'Occupy Wall Street' To Fight 'Eviction Notice,' But Apparently Has Backup Plan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Friday morning could be the beginning of the end of the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration.

On Thursday, Brookfield Office Management employees were passing out notices to protesters, who have been camped out for 26 days, saying that tarps, sleeping bags and tents are all prohibited in the park, as is lying on the ground and on benches when it becomes an interference for others.

CBS 2 learned late Thursday night the protestors are preparing in case they cannot base their operations out of Zuccotti Park anymore. They are now encouraging people to occupy Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

“They might as well as just said ‘You’re done,'” one protester told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano earlier Thursday.

“This is an eviction notice,” said another.

In relentless solidarity, members of Occupy Wall Street marched to City Hall delivering thousands of petitions to stop Mayor Michael Bloomberg from plowing through Zuccotti with the NYPD and a clean-up crew Friday morning.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Ray Kelly: Protesters Won’t Get To Bring Their Gear Back Into The Park

In response to the new regulations, Occupy Wall Street called for supporters to come to Zuccotti Park at 6 a.m. on Friday to “defend the occupation from eviction.” In a statement on their website, the group also encouraged supporters to call 311 and demand that the mayor “support our right to assemble and to not interfere with #OWS.”

That statement also went on to say that if Mayor Bloomberg really cared about sanitation at the park, “he should support the installation of portopans and dumpsters.”

This is the flyer being distributed to protesters on Oct. 13, 2011. (credit: CBS 2)

The notification followed Wednesday night’s announcement by the mayor’s office that protesters need to leave the park on Friday so it can get cleaned up.

“The last three weeks have created unsanitary conditions and considerable wear and tear on the park,” said the mayor’s office.

Protestors have been diligently cleaning up the park with soapy brooms, and piling up trash on the curb. Nevertheless, Bloomberg outlined a 12-hour plan to scrub down the park starting at 7 a.m.

The cleaning operation is set to take place in three stages, each lasting about four hours. Protesters will have to move from portions of the park that are being cleaned. Although the protesters can return to the cleaned areas of the park, they have to abide by the rules. And those strict rules distributed Thursday seem to suggest a showdown with the NYPD may be imminent.

Legal experts said the city will be breaking the law if they bring in the cops to clear the park without a court order.

“They would be breaching the law.  They would be violating those folks who they would seek to remove and possibly arrest, their fundamental rights to utilize the park and to express their opinions and exercise their First Amendment rights,” Yetta Kurland, with the National Lawyers Guild, told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Thursday night, several city leaders also spoke out in support of the occupation.

“It’s up to the mayor and everybody at City Hall to change course. To sit down with the people of Occupy Wall Street and find a peaceful way forward,” said Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio.

“This is the beginning of a movement and you know what, you may not want to hear this, but this is how revolutions start,” said Councilman Charles Barron.

Bloomberg visited the park Wednesday night. He was greeted by a mix of cheers and jeers. His office says that after the park is sanitized, the protesters are welcome to return.

Some folks opposed to the Occupy Wall Street movement have taken to calling them the “Flea Party,” mocking their makeshift camp and ad-hoc cleanup crews.

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs: The Occupiers Are Suspicious

Some protesters say they’ve gone to great lengths to keep the park clean.

“I think the mayor and some of his ‘clonies’ are trying to use tactics to get us to move out of the park,” one demonstrator told 1010 WINS’ John Montone.

“There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner. “If you would’ve given us a Port-A-Potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.”

“Every day, all day, we clean up the park,” Max Hodes told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports some protesters don’t trust the mayor

“This is a protest; it’s not a camping area. People aren’t camping here, they’re protesting and we have the right to have sleeping bags.  Where are they gonna sleep? How are they gonna protest?  Without sleeping bags, they can’t protest,” one demonstrator told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Hears From Protesters

(credit: John Montone/1010 WINS)

Some protesters who found themselves caught in rain squalls Thursday morning took shelter in a Bank of America ATM kiosk to stay dry.

WINS’ John Montone asked a protester if there was anything ironic about that.

“We’re using them like they use us,” was the reply he got.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On The New Trip To The East Side

They also got a boost from musician Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine. Morello put on a performance at Zuccotti Park on Thursday.

While the mayor has said the park will be cleaned Friday, the protesters don’t seem to be making any plans on going anywhere. They’ve planned a “Family Sleep Over” in the park, set to start at 4 p.m. Friday.

What’s more, the weekend looks as though it may be a busy one for the demonstrators. According to their website, they’re planning a “Mass March on the Banks” followed by a plan to “Occupy Times Square” at 5 p.m. Saturday.

According to the site, the function in Times Square will be a party “in the festive sense of the word.” At 6:30 p.m. Saturday, there’s an event planned called “Occupy the Subway,” but no details on that have been made available.

All of those planned events meant little to some nearby businesses. Mike Keane, owner of nearby O’Hara’s Pub, told CBS 2’s Carlin demonstrators use his bathrooms and disrupt his business.

“I really hope this circus moves on. I’ve had my fill of these people,” Keane said.

He said the clean-up plan is not enough.

“Somebody’s going to wind up getting killed and maybe then someone will say let’s get them out of here. Hopefully it doesn’t take that,” Keane said.

Tell us your thoughts about the Occupy Wall Street movement in our comments section below.

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  1. LennyC says:

    Only in NYC, or San Francisco would such crap be tolerated by local government.

    I suggest the Occupy movement next occupy city hall.

    1. D says:

      You mean exercising the right to protest?

      1. altruist says:

        You’re not protesting. your occupying, Hell, it’s what they named this stupidity.
        You’re squatting on public land. You’d of had a better case if you went home every night ,showered up, and hit it again in the morning. But that would be a lot like having a job.

        1. John Rickety says:

          Rock on. They are freakin’ bums, addicts and retards. Grow and get a freakin’ job and if you don’t want to do that… then start your own business. Freakin’ losers I tell ‘ya.

        2. Terk says:

          Job!!!! OMG!!

        3. TiredOfTheCrybabies says:

          Private land! The occupiers are everything that is wrong with this country. Not the part about exercising their rights to protest, but the very fact they are protesting because they are jealous of other private citizens’ successes. If their best ideas for how to better themselves is *this*, they will be poor for a very long time.

          1. greatmag says:

            Note one cretin stated WE should supply him with a portapotty. Boy supply your own needs don’t go begging to me.

          2. Terk says:

            Anyone remember Maynard G Krebs on the Dobie Gillis show? Whenever the word “work” was mentioned, even in passing, he would yelp “Work?!” and jump with fear or even faint. Typical of the leeches in the OWS bowel movement.

          3. BARRY'S CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILS E-VERIFY says:

            What about the Kenyan Occupation of The White House?!

            Google “OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY”

        4. Tina Rocha says:

          It’s not public land truist, its private property owned Brookfield Office Properties. As soon as OWS leaves Brookfield will come back with current park law enforced i.e. no overnighters etc., etc. All hell is going to break lose….not in a good way for OWS

        5. TheTrue Pooka says:

          Actually, it is private land. It was public land but the city sold it – wrongly. They’re selling our public parks without our consent.

          Which is why Bloomberg is allowing it. To avoid the embarrassment that comes from people focusing on that issue.

      2. SaintLo says:

        What about MY right to use the automatic teller or the subway or Times Square or to protest the fact that there are ***holes like you in my way?

      3. John Rickety says:

        Nope… he meant crap.

      4. danthefan says:

        from some of the comments you can tell its liberals still thinking they should get free porta potties. and dumpster.their already costing nyc hundreds of thousands of dollars. some how these adults need to grow up and realize there not entitled to what other people that work have.

        1. freecheese says:

          Since when did having a port ‘o potty and dumpster become a “basic human Right ?” I hope the forfkin’ icehole that said so isn”t a college student, because he is not learning anything.

          1. Rob Moon says:

            These scum bags think everything is a right. They believe anybody who has anything should be willing to give it up so they can have some too. Hard work, education, preparation mean nothing to these bums. These are your average Obama supporter, we must vote him out of office so we won’t have to listen to these idiots keep trying to make America a Communist Nation. The main problems America faces today have been caused by government and they expanded when Obama was elected. Obama has pass so many expensive regulations on businesses, they are either laying off people, closing their doors and passing along the higher costs to the consumer. Then he turns around and blames the businesses.

          2. Christian Matthews says:

            or the fact that they expect the gov’t of NYC, whom they are protesting, to supply it. if they want port a potties then let them pay to rent them… no they want the hard working peoples tax dollars to go to them and there cause if you can even call it that.

        2. Kevin Provance says:

          Yeah mean the same way the rich banks are entitled to rape the poor with fees? The same way the government rapes the middle and poor class taxpayers while letting the rich benefit with loopholes, most of which took from the taxpayers to save their ass to begin with? No, the rich have been living off the poor for too long now, it’s time to turn it around for awhile.

          1. Lee Boice says:

            he same way the government rapes the middle and poor class taxpayers
            So you are anti Obama then ?
            By the way , are you a taxpayer? Just asking

          2. Mike says:

            I can assure you that most of these “protestors” are not tax paying citizens. Obama is as much to blame as anyone is. Did you know that Obama gave a solar company 500 million dollars totaling 1 billion dollars of taxpayers money. The company not is bankrupt and they are pleading the fifth when asked where did the money go? Are you not a little angry about that?

          3. Sue Darling says:

            Actually since the’rich’ (trust me not every person working for a bank is rich) were given funds WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED and they are privately owned the do have the right to charge the ‘poor’ ( and not everyone who has an account with a bank is poor) what they feel are applicable fees for the service they provide. If you don’t like it TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. That is your ‘right’ The error was in the way the bail-outs were handled. There should have been guidelines & strictures on how the bail out funds could be used.( none used for bonuses or raises, fee schedule had to remain static until funds were repaid etc), Instead our government HANDED THEM FUNDS. So take your protest to the WH & Congress. They are the ignorant no-brains that thought if they just gave these firms money they would do the right thing. Ye gods & little puppies! A business is about what is best for them just like the protestors want what is best for themselves.

          4. workinman says:

            earth to moron you need to be in front of the white house this the change you wanted

          5. Wonderful says:

            LMAO, (rolling on the floor, holding my sides) ha ha he hem ha ha ha…. How in the hell did you say this with a straight face that the rich should support you? H a ha ha WHO TOLD YOU YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT??? … no account, no fees? HA HA HE HE… If you shop at yard sales or grow your own veggies, you wont have to pay sales tax. No one is making you do anything! I just switched my account to a bank no fees…. and I didn’t have to sleep in a park to show my old bank how I felt about their fees. HA HA HA …

          6. YCH says:

            The poor pay no taxes, so how in the world can the rich live off the poor. This country is filled with so many people, past and present, that were borne poor and WORKED their way to rich. Most of those that remain poor value education little, work less and live off of government subsidies. How is that any different than the “loopholes” you are complaining about? Additionally, if you want to actually change government, then change those in government, because those loopholes were written into the tax laws. Oh, but that’s not really what this is about – it’s about a bunch of selfish, narcissistic whiners that want something for nothing.

          7. James B says:

            The don’t use a bank that is your right!

          8. Sage Spalding says:

            Rape the poor with fees? That’s funny…First off you don’t have to put your money in the bank if you don’t want to, and if you don’t want to pay interest on a loan from the bank, then DON’T BORROW MONEY and don’t get a credit card, second, there are no poor class tax payers, 53% of you deadbeats paid NO income tax last year…I worked my a$$ off to get where I am today. I didn’t steal it from anybody. I borrowed money to buy my house and instead of protesting the bank I told them THANK YOU, I couldn’t have bought it without you…..If you held a job fair across the street from Zuccoti Park, these losers would run the other way……

            1. Van Halen says:

              1) OWS played their hand too early – and too late. Too early because they should have done this a year from now when the economy will really be in trouble. And too late because winter is right around the corner.
              2) There are not that many people in OWS to begin with. This is way over-hyped.
              3) OWS can’t go on like this indefinitely. Their very presence and no message will get tired. They will have to ramp things up a notch – possibly to violence. That will not go over well.
              4) The more people see the OWS crowd acting like savages, the less support they’ll receive. There are hundreds of pictures and videos of them defecating on police cars, smoking dope, selling drugs, fighting with the police, trashing everything they touch, walking around without clothes on, having sex publicly, repeating en masse what they are told in strange organized rituals, not working, lying, cheating, stealing, and generally damaging all the businesses around them. This will not play well with the working class who are sick of going to work to support this bunch.

            2. Raul McDuffie says:

              “.If you held a job fair across the street from Zuccoti Park, these losers would run the other way……”

              Truer words haven’t been spoken on this subject. These fleabaggers wouldn’t take a job if you handed it to them on a silver plater.

          9. jim draught says:

            Kevin- do you have a job? You are a parrot. Raahaa BIG FEE NOT FAIR! Banks are fair and the FDIC has “our” back.

            The rich are rich because they are lucky, smart, or talented. They should be rewarded accordingly fool.

            Nothing will “turn around.” Go to Cuba. Go to North Korea. Fool. Get a damn job. Yes, there are jobs available.

          10. bob says:

            Kevin, what the hell do I owe you? Do not businesses exist to make money? If you do not like their product or fees you go elsewhere, that is how it works. I realize you have a liberal education and you feel I owe you something. So I will give you what I owe you a swift kick in the rear and tell you to get a job and shut the hell up.

          11. Bill Klein says:

            Oh, so someone forced you to take a credit card in the first place? Poor Kevin…duped by “the man.” You’re a goddamned moron.

          12. Sammie Jo says:

            since the poor are poor and have nothing, how can the rich possibly live off hte poor?
            Why should the rich give you money? They worked for theirs, you go work for yours.
            As for the loopholes, I agree, but take that up with the govt, they put those loopholes in the tax code, so naturally people will use them. I don’t blame them, if I was rich, I wouldn’t want to give my money to the govt for them to sqaunder either.
            How about all these rich guys just shut down their companies, see how you like that.
            No jobs for anyone.
            As far as the banks go, change banks, find a small independant bank, you get better service where they know you by name and not a number.

          13. JSlavin says:

            I think you have it wrong. It is not the Bank that are imposing the fees. It is the regulations that was passed by your friends in Congress. The Dodd and Frank wanted to punish the free enterprise system so the changed the banking system for the worse. As a result the banks were forced to raise their fees. Now, stop say the poor is suffering. They poor do pretty well taking my and yours hard urned money to live off of use. Sorry have no sympathy for illegals getting Government support, medical care, and housing. Same goes for any other american citizen that is living off the system, that is able enough to get a job. I am independent business man and I freelance contract just ended. Did I run down to the unemployment office? Nope I just have been picking small gigs and continuing to work might not be what I want but have to work to put food on the table. These protestors are a jock and are being used by the Dems and Hollywood crowed. Look Mike Moore that commie should part with all of his money to give it way. No, he is laughing on his way to his bank to count his millions from his Communist anti american slanted movies. Kynway West was down there protesting another jock he was there with his $350.00 shirt and gold watches and chains. Did you see him part with his wealth? Nope showed his face for the I want other people wealth generation and then had split in limo. I think you need to go and read how our nation operates and instead these kids should be marching on Washington D.C. Since when is it a crime to have a job and urn a living and it includes becoming wealthy then so be it. If I remember that was one of the reason we kicked the British out.

          14. JohnF says:

            Hey moron .. the banks don’t ‘rape’ people with fees. If you don’t like the fees, don’t use that bank. No one is forcing anyone to use a specific bank, or to use a bank at all. For a couple of years, I had to get by without a checking account because of some stupid things I did. Guess what … a free passbook savings account let me deposit my paycheck, take money out twice a month without penalty, and pay my bills with good ole American cash. Sure, I had to do this planning thing, but it worked. You want to use ATMs and checks and debit cards … guess what. Someone has to pay for all of the equipment behind the scenes that makes it happen. So stop whining and take responsibility for YOUR choices.

          15. American Patriot says:

            So, you’re talking about the 47% that don’t pay ANY taxes and get a refund every year? That refund came for TAX PAYERS, so who is actually ripping off whom?

        3. Sage Spalding says:

          Wow, you just got owned since I started typing my response, ha ha ha

        4. Albert MacMeda says:

          They’re not adults and, if their behavior is any indication, they lack the capacity to become adults. This is what the Democrats have wrought – a lost generation, unable to grow up and be responsible. So now the “great generation” has to become babysitters, unable to retire and relax – forced to continually care for these retarded idiots who can’t take care of themselves and constantly whine at how unfair the choices they’ve made consistently have made their lives.

          Frankly I’m all for shipping them to some tropical paradise and letting them sink or swim.

      5. Dan says:

        You have a right to assemble to protest, but not on private property.
        Take it to a city park or a street corner, but you have to obey the laws.
        You can protest as much as you like, within the law.

        1. Nemo from Erewhon says:

          I agree with your sentiment — but since when is a public sidewalk, street or park “private” property?

          1. greatmag says:

            It is niot a public park. Read the article.

          2. Nemo from Erewhon says:

            Oops, I stand corrected on the park, apparently it is privately owned, If that is the case, they have no right to be there unless the owner consents and should be expelled

            1. Albert MacMeda says:

              Unless the owner asks the city to remove them and the city refuses.

              Plus it appears the “owner” may have connections to Soros, who has connections to the Canadian front group that actually started this nonsense.

