Al Dukes booked Jim Mora to join the program on Wednesday, but with Carmelo Anthony running a little late he rescheduled the interview for today, which turned out yo be a good thing.

You see, Al was under the impression he booked Jim Mora Sr. So the rescheduling gave him time to figure out exactly which Mora he booked.

Turns out it was the younger of the two former NFL coaches, Jim Mora Jr., who was the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks, before becoming an analyst on the NFL Network.

With the confusion cleared up, Mora Jr. joined Craig to talk about Week 6 of the NFL season, his take on the Jets and Giants, as well as their respective QBs, Mark Sanchez & Eli Manning…

LISTEN: Jim Mora Jr. (Not His Father) Talks Football With Carton (10/13)

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