On Day Celebrities Show Up To Support Movement, Locals Blast Demonstraters

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “Occupy Wall Street” protesters can stay and have their say as long as they’re law-abiding.

But also expressing themselves were the business owners around Zuccotti Park, who are angered over the impact of the Wall Street protests, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

In his strongest comments since protesters began occupying lower Manhattan four weeks ago, Mayor Bloomberg made it clear demonstrators can continue to occupy New York City indefinitely, as long as they don’t break the law.

Photos: Wall Street Protests Continue

“The bottom line is people want to express themselves and as long as they obey the laws we’ll allow them to,” Bloomberg said early Monday.

But for some business owners, there’s nothing but outrage. They say the city’s stance on the protest means there is no end in sight to what has rapidly become a living nightmare, reports Brown.

“They want to take showers, want to wash up and use the toilet paper to dry up. It becomes … you gotta have one person assigned just to clean the bathrooms,” said Steve Zamfotis, manager of “Charley’s” restaurant.

Zamfotis, who runs a pizza shop directly across the street from Zuccotti Park, said he has to stand guard at the door — just to keep protesters out.

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay,” Zamfotis said.

Meanwhile, the protesters are starting to notice folks taking advantage of the demonstration by grabbing some of the free food and clothes that have been made available in Zuccotti Park.

“The tourists take all the food, and the hipsters take all the clothes,” said one demonstrator.

But other businesses are opening their doors — in a show of solidarity.

“Oh no problem. We let them use the bathroom because all the fancy places close the bathrooms for them. Yeah, we leave it open. It’s too much, but what are you gonna do? Everybody has right to use the bathrooms,” said Alfonso Alfi, manager of “Pronto Pizza.”

The private firm that owns Zuccotti Park said it hasn’t been able to clean the park since Sept. 16 and sanitary conditions have become unacceptable.

In a statement the firm said it is working with the city to restore the park to its intended use, but on Monday — from the mayor to the NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly — city brass said they can’t — and won’t — force a stop to this anytime soon.

“As long as people obey the law we’re not stepping in at all,” Kelly said.

Also Monday, a few celebrities stopped by Zuccotti Park to lend their support.

The Rev. Al Sharpton was scheduled to broadcast his nationally syndicated radio show “Keepin’ It Real” from Zuccotti Park on Monday.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks In Zuccotti Park

Media mogul Russell Simmons and actress Susan Sarandon visited the park on Monday. Sarandon told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks, “This is what democracy looks like … it’s great that anybody cares enough. I’m surprised people weren’t in the street a year ago. I think it’s fabulous.”

Also, a video on YouTube has surfaced showing Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan playing guitar and singing a song for the protesters.

In other protest news, a YouTube video, purportedly by the hacker collective known as “Anonymous,” threatened to wipe out the New York Stock Exchange website Monday. However, a message on a YouTube video suggests that the entirety of the the hacker collective does not support the attempt to disable the website. It says some factions of it are going to press forward with the effort.

A company that monitors website response times says The NYSE’s website was hobbled twice Monday, possibly the result of computer attacks.

A San Mateo-based company called Keynote Systems Inc. said the NYSE website experienced a one-minute outage around 3:30 p.m. Eastern, then a half-hour outage about two hours later.

NYSE spokesman Ray Pellecchia said an investigation by the stock exchange showed no disruptions to its website.

What do you make of the Occupy Wall Street protest? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. pcso says:

    no susan saradon, these useful clients, want something for nothing clowns are NOT what democracy looks like, but check back on november 2, 2012 and we will show you what true democracy looks like when we make obama a 1TPOTUS

    1. Jack says:

      This is what democracy looks like which is why these United States of America is NOT a democracy. We are a Constitutional Replublic. We are not ruled by mobs.

      They need to break out the firehoses and water cannons anc clean up this mess.

      1. Michael Wolfe says:

        The fire hoses might be a good idea. It could possibly be the first bath this year for some of these slime buckets.

        1. New Yorkers will respond says:

          These dirty bastards are taking away income from hardworking business owners and employees.What they should do is go to DC where someone might listen to them .I can see New Yorkers getting on the verge and fighting back against these a-holes

      2. Bill Lee says:

        Thanks for admitting that the US is not a democracy.

        It’s a fascist tyranny.

        1. Dave says:

          I would lay good odds that the charge that its a ‘fascist tyranny’ is coming from someone that doesn’t know what a fascist tyranny is… A fascist tyranny would run them over with tanks, or at the very lest ‘re-educate them’ North Korean style

        2. Anna Hall says:

          These people are being allowed to do this, and you have the nerve to call America a fascist state? I think you haven’t read enough WWII history. This is why people can’t take those like you seriously. You speak with such unfounded hyperbole that you insult people around the world who really live under oppression. You think this crap will make the rest of the world look better on us, but it will only show them what selfish, ignorant babies some Americans can be. An American screaming about oppression is like Paris Hilton claiming “middle class” status because she can’t afford a private jet. Get a clue.

          1. joe says:

            I think what he is saying is that the tyranist are promoting this protest- to further their cause they are in brown shirt training camp….. Did you see where Jerry Brown has deamed that police now have the power to seatch and sieze cell phones at arrests in CA?
            That means contacts, Texts, calls, location, and even on-line banking info is investigated without warrant,
            You don’t think that violates our constitution ? Do you think that is fascist?…

          2. Jake Jones says:

            Yes the u.s.A is a fascist country. Its controlled by corporations and they are the root of all evil. Millions and millions of dead for the profit or a few.

            1. Walter says:

              Jake, in a fascist counrty, the government runs the corporations and the government is the root of evil.

            2. Hal McCombs says:

              In fascism, government runs the corporations, not the other way around. You leftists always love to prove your ignorance right up front, and we appreciate it. That way we don’t have to waste time arguing that you are all un-educated (or over-educated) idiots.

              Thanks for the help.

        3. Grump Grand says:

          Bill, facism is a form of socialism. Despite your best efforts we aren’t quite there yet.

        4. Lewis says:

          Go live someplace you like better.

          1. Freedom says:

            Yeah, cause in a free country instead of trying to change things, you should just flee.
            Your statement is so full of ignorance and stupidity, it would take 10-15 paragraphs that you wouldn’t have the ability to read to explain it.

        5. H. Johnson says:


        6. bjclinton says:

          Amazing, unwashed, maggot infested hippie, can actually manage sentence of 3 words. What is next? May be shower?

        7. GreyGeek says:

          Thanks for admitting that you failed High School civics class. In it you should have learned that our form of government is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. And, as long as SECRET ballots are allowed (even in the work place) it will remain so.

          In a tyranny you don’t have a choice in the ballot box, if there is a ballot box. See Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, China, North Korea, etc., for examples of tyranny.

          In a REPUBLIC you are represented by the person YOU elected to represent you in Congress. Rather than marching in the streets, even if the marchers are pandered to by public officials, your elected representative submits proposed laws for debate and a vote. They don’t stage “protests” and shout down or drive off opposition. If you don’t like the job YOUR elected representatives are doing then vote someone else in. If you have elected people of your own choosing and Congress still doesn’t vote the way you want it to, that’s because your view point isn’t held by the majority. In a REPUBLIC majority rules. Get used to it.

      3. Kip Noxzema says:

        Back in ’67 they called it a Detroit Riot, and now you’ve got a Regime that actively encourages this, to turn it into a Socialist state. I say they get out the rubber bullets and tear gas and bring order to the cities again, since these are nothing but riots.

        1. Daniel Love says:

          Just like China!

        2. Kazi Rakib Ahmed says:

          Leave your comfort house. Your fridge full of food. Watch the real world. Observe the millions of people out of job. Yes, they ARE looking for jobs. There are no jobs. Do I need to keep going? Does this one point not contain enough gravity? Hmmm? Do you even care? If not, then you don’t get to decide what happens to our country, because you don’t care about us. You only care for yourself.

          1. Maarten says:

            Yes I can tell from all the iPhones and iPads on display by this set of miscreants that they are truly poverty stricken. Electing to major in Russian literature and live “outside” the norms of society are their inalienable rights. To be disturbed that their intentional avoidance of meaningful labor then causes them to be unemployable is also their right. They broke themselves, they own themselves. Nary a one would even consider breaking a sweat to earn a dollar. They fully expect that because their parents could afford tuition for private school, that I should pick up their check for life.

