NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Shortly after protesters learned they’d be able to stay in Zuccotti Park indefinitely, violence broke out Friday morning as a group marched away from it.

Photos: Protesters, Police Clash | Zuccotti Park Occupied | Celebs At Occupation

Demonstrators clashed with officers while marching to Wall Street’s landmark Bull. Police said arrests — of which there were more than a dozen — were mainly for blocking traffic.  Protesters chanted “The whole world is watching” during the arrests.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond: Fourteen Were Arrested

Among the most notable incidents on Friday happened when one man lost his balance, and was run over by a police scooter.  The man could be seen screaming on the ground after the tire of the scooter apparently rolled over on his foot.

“He was just walking and the cop ran him over,” one witness said.

It’s unclear how the man came to be on the ground in the first place or how his leg ended up under the bike.  Police descended on the protester and got him out from under the bike. Some witnesses told Sandberg the man was beaten during the arrest.

“We had somebody knock over a scooter, there were some arrests here — I don’t know what the charges were — there were people in the street the police officer was trying to get them out of the street, this was down near the exchange,” New York City Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Browne said.

The National Guild of Lawyers said they believe the man, who is not being identified, was a legal observer at the scene to to offer assistance to protesters who are arrested. The Guild says the man was arrested after the incident which remains under investigation.


Protesters, apparently jubilant over being able to stay in the park after their furious cleanup efforts, took their brooms, flags and signs and started fanning out at around 7:30 a.m.

Park owners, with Brookfield Properties, backed down, saying political leaders asked them to. Mayor Bloomberg talked about it on his radio show.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg was there when a peaceful march turned violent

“My understanding is that Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials threatening them and saying ‘if you don’t stop this, we’ll make your life more difficult,'” Bloomberg said.

“I think that was a wise decision, I think it saved mayhem. I think it saved people from being hurt,” Community Activist Rev. Herbert Daughtery told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported the protesters were saying things to the effect that now that they’d cleaned up the park, they were going to clean up Wall Street.

“It’s not about giving up, it’s about holding the ground,” protestor Pooja Desai told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

“They can arrest all they want, it’s only going to give us more strength,” protester Bob Smith said.

A group of protesters headed south on Broadway toward the New York Stock Exchange, carrying their brooms. Police were taken off-guard, Sandberg reported. The group swelled quickly and wound up in a confrontation with police as they tried to gain access to Wall Street.

The standoff occurred near Bowling Green as they turned left on Beaver Street as police urged protesters to stay out of the street and stay on the sidewalk.

New York City police officer runs over a Legal Aid Society observer as Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march through the streets near Wall Street, Friday, Oct. 14, 2011. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Police scooters were shaped like a V and moved toward the protesters in the standoff. Sandberg reported police clashed with some protesters, wielding their night sticks and batons.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman On The Arrests That Followed Elation

First Precinct Commander Ed Winski checked a protester who refused to stay on the sidewalk. When the protester came back into the street, Winski hurled his megaphone down and wound up rolling around in the street with the protester, throwing punches. Other officers surrounded the two, throwing punches. The protester was arrested.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he threw down his megaphone in order to help make an arrest,” Browne said.

Police say the protesters were throwing bottles and bags of garbage at officers, triggering the police response, Sandberg reported. Police say they were trying to control the situation when it got out of hand.

Many of the protesters wound up circling back and returning to Zuccotti Park, Sandberg reported.

Tell us your reaction to the skirmish in our comments section below.

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  1. natb1 says:

    I thought this was a jobs fair? They’re not hiring anyone?

    1. The Realist says:

      OWS is already paying them. Didn’t you know that PROFESSIONAL ACTIVISM is a hugely lucrative industry?

      1. bonnie1 says:

        Apparently they think its worth billions and billions for investors, ha!

    2. nay23 says:

      No one is hiring anyone. “Job creators” are too busy collecting record profits & sitting on all their billions while crying victim.

      1. Bill says:

        If you don’t have jobs to give out, but are making money, what’s the problem? Just because they are making money doesn’t mean they have an opening. Wake up.

        1. Dr meh says:

          Yes the 1 percent is making the money and they are not sharing. That is what the protesters are marching against. Wake up

          1. sendMoneyCuzIWantIt says:

            Why do they have to share? Are employees expected to chip in when the company loses money? Businesses exist to make money. They are not obligated to provide jobs. They do so when they need to, but if they can make the money without hiring more, that’s their right. Maybe you should wake up, you aren’t owed anything. None of us are. You get what you earn, that’s it.

          2. pacorona says:

            Sharing??? While they work hard and others do not?? What is this country coming to?? Why on earth should we have to share with people who do not carry their own weight!! Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country, so said John Kennedy!!! That should still remain the motto for today!!!

            1. Eric G says:

              I agree. Those capitalist parasites have got to go. There’s no reason why the workers who do all the work should have to share anything with those do-nothing financiers!

              1. pacorona says:

                🙂 Cute

      2. RFN says:

        Good for them. But, it couldn’t possibly be because of economic uncertainty now could it?

      3. empty pockets says:

        People run a business to make money not to offer jobs willy nilly. #1 reason I and other employers are not hiring is because I have no idea what the cost of each employee will be come Jan. 2013. Healthcare costs are rising and the regulations put on my business this past year requires me nearly full time to just keep up. This does not include the massive amount of regulations that take effect this January 2012. I haven’t even gotten to them. So far each only increases my production costs. It takes over 6 months to get an employee really into the game so its not feasible to start something and then lay off once all the figures are in. In the meantime I have cut back on production and use what I have. COASTING is my new normal. BTW: I am not a BILLIONARE or a MILLIONAIRE. For me to employ more workers is like you buying kid clothing while you are a student in college. Unless you have the need it is not a prudent use of your funds.

        1. mbs says:

          You really don’t expect these overeducated, unemployed protesters to understand all that basic ecnomics, do you? Their degrees are in women’s studies and community organizing and things like that, not anything useful. You know, everyone I know who really wants a job, has a job. Funny how that works.

          1. your condescending attitude sucks says:

            lol, you seem to be the ignorant one. you honestly believe that the millions of unemployed are unemployed because they want to be? I am a lucky one and have a job right now… mostly because I am in a field that still has demand. If you are an under educated or adequately educated in a bad field you are royally screwed. I know people who have been unemployed despite their trying, their degrees, and their willingness to work below wage. I know co-workers who had to be let go and still can not find work due to the market. It is amazing to me how your elitist attitude works. Your condescension is very telling. It tells me that you have no understanding of the world that s forming around you and is preparing to swallow us all. What will you do when you lose your job? Are you so sure you will not be replaced by someone for a lot less than you can afford to accept? Maybe you are a perfect employee working for minimum wage and have somehow managed to save enough for security moving forward…. my guess is you are like 99% of us trying to eek out a living praying for a raise for your efforts. If not, i suggest you find pity in your heart for the underprivileged and be endlessly thankful for you lot in life.

