your govt. strong-armed the banks to make them available.

        Get your facts straight so you don’t come off sounding like a media-trained troll.

      2. Kevin Pearson says:

        You make it sound like they have been forced out of a family farm that had been handed down from generation to generation since the Revolution.
        The “homes” that people lost were homes that they purchased with a mortgage that they would not have received in a sane world.
        Nobody lost their rentals that they were living in before they took on these mortgages that they shouldn’t have ever have. The “homes” that they lost were places that they were essentially squatting and didn’t belong there in the first place.

  30. fk says:

    do the protesters realize that, BESIDES GE (and the unions) which will cost the government money in the end, the tax payers have actually BENEFITTED from the bailout. Everyone, except GE, has or is in the process of paying back TARP money. Plus the taxpayers made a profit. Maybe they should ask their union buddies why GE is the only one that we are long on? Look it up and get educated before you attack groups of individuals

  31. M.M.O'Reilly Jr. says:

    These young folks don’t wish to be in debt all of their lives as this
    country from college tuition on makes them never catching up
    with that debt,then as they get old like me that debt from all the
    BS we have to live with is handed down to them from again from their parents
    when they die. Thats why this movement is growing but it needs direction.
    You can’t shut down Wall Street that idea is idiotic,you can change the laws.

  32. JUST US says:

    Do not despair. Think of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. In Matthew 21:12, he entered the temple and drove out all who were buying and selling there. Wall Street was built on hallowed ground…baptized by the blood of those buried there. It’s about time the present day money changers tables were tossed.

  33. ann says:

    When a lot of people’s ancestors came to America, they were poor but worked hard to achieve.A big problem is that young people are encouraged to go to college and get white collar jobs instead of working blue collar jobs.Then, a lot of blue collar jobs have been shipped off to China and other countries and there is a lack of training in blue collar jobs and too many regulations for businesses to succeed and labor unions that are always asking for more pay so that jobs become scarcer. factories to Also, everyone thinks that all the new technology is a necessity, instead of saving money.

    1. Cribster says:

      I agree!

      College is immensely overrated, they are turning into nothing more than indoctrination centers.

      I couldn’t afford college, I didn’t expect anyone to pay for it. Instead I got a job and have been working ever since and thankfull, I’m doing better then most college graduates.

  34. sjs says:

    This week is the holiday of yom kippur, the day of atonement. The story of how Jonah told the inhabitants of Nineveh to return to God and how they repented is read on this holiday. God, the Creator and Sustainer of the world, provides for us but we have to trust in God, pray to Him, and follow His ways.America needs to return to God-this applies to the protesters, Wall Street, the government, and everyone else. Look up at the seven laws of Noah on the internet and see what God wants from us.

  35. J Occupy WallSt Levine says:

    Well, if Move On is in, I’m certainly OUT.

  36. UNeedMeds says:

    Can you repeat that?

    1. sycodon says:

      Meds…take them

  37. Truth says:

    Wall Street and much of this city’s renowned financial district were built on the burial ground of African slaves. New York’s prosperity stems in large part from the grotesque profits of the African slave trade and African enslavement.

    1. Paul Evans says:

      What does that have to do with you? Horrible things happened to lots of people of many different races in the past, we make sure they don’t happen again. Is everything Aristotle and Plato wrong simply because they owned slaves and believed slaves incapable of thought? No they were simply products of a different time. The protesters are out there for themselves. They see what the wealthy have and they want the government to take it from them at the point of a gun. It really is that simple.

      You want it? Earn it. Equal opportunity, not equality.

      1. Truth says:

        It has EVERYTHING to do with me. My ancestors’ very life blood is in that ground.

        I work. I pay taxes. I’m doing well. But unlike my RICH WHITE relatives who inherited the fortune of our white great, great, great, great, great grandfather, I got nothing as the great, great, great, great, great grandchild of the African woman he enslaved, raped, and impregnated. The black kids went the way of their mother and had no legal claims to their white father’s wealth. The very wealth he made off their backs.

        What you reap, you will sow. What goes around, comes around. It’s karma. The FREE LAND & FREE LABOR they thought they were getting… well, it’s time to pay the piper.

