NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The art of “Occupy Wall Street” is on display in a 24-hour exhibit.

Daniele Kohn organized the display “No Comment,” and pointed to an exhibit called “Credit Crunch,” with a decomposing, bleeding pig’s head.

“Right now there’s a rotting apple and a big pig’s head. It’s a real pig’s head and it’s been decomposing. It’s been sprayed with something so that the flies aren’t attracted, but it is decomposing,” she told WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman. “You can read into the pig all you wish.”

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reports

There are also more traditional pieces to see, such as a collage made of fake dollar bills, with “In Oil We Lust” scrolled across.

Occupy Wall Street Art Show (credit: Alex Silverman/WCBS 880)

“We had a guy here who made an American flag out of dollar bills, 400 dollar bills,” Kohn said. “And he was burning pieces.”

“There’s a peace shrine. And so this is kind of the music of the peace shrine that you are hearing,” Kohn said.

The show occupies space built in 1914 as the headquarters for JP Morgan, right across the street from the New York Stock Exchange.

“Because we can’t have tents in the park, we put tents in here because it’s a more legitimate space,” she said.

This occupation was only supposed to last 24 hours, but the protesters want to extend that deadline.

“Now ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is looking for donations to keep this space open as kind of a multi-use space,” Kohn said.

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  1. S says:

    The pig’s head is a poor choice for a movement that intends to stand up for the exploited. No one in our culture is more exploited that animals we keep and kill for food. Bad choice, whoever made that piece … the artist is exploiting others to show it’s wrong to exploit others. Not cool.

  2. Mark Montgomery says:

    English may not be your first language but you say it PERFECTLY!!!!! We throw away so many hundreds of billions of dollars keeping complete armies of troops stationed all over the world in countries that are competent to defend themselves. I want a 40 cent slice of pizza!!! Mark Montgomery NYC, NY

  3. Bill Benton says:

    Connecticut Babysitter Accused Of Having Sex With 14-Year-Old In Seperate Incidents (CBS New York)

    “Seperate?” Are you kidding?!!!

  4. Muhammad Rahman Raza says:

    In 1936 one Indian Paisa which was 1/64 rupee and ($ was equil to 3.33 Rupees in 1947) was enough to buy lunch in Hostel for graduate students. Now you must need at least 25 Rupees to buy the same lunch. That means that price for lunch from 1936 to 2011 went up at least 1600 times but the wages (if you can find work) went up may be less than 160 times. In New York City a slice of pizza in 1972 was about 40 cents now it is 2.00 dollars, 5 times more but minimum wage went up from 2.05 to 7.25 in order for minum wage to also go up 5 times it should be 10.25. It is in every country that rich people are getting more richer and poorers are getting more poorer. It is because of favorable policies for tax for richer and corruption favoritsm. We should addopt the policies that (1) Honesty and Hard Work. (2) One Child Per PERSON Policy. and (3) Every citizen of the 7 billion world community should force their GOVERNMENTS to WASTE less on defence and INVEST more on TURISM

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