            1. no longer confused says:

              Who is paying for their cell phone access? Do any of them realize what it costs to use their “smart” phones and ipads for internet access? Of course not. Mommy and Daddy pay that bill.

            2. Jimbo says:

              Very well said, Maarten. I had a job at a grocery store when I was in high school. I earned $3.17/hr when I started (back in ’89), then worked my way up to $5/hr. I worked my arse off, and was happy to have a job. If these hipsters really, *really* wanted a “job”, they just need to open their eyes. There are jobs *everywhere*… but those jobs are “beneath” them. I have *zero* sympathy for these people.

            3. Steve says:

              Well said. We all pay for our bad choices. Some of us make corrections and move on. Some welcome voluntary slavery.

          2. Hal McCombs says:

            That’s what they’re doing? “Looking for jobs”?

            Even more stupid than I would have guessed.

          3. Chris Salter says:

            I would be willing to bet that there is not a single poor person in the crowds at any of these protest. If you want to know what poor is go to Haiti, Sudan, Dufar and such places. These people at the protest have access to free food, free water, and free transportation, this puts them in the top 15 percent of the wealthest people on earth. The imaginary poverty line in this country is nothing more than a political gimic to incentivize those below it to depend more and more on the Government. Ronald Reagan said “The Government is not the solution; it is the Problem”. He also said, ” The most feared words in the english language are, I am from the Government and I am here to help” Gerald Ford once said, ” A Government big enough to give you everything you want is a Government big enough to take away everything you have”. Protestors beware, you just might get what you ask for!

            1. TomB says:

              Amen, Chris. What is considered “poor” in the US is a joke. Millions of people from around the world would trade their entire existence for a few weeks of life as a “poor” American. Yes, we do have some poor, but its not 20% of the population, and its certainly not those people with large flat screen TVs, cell phones, 2 cars, and automatic washers and dryers.

          4. Cheryl says:

            I was layed off 7 months ago and I AM looking for a job. I have an interview in a few hours. THAT is what one does when one is looking for a job. I am NOT out in a public park taking advantage of surrounding businesses and expecting others to provide for me. I care not only for myself but also for our country. That is why I am doing everything in MY power (and seeking God’s guidance) in moving myself back into a position where I can contribute to the country instead of demanding that the country contribute to me.

            1. Reggie says:

              Cheryl, God bless and I’ll say a prayer for you for this interview. Go in there, strong and proud and show them what you’ve got! You will do great and your next post will show that this is how it is done. Good luck.

            2. rivers says:


              God bless and good luck in your interview. YOU are what makes this country great, and those like you.

          5. Steve says:

            You can’t be looking for a job when your laying around whining about people who has more than you. I work six or seven days a week just trying to keep a roof over my head and food on my table, but I’m not jealous of others that are doing better and they are not responsible for my situation. If they succeeded in bringing corporate America to its’ knees do they think they will have a job then? Just a bunch of idiots.

          6. ohiosuzyq says:

            There are jobs. If my bi-polar, prison-record son can get a job, there are jobs out there to be had. The problem is, those jobs just aren’t what these bums think they deserve and qualify for. They WANT those high paying jobs they say they abhor.

            1. Tin Can Sailor says:

              You’re right that they want those jobs, they just don’t want to EARN them.

          7. Walter says:

            You are free to leave and head back to Moslem-land. We do not want your kind here.

          8. theJackal says:

            When your major is “Enviromental Studies” or “Womens Studies” or “Climate Studies” your NEVER going to find a job. You dolts should of gone into the electrical trades I make 6 figures a year. Oh well good luck “Educated” people.

            1. Yakman says:

              We have too many people in college with bull$hit majors. We need to quit telling all young people to go to college. We need more people in trade schools- plumbers,electricians, HVAC, etc. We may not make anything here anymore, but you can’t ship everything back to China to be fixed.

          9. johnnyroyal says:

            I call “BS”, sir. The reality is that a lot of the protesting unemployed won’t take some jobs, because they are elitist jerks who think a college degree equals a right to a job in the field of their degree. These people won’t do “dirty labor”, like custodial or sanitation work. Additionally, if the work isn’t in your city, move to where the work is. You have every right to do so; I’ve done it. It’s not easy, but then again, nothing rewarding is. You work hard and make sacrifices, and take risks and you have a chance to make it. It is your responsibility to make it happen; not the government’s.

          10. craigdangerous says:

            Kazi, the people with houses and food are the actual 99%. These kids don’t represent anything but boredom, irresponsibility and hedonism. If unemployment is 9% then doesn’t that mean 91% of people are employed? Not ideal but not riot worthy either. All of us normal folks have families and responsibilities. We think the system needs to change not collapse. Change happens overtime from generation to generation. It is a natural process that can’t be rushed or forced by a group of people who don’t know if they are part of a political movement or at a grateful dead concert. Consider yourself introduced to the real, real world.

        3. Revolution is brewing says:

          America when it falls will be grand just like the French Revolution, we don’t do anything small. Look at the Twin Towers falling, that will live as a legend for 10000 years. Look at our Civil War, worst in World History. This is the price we pay for Obama. Something wicked this way comes.

          1. digitus says:

            It is already here.

      4. steve the ale guy says:

        Jack this is a simple concept that is lost on most people,probably due to public education.I tell my liberal friend this and that the closest we came in this country to democracy was the Jim crow laws of the democratic controled south and they look at me and say Daaaa. I reply Yaaa. Stay thirsty my friend.

      5. Daniel Love says:

        Republic? You mean a government where fund-raising for campaigns and paying lobbyists gets you representation? Nope, the republic has been defiled long ago. Go to China and watch what happens to a protesters. I hope your not suggesting we follow their example.

      6. Scott says:

        It must be nice to live in absolute comfort and phone in your criticisms from the living room of your mcmansion. For your information, the poor low wage worker in this country are the foundation of the successful business and therefore deserve in the very least a form of healthcare they can afford, if not completely free. Healthcare is only one of the rights they are fighting for in New York.

        Maybe if you actually took an interest in someone besides yourself and your immediate family, you might see the world in a different light. Have some empathy for your fellow man, you might just sleep better at night.

        1. scott says:

          Scott they don’t need empathy. Empathy is not going to get them a job, a meal, or a dose of reality. Empathy is a huge waste of energy, because me trying to “feel their pain” is an emotional subjective response to a objective problem. These people are saying that they are protesting because the banks have all the money and wont’ give it to them and that corporate America is evil. Yet, they don’t really believe that enough to live it. If they did they would not support the evil by using their cell phones, wearing their clothes, eating their food, and listening to their music etc… This protest is not about jobs. Any fool can see that.

        2. SH says:

          These protesters sit there on iphones and ipads and you talk about people that are sitting in their homes and commenting on these clowns. I served 22 years in the military have two dgrees and I can’t find work for two plus years now. Not some BS liberal arts degree either. I DO NOT BLAME WALL STREET for my problems I blame politicains that think they know it all and actually know nothing. They are out for themselves and to hell with the rest of us. The ruling class is whats wrong with this country not wall street.

          1. Chicago Mike says:

            Well said sir!

          2. Andrew says:

            Are you so ignorant as to think that there is a difference between Wall Street and the ruling class in America?

        3. Con-Servative says:

          Healthcare is not right you pompous A$$, read the constitution. These worthless, no good ,spineless, welfare collecting, food stamp using, dredges of society, should crawl back under the rock from where they came, so at least their parents know where to find them.

          1. Ben Dover says:

            Please stop the name calling. It detracts from the point you are trying to make. I agree that healthcare is not a right. But insulting the people you are trying to educate defeats your purpose.

            Another point I always try to educate people on is that The United States is NOT a democracy. We are a constitutional republic.

        4. Howard Lee Wilder says:

          Does that ’empathy’ you speak of include appreciating those folks who work in the financial sector, such as Accountants, Brokers and Bank people? How about ’empathy’ for the people who have to get to work around all these crowds? Maybe the so-called ‘protesters’ should have some empathy for people besides themselves. What a joke this whole shebang is!

        5. MorganGray says:

          I know the cure for poverty.


          An alarm clock, a bath tub, a good suit, and a good pair of shoes.