            LOL @ everyone being in woman’s studies. You really need to get a clue. Your neighbors are not so different from yourself.

            1. Murgatroyd says:

              “If you are an under educated or adequately educated in a bad field you are royally screwed.”

              Yeah, alll those EEEEVIL Wall Street billionaires FORCED the poor OWS dipwads to major in Sociology and Psych and English Lit and other “bad fields,” and FORCED them to go tens of thousands of dollars in debt for their degrees … and then wouldn’t hire them as sociologists and psychologists and poets! The B*STARDS!

              How does a billionaire get an English Lit major to leave his front doorstep? He pays him for the pizza!

            2. Stunned says:

              You really don’t have any friends that think they’re worth more than they are offered? You really don’t have any friends that choose not to accept a job until they can take an increase in pay? Really….. I’m working with the ladies at the YWCA and they’re excited because of the new benefits that they can get on the new plan where they don’t have to work until they choose….. they too are included in the millions of un-employed…. just meet new people. Condescending sounds like they’re telling a pretty accurate view of their own world….. and in my sphere of influence, gotta tell you that I agree with the same.

          2. Anthony says:

            Mbs, your obviously either a crackhead or a idiot. My guess is probably both.

            1. Roberta says:

              Well, we know that you aren’t an English major…it is “or an idiot”.

              1. Dr meh says:

                Yeah but he is still right, mbs he is an idiot so there….talk about missing the point

        2. alvin says:

          I ran a business for years i didnt know from week to week what my costs and experance what the hell do you want a garenteed income

      4. Vince says:

        Yup and the poor little protester got run over. Funny his pant leg’s had no marks on them and he quickly got his feet out from under the bike when the foot patrol came over to him.

        Can anyone say Robert Stephens? You know the poor black man whose parent’s house was foreclosed on. Remember the $500,000+ home they only owe $70,000 on and his OWN mother said in an interview that they were NOT BEING FORECLOSED ON.

        To the little actors I say … a little over the top, not really believable. Maybe your mommy can pay for acting lessons as well as your college education.

      5. Ste4 says:

        Your correct, Hiring is slow at this moment. We need some answers to bring Jobs back, and getting this economy going again

      6. themadjewess says:

        No one is hiring anyone. “Job creators” are too busy collecting record profits & sitting on all their billions while crying victim.
        I hope they are not dumb enough to hire you, you are an ungrateful brat that was never spanked.

    3. Pilat Horia Stefan says:

      This is staged to angry the protesters hoping they will become violent. Because if the protesters become violent the police or military will have reasons to gas all of them and arrest them in mass. NO VIOLENCE! Stand your Ground!

      1. an average tax payer says:

        At he Occupy rally in Sacramento, They’re arresting everybody at the 11pm Ceazar Chavez park closing. Even though its only a few dozen people, police are controlling the situation, while the mayor and governor says nothing.

        1. Vince says:

          The Police should uphold the law. The park closes, they do not leave they get arrested.

          End of discussion…

          Or maybe they should allow me to break into your home and stay there? What do think of that? Remember it is only a law that keeps people out of your home.

          1. sarllat says:

            Public property and private property are not the same thing.
            Not all laws are of equal import, and not all laws are enforced 100%.
            For instance, jaywalking is against the law.
            Do you think allowing someone to get away with jaywalking is the same as allowing them to get away with murder?
            You probably do.
            You seem to have way more opinion than intelligence.

          2. Jennifer Hathaway says:

            I quote some actual information here: “Zuccotti Park was created by the developers of 1 Liberty Plaza. IN EXCHANGE FOR FAVORABLE RELAXATION OF ZONING RULES. THIS PARK IS OPEN 24/7 They made the rules so they could over-build at ONE LIBERTY PLAZA. Now reap what you sowed.” In other words, this privately held park is required to remain open 24/7- BY LAW- because the rich crooks who bend the law worked a deal. And the people who are there are doing what they’re doing because the rich crooks who bend the law worked a different deal- the robbery of the United States. If you’re on the side of the rich crooks, you’re either uninformed or a rich crook yourself. I suspect it’s the former, which is not your fault with a b.s. filled media that writes absolute garbage like the stuff above. There are numerous eyewitness reports about what has actually been happening there, and none of them corroborate what you liars and the on-the-take-police are making up here.

      2. themadjewess says:

        ‘Because if the protesters become violent the police or military will have reasons to gas all of them and arrest them in mass’
        GOD willing.

    4. mbs says:

      I suspect the quickest way to clear the protesters out would be to start a job fair in the middle of the park.

    5. AV says:

      A rowdy crowd of useless people with no true direction in life….as you can see they needed pressure to clean up the mess they made…would love to see their actual living quarters. Get a life !

      1. Dr meh says:

        True they have no direction in life. This economy and cooperate greed is robbing this generation of opportunities their previous generations had.

    6. Big Nards says:

      Naw, just a cop taking his night stick for a workout.

  2. Sue says:

    Sick country, America’s Goverment condones these people and their actions. And then spreads rumors about the Tea Party Wow America has some BIG PROPLEMS.

    1. Regulas says:

      True, have been at two DC Tea Party rallies and we left it as clean as it was before we started.
      Then you have these smelly hippie commies who trash the place just like union rallies do. Oh wait, one in the same.

      1. Brian Waldman says:

        Why would govt be against those protesting for govt expansion. Tea party protests for govt reduction. The answers are simple.

        1. Sean Smith says:

          Might be helpful to actually know something, anything about these protests before you post. Ending corporate welfare is NOT a socialist idea. The Tea Party and the OWS movement have much more in common than they have differences.

          1. Sailordude says:

            Socialism is all about taking over industry, where are you coming from? Get your head out of the sand, you are totally brainwashed. Tea party is for smaller government you guys are for bigger government social programs and less self reliance.

          2. BilL B says:

            They have Nothing in common. Don’t even try to say they do. As Joe Wilson told BHO “You Lie”.

            1. Sean Smith says:

              Your enthusiasm is respectable, but your knowledge is lacking. Do some research and you’ll see that the MSM is purposely reporting on only the whacky socialist aspect of the OWS movement. At it’s heart the OWS crowd is against many of the same things the Tea Party is against. Washington is rightfully afraid of the two camps uniting even if for one cause. That’s why only the fringe elements are being publicised.

              1. Shawn Smythe says:


              2. Jaiden says:

                No true scotsman, eh?

