NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — As Occupy Wall Street protesters marched and held rallies Saturday to commemorate the four week anniversary of the protests, nearly 70 were arrested.

Dozens of those arrests were at the Times Square rally, which was a tense scene at times with riot police and mounted patrols entering the crowd of thousands between 42nd and 47th Streets.

Two police officers suffered injuries and had to be hospitalized. One had a head injury.

PHOTOS: Times Square Rally

“Around 8 p.m., a large disorderly group at 46th St near Sixth was given at least three separate warnings to disperse and when they did not 42 arrests were made,” Deputy NYPD Commissioner Paul Browne said.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports 

“Today you saw a movement of movements. Today, in solidarity with 950 other cities across the globe, we had a movement going against corporate greed, for environmental justice, and especially for peace,” one protester told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

“Occupy Wall Street is going global and I feel it here and I feel it local and I feel it global and I think it’s great,” Tyler Lurie-Spicer of Park Slope told Carlin.

Earlier in the rally, several protesters broke through police barricades and, during one scuffle with police, a police horse was knocked over.

“At about 6:15 p.m. tonight, there were about three arrests of I would describe hardcore individuals at Times Square, 46th and 7th Avenue. They tried to take down police barriers and then they’d run to the back of the crowd and try to encourage others to push forward against the police,” Browne told WCBS 880’s Monica Miller.

“A few of them began chanting ‘fight back’ but the crowd really didn’t pick up that chant, ” he added.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Monica Miller reports

“Seems to be a corralling of people right in to handcuffs and I haven’t seen any violence that justifies that so I think its pretty unjust,” Tara McManus of Bushwick told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

“There was no permit filed, but if they don’t try to breach the barriers and take the streets, there probably would not be arrests,” Browne said after the barricades arrest.

Police at Occupy Wall Street Times Square Rally (credit: Monica Miller/WCBS 880)

Several first-time protesters turned out for Occupy Wall Street’s Times Square rally. They told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan that they decided to attend this rally to show their support, but had no intention of sleeping out.

Some New Yorkers and visitors to the city were unhappy to be rubbing elbows with the protesters, surprised to find them so far north of Zuccotti Park. Some theatergoers in a rush were unable to move.

“We had to walk how many blocks? We had to walk all the way around to get to the ticket booth,” tourist Mary Beth Ventrice told Carlin.

“It’s going to continue until it runs its course,” said Ralph Morgan of Auburn Hills, Michigan. “The sooner the better.”

“Yesterday, about 6,500 came here and we can’t fit any more so we’re going to take it to Times Square so more people can see what we’re doing, more people can see the movement and more people can celebrate,” said protester Foo Conner from Pittsburgh.

Chanting “Shame, shame!” about 1,000 demonstrators circled a Chase bank on Water Street, banging drums and carrying signs.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports

About a dozen went inside to close their accounts and withdraw their money to transfer it to worker-owned banks that support their movement.

Photos: Protesters, Police Clash | Zuccotti Park Occupied | Celebs At Occupation | Occupy Around The World

“I’m just tired of it. Jamie Dimon gave himself a record bonus and fired 14,000 people from his company after getting a huge bailout. It’s not something I want to be a part of so I’m putting my money into a credit union in my neighborhood,” one woman told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “It feels really good.”

“We march to the bank to show them we are disgusted with their policy and how their interest rates are too high and you can’t even get a checking account without paying,” protester Daniel Klein from Staten Island told CBS 2’s Mark Morgan. “I owe money to a checking account. I can’t even save money, it’s disgusting.”

What started as a mostly calm and orderly protest ended with several arrests as a group of demonstrators marched from Washington Square Park to a Citibank Branch in Greenwich Village at LaGuardia Place.

Around 2:40 p.m., police arrested 24 protesters, charged with criminal trespassing, and one with resisting arrest. Police said they had refused the  bank manager’s request to leave.

“Against her will, grabbed her and grabbed the man, arrested them both. The man’s hands were bloody. They were Citibank customers simply trying to close their bank accounts, and now they’re under arrest and in the paddy wagon as we speak,” Meghan Lenik from Brooklyn told WCBS 880’s Monica Miller.

“I was outside documenting this on my phone, but there were people inside protesting peacefully. When asked to leave, they were trying to leave and were not allowed to leave,” Lenik added.