          When the clock goes off *early in the morning* NOT at noon or later. Get your check takin’ baby makin butt out of bed.
          Get in the bath tub with some good hot water and some good strong soap and clean yourself up.
          Put on the good suit.
          Start pounding those good shoes all over town and LOOK FOR A BLOODY JOB!

          Don’t tell me there are no jobs out there. There are. At least be intellectually honest and say “there are no jobs out there which you want to do”. I know a 19 year old kid who wants a $40K a year job right out of high school with no training and no experience, and he refuses to take a”burger-flipping” job.
          THAT is what this is all about. These lazy rectal orifi want everything handed to them on a silver salver and don’t even want to have to get off the couch to accept it.

          No. I sleep just fine at night. I have empathy for my fellow man. I’d rather see him self sufficient rather than sucking at the government teat all his life.
          One is independence, the other is slavery. Which is kinder?

          1. Jeff says:

            I completely agree. I Started out five years ago making 8 dollars an hour and over those years after tons of hard work I’m now up to 50,000 a year. All it takes is hard work, respect and responsibility.

          2. frank says:

            I could not agree more. I sleep fine also knowing that I continue to work for what I get and pay my taxes. I contribute, I have empathy. I pumped gas and sliced cold cuts. I made opportunities for myself to succeed. I did NOT sit and expect everything to drop in my lap. My parents taught me the value of hard work.

            1. Ben Dover says:

              Be thankful you have a job. I know many people that have lost their job through no fault of their own. And in the part of the country I live in, there are not many businesses hiring. I am fortunate to have a job. I survived the last round of layoffs.

              1. MikeC711 says:

                I agree that there are areas where jobs are quite scarce. First of all, what increased gov’t regulation and spending has done is make it riskier for businesses to hire. That is an issue. As it is, gov’t is not the answer, they are the problem. These protesters are extremely short-sighted and are calling for an even more totalitarian gov’t with (according to wise RosieO) power to send people to indoctrination camps and behead them if they don’t learn to be good Marxists. Getting a job today may mean moving. I work 60+ hours a week plus run a small side business. I could not spend weeks in a park because I am one of the many who are supporing these protesters entitlements through my taxes. That being said, there are some Ron Paul folks out there … I do hope they are being careful what bedfellows they make (literally at these protests) … because RP is NOT for increased gov’t power or for people’s to entitlements (to jobs, healthCare, or anything else that comes at the cost of someone else). He is also not in line with many traditional conservatives (ie: he wants a strong defense but does not believe that that means 900 bases on foreign soil on intervention in the affairs of other sovereign nations). So at least as an RP guy myself, I know that I frustrate both sides relatively equally.

        6. bluemount says:

          Free healthcare is never free. Why should my hard earned tax money, as a nurse, go to pay for someone else who won’t work, smokes and drinks alcohol excessively (has money for al that) yet keeps coming back to the hospital for his “free” care for pancreatitis and powerful pain meds. I have seen so much abuse of the “free” healthcare that most people would be extremely angry. I have alot of compassion for my patients but not all.

        7. dhall says:

          I work in an inner city minority area. i spend countless days and dollars on poverty and i can tell you one thing for certain: these folk aint poor. most are are fat, they have cable tv, cell phones (we paid for), and fuller shpooing carts than i have- ( we paid for that too). they CHOSE to drop out of school, to have babies out of wedlock, and to work only when they have too. yes, there are a few who genuinely struggle, bu ti live it daily, and i tell you- they are not the down trodden- they made choices that lead to consequences. remember- i work inthe hood and with the masses- i drive old cars and live in a simple townhome by the airport- (by choice). america is the land of opportunity- you can either apply yourself or not. the rest is bull

        8. jennie says:

          Healthcare is not a right it is a product.

          1. elizabethrc says:

            Don’t you feel like these folks are in a time warp? They are as naive as the protesters were in the 60’s but this time, they use all of those expensive communications devices those ‘evil’ millionaires made for them. They are just as hypocritical and short sighted as those 60’s hippies were and they won’t change.
            No one is going to take from me anything I’ve worked hard for. If they want Revolution they won’t like it. They’ll have to actually fight. That means getting up in the morning and doing things they don’t want to do and they might well face getting hurt or even killed. Then there’s the other part of Revolution: They’ll lose because of our sheer numbers. They’re a tiny minority and since they don’t know nor understand the Constitution, the majority does indeed rule.
            We’re not about to give over our country to people as unworthy as these rioters.

        9. Sean says:

          well I personally don’t live in a McMansion, in fact I work on average 25 hours a week of overtime just to still barely make it. And still I don’t think I deserve anything, or am I entitled to anything. and Employer/employee relationships are symbiotic, without one the other wouldn’t exist, so neither owes anything to the other. Goodness what happened to America, when did people start believing in legalized theft?

        10. Brian Kelsey says:

          If health care is their right, then it is their responsibility to exercise that right, not demand someone do it for them.

        11. MaynardGKrebbs says:

          Health care is not a “right” . it is a privileged to have .Everyone who has health coverage at their place of EMPLOYMENT works to keep and maintain this privilege. Why should anyone get free Health Care?

        12. Get a job says:

          Get a job!

        13. Get a job says:

          Scott, how about you and all your dead weight friends stop crying and help yourselves and the rest of us by getting a freakin’ job!

        14. Tom says:

          Scott, you just happen to be a damned fool. I AM a low wage worker, and because of the job killing policies of this idiotic administration, the degree I went to THREE years or night school to earn is now worthless. Those kids are pissed because they have to pay student loans off. The reason the loans were so high is because the libs in DC allow moron tenured professors to earn WAY more money than they would at a real job. Get your facts straight. My family lives this reality every day.

        15. scot says:

          “NOPE hypocrisy is you the people who buy things from the very coporations that you all want gone! And then complain that they made money, so Lets do that. Lets get rid of all of the corporations. Then what? There would be NO cell phones. No Clothes. No DVDs. No DVDplayers no Digital Cameras. No Cars. No computers. No phones. no electricity. No banks no grocery stores. NO JOBS! NO life saving Drugs. No life saving medical equipment. No gas stations which you wouldnt need cause there would be NO cars. No airplanes. No military defence contactors. Um ehat else. Just about everything in you freaking house or in this world that make your life easier and even liveable would not exist. Stop being Jellous of those that have busted their but to make it in this world and get off your but and follow there lead. Invent somthing. Build somthing. do somthing great and then market it. Then get rich! If you dont want to do that fine. Stop complaining about the ones that did do it and made there own way!”

        16. Kile says:

          Healthcare is NOT right. Rights are things that are inherently yours from the time of your birth. Rights are things that can not be taken away. Rights are not professional services that must be given to you through the labor of someone else. You have no more right to healthcare than you do to a lap dance or maid service in your house. Healthcare is a service and must be paid for. If you can’t pay for it, TFB.

          1. Sumrknght says:

            Better watch out Kile – the next thing they will come up with will be Obamalapdancecare or Obamamaidservice.

            Think I’m kidding? Guy in Germany asked the government to cover the costs of his visits to a bordello while his wife was overseas. Once this cancer of liberalism starts… once the people discover they can vote themselves large rewards from the public coffers – it’s the beginning of the end. Unless we once again wrench control from them and turn it around (Dontcha wish Ronald Reagan was still here?)


        17. Larry Hatton says:

          Hey dumb ass…Health care is not a right,breathing is a right…nothing in this life is free, you have to earn it just like everyone else. If you are not happy with your circumstances…do something positive to change that, quit looking for free handouts and get a damn job

        18. Matt says:

          I sleep well at night thank you. These people are the group of the entitled. I bet 3/4 of them have no investments and never will. Get a job get a hair cut and get a life.

      7. bikertrash says:

        Hope and change in action at it’s finest

      8. jim says:

        A concept way above their heads. Or for a democrat for that matter.

      9. Leon says:

        LOL!! I’m with you Jack!

    2. A. Levy says:

      Why aren’t these anuchusts marching on the WH and the congressional offices of Schumer and Frank, and Dodd’s home, since they are the one who started our financial downfall?

      1. freedog says:

        they don’t go to the WH because the party would be over

    3. JK C says:

      This stuff is fantastic. People don’t realize just how immature, irresponsible, and intellectually vapid these people are. What defeats liberalism/communism/union-laborites is to allow them to be heard, often. People who pretend for a living, like Sarandon and talking heads on lots of TV channels, will think they’re convincing us by being heard, but as you can see with Obama-all-the-time TV, grownups get tired of hearing BS, and will even further marginalize silly progressive thinking.

