NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The New York taxi union is calling for an investigation after a cabbie said he was punched and bitten by a passenger on Sunday.

The alleged incident happened on October 2 around 11 p.m. at 57th Street and 10th Avenue. Haroon Rashid, 40, said he was assaulted by a male passenger.

Rashid told 1010 WINS that his passenger “just grabbed me in the neck and bit me in the back.”

The driver said he picked the couple up at 22nd Street and 10th Avenue and was taking them to 57th Street and 10th Avenue.

The couple was apparently upset because, as they approached their destination, Rashid was unable to drop them off on the right side of the street, instead of the left.  Rashid said that he was unable to do so because of traffic.

This image of taxi driver Haroon Rashid was provided by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance.

An argument ensued between the pair and Rashid.  The cabbie said that the situation escalated as he called police.  He said the couple started fighting with him and cursing at him, saying the would not pay him the cab fare.

“I called the cops, during the 911 call, he was start like cursing me and then after that the lady told him that you can just give him the fare,” Rashid said. “He give me the fare and told the lady to get out. When she got out, this guy just tried to punch me in the face,” he said.

The taxi union said that another driver noticed what was happening and kept his taxi idle next to the open door of Rashid’s cab, while Rashid closed the door.

“This guy was trying to flee, but there was another cab who just stuck him on the left side — so he couldn’t get out,” he said.

A police officer who was dispatched to the scene saw Rashid bleeding and wounded, but “did nothing,” according to the taxi union statement.

“The police came and they told him that we can arrest you both — ‘you can both go to the jail or you can just go away.’ So if I prefer to go away because if I give the arrest, my license is going to be suspended,” Rashid said.

Police told 1010 WINS “we have no official report of the incident.”

Rashid was able to drive himself to a hospital, where he was treated and required stitches.

“I was feeling shock that this passenger I just served would punch me and try to choke me then bite me. Then the police just let him go, like my blood was nothing. I was helpless like I never feel in 15 years of driving,” Rashid is quoted as saying in the statement.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance is now calling on the Department of Investigations to look into the incident.

“We are tired of hearing about officers who threaten to arrest drivers instead of protecting them. This police officer taught an assailant that you can viciously and violently assault a taxi driver and get away with it scot-free. He needs to be reprimanded and the department as a whole needs to stop treating taxi drivers like second-class citizens not worthy of a safe life, NYTWA Executive Director Bhairavi Desai said.

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  1. Robinh says:

    remember the cia/mossad/mi5/mi6 those are the ones responsible for 9/11 idiot but hey keep on believing the lies told you by the government im sure you enjoy being a sheep and enslaved to them

    1. Robin Banks says:

      my reply was in response to matthew moratta whose parents need to demand repayment for the money they spent educating him. its obvious he spent more time at keg parties then he did in class

  2. Matthew Moratta says:

    The Taxi Driver was a Muslim…. who cares if he was assaulted. Remember 9/11.. Remember Fort Hood… remember the loves of American Servicemen murdered by these Islamic animals.

    1. Kristina says:

      Are you KIDDING ME?! This is still a PERSON. What the heck is wrong with people?! He didn’t PERSONALLY attack the United States. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  3. No Mommos says:

    Maybe next time he will think twice about being a prikk to his customers and not make them walk across 10th avenue, there is more to this story than mohammed is telling us.

  4. Koko Joe says:

    NYPD always right in the judge and public mind especially where you have no witness. I have been violated three times as a driver in NYC with no one to believe my case. One end up in a verbal abuse and a conviction for a speeding ticket.

  5. ? says:


  6. JOHN B says:

    this could of been resolved very quickly STAY IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY you all come here with an attitude that this country owes you a living . Further more you are taught to hate infidels by religion that you can not deny . You profess hate to all AMERICANS you are the aggressors , you always profess ignorance of the launguage I will guarantee you provoked this incident with your hate and the cop knew it . So you gave up a little blood for your stupidity our servicemen shed their
    blood every day for your hate ANY MORE QUESTIONS

    1. Tom says:

      You are an ignoramus, you collectivist a—-hole.

      1. Kristina says:

        Thank you TOM! Well said!

    2. Waleed Hamouda says:

      and now the driver in mistaken ?

    3. GINBABA says:

      SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    4. cinesimon says:

      Gee,m what a surprise: childish, ignorant hate.

  7. Sally Rogers says:

    Police treat Taxi’s and Black Cars like garbage in the city. I’ve seen them strong arm and threaten them on many occassions. Happy this guy spoke up. NYPD needs an overhaul.

  8. Frostie says:

    With all the police there, there was no report ?
    Hard to comment, story sounds odd or exaggerated.
    Something just doesnt sound right with this story.

  9. Frostie says:

    With the police there , there was no report ?
    Hard to comment, story sounds odd or exaggerated.

  10. Brinsley says:

    Its just not human to bite another person. What kind of anger is this ??

  11. Bob says:

    really, are you f— kidding me! your a mean SOB

  12. JG says:

    Holy S! Did the police take the persons name? Was there a report of any kind made? Do you have his photo from a camera inside your (or the other cabbies) car?

    If the police won’t help you, and you have any of this post it all over the web. Someone is bound to know something about this.

  13. Susan Mannix burns says:

    With all due respect, this report sounds a little strange

  14. troy says:

    On 7/2/11 I was assualted by a mentally ill man in midtown, when the cops arrived they said drop charges or they would take me to jail. When witnesses backed up my statement, they arrested my pregnant wife instead and charged her with menacing, they dropped the charges in 24 hours but still…this is common with the NYC police, they refuse to do their job…Woodward vs City of New York…look it up….

    1. Surfin Bird says:

      why did want to press charges?

  15. Gayle Walker says:

    I think it should be investigated. Honest policemen and women deserve to have tis resolved in an honest manner and if the officer did not do his duty he should be relieved of same.

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