        America’s check is still coming back insufficient funds…though…not for too much longer.

        I just want what’s due. I just want what’s right. This system has been ROTTEN and unfair from it’s inception. It’s time to install an equitable system not based on exploitation and greed.

        It doesn’t have to come via the barrel of a gun. It can come via a change of heart.

        1. Amused says:

          Goog thing you didn’t inherit that wealth because then you would just be another evil, greedy person instead of a paragon of virtue.

          My ggggggg’s were serfs in England. I’ve moved on.

        2. horseshrink says:

          Hope you can find an better path to significance than what you just wrote.

          Entitlement = social cancer.

          You’re not even entitled to your life. THAT was given to you. Do something useful with it instead of stewing in ghosts.

          1. littlekittie says:

            Nicely said. I couldn’t put it any better.

        3. brooklyn says:

          What else do you want asshole…reparations? I was waiting for someone to pull the race card…what else is new? It always happens.

          1. Truth says:

            Reparations are not needed. Justice is needed. This unjust system must be dismantled. I OWE it to my ancestors and to my children. The buck stops here.

    2. MACK says:

      you are a loser and defunked of intelligence turd smoker. Lets start the shooting.

      1. Ticked says:

        Yes, lets’s. I’ll be aiming at YOU Mack!

  38. coneyislandbaby says:

    Save America. Smash Wall Street. Democracy Yes. Aristocracy No.

    1. ironage says:

      Save America. Smash Marxism!

    2. horseshrink says:


  39. StayWoke says:

    Wall Street was built by enslaved Africans on stolen Native American land and its environs built on top of an African burial ground. This is hallowed ground. This is karma. This is divine justice at work. Expect us.

    1. StayBroke says:


        1. sycodon says:

          I can smell you from here.

        2. Paul Evans says:

          Your paper fails to cite any sources and is filled with such obvious historical flaws that a basic American history undergrad could spot them. Open your mind and actually look at more than obviously biased sources.

        3. Paul Evans says:

          Yes you Matt Parker have a very unbiased website.

    2. ironage says:

      OK so lets just give it back to the Arapaho….and we’ll all go back to dancing around the fire…chanting and worshipping the sun god!

    3. Paul Evans says:

      New York was purchased from the North American natives by the Dutch who had a very good relationship with the natives. The British then took over New York in a bloodless invasion. New York then joined the colonies in overthrowing the British. New York was not built by enslaved Africans, it was actually one of the first states to emancipate slaves even before America was a country.

      If you are going to blather about history and how it is on your side, at least know it.

      1. the historian says:

        Paul Evans: New York City was actually one of the most enslaved places in colonial America; in fact it was the second most enslaved colonial city and slavery did not end in New York until July 4, 1827. The prevalence of slavery accounts for the African Burial Ground National Monument ( the cemetery of 10-20,000 free and enslaved Africans from 1640’s-1790’s. They are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their rediscovery right now, this week. Slavery was present in the first 1-2 years of New Amsterdam and it was enslaved people who built our city, including the wall which wall street’s name recalls. Wall Street and water street was the site of the city’s slave market for over 50 years in the 1700s. I think this topic is actually exhaustively covered by better historians than me, so I’ll just repeat you, “if you are going blather about history and how it is on your side, at least know it)

        As for Dutch/Native American relations, you might want to know about Kieft’s War. Look it up! It was an unprovoked war against native americans that nearly wiped out the dutch. anyway, I’d love to hear an answer from you, Paul Evans.

        1. Joel says:

          So we should judge people for the actions of 200+ years ago? Somehow I don’t see you telling these stories to Muslims and other nations about their atrocities. This is proof of what I’ve been saying all along – these protests aren’t about money or jobs. It’s about Anti Jew/Anti American propaganda. Too bad you are too chicken to admit it publicly.

    4. Kirby says:

      You are out of your mind. Wall Street was there befor any slaves were brought to America. It isn’t Karma….you are just stupid and probably on drugs.