      1. Martin says:

        What do they want changed and HOW do they propose to change it. Complaining does no good without solutions. It’s obvious our current Gov does not know how to change it, or they would have. (or maybe they don’t care). so what is the solution? Stop moaning and provide solutions. The “movement” does nothing without solutions….

        1. Matt says:

          We had the boomers. We had the Gen-X’ers. Now we the Entitled.

        2. Andrew says:

          Yet more blather from Fox-fed mouths. If any of you used independent media, or listened to the protests yourselves, or – God forbid – went to see the sites in person, you’d see that they are filled with passionate, well-educated people offering all sorts of comprehensive solutions.

          Campaign finance reform, removing person-hood rights from corporate entities, establishing regulations to prevent future collapses and subsequent bailouts, closing tax loopholes and reinstating reasonable corporate taxation are but a few.

      2. Joe says:

        Ditto JK C! this is precisely why most of the liberal talk radio channels have failed or are struggling. They have no message. The ones who are barely able to stay afloat rely on liberal commedy with no idealogical concepts, its all denigrate the conservatives. With Obama, & company encouraging these people it just makes Obama look worse.

    4. Forrest Sergente says:

      This is what an unruly mob of morons who want to be given everything rather than have to actually work for it looks like. There’s evidently two very different ideas of freedom in our country, one is freedom to excel and the other is freedom from responsibility, the protesters embrace the latter.

    5. Steve says:

      Amen Brother, What America looks like are people like me that work two jobs to support my family. I’m a real man, not like those freaking loser’s in N.Y. and other cities protesting for a free handout. If they want communism move to China!

      1. rod says:

        To late China is a national socilist state, beggers and all

    6. Right wing greed says:

      Wall street is great !!! If you were a bond salesman for the past 10 years. And you worked for AIG and received the taxpayers bailout . Jobs ??? , NAFTA , passed by congress continues to allow corporations to send jobs to Mexico and China. White collar jobs in engineering , computers ect are being outsourced everyday. So, your job may be next and we will see you protesting in the streets. You can be replaced. The protesters should be protesting the US congress who are bought and sold by Wall Street.

      1. wildbill6996 says:

        How do you square that with the fact that CONGRESS has been CONTROLED by the LEFT WING for the majority of the last 80 years ???????

        1. David Santiago says:

          personally I think it has more to do with wealth and preservation of it more than party lines: The NFL leans strongly to the right (players and owners) when most of the players families probably lean left….Similarly the left and right wings take separate routes to the same destination: massive divide of wealth distribution. What happens when too many people become dependent on government assisstance? they get stuck there permanently.

          I do believe we need cheaper healthcare and we should all fight for that one since one day someone we know and love WILL be in a hospital bed, without insurance or underinsured, and we will be just as helpless as they are since the cost of healthcare is enough to ruin anyone paying cash….

      2. joe says:

        Right I agree …Clinton should not have encated Nafta or repealed Glass – Stiegal whuch was put in place in 1933 in otder to prevent another financial crisis…and The leaders campaign was based almost entirely on returning outsoutced jobs to the US …but instead unemployment has doubeld

        1. GL LEe says:

          Clinton didn’t enacnt NAFTA, Bush I did…just the facts.

          1. Aubrey says:

            NAFTA went into effect in 1994. Final negotiations were handled by Clinton’s White House.

            1. the other ken says:

              Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law on December 8, 1993; it went into effect on January 1, 1994 and America had an increase in jobs. When the WTO allowed China to join, America lost jobs, that was signed by Georger Bush.

          2. krisboro says:

            Not true. It was FULLY enacted by the Clintonistas.

            The agreement was signed by Bush Snr, though it was only a ceremonial signing and the law was not yet ratified. It was fully ratified and signed into law shortly after Clinton took over. To quote Bush’s long time buddy, Bill Clinton: “…NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t support this agreement.”

            You don’t remember Gore stumping for NAFTA on Larry King Live with Ross Perot? “It’s a good deal, Larry” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRNe-QlU8pI

          3. Jorge says:

            Sorry, it was Clinton. Bill was enacted in 1994. For Christ sakes, it took me a nanosecond to look it up. Funny thing about the Internet, it can used for actual learning, not just for iTunes and Facebook.

    7. Bobby Lynch says:

      Sorry, pcso…that is exactly what a democracy looks like. Which mob is loudest and most violent gets their way

    8. no longer confused says:

      The main stream media keeps trying to convince us that this is a diverse crowd, yet whenever I see film footage, it looks like a LOT of young, white people, with a spattering of color here and there. Kinda like the “racist” tea party events.

      Many are students, skipping the very classes they are complaining about having to pay for and having to take out student loans they think should be forgiven. Why? No one paid my student loans–I did. Time for the youth in this country to take responsibility for their actions. You take out a loan to go to an expensive university–hey–YOUR choice. No one told you to go there. Why should American taxpayers pay for it?

    9. GL Lee says:

      ACTUALLY, this is EXACTLY what democracy looks like and this is exactly why the Founding Fathers despised democracy. The sheeple should NEVER run this country.

      1. Dinostones says:

        At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” “A republic if you can keep it” responded Franklin.

    10. JDough says:

      “I think it’s fabulous,” says Sarandon. Only, she doesn’t have this crowd hanging out in her front yard. I’m sure if she did she’d change her mind.

  2. Jeff says:

    Loosers every one

    1. Robert King says:

      “Losers,” not “Loosers.”

      1. Saltine says:

        Maybe he was emphasizing, like: Loooooosers!

      2. libtardsmasher says:

        Technically, you’re both right. They are losers and loosers because there’s amny reports of these hippie wanna-bes practicing “free love” on site. Also, many homeless are now getting in on it too.

    2. 51 Phantom says:

      Bloomberg says they can stay as long as they like. What about other people who want to use the park??? You know, taxpayers who paid for it. I guess they have no right to be there.

  3. knowsmore says:

    Bums and entitled hippies who will steal from everyone and give nothing. Time for the FD to hose he place down for “sanitary” reasons.

    1. MikeC711 says:

      These folks have a right to a job. They should not have to work for it. They have a right to a good-paying job where they don’t have to have good grades or a relevant degree in college and where they will not start at an insulting entry-level position (starting for these folks should be director or VP right on up through CEO). Gov’t should provide them a car, a cell phone, and free housing. Oh wait, gov’t is already doing all of that. I guess the issue is that they are entitled to more.

      1. killslowly says:

        don’t forget a free iPad.

        1. Stan B says:

          Wait, isn’t Apple like the EPITOME of corporate success? How could any of them support a $350 BILLION company by buying their crap?

      2. Con-Servative says:

        NO They don’t have a right to a job, no one does. the consttution clearly states.

        We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish
        Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the
        general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. No where in the above sentances dose it state a right to a job. it also does not say they should get welfare, food stamps, Medicare, Medicade, SS or any other form of government assistance. This is not the role of government. Before you liberals start spouting off about this right and that right you should read the constitution. If you don’t aggree with it or want to follow the constitution, then there are planes leaving every day out of the USA. I suggest you get your sorry god for nothing Bhinds on one of them and don’t come back.

        1. The Bobster says:

          But they do have a right to not have cheap brown H1-b’s imported to take their potential jobs or have their jobs outsourced. Their are many guilty parties here.

          1. MikeC711 says:

            Agreed, there are many guilty parties. Corporatism is an issue (gov’t deciding which businesses succeed instead of the market … so businesses focus more on Political Correctness than serving customers) … warfare … our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves about our foreign intervention and 900 military bases on foreign soil. But the entitlement mentality is a problem in and of itself. It is the end of democracy time and again and our founding fathers warned us. Frankly, my generation is largely to blame for raising these kids with a sense that they can take out a pile of loans to get their private college degree in Romanian History … and then they are owed a great job to pay off the loans, get that sports-car, and buy that huge beautiful house. And if they don’t want to pay off the loan, that’s OK … it only goes to those rich banksters anyway (and yes, the taxPayer really picks up the pieces). As for outSourcing, I have so many friends who drive Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Acura, Jaguar, et al … and complain about outSourcing. If you’re really against outSourcing, drive a Dodge like I do.