          3. jekyllisland says:

            The park is private land maintained & owned by Brookfield Office Properties. These protesters should be on a sidewalk or a public park not in Zuccotti Park


            1. Republicrat says:

              Zucotti Park is a special case. It is private property, but they have an agreement with the City that says the property owners must allow the public to use the park as a public good.

              The City and the property owners are in a difficult situation because the property owners can’t evict them per their long-standing agreement, and the City can’t make them leave since it’s private property. The best strategy they can come up with is a public safety issue, i.e. the protesters are creating a dangerous situation by not allowing the park to be cleaned up.

              1. Capitalkid says:

                The city can certainly make them leave…. if they are squatting on private property, they can be arrested. I think after 20+ days their right to use the private park is up!

                1. Sam Gosdin says:

                  I agree 100%. After all this time, it is not just a protest it is squatting. No one says you can’t protest, but there are laws that must be followed. I hear far too many people comparing this to the French Revolution. I fear they have forgotten one of the major lessons learned from that was that the mob can quickly become oppressors. Bloodshed is not the path to correct our problems, we have the means to make a change by our votes. If we the people wanted to, we could throw all them out. We could at a minimum throw half now and half in the next election cycle. Pretty easy, but the politicians and powerful (notice I didn’t say rich, just because you have money doesn’t mean you have power) want to keep us fighting among ourselves. That way they can remain in control.

              2. Gunner75 says:

                Diana L. Taylor is on the board of directors for Brookfeild Properties, the folks who own the park. Oddly enough she is also the long time live in girlfriend of Mayor “Billionaire” Bloomberg. But I’m sure this has no relevance. Nothing to see here just move along sheeple…

              3. Ted Smith says:

                The best strategy would be for the City to start a Jobs Fair on the site. They would all scatter at that point in time.

              4. Kevin Pearson says:

                NO the best thing to do is to do what they did to Manuel Noriega. Set up loudspeakers around the park and play, at full blast, Hank Williams Jr’s latest song, “Keep the Change:”

                It sill end real soon.

              5. Albert MacMeda says:

                But they can arrest them for breaking the various public laws that they are breaking every moment they remain there as “occupiers”. They can come down and have their say, but then they have to leave. They have no right to bring in personal belongings, sleeping bags, tents, tarps and above all they have no right to turn the place into a drug infested sex show full of urine and feces.

          4. Patricia says:

            It’s considered “private property” when a private citizen or business owns the property. Brookfield Office Properties Inc., owns Zucotti Park and doesn’t appreciate the unsanitary dump the protesters have turned it into while their presence prevents locals from feeling safe enough to go there.

            As for what this articel likes to call “the new rules.” Those rules have been in place since the park was opened.

          5. neil says:

            When it is owned by a company. The park is not a public park. It is OWNED by a company. That is how a park can not be private property.

            1. neil says:

              That is how a park can be ‘private’ property.

          6. Mike says:

            What about the private bank? Bank of America is private.

            1. True Blue says:

              So is the ‘Federal Reserve’ -a private bank; just down the street in fact. Those traitors and their printing press fiat ‘money’ should be the target; but aren’t -why?
              Because this OWS thing is a classic ‘controlled opposition’ and Nothing else.

        2. WrennNYC says:

          Actually read up on the subject before you comment, Dan.

          It’s private property, yes (the park) but it’s private property UNDER AN AGREEMENT with the city to provide access for the public 24/7. It’s in their agreement – and the park was originally developed in recompense for a variance on building height for one of those big banks.

          It’s ‘public space’ and by law (and agreement between the owners and the city) to be available 24/7 to the public.

          I’m getting sick and tired of people who don’t do their research.

          1. CJMinIL says:

            Wrenn, the public is supposed to have access 24/7. The protesters are preventing the public from having access to the park. And they are destroying the park as well. Nothing you have said refudiates what Dan has stated.

          2. Albert MacMeda says:

            That does not change the fact their are public laws against laying about in this park too. There are public laws against bringing in tarps and sleeping bags. There are public laws against urinating and defocating there. There are public laws against littering. And there are public laws against your actions preventing others to share in the use of this vital public space which the OWS protesters have taken over.

            I, too, am sick and tired of lib-tards like you who don’t do THEIR research because it would spoil their desired warped view of reality.

      6. Deb Budd says:

        When your protest intrudes on the rights of others to their own peaceful pursuits, it ceases to be lawful.

        1. MayfaireOquinn says:

          Oh. Huh. Really? Can you please cite the particular passage in the Constitution that says that?

          Although, I have no doubt that the East India Company would agree with you. Oh, sorry, you’ve probably never heard of them. It was their Tea which was dumped into the Boston Harbor. Their “peaceful pursuit” of raping the colonists via trade monopolies and price gouging was met with a fairly vehement protest by some of our founding patriots.

          Sound familiar?

          You and all of the others here putting down the Occupiers would have been on the wrong side of that protest, just as you’re on the wrong side of this one.

          1. Ted Smith says:

            LOL. Idiots. Total idiots.

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              Yes. I agree. Most of the people in here are total idiots. I’d add unpatriotic, as well. 😉

          2. Patricia says:

            Oh, Huh. Really? The Boston Tea Party was (as was the American Tea Party) a rise against the government for taking from the people that which they did not have the right to take… Occupy people want the government to take money from other Americans and give it to them… The Declaration of Independence says very specifically that we have the inalienable rights of “life, liberty and the PERSUIT of happiness. Can you please cite the particular passage in the Constitution that says they have a right to demand that the government should provide their happiness at the expense of others?

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              Wow, Patricia. If you miss that many times at the shooting range, we’re all in trouble. 😉

              Yes, dear, part of the Boston Tea Party was aimed at the British government for high taxation without representation. However, apparently you missed the day in American History class when your teacher went on to inform your class that it was a protest which was also very specifically aimed toward the East India Company; for their price gouging and monopolistic business practices.

              I have some differences of opinions with some of the Occupy demands. I very much agree with other issues – like the need to get money out of politics, for example. Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with some, any, all or none of their platform is not the issue. The point, were you to try to read my initial post without blinders on, is that they have a RIGHT to protest. Per our Constitution. Per the 1st amendment, where it says “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”. I assume you’re familiar?

              1. Brent says:

                You forgot to mention thta it was Goverment (England Parliament) that gave the East India Company a monopoly and passed an act in 1721 that required colonists to import their tea only from Great Britain. The colonists may have been protesting the East India Company, but it was because of the regulations that were imposed by Goverment. Had there been competition, there would not have been the monopolistic business practices that were imposed by GOVERMENT regulations.

                1. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  Yes. Just like our government NOW, on BOTH sides, is in collusion with these bankers and these corporations. Our government has been bought and sold, and these politicians are given their marching orders from their corporate masters.

                  So, yes, thank you very much for further making my point for me. Until money is taken out of politics, then all we’re left with are giant versions of East India Company, and the political puppets who take their marching orders.

              2. Dennis D says:

                This is not peaceful assembly. How many have been arrested so far? 710? How many summons issued? One cop car crapped on. Anti Semitic rants reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany. This is scary

                1. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  “How many have been arrested so far?” – Let me ask you this – How many have been arrested for ACTING VIOLENTLY? Seriously. How many?

                  Most of these arrests have occurred because they say that the protesters are LOITERING. On a public street. A public street that we pay taxes on. I would really love to know how many of you support abortion protests, because those happen on public streets and private property as well. And, before you say it, I support THEIR Constitutional right to protest as well. Then, the bulk of the rest of the protests happened on the Brooklyn Bridge – and by all accounts via video of the actual event and by people who were there, the police told them to go ahead and move onto the bridge because too many people on the walkway might make it collapse. Once they were there they were arrested. Still, not violent by any stretch.

                  So, in any of these scenarios, who isn’t being peaceable? The citizens, or the enforcement?

                  Um…the cop car being crapped on was already debunked – it was a picture from a protest in Canada five years ago.

                  “rants reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany” – yes, right. Saying that we need to get money out of politics, that is so Hitler. What a tired, lame excuse for an argument. Wake up and think for yourself! Just try it,see what it feels like!

              3. Kevin Pearson says:

                The monopolistic practices of the East India Company were brought about by acts of the government. The only price gouging was the duty that was impounded on the imported tea.

                The right of free speech does not include the right to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater unless I suppose there really is a fire. The right to assemble is thought to mean the right to hold meetings, not to camp out for a month barricading the use of property for its normal intentions.

                How would it be possible to get money OUT of politics? It simply isn’t possible. The best solution, is the policy of full disclosure without restrictions.

                1. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  “The right of free speech does not include the right to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater unless I suppose there really is a fire” – and this is relevant, how exactly? How is the occupier’s speech “fire”, and anti-abortionist’s right to free speech guaranteed? Presuming that you agree with anti-abortion protests. For all I know, in your mind no one has the right to protest.

                  “The right to assemble is thought to mean the right to hold meetings, not to camp out for a month barricading the use of property for its normal intentions” – Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you made the rules now, and that you alone get to amend the constitution. I guess you’d better let those Republican folk who show up at every Democratic National Convention know that they’re no longer allowed to protest. Better let those folks know outside of the White House. Better let all of those right-to-lifers know that they can’t protest outside clinics anymore.

                  Totally,, utterly absurd. And, you know it.

                  “How would it be possible to get money OUT of politics? It simply isn’t possible. ” – Why??? Is it because for some people like yourself actually having the government be for the people is not worth fighting for?

              4. Ichneumon says:

                I’m amazed at the number of people who stupidly think that “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” means that you have a right to assemble anywhere, any time, in any manner, for as long as you like, and to be as loud and obnoxious and unsanitary as you like.

                No, sorry.

                Go right ahead and assemble with the people of your choice. Just make sure it’s somewhere you’re not making a complete nuisance of yourself, or which gets in the way of other people’s rights.

                The same goes for your right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. No, it doesn’t mean you have a right to stand anywhere you want and scream your head off. It means no one can stop you from blogging about your complaints or writing a letter to your congressman or a letter to the editor, etc. It doesn’t mean you can be an obnoxious twit and live in the park like a hobo with a stupid sign for the rest of your life.

                Similarly, you have a freedom of speech, but no right to force people to hear you, or blast a megaphone in the street all night, nor do you have a right to do it anywhere you think you’d be most visible, nor use anyone else’s facilities to get your word out.

                These spoiled squatters need to go home and blog about their concerns and sign online petitions or write to their congressmen or whatnot, and stop having public tantrums and holding their breath (and peeing everywhere) until they turn blue in the hopes that it will make people take pity on them and give in to their (vague, contradictory, and largely unreasonable) demands…

                Grow up.

                1. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  I love this argument that YOU get to decide where and when you would like to grant the right to free speech and peaceable assembly. Who is the stupid one here? If the founding fathers meant to define these things, don’t you think they would have? But, no, people like yourself, whether you’ll admit it or not, only want to grant Constitutional rights to YOUR “side”. Because American politics are nothing more than a football game to you. It has nothing to do with the Constitution, or the freedoms our founding fathers fought and died for. It only has to do with you “winning”.

                  At least when the Democrats disparaged the Tea Party’s rights, they never tried to claim to be “strict Constitutionalists”. Many of you have the hypocrisy to claim as much, while doing everything you can to deny Constitutionally granted rights to anyone left of center.

                  Again, our founders showed what they meant when they wrote the 1st amendment. The Boston Tea Party and the subsequent American Revolution were the blue prints for how messy they thought our freedoms and fighting for them could get. Whereas you all want to say, just because it is the “other side” exercising their rights, that these freedoms must be confined to petitions, letters to the editors, voting, blogs, etc.

                  I said before, and I’ll say again, you and all of the others here putting down the Occupiers would have been on the wrong side of the Boston Tea Party protest, just as you’re on the wrong side of this one.

                  I’m grown up enough not to divvy up this country by picking “teams” regardless of what is good for the whole. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same.

                  What a shame.

              5. Scrolling says:

                Have you even been listening to the multitude of messages coming out of OWS crowd? They themselves do not even have a consistent message.

                I can agree with YOUR message of keeping corporate money out of politics, but that would include a vast slew of funds which I’m sure someone like you, with your political leanings would be unwilling to cut.

                Global Warming research, grants and policies are political.

                Tax payer funded abortion is political.

                Public Unions are political.

                Over-bearing regulations are political. (How do you think monopolies cut start up groups and competition?)

                1. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  “…that would include a vast slew of funds which I’m sure someone like you, with your political leanings would be unwilling to cut.”

                  Oh, really, Scrolling? Someone like me? Would you care to explain, what leanings would those be? I believe I have stated, right here in these comments, that I adhere to neither of these corrupt parties, that I believe in the rights of both the Occupiers and the right-to-lifers to protest, and etc. Everything that I have said has ONLY been in support of our Constitution and our Constitutionally granted rights.

                  It makes me laugh to see how many Republican/Conservative/Tea Party folks get all hot and bothered by that. “Strict Constitutionalists”, indeed. 😉

                  Oh and, by the bye, there are no political contributions I would be unwilling to cut. None. Zero. Ziltch. Our politicians must be free of all influence, in order to do the will of the American people. Period.

                2. Scrolling says:

                  Funny how you can’t find agreement on a common point. I’m all for these people’s right to make fools of themselves in public, so long as they do not vandalize, destroy public or private property and create any biological or safety hazards, which has already been perpetrated by this group. I’m pegging you as you are because you say you support their cause. Little do you know what many other causes this group is calling for.

                  I’ve heard calls for: Socialism, violence, right to work (for oversized paychecks), free tuition, free healthcare, free money, redistribution of wealth and many other vague calls against capitalism while these slouches ironically spend their time surfing their laptops, iphones, ipods and trying to sell 99%, OWS memorabilia.

                  Sounds they want a lot of free money and perks off of their own set of politics.

                3. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  “Funny how you can’t find agreement on a point.” – Care to elaborate on that piece of vagary? Because it makes no sense. Agreement with whom on what point?

                  “I’m pegging you as you are because you say you support their cause.” Ahhhh, but yet I also support the rights of right-to-lifers to protest. How do you explain that?

                  Clearly, it blows your mind to see someone who is truly for our Constitutional rights, rather than for this or that political party. My hope for you is that you, too, wake up to how these two parties are working together to strangle the American way of life.

                  Please, go to their web page and let them know that they are supposed to run their platforms for approval by you first, dearest King Scrolling, before they’ll be allowed to take action. lol BUT, if you’re not a hypocrite, you’ll tell all of the other political groups the same.

          3. 1942 France says:

            You know who else were occupiers?

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              Wow. Comparing the Boston Tea Party patriots to Nazis? How disturbing. I hope you keep that to yourself at parties. 😉

              By the bye, I call Godwin’s Law. Look it up.

          4. Snake says:

            mayfaireoquinn Yes I can. The Constitution clearly states PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY. It does not state occupying private areas.

            The Constitution of the United States was NOT in effect during the Tea Party dumping into Boston Harbor. Thus your statement is totally invalid. Go to school and learn something

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              “Private areas” which, by ALL accounts, the private owner has legally agreed with the city of New York to allow citizens to use it publicly. Which, AGAIN, is not the argument that I made. I was and am referring to all of the unpatriotic people here who would deny these folks their Constitutionally granted right to peaceably assemble, regardless of where it is that they do it.

              And, wow, if you are unaware that the Boston Tea Party greatly contributed to the colonists’ growing unrest, which then led to the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, which led finally to the writing of the Constitution, the world’s greatest living example of what it means to live free, well, then….all I can say is, maybe you might want to take some adult ed classes?

              At least begin with some remedial English, since I never claimed or even hinted that the Constitution came before the Boston Tea Party.

          5. tomc says:

            As I recall the Boston Tea Party was all about taxation with no colonial representation in parliment.

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              Then you only recall part of it.

              1. Albert MacMeda says:

                And you recall none of it and what you say is all lies.

                1. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  Ahh, and we have another one who admits that the limits of his knowledge of the Boston Tea Party is “taxation without representation”.

                  Seriously, there are history books in libraries everywhere. Read one.

                  Oh, and if you can, if it isn’t too hard, try to point out which part is the lie. Please. It’ll be fun. 😉

                  Oh, right, because you can’t you’ll just do the cop out thing and say “All of it”. Question: Why bother commenting, if you really can’t

          6. jim draught says:

            You seriously draw comparisons to the Revolution? OWS is the hippy fringe. The rebels were the zeitgeist. OWS is detested by the vast majority of “The 99.”

            Dear OWS, your ideology is flawed; and you are selfish; and you have no marketable skill sets; and you stink. Sincerely, the 99 percent who laugh at you with their noses pinched.

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              “You seriously draw comparisons to the Revolution?” – yes. I do. It is pretty simple for anyone with the ability to think in a linear fashion:

              The American Revolution patriots finally had enough of the British government and the companies they were in bed with price gouging and taxing them without representation.

              The American Occupiers have finally had enough of the United States government and the companies they are in bed with price gouging and taxing them without representation.


