Protesters To Hold 'Festive Party' In TImes Square Saturday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It looks like it will be a busy weekend for Occupy Wall Street protesters, with marches and other events set throughout the day Saturday, including a “party” in Times Square.

So far, the weekend’s plans to occupy parts of Manhattan haven’t changed despite clashes between protesters and police Friday morning.

After the scheduled clean up of Zuccotti Park was postponed, demonstrators took to the streets with brooms, flags and signs and started fanning out around the city.

There were several arrests reported around the New York Stock Exchange as well as reports of violence breaking out near Bowling Green and Beaver Street.

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Nevertheless, Occupy Wall Street seems to be going ahead with their scheduled plans.

According to their website, they’re preparing a “Mass March on the CHASE Bank” Saturday morning.

They’re planning to close their accounts with the bank and transfer the money to worker-owned banks and credit unions.

Part of the reason they’re targeting CHASE, according to the site, is what they call “irresponsible behavior” by the bank. That includes, according to site, sacking “14,000 employees since receiving a bailout of $94.7 billion.”

The site says the rally cry for the march will be “Move your money, CHASE’s money is our money!”

The website says demonstrators are then planning a noon rally and anti-war march to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, proclaiming “Wall Street Is War Street.”

At 4 p.m., that group is set to march to the recruitment center in Times Square.

That will be followed by a plan to “Occupy Times Square” at 5 p.m. Saturday.

According to the site, the function in Times Square will be a party “in the festive sense of the word.”

“From our street carnival in Times Sq. we will take the protest party to the trains and head downtown,” reads a statement on the site organizing the Times Square gathering.

According to a separate website about the event called, “This Saturday at 5pm we take: Times Square…with music, performance and a message that the people of this country – not the banks, not the corporations – hold the true power.”

The site is also calling on participants to wear white as “a symbol of hope and transition.”

Afterwards, the group plans to “Occupy The Subway” and head back downtown.

What do you think of all the marches and demonstrations? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. Mike says:

    Because white prople don’t stab a brother to death behind the Tasty Freeze with a screwdriver

    1. John Rickety says:

      That’s freakin’ hilarious (and sad)… a very good chuckle to say the least. ^5

    2. Egor says:

      Sell your Chase stock..
      All these losers must have a huge amount in Chase

  2. Herpderp says:

    Good old fashioned run on a bank! Now they’re getting interesting.

    1. NeverSurrender says:

      Exactly which of these people are going to pull money fom Chase? Have you seen them. There are homeless people, unemployed people and kids. Whoa, that should be a big run on the bank’s resources there. Somebody better warn George Bailey!!!!

      1. Austin says:

        Let’s be fair. Many of those kids have a pretty sizable trust fund to draw from.

        1. Gorbud says:

          Breaking a Trust Fund is difficult and complex. Get Real!!

          1. Ryan says:

            Guess you must be one who knows. I wouldn’t have a clue.

            1. CRUSHtheLeft says:

              Not having a clue never stopped you from commenting (or voting, if you’re a paultard/obamunist (half hearted apoligies if you’re not).

              What SeeBS is doing is as bad as the rioters. THEY ARE MAKING THIS RIOTING “TOLERABLE” so that New Yorkers will be upset when the police finally crack the heads of the ringleaders and the arsonists among this crowd.

              And the arsonists are among them; the only thing we can hope for is they burn down CBS as well.

          2. Texas Freedom says:

            I think the point is that they’re living off mommy and daddy . . . not the specific type of account they chose to set up. What was it you said . . ‘get real’?

        2. Montag says:

          Yeah, but they’re beneficiaries. Only the trustees, i.e. mommy and daddy, can transfer the trust account.

          1. bumpkin says:

            Oh, I imagine that rich Mommy and Daddy give them a monthly expense account.- Oh, and the Canadian organizers of this Occupy-crap (American-haters, these) that are PAYING these protesters, (yes, look it up…) likely gave them direct deposit, and perhaps some did choose Chase, or perhaps the organizers encouraged Chase, so it would appear significant when they xferred their dollars (that they hate with a passion.)- Capitalism and all… Goofballs. Useful idiots, The lesser-intelligent are being exploited, and it makes me angry. They don’t have the intellect to realize that.

            1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

              Yeah they should be moronic idiotic teabaggers instead, right? Talk about useful idiots.

              1. amabO kcuF says:

                2012 is coming leftist loser. We teabaggers surround you.

                1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

                  Looks like Occupy will DWARF your retarded teabagger party. Republicans want jobs and taxes raised on the rich, so it looks like half your morons will wake up and defect for the Occupy movement. You WILL come out on the wrong side of history when all is said and done.