      1. jayyy says:

        so wall street was around in 1619? even wikipedia knows that ain’t so. but he’s stupid? talk about three fingers pointing back at you

      2. the historian says:

        Kirby: You are wrong, sir, wrong. Wall Street was built by enslaved people and New York City was practicing slavery in 1626. Look into any history of new york city. In fact there were slaves in NYC before WALL STREET

  40. Janet says:

    I keep wondering what the precise agenda or goals of the protestors is – what would constitute a victory? When will they say – “We accomplished what we set out to do and can now go home.” Would it be bringing Goldman Sachs execs to trial in a federal court building? Or what? When I was in college, the protests were “End the war in Vietnam” and “End the draft” – concrete, measurable goals. These protests are too scattershot and vague to be really effective.

  41. Janet says:

    I keep wondering what the precise agenda of the protestors is – when will they know when they’ve “won” and can go home? What – exactly – are they trying to accomplish, and what would their victory look like? When I was in college, we had protests of “End the War in Vietnam” and “End the Draft.” You could agree or disagree – but you knew what exactly was wanted.

    1. algoa456 says:

      They demand that everyone has a job. In addition I am sure they are demanding peace and love and happiness for all. And while you are providing it please throw in nice cars for everyone and free pot.

      And if you don’t agree you are a dirty capitalist.

      1. ironage says:

        Come on people now….smile on your brother…everbody get together, try to……oh!!! nevermind!!! :/

    2. SmallerGovt says:

      I remember most demonstrations in the 60s where about getting government out of our hair….my how things have changed. Bigger government, more regulations and a nanny state. Wonderful.

  42. LiberalsRDopes says:

    Unwashed liberals, unions, move-on. org. Local brotherhood of shovel leaners.. What a waste of dna…..Unions, where businesses go to die……

    1. Lou Stoole says:

      Yeah…why lean on a shovel and do practically nothing if you can lean on a Gulfstream V and do practically nothing. But you’ll need a lot more of American money to do it. Maybe you could raise everyone’s debit card fees or speculate on oil and drive up gas prices. Too though for that small mind of yours? Don’t worry…Dancing With The Stars will be on later and you’ll watch just ’cause you wanna see Chaz Bono lose.

      1. Lou Stool Sample says:

        Oh those bad bad wealthy people…you should have everything they’s your right, isn’t it stooley?
        Maybe you could have tried a bit harder in school..but now it’s easier to be angry at others to avoid realizing your own failing.

      2. LouEatsStool says:

        Stool breath. Sounds like you hate living in mommys basement. Maybe you should have stayed in grammer school. Then you wouldn’t be so angry about selling batteries on the subway…

  43. Bill Galluccio says:

    These socialist anarchist are such hypocrites. Nobody forced them to go to college. Nobody forced them to go to a school like NYU or Columbia. They could have gotten the same education by going to a local community college, but they CHOSE to go to a school that charges $40,000 a year. Now they graduated, realized their degree is worthless because a company could care less about if you took classes gender studies, and upset because their “liberal arts” education is a joke. The ones that have jobs are complaining they don’t make enough money. Tough. I graduated in 2008, got a crappy sales job, went back to school, did unpaid internships and finally in late 2010 got a full-time job. These kids expect instant results and fell entitled to be making $60,000 when they take off their cap and gown.

    1. Cgallicchio says:

      Totally in agreement, graduated in 92′,with philosophy degree but now own my own business and don’t even use the dang thing.Get OUT OF DEBT AND SAVE SAVE SAVE IS ALL I CAN SAY.

  44. JC Guerrero says:

    Wall Street and corporations should be counting their lucky stars. If only 2-5% of everyone who currently is unemployed, underemployed, homeless or had their homes foreclosed on were to show up and protest the system would most probably crash.

  45. Karen says:

    Good for these people. Finally, people who will stand up for what should be right in this country. In this recession the only ones who have made out are the corporations and banks. Let’s take America back. Then maybe people like Eric would be able to get a job that offers opportunities that this country used to offer. For some reason we don’t get mad at CEO’s who make 300 x’s what the average worker makes. We get mad at the average worker and expect them to take less. We need jobs that offer the same benefits CEO’s and politicians get not the crap that is being put out there. The true morons are the people who sit passively by and allow their fellow Americans to be taken advantage of.

