NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say they have made an arrest in a sexual assault that took place in in Morningside Park Sunday at around 6 p.m.

Authorities said Tuesday night that 19-year-old Jason Harris was arrested and charged with criminal sex act in the 1st degree.

Police had released surveillance video earlier Tuesday in the hope that someone would recognize the individual and alert authorities.

Meanwhile, the New York Police Department is out in force hunting the serial groper – or gropers – who have attacked at least a dozen women in Brooklyn.

Watch surveillance video of the suspect below:

  1. thor's hammer says:

    well punk, better hope they put you in protective custody on rikers. what a lowlife. time to bring back the implements of the inquisition for punks like you. prison should be a 6 ft in diameter cell, no computer/phone/tv/free education. note to aclu – don’t whine about his rights, there’s another kind of 99% in town, and we’re not going to take this punk and his fellow perps garbage anymore. justice for the victims only! nice work nypd!

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