              2. Michael P Coleman says:

                Why ? do liberals ALWAYS answer a question with filth ? Most republicans answer the question. If you don’t like the answer ! give a reason. stupid ! had to say that.

            2. korla Pundit says:

              What’s that Timothy Dannenhoffer is saying? Retarded dwarf? Yes, these over-privileged protestors seem to be acting like retarded dwarves. Thank you for clearing that up, Timothy. I know trolls like yourself simply love dwarves.

      2. jan says:

        I give them credit when the working people join them things will change for the better for the usa get off your ass and do something

        1. SUPER16 says:

          Working people don’t have time for this useless garbage. Our tax dollars are required to clean up their mess and pay for their social programs.

          1. The Harrison says:

            For a witty view agreeing with Super16, check out Adventures in Business Casual, at

    2. Kevin says:

      Like they have any money to withdraw.

    3. S_Mart says:

      Just watch for the “flash mob” of teen girls to attack them as they come out of Chase Bank with all their cash in a paper bag.

      1. afrosheen says:

        do they call them flash mobs because all you see is a flash of teeth and eyes in the video?

    4. Jerry says:

      LOL…maybe they’re withdrawing their (Obama) Food Stamps?

    5. Miles Monroe says:

      Exactly. The total combined withdrawl of the entire batch of accounts these folks have probably totals under a hundred sheckiles. I can just see it, “I’m here to close out my trust account, give me my money.”

      Bwah ha ha ha ha

    6. fred says:

      All these dirbags have alreay made their run on the banks.


    7. chad says:

      Honestly, how many (WORLD WIDE) are really in this cause? 1000? 100? Unless you can get at least five figures, I dont think this ‘protest’ will do more than pass as crappy news

      1. themadjewess says:

        NO, it will get worse.
        #1, they are INSANE. Mental
        #2, they are COMMUNISTS that will get more and more violent.
        They model themselves after the “Arab Spring” which is VIOLENT

        1. b says:

          i don’t back their movement, but you’re clearly an idiot.

          1. internationaltaxlawyer says:

            the protesters are the only ones who care about you fascist hacks. herman cain would eat your kids.

        2. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

          I DO back their movement AND you clearly are an idiot.

    8. Its me says:

      How much money can these people have in the bank? (Chase or any other bank, for that matter). I’m no too worried

    9. freecheese says:

      Not in New Yawk ! If this happened in my home town, the police would have given them notice to leave. If they didn’t comply, they would bring the water cannons !
      Then the New Hippies — after their unexpected shower, would retreat to mommie’s basement bedroom..
      Despite this mess is on “Private” property, the city code office, health department, and mayor has the authority to impose fines on the property owner as a threat to healh standards that affect others. Then, you might see action, otherwise, they are stuck there until the snow flies !

      1. elizabethrc says:

        We need a few steady days of heavy rain and high winds to get rid of these vermin.

    10. L Gorman says:

      PUULLEASE – Read banking rules and regulations – banks CAN require notice before a withdrawal – enacted to prevent “runs” on banks that might find themselves illiquid – as the Geroge Bailey’s S&L was in dange of having happen. All Chase has to do is say – SORRY – come back in 10 days!

    11. elizabethrc says:

      You have to wonder just how much money these idiots even have in Chase bank. I doubt most of them can rub two dimes together.

      We outnumber them big time and while they think they can make their ‘movement’ take down the American government, if that’s what they try to do, they will be in for a rude awakening from the rest of us. We won’t let their silly, self indulgent theatrics succeed.

      They need to get back in school and study the history of this country. Obviously, they have no idea why they are doing this. They can’t even string a couple of coherent answers together when asked by interviewers.

    12. freecheese says:

      “Private Property” huh ?
      If my front yard looked anything like their “Property” the police would be knocking on my door. Then my ass would be in court, and ordered to clean it up, or the city would do it for me and charge me for all the laborers, dump trucks, refuse trucks.
      If I didn’t pay for the services, I would go to jail.

  3. Don Bitz says:

    A corporation is just an organization. There’s public, closely held, non-profit and family corporations. Sometimes, a single individual becomes a corporation if he needs to protect his family and employees from financial risk. Others do it to set up a retirement fund or health insurance for their employees. There’s a myriad of reasons for incorporating.

    Anyone that parades around preaching about how bad corporations are is simply displaying their own ignorance.

    1. BillV says:

      Everyone join me professing my hate for corporations via twitter and facebook on my iPhone.

      1. Paul_Revere says:

        hahahahaaaa, so true so true

      2. mdlr says:

        correction: “… on my iPhone 4S, I got this morning.”

    2. Chase says:

      Well said, Don! The more publicity these ignorant dolts get, tre better.