              Oh, and that last part is totally hysterical, for a five year old. Seriously. Well done. 😉

              1. Marcelo says:

                THe American Revolution has nothing in common with the OWS crowd. You are totally wrong. The American Revolution was about taxation without representation and about individual rights . The OWS crowd is about collectivism. The American Revolution was about personal responsibility. The OWS is about others paying for the ones own lack of responsibility.. The list of demands from OWS includes forgiveness of student loans, forgiveness of mortgage loans, receiving a living wage wether employed or not. Free college education… these demands do not sound or are remotely close to any of the demands from our Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers demanded equal opportunity not freebies from the taxpayers, You need to go back to school because it is obvious that your brain has become a repository for the rantings and ravings of infantile progressives. BTW I am a naturalized citizen from South America that put 6 children through college without government help because I made sure that my children were held accountable for their actions. And guess what today they take care of me and their Mom. Imagine a world with young people that are held accountable and become responsible adults. Who would the liberals hold down in that world?

                1. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  So, Marcelo, are you admitting publicly that you’re incapable of linear thought? Or, are you admitting that you’re against the Constitutionally granted individual right to peaceful assembly? Please expound on your position.

                  Collectivism? Really? Maybe go listen to Glenn Beck some more, and fashion a nifty hat out of aluminum foil while you’re at it. LOL

                  Are there aspects of the Occupy Wall Street manifesto that are overreaching? Yes, of course there are. And? So what. There are aspects of the Tea Party that overreach as well. Let me introduce you to America, since you admit you’re not a native: We’re diverse. There are a lot of us with a lot of different opinions. Are we all going to get what we want? No. However, our Constitution guarantees us the right to hold and express these diverse opinions. Unlike most of the people on this comment board, I am for the rights for BOTH sides to have, hold and express their opinion. Can you say that?

                  Can you point out where I said I advocated “freebies”? Hmm. I guess I didn’t. Perhaps it is you who needs to go back to school?

                  One of the main tenets of Occupy Wall Street is the idea that we have to get money out of politics. If we don’t do that, at the very LEAST, then nothing else gets done; on the right OR the left. Forget small government for the righties. Forget the environment, for the lefties – just two small examples.

                  That’s great that you put all six kids through college. My parents were also the first of either side of our families to do the same. However, since you brought it up – my parents would never, in a million years, allow their children to ‘take care of them’. I’ve tried, believe me. As have my siblings. My parent’s standpoint is that they have no business burdening their children, whether it be immediately, or figuratively through massive government debt via wars we can’t pay for or bank bailouts.

                  I have worked with and managed young people for most of my life – I’m in my forties, so it has been a few decades. Therefore, I have no problem imagining a world with young people being responsible. I’ve lived it. You shouldn’t have a hard time imagining it either if your kids are having to take care of you. Sounds like they are pretty responsible.

                  How about we make these bankers responsible rather than bailing them out to the tune of $700 billion? How about we worry about their behavior and conduct, since they are doing everything they can to steal every dollar they can from the American taxpayer?

                2. MayfaireOquinn says:

                  Oh, and by the way, Marcelo – if you don’t understand that we are currently, right now as we speak, living with taxation without representation, then you really could use at least one or two classes in American History and Government. FY to the I.

                3. shallwedance says:


                4. Marcelo says:


                  You said:’Collectivism? Really? Maybe go listen to Glenn Beck some more, and fashion a nifty hat out of aluminum foil while you’re at it. LOL”

                  Yes Collectivism, They are demanding equality of outcome. That my friend is collectivism. About Beck I think he is a blowhard along with most of the peple on TV and radio. But from reading your posts I can tell that your tin foil hat fits as well as those of the drones on MSNBC.

                  You said: “Can you point out where I said I advocated “freebies”? Hmm. I guess I didn’t. Perhaps it is you who needs to go back to school? ”

                  Point to where in my Post did I say that. Reading comprehension was not your best subject was it?, I made the comparison between the American Revolution and OWS since you made that analogy to show the hamartia in your “linear thinking”.

                  You said: “Unlike most of the people on this comment board, I am for the rights for BOTH sides to have, hold and express their opinion. Can you say that?”

                  Nowhere, in my post do I condemm the protestors or give an inclination wether I support them or not. I commented on your flawed analogy. You need to quit using “Red Herrings” to support your faulty arguments.

                  You Said: “However, since you brought it up – my parents would never, in a million years, allow their children to ‘take care of them’. I’ve tried, believe me. As have my siblings.”

                  My children don’t su[pport me monetarily. I still work I am 52 years old and work as a Systems Engineer. Although, I am not part of the 1%, I do well for myself. My children support my wife and I by the emotional closeness we have built in our family.

                  You said:”Therefore, I have no problem imagining a world with young people being responsible. I’ve lived it. You shouldn’t have a hard time imagining it either if your kids are having to take care of you. Sounds like they are pretty responsible”

                  I also don’t have that problem I was just pondering what will liberals do if there was no one to hold down. I guess they would just run out of voters.

                  And as far as Wall Street–Why aren’t you also demonstrating at the WH and Congress. It is their policies that allowed “greedy people” to lawfully aquire wealth. If anyone is responsible for this mess is the corrupt politicians. And believe me, beign from Argentina I know corruption when I see it.

                  You know I have answered you twice and it keeps getting removed why do you think that is?

          7. Albert MacMeda says:

            No, you’re wrong. You just quoted the leftist, false version of history.

            The government of England in fact subsidized tea in an attempt to get the people to, by accepting it, accept that Parliment had the right to impose duties/taxes on them without proper representation. Like the Obama administration, King George III chose a winner – The British East India Company – instead of allowing the free market to decide. The original TEA party, who believed that the colonists were TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY and were not getting adequate representation in the legislative branch of their government, amazingly like the TEA party today, decided they’d had enough.

            None of them wanted a handout. None of them was whining that they were unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for their choices, their actions, the debts they’d imposed on themselves. None of them were adorned with multiple corporate products even as they expressed their hatred for the corporations they enriched by buying them. And, unlike the OWS and other “occupy” tools, none of them was a shill for the government. You see, George III was already the unquestioned monarch and wasn’t facing becoming a one term loser in just over a year. He didn’t need a pretense to invoke martial law and suspend elections. He didn’t have a bunch of pathetic, whining, mindless zombies willing to become the tragic victims once he was forced to mobilize the national guard to put down the riots Obama is secretly hoping they will start.

            What are you talking about “price gouging”? You really are clueless. The price of tea was LOWERED. It was a ruse so that people would be happy and take it, thus affirming the King’s right (through the legislative body in England) to impose taxes on them even though they had no representation. The price of tea was not INCREASED, it was cut to a new minimum! So no, it does not “sound familiar”. Thanks to corporations the cost of computers has gone down from more than anyone but corporations could afford to a few hundred dollars while the quality of those computers has steadily risen. Thanks to corporations we have good food, clean, safe water, electricity, gas, homes, cars, health care, information services – modern conveniences most of these people calling for the end of corporations would be lost without.

            I’d love to take them all with me next time I go to the high Sierra – get 20 miles from anywhere then just sit down and announce “your on your own now – good luck”. I bet 1 in 100 would make it out alive.

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              Albert, you are…and I’m trying to put this nicely…a historical revisionist.

              Aw, heck with it. Stop raping our American history and read a book already. East India Co. had a MONOPOLY on tea, and like most (all?) companies with a MONOPOLY, they took advantage of it by raising prices. That is no “leftist” version, that is plain old historical FACTS, m’friend.

              Seriously, what are you talking about? LMAO.

              Ok, anyone out there who doubts me, go ahead and Google it. Tell me if I’m wrong, and provide the link. This should be a riot. Go ahead, Albert, put your money where your mouth is. Where’s the proof that the East India Co. did not price gouge?

              Please, Albert, keep blathering about Obama. As if that bothers me. Oh, yes, it hurts me where I live, deeply, even though I have stated multiple times right here on this very thread that serving either of the two American political masters, namely the Democrats and Republicans, is pure folly. All YOU are proving is that you’re still a slave to one of them. Free yourself! 😉

              “I’d love to take them all with me next time I go to the high Sierra – get 20 miles from anywhere then just sit down and announce “your on your own now – good luck”. I bet 1 in 100 would make it out alive.”

              Oh, ok. You’re a slave AND a wanna-be mass murderer. You must be a blast at social gatherings. lol

              1. MaxAmoeba says:

                As someone from the far right (literally) and with a fairly basi knowledge of our countries founding, I find myself in ageement with much that you have to say.
                My political opponents have the right to protest in any peaceful means within the confines of the law just as I and my ilk do.
                All Boston ea Party talk aside though, this sit in is about far more than money in politics (an issue I agree with you on). With this grroup it is the money OF politics that they support. Like most all left wing gatherings there is an amalgemation of concerns, worries and anger on a vast variety of topics, but undeliying it all is the singular goal of Statismwhere “the persuit of happiness” is defined by the lack of struggle and needs are redefined as “rights”.
                I don’t seem to remember our Founders demanding that the British Government provide them with any basic needs from the purse of the British people.
                For many decades now there has been a modestly sized group of Americans who would not have thrown the tea into the harbor but instead protested and demanded that the British give them the tea for free as a “right”.
                This is the politics OF money.
                I disagree with the arguments made by many here that could be said to be on “my side”, but only because I believe they take a disparaging position as to the form of the protest. While I find much of the activity to be disjointed, unproductive and in cases disgusting I stand by their rights to participate.
                I instead speak out against their ideas and goals, this is how we advance positions in a free land.
                The world’s greatest nations began on the principles of self reliance, hard work and responsability. These same nations fell when the politicians discovered that they could sustain power through the purse, slowly teaching the people that they should not need to struggle, that the nation was wealthy and could ease there burdens using the money taken from others.
                These protesters are those of the past and seek to expand their ranks. If they succeed it will be the end of a free America.
                We may retain and strengthen the freedom of speech and assembly at the cost of our inalienable rights of life, libety and the persuit of happiness.
                It is not the bought politicians that are the real threat to our nation but the bought populace.
                Reliance on Government to provide needsand impose economic equality robs us of self sufficency and responsability.
                During my eight hour work day I am under the control of my employer who has purchased my services. For that short period of time my life, by and large is his. When the Government begins supplying my needs my life belongs to that entity 24/7 and I become a surf. I have lost my inelianable right to the pursuit of happiness, rooted in liberty.
                And so it is not the protest or the means in which it is conducted that is the problem.
                It is the end result for all of us if they should succeed in acieving their real goals.
                Statism is not the fair redistribution of wealth for the good of all but the robbing of those who have chosen to face life’s struggles in the persuit of hapiness in order to make happy those who shun that responsability.
                In the end there is only the equal distribution of poverty and the robbing of incentives to advance which leads to misery for the masses.
                Let these people protest and quit arguing their means, fight against their goals.
                To tell the truth I believe that their tactics do them more harm than good anyway, so if you oppose them why not let them waste there time while we use our minds, hearts and hands to construct a better argument?

      7. jim says:

        You have a right to public assembly but not to squat. The owner can have you removed at anytime…but hey, if you can stay there for maybe 7 years it is yours via adverse possession (maybe in NYC?)! Good luck this winter!

      8. me321 says:

        D, you’re the type of person who “demands” iPhones, EARN IT GET A JOB!!!!

      9. Rudolph Smith says:

        What protest.. I thought the Democratic party was having an early convention

      10. mike says:

        There is a difference between a peaceful protest, which is legal, and disturbing businesses from their daily activities. This is more than a protest it seems its a way for the unemployed to do nothing and get paid for it. I can’t believe Kanye West is there along with other celebrities, after all he’s just as greedy as any wall street big gun.

        1. Lee Boice says:

          Craigs list was running add paying people to be there. Quite a few PRO protesters and Marxist on board too.

      11. siylence says:

        Does their right to protest trump everyone else’s rights to enjoy the public street, park, city, etc, that tax dollars paid for?

        1. MayfaireOquinn says:

          Hmmm. I don’t know. Why don’t you maybe check the Constitution, see what it says, and get back to us. Thanks!

          1. marty says:

            Not exactly sure about the Constitution, but the USSC has ruled you can’t block entrance to an abortion clinic, is that the type of protest you think is OK? There is a long history of time, place and manner restrictions on speech and protest. Try reading a little more than the constitution moron.

            1. MayfaireOquinn says:

              “Try reading a little more than the constitution moron.”

              Yet, you all call yourselves Constitutionalists? Or, is that only on Tuesdays and Fridays? There have been PLENTY of laws that have been written since the Constitution was ratified that are in direct conflict with the Constitution. Does that make it ok? Well, maybe it does to big government folk like yourself.

              By the way, I believe firmly in the right for people to protest abortion clinics should they choose. So, keep trying, and you’ll keep failing. And, I don’t even have to resort to calling you a moron. 😉

              1. marty says:

                no I was actually referring to the interpretation of the constitution throughout the years, not laws passed. It is not just the actual words of constitution that matters, but how they are interpreted.

                I am not a strict originalist/constructionist but don’t believe in the whole living document thing either. As it stands this would be considered an unlawful protest. There is some balancing of the 2 rights but you can indeed generally say that my right to move freely/ pass/ use public space trumps your right to stay there and block my way, block my use of the space.

                and the smiley face thing is smarmy and childish or haven’t you noticed you are the only one using it.

      12. wanders says:

        Your right to protest ends at my right to move about freely or use my property. Protest all you want. just stay away from me and mine. Your rights end where mine start.

      13. former democrap says:

        We mean taking over a park that should belong to all the people instead of you whining A**holes. At least have the decency to clean up after yourselves.

      14. Dennis D says:

        Defecating on a Police Car is not a Right, Camping overnight is not protest.

      15. Albert MacMeda says:

        Yes, but in a PUBLIC place not in a PRIVATE place. Let’s see how fast the NYPD clears them out if they protest in Bloomberg’s office where it might actually do some good. Hear about what happened when the staged protest went off in the Hart Senate office building in DC. Staged, because the press was already there taking pictures for the 2 minutes it lasted before the Capitol police shut it down and hustled them all out.

    2. Joanna says:

      NYC, San Francisco, AND MADISON, WI.

    3. Nick099 says:

      Interestingly Brookfield is run by maniacal Progressive Marxists John DePodesta and company. He’s also from Center for American Progress. You know the former Clinton Era dude and Soros accolyte. Must have been determined by the Marxists that these imbeciles were hurting their cause and 2012 re-election. Maybe the unwashed should call Georgie “The Nazi Collaborator” Soros to complain.

      1. Albert MacMeda says:

        Oh, no wonder they’ve let them stay for so long. I was wondering about that. Now we see why this location was chosen. Funny that even these “progressive” “liberals” do actually have a point beyond which they get tired of even their nonsense and decide to regroup and come up with a different plan. They were probably hoping the idiots would riot, cause a crackdown using force, create larger riots then get so out of control that Obama could declare martial law and suspend elections indefinitely, eh?

        Too bad the protesters didn’t get the memo or were too pathetic to follow through with their end.

    4. Ironbob says:

      There is a class of people on the left that are so disgusting and vile that they will sieze on any opportunity to act like savages and blame all their problems on anyone but themselves. Well, I have news for you. The 60s were the 60s and those of us who lived through those times view you pigs the same way we viewed them–as low life disgusting degenerates who could care less about whatever they are “protesting” about. These people are nothing but ignorant anarchists who think the Constitution was written to give them carte blanc to act in any dispicable way they choose. Throw these bums out of the street and the park and tell them to go find a bed somewhere else.

      1. RUKIDDINME says:

        “These people are nothing but ignorant anarchists who think the Constitution was written to give them carte blanc to act any dispicable way they choose.”
        You are correct, ANY WAY THEY CHOOSE!
        Have a conservative stand up for what is true & right & you’d think a liberal’s head might explode. See we are too ignorant for these intelligencia laying around on private property, not working but leaching off of productive citizens.

        1. PS says:

          Its kind of sad that you conservatives will constantly side against your own interests and insult people who are actually trying to stand for something, to help against the exploitation of the many by the few. I would say that i pity all of you but you are just ignorant assholes who have no intention of ever educating yourself of what this movement is actually about.

          Rot in your fake hell.

          1. TAD says:

            Please enlighten all of us on what this movement is actually about….since you have apparently educated yourself….

            1. sandy D says:

              The big business establishment was bailed out on our dime and then continued to spend lavishly on pay raises, “trips”,millions on office furnishings etc…. They were not held accountable!They have their jobs making millions for a job they failed at .Who should we be mad at? America should have stormed the streets at the get go!Waiting until now was the true injustice!

              1. jim draught says:

                Then protest the FEDERAL government…they did the handing out. Fool. Do you blame a wee child for wanting candy or the parent that sucumbs to quell a tanrum? You blame the parent if they succumb. The president, senate, and congess are the “parent.” If that is truly the aim of OWS (as stated), then go protest the government.

          2. Steve says:

            @ ps, you have put yourself iin the position of standing against our constituion, and you want to interfere with other peoples lives, by interfering with their business’s, and people trying to use those business’s. Please, you have no sympathy from the majority of citizens

          3. MO says:

            You Flea Baggers can’t even decide what to stand up for…. By everything I have read it seems the biggest thgings you want are socialism and sex with animals…


            And as for rotting in hell… you flea baggers are doing a great job of that already… all you have to do is come within a few blocks of Zucotti and you can smell the rotting flesh of subhumanity that is there.

            1. Schoendog says:

              Love the term “flea baggers”!

          4. neil says:

            Name-calling = Liberal

          5. moe says:

            What exactly are you standing for?(besides taking a dump on the flag in front of an audience) http://randysright.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/312912_1993415004060_1503961942_31627566_1654948941_n.jpg

          6. Dean says:

            You are poor. And you always will be. Get used to it.