Occupy Wall Street protestors march outside the Federal Reserve the day after successfully resisting a potential eviction from their camp in Zuccotti Park, Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

In what protesters called a major victory, the owners of Zuccotti Park backed off their initial plans to clean up the park Friday morning, a move demonstrators saw as a tactic to remove them.

“It’s not about giving up, it’s about holding the ground,” said protester Pooja Desai.

On his radio show, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the owners of the park, Brookfield Properties, bowed to pressure from political leaders.

“My understanding is that Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials threatening them and saying ‘we’re going to make your life more difficult,'” Bloomberg said Friday.

Energized over the decision, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets, clashing with police as they marched onto Wall Street.

Police said the 15 arrests were mostly for blocking traffic. During the arrests, protesters chanted “The whole world is watching.”

Among the most notable incidents on Friday happened when one man lost his balance and was run over by a police scooter.  The man could be seen screaming on the ground after the tire of the scooter apparently rolled over on his foot.

“He was just walking and the cop ran him over,” one witness said.

In a video posted online, a police officer is seen punching a protester in the side of the head. The altercation happened after the man tried to elbow the cop in the face, police said.

Police say the protesters were also throwing bottles and bags of garbage at officers, triggering the police response, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported. Police say they were trying to control the situation when it got out of hand.

Friday’s confrontations with police are still fresh in protestors’ minds.

“They can arrest us all they want, it’s only going to give us more strength,” said protester Bob Smith.

“I just think on an individual basis, we need to realize we’re not fighting the police, we’re not here to fight the police, the police are not the enemy,” said Victoria Campbell from Crown Heights.

According to their website, thousands are expected to attend the “party” in Times Square.

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    “Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program ”

  2. pete says:

    The fat cats in Wall Street and the Banks had it coming for a long time, they just did not see it. We are engulfed in corruption up to the highest offices. We are feeding the rest of the world and we are starving because our politicians are selling us out. Truth and honesty means nothing anymore. Our politicians, Democrats as well as Republicans, have become the servants of International Bankers and Corporations who could not care less for the American workers.

  3. ti-grr says:

    btw: Bloomberg’s girlfriend is suddenly the head of the Board who manages Zucotti Park??? Several weeks ago it was reported it was City property, now suddenly it’s Private property? News is confused or Bloomie it turning another of his cons on the city.

    1. The Realist says:

      That plaza is PRIVATE property that’s designated for PUBLIC USE as part of a zoning bonus deal. In exchange for creating a public space, Brookfield was permitted to overbuild elsewhere.

      BTW, “public use” means ALL of the public, not just this bunch of protesters.

      1. Michael H. says:

        All of the public still has access to the park.

        1. The Realist says:

          No, only OWS’s employees have full access to the park. The general public does not.

          1. Michael H. says:

            Then how come I was able to walk through there last week without a problem?

    2. Michael H. says:

      News must be confused. It hasn’t been city property since before 1 Liberty was built as the US Steel building between ’69-’72. It’s been a privately owned, publicly accessible park since then due to a deal struck with the city for the air rights used to build 1 Liberty taller than the space was originally zoned for.

  4. ti-grr says:

    A M E R I C A N A U T U M N

    Take heart, those of Occupywallst. You are on a noble course. Your voices have been heard and joined by countless others. Like the first Americans who could no longer endure the tyranny of a British rule, you are making your concerns heard. Your worthy actions have spread like a wildfire, bringing a light and direction for real Change, for no more will Americans accept the empty rhetoric of bought and owned politicians.

    There are some who call your actions ‘unorganized’. They do this in an attempt to minimize your efforts; but their devices are known and their days, as they well know, are near an end. Let their words not affect your spirit nor cloud your thinking. This event is like a melding of many elements which will come together and be forged into one mighty sword. For, as in this country’s origins, those Colonists were deemed ‘disorganized’. But from among those struggling Patriots arose those who became our Founding Fathers, the originators of the Declaration of Independence; and by their brave actions this Great America of the People was born.