    3. Verso says:

      So if these people are upset about what Watt Street banks, and the corporations holding then aloft, did with derivatives – you think that’signorance? Those people who you refer to as setting up retirement funds, lost those funds you jerk. It’s idiots like you that let evil people continue to do evil. You insist on making statements based on personal presumptions.

  4. Grace says:

    I hope the unions spend their last dime entertaining this bunch of spoiled children….seriously. It will be interesting to see what happens when the weather gets bad.

    1. Jeff says:

      I live in Madison, WI. Eventually the protests here just kind of stopped. The same thing will likely happen there but given the extremely tight quarters in lower Manhattan it doesn’t take many people to cause disruptions so maybe I’m wrong.

      Too bad.

      1. Montag says:

        Let’s see if their “cause” is strong enough to withstand a good ol’ New York blizzard – should be funny to see them buried under 8 feet of snow.

    2. Deapster says:

      Grace- perfect answer.

  5. Frank says:

    The city (or cities) should rope off some section of a street or park or something and let them demonstrate for as long as they want to but make them live in their own squalor for as long as they can take it.

  6. Frank says:


    1. j.v. says:

      That’s pretty accurate. The situs and living circumstances of “Hope and Change.” As far as I can tell, they’re asking for more government control from this government. They must think everything is actually moving in the “left” direction.

  7. Craigster says:

    Chase should be concerned because a whole $1,000 might be withdrawn from the bank? NOT. What a joke, retail accounts are not where money is made.

  8. ProCops says:

    It is very simple. If the media leaves, the freaks leave. End of story. Media…Go home and give us all a rest.

    1. Richard Henkle says:

      just fyi the media is not how they are getting their message out. They’re primarily streaming the video themselves. Anyone who wants to find out their side, can. I don’t know where b/c i don’t care but I’m aware of its existence.

      1. maxovrdriv says:

        It will never happen guy. MSNBC, CBS, CNN would have to go out and find something else to talk about and it sure won’t be the “Fast and Furious” scandal or the little minor issue with the money given to Solyndra. that would require real reporting and it’s not going to happen

  9. Half-Centurian says:

    This whole affair is to steer public attention away from Obama’s failed party, the Democrats; and put pressure on financial institutions who were threatened to make bad loans or be investigated by the likes of Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosy.

    I think they need to be at Barney’s office and protest where the root of the problem is found, namely Liberal politicians.

  10. jasperddbgghost says:

    Look at all that designer clothing they are wearing. I think they are making making their statement perfectly.

  11. Andrew says:

    Globalization has done this. Jobs will always go to where the labor is the cheapest. The Wall Street bankers and the Globalists don’t care as long as they’re getting phat ans still feel secure inside their gated mansions. The common American should work for a dollar a day with no benefits and be happy as far as they’re concerned.

    1. Sean says:

      Strangely enough the Union workers aiding these protests have bosses pulling in $500,000 and you, and they, don’t seem to have a problem with it.

      1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        I don’t have a problem with it, because unlike the globalists the “union bosses” do their part to bring my standard of living up. The globalists and Wall Street send it BACKWARDS. Stupid thoughtless moron.

        1. amabO kcuF says:

          The Union bosses and the “bamksters” are driving jobs overseas. Don’t drink the koolaid

          1. MEB says:

            Dude – I’m a tea party loyalist and I love your comments, but your moniker is extremely offensive. Have some class and change it.

    2. skipjack says:

      Let me ask you this swifty…what would you do if you owned a corporation here in the U.S. and the regulations became so strigent that you could barely survive? Would just say “screw it” and close the doors? You are stupid…but, not that stupid. You would figure out how to stay afloat. Well, some of these corporations are figuring out how to stay afloat, and ONE of the methods is outsourcing to where the labor is cheap. It’s not the corporations fault nor the banks. Matter of fact, swifty, the bankers have nothing to do with it. You are about as sharp “as a bag of wet mice”.

      1. sleepingtolive says:

        Yeah, those corporations like Nike and GE making billions of dollars a year could barely survive so they had to go overseas.

        The bankers were making loans, selling them and/or betting against them in order to make money.

    3. Richard Henkle says:

      You could try investing. Then you would make money off the cheap labor in other countries. You also wouldn’t have to work for a dollar day, or work at all. Just kick back on an island somewhere and collect your dividends.

      1. Luke says:

        Yeah man. Those big fat dividends. Please… You try and live off of dividends. Good luck with that buddy. You can do it if you have a couple million dollars of stock, of course that would require a couple million dollars first…

    4. tina says:

      Yeah, I heard some clueless liberal ranting about how even local manufacturing that moves to “right to work” states and pays less than union wage, is bad for US labor.

      She neglected to mention that the manufacturer moved their plant to the south because that is where the majority of the business is, and they paid less because the cost of living was much much much less than up north.