      3. no longer confused says:

        And I’ll bet the farm that if they were asked to “give” part of their grade point average to someone “less fortunate” who had a lower GPA, they would tell you, “oh no, that is unfair, I worked too hard for those grades” Really???!!?? Then tell me what’s the difference why you think it is OK to take someones hard earned money away from them because they worked hard enough to be financially successful?

  4. Sal says:

    Sarandon makes 10 million a picture, just because she has nice tits. I don’t think that’s being over paid. Does anyone else? Then … she gets into her limo and jets off to Italy. Can anyone else beside me see the hypocrisy of this? (-:

    1. TexanPatriot says:

      She’s not got nice ones…. delusional, delusional!

    2. Joe P. Fritzbocker says:

      I see it. But I have to take exception to your comment about Sarandon having nice ttt$. Nope, sorry, no way. Yeecchh!

      1. Junior says:

        She used to. Ever watched “The Hunger”?? Ooh la la.

      2. Dave says:

        Back in the day, 70s and 80s, Susan Sarandon had some pretty nice tits.

    3. Big T says:

      Nice tit’s?, she is a disgusting old hag.. .and a friggin’ commie to boot.

  5. Todd P. says:

    And Sarandon WONDERS why Robbins dumped her?? She’s an old, has-been, leftover hippie. Maybe if she (and the protestors) decided to give ADULTHOOD a try, they might find that they actually LIKE it…..

    1. MorganGray says:

      Oh no, Todd, oh no.
      She knows why Robbins skipped out. She even said so on national TV – The View, I think it was (predictably).
      According to her, it was (ready?):

      George Bush’s fault!

      I am not kidding.

      Oh, BTW, you wanna p1$$ her off? Remind her she played Janet in Rocky Horror.

  6. Geodophus says:

    “Sarandon told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks, ”This is what democracy looks like … it’s great that anybody cares enough. I’m surprised people weren’t in the street a year ago. I think it’s fabulous.””

    What a worthless and mindless woman. Sad.


      Yes, Susan Sarandon then returned home to her multi million dollar condo and watched the protest from her 52 inch plasma TV while eating lobster.

    2. Libby says:

      You are worthless.

      You teabaggers claim to love the constitution, but if people excercise their right of assembly, your reply to act like the constitution applies only to teabaggers!

      1. alexagape says:

        The right to assemble does not mean the right to “occupy” someone else’s property

      2. roymg says:

        What’s a teabagger?

      3. Rudolph Smith says:

        Let me guess, you don’t work, you live off mommy and daddy,you want your college loans forgiven ,you want free housing, free medical… It’s people like you
        who screw up this country..Semper fi

      4. Logician says:

        I think we all know which party the real tea baggers belong to.

    3. Von Henderson says:

      People were in the streets a year ago. The Tea Party. They wanted responsible actions, not the class envy these geeks are spouting

      1. dave davis says:

        Amen, and how much media attention did they get? This is not a spontaneous activity, this is organized by those who want to destroy this country. Who do these fools think provide the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the condoms they use? I bet many have stock investments and are upset when their dividends are low, and happy when the company they invested in makes a profit, by sending work overseas.

      2. Steve says:

        Yea the Tea party was in the street and when they left there wasn’t any trash to even be pick up. These commies are destroying N.Y and everything else they touch. Bloomberg is a fool for allowing a privately owned park to be destoyed and business hurt by these worthless slobs. Obama and his union thugs are behind this crap 100% because he wants to stir the kookie left base up. This is Obama’s dream of the America he seeks to make us into!

    4. Kip Noxzema says:

      Yes it is. These old hippies try to feel young again with remarks like hers.

    5. orlandorays says:

      Sarandon said “it’s a shame people weren’t in the streets a year ago.” Weren’t THESE particular people in the streets in 2003 and 2004, too? Didn’t end too well then, either. Because while they are fornicating in public and taking dumps on police cars, the adults are planning the end of Obama’s administration in 2012.

    6. LeishaC says:

      When libs like Susan Sarandon and Al Sharpton start turning over their misbegotten millions, we might actually have something. But no, they all want everything for free so they can keep their own money. Idiots.

  7. Chris Ar says:

    Interesting. Every news organization which publishes a story on these protests and has a comments section has nothing but negative commenters. I sense the protest organizers are utterly failing to get anyone of consequence to support them.

    1. Anthony J Martin says:

      their message should have centered explicitly on one issue, like the banks and bailouts. Overall it looks like one big fail

      1. 51 Phantom says:

        Epic Fail!

  8. Jeff L says:

    Nothing more, nothing less than lazy people wanting a welfare state where they can sit on their butts, play video games, eat great food, have a nice home and car and let somebody who works pay for it. Low life people like Unions, lazy shiftless people, just the kind Obama loves and needs.

  9. Dorris guy says:

    All of these “greedy” rich people should close down all of their businesses for a month, stores, factories, restaurants, gas stations, gifts to colleges, etc. Then lest see how these people live.

    1. Blank says:

      You are assuming these smelly pot heads are actually employed (or employable).

      1. Kip Noxzema says:

        It seems they don’t need jobs to own the cell phones, satellite dish, and X box. I wish they owned a bar of soap, though.

    2. Bill Lee says:

      Do it. Close down the whole country.

  10. Nice says:

    HA! They did a copycat downtown here in the 2nd largest city in Michigan and got…2 dozen fools sleeping on the ground. Apparently the organizers didn’t pay enough.

  11. Al of GA says:

    Needed ASAP, a week of cold rainy weather with lots of wind.

  12. Markedman says:

    This is how the National Socialist party began in Germany. This is also the reason that our country’s founders demanded that our country be a Republic and not a democracy. Then as now, they feared that mob rule would destory the freedom of the individual. What is going on around Wall St. is Obama’s ‘leftist mob rulers’ footsoldiers.

    1. tim robbins says:

      From the article:

      >>>actress Susan Sarandon visited the park on Monday. Sarandon told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks, ”This is what democracy looks like … it’s great that anybody cares enough. I’m surprised people weren’t in the street a year ago. I think it’s fabulous.”<<<

      After giving her soundbite to the radio guy, she turned to her driver and said, "Get me as far from this democracy as you can. And do it fast.."

      1. Joe P. Fritzbocker says:

        What is the reference for your comment? I’d like to know before I repeat it.

    2. Jeff says:

      I agree. He’s orchestrated it and his people are paying many of the organizers of this protest. The rest are useful idiots. Pray for a blizzard.

      1. Tom says:

        Van Jones Warns Of A Progressive “October Offensive” Against Tea Party
        Search the phrase, you will find the organizers

  13. brunson says:

    I’d throw a trucker bomb at them but I doubt they’d notice.

  14. Will G says:

    “For the love of money is the root of all evil” – This is class warfare, pure and simple. The covetous behaviour of those who are obsessed with money are the problem, and I’m referring to the protesters. They covet OPM: other people’s money.

    The answer to their ‘frustrations’ is within each one of them, to get up off the ground and unleash their strength, sweat, and ideas into something that is of benefit to someone else. The answer is not to demand so-called ‘equal results’ under the threat of imprisonment (i.e. taxpayer funded welfare and entitlements). Khruschev put it accurately, they are ‘useful idiots’…useful for the politicians and race agitators.

    1. Gerry says:

      Exactly, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was a nasty Russian SOB but he sure had the loser demonstrators pegged. “Useful Idiots” is putting it mildly though!

  15. DMetzig says:

    It’s sad to see that there are so many clueless morons in our society.

    1. Daniel Love says:

      I agree. When Obama sets up a single payer health care system in which everybody is FORCED to buy insurance from a government selected PRIVATE insurance company, and people think he’s a Marxist or that he is NOT bought by BIG BUSINESS… yea there are many clueless morons.

  16. Deus Vult says:

    These useless IDIOT protesters are mainly a bunch of de-frosted old hippies, young USELESS idiot kids and young bums….and most have NO real clear idea what they are doing and why!?!
    2012-SAVE THE REPUBLIC! NO MORE “resident” (thats NOT a typo!) obama, mooochelle “antionette” and the cabal of marxist czars!
    Hope the business owners remember come next election day and sent IDIOT blumberg packing! Get a firehose going and give them smelly morons a MUCH needed bath!!!

