WANTAGH, NY (WCBS 880) – Over the past few years, heroin has become a major problem on Long Island, where police tell WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall that many teenagers have become addicted to the drug.

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Now, authorities have arrested Jason Cruz of the Bronx and charged him with selling heroin at Wantagh Beverage on Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh.

The store is located near both the Wantagh Middle School and Wantagh High School.

Cruz was arrested for criminal sale of a controlled substance 3rd degree and criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near school grounds.

“Students were seen going in and out of this place on a regular basis. Whether or not they were buying is not something that we determined during this particular investigation. We had an undercover going in and doing buys and that’s what the basis of the charge [is],” Suffolk County police Lt. William Burke said.

Also arrested was Jeffrey Marmolejos, charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance 3rd degree.

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  1. Wantagh Kids are Drug Users! says:

    Residents of Wantagh and the rest of Long Island!! Your kids have drug problems and are buying from students at Wantagh Middle School and Wantagh High School. Do you think the Beer Distributor Drug Spot was set up at tat location accidentally? The School District Administrators are being decietful when they say no Wantagh Students wer involved Open your eyes to the problem, if your kids go to the Wantagh Elementary School. Mandalay School, Wantagh Park, Mill Pond and Twin Lakes to hang out at night they are possibly using. Do yourselves a favor and invade there precious privacy once and get a Urine Test Kit and make them pee into it on a Sunday morning. You will save yourself a future of trouble..

  2. As Usual says:


  3. TenTenisRetarded says:

    Damn, Seeling Heroin! Thats so bad Ive never even heard of it

  4. Rafael says:

    SEELING? LOL What and embarrassment!! The internet division should be fired for this misspelling!!! FAIL!

  5. rocky says:

    They were seeling them drugs or Selling them

  6. mj says:

    i hate it when people SEEL drugs

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