          7. Albert MacMeda says:

            HAH! These people are being exploited but not by wall street or the bankers. They’re the cannon fodder you always see the marxists use to light the fuse of revolution. The expendables who the elite among the marxist power structure would gladly see die horribly, agonizingly, in order to whip up emotional sentiment in support of their pathetic whining. This whole movement has the fingerprints of Soros and the obamunists all over it. This is exactly what we were warned about and YOU DIDN’T LISTEN. You’re still an ignorant tool just like them.

            By the way, it’s not in MY INTEREST for these people to rack up tens of thousands in debt which is then “forgiven” (nobody forgave MY student loans, my car loans, my mortgage debt – why should anyone forgive theirs?). Plus the debt won’t truly be “forgiven”. Obama will declare the lenders “too big to fail” then force ME and others like me, WHO WORK FOR A LIVING INSTEAD OF WHINING LIKE PATHETIC INSECTS LIKE YOU, to pay for it.

            I stand for something – that everyone has a duty to be responsible for themselves, to stand on their own two feet, to stop whining about what idiots they are and GET A JOB. Start at minimum wage if you have to – I DID!

            And you’re wrong about one thing. I went down and talked to the protesters. I asked them what the movement was about. I said – what do you want?

            Most of them said, “We don’t know. The leadership hasn’t told us yet.”

            A few, the more obviously mentally ill ones, actually gave answers that ranged from “get the government microchip out of my head” to “stop using radio waves to spy on me” to “stop putting chemicals in my water”.

            Oh, and in San Diego, one guy fell, or was pushed, 8 stories to his death.

            And in L.A. they are demanding that people take up arms and start shooting indiscriminately. Hopefully when that starts you’ll be nearby so you can get a taste of what you’re rooting for early on.

    5. MiamiMike says:

      Where is the “OCCUPY WHITE HOUSE”? These sheople are being led the wrong directiion. Somebody needs to point the crowd to the guilty

      1. Gerald Witters says:

        The White House and Senate are friends to the common man. Its the Republican House of Representatives that are holding up progress. I am not for giving handouts, I am for people who are willing to work if given the opportunity.

        Why should profit driven corporations bring money back to the US from offshore havens where they pay none. Then throw in the inequities of the tax codes. You need to be able to decipher tax law to find the loopholes to pay no taxes. I applaud those who choose to be philanthropic and put their tax write of to civic use like education and supporting the arts. We shouldn’t have to cut schools because CEOS found ways to not pay taxes,

        1. Stephen Wilkins says:


        2. Lee Boice says:

          The White House and Senate are friends to the common man
          Probably the stupidest comment I’ve see in the last 5 years on line.
          We shouldn’t have to cut schools because CEOS found ways to not pay taxes,
          What the HELL are you talking about man ? What ? Where are you getting this TOTALLY screwed up info from ..Really ..Get educated .You are embarrassingly stupid bro
          You must hate Obama then right ? Look at the loop hole he gave GE ..ZERO TAXES..Or your hero billionaire who says he don;t pay enough taxes yet he’s been in court trying to get away with the almost 1 BILLION he still owes in back taxes form 2004..Guess facts don’t figure into your though process huh ?

        3. RosieSD says:

          Gerald, you need to do some more research.

          Obama’s biggest campaign contributions came from — Goldman Sachs and other banking/hedge funds. After he was elected, he kept Bernanke and Geithner on board, two of the three stoodges (along with Paulson) who engineered the current mess because they were so busy taking care of their friends, the bankers. Obama even PROMOTED Geithner, a man who is an admitted tax cheat to head of the treasury (and the IRS). Obama himself cut deals with rich investors when he was a pol in Chicago in order to get a deal on his multimillion dollar house in Chicago.

          In short, Obama is no more a “friend of the common man” than Daddy Warbucks was.

          Open your eyes. There is no one so blind as those who refuse to see.

        4. Chris says:

          Here’s a fact for you – CORPORATIONS DO NOT PAY TAXES. That’s right. YOU pay the corporate tax through higher prices for products produced in America. As that is, and must be the case, American goods have a hard time competing with goods from overseas. That, coupled with asinine regulations (I used to work for the EPA, I know) and you have a recipe for jobs moving offshore. Stop blaming the companies that only want to survive and start blaming the source of the problem – which is the government.

          1. krissmith777 says:

            I agree for the most part. I would say that there should be no favoritism when it comes to paying taxes.

        5. Sara Bellum says:

          Put down the Kool Aide Gerald….

        6. Albert MacMeda says:

          It’s not the fault of corporations that the government deliberately set up and maintains tax loopholes that allow that.

          The TEA PARTY and the Republicans want a simple, fair, modern tax code. It’s the people YOU keep voting for that prevent any progress in this direction.

          The White House and Senate are the cause of the current economic mess. The Republican House is the salvation but needs help to pull it off.

          I can see you’re a fine example of how well ou union-ridden “throw more money at it” public education system is working by your statement “put their tax write of to civic uses”.

          Did you know that while Warren Buffet and other limousine liberals are demanding that the rich pay more in taxes they’re spending more than they’re paying in taxes for a boatload of tax lawyers who allow them to find tax loopholes big enough to sail their private yachts and fly their private jets through? Meanwhile as Warren Buffet laments about how he should be taxed more he’s fighting in court for YEARS over 1 billion in back taxes the IRS says he improperly avoided and, meanwhile, he’s always been able to write a check to the Treasury at any time payable to “the national debt” yet he still hasn’t – why not?

    6. meesha4 says:

      First move MY company made was to get out of NYC before 911. I lost six friends in that horrific JIHAD byt religious FANATICS. Company moved to San Francisco. Moved out of there after ten years when we saw the writing on the wall. Been working for the same company for over 25 years, and the SIXTY families that move with us are GRATEFUL that we are not raising out children in NYC or SF. We are now in Colorado and are moving again, because LIBERALS here are proposing an increase in the State Income Tax and an increase in the State Sales Tax. One of these days, you liberal morons will get it. PRIVATE-SECTOR TAXPAYERS do NOT want to PAY for deadbeats – illegal or LEGQAL.

  2. altruist says:

    Hope and change through dope and mange
    All we are saying…..is give fleas a chance

    1. Achmed_TDT says:


    2. p-rick says:

      Thanks. I think I wet myself I laughed so hard.

    3. Sledge Omatic says:

      TOO FUNNY, I can see the Beatles singing that to the motley crew of anarchists, marxists, transients, and bottom feeders and them all swaying back and forth in one fly festival of a time.

    4. liz says:

      Right on altruist!!! Fleabaggers go home to mommy and daddy! Let them wipe your butts!!! You have no supporters here!!! You are all TIME WASTERS and you sure as hell wasted my time!!!

    5. Amy says:

      Excellent analysis altruist!

      The sanitation crew should just scoop up the human waste along with the rest of the garbage and toss it all into the dumpster. These people are pigs and they need to go home and mooch off of their respective local governments.

      1. frinklebeammeupscotty says:

        Remember Soylent Green (70s scifi charlton heston …)


    6. Sara Bellum says:


  3. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  4. Harpotoo says:

    Do PIGS laying in their own crap know what they look or SMELL Like?

    1. BO STINKS! says:

      They Look Like OWS Flea Baggers and smell like BO. BO STINKS

  5. jonah says:


    truly i say to you that if you care about liberty and freedom you should encourage and help these people to organize their mob into a united group with a clear message so that a civilized debate can take place in our country

    if they continue to grow as a mob, then we will eventually see new tyrannical government efforts come down upon them, and THEN, mark my words, the people in power will use that new machine against EVERY protest group, including peaceful tea party gatherings…

    1. Tea Party Patriot! says:

      Screw you I wouldn’t give these idiot kids the skin off of my nutz!

      1. Kris says:

        Then be prepared to have it forcibly removed by the police next time you “peaceful” tea baggers want to have your own “gathering”.

        Then they came for me
        and there was no one left to speak out for me.

        1. Tim Holt says:

          Please refresh my memory of where and when a tea party protest lasted weeks as they took over a public place? Please refresh my memory as to when and where the tea party has taken a dump on a police car and urinated and had sex in public?

        2. amabO kcuF says:

          Idiot … we leave the places cleaner than when we arrive, don’t smoke dope at our rallys, we don’t crap on cop cars, and we don’t get arrested. Those that claim to be the “99%” are not the 99%. Thye are just the remaining 99% of Maobummer supports.

          Leftist losers and Progressive parasites, we surround you, 2012 is coming.

          1. Sara Bellum says:

            Hear Hear! amabO kcuF You got that Right!

        3. danthefan says:

          it will never happen to the tea party. we have jobs and have to support leeches like you .no way we could go 26 days . how would you get your welfare checks, and food stamps.

          but im not completely heartless. i will leave you some cheese for your whine.

        4. Deb Budd says:

          Why the quotation marks around the word peaceful? I defy you to provide a single example of a Tea Party protest that became violent. It behooves you to have your facts straight before you post a comment lest you appear uninformed.

        5. Jeff says:

          I’ll bet if you added up the laws broken during all Tea Party protests to date and all those just OWS (not any of the other Occupy movements) attendees committed, OWS would lead by a tremendous margin.

          It’s not about cracking down on lawful protests – it’s about cracking down on lawbreaking — get your ideas straight.

        6. Paul Divine says:

          Does anyone recognize what is really haqppening here. Thse socalled protesters are dancing to Obama`s music. They say that they do not have a recognized leader–Pure and simple BS. These people are the dumbest people on this earth. Non of them has any idea as to what they are trying to accomplish.They have a leader, his nam,e is Barack Obama. Obama has promised them that he would redistribute other peoples money to them. All I can hear from them is—Give us your money and possessions as Obama has promised time and time again, it belongs to us and we are getting tired of waiting for it. Just give us everyting that you have and we will go home and live the life that we want and will remain quite until; the money runs out. “When we live ithe life we want, and the money runs out, you will hear from our sons and daughters who will expect to be given the same benefits “The tactics these people are using are the same tactics that Muhammad, Hitler, Carl Marks and other dictators used in the beginning of their rise to power. The demonstrators probably do not even know that they are puppets on a string and Obama is the puppeteer pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Obama is doing everything in his power to make sure that no one catches on to the fact that he is calling the shots and that he does not want anyone to discover that this is his show.

      2. HarryWortz says:

        The tea party and the flea party have basically the same goals they are just coming at them from different angles. Basically the flea party thinks corporations have too much power and the tea party thinks gov has too much party. The common ground is that corporation lobby the government to have more power and the government enacts laws and regulations favorable to the large corporations.

        1. Leprechaun says:


        2. Poor old man says:

          You are correct!
          Everybody wants the power to help others with my tax money.
          You can help all the people that you want with your own money.
          But don’t use my tax money for your good ideas.

        3. Lee Boice says:

          The flea party is backed by Van Jones ..a Communist ..and George Soros an American, hater, Marxist a hole…Sorry guys ..Don’t even try to compare here ..

      3. dex says:

        funny that’s what i gave your mom

        1. jc says:

          Dex, you’re an a$$hole.

    2. Ironbob says:

      Actually tea party rallies leave the areas they frequent cleaner than when they arrived. If the government clears these pigs out of their sty then this is one time the government actually did what it was supposed to do.

    3. Schlomo says:

      All you filthy pinko hippies can go straight to he11!

      The flea party is NOT the 99%. More like .99%

      Obumbler needs to send in the NG and they need to take out the trash!

    4. p-rick says:

      Shut up and get a job you maggot.

    5. Lee Boice says:

      One SMALL problem . These groups are organized by anti American Marxist ..Sorry , nice try clown

  6. nol says:

    Why have the Occupation Force not questioned the “HUGE” salaries of the Hollywood Stars, Unions and Athletes? They are greedy pigs that keep wanting more and more! At least Wall Street provides jobs. Hollywood and Athletes only think of themselves. I am disgusted by the whole thing!

    1. Michael H. says:

      Hollywood and professional sports employ tens of thousands in the production of films & television as well as stadium staff, front office, sporting goods stores & memorabilia. All Wall Street does is shuffle money around.

      1. exibanker says:

        Are you retarded? Look at the 10’s of thousands of jobs that support Wall Street. Restaurants, Bars, hotels, airlines, taxis, limo-drivers, street vendors, even down to the back office personnel. The trickle down effect from Wall Street jobs is HUGE

        1. Michael H. says:

          Now you’re getting it! See what happens when a sweeping generalization is made about a given industry?

      2. Dan says:

        I guess you don’t really know what kind of work gets done on ‘Wall St’ then.
        Aside from finance, there are financial services that are sold to people all around the world.
        Financial service companies employ people from non-financial businesses such as IT, Human resources, marketing, etc…
        In the banks, you have tellers and managers. You also have cleaning services, maintenance services, computer tech, etc, etc, etc.

      3. rjm2238 says:

        Michael H.
        Do not forget your Hollywood buddies were the first to shoot overseas and in Canada to avoid the unions. The pay scale, the workers etc. But hey, they couldn’t be Liberals if they were not hypocrites first and foremost.
        That you folks cannot or will not see that speaks volumes about your objectivity and your sincerity. No one could be that stupid.
        Rich in New Mexico.

      4. Ironbob says:

        Who the hell do you think finances those in Hollywood and those professional sports teams?!? Are you really this retarded?

  7. Beau says:

    Shoot ’em all. Time to clean the turds out of the punch bowl.

    1. Leonid_Scorpio says:

      Amen… I wonder if any of them ever had a job… I am curious if any of them have education past GED diploma…

      1. HarryWortz says:

        Most have college degrees but can’t find a job.

        1. BO STINKS! says:

          I doubt that and even if they do their degrees are in packing fudge and trangender studies, not very marketable. Face it OWS is the dregs of society having a temper tantrum. If you want to associate with them go for it but don’t be surprised when you get mugged or diseased.

          1. Harry Wortz says:

            They are no more the dregs of society than the tea party. Don’t focus on the extremes until you think they are the norm. Doing that makes one think the tea party is full of stupid racists when we know it’s really only a small percentage (outliers). Same with the OWS group. Some are the dregs but they are not the norm.

            1. BO STINKS! says:

              There is nothing similar abouit the two groups, just look at the photos. OWS is tiny compared to the Tea Party and the proof will be next November. Bye Bye BO You Stink!

              1. Harry Wortz says:

                They are much more similar than you know. The tea party and the flea party have basically the same goals they are just coming at them from different angles. Basically the flea party thinks corporations have too much power and the tea party thinks gov has too much party. The common ground is that corporation lobby the government to have more power and the government enacts laws and regulations favorable to the large corporations.

                1. Michael H. says:

                  This is by far the most intelligent comment on this article. Thank you for laying it out in easy to understand terms.

            2. amabO kcuF says:

              Your Race Card is over the limit.

              2012 is coming progressive parasites and leftist losers. We surround you.

              1. Harry Wortz says:

                English, do you speak it? I hope you realize that the Tea Party is only 3% of the voting population. A vocal minority but still a very insignificant minority. That’s why Romney is leading in the polls and the tea party favorites are fading fast.

                1. JapesMacFarland says:

                  No Harry, people who agree with Dennis Prager that “the bigger the government the smaller the citizen” are far, far more than 3%. This is why there was such an unprecedented landslide in the mid term elections. (Have you really looked at those numbers showing how badly the left was trounced?) Also, the so called ‘tea party’ is also just people like my mom. She’s never gone to a protest but certainly agrees with their values and message. If you read on paper what they say, and want, it is far from the demonizing of the secular left press and the incoherent overall message of this flea part thing going on in NYC.
                  To summarize, you are wrong. Romney is up because he’s establishment GOP Rino, and Cain is up because far, far, far more than 3% of the people agree with his values. His values are identical to the so called tea party, so your attempt to label and marginalize has failed.

                2. Nemo from Erewhon says:

                  Ummmm… didn;t read the polls today, did you?

                3. phillysmart says:

                  Keep drinking the left wing propaganda kool aid…..If you think the views of the tea party are only 3% your delusional…they have been throwing democrats ut all over the country for the last 2 years…keep staying ignorant and true to your brainwashing

                4. Sha Sene says:

                  The tea party according to Gallup is bigger than the Democrat party and are mostly independents

        2. Deb Budd says:

          That’s interesting. I live in the greater Philadelphia and my daughter and her friends all graduated last spring-dozens and a dozens of young people. They all managed to find decent jobs. Maybe they’re out there for the ones who really want to work.

        3. Nemo from Erewhon says:

          Maybe that degree in Feminist Studies or Art History was not such a great idea.

        4. Guyver says:

          They are starting to find out that a degree in UBW (Underwater Basket Weaving) is not a marketable skill !

        5. Lee Boice says:

          They should blame Obama for thta NOT rich people..They have the whole thing ass backwards. As sonone on another blog said :
          Where is the “OCCUPY WHITE HOUSE”? These sheople are being led the wrong directiion. Somebody needs to point the crowd to the guilty

      2. Schlomo says:

        Most of them CAN’T get jobs because most companies require applicants to pass a drug test.

    2. John B says:

      You scare the hell out of me with that remark

  8. Trevor says:

    This is straight out of an episode of King of the Hill. “We have a right to those potties!” HA! Life imitating art imitating life.

  9. Deputy Dawg says:

    Personally I think we should give these people everything they have coming to them. A good ass beating and cracked heads with a Billy Clubs, Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Arrest and Confinement. Hell I would pay just watch them get their just deserves. If my dumb ass brother is up there with these no goods, kick him in the ass twice and throw him in jail..