  17. BriannaJaames says:

    This evening, the girl in front of me at QuickChek buys three twelve packs of Coke, four little boxes of Tic-Tac’s, two chewing gums and a ice-coffee for her daughter. Total 20.50 cents Pay for with an EBT card. Nobody cares.

    1. Don says:

      Half the people in US are drawing benefits from the government.

      United Socialist States.

    2. Pastovall1 says:

      Just to let you know in NJ EBT cards are issued to women (or men) who are getting alimony paid through the courts so not everyone using them is on government assistance.

  18. Big Red One says:

    What these mouth breathers don’t understand is that they are NOT the 99%. They are not even the top 25% of income earners who pay 88% of all income taxes. They are the BOTTOM 50% who pay ZERO federal income taxes to the IRS.

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      Oh they understand it all right. They just want more of your money.

  19. JK says:

    Did anyone bother to tell them their trust funds are wrapped up in the stock market. For those complaing about the debt they incurred during thier college years please feel free to protest the White House. After Obamacare we will have wage and price controls on doctors, why not also have them on college tuition? After all the yearly increase in tutiion is much more than the rate of inflation each year. Might it be because college academia is full of liberal professors. Why are higher learning institutions not considered greedy.

  20. Adam Smith says:

    The freedom of speech is not independent of the freedom to make an ass of oneself.

    Perhaps if the protesters had some kind of collective message or a coherent means by which to deliver it, they would not appear to be little more than a freakish sideshow.

    But hey, thanks for the entertainment anyway. You guys are better than the players on SNL!

  21. John says:

    These are future college professors in the Sociology, Anthropology or Women’s Studies Departments. They will hang around in school until their mid-30’s trying to get a position as a TA so they can hang on long enough for tenure.

    Never having worked in the real world – creating a product, generating an idea, running a business, hiring employees, etc – they will pontificate in the faculty lounge, Chomsky Reader in hand, about what a “fair” wage really is and what a “fair” profit should be.

    1. Andrew says:

      It’s gross that you see no value in any human activity outside of the capitalist model of production. That educators who inspire and expand the minds of future generations are not considered ‘real world’ people in your view betrays either a deep intellectual insecurity or a hatred of people different from you, or both.

  22. RayJ says:

    Get the backgound on the 99% ‘ters
    Many people are just guessing, watch “Lifting the Veil”


    Then have an inteligent conversation with these idiots

  23. Dave Turner says:

    Sorry, I’m laughing to hard right now at these spoiled little children to comment.

  24. Roc says:

    The handout-happy are freaking out! America is tightening its belt, and their gravy train is grinding to a screeching halt.

  25. liz says:


  26. joe says:

    Time to round them all up and dump them into the river for a bath,,,,

    1. Big Red One says:

      Forget that. Just break out the fire hoses.

    2. Tom in NY says:

      Ugh, we’re trying to clean up the East and Hudson Rivers. Dumping the protesters in them would hearken back to the days when the Cuyahoga River caught fire from all the oil slicks.

  27. Andrew says:

    This is how society is changed. These people have courage. How many of you are willing to spend the day outside in a park and sleep on the hard cold concrete? Not too many. It’s nicer in your soft bed. So don’t diss these protesters. They are protesting for you, the working class, those who can’t afford to send their kids to prep schools and fancy colleges. And if you are working on Wall Street, know that reform is needed to save the system. Capitialiism without reform will destroy itself. The Glass Steagall Act of 1932 saved capitalism and it’s repeal in 1999 has almost destroyed it again. The US can not compete on the world market if all our profits get skimmed off and sent overseas. We need infrastructure, education, healthcare to supply a healthy and prepared workforce. These are the issues and a victory for Occupy Wall Street is a victory for all of us.

    1. me says:

      you sir, are an idiot

      1. fred says:

        thoughtful & succinct (well, succinct, anyhow). By the way, do you talk to a mirror often?

        1. Barry A Kenyan says:

          LOL. I love your shows on Youtube! From watching them I know you do take to your self alot in the mirror!


    2. Big Red One says:

      Actually I’m arming up as are a lot of my friends and acquaintances around this nation. And it’s not for Occupy City X protests around the nation. It’s in preparation against you anarchist radical left wingnut moonbats who may just escalate things and go into neighborhoods next under the guise we who have more than you stole from you (go ahead, make our millennium).

      1. Bumbaclaat says:

        With bizarre ideas like that, I can’t believe you are calling *other* people moonbats

        1. Jeff says:

          It’s not bizarre- Lerner from SEIU is planning on terrorizing people in their homes tomorrow in Chicago.

          1. Jennifer says:

            Exactly. Good ole’ Lerner preparing to head to the homes of Corporate Executives. Kind of like they did to the BofA exec, who was not home, but that didn’t stop them from scaring the heck out of his teenage son who was home alone at the time

            What a guy!

            You have no idea who these idiots are being useful for.

        2. Kevin says:

          Bumba, quick to dismiss what is soon to be reality… What an apt name for you, sir…

      2. Steve says:

        I’m with you Big Red One, I say, ” Go ahead punks make my freaking day”!

    3. Mike says:

      Hello? That’s what the Tea Party was all about. Except they were protesting government, the real crooks in all this mess.

      The reason they are shipping profits and jobs overseas is because our government is regulating and taxing them to death.

      1. Andrew says:

        “The reason they are shipping profits and jobs overseas is because our government is regulating and taxing them to death.”

        PLEASE STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS! Ugh the willful ignorance makes me want to vomit

    4. Chris says:

      People do that waiting for a Star Wars sequel to open. Do you think they’re brave for sleeping outside?

      1. seenoland says:

        stupid is as stupid does

    5. ricardo maxwell says:

      I second that… You Andrew are a flaming idiot!

    6. Kath says:

      You sir do NOT speak for me, neither do these protesters. They are shameful with how they bahave.

    7. John says:

      Society is changed by lazy unemployed whiners sleeping in their own urine?

      I didn’t get that memo.

    8. Taxitall says:

      “The Glass Steagall Act of 1932 saved capitalism and it’s repeal in 1999 has almost destroyed it again.” Thank you, Bill Clinton and the democrat Congress.

      1. Luke says:

        Let me help you with that. Thank you, Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress. Both the house and the Senate were solidly in control of the Republicans on this one.

    9. Joe says:

      Only if you believe in socialism Andrew. Why cant you just be honest and say thats what you want?

    10. Max Hoff says:

      Taking a look from a distance, these protests are equal to a child having a tantrum. Expressing feelings for the sake of what? No coherent message, no real world solutions for anything.

    11. Taxitall says:

      “The Glass Steagall Act of 1932 saved capitalism and it’s [sic] repeal in 1999 has almost destroyed it again.”

      Thanks Bill Clinton and the democratic congress that repealed G-S.

    12. makingitonmyown says:

      Thanks all the same but I don’t need them to protest for me. Yes, we’re working class, my kids don’t go to fancy prep schools and yet we’ve managed. Our kids will go to in-state colleges which are very affordable for anyone who wants to study and work hard. It is nice in my soft bed after a hard day of work, something these protestors know little about, I’m sure. The rest of us will rise from our soft beds and go to WORK again tomorrow, day after day, year after year while these people who don’t have anything better to do can have the concrete. I think they deserve what they get in that regard.

    13. Matt says:

      Wake up Andrew. They’re not protesting for me or anyone like me. I paid my dues. I went to college (yeah, actually attended classes instead of skipping out to attend Hippiefest 2011) and paid for it with three jobs and student loans. I got a job out of college and paid back my loans without bitching that my debt was unfair. I bought a modest home, worked my butt off and got a nicer home. After my kids were born, I started saving for their education. They probably won’t be able to afford Yale or Harvard but that doesn’t mean I’m going to insist that someone else pick up the tab. I’m just glad that I was able to get them a better head start than I got from my hardworking parents. And you know how we got all this? CAPITALISM! I work, make a profit, spend money, save money, etc. It works amazingly well except for those that insist “it’s not fair.”

      1. William Boyst says:

        Amen! Right there with ya….Just do the right thing….Go to work, take care if your kids/parents, be a good person. It’s not as hard if you get off your A S S!

    14. david says:

      It’s time we start Occupy Hollywood. We will demand that Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Barbra Striesand, Sean Penn and Martin Sheen give back a fair share of their outrageous paychecks to the lowly and often unemployed workers in the moivie industry.

      1. Brian Batty says:

        You’re really onto something there!