    Your actions are a new wind that finally brings Hope to the People. But take caution. Some of those who oppose you are desperate and without conscience. The many crimes of government officials, bankers, Wall Street, Federal Reserve (not a government agency), and other corporate thievery – they may try to hide their actions by wiping clean all computer records. Protect yourselves. Keep current paper statements of your bank accounts and deposits, and proof of mortgages and other ownership of property. Trust nothing to electronic files. This will reduce any chaos of their actions, as well as effects of solar activities, now increasing.

    Be encouraged by the numbers joining your ranks. Soon, perhaps those of the Police and other agencies, who will find their invested retirement funds and pensions reduced or vanished, will join your ranks. The military too, for their lives have been spent in two wars founded on lies, and their valiant labors have been barely rewarded.

    To the students and young people: Know many of you are the children of those who resisted the Draft of the Vietnam years. They are the generation of those men and women who died in the horrors of WW2 and came back immediately to claim: No More War Ever! Through their genetics, you have inherited their bravery and other ennobling qualities. When you see parents and older ones among you, know you are in great and bold company.

    As in the days when this Country was forged – Trust in God. There is a Source (a Force, if you will), of which you are part, and which connects all living beings. When needed, ask for help to strengthen your efforts, or the inspiration to move your plans forward. And know your thoughts radiate out to others, equally strengthening and inspiring them. The Founding Fathers knew this. Follow their example and make this land a shining place once again. So be this.

    Reprints, in any media, are allowed if not edited or altered: Copyright S/T – NYC, 2011

  5. Charles says:

    These people are socialist pigs.

    1. CJSP says:

      Absolutely agree with you Charles. BTW, I was out last night in NYC at a well known bar and then restuarant. Both were PACKED!!! with 20 and 30 somethings, so obviously there are many people still enjoying the great opportunities this great nation affords us. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  6. Dr Meh says:

    I’d like to quote a famous 1% to those who doin’t get this.

    “Then let them eat cake.”

  7. Rurbanite says:

    Sandra Fox, 69, of Baton Rouge, La., stood, confused, on 46th Street with a ticket for “Anything Goes” in her hand as riot police pushed a knot of about 200 shouting protesters toward her.

    “I think it’s horrible what they’re doing,” she said of the protesters. “These people need to go get jobs.”


    1. The Realist says:

      They have jobs, silly… They’re PROFESSIONAL PROTESTERS.

      1. Michael H. says:

        You’re going to have to provide proof that these people are being paid to protest. Accepting donations for supplies does not count.

  8. notahibby says:

    watching your coverage of the occupy time square right now. liberal media? Your coverage was so biased it is almost unbelievable. The right obviously doesn’t need FOX.

  9. Someone says:

    how many of whose who leave hateful comments on occupy wall street movement get paid for it? it’s not a great job to simulate this ‘social response’ but it’s still a job. and these kids do not have a job at all and already are not able to get one in this economy. our society does not care about them and their needs. we need to work hard to give them the future. but we work hard to take their future away.

    1. The Realist says:

      They DO have jobs, as PROFESSIONAL PROTESTERS.

  10. The Realist says:

    What school do I go to for training in PROFESSIONAL ACTIVISM?? I want to get a high-paying job protesting against unemployment.

  11. Street Talk says:

    The people that are against what the protesters are doing are the same ones the protesters are fighting for. Some people are scared to take action and will condemn the rest that stand and fight. At the end of the day when the change comes the frightened take a benefit from the pain, suffering, blood and tears of the lion hearted. What you should be saying is FINALLY the people are taking a stand.

    1. Wolf says:

      These people are taking a stand in the wrong manner. And many of them are showing up not even knowing what they are standing up for. And they are doing it at the cost of others.

    2. Louise says:

      Hey, I’m not afraid to take a stand for anything I believe in….but this? These people don’t have a clear message and they are infringing on other people’s rights. Not to mention that the people who screwed up and the people who have the ability to change and make right that screw up are in Washington. To what end are these people protesting? This is my City and I would like it back….and while I may be of the 99% in income, I certainly do not support this group.

      1. Michael H. says:

        It’s not that they don’t have a clear message It’s that they have too many messages, and that’s always been the problem with having such a broad movement. The Tea Party focused on taxes and decreasing the size of government. #OWS started off with a general dissatisfaction with corruption on Wall St. and in Washington and branched off from there as more and more joined the movement. The key goal of the movement, though, is to get Washington to start listening to the people again. Protesting the people who hold the reigns of our government is how they intend to at least start the process of putting the power back in the hands of the people.