      Unions have done this to themselves.

    5. elizabethrc says:

      You need to listen to Peter Schiff, a Connecticut business owner who recently testified before Congress about what the goverment did to him.
      They FINED him for hiring too many people! That’s face, not opinion.
      They put so many regulations on his company (and on most companies, unless they are owned by an Obama supporter) that he opened a plant abroad and hired 1,000 workers. Had they not made it so hard for him to make a profit (face it, we all want to make a profit, not a loss from our efforts), those jobs would have been in this country.
      You need to study history and economics because you obviously don’t know how things work and who is causing what.

      1. elizabethrc says:

        Fact, not face.

      2. Luke says:

        OK. First your language is very misleading. Peter Schiff does not do any type of manufacturing period. He is a broker/trader. There is no overseas “plant”. These were not manufacturing jobs.

        Peter Schiff was fined for creating broker jobs that he was not legally allowed to create. Like it or not, his business (trading) is highly regulated by the SEC. He knew that he didn’t have the permission, and hired them anyway. It should have come as no shock that he was fined.

  12. Greg says:

    Don’t they realize they shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day?

    1. Jasper Ball-Baggins says:


    2. Al Santangelo says:


  13. daniele florence says:

    what about smoking in public paces Mayor bloomberg ?? i can see you choose not to enforce your own laws in favor of these parasites !!

  14. Barry's CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425 says:

    Obama ‘occupies’ social security number of a dead person.

  15. Missing The Point Guy says:

    Wear white??? But it’s after labor day!!!!!

    1. cornrow says:


  16. Josh says:

    I’d figure there are about 2,000 of these protesters nationwide – going through the math real quick – 2,000 people x 8 working hours per day x 30 days = 480,000 man hours of productivity lost with these stupid protests. Even if these people had just volunteered for Habitat for Humanity instead, just imagine how many houses for poor people that a half a million man hours could build. The hypocrisy of these people astounds me.

    1. Theodore Baar says:

      Josh – Work? Whazzat Bro? We don’t need no stinking work.

    2. BeenThereDoneThat says:

      You are sooooo right!!!

      That’s what I keep saying–If you can’t find work, at least make the most of your time. Volunteer. Plenty of organizations that would love you to burn off all that energy in a way that is positive and life-affirming, not impotent and reckless. Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, literacy programs, readers for the blind, Humane society. The list goes on…

    3. Alx1775 says:

      What astounds me is the amount of news coverage 2,000 people *spread out across the country – not even in one place* can generate. Generally, if the right gathers 50,000 people it is either ignored completely or mischaracterized by the media.

      1. Chris says:

        Go tell it to the Teatards. They’ve been wasting time with obnoxious protests longer than OWS. Sounds like you might be one of them though. More right wing hypocrisy.

        1. Chris says:

          Wow. Teatard. Did you come up with that all by your little self or did some of your hippie friends give it to you while sitting around your mommy’s basement? I could see where the Tea Party would confuse you since most of them have jobs and aren’t anti-American little trolls who only want a handout. Sadly, there is not a word in the English language to describe what a moron you are.

          1. sleepingtolive says:

            At least they represent the original tea party more accurately. They actually went on private property and destroyed some of it due to the government and corporate collusion to rip everyone else off.

            The new Tea Party calls themselves the tea party and then went and stood around giving speeches about how corporations should be free to fleece everyone.

        2. Patricia Parke says:

          Right wing hypocrisy? HAH. You should worry about the giant left wing ignorance and sloth on display. Corporations are evil but let me use my IPhone and IPAD? Everything I eat and wear is made by a corporation. But, gimme, gimme free food and clothes. The Tea Party wants lower taxes, deficit reduction and a return to the Rule of Law. Acc to you that’s bad right? Because you would rather grant the government even more power over our lives. See who’s for liberty (Tea Party), and who is not (OWS). Idiot.

        3. O T says:

          Tea Party Wasting Time – REALLY. Dude, get your head out and look around to the political landscape during the 2010 cycle. It was the LARGEST republican change in over 70+ years in congress as well as Governorships and State Legislatures. I highly doubt your OWS will have that kind of power in 2012. You are lazy, incompetent and cannot figure out how to even organize yourselves. If you guys do figure it out it will be through violence as that is your philosophy’s next progression. We are all waiting, lets see it…..

        4. littleleers says:

          Here in Seattle, our ding-a-ling Mayor has offered City Hall to these OWS people. You see, they are occupying public property known as the Westlake Mall and the filth and smell is growing. Why should taxpayers fund their “camping” on public property AND clean up after them?

          We “Teatards” can and do clean up after ourselves. You see, our mommies and daddies gave us chores and did NOT hand everything out to us. These fleabaggers need to get a life.

