Protesters To Hold 'Festive Party' In TImes Square Saturday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It looks like it will be a busy weekend for Occupy Wall Street protesters, with marches and other events set throughout the day Saturday, including a “party” in Times Square.

So far, the weekend’s plans to occupy parts of Manhattan haven’t changed despite clashes between protesters and police Friday morning.

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After the scheduled clean up of Zuccotti Park was postponed, demonstrators took to the streets with brooms, flags and signs and started fanning out around the city.

There were several arrests reported around the New York Stock Exchange as well as reports of violence breaking out near Bowling Green and Beaver Street.

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Nevertheless, Occupy Wall Street seems to be going ahead with their scheduled plans.

According to their website, they’re preparing a “Mass March on the CHASE Bank” Saturday morning.

They’re planning to close their accounts with the bank and transfer the money to worker-owned banks and credit unions.

Part of the reason they’re targeting CHASE, according to the site, is what they call “irresponsible behavior” by the bank. That includes, according to site, sacking “14,000 employees since receiving a bailout of $94.7 billion.”

The site says the rally cry for the march will be “Move your money, CHASE’s money is our money!”

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The website says demonstrators are then planning a noon rally and anti-war march to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, proclaiming “Wall Street Is War Street.”

At 4 p.m., that group is set to march to the recruitment center in Times Square.

That will be followed by a plan to “Occupy Times Square” at 5 p.m. Saturday.

According to the site, the function in Times Square will be a party “in the festive sense of the word.”

“From our street carnival in Times Sq. we will take the protest party to the trains and head downtown,” reads a statement on the site organizing the Times Square gathering.

According to a separate website about the event called, “This Saturday at 5pm we take: Times Square…with music, performance and a message that the people of this country – not the banks, not the corporations – hold the true power.”

The site is also calling on participants to wear white as “a symbol of hope and transition.”

Afterwards, the group plans to “Occupy The Subway” and head back downtown.

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