              3. Vince says:

                So asking for student loans to be removed is not Socialist??
                So asking those paying 35% in taxes to pay more isn’t Socialist?

                WoW!! Can you tell me where you received your education? My children are almost college age and I sure don’t want them to go to the same schools as you.

          3. Thread says:

            You have no clue what the Tea Party movement is about if you think the “occupy groups” have anything in common.

            1. Sean Smith says:

              So the Tea Party is FOR taxpayer funded corporate bailouts? I must have missed that segment on the Rush Limbaugh’s show. Privatized profits and socialised losses… very T.P.

          4. Todd Clemmer says:

            Another moron. The president you voted for is all about corporate welfare. That’s so he could stir up you slackers with that agitprop they have been feeding you from birth. You are played so easily.

            1. Sean Smith says:

              I know you’re not talking to me. I am a registered Republican, but that does not mean I’m going to defend the unregulated greed of the financial sector especially when they stole a huge chunk of our nations wealth and caused a global financial crisis. Google “credit default swap” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Vote for Obama? Not to save my life!

              1. RobNclt says:

                You might want to read more about Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Barnie Frank, and a few other Democrats who pushed affordable housing to the hilt, forcing banks and mortgage companies to give out more and more unstable loans. When the banks and mortgage companies understood Freddie and Fannie were banking almost all these loans they couldn’t lose so they stepped up their effort to do more of these risky loans. They were spurred on by Clinton, Bush, and the Democrat congress in the past 5 years. When that bubble burst the world went haywire. No one is dealing with Barnie Frank, Franklin Reigns (Barnie Frank’s boyfriend who was ceo of Freddie). That where the problem is, Democrats in congress and the president, march there. That’s where the Tea Party is focused and that’s where we WILL Make changes. You guys aren’t going to change anything on Wall Street.

                1. KPel says:

                  Exactly! Well said. And now there’s the opposite going on and noone can get a mortgage because of the Frank-Dodd act. And of course everyone is blaming it on the bankers and Wall street and not the politicians or the people like who are pulling their strings. And we have hypocrites like Pelosi who just last year called the people of the tea party rallies nazi’s and this year she says these OWS are wonderful! Really? Why is that? Because it is part of her agenda of course. By the way, the Frank-Dodd act was pushed by Obama. This is why lending has come to a halt. Blame it on him!

                2. natb1 says:


                  in 2008, I noticed the phrase, “sub prime lending” was in the news for about a week. When it was understood WHO in government was forcefully promoting the practice, and WHO in government was raising red flags, the phrase disappeared suddenly.

                  It would take all of 30 minutes for a pretty complete history on “Redlining”, “sub prime lending”, “Gvt-Sponsored Enterprises”, “Community Reinvestment Act”, etc….

                  Its not rocket science. You just have to be objective and willing to research. Thats not as fun as partying and rioting though.

          5. forpleforpresident says:

            lets see OWS: big government handouts… social justice
            …tea party small government individual rights
            YUP i can see the things they have in common all ready

          6. bonnie1 says:

            You can’t end corporate welfare by making Big Gov bigger and allowing them more “regulations” and control. At what point do you stop saying government is regulating corporations and start admitting government is running corporations (vice versa same diff)? Fascism? Socialism? Whatever. Corporatism comes from Big Gov.

            1. Reality Check says:

              Corporations are running government, period. National politicians simply cannot be elected without corporate money, and the ones who don’t toe the line, will soon find themselves out of office. Here in North Carolina, we had a longtime state legislature, a mother and a pillar of the community, depicted as a prostitute by ads from corporate-funded PAC ads. It was relentless. Not only did it defeat her in the elections, it forever tarnished her personal reputation. If she, as an elected government official, was truly more powerful than the corporations, that simply would not have happened.

              1. BJ says:

                Such Bull.

                Unions are running government, period. National Dems simply cannot be elected without Union money, and the ones who don’t toe the line, will soon find themselves out of office.

                I won’t even waste my time documenting the crap that has come from Union sponsored PACs. Teachers, laborers, police/fire, public employees – none of the Unions are above the fray.

                1. malcolmspeakeasy says:

                  Everybody is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts.

                  So what planet are you from?

          7. Steve Daniel Sr. says:

            The TEA Party wants to preserve individual freedom *AND* personal responsibility. These whiners want a free ride and all debts forgiven, just like Wall Street got. Why do these hypocrites protest Wall Street? They are EXACTLY like it!

            1. AinDallas says:

              they don’t want a’free ride’. If that is the case why don’t you tell me what ‘free things’ they are asking for you twit?

              1. FormerHostage says:

                What freebies do they want? Well, free college for one.

          8. Gene says:

            Wrong… Ows people are just nasty smelling Animals. Sorry to the animals for that analogy. Tea Party people are peace full and respectful of other peoples rights and property

            1. malcolmspeakeasy says:

              I’ve heard that the Klan was always polite at lynchings.

          9. Hening says:

            The OWS mob is a “happening” that attracts communists, drug dealers, radical anarchists and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists all supported by labor unions and Soros. The arrests and violence are the trappings of what the Tea Party and those that support the Constitution abhor. There have been other mobs like this in US history but never one that has been as useful to the administration in power to deflect attention from their failures. Before you preach to others about getting educated, you should try it yourself.

            1. Otto Yamamoto says:

              I go to score Hot Marihuana and catch up on the latest Socialist Diseases.

          10. Heather says:

            OWS (Filthy, Incoherent Leeches Toking Hash-FILTH) has no agenda. “What do we want?” “Free food.” “Media attention.” “Drugs.” The Tea Party (of which I am not a member) advocates fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget and a reduced tax burden. All FILTH wants is a handout. The only commonality is the distaste for the Wall Street bailouts-which most of FILTH can’t even articulate as a motivator.

        2. Bonnie Dudley says:

          very good point

          1. Bonnie Dudley says:

            Meant @Brain

        3. Sean Smith says:

          The fringe idiots at the Tea Party and OWS get all the sound bites because it makes for great TV. Don’t let the MSM shape your opinion. gather news from various sources and think for yourself.

          1. lukuj says:

            The MSM is playing down the negatives of the OWS instead of trying to find the fringe elements as they did with the Tea Parties. They are trying to show the OWS in the best possible light, though the group’s behavior and members aren’t making that easy for them.

            1. Sean Smith says:

              You are a funny guy. Saturday Night Live could use a guy like you. WAKE UP!

              1. Sean Smith says:

                That being said, it must be working, since most Americans have a more favorable view of the OWS than the tea party. Poll results are in!

        4. Sue says:

          I’m talking about how the protest are done and how they ly about Tea Party rallies.