      2. Stretch says:

        Then, Louise, you are a very foolish woman. Besides that, Washington only has the crooked politicians. Their bosses, the ones who pull their strings, are on Wall Street eating prime rib paid for by you.

    3. Sid says:

      These people are outright ‘Trailor Trash’..have any of you actually looked at some of this garbage ?? If they think they can;t get a job because fo the economy etc., they need to spend time in a mirror. In most cases, nothing being strapped to the hood of a car going through a carwash wouldn;t cure. I mean really, I hardly think they are educated to the point they claim they are. Much like people being paid to sit in the audience of a t.v. show being taped, these fools are working with union subsidy and approval. Seems the big fat union bosses don;t like give backs, or cuts, so now they are taking it to the street and middle America. Keep that attitude up guys, and soon nothing not even Ford will carry a U.S. sticker on it. And you will have no one to blame but the prcious unions in the good old United States. Reagan broke PATCO during his term, why no one has the guts to bust another is beyond me………

      1. Michael H. says:

        First of all: It’s “trailer”.

        Next: The unions latched onto this movement. This started without them. Don’t forget that. This is bigger than the unions, they’re just being opportunistic and don’t hold power over #OWS and their general assemblies. Support is coming in from across the spectrum.

      2. Stretch says:

        Hey Sid: You’re in luck. They’re still giving student loans. Hurry and get one before they get cut. That way you’ll have a chance to learn how to spout that gibberish with proper English.

        1. Tessie says:

          You need a life Stretch. You spend far too much time on computers. Underemployed ?? Or just feel sorry for your fellow geek squad turndowns ??

  12. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Who is gonna pay to clean up the mess in Times Square when they all leave (IF they ever leave)????

    1. Wolf says:

      You and me and every other legitimate, hard working citizens out of our tax dollars

      1. New York Going Broke says:

        They are costing the city millions which could be used for much more useful things like education.Now we will have tourist who will avoid NYC and you will have people avoiding nyc altogether.The only thing this protest will do is cost all us tax payers more if only they realize that.Protesting never helped any cause.

        1. Michael H. says:

          “Protesting never helped any cause”

          Um…ever heard of the ’60s? The Civil Rights act of ’64? The protests against the Vietnam war? Women’s suffrage in the ’20s? Did you pay attention at all in US History?

      2. A guy says:

        If they were alowed to be hard working legitimate citizens they would not need to protest. But they do not have jobs because of corptate greed and the jobs lost over seas to cheep slave labour.Power to the people . I wonder what wolf will say when he loses his job and cannot find work.

  13. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Maybe a big ole UFO will come on down and suck ’em up.

    That’ll take care of the problem. 😀

  14. B says:

    Where’s Kanye?

    1. Michael H. says:

      Who cares?

  15. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Ummmm…Where’s their permit to assemble???

    Where are all the bag checks and “security” points they have every New Year’s Eve?????

    Check this livestream out….They mill around in search of a leader…

  16. Bob Jones says:

    The lemming 1%er comments on here are funny. They think this is a Liberal/Conservative problem. All politicians are the same. The more money you have the further up their rear ends you can go. Not a way for humanity to progress. These protesters are heros…they don’t need money or violence to make a genuine difference.

    1. DL says:

      I love that we now just assume that anyone who has a job or makes money to pay taxes is considered part of the 1%

      1. mj says:

        That just shows how bad the financial situations is for those who don’t have a job.

      2. Michael H. says:

        I have a well paying job (I don’t make 6+ figures, but I do live comfortably). I consider myself part of the 99%, because I am. I don’t see where anybody is insinuating that somebody with a job is part of the 1%. Many #OWS protesters have jobs, and do not constantly occupy Zuccotti Park, but go there when they have free time from work and other obligations. Why else do you think their numbers swell every weekend?

    2. pete says:

      @Bob Jones …. I am not rich, but would NEVER want to be associated with you liberals. I am not part of the 1% and have no desire to be in your group either. Watch next election when the newPresident is a REPUBLICAN and maybe then you will realize a few thousand protesters does NOT represent the backbone of America.