      2. DS in NY says:

        They, like ALL millionaires, should pay their fair share of taxes.

        1. Blank says:

          As should the bottom 50% who pay no Federal income taxes.

      3. brett says:

        Excellent POINT !

        Make HOLLYWOOD’s BIG MOUTH, LIMOUSINE LIBERALS put their OWN m money where their mouth IS !

      4. Kip Noxzema says:

        Why don’t the Parasites on Parade hang out at Sarandon’s street? She’s a millionaire.

    15. Barry A Kenyan says:

      Wow……….. You have spent WAY to much time in the class room and not in the REAL WORLD

    16. David says:

      I have protested before, and I have slept on concrete and spent days outside before. Just because these people do it does not mean in any way that I have to respect them.

    17. inevitable says:

      Andrew, what kind of word is “diss”? You lost all respect and interest after that utterance. You’re nothing but a simple minded “wigger” who seems to have found a history book.
      Hint: Capitalism only has 2 i’s.

    18. stew says:

      And who is running the universities that have experienced over 400% inflation in the last 30 years? What product or commodity has seen that increase? The noble protestors should be occupying universities and asking the administration why they have mismanaged higher education institutions that provide them with a diploma and a lifetime of debt.

    19. andrew musaelian says:

      you are a flaming idiot from democrapville. Ever thinkof suicide?

    20. Blank says:

      Sorry…I’m too busy EARNING a living and paying taxes that fund these lazy do nothings.

      These spoiled brats had their bottles taken away and now they’re throwing a tantrum. Let them and let Bloomberg explain why they must raise even more taxes to pay for their stupidity.

      European socialism has failed. Obama is failed. Time for regime change.

    21. Kip Noxzema says:

      You must be an ancestor of Stalin. Must be. It seems to me capitalism was taking care of its society quite nicely until your little boy president came along. You’ll be happy to know our forefathers didn’t have sidewalks to sleep on. In fact, they knew their houses and families might get burned down to the ground but they did it for the freedoms you and I enjoy. Except you spit on those same freedoms.

    22. Agent_Smith says:

      I barely know where to begin….SOCIALISM on its own destroys itself would be a good start. The closest we have ever been to true capitalism was at the turn of the 20th century and we experienced the greatest growth of middle class, the almost entire elimination of child labor, safer working conditions, shorter work days, more products and more money to buy the products, and an increase in the standard of living that is still unmatched ALL before laws for any of it. Beyond that you may want to do some research on “robber-barrons” (what a horrible term for the men who did the most good for our county since the founders). Beyond that I will tell you right now I’m willing to DIE for my liberty and it won’t be without a fight. I was homeless in Chicago two years ago and worked my way up to where I’m paying my own way to go back to college. I never took a hand out because I have pride in myself. NONE of these people represents me and NEVER assume otherwise. I have slept on concrete and you’re DAMN RIGHT a bed is more comfortable and you should thank CAPITALISM for it. Learn from history or you’re doomed to repeat it. Learning basic economic concepts might also be advisable but I don’t want you strain an obviously unused muscle.

    23. Con-Servative says:

      Oh Really. These worthless bunch of Whiney crybabies don’t speak for me. I work for a living. i guess the signs about Socialism speak for the working people. These disgusting drug using, public sex having, filthy good for nothing bums should be run out of town. As for the Glass Act.

      The GSA, was considered harsh by most in the financial community, and it was reported that even Glass himself moved to repeal the GSA shortly after it was passed, claiming it was an overreaction to the crisis.

      You need to wake up and smell what your shoveling

      Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/03/071603.asp#ixzz1aSTHPqUH

    24. Freedom says:

      Wall street isn’t the issue.
      Huge cheap loans by the FED to already supremely rich institutions is the problem.
      We are on the hook as taxpayers for all that money.
      Who tells the FED what to do with monetary policy? Oh, yeah, the President.
      So, it is more then obvious, to anyone that has an actual understanding of how money flow and inflation works, that these protests have nothing to do with the real issue, and is just a means for leftist rabble rousing.
      why don’t they go to the source of the problem and protest the White House?
      That’s right, there is a leftist president in the White House, so it can’;t be his fault.
      Darn, if there were only a conservative president in the White House, then those leftists could really show you how real protesting goes!

      Also, get off your high horse, you have no idea what anyone here is willing and has been willing to do for society or our country. Just because your a loser behind a keyboard does not mean that everyone else is.
      In psychology, they call that “projection”.

  28. Rana says:

    It’s pretty simple. All Occupy Wall Street protest signs should read:

    “Bankers, Politicians, Mortgage Holders, and the thieving rich say to us: Let them eat cake! We say: Off with their heads!”

    Let it be known I said it first because that says it all!

    1. John says:

      You are the reason the rest of us buy guns. You are envious of others and what they’ve earned and want to steal it from them. Or, as you said, kill them and take it from them.

      Try it.

    2. ricardo maxwell says:

      hey froggie bring it on we ready for you. We have the solution to the unemployment problem.

    3. Blank says:

      Bring it hippie. We’ll do to you what our parents should have done to you a long time ago.


    End Federal Reserve System
    Youtube the fallow
    “Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program”


  30. DS in NY says:

    I have some thoughts to share with you folks who are posting here, not that I expect any of you to actually come back to this page and read this.
    Who ARE you people? Are you blind? How can you deride the movement so off-handedly?

    I have not been to Occupy Wall Street but I did attend Occupy Nyack (NY), which was covered (albeit briefly) by Channel 2 News on Sunday night.
    Among the people who addressed the assembled group (estimated at 300) were:
    • A college graduate who is $250,000 in debt for his student loans.
    • A man whose wife, a teacher in New Jersey, had to take a $10,000 pay cut while Gov. Christie refused to raise corporate taxes.
    • A woman who works at a major corporation (un-named) in NJ which laid off 200 people while the CEO makes $20 million a year.

    The message of the movement may not have been clear in the beginning because there are so many problems in the system that need to be addressed. It is a virtual explosion of information. Apparently you, fellow posters, are comfortable in your life, and happy with the political and financial situation we are in. Which of the Republican candidates truly represents your values? Are your children attending a good school, with skilled teachers, in a district that has a generous budget? Judging by the way some of you type, you are not all skilled at written communication. How was YOUR education?
    We all USE corporate products. There is no irony in protesters using modern communication devices. During the Arab Spring, the media regarded the people’s use of social media as something of a modern miracle. How about here and now?

    It is very dangerous for ordinary citizens like yourselves to take this lightly. Do any of you remember the struggle for civil rights in the 1960s? Did any of you benefit from them? How is this any different?
    We are rising up peacefully to call for justice and fairness at every level of society, for all people. If we don’t achieve this, we all face a future in which those who have no money and power are crushed by those who do.
    Is this what you favor when you put down the movement? Which side are you on?

    1. spaceman says:

      Oh brother, how much one-dimentional, simplistic, bumper sticker nonsense can one person think up in one post. Delve a little deeper into the issues if it’s possible for a pea brained, liberal to do. Or are you afraid the facts may trip you up?

    2. John says:

      JL in Tampa,

      Was the college graduate forced to take out $250k in loans?

      Is the teacher somehow immune to the economy? When the economy crashes less taxes are collected. What right does she have to the earnings of a corporation or anyone else?

      These people want something for nothing.

    3. down down says:


    4. John Roberts says:

      Boo-Hoo – somebody makes more than I do. Somebody has more than I do. Thats so unfair. Somebody worked hard and went after what they wanted and now they won’t give it to me. That’s so unfair. I want it all and I want it now and I don’t want to have to work for it.

    5. Kip Noxzema says:

      Go cry to your mama. Maybe someday you’ll understand life is about taking responsibility for your own actions. You’ve drunk the Class Warfare kool aid and will probably cry like a baby your whole life. If you’re not happy with the political and financial situation you’re in, do something about it and stop complaining to me. I have my own life to live, and it’s one where I strive for the American Dream. It involves SMALL government, without high taxes and crazy regulations. Which Republican do I support? Ronald Reagan. Maybe you should read about him.

    6. Billy says:

      Call for Justice…Just do not ask the government to get bigger. Vote with your pocket….But if you gove the government more power you will regret it. Be careful you are not being their “useful idiot”.