      2. Canis says:

        Your right WROL we are at war and you are the enemy of the American people, just be happy that you are so insignificant. Otherwise you could join Ben Ladin.

        1. wrol says:

          You are the enemy you communist usurper. UBL was a fabrication of the CIA and an invention of the pentagon and powers that be used to to accomplish exactly what they are accomplishing – the genocide of millions and the destruction of our Bill of Rights and our Republic. And you fall for all of it you mental reject.

      3. Mike Hawk says:


        Yea, sure you are a soldier & marine.

        More like a truther, OWS mouthpiece and union “pseudo” thug.

        I didnt fight for these panty waste, hippy morons to have their say, thats for sure.

        Now get back to your union meeting boy. Youre missing out on the $20 donuts and coffee,

        1. wrol says:

          See you on the battle field mike; i’ll be looking for theh big mouth hiding behind mommies skirt.

      4. ThisGuy says:

        Those were Tea Party rallies. You weren’t there for months.

      5. joebotta says:

        They said the same about Vietnam protesters. Turns out the smelly hippies were right and Johnson and Nixon were liars

    2. Nobody says:

      No, no, everything is fine, everything is good. We’re not broke as a country and it’s the Tea Party’s fault, of course. These guys are really very peaceful. We’re not going to wake up with a crashed economy. The government will just hire people, and those people will pay taxes to fund their own salary! (Self-funding! It’s a miracle!)

      I don’t know which is worse, the propaganda or our government’s approval of it. It is never, ever, ever the government’s job to convince the people of anything – this is tyranny. It is never, ever, the President’s job or congressman’s job to convince us of anything. We don’t answer to them; they answer to us. History is repeating itself. The truth is as elusive as ever. Does the name “Joseph Goebbels” ring any bells? Read books – don’t believe what they told you in public school. The more I read on my own, the more I realize that I’ve been lied to. Find the truth yourself and don’t rely on anyone to tell you what it is.

    3. Nelson Stanley says:

      Yes I am a proud trsh picking up,peaceful,respectful,older citizen Tea Party member.It sems now I am a hateful racist nazi. Wow .Everything is upside down and back ass word !!

      1. Kathy says:

        I remember quite a few years ago, the head of a satanic cult said on some talk show “our basic belief is that good is bad and bad is good”. Hmmmmm

      2. Bob Chew says:

        This is the caos that Obama dreams about…but his internal poll numbers must be making him chain smoke up and down the halls of the White House,,,!!

    4. wilson says:

      i dont know what to do but i have been looking a t cain
      what do you think?` here is where you get on board the cain train and raise some cain
      thanks wilson

    5. teaisstronger says:


      The TEA will be forced to arm and fill the void left by te collapse of the Government. Only the TEA with the help of the US Military can save the Republic now. The TEA will have to declare a Provisional Government of America with the help of the US military. These Mobs are not being stopped, the police are few in numbers and the US Military is pinned down in the Middle East.

      1. debbie says:

        You are right in saying they can’t win the next election, but to add more when the violence starts in the OWS, Obama will declare Marshall Law and stop the 2012 election, thats his plan and then he will stay in office. This scares the hell out of me!!!

      2. Chris says:

        If you honestly believe that, please seek psychological help. You’re delusional.

    6. Thomas Jones says:

      Our Constitution says:
      No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge; (the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.) [The 14th (1st)]
      The Domestic Enemies of this part of our Constitution would have We the People believe that our servants can require us to get their permission to practice our RIGHT’s.
      From the citing’s for authority from the first supreme court members we find that under our legal form of government [“whenever the legislators endeavour to take away, and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any farther obedience, and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence. Whensoever therefore the legislative shall transgress this fundamental rule of society; and either by ambition, fear, folly or corruption, endeavour to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other, an absolute power over the lives, liberties, and estates of the people; by this breach of trust they forfeit the power the people had put into their hands for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the people, who. have a right to resume their original liberty, and, by the establishment of a new legislative, (such as they shall think fit) provide for their own safety and security, which is the end for which they are in society.]

      The traitorous gunmen for the domestic enemies of our constitution will always push violence on the people even so far as killing citizens to keep them from practicing their rights, Kent State showed us that.

      1. bonnie1 says:

        The Constitution give people the right to assemble (protest). It doesnt give them the right to occupy or damage private property. Or evven public property.

        1. Harappa says:

          Don’t you realize that these people are demonstrating FOR YOU as well? The huge banks and the super-rich have destroyed this country’s economy and jeopardized ALL of our jobs and livelihoods. They’re not hippies, they’re PATRIOTS, defending the idea that this country is a place where we can all live and work and be paid decently for that work, unlike you who would happily sit back thinking you’re ‘proud Americans’ while people with much better lives and much more money than you work you into the ground, out of your jobs, and out of your homes. We’ll see who the dirty hippies are when you’re living in a shack in a modern-day Hooverville by the side of the road begging to work for a dollar an hour to feed your families because a usurious bank foreclosed on your house and the greedy rich businessmen destroyed every decently-paying union job in town. It happened before, and it will happen again unless someone does something about it. And that’s what those protesters are doing; trying to change this course we’re all on.

          Being a patriot and an American is more than waving a flag and saying ‘individual!’ It means standing up for your country’s ideals, and doing something about it when the time comes. Unfortunately for this country’s future, those protesters are far more patriotic Americans than many of you.

          1. surewewill says:

            The report indicates that a group broke off with brooms and mops to clean up Wall Street, clearly not on the park grounds. The euphoria of victory surmounts common sense often in mob environments, okay, “group” environments and things happen. They want more rapid action, it cannot be that pleasant in the park all day and night long. I read that in the rain, protestors took refuge in BofA lobby. Ironic isn’t it, if that happened. So they go off the reservation. Walking in the street gets more attention than the sidewalk. What does the average driver do when facing a large group of people in the street? The police are to maintain order, protect other citizens and private property and, they don’t want to get hurt either. Are there some violent cops?, sure. Most mob actions cause injuries to the police as well. Make no mistake, the leaders and backers of OWS welcome police incidents even if people get hurt
            This will continue to get more and more messy.

            1. Thomas Jones says:

              Traitors, who swear to protect our constitution from its domestic enemies then turn against our constitution and become gunmen for its enemies deserve to get hurt, don’t they?

        2. Thomas Jones says:

          Of copurse people can’t damage private property, and they never do until the enemy gunmen provoke them to lash out in frustration of being forbidden their rights.. We the people have every right to occupy public property even if it shuts down government or access to commerce. In this Nation ALL power comes from the people and it belongs to the people before those who serve.. Also, commerce is a privilege granted by our servants not a right. If the people choose to shut off access in this Nation of free people, they have every right to do it.