  17. Wolf says:

    American companies need to wake up. They send jobs overseas and put the American people out of work. No people working means less money will be spent. Policticans need to make some common sense laws. American companies must use american labor. And government and municipalities must buy american made products. There was a time when police cars, ambulances, and taxis were made by one of the big 3.. ford, chevy or dodge. Get rid of all the illegal immigrants who all seem to be working. Companies will be forced to hire Americans and pay an honest wage instead of slave labor wages.

  18. jeff v davis says:

    might have to horsewhip these bloomie supporters

  19. LiberalsRDopes says:

    I’m soooooo tired. I made a fortune this week…And I showered!

  20. 1% Representation says:

    1% and 100% Happy!

  21. Chris Jeffreys says:

    I just drove through this “protest”. The “protesters” should be ashamed of themselves. The police are attempting to permit a peaceful protest, but the protesters can’t even follow simple directions to stay behind barracades and not to climb on scaffolding to protect themselves and others in the city. Thank goodness the police were at 46th and 7th so quickly to prevent things from degenerating into a protester free-for-all.

  22. BubbaDaKang says:

    Yeah these protesters are all idiots…and its probably their fault that the employment rate has dropped almost a point each year for the last 10 yrs,and they were responsible for closing 42,000 factories in the U.S. In the last decade,and the fact that 1/2 of all americans earn $505.00 or less weekly also on them,the reason japan manufactures 5million more cars than the U.S.and their cars are the top sellers in the U.S.guess who’s fault that was..and let’s not forget the fact that they caused the 273.1billion $$ trade deficit with china and are also soully responsible for the fact that the U.S. spends at least 4 dollars on goods or services with china for every one they spend with the U.S. And its totally their faults that the U.S. boast a deficit that says we could have purchased every thing on the planet that had a price tag on it and yet people are still struggling to eat and live in the U.S. Its all their fault definitely not any of the many multinational corporations,that THEY claim are sucking them dry,no corporate entity in america would ever do any harm to any american…as it is their interest that we all become rich and just hire mexico to do our domestic work…Why can’t these commies just pay their taxes not worry about where their money is going and get back to work…its their own faults too if they don’t have jobs fair wages what a croc of $#!?..just accept slave wages and get on with it…it will get better…isn’t that what all of our presidents have said…it must be true

    1. Stretch says:

      THANK YOU BUBBA. I been awonderin whose fault this whole mess was. I shurly am thankful fer yur wise words. you shorely are DA KANG.

  23. jay Pee says:

    These B@stards knock over a horse! The cops should throw tear gas at this a-holes.

    1. mo says:

      Call PETA! They’ll make the protestors lives miserable!!!

      1. Marcella Daly Mroczkowski says:

        A horse like that weighs about 1200 lbs. No one knocked it over. The poor animal fell while executing a questionable NYPD operation. I feel very bad for that poor animal, but I’d feel a lot worse if a human being got killed, and given the videos of fearful horses (eyes, rocking, officer speaking to calm his mount) pushing back on terrified people, that was a distinct possibility..

  24. matthew borenstein says:

    The plain truth is: the corporations & banks are DICTATORSHIPS. They are INCOMPATIBLE with democracy, & the Democrats & Republicans are their stooges & flunkies. Are we their slaves? Or, Are WE THE PEOPLE? Matthew Borenstein New York City

    1. fred says:

      sorry masta

      buts my money is in da bank and dey closed for da night

    2. Drake says:

      Corporations and banks are “dictatorshipe?” What does that mean. You’re a “slave?” I bet you don’t even have a job.

    3. Michael H. says:

      Matt, please tone down the hyperbole. It does not help the movement one bit. Corporations are generally beneficial to our economic system. The problem comes from their immense influence over our political system. That power needs to be returned to the people. While I agree with your message, I do not agree with how you are disseminating it.

  25. Imagine says:

    You have to ask yourself two questions here. 1) Why aren’t the politicians getting behind the protesters since in theory the politicians are the elected REPRESENTATIVES of the people, yet no politicians have been sitting in with the citizens. 2) Where do you stand on the subject? The protesters don’t like the system as it is, which they feel is corrupt.You either feel the same as the protesters or you’re complacent with the system as it currently is, which is to be frank falling apart at the seems, with the wealthy controlling the majority of the real money that flows within this society.