    7. rod says:

      I remember taking a cut in pay a 75% cut in pay so that I could sleep in the mud and get shot at… RVN 1969, But I don’t remember protesting on the street with fractional truths extendended with outright lies

      The freedoms we are loosing include FREE enterprise, freedom of association, freedom of property, freedom of concience to name a few. Your beloved BIG government is the resaon these freedoms are going,

      If 1 person taking part of your life to give to somebody else is stealing then 150,000,001 people taking something to give to somebody else is still stealing.

    8. sosad says:

      • A college graduate who is $250,000 in debt for his student loans.
      Why is this my problem? That kind of debt is often racked up by future doctors/lawyers. He’ll be able to pay it back easily unless he was an idiot and went to an expensive private school to get a job that pays $30,000 a year. Either way it was his choice.

      • A man whose wife, a teacher in New Jersey, had to take a $10,000 pay cut while Gov. Christie refused to raise corporate taxes.
      It’s a matter of math and economics. When revenues are short cuts must be made. Teachers are not exempt. Here, teachers refused to take pay cuts so hundreds got canned. Lots of people have taken pay cuts over the last few years. She should be glad she still has a job.

      • A woman who works at a major corporation (un-named) in NJ which laid off 200 people while the CEO makes $20 million a year.
      Get a clue. Companies hire based on need. If they needed those 200 employees they would still have jobs. It doesn’t matter how much the CEO makes, it matters if those people are worth their cost.

    9. Andrew says:

      Thank you, DS in NY. I had to read through many depressing comments here before I found one — yours — that made some sense and echoed the real sentiments of the protests. I have spent time in the DC Occupation and the people are all well-spoken, well-dressed, well-educated, and frustrated with the state of things. In conversation with them I have been impressed by their coherence of argument and potential solutions.

      Everyone else here clearly gets their news from Fox News, and sees no irony in repeating capitalist-endorsing epithets fed to them by corporate-controlled, for-profit media. The conservative mind is one dominated by fear, ignorance, and rage. If they can not or choose not to evolve, then we as a society will have to simply leave them behind, and they will become the relics of a bizarre history (much the same fate as those opposed to civil rights, gay marriage, etc.) Power to the People!

  31. Bigbrostyx Walls says:

    I seriously doubt that will keep up Occupy Wall Streeter’s at night.

  32. leadfootedrabbit.com says:

    They are living like the 1% not the 99%. They are living on welfare of others. They don’t work. They don’t pay for their food or clothes. They make a mess for everybody to clean up. And they want more. Nice….


    1. leadfootedrabbit.com says:

      They need direction.

    2. Eileem says:

      You are 100% correct……..They all should be job hunting vs hanging around a park 24/7…………….

  33. Kevy Ramone says:

    The Ramones “I’m Against It.” This says it best…

    I don’t like politics
    I don’t like communists
    I don’t like games and fun
    I don’t like anyone
    And I’m against…
    I don’t like Jesus freaks
    I don’t like circus geeks
    I don’t like summer and spring
    I don’t like anything
    I don’t like sex and drugs
    I don’t like water bugs
    I don’t care about poverty
    All I care about is me
    And I’m against…

  34. Turtle walker says:

    Today after WORK I dropped a bag full of my kids dirty diapers off in the park. Then I went home and lmao

  35. KC says:

    Al Sharpton is the King of divisiveness and a true opportunist, he will exploit any situation to get personal exposure. Will Tawana Brawley be there protesting too?

  36. GM says:

    I believed in the cause…but now that Susan Sarandon is involved kinda makes the whole thing flaky…and Russel Simmons?…um ok…whats that about? Here are multi millionaires who made their money on what these folks are demonstrating

    1. tim robbins says:

      From the article:

      >>>actress Susan Sarandon visited the park on Monday. Sarandon told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks, ”This is what democracy looks like … it’s great that anybody cares enough. I’m surprised people weren’t in the street a year ago. I think it’s fabulous.”<<<

      After giving the soundbite, she turned to her chauffer and said, "Now get me out of here before the stink gets all over me."

  37. BOBBY-O says:

    Everything is now under control.Mr. Big Mouth is there. The biggest most disgraceful A–HOLE in the world. AL SHARPTON should be in jail. You think ZUCCOTTI PARK smells now just wait UNTIL he leaves WITH HIS SMELLY POP -CORN PICKERS

  38. LMAO says:

    This is kinda like the guy who complains about animal rights while wearing leather shoes…LMAO!!

  39. The Realist says:

    Sharpton, eh? That’s the best reason of all to avoid this group.

    Then again, it might be nice to be a PROFESSIONAL ACTIVIST and get paid handsomely to complain about unemployment.

  40. fk says:

    Sad…my nephew at a NY college was told by a professor that they should all be down at the protests. Interesting because this same person is being paid by the wealthy parents who can actually afford private universities. Misguiding our youth. The government using them. Ultraliberals using them.

    1. ricardo maxwell says:

      Lawyers and left wing educators along with the left wing media should be re-educated or exiled.

  41. Allie says:

    This is a total radical chic redux!
    I wish they asked their CEO daddy or a real estate broker mommy how many employees they fired today? Did they approached their affluent Midwatern parents with the same vigor they employ in NYC? Who paid for their IPHONES and tablets that an average worker cannot afford?
    How come the movement is not directed against gov’t which is using these useful idiots to divert attention from their own shady operations to Wall Street and others.

  42. Lieutenantdan says:

    I believe that it is obvious that the kids of wealthy parents have had the world handed to them on a silver plate, as always. Most are spoiled and opinionated and
    suffer from Narcissistic personality disorder.
    There is a fine line between capitalism and greed.
    You country is desperate and is in a poor economic state.
    Do your share and pay your share and stop shoving your wealth down peoples throats. It is disgusting and childish.

    1. ricardo maxwell says:

      You are confused and I wonder how you can be gainfully employed when you are unable to clearly express yourself. There is a great distinction between capitalism and greed. Greed is an emotion. Capitalism is a type of economic system. Marxism, liberalism, or progressive-ism has ruined America and we need to eradicate it.

  43. jagdish says:

    I look out my window and see people napping – NAPPING in the middle of the day! These bums are too lazy to work.

  44. Goldman Sachs Analyst says:

    I wish I can open my office window and throw eggs at those protesters.

    1. egg them says:

      I agree time to demonstrate against these bums.

      1. Saltine says:

        Or….. We all go to Goodwill and buy some ratty cloths, don’t bathe for a week, stare at the sun ’til we look stoned, then start infiltrating! Get someone to take us to their leader, then shanghai him/her. We then insert our own leader, who convinces the protesters that they are all missing a Rocky and Bullwinkle marathon on the Cartoon Network. The crowd will clear out in a half hour. Brilliant!

  45. BO STINKS! says:

    I wonder how long it would take Nanny Mayor Bloomberg and BO to shut down this protest if it were about and at the ground zero mosque???

  46. Common-Sense Kidd says:

    I think everyone understands their frustration, and don’t necessarily disagree with the overall “message” – it’s just that it’s wrongly misdirected. It’s like beating up on your husband’s mistress and giving your husband a free pass. The corporations are the mistress, the government is the husband. Don’t hate the mistress when ur husband is to blame.

    1. Hate the protest says:

      I disagree 100% with there message as most new yorkers do.If New Yorkers agrred these protest would have hundred of thousand if not million of people protesting these fool do not if have as many people who attend a Mets game now thats pathetic.

  47. Darius says:

    Why are they calling themselves 99%? They are 100% to me…100% idiots!
    I bet you most of these people have better cell phone than I. They blindly follow flash mob instructions they received. Or a twit friend got them.

    1. TeaRunner says:

      They’re Fleabaggers

  48. Contradiction says:

    The irony to these protests is that a good part of the protesters are young adults who just moved to this city, to gentrified neighborhoods that USED TO BE affordable for the working class. They are paying incredibly high rent to live there—mostly funded by their wealthy parents. These people play a huge role in widening the gap of classes.

    1. J Milo Slick says:

      >These people play a huge role in widening the gap of classes.

      So you demonize “these people”- the wealthy parents- for their financial wherewhithal.

      Your next plaintive cry will be: “WARE MY GUBMINT CHEK?”

  49. JoeZ says:

    I wish I had all this free time to hang around and do nothing!

    1. GScotty says:

      Once you find someone else to blame it on, it’s easy. You just need to get better at making excuses.

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