    7. Eddie Cuevas says:

      American Revolution 2 is under way…….

  3. More Ot for me says:

    It’s funny how these chumps all run back and try to regroup once the cops start throwing punches.

    1. Amanda says:

      Peaceful protesters are the chumps? Since when should police brutality be acceptable in our “free” country?

      1. Sergio says:

        Peaceful Protesters? Really! Crawl back into the hole you came out off.

      2. natb1 says:

        Free to polute public property. Free to Vandalize your property. Free to assult you.

        Go down there and hire someone please. Why arent you hiring?

        1. Josh says:

          Have you even been down there? They cleaned the place and have yet to take a single violent action, even when confronted with violence from the NYPD. Keep telling yourself that they are the fringe. One day, you will wake up and realize that you have nothing, while the people you watch on TV live extravagant lives.

          1. natb1 says:

            Why aren’t YOU hiring Josh? Where are the jobs? Give me a job Josh!

            1. LetsAllJustHireEachOtherLikeThisDoucheSays says:

              “Why aren’t YOU hiring Josh? Where are the jobs? Give me a job Josh! ”

              Is that supposed to be an argument…? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

      3. dare builitaiaean says:

        silly post, drunks high in public making fools of themselves.

      4. Pete says:

        @Amanda …. They are nothing more than a bunch of annoying slackers and should all go home. They CAN get jobs, consummate to their abilities. They don’t want what they can get … so instead choose not to work at all and blame others. Mediocrity with a college degree is STILL mediocrity.

        1. Sean Smith says:

          The word is “commensurate” – not consummate.

      5. NIMBY says:

        Yeah, just like the peaceful protestors at the Brooklyn Bridge … snicker

        Let’s hope the cops are video taping this to prove you guys are liars.

      6. mike says:

        get a job ya bum.

        1. AinDallas says:

          Why don’t you post some jobs here you F***ing asrehole

          1. Roy L. says:

            you want someone else to do the work of posting jobs rather than looking for them yourself. This is the problem today. Too many people want things done for them.

          2. sfcmac says:

            Get out of your mama’s basement and get a McJob.

      7. Mike Barnett says:

        Since vermin like this decided to make themselves the news of the week. I’m amazed that they haven’t been beaten more often in more places.

      8. Tim Shannon says:

        throwing bags of excrement at the police sounds like the 1968 riots in Chicago

        1. popz58 says:

          ..and just like back then the majority of AMERICANS will see them for what they are , AND for who’s backing them and BIG changes wiil be made in 2012 ! I say to them..just keep diggin’ that hole for ALL to see !!

        2. niki says:

          ‘throwing bottles and bags of garbage’ Go back and read again….

      9. AndAnotherThing says:

        You have a way to go to get to Stupid. No it is not FREE COUNTRY to do what ever you please. If you camped out on my property you would be removed.

        1. Anatole says:

          This is public property

      10. Todd Clemmer says:

        Amanda, usually people wait to jump into conversations so that they don’t look like simpleton idiots who just came to the show. Not you. Good work!

      11. bonnie1 says:

        Since when is it acceptable to throw trash or anything at police?

      12. Amanda Amanda says:

        The police is not your enemy. They are regular folks. Please look into the mirror to find the problem.

        1. Roberta says:

          You are right Amanda. The police just need educated because they are part of the 99% and we must not hate them for their lack of knowledge into this movement. The goal of the protesters is to educate Americans to what is really going on with the money.

      13. MDWhite says:

        If this wasn’t a free country, sparky, these worthless pigs would have been mowed down by machine guns days ago. Since when does “peaceful” protest involve roaming gangs of thugs and people defecating on the sidewalk?

        Just like the ’60s: getting laid and better living through chemistry brought to you by guilt-ridden, over-indulged punks living off their Daddies’ money.

      14. Roberta says:

        It should not happen especially when that is our constitutional right to have our voices heard.

    2. Gil Vasquez says:

      its funny how cops are scared out of their minds. lmfao.

      1. Batman says:

        Hey, aren’t you guys the kind of people that believe in disarming yourselves because the police should take care of violent conflict? What do suppose will happen when these people knock on your door because you’ve got food and they don’t? “lmfao.” We don’t need police. “lmfao” How about anarchy? “lmfao.” Darwinism at its finest. “lmfao.” When the anarchists knock down your door and do as they like, you’ll wish you had police. “lmfao.” You’re already disarmed and doubtlessly a pacifist, anyway, so they’ll just do as they like. “Swiper no swiping!” Of course they’ll say, “Aw, man!” and peacefully go away. “lmfao” So funny, indeed.

        1. InBreadCat says:

          Ha, you hit it Batman! Liberalism is a mental disorder! There is no way anyone can figure out or reason with their thinking. It is so convoluted they cannot even figure out what they are doing from one minute to the next…

        2. Roberta says:

          The police are needed but not to brutalize citizens who are exercising their Constitutional rights in a non violent manner.

        3. Roberta says:

          Not everyone is of the same mind on that issue but we are of the same mind of peaceful protest, the Constitution and educating Americans.

        4. Danny says:

          Batman, I have some slacker come to my home every year to get some money. I call him I.R.S. The government is supposed to be ‘by the people, for the people’ not ‘by the people, for business’ . I have a job, and I support OWS.

      2. Vik says:

        Hey Gil — go fornicate a stoned, filthy Fleabagger.

        1. Gil Vasquez says:

          Hmmm…don’t mind if I do!

        2. Gil Vasquez says:

          Don’t mind if I do!

      3. mike says:

        I hope one day you need our fine men and weman in uniform and they just ltfao at you. get a life!

    3. Roberta says:

      They are documenting the events by camera as the main street media has not done.

  4. tim says:

    Obama’s with the thugs, they employ similar techniques.

    1. Nobody says:

      Funny how so much energy is being expended by the media to prove otherwise… If it was as ridiculous an assertion as they claim it is, then why are they fighting it so vigorously?

      1. Sean Smith says:

        Because Obama is just as tight with Wall Street and the Big Banks as any republican ever was. His cabinet is like a who’s who of financial corruption!

        1. AinDallas says:

          I don’t get why anyone sides with either party… they are ALL f***ing it up.

  5. R says:

    NAFTA and the President Obama-CONgress trade deal yesterday will not created jobs because they also passed a workers transition bill to help workers get retrained who are affected by the open trade agreements.
    Obama extended the bush tax cuts for the rich (surprised?)
    Trillions in bailouts and bonus for bailout.
    Bailouts were paid to FOREIGN banks and FOREIGNERS (why?)
    The NEW WORLD ORDER is failing.
    The FEDERAL RESERVE private central bank is being exposed.
    QE1, QE2, Jobs act, stimulus….all bailouts for the mega rich.
    Why are luxury items selling well ?
    Harrisburg PA to go bankrupt ?
    Dont let them hide MBS mortgage securities as the cause of the wall street fraud. sorry but nice try.