    4. j.v. says:

      I think the picture of the guy pooping on the police car and the debris and stench in the park are perfect pictures for this “movement.” New York City is already stretched for funds. Police overtime, city sanitation overtime, etc. will stretch them even more. Added to that, Wall Street and its bankers are moving to Asia; something this “movement” overlooks. As they make NYC into more of a cesspool, watch these high earners move out; less earners, less city revenue. NYC loses its Financial Center status; becomes a has-been backwater. Good job, “movement.” You’re giving the globalists more reason to move.

    5. Is It Over Yet? says:

      Bravo to Denver! Their Governor took charge! And their cops sent the Fleas Party home at 3am this morning! So glad to see that they don’t let the losers in society taking over like the New Yorkers do with their Fleas Party!

      1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        Looks like the “fleas” party is A LOT bigger than the teatard party.

    6. Ray Trynovich says:

      AMEN Josh!!!! The only problem is that these people don’t want to work or volunteer at HFH or somewhere else. Instead they want HFH to build them a house for free, get free money from the government(acutally you an me), free healthcare, free college education(although since they don’t want to work I guess the only reason for college is to party), free transportation, free everything. What a waste of humanity!! I hope NYC wakes up this weekend and tunrs the water canons on these people, at least they would then be clean.

    7. Richard Henkle says:

      no one has commented yet that you don’t work 30 days in a month? The post if fine but expounds the problem w/ our education system. You’ll need to subtract 6 to 8 days from you calculations, may not seem like much but that’s 20-25% which is significant.

      1. Tommy says:

        Richard Henkle, you said that “you do not work 30 days in a month” and I hate to break your lily white view of the world but when I use to work in concrete, non union, flat work and foundation work for more than 3 years in my mid 20’s, back in the 1980’s I was NOT ALLOWED days off for any reason other than a doctors appointment including Saturdays and Sundays, and NO I am not Hispanic, I am white. We typically had one day off per month at MOST during the pouring season, from March through December…and yes even in January we poured concrete here in Illinois in the 80s, and the time was paid straight time, with weeks averaging 10+ hours per day!

        1. Tommy says:

          And Richard, I have a gf in the Philippines that works at a major hotel in Manila, and she works, 16 hours per day, 7 days a week. And my brother’s gf, here in the states, is a stewardess with TWO bachelors degrees and she works 16 hours a day, 6 days a a week. You have a very very cushy life pal.

        2. sleepingtolive says:

          And you think this is O.K? You think a person should have to do this in order to support themselves, while others diddle and play and make millions often times not producing anything, but just by moving money around?

          1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

            Thank God there is at least one other person here commenting with a brain between their big ears.

    8. Monapod says:


    9. Is It Over Yet? says:

      Hey New Yorkers! Why don’t you take charge and get rid of your Fleas Party before they start producing and multiplying with fleas babies! I don’t think they have enough condoms for their Time’s Squares sex party this weekend!

      1. sleepingtolive says:

        Really “Flea Party?” You do realize that they are more aligned with what the original tea party was about than the people calling themselves “the tea party?” Read what the original tea party did and what they were about. The OWS are doing the same thing for similar reasons. Government and corporate collude to bleed you dry and you sit by saying “thank you sir, may I have another!”

    10. Jessie says:

      The Government SPENDING $1.4 for $1 collected = CHAOS. The next bubble to burst.

    11. 10% 'er says:

      Every time I hear someone complain about the greedy banks being bailed out I shake my head. Yes they were given government funds, but they paid them back with interest. Much better investment than the returns on green energy, GM, or the many other programs the government spends $ on with no return for the taxpayers. Class warfare is pathetic. Do these mindless protesters realize that banks and the evil wall street are responsible for hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs in America. Why not be mad at the GREEDY government that spends taxpayer money without any control or discipline.

      1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        Government has A LOT less money than Wall Street but manages to hire MORE Americans than Wall Street – YOU DOPE.

        1. amabO kcuF says:

          “Government has A LOT less money than Wall Street but manages to hire MORE Americans than Wall Street”

          Therein lies the problem – YOU DOPE

          1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

            What stupid? That government is actually providing jobs while the private sector and Wall Street are not?

        2. Tommy says:

          Timothy you are an ignoramous. The reason why the USA is broke is because the govt hires millions of people that should be in the private sector or unemployed. They are typically useless minorities that and the phone or deliver mail for $75,000 per year and last I checked the US Postal service is BANKRUPT! Oh and so is the US Govt….too many shat heads to baby sit.

      2. sleepingtolive says:

        Hmmm…I need a bailout too, I can pay it back. Why is the government not bailing me out?