  10. Island Flash says:

    Isn’t this what makes a America great??? While other nations finally are standing up to their tyrants here in the US there are a group of people standing up for what they believe in and they are mocked, insulted and in Henry Cain’s world they aren’t part of the 15 unemployed millions.(Huh) I am proud to be an American and most proud of people taking to the streets and expressing their constitutional right. I may add that I don’t believe in everything that they are against, but then again isn’t that what makes our nation truly great!!!! WE NEED OPEN THINKERS AND IDEALISTS!!!!!

    1. Bohemond says:

      “Open thinkers and idealists.” What you mean is spoiled, bratty, selfish children throwing a tantrum and screaming “Gimme gimme gimme gimme!”

      1. dex says:

        be much better if they bribed politicians and legally stole billions.

    2. John Carlucci says:

      dont ruin a piblic park

      Im fed up with their narcissism and selfishness

    3. NY Zombie 1 says:

      Let’s see their signs say they want to eat the rich, so I guess they want the right to practice cannibalism! That would be more useful in North Korea than here.

    4. Tim Holt says:

      I find it hard to fathom that they will find a good paying job hanging out in the park.

    5. 51 Phantom says:

      These people want to turn us over to the tyrants completely. A nice large set of rules & regulations to live by.

    6. herb says:

      Hey here’s some real open thinking by the fleabaggers!!! This must be the all American apple pie ideals that the media and Pelosi keep crowing about! Why even Al Gore has joined the occupy bowel movement that is infesting our cities like a bad case of e.coli.

    7. Herman Cain 2012 says:

      That’s future President Herman Cain, not Henry.

      And he is just the man to clean up the refuse currently squatting on the American flag on Wall Street and correct the incompetence shown by the current President over the last three years.

    8. Guyver says:

      It’s Herman Cain, not Henry Cain. If you are going to criticize somebody, at least get their name right.
      And, by the way, Herman Cain came from humble beginnings (his dad was a limo driver and his mom was a maid), he has also experienced real racism in his life. And yet he did not let any of that hold him back or make him bitter. He did something with his life.
      He busted his butt and earned everything he has, including the respect of millions of people. Among other things he saved a company from bankruptcy and has employed thousands- things the OWS losers will never even have a ghost of a chance of achieving as long as they continue to whine and sit on their butts. Quit demanding other people’s stuff- you did not earn it. Earn your own stuff, then you can talk.
      We do not need more “open thinkers and idealists”. Keep the butterflies and the unicorns (BTW, how is that hope and change working out for you?).
      What we need is rational people and doers. Which means the OWS bratty, spoiled children do not qualify.
      And about the “Arab Spring”- you need to read more. Not working out too good at all. Looks like the tyrants are being replaced by other tyrants who may actually be worse than the ones they replaced. Predictable. The “springers” believed in butterflies and unicorns too. And they got used. There is a lesson there for the OWS brats. Which, in their arrogance, they will ignore.

    9. jc says:

      That would be Herman Cain. Pay attention!

  11. Chris says:

    Tea Party never tried to “Occupy” anything during the ObamaCare debates. They showed up 500,000+ strong on 8.28.11 in DC and left the park spic-and-span, and they are despised by a Media and a Government that won’t even take the time to find out what they really want because it means fewer Politicians and less power for the elites.

    But these hobos and ingrates have been fouling the same patch of earth for nearly a month, have no coherent message, include violent elements espousing Marxist Revolution and they get nothing but cheers from the corrupt Establishment.

    What does this tell you?

    1. not a victim says:

      good comment, spot on

    2. jfeath says:

      Exactly correct. Great comment

    3. Dan in Twin Cities says:

      On target! Fire for effect!

    4. Chris says:

      No I was there. Maybe if you took the time would know the truth as well:


    5. Terk says:

      Stop making sense! Somewhere, a Liberal’s brain is exploding while reading this.

    6. Bob Sloggin says:

      Talk about an asshole, look in your mirror little dextor. then go fcuk yourself.

  12. Chrisie says:

    I can see it now, all these low life loser idiots building igloos in Zucotti Park when it starts snowing. It is a disgrace that I have to show my ID to a Police Officer so that I can get to my job while these fleabags habitate a PRIVATE park and get free run of whatever, whenever they want. They need to be thrown out, disinfected, and sent packing.

  13. JustAGuy says:

    How dare the owner of the park tell the occupiers that they can no longer destroy his property. How dare he!!!!!

    Obama has let them know he’s OK with what they’re doing, so that should be good enough.

  14. dd says:

    kick these long haired freaks out. protest??-they are htere singing and dancing, selling and using drugs. these are the same people u see at a phish concert. they dont represent me–how dare they say they represent the 99%. they only represent the rest of the assholes that are protesting with them.

  15. mm says:

    I love the guy saying “if they would have just given us a port-o-potty, we would have kept the place clean.” It’s always gimmie gimmie with these poeple. Pathetic.

    1. Bulldog22 says:

      Once it gets cold these fools will go home. I love how they all have iphones, but hate corporations. These people dont have a single thought of their own. It is all just a bunch of BS. I am praying for an early winter.

    2. 51 Phantom says:

      That’s what they’re doing overall. They’re saying if you gave me your money then I would have to work for it.

    3. Bob Sloggin says:

      Yeah, instead of crapping on police cars…lol. Idiots…

    4. Poor old man says:

      It is a basic human need. there I no place in out urban society to do that very basic thing. Are you. Human? Do you need a potty?
      All humans need food, water, and even sex .

      But cities ar not built for human freedom, you got to pay for everything.
      At the 86 th street burger king today, I wanted water with my meal. I was told that there was no curtesy cups and if I wanted water with my meal it would cost me $1.40 for a cup.

  16. paul says:

    This is total BS, people have the right to protest, it is democracy at work!

    1. jfjf@gmail.com says:

      People absolutely do have the right to protest — but please do it intelligently. My 2 year old puts up a better protest then these so call adults. GO HOME smelly fleas.

    2. JustAGuy says:

      They’re destroying someone’s private property!

      Does that matter to you?

      1. Bumbaclaat says:

        they haven’t destroyed a thing.. prove that anything was destroyed – you can’t.

        the company that owns the park has never claimed that anything was destroyed

        1. PATSNYC says:

          In NYC, when buildings are constructed, the property owners are required to dedicate a portion of their property as “park” space open to the public. The park space is maintained by the property owner according to NYC Parks Department standards. The street poopers, as the NYC folks call the protestors, have defecated and pee’d in the park and surrounding area. The park is also piled up with trash that has attracted rats and other vermin. Amongst the rats, trash, pee and poop, sleep the wall street protestors. The stench that comes from the park can be smelled from several blocks away. The protestors harass everyone who walks around the area whether it be people going to work or tourists. They beg…no demand money from everyone. It has become a drug dealers bonanza and theft is rampant.
          As a person who works in the area, I can’t wait to have this “trash” removed from my city.
          The liberal “we want everything for free” protestors are now known as the flea party.

          1. Sam says:

            No need to explain that to Bumbaclot… He loves street poopers. I believe it is in their socialist fcuktard creed.

        2. Yeaya says:

          My faith in humanity was destroyed after looking at this picture of the fleabaggers …

    3. Bulldog22 says:

      First of all you live in a republic. (do you even know what a democracy is?)second, no one is saying they cant protest. They are dirty nasty people who are destroying public parks. How much trash was ever left by the Tea Party???? NONE. If they were not too lazy to clean up, they would be able to stay. Bloomberg is a hardcore liberal, he was probably told by the whitehouse to leave them alone.

      1. commonsenseplease says:

        No way was he told to leave them alone. They are itching for a confrontation. The fact that they are basically being ignored by everyone except the MSM is killing them!

    4. C.Gallicchio says:

      A Democracy is Two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner. We live in a Constitutional Republic,which would be two wolves and a sheep with a gun deciding whats for dinner.

  17. Pam says:

    Violence is your only option Occupiers. Get too it.

    1. Melvin says:

      You haven’t the guts to carry out your threat. Nothing but a rabble rousing mob.

      1. JustAGuy says:

        Oh, they can be violent. They’ll rouse the mob and rampage through the streets destroying other people’s property.

        1. Bulldog22 says:

          They will probably trash NY and OPP. Think about it this way. They are protesting in a city where the average citizen cant own a gun. They dont dare do this in a city where everyone can own a gun. All by design.

          1. Tea Party Up America! says:

            That’s why in Raleigh NC it was about 100 of DEM and gone after a Sunny Sunday afternoon! Gone & to never again have returned:-)

        2. Steve Roberts says:

          I doubt these over-educated slackers have it in them to even do that. They will be counting on illegal aliens and impoverished Blacks to do their dirty work. In fact, they might even make that one of their demands.

    2. Pam is dum says:

      Yeah great idea buttwipe. Bring yourself down to a lower than the 1% you are protesting.

    3. liz says:

      nice….spoken like a good human being and a good Ameican…..I am sure you will get your wish. Guess we don’t have to wait for the radical muslims to kill us when we have people like you here

      1. Achmed_TDT says:

        SILENCE! I keeeeel you!

    4. danthefan says:

      im surprised with the unions backing this and paying 600.00 a week for protesters that violence hasnt started. anytime a union is involved, riots, destruction of property and innocent people getting hurt will soon follow.
      unions have a goon mentality.

  18. BR says:

    Obamavilles like the mess in Zuccotti Park are sprouting up all over the country . . . expectly, mostly in blue states. This is a sign of things to come as the gimme generation grows in numbers.

    Wait ’til the lost generation gets the bill in 20 years with crushing debt, worthless money, no jobs, no food, no energy. But until then the’ll have the nanny state to keep them clean and disease free. Party on dude!

  19. potvin says:

    Looks like the time has come to delouse the fleabaggers.

  20. mommyofthree3 says:

    oh my they are such hypocrites! hate banks and yet use them to stay dry? A bank is a business just like any other business. When they are regulated to the max by the GOVT, they will have to pass on fees to us the consumers. That is what all businesses do! i have noticed old navy clothes are so cheaply made now and they are more expensive. EVEN THEY do it. Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and stop blaming everyone for your lives. i owe student loans ( 10 yrs later) and are still paying them off. I don’t expect ANYONE else to, but me! One more thing, NO ONE in this world will give you a pot to pee in let alone a port-o-potty. Get a job, take care of yourselves, and GET A LIFE!

    1. mommyofthree3 says:

      Also, these disrespectful youth do not know what lying on the grass for days on end can do to ruin it. They don’t care. the owners of the park who have nothing to do with all of this will have to foot the bill for fixing it all when these kids leave.

      1. Bumbaclaat says:

        some random internet “experts” don’t know that Zucatti park doesn’t have grass, it’s paved

        1. Iwork4aliving says:

          Every photo I’ve seen of the Fleabaggers shows them sprawled out on grass. Same thing they’d be doing if they weren’t protesting.

        2. Sam says:

          And now, thanks to your friends, it is paved with poop.

  21. Speaknup says:

    First of all, if it’s a private park (and apparently it is) then the protesters don’t have any “right” to camp out there…unless, of course, they want to arrange to RENT it for a period of time. Secondly, port-a-potties are not “rights” either. They can certainly pool their money and RENT a few potties. Why should the government supply free bathrooms for protesters. most of whom don’t even know why they’re there? So far I haven’t been able to find any Constitutional right to free stuff.

    Where are they supposed to go during the cleanup? How about HOME.

  22. altruist says:

    Leave ’em be. Better they should stink up the backyard of the limousine liberals that created them. I enjoyed the “fleabagger” moniker… props to the creator.

  23. FREE says:

    Time to take out the trash, yes thats means you fleabagger!

  24. man from old ways says:

    go home you pigs get the hell out of my city lowlife people you have no right to sleep in the park the owners should close the park and put up a fence

  25. Stinky Leg says:

    These people are a drain on society. Go out and contribute in a meaningful way. Always wanting a hand out or complaining incessantly is unproductive.

    If your objective is socialism, then say so. If your objective is to elect a specific political party, then say so. If your end objective is violence, then say so. Your ambiguity is dangerous in itself.

  26. Scott Glasel says:

    Who’s behind all of this? The “Working Families Party” which is run by Obama’s “Karl Rove type of guy” (White House political director Patrick Gaspard). This is a white House operation people!
 Obama political advisor Patrick Gaspard holds the same White House position his Bush-era predecessor, Karl Rove, did. But before he was the White House political czar he worked in several far left organizations as activist and agitator.

    One of the more disturbing aspects of the Obama-ACORN connection is that the White House political affairs director is one Patrick Gaspard.


    New York’s Working Families Party was first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN and other community organizations, members of the now-inactive national New Party, and a variety of public interest groups such as Citizen Action of New York.

    1. Regulas says:

      In simple terms of who is behind this, Communists.

    2. Bumbaclaat says:

      This sounds like one of Glenn Beck’s crazy chalkboard conspiracy theories and you have the facts wrong.

      The original calls for the protest came from an organization called “Adbusters” which is not connected to Obama in any way (look them up – they are based in Vancouver), and also from the hacker group “Anonymous” – not from the Working Families Party

      1. amabO kcuF says:

        Like Regulas said …. communists.

      2. 51 Phantom says:

        Adbusters is connected with George Soros however. Soros is behind a lot of crap going on in this country.

      3. whodat1 says:

        So what the hell is a Canadian group doing, trying to tell us in the US how to live???

      4. typical white woman says:

        The name isn’t important but the fact that George Soros is funding these nincompoops is.

      5. Albert MacMeda says:

        Why are Canadians interfering with American economic progress?

        Anti-semitic Canadians, in fact.

        Canadians funded by, despite your pathetic attempt to ignore, belittle or deny it, the Tides Foundation, funded in other words by GEORGE SOROS!

        and look! Soros funded moveon.org is also supporting OWS!

        But wait, there’s more.

        You can dismiss them in your own mind as “crazy chalkboard theories” if you wish, but they’re also facts you’d be a fool to deny. You do know they’re all true, don’t you?

        The OWS protest, the one that started it all, is being held where? Zuccoti Park. Owned by? Brookfield. .

        Heather Podesta is the wife of lobbyist, Tony Podesta, who is the brother of President Obama’s White House Transition Director John Podesta. Brookfield Management is represented by the lobby firm of Heather Podesta and Partners, LLC. Heather is also a top financial bundler for Democrat Politicians. John Podesta is the director for Center for American Progress, which is funded by George Soros. Van Jones also sits on the board at Center for American Progress.

        Sound familiar? From what you said you apparently were, at least at one time, dedicated to Glenn Beck and his ideas, in some capacity.

        Obama has his stinking dirty fingerprints all over this in those and other ways. Democrats are already calling to suspend elections – you down with that, too?

        These tools don’t realize they’re the typical cannon fodder the left uses to ignite the flames of revolution that leads to marxist takeover then slow, painful death of any society it controls.

        And tools like you are to blame.

        One can only hope when the thing turns violent you’re close by and see firsthand what idiots like you have imposed on us with your uninformed nonsense voting.

  27. Bumbaclaat says:

    Twice as many Americans view Occupy Wall Street favorably than view Tea Party favorably – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/post/the-morning-plum/2011/10/13/gIQAULRHhL_blog.html

    1. Steve Roberts says:

      Unfortunately, that is probably true and is a sad reflection of our dumbed-down entitlement minded citizenry so well characterized by the OWS crowd. Good news is Tea Party people will vote in greater numbers while the Fleabaggers will sit around and whine and demand somebody to fix their lives.

      1. bear knucklez says:

        It’s also a reflection of the liberal media who choose what light with which to show the two movements. And by movements, I mean the tea party movement or the bowel movement. Oh how I hope someone does not use this as a “get out the vote” registration campaign.

    2. Raistlin4 says:

      Yeah, and the Wash Po is well known for their backing of conservative causes. I would trust a poll in that rag about as far as I could throw their building. And, believe me, for every avowed Tea Party member there are 20 who feel just a strongly but will say they aren’t part of the Tea Party. Why? Because if a Wall Street Fleabagger told a TP member who they were, the TP member would pity them and say they should get educated and try to help explain things to them. If a TP member admits who they are to a Fleabagger, you end up with a lunatic screaming in your face, calling you a racist/misogynist/homophobe/warmonger, protesting on your front lawn and threatening the lives of your family. FB’s take pride in their violence and the fact that they can scare you into submission. So why would somebody claim to be a TP member and take all that violence? The silent 20 stay silent, then come out in force on election day. Then the Wash Po poll will be shown to be useful for nothing more than wiping the butts of these Wall Street occupiers.

    3. Albert MacMeda says:

      Lies and propaganda. The 53% are tired of carrying the 47% and wish they’d quit their whining. The lunatic liberals at various media outlets are desperate to do anything, including starting an armed insurrection, to enable Obama and the doomed Democrats to survive another term in office but it’s not happening.

  28. Wake up says:

    “There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner.
    So now it is a right to have the government provide you with a place to take a dump? I say $hit in your hat, pull it over your ears and call it curles.

    1. Dan in Twin Cities says:

      “There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner. “If you would’ve given us a Port-A-Potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.”

      This is such a great quote because so beautifully it demonstrates the mindset and goals of this mob: Gimme-gimme-gimme. Take care of me ‘cuz I’m too stupid and or lazy to take care of myself.