    1. Flyover Country says:

      Don’t forget Pigford, Pigford II, Fast and Furious and Solyndra. There is a (used to be) nice park in NYC waiting for you.

    2. Roberta says:

      The government has deficits in one column, while not showing the mind boggling assets column that the American people have financed. Florida alone has enough in assets to pay for the entire debt of the entire World. That is only one state and they are playing a shell game with the money. They are hiding it in plain sight. View the CAFR from 2006-2009.

  6. TJ says:

    This is what you get when you elect a community organizer as president. Finally he is in his element.

    1. tim says:

      Couldn’t have said it better.

      1. Bob says:

        Yeah – you could have said it better, but ignorance is tough to overcome

  7. wilson says:

    LOOK like they are correll in the park like cattle
    if they dont know their are supported by george sorois
    i think a lot of thing both partys could agree on
    but both too closed minded.
    i trust CAIN

  8. Douglas Lynn says:

    Excuse me for being naive, but I don’t see these protests as doing anything productive. If you want to reform Wall Street you have to stop voting for the same people. Wall Street gave Obama record contributions last election. Our country is run by people that are more interested in the next election than anything else. They say they hate Wall Street to get votes, then have dinner with Wall Street, ask for campaign contributions, and promise to keep the gravy train as it is. Communism is certainly not the answer. Merit and hard work mean nothing in Communism. Politics is everything in Communism. Everybody but the politically connected live in poverty under Communism.

    1. pitter43 says:

      When is the last time you heard of a liberal doing anything productive? They destroy anything they come into contact with.

      1. AinDallas says:

        when have you ever heard of ANY party doing ANYTHING productive? Im not with ANY party. At the end of the day neither side cares about the people anymore. Don’t you get it? These people don’t have jobs because of the entire government – both parties have the power to fix things. you let me know when a liberal or conservative does anything positive to resolve the true issues at hand. Quit supporting the two party system – that is the root of the problem. We all need to stop identifying ourselves as Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, or Conservatives. We all need to stop throwing stones and support reform, employed or unemployed. It’s trendy to say these people are lazy pigs, but at least they are attempting to show they won’t support a failing banking system. What have you done today to show that you won’t tolerate the greed in politics?

        1. Mick says:

          Oh, I don’t know, I think most people are either AT their jobs supporting themselves or spending their days LOOKING for a job to support themselves – REALLY looking, not sending out a resume a month, camping out on Wall Street and whining that no one will “give” them a job. Any of them out there that are clutching their degrees and saddled with student loans – why don’t they do what I did (and all of my friends did) twenty years ago and take an ENTRY level job in their field for little money, then get a part-time job to supplement it, live on ramen noodles and room with three other people. It’s called working your way up.

    2. Roberta says:

      I personally have never been invited to any dinner given by the politicians…not one I could afford to go to anyway. And I haven’t even been invited to dinner with the lobbyists that these corporations can afford to pay for.

    3. Justme says:

      Well said, Douglas Lynn

  9. Swiss says:

    Since the press has lied to me with ever-increasing frequency over at least the past 30 years, when I read accounts such as, “police descended on some protesters, wielding their night sticks and batons, ” I just naturally assume that the reporter is leaving out important facts…likeas extreme provocation by the protesters.

    1. Craig Brockman says:

      @Swiss – I couldn’t have said it better!

    2. sodacrackers2 says:

      Not to mention the teachers who have lied to their students for the last 30 years. You can see the results of not teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, and science, but whole language, new math, social studies, environmentalism.

      1. Sean Smith says:

        What??? Don’t believe EVERYTHING Rush tells you to say!

  10. MS says:

    I’m sure the police just ‘ACTED STUPIDLY.’ o_O

    1. tim says:

      Time for a beer summit. Whenever Obama faces something tough, he likes to get drunk. He thinks more clearly when he’s drunk.

      1. Randall says:

        That or “run away for another vacation”.

      2. Smith says:

        sorry for you TIM, if it only takes ONE beer for you to get drunk.

  11. Nupe says:

    What they don’t seem to understand is no matter how much Wall St. is taxed or regulated, these corporations are not going to hurt themselves. Any extra costs to the corproations are going to be rebalanced within operating costs (layoffs) and cost of product. They will do what they need to do to keep their stock values up. Nothing the government does can change this. Every time the government tries, it trickles back down to hurt the middle and lower class. More end up in the unemployment line. The government needs to get the hell out of it and allow the free market to expand (or fail) on its own.

    1. jack says:

      agree completely. the market is self correcting. its government interference that perpetuates failure, impedes success, and raises cost for everyone, meaning opportunity cost and losses in revenue and lost jobs. big government should get the hell out of the way, and mind its own business: natl security, border issues, and protecting the american people, instead of leaving borders wide open for terrorists and illegals to slip in and wreak havoc, and arming drug cartels at taxpayer expense

      1. jane says:

        yes, government needs to get the hell out and stop bailing out casinos like long goldman, so that you will lose your job and portfolio together with the next crash and go find a real man job protecting a border…

    2. Roberta says:

      The United States government is the major shareholder in all 500 companies in the United States and hold interests abroad too. We are very rich because as American taxpayers we have financed this but they have not given us our share of the profits as shareholders. This is a crime.

    3. Roberta says:

      The government is part of the market…major shareholders in fact. This they don’t want to disclose to the American people for fear of prosecution under the Rico Act. We have financed all of this but as share holders have not received any of the profit. Refer to the video Corporation Nation 1&2 which can be viewed on YouTube.

  12. Stever says:

    It’s time to get this animals out of here. enough is enough, already. Send in the National Guard and crack some mellons. Thiese trust fund baby troublemakers need to go home to mommy and daddy.

    1. Danny says:

      Yep. While we are at it, lets just burn the constitution, because you surely don’t respect it. Let’s live in a police state where anyone who talks bad about their government goes to jail. That’s a nifty idea!

      1. gator says:

        Wlhat Constitution? Oboma ;has already used it for toillet paper.

      2. Heather says:

        You know that OWS (FILTH-Filthy, Incoherent Leeches Toking Hash) and the Democrats/Unions/Obama are essentially one entity, right? FILTH has been permitted on private property because it belongs to an Obama supporter.

      3. Tamerlane says:

        Stever owes you an apology Danny. I guess he thought you didn’t like our Constitution. Maybe it was all the invective in the proclamations your OWS have been continuously slinging against it; like monkeys flinging there feces at there caretakers. Time to say bad monkey, and stop feeding the lower primates so much.