    1. Joel says:

      Jay Z and Arod make 300x what most people make and more than most CEO’s. Funny how we never hear about them when we demand less wagers/earnings. Live in Cuba, seriously. They need more mediocre crybabies who don’t have passion.

  46. “22-year-old Eric Sundman of Chatham …”

    Yeah, right. His tax dollars. Go get a job and actually pay taxes, ya miserable parasite. And get out of Mommy and Daddy’s basement and try making your own way. Same with the rest of this rabble.

    1. CBond says:

      Pretty sure that’s their point. There are no jobs to “get.”

      1. Craig Smith says:

        Alabama has recently had several new openings in manual and farm labor jobs since the illegals departed. These kids can head down there and work. Of course, If they have the teacher’s unions opinion of what work is I’m sure they will will consider that beneath them.

        1. horseshrink says:

          Manual labor. Ughh. It’s so beneath me! I’m entitled to an upper middle class income in a job of my choosing when I want it.

    2. 21 says:

      Just because someone is young doesn’t mean that they have no job, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they’re any less aware than you are. I’ve been working and paying taxes since I was 16, and I moved out of “mommy and daddy’s basement” when I was 17. Get off your pedestal, you old fart.

      1. brooklyn says:

        @ 21
        You act like you did something special. That’s what you’re supposed to do, little boy/girl. We’re all so proud of you!

      2. littlekittie says:

        Good for you. You joined the real world. Now, do us all a favor and spread the word to others in your age group.

  47. Don Shappelle says:

    Anonymous DOES NOT support #invadewallstreet

    Check twitter, fact check!

  48. N Y P DrP I G S says:

    How is this “Anonymous” group able to say so…anonymous? I can’t even walk down the street to but a loaf of bread without everyone finding out if they really wanted to with cameras and internet tracking everywhere nowadays.

    This being said, I do support what these people are trying to do. Just not fair that someone like Gloomberg has billion$ that he certainly does not need (especially at his age of 69), while people are still sleeping on the subway and streets. Just not right.

    And anyone that tells me otherwise is probably either a cop (aka pig) who is merely a puppet of the corporate party politicians who just LOVES arresting, pepper-spraying, even drawing his gun on people for the fun of it while padding his pension; or someone who squeezes millions themselves like the one on here who calls himself ‘Wall St bond trader”. More like inside trader who should take his 2 or 3 million (probably more) already taxed dollars and go retire in Florida. No reason for someone like him to squeeze any more money out of a had-working, a$$-busting citizen like myself.

    1. HUGH BLOW says:

      how can you comment that bloomberg doesnt need his $$ and that its not fair that he has it? He EARNED it the AMERICAN way. wake up

    2. Ronny says:

      you sir are the pig. A very un-american dolt who has been victimzied by the Democrats so you actually beleive what you have written….sad really just pitiful and sad. You failed to understand what America is about, due mainly to our histrouy been distorted by the leftiest in school.

      HINT: the secret is SELF-RELIANCE and DO FOR YOURSELF.

  49. Tricia says:

    Terrorist threats against the financial sector of our country. What is Sec Napolitano and Mr Holder doing or saying about this? Maybe the news media should ask them?

    1. karen says:

      These people are terrorist because their fighting for rights that have always been a part of America. The only terrorists are people like you who sit idly by and let the financial sector screw this country. That is exactly what real terrorists do they they follow their leader no matter the consequences to others. Obviously your leader is the Financial Sect

      1. Practical says:

        Believe me when the public sector unions are involved, the only right they want is the right to more money.It is how they became so powerful, they settled everything when politicians caved to the bottom line. There may be some idealists in the group,but they will gladly become the satanic demon that they despise for the right price.Now that a few elected officials dare to say No,or to question the fiscal responsibility of more debt for taxpayers to bear,the unions resort to name calling.Look at all the fat jokes about Christie in NJ.Public unions want the only fat cat in the room to be themselves.

      2. horseshrink says:

        Perhaps they should retreat to Galt’s Gulch.

      3. This protest costing millions New yorkers thank u NOT says:

        These people are costing New York city millions in NYPD overtime.Any Unions that march this is a reason there will be no money for your raises or pension all this overtime for stupid protest like this in a economy like this is just plain stupid just like this protest.