      And listen to what he says, “If you have given us a port-a-potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.”

      No you wouldn’t! You would be waiting for “them”, for the government to pay to service them!
      This should tell you something too about the organizers and high-profile supporters. If they were really serious about anything other than creating chaos, they, meaning the George Soroses, Van Jones, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, the unions and whoever whatever other leftist progressive radicals instigated it, would be shelling out the bucks to provide for basic sanitation needs rather than leaving the cities to foot the bill.

      Nothing but a bunch of selfish spoiled brats.

    2. Busia says:

      That is the best thing I ever heard. Thanks for making me laugh. You are soooo right!

    3. Bumbaclaat says:

      NYC does provide public toilets in most city parks, in the subways, and other public places.. Why do you think that’s such a bad thing ?

      1. Raistlin4 says:

        BECAUSE IT’S NOT A PUBLIC PARK!!! It’s private property and the owner shouldn’t have to pay for the sanitation of a herd of lunatics who decided to invade his property. And even if it was public land, why should the taxpayers of NYC pay for sanitation for your protest? NYC provides sanitation in public places as a courtesy to be utilized under an expected, manageable level of daily use. Not to provide for a riot!! I swear to God, this boils down their mentality and ideology to its pure essence: “I’m alive. I’m here. Therefore, as of my right, YOU must provide for my every need, cradle to grave, regardless of whether my predicament is of my own choosing and making.”

  29. Craig Brockman says:

    ACLU is already lining up at civil court ready to sue the NYPD and the City.

    1. Regulas says:

      ACLU, founded by a known communist and still is.

  30. Archy Cary says:

    I thought Bloomey said they could stay as long as they want!

    1. Yogi Bear says:

      He did, but they are sleeping in their own feces like animals. This is a public health hazard. I’m sure they can come back once it’s cleaned.

      1. Babylonian says:

        that’s false. they are using toilets at mcdonalds and other places nearby

    2. Pweets says:

      He clearly misspoke. It’s private property.

  31. Richard Tattersall says:

    If they decide to stay, good luck trying to arrest hundreds of people. Not a chance. All it will do is motivate MORE people world-wide, to join the protest’s . 1st Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO PEACEABLY
    Welcome to The United States.

    1. Michael H. says:

      THIS. The people who are ridiculing these protesters are ignoring the first and foremost quality that makes America the great nation it is.

      1. RuRu says:

        What about when the Tea Party was ridiculed, did you say something then??

        1. Michael H. says:

          Actually, yes. I argued against their message, not them personally. Most of the comments here are personal attacks against the #OWS protesters.

          1. Craig Brockman says:

            Because the message of lower taxes and smaller government by the Tea Party is something that needs to be argued – PLEASE!

            1. Michael H. says:

              I was all for it until it was co-opted by the GOP and social issues came to the forefront. Show me a candidate who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal and I’ll throw my full support behind them.

              Gary Johnson is one of those candidates, but has been sidelined by the Tea Party and GOP establishment.

              1. Regulas says:

                The Tea Party is made up of patriots and many are Christians and having good moral values is a good thing. I guess you are one of these Sodomite lovers and believe it is a woman’s right to murder her unborn child, if so you are anti-Christ.

              2. Dan in Twin Cities says:

                “I was all for it until it was co-opted by the GOP and social issues came to the forefront.”

                I don’t know what Tea Party you are referring to. Surely you have not forgotten last year’s election? If anything, the G.O.P. establishment wishes it COULD co-opt the Tea Parties. What was John McCain’s disparaging remark he made about them? My guess is, if you went to a Tea Party rally and asked for three cheers for John Boehner you’d get a very tepid response if not stoney silence. The Tea Parties are the only thing keeping the establishment “Repubics” ( as Mark Levin calls them) in line.
                As for social issues, those have been a part of Republican platforms for at least the last 30 years because the Democrats have yet to find a sin they won’t support.

                1. Me in MN says:

                  I live in the TC too. I love you Dan, great comments!

            2. Regulas says:

              Exactly right and if you do not believe are government is out of control you are either an idiot or a communist.

          2. Dan in Twin Cities says:

            So you are against the Federal government operating within the parameters of the Constitution of the United States, against the government not spending more than it takes in, letting people keep more of what they earn and curtailing intrusion into our daily lives and onerous over-regulation which inhibits economic growth?

            1. Michael H. says:

              That’s not what the Tea Party stands for now that it has been co-opted by the GOP. When it was a grassroots force raising money for Ron Paul I was all for it.

        2. patmurphy1965 says:

          When there’s a TEA party rally; we meet to advance our values and then move on!

        3. liz says:

          The same people who ridiculed the Tea Party praise the Occupy Wall Steet people and are the protestors. Who is surprised, they are all hippacrates. Hate big corporations who contribute to politicians…but the Occupy crowd are being funded and helped by unions…who contribute to politicians. Hate the rich, unless they are the stars that visit them in the park. Hate the corporations, unless they have provided them their iphones, ipads and the park in which they have claimed…if you want to be taken seriously, start looking in the mirror….protest during the day, then go home. You have taken the park away from ordinary people using it..you have no right to do that.

      2. Rob F says:

        You seem to be missing a crucial point. Imagine that! Zuccotti Park is PRIVATE PROPERTY! Your First Amendment Rights end at the curb. I love how you hypocrite Liberals quote the Constitution, as a shield, when it conveniently supports your cause. Do you feel as strongly about the 2nd Amendment? Look it up! It’s on Wikipedia too.

        1. Michael H. says:

          Private property that is mandated for public use. Read up on the history of Zuccotti Park. it’s on Wikipedia too.

          1. Rob F says:

            It’s still PRIVATE PROPERTY. Your point???

            1. Michael H. says:

              Brookfield cannot restrict who has access to the park, that’s my point.

              1. bear knucklez says:

                But the people are restricting access to the park and are destroying this private party. Brookfield can put restrictions on the rules… and who gets the bill for the clean up? I’m certain it will be passed along to the city so the taxpayers there can cover the cost.

                1. Michael H. says:

                  Nobody is being prevented from using the park. It is still open to the public and you can still enter the park. No private property is being destroyed. Volunteer clean up crews are working day and night to keep the park clean.

          2. William says:

            It’s a privately owned public space, which definitely works in OWS’ favor in terms of 24-hour access. But the owner is allowed to apply rules to the use of the space, which they have, and OWS clearly violates them. I’m far from an expert, though, so I have no idea how the owner enforces the rules if they decide to – can the NYPD come in? Do they have to provide their own people to enforce the rules?

    2. Naima Green says:

      The congress isn’t making any laws.
      The police are going to arrest people.

      1. Richard Tattersall says:

        The law exists. THAT’S what the constitution is. Go back to school are how this country was founded. “Any” law that violates the Constitutional rights of the citizens of this counter is illegal.

    3. patmurphy1965 says:

      However, if your actions interfere with my freedom and liberties, then you have broken the law. You and your “cause” don’t have more right than others. If you think you do; you’re 100% wrong and 99% a fool.

    4. 1st Lt USMC says:

      Sorry but that park is PRIVATE PROPERTY. I can tell you to get off my lawn all I want, you have no RIGHT to be there at all. This is not a city-owned park, do some fact checking before you start pulling out constitutional rights…

      1. Richard Tattersall says:

        Look up the agreement with the city regarding access to the park. Public access 24/7.

      2. patmurphy1965 says:

        It’s for public use; not just your private use. and that’s why the park owner is having them removed.

        1. Bumbaclaat says:

          the protesters ARE the public.. the park is still open to the public, it has not been taken for private use

          1. littleleers says:

            It has been taken for private use as there is no camping allowed! I live in Washington State and our city parks, public and private clearly state NO overnight camping.

            Not obeying the rules IS taking away the liberties of the public to enjoy the park AS a park, not a private campground!

    5. Craig Brockman says:

      Obviously you have never seen the NYPD Task Force at work in Tompkins Sq, Million Youth March, and Crown Heights. Just more overtime BABY – KA-CHING!

    6. Pay_Your_Fair_Share says:

      What part of “private park” don’t you get? The first amendment does not give one the right to assemble on private property. Its very nice of Brookfield Office Properties to let them stay there and protest on their property. What a great and malevolent corporation…

      Flea baggers, too stupid to “get it”.

      Want people to pay their “fair share”? Ask the unions to start paying taxes. You realize they don’t, right? Think about this, the stimulus gave money directly to the unions (tax free) who then donated it directly back to the politicians to the tune of millions of dollars. Think about that. The government confiscated money via taxes and laundered/redistributed it to the politicians’ war chests. Which politicians? Check it out:


      Once the unions pay their fair share, we can start working on the tax code to eliminate the “loopholes” in the tax law benefiting corporations. There’s way more revenue to be found (and corruption to be cleaned) in the unions.

      1. Richard Tattersall says:

        I have absolutely no idea what “union” you could possibly be referring to. I’m a member of Local #1 IATSE. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. WE PAY TAXES.. It’s in our constitution and bye laws that no money from any fund managed, or belonging to the union, can be donated to any political fund.. The books are available to all the members on the website. They’re printed in our monthly news letters. You can set-up on-line, or by mail. The are no TWO sets of books. The problem is, that’s extremely rare. The Supreme Court sold us out. Any law that limits the amount of money that can be donated by any union or corporation violates the 1st amendment. I’ve been trying to figure out what they were taking when they ruled that Corporations, and Unions are “people”.

    7. Evil Corporations says:

      This is all about FREE FREE FREE WE WANT STUFF. They even want a free porta potty. bunch of mooooochers. WE dont want to work but we want free. I even read another artical that people are quiting their jobs to join this thing. I say gievm what they want. NO MORE CORPORATIONS. Which means. No cell phones no video cameras no cars no life saving drugs or life saving medical equipment or tvs or radios no airplanes NO Ntohing! OH and no jobs. All that would be left are the corrupted public unions except they wouldnt last cause there would be nobody to pay for it. Stop whining about not being rich and get off your ass and WORK to get rich. Stop begging for other peoples money you losers!

    8. Speaknup says:

      Only problem is, they’re assembling on somebody else’s property. The “peaceable assembly” clause was put in to protect people from being arrested for getting together in homes, churches, and assembly halls for the purpose of bad-mouthing or discussing actions against the government. It wasn’t meant to allow one group of citizens to park on somebody else’s private property so they can protest a completely different bunch of private entities (banks, rich people, etc.) If you want to understand the Constitution, you should read the Founding Fathers.

    9. Don R says:

      II have to laugh when libs quote the Constitution, which they hate, when they think it protects their rights. This is PRIVATE PROPERTY Richard. Does the Constitution give me the right to camp out in your house because I want to protest? Additionally, where in the Constitution does it say successful, working people must support people who choose not to work?

    10. Albert MacMeda says:

      I hope they do try to stay. I hope they stay ALL WINTER. I hope you’re OK with paying for the removal of their frozen corpses before they start stinking with the spring thaw.

      Government lackeys may not be willing to re-impose the rule of law on these idiots – but that’s OK. Nature soon will.

      Global warming won’t save them, because it, too, was a big leftist lie.

  32. william says:

    I just don’t understand what it is they hope to accomplish by this tactic. There’s no clear message. There’s no endgame strategy. The heart is in the right place…just not the head. It just comes across as burning man nyc. Sorry but that’s just how it looks.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Whatever it is, it’s working, because these style protests are popping up all over the country and have spread to the UK. They don’t need a clear agenda to affect change. They just need to continue to express their dissatisfaction with the current system. The main goal is to put the power back into the hands of the flesh and blood people, and take the power away from the corporations that have bought our government.

      1. JohnF says:

        They aren’t protests .. they are a bunch of disorganized people hanging out with conflicting or meaningless signs. Such as ‘End corporate greed’. What the heck does that mean?? And who is going to define the difference between ‘greed’ and ‘profit’. Or is all profit just greed. If it is, then they are asking for the removal of capitalism. Otherwise, they just want to dictate ‘how much is enough’, and we all know that has never worked in the history of the world. They seem to forget the concept of ‘supply’ and ‘demand’, or how setting blanket taxes across business just means their prices will go up and the 99% they claim to be a part of will just end up paying more.

        When these numb-nuts come up with some real ideas, I’ll pay attention. Until then, they should go home until they can learn to wipe their bottoms instead of asking mommy government to do it for them.

        1. Michael H. says:

          You must have missed all the marches and organized protests that have occurred all over the city. Zuccotti Park is just the home base for #OWS.

          1. Paul McCord says:

            I am pleased that these are simply a bunch of professional protesters, homeless looking for meal, kids with nothing to do looking to party, and leftwing nut jobs of every stripe hoping for their 15 minutes of fame. They’re just a wisp of meaningless smoke that will clear and go away in no time. When Hugo, Iran, SEIU, the communist party, the socialist organizations, teacher’s union, and Democrat party all screaming “you owe me free stuff” “you owe me free stuff” “you owe me free stuff” in unison, I know it is nothing more than a passing amusement–but it is very, very amusing. If I weren’t distracted by the far more serious and important playoffs; I’d have more time to watch the freak show. Hopefully the Rangers can put the series away quickly and these freaks will still be making fools of themselves so I’ll really have time to watch before it fades away.

      2. Albert MacMeda says:

        Good – then that will mean no more big bucks donations to Obama and the Democrats and we can finally sweep them out of office once and for all and get down to work fixing all the messes they’ve made over several decades.

        It’s about time!

    2. Bumbaclaat says:

      What is the “clear message” and “endgame strategy” of the tea party ? there is none.

      1. liz says:

        lol…..don’t you read? the clear message:
        Obey the Constitution
        Lower Taxes (on those of us that pay them…51% of people pay NO income taxes)
        Smaller government……the government is not here to take care of us cradle to grave and manage every little part of our lives
        BALANCE the budget….don’t spend more than you take in
        ENDGAME…..Elect people that promise to do the above
        How about getting the 51% of the people who pay NO Income taxes to pay therir fair share

      2. Albert MacMeda says:

        Are you retarded or just stupid.

        Start with the name:



        The rest? You figure it out, unless you’re as ignorant as your posts suggest, in which case I’m wasting my time as you don’t have the comprehension necessary to get it anyway.

    3. whodat1 says:

      These are practice runs for next year. The prequel if you will. They will try to grow these in size over the next 12 months when it will erupt in violence, thus giving the WH reason to suspend the elections.

  33. NYGirl says:

    These people should be protesting in Washington in front of the White House, not in a park infringing on other people’s rights. Go where the problem lies and that’s in the White House and Washington. See what starts to come about when you do that.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Whose rights are they infringing and what specific rights are being infringed?

      1. Tbone says:

        The park is privately owned. Therefore they are infringing upon the rights of the property owner, Brookfield Office. In addition, the protester’s occupancy is preventing the public from using the park. Sleeping in the park, among other infractions including drug use and lewd behavior, is against the agreement reached between the private property owner and the city.

        Adhere to the rules governing the private park or go to a truly public park.

      2. cwt says:

        Mine. I would like to sit in the park and enjoy it.

        1. Michael H. says:

          You can go sit in the park. Nobody is going to stop you. What you would “like” and what are your “rights” are two different things.

          1. Don R says:

            Michael, you just defined the why this whole “Occupy” movement is stupid. What you would “like” and what are your “rights” are two different things. I’d like to be wealthy too, but I know sitting on my ass in some park isn’t going to get me there.

      3. Albert MacMeda says:

        All the people who would be using that park for sensible things if these nasty, idiotic morons weren’t making an open sewer of the place.

    2. liz says:

      They can’t do that because the whole idea here is to cause chaos and class warfare…which our dear President started Besides, they are backed by the unions, who love Obama. Most of these people are libs, they can’t look like they are protesting against Obama! But you are right, the protest belongs in DC because that is where the problem is and that is where the solution is.

  34. Abraham Lincoln says:

    I have seen these protesters having homo sex in their sleeping bags in the park.

    1. KFCindaHouse says:

      There is a new study out today that states 25-33 % of gay NY men have HIV.

    2. Rush says:

      No surprise there…

      Oh and, hippies smell…

    3. Albert MacMeda says:

      Good thing there is low cost HIV medication that keeps them alive and spreading it indefinitely, paid for at your & my tax expense, of course, eh?

  35. michaelfury says:

    “Freedom’s untidy”

    – Donald Rumsfeld


  36. E Drews says:

    => “There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner. “If you would’ve given us a Port-A-Potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.” <=

    Ah yes, an group protesting government actions wants government money to support their protest. More attempts to waste US taxpayer dollars.

    Whay is that protester using an American Flag as a blanket? What a disgrace!! Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people fought and died for that flag, and for YOUR right to protest, and now one of them shows extreme disrespect for the flag.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Take a look at a Tea Party rally and you’ll see the flag being used in ways it was not meant to be and would be considered disrespectful. The flag doesn’t mean much when it no longer represents a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Now it is a government sold to the highest bidder.

      1. SandlesTOSandlesIN3 says:

        Look up flag rules on the Internet.
        You’ll have a new found respect for what it means when a flag touches the ground.

        1. Michael H. says:

          I know the United States Flag Code. I also know that the SCOTUS has ruled that punitive action against those who violate the flag code would violate the First Amendment.