    2. Randall says:

      Stever, While I personally do not agree with what they are doing and especially how they are doing it I spent 20+ years in the service defending their Right to do it. They will eventually have to clean up and after some get hepatitus and any other such desease transferred by one living in their own feces. Serves um right, besides these animals need their melons…you gotta have someone bag your groceries at the stores

      1. bonnie1 says:

        I appreciate that you fought for our rights and free speech, but I doubt you meant you fought for people to have the right to occupy private property.

  13. mdlr says:

    Its all Bush’s fault

    1. dlw says:

      mdlr, you’re an idiot. let’s not forget what party bailed out wallstreet and what is truely hilarious is they’re the one’s backing the “flea party,” this along with obamacare will be the demise of your great community organizer’s party.

    2. Gil Vasquez says:

      true indeed.

  14. PeterF says:

    It’s just a matter of time before disease sets in at this park. This used to happen all the time when an army had to sit in one place for a long time, as they did not have proper hygiene practices institutionalized.

    1. liz says:

      hope they all got their flu shots.

      1. Slade says:

        Hope they didn’t. But they’re more likely to come down with STDs or diarrhea.

  15. guest says:

    It’s almost past time to choose sides. menshevik or Bolshevik. Democrats tend to be menshevik while the occupy wall street organizers are bolshevik… one wants communism NOW and the other wants it a few years from now… gradually. No one wants freedom for the individual.

    1. Slade says:

      Indeed. BOLSHEVIK is what I see.

  16. Jason says:

    Those protestors are such losers!

  17. Thron says:

    This protest will define Blumberg’s legacy.

  18. robert says:

    when you reward port behaviour, as the mayor has been doing for weeks, you get more bad behaviour, it gets steadily worse with each new attempt to push the boundaries.

    ask any parent

  19. George says:

    What’s truly sickening is Barry’s “civilian army” of punks will become violent just to gain sympathy and make the police into the bad guy. There will be blood in the streets and Barry & Co. will side with the hired thugs he has trespassing on Wall St. This is all by design because there aren’t 2 brain cells amongst the “protesters” to rub together.

    1. Casper says:

      I am glad that these ‘protests’ will be confined to the socialist areas of our country only. This nonsense will not be tolerated in my neighborhood.

  20. chris says:

    I expect more of this, a LOT more of this. History is replete with violence from left-wing mobs. Go ahead, blame the cops, the government, bankers, whatever. The fact is that politically inspired violence typically follows the extreme left.

  21. Abraham Lincoln says:

    When the New York riots broke out during the Civil War, I sent in some troops fresh from the Battle of Gettysburg to break up the mayhem caused by the mindless ungrateful rabble. Can’t we find some troops fresh from some Afghanistan skirmish to go in and break up this crowd of ingrates?

  22. lukenev says:

    New York you have em and you can keep em. Those dirt bags would not last more than a day anywhere else. I will never visit your city.

  23. leslie says:

    Please democrat politicians, continue to embrace this “movement.” You keep embracing, while we kick your a@#^&s out of Congress and especially sweet, out of the White House. Lets hear you loud and clear, defend, as they deface, defame and defecate. Lets hear you loud and clear!!!!

    1. Sergio says:

      Excellent comment

    2. Cornholio says:

      There’s corn in my movement.

  24. Bums 'n' Winos says:

    The protestors were angry that Michael Moore dropped by — and ate all of their donated food!

  25. mark edward marchiafava says:

    the “have nots” are just beginning to demand “their share” from the haves.

    1. They have not because they work not.

    2. Iben says:

      They don’t have a share! They have never done anything to earn one! They are losers, parasites, and a waste of oxygen! A bunch of cry babies who want what others have earned, but don’t want to have to work themselves to get it! Keep loving them all you elected democrats…we will see that you can live with them after the 2012 elections!

      1. Roberta says:

        I am one of the 99% and I worked for 38 years, raised a child on my own got an education and retired on a pension. I support the protesters. They have helped me to see by opening my eyes and educating myself on the corruption that is going on with our money. Money that I have contributed through my taxes. Americans should educate themselves and then open their eyes to the true purpose of the protest.

        1. pacorona says:

          Yes, and your taxes have contributed to the financial mess called our Welfare System in which one just has to exist in order to receive money – and if you are female, you exist and procreate in order to receive even more money!! No wonder these parasites don’t want to work – they don’t need to!! Welfare began as assistance for the sick and the elderly – those who were unable to get jobs. But it has spread like a cancer to all who DON’T or WON’T work, and why should they?? We will work and care for them, even to the point of providing free cell phones and minutes!!! God help us all!!

    3. chukker says:

      More aptly: the takers are demanding what they don’t deserve or never earned from “the makers.” Greed and covetousness, covetousness and greed. The protestors and Wall Street seem to have a lot in common.

  26. Juan1 says:

    Bloomberg, another weak leader like the POTUS.

  27. Geno says:

    Oh, is there a protest going? Hmmmm – been too busy working to notice.

  28. Joseph P says:

    The article seems to make it sound like the police were being abusive. Just to stay off any potential complaints, lets all remember that for days the NYPD has been saying that their main concern was making sure the protesters were not hindering the normal flow of foot traffic. Everyone has just as much of a right to use the sidewalks as the protesters. It looks like the protesters were given one tree that they couldn’t eat fruit fromt and they just HAD to bite the apple. Personally, I hope they continue to do so because it just helps to show exactly how different this group of people are from the Tea Party individuals from a couple years about. Night and Day.

  29. Brewskie says:

    And here I was constantly told that it was the TEA Party that was violent.

  30. Nupe says:

    All this violence reminds me of the Tea Party protests. Oh wait…

  31. Jaxter says:

    Can’t wait for the typhus outbreak.

  32. Dr. Robotnik says:

    Darn those violent Tea Partiers!!!1!!!!11!!

    Oh wait…

  33. Rusty says:

    Bring in the water cannons and flush them all into the east river!

    1. ethne says:

      The east river has enough pollution issues, don’tcha think?

  34. Keefer Beefer says:

    Useful Idiots.

    1. Casper says:

      Not useful, just idiots.

      1. Keefer Beefer says:

        Oh no, they are very useful for the likes of Soros and the union thugs.

      2. Liberals Are Evil says:


  35. Jerzey Boy says:

    What’s Next, Kristallnacht? These street thugs sure look familiar;
    Nazi ideology denounced many political and economic ideologies and systems as being associated with parasitical Jewry, such as: capitalism, democracy, the Enlightenment, industrialisation, liberalism, Marxism, parliamentary politics, and trade unionism.