        It is irrelevant whether they paid the money back. They should have gone down in flames and suffered the harsh lover that is free market capitalism, just like they say everyone else should. Yet once again, socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us.

        There should have been no bailout. They messed up, they pay the consequences. If I am running a business and I make bad business choices, I go out of business and you, the banker and wall street would say that is the free market at work. But not for them, they make bad business choices and they get bailed.

    12. JoeThePleb says:

      where do you get that “figure”? There were over 1,000 at Austin City Hall alone.

      If there were plenty of good jobs available these people wouldn’t be out there. the latest polls show you are in the minority. Most American’s identify or sympathize with the Wall Street protesters.

      The point is not what they could be doing volunteering their time. That my friend is a lazy mans argument. They are protesting what the so called leaders allowed to happen to our economy. The buck stops with those making the decisions that paid them the big bucks. American employees, shareholders and customers deserve better thank what they got from these over paid executives.

    13. ncgma says:

      Well stated.

    14. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      Yeah but it wouldn’t change what MUST be changed you DUMBASS MORON.

    15. matt says:

      dude what? Are you kidding me? These great Americans are standing up for the country to be saved in order to keep around programs like habitat for humanity instead of letting this country keep being occupied by the corporations which have hijacked our countries agenda and government.

    16. Verso says:

      You have to pay a fee to volunteer to work for Habitat For Humanity.

    17. Verso says:

      Josh – if they did want to volunteer to work for Habitat For Humanity, do you think Chase could lend them the money for the required volunteering fees?

    18. Mike Burns says:

      I agree with you Josh, this is the “Flea Party” at its best. Living on the streets,urinating and defecating in the park. They make the hippies of the 70’s look good. At least the hippies knew why they were protesting. Ask any of these vermin and they don’t have a clue about the country’s economy and most of them voted for “Hope and Change”….well they got it !

  17. Buddy P says:

    Oh oh. This is getting really out of control. These anarchists better watch out. The city on New York doesn’t pay their police force to lose.

  18. Julio Pezuka says:

    “Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.”
    -Jawaharal Nehru
    Seems they don’t play cards or life very well. Scum.

  19. Bob says:

    Try occupying a job?

    1. JoeThePleb says:

      I think most of them would love that Bob, are you hiring?

    2. ncgma says:

      Some might have a difficult time answering the “Have you ever been arrested?” question on applications. Or passing a background security check.

  20. FREE says:

    Where are the water cannons???

    Use it then send the fleabaggers the bill for it!

  21. Theodore Baar says:

    My money and I won’t be caught dead in New York City until the last progressive demonstrator is gone. Let Bloomberg tax them.

    I think the large firms should call Dallas. I’ll bet a sweet deal for relocation could be made. Before someone whines about the museums and opera, at a 12.7% City+State tax (dissapears in Texas) you could build one each per year at your new loation.

  22. Josh says:

    The top 1% pays more in taxes than the bottom 95%…and these amazingly idiotic protesters are carrying signs reading “we are the 99%” and “tax the rich”???? How much more painfully obvious can it be that these people are completely disconnected from reality?

    1. JoeThePleb says:

      Josh the point is working people created that wealth and they want to share in it. Makes since to me. You think these Wall Street Execs did a well enough job to serve tax payer bail funded bonuses?? As a customer and mortgage holder I do not.

      1. Tommy says:

        I agree that it would have been very very nice to have been paid a lot MORE for my efforts in all the positions that I have held in my life. I can imagine that my life would be much better, but there would have to be laws passed that hold ALL managers, and ALL owners to no more than 10% or 20% more than the employee directly under them, so as to contain costs and spread the income across the company. That way if the boss and manager wanted more, then it would force those above to pay the unskilled more….but there is a problem with the formula, because the unskilled worker MOST FREQUENTLY NEVER brings much if anything to the table. If they have a degree they would be lucky, and even with a PhD they do NOT bring the capital to create the office space, the cubicles, lighting, desktop computers and servers with the software, air conditioning, you know what I am saying, the employee usually just brings their azz and if they offer any capital it is their intellect and back and nothing more, so they are replaceable. The OWNERS bring ALL the capital to create the business and they bring the initial idea that founded the company, and since it is their risk, it should be their reward.

        1. JoeThePleb says:

          You are correct with respect to the supply side perspective. However, all the wealth the owner acquires comes from the work of those who “bring their asses” as well as the consumers who must be able to afford whatever product or service is being made available.

    2. Lucy says:

      How about some source data to back up your “informed” post?

    3. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      The top 1% control 85% of the wealth you moron – figure out what 85% of a $14 Trillion economy is you dope. At that rate they should pay ALL federal income tax revenue.

      1. Tommy says:

        You are one of the most ignorant people that I have ever met. The top 10% DO PAY all the Federal taxes already. The bottom 50% pay nothing and actually get money back.