    1. sam says:

      ah did you miss the part that the cleanup had to be cancelled because the politicans THREATENED the OWNERS

  26. Lucy says:

    How much you want to bet there will be no pictures or accurate head counts of the large crowds amassed for this protest, just like during the protests of the Iraq wars. They don’t want the average American to see just how huge this movement is getting.

    1. rj says:

      you had 2,000 people who did nothing all day

      nyc cares had 7,000 people who worked for free

      you all are a joke…

      1. mo says:

        I was thinking about the irony in that. People who work hard all week take their Saturday and spend it giving back to the community. These OWS people spend their week lounging around a park and holding a neighborhood hostage.

        Gee, who would you pick as the true good samaritans here?

        1. fred says:

          if they really want people to get involved

          invite people down to sign a petition for Obama to resign…

          oh wait….these are the stooges of the democrats…nevermind

        2. Lucy says:

          Do you spend your weekends giving back to the community? The protesters are there WORKING for YOUR rights too. Did you ever consider that? The Constitution says we have the right to protest and make changes to our government when it violates our rights. Do you like sky high credit cards rates and rigged mortgages? Do you have even an ounce of compassion for the millions who lost their very nice jobs to slave wage workers in China so the ultra rich could have even more? You could have been one of them. Do you care that the economy is about to crash while the rich amass huge fortunes in off shore tax havens? Turn off the talk show drivel and go out and meet some of the protesters. You will find they are more like you than you think. Most had great jobs like you did until the economy went sour. There but for the grace of God go you.

          1. sammy says:


            see I am smart enough to have no credit card interest and my mortage I got at a very good rate. You see I DON”T LIVE BEYOND MY MEANS.

            I didn’t try to buy some house that I couldn’t possibly afford and when the real estate agent told me I could get a bigger mortage..I said NO THANKS…i AM not comfortable with that amount

            1. R. STEIN says:

              While I agree with Sammy re: being a responsible American, for I too have no credit cards and live within my means, I think the message is that corporations along with our politicians [both republicans and democrats] are corrupt, greedy, and destroying this country. And, while I also agree that many people live well above their means, there are as many that have simply lost their jobs and cannot afford to live. And, while we may think the protestors are a nuisance, they are simply exercising their first amendments rights, something our founding fathers fought very hard for. Americans need to wake up and stop being so complacent. And, Americans need to start being more responsible and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.

          2. joe says:

            ok so tell us

            where did you work…no really we are taking about you having an actual job

            1. DL says:

              Sammy, I was about to write the exact same comment but you beat me to it!

              1. sammy says:

                great minds think alike DL

                1. DL says:

                  The problem is the entitlement that people have now. It’s not I can’t get a job, it’s I can’t get a job good enough for me. There are ALWAYS minimum wage jobs and the like and last I checked minimum wage was better than no wage…but I forgot, if you get minimum wage you can’t be entitled to live in NYC or be entitled to your unemployment checks. Even more amazing is the ignorance these people have. None of them understand the fact that the banks all paid back the TARP program with interest, the government actually acknowledges the fact that they MADE money on TARP at this point.

  27. Jose Guitian Cicero says:

    all these rich kids who want to pay more taxes…you can pay mine i dont mind! jeez at least its getting cold soon they can go home or freeze to death. neither option bothers me at this point. they’ve become nothing but in annoyance and inconvenience.

  28. Joseph says:

    You can tell what these protesters stand for by the company they keep. – Sharpton, Sarandon, Kanye West, Michael Moore , – nuff saiid.