        2. Prophetic Profiteer says:

          Ahh yes, the flag! The most genious form of propaganda ever invented. Commit autorocities, violate religious code and morals by following the flag. Cheer for your team and forget that we are all humans. P H U C K the flag, it stands for nothing. The flag of the USA is nothing more than a tool to rally the sheep. The USA political system has been bought. The illusion of freedom is a real, two party system that are actually on the same team divide and conquer the people they rule. Wake up sheeple – politicians=puppets ~ banking dynasties and the wall street cartel = puppet master. Which politicians go against banks? JFK – he got shot, Ron Paul? the bank owned media practically blacks him out so he can never actually have the opportunity to go after them. There is something really wrong with our system. It will have to be destroyed and a new ushered in, stock up on the food, water, guns, and ammo; its going to be a really rough ride. A revolution may be the only way to bring our troops home from occupying other countries, problem is they will be patroling our streets and pointing the guns at us, because our military is controlled by the banks (rothschild warburg etc) google the banking dynasties, the CFR, George Soros, the conspiracies are real and has never been more evident than right now. History will look back on us, our form of government and our monetary policy as the the most elaborate form of slavery the world ever say “the slaves, don’t even know they’re slaves” and that’s real talk right there. What are you going to do about it when the violence starts? Comply with the powers that be? Or, will you be a true patriot and defend your country from its government? I’m prepared and have made my decision. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND MY COUNTRYMAN WHO WILL SUFFER IN THIS STRUGGLE. IT IS A PRICE I AND MANY OTHERS WILL PAY TO LEAVE A BETTER COUNTRY TO MY KIDS AND GRANDKIDS – Mount up and roll tide, its starting NOW!

          1. DEUS VULT says:

            you ARE an @sshole!!!

      2. Sam J. says:

        It’s easy to complain, bitch and moan – what are your solutions to fix things Michael? Do you really think this is “working?” You’re fairly naive if so – the majority of America sees these demonstrations as a bunch of whiny, lazy kids who have no real drive or ambition and want everything handed to them on a platter.

        Very, very few people in this country see the protesters as victims – we see them as a waste to be honest with you. The victims are the people who want to use that park without stepping in feces or being badgered by protesters with not a clue in the world. Grow up please.

        1. Michael H. says:

          Actually, recent polls show that the majority of America is in agreement with the #OWS protesters that things need to change. Sorry, but you’re not in the majority according to the most recent polls.

          1. ReachRenee says:

            No, the majority of Americans are not in agreement with the Flea Baggers. They are disorganized and have no clear message other then Gimme Free Stuff. You must be getting your info from MSNBC.

            1. Michael H. says:

              It was a Wall Street Journal poll, actually. Don’t let the facts get in your way, though. Nobody is asking for “Free Stuff”. They are asking for their political power back. Fake people (Corporations) currently control this country, not flesh and blood human beings like you and me.

              1. patmurphy1965 says:

                It that’s truly the case, you and your buddies should clean up and and come to a TEA rally. We know how to make thins move and are advancing some oF the things you mentioned. PLEAS NO DRUGS!

                1. Michael H. says:

                  Pat, the Tea Party has been co-opted by the GOP and no longer stands for what it once did. It is part of the political establishment now and can no longer affect the changes that need to be made.

              2. ReachRenee says:

                You’re quoting one poll! I believe you said “polls”. Stop making up your own facts. If you want your political power back, stop making poor choices when you vote. If you voted for Obama, you got what you deserved. Stop blaming Corporate America & the rich because you are a failure. These so called Fake people (Corporations), employ Americans. You’re biting the hand that feeds you. You need to smarten up dude.

                1. Bumbaclaat says:

                  The bank bailouts that the Occupy Wall st protesters ( and the Tea Party ) are upset with happened under Bush

              3. Dan in Twin Cities says:

                Then the way Americans reclaim their political power is by getting interested, getting educated, getting involved, getting in contact with your elected representatives and holding them accountable. (See my reply to your next comment.) When your representative holds a town hall and tells you the Federal government can do whatever it wants to do [ Fortney “Pete” Stark ] you tell him, “Not according to MY U.S. Constitution” and read him the 10th amendment; when you ask him what part of the Constitution authorizes them take a proposed action or legislation he answers, “Oh, I don’t know, several places” [John Conyers] or “Your kidding?” [Nancy Pelosi] then I think it is time to get a new representative.

            2. Bumbaclaat says:

              the protests aren’t saying “you owe me free stuff”

              Twice as many Americans view Occupy Wall Street favorably than view Tea Party favorably – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/post/the-morning-plum/2011/10/13/gIQAULRHhL_blog.html

          2. Dan F says:

            what poll bro? what is it that is agreed upon doofus? In my travels across the country I’ve met nobody blue collar or not who sides with OWS.

            The collective opinion is that this is ensuring indepenents vote GOP and lead to a GOP presidency over Obama. That’s the legacy that OWS will leave.

        2. You, If you weren't a dumb azz says:

          You should quit believing the mainstream/lamestream media and what they report. They find the crazy ones and televise them as a representation of all of those who are in protest. FACT: the media is owned by the same people who own the politicians. In fact, the plan of attack was to own the media so it would be easier to eventually own the politicians. Two party system divides and conquers the people. A democracy will not survive unless there is free press and an unbiased media to report facts, and the money has been removed from the political process. Very naive to think that a country diverse as ours could only be represented by two parties. The fact of the matter is the majority of this country is fiscally conservative and socially liberal which no party represents. If you look at countries that are successfully growing their middle class, they have many many political parties and invest more on education. We spend our money on pointless wars and interest. We do not educate our kids or teach them skills that would create economic growth. This was all by design when the government took over education. All public services have an agenda; education was to infect the minds of the population one generation at a time so that the elite could corrupt and take over, all the others were to make the people dependent on the elite and solidify their power. WE ARE SLAVES, and we don’t realize it! Rise up brothers and sisters but you can only rise up once you have woken up. Sheep in peoples clothing, sad but true! Time for self realization! Conservatives and Liberals know the government and political process has been hijacked, the media will label the protests in an effort to prevent the protests from going mainstream. I forsee widespread mayhem on Nov 5th as a run on the banks begin and this will eventually lead to violence. Or maybe the sheep will fall back into line and we will go back to talking about angelina and brad pitt and revel in our ignorance and squander our opportunity to take our country back, what say the people?

          1. bear knucklez says:

            “fact of the matter is the majority of this country is fiscally conservative and socially liberal which no party represents”… I think that you are only about half right. We are a socially conservative country by majority or near majority who are against abortion, against gay marriage, etc.. Its a minority view from gov’t that allows those things to go on. And nearly half think this is a fiscally liberal country which is why the 47% of people who don’t pay taxes, want all of the extra social services that they are using, to be paid for by the 53% who are alredy paying. (unless I’ve misunderstood your statement.)

      3. Michael J. says:

        The Tea party has NOTHING to do with this jackass disrespecting the flag.

      4. Dan in Twin Cities says:

        “Take a look at a Tea Party rally and you’ll see the flag being used in ways it was not meant to be and would be considered disrespectful.”

        [citiation needed]

      5. Albert MacMeda says:

        OH so that is why Obama and the Democrats get more $$$ from corporations, the rich and corporate/bank upper management than Republicans do!

        Thanks for clearing that up and VOTE REPUBLICAN, THROW THE DEMOCRAT BUMS OUT, NOBAMA 2012!

    2. patmurphy1965 says:

      I’m definitely not in the 1%; however. please don’t lump me in with the so call 99%. I’m with the Percent (%) whose core principals include:
      Limited federal government, Individual freedoms, Personal responsibility and self-reliance, Free Markets and Returning political power to the states and the PEOPLE!

      1. Michael J. says:

        I agree.

  37. BrooklynCyclone says:

    Reasons the Fleabaggers don’t have corporate jobs with good pay and benefits:

    13. Fleabaggers have the same reaction to the sunrise that vampires do.
    12. Fleabaggers abhor merit based rewards.
    11. Fleabaggers think workplace rules are facist.
    10. Fleabaggers don’t accept responsibility for their own actions.
    9. Fleabaggers don’t know who the Secretary of State is, but can easily tell you who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
    8. Fleabaggers can’t articulate a sentence that doesn’t have the word “like” in it.
    7. Recruiters deduct points for dingy teeth, bloodshot eyes, matted hair, and week old facial stubble.
    6. Instead of briefcases, Fleabaggers appear at interviews with canvas shoulder bags covered in Grateful Dead and anarchist patches.
    5. Fleabaggers can’t hide their neck, hand, and finger tattoos from interviewers.
    4. Fleabaggers wasted their own time and somebody elses money on useless liberal arts degrees.
    3. Flip-flops, sneakers, sandals, t-shirts, and wool hats are not proper business attire.
    2. Fleabaggers can’t pass a drug screen.
    1. Fleabaggers would rather roil in their own stinking filth in Zuccotti Park than look for work.

    1. Michael H. says:

      “Fleabaggers”…that’s clever! How much sleep did you lose trying to think that one up?

      1. BrooklynCyclone says:

        None at all, young lady.

        1. Michael H. says:

          Ooo, you’ve gone and insulted my masculinity. I’m hurt, really.

          1. PublicHousingInMontana says:

            THIS. Step up, get smacked down.

          2. DoublDown says:

            No your not, you knew you were a lady before this comment.

        2. Don Shappelle says:

          cuz she stole it from Ann Coulter.

          1. Harold says:

            Actually Fleabaggers began in reference to the idiot Democrats who ran away like little crying kids in Wisconsin when a grown man was put into office by the voters of the state. This post is very funny. Love the pineapple under the sea part.

            1. Michael H. says:

              Then it would be spelled “Flee-baggers” as in they would “flee” the state to avoid legislation being rammed through against the will of the public.

              1. Deedee says:

                Oh Michael, where to start with you? For now, the Wisconsin fleebaggers were wrong to leave the positions they were elected to serve. And the legislation was the will of the people. The fleebaggers knew that it would pass with a majority vote by again, elected representatives. They fled to postpone the vote to try and convince other representatives to change their votes. It didn’t work. So no, it wasn’t going to be “rammed through against the will of the people,” it was going to be passed by elected representaives, elected by their constituents. That’s how things work in a republic.

      2. patmurphy1965 says:

        Where you been the past 28 days? It’s all over the Internet. Can’t find a blog that does not use the term to bring attention to the quality and character of persons gathering at these “protests.”

      3. ReachRenee says:

        Recent polls show that the majority of Americans believe the OWS protesters are Fleabaggers.

      4. Albert MacMeda says:

        He didn’t… it’s been going around for a while. What rock were you under that you hadn’t heard?

    2. Vik says:

      Love it! Best post all day. Michael H — go hump a Fleabagger Friend in the Park,while smoking a joint and your friend is defecating on the sidewalk. That seems to be all they know to do.

    3. patmurphy1965 says:

      I think you scored on every point. Well done!

    4. Wall St. Protester says:

      I do computer support for a giant Wall St. corporation, and make roughly $20/hr with no benefits, I’m a consultant, and my all-time favorite experience is when the CEO of my company [who makes in the neighborhood of $5-25/million a year] calls me up and I have to tell him to reboot his computer if his mouse or keyboard is frozen. I also haven’t had a raise in 4 years.

      1. patmurphy1965 says:

        And who’s fault is that?? Why do liberals always blame someone. why can’t they take responsibility?? If you’re not appreciated where you work, go somewhere else. This is how we do it in this country.

      2. Richard Henkle says:

        So yes, most CEOs don’t know squat about computers, I had one that couldn’t figure out why his printer didn’t work…until I put paper in it. However, and this is important, it’s not the CEOs job to know about computer. That’s your job and why he pays you to do it. sure, he can’t do your job, but you can’t do his, and his job is what makes the company money to pay your job. I know, that whole cause and effect thing can be tough to understand.

      3. Early Kuyler says:

        You might want to tell him to try Ctrl Alt Delete next time his computer freezes. Ending the process is much faster than rebooting but what do I know I’m just a dumb hillbilly.

      4. Ichneumon says:

        Silly him — he thought you’d be competent enough to know a method for him to unfreeze his keyboard without having to interrupt all of his apps and reboot the whole computer. Instead all you can do is give him advice a five-year-old knows and then insult him to make yourself feel superior.

        If that’s your “favorite experience”, it’s no wonder you’re a “Wall St. Protester”; you’re a jerk.

      5. Albert MacMeda says:

        And obviously if what you say is true the only person you have to blame for your situation is yourself because either your skillset is so pathetic that’s the best you can do OR you’re unwilling to go somewhere that will pay you more/what you think you’re worth OR you’re a complete liar, like most people who post in support of this nonsense.

        Seriously, anyone with IT skills who isn’t making at minimum $100K plus is some sort of idiot anyway. Unless the best you can do is “help desk” and the best advice you can give is “reboot”, which about sums you up, by your own admission.

  38. Liberals Are Evil says:

    When is this garbage…I mean, the prostestors, going to be done!

    1. Vik says:

      D.O.S. — do your stuff!!!!!!

  39. Bernard Elias says:

    What needs to cleaned up is our corporate run governments at all levels!

    1. de la Torre says:

      i cant agree with you more. i understand the mayors concern. however cleaning up the park should not be such a focus at this point. what about the wear and tear corporate America has put into each of our lives. something has to give and the time is now. if you want to clean something up clean up these large banks and companies who have been allowed to run wild with the American economy. why are we trying to divert attention from the real problem. sure there is an unclear message being portrayed by the protestors. but i thinks its because everything has gotten too far. so now we must stand up for everything all at once.

      1. Albert MacMeda says:

        Wear and tear, huh? You talking about the corporation that gave you a cell phone or the one that provides you with cell service? The corporation that ensures you have safe water to drink or safe food to eat? The corporation that provides your clothes? The corporation that provides your transportation? The corporation that provided the materials used to build your home?

        Which exact corporation do you want to abolish, again? And what will you do to survive once you get your way? Fetch your own water? Burn your own feces? Grow your own food? Make your own clothes?

        Or die whining pathetically like these OWS marxist tools are about to do once the temperature dives and snow beings to fall, unless they actually grow a pair, answer the calls to start getting violent then die when Obama calls out the national guard, declares an emergency and suspends elections.

        You really don’t get how close to that we are now? All that’s preventing it is these idiots don’t have the balls to actually stand up for what they have been spoon fed to believe they believe in.

    2. Summer Bun says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

      I would like to see a LOG of when the “privately owned” Zuccotti Park was cleaned last and if Mayor Bloomberg is SO concerned with how clean “parts” of the city has been, he can start in CENTRAL PARK with all the horse manure and smell, or the GROWING MASS PROBLEM OF RATS EVERYWHERE… He is an idiot, a thief, and so far out of touch.

      Lastly, for anyone else condemning the Occupiers, I implore you to go down and see what’s going on for yourself and stop making up these ridiculous and non factual scenarios in your head. These people are trying to help YOU and I. How insane are you to support YOUR tax dollars going to bonus’ to Executive Level Staff, and in return they purchase private jets, vacation homes, and other luxurious items with YOUR TAX BAILOUT MONEY!


      1. LongLiveCabriniGreen says:

        I’ve been down there. The reports of intelligent life are way overrated.
        Come on, bro. Kanye West was there yesterday. You don’t want that silly twit Ignoramus Africanus speaking for you if you want to be taken seriously.

      2. Vik says:

        GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!! You and dirty stinking drugged out hoars of friends.

      3. Albert MacMeda says:

        Have you been down there yet? If you had, you would know, like me, that you cannot really stay due to the stench. It’s unhealthy. I’m all for just putting up some fences and letting the “occupiers” rot. Toss food and stuff to them if you wish, but don’t let them spread their nonsense anywhere else – they’ve already fouled enough public (privately owned, but by agreement allowed to be used by the public) places.

        Your post is full of lies. None of MY taxes went to support any execs until OBAMA gave it to them based on his agreement to help them after they donated to his and other Democrats elections.

        But my taxes did go to SOLYNDRA and, from there, right into the pockets of Obama campaign bundlers and donors.

        I did talk to the protesters. I asked them what they were there for. Some said “free food”. Some said “drugs”. Most said “I don’t know.” You see, they hadn’t been told yet what it was all about, they were just told to get there and so they did. WE call that a rent-a-crowd but really, since only SOME of the organizers are getting paid, the more honest name is either SHEEP or LEMMINGS.

        The other answers I got I posted in another post, if you care. They were pretty funny. You should look for them.

    3. LaughingAtYou says:

      Like Obama in his cronies involvement in the Solyndra scam/fraud/theft?

      Yeah good job dummy

  40. jjdean says:

    Dupe of the corporations. Must be interesting being white trash when all of this is going on. You are not expected to understand.

  41. kat says:

    To the protestors: many people making low salaries, including me, are sick of seeing that park with you in it. You have taken it away from us – not the fat cats – they don’t go there. There is a stench you don’t smell because you are there 24/7. I spoke to several of you and a few sound strange or I agree with certain points – but taking over a park will not resolve issues. You need to deal with politicians, travel to their offices, sue fat cats, etc. And all those celebrities showing up are RICH. They only want publicity.

    1. Dude says:

      Spoiled Brats! Get a freaking JOB. Dont like the policies in Congress….VOTE…. Dont like the president…VOTE….STOP asking everyone else to bail you out…. Generation ME is so sickening… Take some Personal Responsibility! Dont have a job…find one….dont like your situation…..change it…. I dont want to pay to do it for you…. All you are doing is Showing the World how immature and disconnected a small fraction of our population is….