        1. sleepingtolive says:

          The top 10% of Americans control nearly 90% of the wealth. So isn’t it fair if they pay 90% of the taxes?

        2. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

          That should read ignorant “person” but you’re the real ignorant person. The top 10% control something like 80% of the wealth – 80% of our GDP. Our GDP is $14 Trillion. The federal government only brings in something like $2.5 Trillion. What they pay in taxes is a drop in the bucket compared to what they “earn”. So now that you’re schooled go forth and stop being stupid. I won’t hold my braeth though.

    4. sleepingtolive says:

      And they control almost half of the wealth in America. They should pay more taxes than everyone else. The top 10% of Americans control nearly 90% of the wealth. So isn’t it fair if they pay 90% of the taxes?

  23. Stew says:

    While they’re at it, remind them not to ever buy a gm or Chrysler..

  24. cornrow says:

    i always stand up for black people!………not worth getting stabbed over a seat….

  25. James - Longdrycreek Ranch - Texas Panhandle says:

    These Loafers are unwilling to work or think clearly. I dread from them to move about NYC because who knows what viruses they have and will carry with them, infecting the larger population.
    There are new strains of TB that are resistant to drugs. How many of these long time hippies carrying this strain of TB and sharing it with the larger public. What NYC is a public health issue. The Mayor and the innocents who support these happy band of hippies are not thinking clearly.
    Line them up for a health screening. I imagine the results would be terrifying. Dairy and range cattle have a better health than this drifters.

  26. Early Ardmore says:

    It’s the privately owned Federal Reserve that prints money out of nothing and then lends it back to Americans at interest that is the enemy.

    Until this is understood nothing will change.

  27. Art Agel says:

    I don’t get it.

    They’re protesting Wall Street for the war. Last I looked, a road in NYC was not the Commander in Chief.

    They’re not protesting Obama who is actually conducting those wars – and actually started several like the ones in Libya, Yemen and Pakistan?

    Yah…sry, but you liberals are grasping at straws again.

    1. Richard Henkle says:

      Yessir, and don’t forget Iran under a false-flag

  28. Annie Fields says:

    Uh… Not convinced the aggregate of their withdrawals will matter a nickel in the grand scheme of things to Chase, but at least THIS act of protest is rooted in some kind of sensible thought. The rest of it? Gosh, imagine what it might do for them if, instead of wrecking everything, everywhere they are, they walked around with trash bags, not only picking up after themselves, but OTHERS. PLANTING things rather than RUINING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of landscaping, HANDING OUT BOTTLES OF WATER to the HOMELESS… you know… DOING SOME FRICKIN’ GOOD?????????????

    Oh… wait… that’s Tea Party. The only mass movement in the history of the civilized world to ever organize under the banner of demanding LESS from government not more.


    1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      See, you’re SO STUPID you don’t realize you are being USED by the waelthy and big business interests to protest LESS taxes FOR THEM and LESS government FOR YOU.

      You are basically doing their dirty work for them – YOU are just a pawn that they will discard if and when they have their way.


      Make NO mistake – YOU ARE STUPID.

  29. Art Agel says:

    I don’t get it.

    They’re protesting Wall Street for the war. Last I looked, a road in NYC was not the Commander in Chief.

    They’re not protesting Obama who is actually conducting those wars – and actually started several like the ones in Libya, Yemen and Pakistan?

    Yah…sry, but liberals are grasping at straws again.

    1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      Yeah stupid old man Art or stupid Art with an old man’s name – because the wars are the ONLY thing they have a grievance about, right?

      1. Tommy says:

        Timothy you are one hateful and ignorant LIEberal.

  30. stop2think says:

    That is an ambitious agenda. One thing I do not see on the agenda, “Got to work 8 hours to pay my debts”…oh, that’s right they rather suck the teat of America.

    1. Jerome says:

      Correct you are.



  32. James Norden says:

    “Move your money, CHASE’s money is our money!” –

    Factually incorrect, dummies.

  33. carolina says:

    Full Force Fire hoses, turn on the hydrants, spray with Simple Green, Lice, bedbug, flea and other varmint killers and clean up the place.. New York, you see where your “tolerance and open-minded” gets you? How do you like it now? SOROS’ USEFUL IDIOTS..drinking the drug-laced Kool-aid and cheering as they do.. what a bunch of losers! If I had any sympathy for the original principles and ideas, it has all disappeared now.. they are just scum of the Earth.

  34. ALBERT DAILEY says:

    Bloomberg, call in the National Guard

    1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      Yeah just like retarded rightwingers, wanting to bring in the fascist Nazi stormtroopers because people are practicing their Constitutional rights to assemble and protest. You PINHEAD.