    1. Leslie says:

      You make a good point. The pity is that most people do not have any idea what Kristallnacht is. History will repeat itself, especially when people are ignorant of it.

    2. PeterF says:

      Don’t forget, the National Socialists (Nazis) also embraced atheism. SS used to stand in front of churches on Sundays and write down the names of those entering.

    3. Slade says:

      Then why do the leading speakers and half the attendees at these dirtbag demonstrations look Juice?

  36. Hardin says:

    This is what happens when people are unemployed. Idle minds (and hands)…But the incentive should be to get them back to work and all the stimulus in the world, including increased unemployment benefits, won’t accomplish this. Keep America productive, fire BHO!

  37. Ken Pittman says:

    Any problems after October 13 are all Bloomberg’s doing.

    1. Charlie says:

      How can you blame one person’s illegal actions on another’s legal actions? We are all responsible for our own actions.

  38. Little Slick says:

    Good for NYPD!! Gotta nip these flea-baggers in the bud. Picture this coming to your neighborhood. End it now.

    1. Gil Vasquez says:

      its coming to your neighborhood.

      1. Robert Stafford says:

        Bring em on!!! We will mow the leftist flea baggers down here too

  39. Charles Wolfe says:

    All sad that NYPD is being used to babysit these spoiled brat hipsters while real crime is happening in NYC.

    1. LovesFLSun says:

      Agreed. Bring in the National Guard. I for one feel threatened, even here in Florida..

  40. Richard_Iowa says:

    Heard on NPR yesterday that this was just like a Tea Party rally. I guess I must have missed the trash and violence at those gatherings.

    1. Todd Lashley says:

      Not to mention, we in the Tea Party, showed up, listened to speakers, cleaned up and went home. We didnt OCCUPY anything and we didnt talk about overthrowing the Constitution, only a return to it. We didnt fight the cops, we shook their hands and thanked them for their service and attendance and wished them well.

  41. stace says:

    I truly hope this turns violent and the antisemitism continues…Barry and Pelosi et al are willingly and willfully tied to these dregs…can’t wait for the campaign ads…

  42. joe says:

    These protestors only are doing this because we have a black man in the white house. This is racism straight up.

    1. Sergio says:

      I agree look at all those white faces in that crowd, They must hate the black massiah, let us pray that Obama saves us from these racist

    2. Slade says:

      Are you out of your frigging mind? Most of those dirtbags are pro-Obama.

  43. Bigdog says:

    When’s the circus in town ? They all need the big elephant hoses and brushes. What would Rudy do ?

    1. Smith says:

      …just like during the police…he’d kick over some barriers and lead them to (illegally) rush City Hall.

  44. juan1 says:

    Bloomberg, another weak leader like Obozo.

    1. Bloomberg rules says:

      Bloomberg is great for NEW York .Watch what happens when we get a new mayor the city will crumble.If it was not for him New York would be bankrupt.Don’t hate him because he is smart and has drive and made tons of money anyone of us would switch in a heartbeat.

      1. I’m taking that as sarcasm, Bloomberg rules.

      2. Vik says:

        he’s a royal class one A-hole who kisses the A$$ of whiny, bleeding heart liberals. He’s good for nothing for the citizens of NYC but he licks the feet of a bunch of stupid kids with no job, no ambition, he must love to watch them smoke pot, crap on the sidewalk and F each other. He’s just like them — another sick, dirty, good for nothing. Brookfield Properties — grow some b@lls! You almost had them out!!!

  45. Darrel says:

    Let me fix this for you. Violent filthy protestors attack cops. Liberals and democrats cheer.

  46. Steven Moshlak says:

    Call your local health department and tell them to, “End the Flea Party.”

  47. Brad Donald Lannon says:

    They get what they want, Then start a fight.


  48. Henry Thoreau says:

    This is what communism looks like.

    1. James says:

      When tax-payers fund the failures of industry, that’s Communism.

      We’re living in a society where it’s socialism for the Capitalists, and capitalism for everyone else. Wall Street has successfully socialized their losses, and privatized their profits.

      1. nunya says:

        So true, so sad.

      2. Patriotic One says:

        When tax payers fund the failures of industry, That’s Crony Capitalism(Corporatism) not Communism. Do some research. The solution certainly isn’t Socialism or Communism as both systems end up centralizing control of everything in a large central government. Otherwise, there is no perceived way to make distribution of everything “fair”. The only way Crony Capitalism(Corporatism) can exist is through government. Ideally, the less government you have the more freedom the individual will have. This is what our Founders set up and enshrined in our Constitution. We’ve allowed them to frame this as a left versus right argument, when it’s really a Stateists vs. Constitutionalists battle.

        The problem is there are now Stateists embedded in both of our political parties, one clearly more than the other. What we disagree on, is the solution to the problem of Stateism and its destruction of our freedoms.

        Some think that we should throw out our Republic and replace it with Socialism/Communism, others feel that we should return to the U.S. Constitution and its anarchy constrained by common laws.

        Personally, I believe there is ample evidence to show that Communism and Socialism are doomed to fail because at their core, they end up relying upon government. Whereas, if you adhere to the ordered anarchy of the U.S. Constitution which does its best to constrain centralized government – you end up giving the individual the full freedom to pursue their dreams.

        It is when you allow government to again grow beyond these constraints and impose things like a Progressive income tax that is exploited to the benefit of some at the expense of others – that the free market is no longer free and open. The politicians then use this code to squeeze donations out of companies in exchange for favors and the system slowly spirals into what we have today.

        Meanwhile, we all agree that Crony Capitalism/Corporatism is wrong and yet, we are still divided. How is that? When did some of us stop believing in the true meaning of the U.S. Constitution with its constrained anarchy and start buying into the Marxist/Socialist class warfare model ? A model that promises equality of outcome for all but only if you’ll give government enough power to make that happen. History has shown us the results of that road. Why not join us in the same fight and come back to the Constitution and let’s both constrain government’s abuse of power together by eliminating Stateist.

        You’ll know them when you hear them talk of giving you everything you need any want as long as you’ll give them the power to do so. Once you hear that they will be plain as the nose on your face. Then look for the candidate telling you that they want to get government out of the way and make it smaller. You’ll be surprised what a limited government, there only to protect the rule of law does for your freedoms.

    2. JMWinPR says:

      Wrong, wrong, wrong: This is how communism STARTS. After it is in place, folks like this disappear.

  49. Al Kim says:

    NYPD 1 – Protestors 0

    1. LovesFLSun says:


    2. LIZ says:


      1. Vik says:

        Good job. Get rid of their sorry, lazy, whiny a$$e$!!!!

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