      Oh and by the way… You do not represent 99% of the population. Quit making crap up!

      1. patmurphy1965 says:

        I think the correct term is Generation P (PARASITE). However, not a fleebaggers are Generation P. Some are just confused or never grew up.

      2. Chris Cole says:

        ‘Spoiled brats’ ‘generation me’ ‘…… these kids self organized, self teach themselves political theory and constantly work towards developing a movement dedicated to trying to make a difference in the structure of this country, sacrificing time and effort.. guy, i just don’t see the lazy picture you paint. They’re not asking for a bailout, take the time to hear what they’re saying. When the private company that owns that park tries to pass on the bill to the city government, if any of that is passed on to the public, that will be an infinitely small percentage of money compared to the trillions of dollars of YOUR money that goes to failed businesses, lobby and special interest groups, funding plans that none of the public said they wanted.. .. then try to vote between 2 candidates in any given election, and you’ll see that neither of them want to end that. What would you do then? Maybe you might think differently about what they’re out saying, that this is our country and world, and the few should answer to the many, not the other way around.

    2. Rob F says:

      Kat, you can’t deal rationally with irrational people. Maybe some Fabreze would help? 🙂

    3. man from old ways says:

      amen good post get out of the park lowlives filty losers you people are doing nothing no one cares nothing will change

      1. Chris Cole says:

        well that’s pretty optimistic, ‘nothing will change’, isn’t it?

    4. Island Flash says:

      Sorry I am not sick of seeing them in the park!!!! and I too past there 2x a day to and from work. Taking over a park does work and you are right about the other ways to resolve their issues. However, you are only yesterdays news if you aren’t on the front page of a newspaper or early coverage on the TV. The park allows the protesters free advertising and that is the most important function in order to be noticed. There is an old adage about opening a business location location location. It holds true here also. Be proud of these fellow Americans

    5. Pauli Gela says:

      Reminds me of the People’s Park in Berkeley years ago, with the same hypnotized kids.

    6. MHopkins says:

      The Occupy Wall Street protesters are being maligned unfairly and should be allowed to stay in Zuccotti Park. I visited the park on Sunday, October 9 to support them (and, by the way, I am sixty-two-years old).The claims that the protesters are creating unsanitary conditions are bogus, calculated to silence their voices and stifle their criticism of the control exerted by the wealthy and powerful. During the time I was there, I observed protesters continually sweeping the walks. They had taped the edges of the walks to ensure that the walkways were kept clear for pedestrians and a protester was patrolling to make sure that this was observed. They had labeled receptacles for the different types of trash. I saw no garbage or debris on the ground. The protesters were a mellow group and were polite to visitors. Even the floral plantings were undisturbed, which I think is quite remarkable given the number of people in the park. I certainly neither smelled nor saw evidence of drug use– or witnessed any lewd behavior, as has been alleged by some. I compared notes with an acquaintance who visited the park the following day, on Monday, and her observations were the same as mine. The 99 per cent of us, who have no voice in the system, should be grateful for what the protesters are doing—not condemning them.

      1. Chris Cole says:

        Thank you for taking the time to actually see for yourself what is going on in the park.. too many are basing their opinions on what is reported in sensationalized and opinionated news with an agenda, when it’s merely people trying to get a voice that most of the country needs right now.

    7. bubba says:

      Right on! Perfect!

    8. dog says:

      It’s true. I can’t use the park anymore and I’m not rich. It’s like a blind robin hood that complains to the rich and takes from the poor.


    9. paula says:

      notice how Bloomberg has enable by having SOMEONE ELSE CLEAN UP THEIR FILTH – what a bunch of low-lifes.but, what would you expect of a bunch of communists.

      1. Chris Cole says:

        They are cleaning up the park after themselves, they could do it more effectively if they have dumpsters and porta a potties provided, which is pretty standard support given to any outside event as part of public works budget. Ultimately it’s the responsibility of the privately owned company who is the landlord of the park to determine what to do, not Bloomberg.

    10. Mike Steiner says:

      I feel very happy to hear your comments. I am conservative about how we pay for the Fed Gov, but I am very liberal about how we choose to live our lives. I really like the original plan that the USA has separate states and each St Gov has the right to express and legitimize the direction of their state. We actually have 50 little countries that share a Grand military, a common language and defined borders. then within these confines,
      we can vote in and out the FEDS and our STATES and COUNTIES. When we have the GOV that we want and the economy that we support, we buy a house in that State, move there and call it home.
      They call it, State Hood.

    11. Paula Riese says:

      You f’ing morons deserve Obama and his entitlement class – that’s right the very rich and the poor lazy bums who want a hand out, oh, and that includes the SEIU – the govt. workers who with some exception are the laziest bunch of freeloaders I know – the exceptions are those with a work ethic if the govt. system hasn’t squeezed that out of them and of course, ACORN, the charity that keeps on giving – you give to it and Obama’s administration looks the other way….,.guess what you have, America, the Bananna Republic with and Obama the ignorent leading the way = you voted for him not to be racist now, vote against him not to be stupid!

    12. Alice Polarbear says:

      To the protestors: and your favorite politicians, including Nancy Pelosi and Obama, are rich. VERY rich, as are your favorite left-wing celebrities. You poor useful idiots! Michelle Obama takes lavish foreignvacations with her kids and 50 of her best friends and lackeys …vacations you and I pay for… and you are whining about WALL street. The stock market does not just support the rich. It funds the retirements of many middle-class people as well.

      1. Chris Cole says:

        Try not to watch too much Fox News and assume that anyone out at the park supports any specific political party; that’s not what the protest is about.

    13. Barack Obama Sucks It says:

      WELL SAID! They are nothing but useful idiots.

    14. Endecott says:

      I love seeing and hearing what the park occupiers have to say. I am interested in what my fellow New Yorkers and Americans think and feel. .It’s nice and refreshing to see such passionate and committed Americans go out of their way to speak out in the face of hostility and threats. They are heroes putting themselves at risk and inconvenience for something they believe in that they think will make the country and all our lives better. Now one doesn’t have to agree with them but their courage and determination should be acknowledged and admired and supported.

    15. BigCorporationsNeedNamesOfOWSforFutureHires! says:

      Are you political puppets much?
      It is over yet?
      Hugo Chavez loves you!

    16. Is It Over Yet? says:

      Hello? This is the era of Financial Fittest! I highly recommend people learn to create and make something of themselves instead of learning to manipulate and take from others! Now go home or where ever you’re from and make yourself useful! If you never actually had to escape from a socialist or communist countries for freedom in America, please don’t ask for one and ruin my American Dreams!

    17. Tdog says:

      The total ignorance of the people is astounding. They all bash the banks……as if they have anything to bank with??? If they did have assets and don’t like Bank of America, just don’t bank there. Con-gressman Durbin calling for a “run” on Bank of America should be considered a criminal act. No one is forcing anyone to use a bank. Thousands have been laid off from work at BOA after being bailed out by the taxpayers. Perhaps the socialist, marxist, communist protestors shoud go to their “representatives” or the whitehouse?

      The media is not biased, they are PAID OFF, OWNED by the dimocrats. If oned does a search for Eric Holder subpoena, you will see almost NO coverage of what is a huge scandal. The Attorey General lying under oath to Con_gress about Fast and Furious, PROOF the main stream media is complict in the fall of America. The real 99% need to start flexing their financial muscle by not supporting those that would bring our Great Country down. 2012 the political trash needs taken out.

    18. so_done says:

      hear hear.

    19. Vote Loud says:

      I’m gonna sue me somebodys!!!

      LOLOL Clowns!

    20. TheTrue Pooka says:

      Yes, because everything you’ve listed as what w should do is working so fabulously now that corporations can spend 1,000 dollars to every one dollar we can put forward.

  42. Nancy says:

    Hey Flynn, get your facts straight, maybe go to the park and see what they are doing. This is a privately owned park and the owner should grow a pair of balls and make these morons leave. I guess people having sex in the park is ok and going to the bathroom in a bucket in a tent is ok, ohh and I guess posting police officers personal info on their equally moronic websites is ok too. Pull your head out of you behind flynn. There may be 20 to 30 people who know the purpose the rest are just causing trouble and need to go home, or go fill out job applications. annotation is hiring. And Michael H if you want to camp out go to a CAMPSITE moron!!!!

    1. kat says:

      Nancy, agree wth you 100% !!!!!

    2. Michael H. says:

      Ah yes, call me a moron for pointing out facts. Personal attacks sure do help your argument and make you seem quite intelligent. Tone down your attacks, take a deep breath and try to have a civil discussion. Calling people “moron” is only going to cause people to dismiss you and your statements.

      By the way, I do enjoy camping and frequently utilize the NY State Park system’s available facilities with my wife and dog. The #OWS is not kids out camping. This is a major political and social movement that unfortunately requires a constant presence in lower Manhattan and other major cities to remain in the public eye. The fact that you are here talking about it means that they are accomplishing their goal to an extent. You’d be surprised, if you actually listened to some of the messages they are sending, at how much you’ll agree with what they have to say. Open your mind and stop attacking people you know nothing about.

      1. Vik says:

        Go Get your Stinking Lazy A$$ Friends and get the hell out of NYC! WE ARE SICK OF SEEING THEM!!!!! I guess you’re ignoring their blatant violation of how many public nuisancy laws?! Tell your friends to go f themselves and their friends in daddy’s basement and not in view where people quite frankly are turned off by them, their words, their public lewdness, public urination, defecation and drug taking. Get out and stay out!!!!

        1. Michael H. says:

          Such vulgarity. It’s not necessary. Stop frothing at the mouth, calm down and have a civil discussion. Stop attacking people and start talking to them.

      2. Dude says:

        This is not a “major political and social movement”. It is a bunch of spoiled Brats that think they have some kind of mandate to ask for everything in exchange for nothing. Its the hip and trendy thing to do at the moment. This happens every ten years or so when someone thinks they have re-invented Marxism. Who wouldn’t want something for nothing. Thats got pretty good marketing….. If the iPhone 5 had come out, those same dirty kids would have been standing in line at the Apple Store, shelling all their money out instead of smoking pot, having sex in a private park shouting down with Capitalism…..

    3. RuRu says:

      They say they should be supplied with a Porta Potty, when don’t they take up a collection and rent one for themselves, No…They want the taxpayer to give them porta potties!!

  43. Jeffb says:

    Hey, CBS, why not link to the letter from the owners of the park? They have some very valid concerns.


    1. Covering His Butt says:

      This is just Richard Clark’s way of covering his ass so he doesn’t get sued for anything. If anything happens, he can say he sent this letter to Commissioner Kelly asking for his assistance and pointed out all the issues and concerns. Mr Clark is walking a fine line and trying to be neutral. He doesn’t want to upset the protestors otherwise he will be their next target. Therefor he’s asked the police to help so it’s THEIR problem and the police will look bad forcing them out of the park. Clever indeed.

      1. Jeffb says:

        If you were the park owner wouldn’t you want to be able to gain access to the park? Not only is it their right, it is their responsibility.

        I bet you dollar to donuts though, that they will try to get the agreement to 24 hour access changed after this protest is over … whenever that may be. Who could have foreseen this?

  44. adolph says:


    1. Richard Henkle says:

      Is this a threat? That’s really not going to help your cause.

  45. BO STINKS! says:

    Why bother cleaning the park, let the flea party lay around in their own filth until the winter freezes them or disease breaks out.

  46. Douglas Pepper Lang says:

    Democracy is not clean, it is messy by nature.

    Intolerance and Ignorance are pervasive.

    Civil discourse is polluted by extremists, fanatics and lunatics of the Michele Bachman,strain, intent on destroying the country to get Obama.

    While his version of “Progressive” policies on Endless War, Privacy, Gitmo, Drones, Federal/State power, The UN-patriotic Act and much more run counter to classic Democratic Party dogma, and he seemingly needs a Teleprompter to cue him “Get Mad”, Barack Hussein Obama II still outstrips Willard :Flip Flop” Romney & Herman Cain (lied in debates about criticizing Ron Paul & Fed Audit).

    OWS is an outgrowth of frustration with a system bought & sold by Wall Street, big Pharma & the Pentagon. Screw all three. Gut the house, strip the walls, rebuild on a solid foundation.


    1. iwishiihadabrain says:

      GO BACK TO SCHOOL WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY WE AR A REPUBLIC…. Accurately defined, a democracy is a form of government in which the people decide policy matters directly–through town hall meetings or by voting on ballot initiatives and referendums. A republic, on the other hand, is a system in which the people choose representatives who, in turn, make policy decisions on their behalf. The Framers of the Constitution were altogether fearful of pure democracy. Everything they read and studied taught them that pure democracies “have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths” (Federalist No. 10).

      1. Jay says:

        Actually, you are both wrong, a constitutional republic is a state in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power over all of its citizens, whereas a representative democracy is ruled by the majority and does not have to answer to the individual rights of its citizens.
        The United States is actually a “representative republic abiding to the constitu7tion that protects individual rights from the tyranny of the majority.

    2. Don Shappelle says:

      Oh there you go speaking about the reality of the situation… that’s no fun for most people, they prefer the us vs them pro-wrestling mentality.

  47. Linda says:

    To say that park needs to be ‘sanitized’ is an insult. Cleaned up is appropriate enough. I feel though that the occupants should clean their own mess. Hopefully, their message will gain more support.

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  49. DanTe says:

    Ooooh. What a surprise. The lazy trash trashed up the place.

    1. Flynn says:

      Oooh, Ignorant Troll Dante, Did you actually read the part where they have been cleaning up after themselves?

      Hey, that’s a great idea…I’m gonna start calling you TrollTe

      1. Sam says:

        @Flynn: I pass Zuccotti park every day and its not clean. There are tarps and makeshift tents everywhere, mattress’ on the ground garbage, etc. They are using private property ig: BOA atm kiosks area as a shelter.

        1. Michael H. says:

          Tarps and makeshift tents are not “garbage”. That’s what happens when people camp out. They have volunteer clean up crews that go around collecting trash around the clock. Zuccotti is cleaner than many other city owned parks I have been to recently, when you exclude the camping equipment that is there.

          1. Stop Tresspassing says:

            It is garbage the park looks like a mess and I think they are lucky they are not getting kicked out.Bloomberg is getting alot of complaints to charge these lawbreakers with tresspassing by owner of park.Enough is enough go on city property and protest.If it was Bryant park or central park it would of never lasted more then a day

            1. Michael H. says:

              They are breaking no laws and are not trespassing. The park is mandated to be available to the public 24/7 as part of the city’s deal with Brookfield when 1 Liberty Plaza was built. Yes it is privately owned but the park is a facility that is open to the public at all times.

              Again, camping equipment is not garbage. Tarps, tents, sleeping bags, medical equipment, food stores are all not garbage. The actual refuse that is generated by the #OWS protesters is frequently cleaned up by volunteer crews and collected for disposal by the DoS.

              1. See you says:

                It looks like the owners of the park had enough.They are evicting you.

                1. Michael H. says:

                  We shall see how this plays out. This will be a huge victory for the protesters as public polling shows that a plurality of Americans agree with them. A huge corporation like Brookfield denying access to a space that is mandated to be open to the public will only reinforce the message that #OWS is trying to spread.

                2. Binkster says:

                  Let’s hope so. I don’t live in New York and -I’M- sick of seeing these protesters – I can’t imagine how the good citizens of New York can stand this. What a sad, sad disgrace. These protesters stand for nothing but THEMSELVES, at least in the 60’s the protests were about the greater good of mankind – these idiots walk around complaining about corporations and yet they have their cell phones, computers and other products made and sold by the very evil corporations they are for some reason protesting. I don’t get it. They really and truly have no idea what it means to be oppressed… they should visit with young people in the middle east a bit and perhaps then they’d realize just how good they actually have it. Such selfish, whiny babies the lot of ’em.

              2. Marcelo says:

                Yeah but there are rules against sleeping in the park, laying down in the park, using the park benches to lay on. So they are breaking the law.
                BTW I read a few of your posts you really need to do some analytical thinking. But I guess they don’t teach that in school since liberals and the unions have taken over public education

          2. Deedee says:

            Sorry but the owners have stated before “”These rules includes bans on the erection of tents or other structures, as well as the placement of tarps, sleeping bags, or other coverings on the property. So the OWS are breaking the rules and the owners have every right to evict them.
            The park was set up for “passive recreatiuon.” The legal definition of that does not include camping.

            1. Michael H. says:

              The rules you just cited are brand new in response to #OWS. They haven’t been breaking the rules up until now and you can bet your sweet behind that the rule changes will be fought in court.

              1. Deedee says:

                According to the owners the park has always been listed for “passive recreation.” Parks in this program have all been listed that way as part of the agreement with the city. Of course I’m sure you’re familiar with the program.

                1. Maxine Rocks says:

                  The park is for public use, that’s true, but it’s NOT designated as a campground. There is a difference between a campground and a park inside city limits.
                  Right now, it should be designated a pig-sty, and don’t try to deny that, Michael H. I don’t know if you’ve been there, but if that’s your idea of clean, you need an intervention from the folks on “Hoarders”. It’s disgusting, I wouldn’t want to set foot in it at the moment, and the city is under absolutely no obligation to provide port-a-potties for these protestors. The businesses nearby are getting sick of their bathrooms being trashed by people who aren’t spending money in their establishments, and who can blame them?

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