      1. Tommy says:

        Timothy you LIEberal. Who are you calling Nazi Stormtroopers? The National Guard is composed completely of YOUR NEIGHBORS? You are one heck of a clown regurgitating all that baloney you spew.

        1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

          So if you were a German citizen in Nazi Germany and Hitler told you he had to kil l Jews to make things better you’de be totally on board wouldn’t you? You’re stupid.

  35. Shane says:

    The fawning coverage of the OWS protest is sickening. If anyone ever needed more proof of Big Media’s bias, this is it. Will CBS be sending pizzas over on Saturday along with cameras and reporters eager to stand with the protesters? Shame on you CBS.

    1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      Fawning coverage? They were completely ignored by the media for the first 3 weeks you stupid buffoon. IT IS a story – DEAL WITH IT.

  36. mike buxbaum says:

    Yes!! I’ve seen it somewhere. Equality, Social Justice, Wealth must be shared; Oppressed workers of the world unite! Oh- yes. Soviet Union gone through this I believe. What killed them is the luck of economic greed. It was total equality. Everyone made the same money. Eventually no one cared to work anymore. The country fell apart.
    Instead of wasting time, these people should be looking for jobs and or improving their work skills, so they can get a job.
    Take it from me. I came from this social experiment called Soviet Union 30 years ago with 6 dimes in my pocket. I kiss this country’s ground every time I remember where I came from.

    1. poorhardworker says:

      Glad to have you, Mike! And you are so right about what this all sounds like…either Communism or Fascism…take your pick.

  37. Ben says:

    I wonder how many of these people actually vote in every primary and general election. If they do not, or can’t be bothered to, then they are a joke, and they deserve whatever self perceived injustice they feel slighted by, and they lose all credibility for their argument (which is already an incoherent mess) and their frustrations. I bet the excuse for not voting, for those that do not, is that doing so is pointless, because their vote doesn’t have any effect.

  38. John P Hathaway says:

    “We have accepted today the existence in perpetuity of a permanent underclass of scores of millions who cannot cope and must be carried by society — fed, clothed, housed, tutored, medicated at taxpayer’s expense their entire lives. We have a dependent nation the size of Spain in our independent America. We have a new division in our country, those who pay a double or triple fare, and those who ride forever free.” Pat Buchanan

  39. Cartman says:

    Chase is surely quaking in fear – of course, none of these easily led idiot anarchist wanna be’s HAVE any bank accounts! Maybe their mommys and daddys will close theirs.

  40. ALBERT DAILEY says:


  41. detroyes says:

    If this were a Tea Party demonstration, there wouldn’t be a mess (nor any clashes with police)

    1. Eric says:

      tea party “protest” are more like picnics, its more of a family event and it happens over one or two days, usually a weekend because tea party folks got jobs and responsibilities.

      1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        Ever stop to consider they are protesting because they WANT a good job and CANNOT find one? You IMBECILE.

  42. Todd says:

    Try occupying a farking JOB, fleabaggers.

  43. nunya says:

    Ahh yes. protesting because lifes unfair. Idiots

  44. nubbie says:

    They should be protesting in Washington. They are responsible for the mess we are in. The trouble with these folks is that they are ignorant of facts–just fueled on and paid by union organizers. If they want to be like socialist Europe, go there. You can get a free ride. obama and the Dems must be joyous right now.

    1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      It’s INEVITABLE that things will change and YOU will be on the wrong side of history with all other idiotic conservatives. Mark my words. WE WILL “become like Europe” – it’s the SMARTEST, MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY. And EVERYONE has an opportunity.

      1. amabO kcuF says:

        Lunatic. The rioting is worse in many places in Eurpoe. Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money.


        1. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

          Nice regurgitated talking point pinhead.

  45. John says:

    I think I need to go ‘Occupy’ a bathroom stall, immediately

    1. Terby says:

      Or a shower!!!

  46. Nick says:

    Let me get this straight. A few useless non-working para sites has a Right to remove from me and how many other people, the Right to enjoy NYC on the weekend? No, these free loading b u ms are not really Fascist Dictators, no, really.

  47. Nick says:

    Let me get this strai ght. A few useless non-working parasites has a Right to remove from me and how many other people, the Right to enjoy NYC on the weekend? No, these free loading b u ms are not really Fascist Dictators, no, really.

  48. E says:

    John, you missed the point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Darius says:

    The fault, dear protesters, is not in the rich people, but in yourselves that you are underlings!

  50. john says:

    so when do they clean up the mess that they have made?

    1. MaryA says:

      THEY don’t! The cities where they’ve chosen to stage a live-in will be required to use taxpayer dollars to clean up their fleabag mess. This is what Obama & Pelosi condones? Losers!

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