    2. Jeanne says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Protesting is legal; making terroristic threats is a crime. Why haven’t these criminals been arrested?

    3. Move on losers says:

      These marchers are the real terroist.New york has suffered enough not everyone who works on wall street makes alot.We have families to support and bills to pay too.It is only a matter of time before people start fighting with these outsiders and free-loaders.

    4. lois says:

      always a cause. vote the bums out….get really organized. your show of less then strength is laughed at by the older politicions who could care less… throw them out…

    5. DoubleDuty says:

      Not sure what attacking the NYSE web site will do. It’s an auction base system and 99.95 percent of the the electronic orders are sent via private networks outside of the internet.

    6. Earl says:

      Mr. Holder knows nothing about this and didn’t know anything about it until recently.

    7. ironage says:

      Because… Sec. Napolitano’s world….the TRUE threats to America is are returning military veterans….white males in particular.

    8. beth says:

      Thank you Tricia, the list of demands is absurd and never will come to fruition. The cost the NYPD has incurred due to a bunch of unemployed hippies is another reality that those with negative common sense just don’t get, that money has to come from somewhere, I think they should take it from the welfare checks of those occupying morons. Holder wouldn’t do a thing, he himself is a criminal and Nappy, well – I will bite my tongue about he/she.

    9. John Gulbunnie says:

      Sure Tricia…just as soon as the Michael Jackson trial ends. Don’t be so thick that you fail to realize the media doesn’t care about you nor want you to be educated on important issues that affect you directly. Have some fluff instead.

    10. Jim from Boston says:


      Napolitano? Holder? Who do you think is behind all of these “Occupy” protests?
      This is all part of the Obama reelection campaign. Obama is the one stoking the flames of class warfare and this is what it leads to. Note all of the “usual suspects” getting involved. Obama now seems to have no chance of winning a traditional reelection effort so he is reverting to type. Our community organizer-in-chief is in full flower now.

    11. Tulip Trace says:

      A dying breed….the RNC used to be the best Party. Look at it now – it’s managed to attract more Corporate Freeloaders, Gay Bashers, Anti-Semites, Nazi, Racists, Tax Evaders, Tea-baggies, mental patients and Hillbilly meatheads……Not to mention the very wealthy and financial fraudsters ….Haah! And the latest is a Black Uncle Tom Cain who believes that if you lose your job due to downsizing…it’s your own fault. What is this world coming to?

    12. John Galt says:

      N and H support the threats. Lots of luck.

    13. jerry988 says:

      maybe they should be rounded up and sent to a “reeducation camp”. The survivers will be more then docile.

    14. commonsense247 says:

      or maybe they are turning a blind eye because it fits their politics and that of this administration… ?

    15. LIGHTHORSE says:

      Those two are playing strip poker, omg I’m goning to hurl. In case people don’t realize it by now, those two used to get the orders wrong at the drivethru and now work for the guy who never held a real job.

    16. cleatus says:

      Holder is to busy ducking questions from Fast And Furious and these wack jobs are not the Tea Party so “Big Sis” isn’t interested! These people are echoing the same things Obama! Makes myself and others wonder if this was another secret Government project started by the Left!

    17. Ray says:

      Has the news media asked why Obama who has ruined the economy and is making it worse is getting a pass from protestors. Coulld it be ideolgoy that these oxygen theves are really pushing?

    18. hotpickle says:

      You’ll hear nothing, because the White House is BEHIND the OWS “protest”. In fact, the talking points they’re using were supplied by the WH! (Not to mention the list of “official goals”, which include free health care for all, free higher ed for all, etc.)

    19. cntrlfrk says:

      Well said Tricia.

      The silence from the so-called leaders in Washington is deafening.

      And the media is just as traitorous.

    20. kshanks says:

      They don’t so or say anything bout this because Janetalia Nippletano and Hindrich Holder ARE part of the problem.

      This entire thing is right out of Barry’s “Dreams of my Father” book, Obama Sr won his election by mob rule. Barry is just following in daddies foot steps

    21. Joel says:

      Will NEVER happen. Just as ‘anonymous’ won’t ever attack Al Queda propaganda sites. They are all slimebags.

  50. floydbannister says:


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