  29. John says:

    To save our republic the OWS mass strike must be united as one heart under the knowledge that we now only have Glass-Steagall (HR 1489), as the keystone first step mandatory solution in order for the long trek out of hell. We must also overcome the rot of the trans-Atlantic relationship, by reestablishing human civilization at a higher level around the trans-Pacific and in the development of the Arctic. We have had a trans-Pacific orientation ready to go since 1964, which is typified by the great NAWAPA project for the original prospect for an alliance in water-management among the western- central U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico. That’s got the same kind of imperative to it, as moving across the ocean from 1492 Europe to the Americas. Lyndon LaRouche recent writing “Three Steps to Recovery” really does begin to equip people to do that. And that US policy has to become something that’s an object of conscious mentation, not an accident, not something that just happens to be stumbled upon by a smaller grouping, but something that becomes a current in culture. Most people have no understanding of how humanity functions. They don’t understand the actual role of humanity in society. They have things they think are true, they’ve been taught and so forth, which really do not determine how society functions. You have the standard curriculum, the standard way of thinking, and these things are incompetent, when you go up against reality! The excuse, to say, “We’re going to get in a lot of trouble if we make waves,” is, in a period of time in history like this, I mean, everybody’s in a lot of trouble! So, the excuse only holds up so much, when you say, “Well, I can’t do this, because I’ll be in a lot of trouble.” It’s like, well — we’re already in a lot of trouble, and so, I think it’s worth the risk, at this point! If we’re going to survive — if all objects are ephemeral, if all events, all things that seem to be sense-perceptually the most valid, are going to vanish, and they are; in a crisis period, those things disappear, they die, they’re mortal in that sense — then you have to be equipped to recognize, and to act on, as the most tangible, those things that are invisible and immortal. Humanity is the only species which possesses the notion of history. As a species, we possess the capability to engage in a dialogue across time, with those who have already passed physically from this Earth and, reciprocally, those who have yet to be born. In this way mankind is potentially an immortal species — we need not die when our bodies do. For this reason, only a Hamiltonian credit system based on long-term investment in transformative physical economic projects (NAWAPA) is absolutely essential — it is our means of acting consciously on the future, and allowing it to reach back and define our activity and value in the present. For this same reason, no monetarist policies such as so-called Free Trade or deregulation can be permitted, as these are consciously modeled on the perceived behavior of animals: the fraudulent and bestial notion of “natural selection.” But the past decades have seen a spread of such bestiality globally — Empire re-imagined as “globalization.” This was not merely a shift in economic and strategic policy; it has been accomplished by modes of psychological warfare against the American population which would make Aldous Huxley wet with joy. In order to get human beings to behave as animals, they had to be trained to think of themselves as such. This was accomplished in large part by the implementation of the counter-culture of the 1960s. If ideas are immortal, but sense perception dies with the body, then Empire demands that the human individual identify themselves with their senses, exactly as do the beasts. The rock-drug-sex trinity of the Baby Boomers — passed on to their children as inheritance — was exactly the prescription for such destruction. The explicitly anti-human tenets of the environmentalist movement solidified this imperial social trend as policy, attacking specifically those traits which distinguish mankind from the apes. In this way the so-called “right” and the so-called “left” represent merely two complementary parts of the grasping claw of Empire which has brought human society currently to the brink of destruction. The disease, hunger, and underdevelopment of the third world, and the cultural, economic, and psychological decay of the first world, are two sides of the same coin. In order to escape this horror, it is not sufficient to oppose it. What will replace the evil of Wall St. and City of London? We must have an eye to mankind’s future! Otherwise asked: How do we succeed in population growth? How do we spread civilized mankind beyond the confines of this planet, into a destiny among the stars, as the assassinated President Kennedy foresaw? How do we undo the effects of his murder, its cover-up, and the subsequent rot of America, and reclaim the future which has now been lost for too long? The only real starting point for the continued battle in our war of independence must rise to that morally and intellectually fit level which can and must conclude that LaRouche has the necessary solutions, so study hard act on it! Good luck.

    1. Powkat says:

      Dude – paragraphs are your friend.

    2. rjpa says:

      wow that’s alot of crap…in a little space

    3. Madge says:

      Does any one have Cliff Notes for this?

    4. Stretch says:

      Mighty windy ol boy, aint he?

  30. Jack says:

    My favorite picture is the one of the guy holding a sign for Chase to pay back the billions they were loaned. I am pretty sure they DID pay it back …. LOL … Ironically many of these protestors don’t want to pay back their student loans as one of their demands.

    1. Marcia says:

      How about they can’t pay back their student loans because the can’t get a job! That’s the reality.

      1. rj says:

        never borrow money you can’t pay back

      2. mark says:

        Kinda hard to get a job in basket weaving, eh?

        You guys should have researched your fields before you took out thousands of dollars in loans. It isn’t the banks fault that these kids don’t have life planning skills.

        1. DL says:

          Not being able to pay is BS. Americans coming out of college are so entitled now. If you have loans you have to pay, don’t say you are too good for certain jobs and only willing to take a high paying job. At a certain point come to the conclusion that you may in fact have to work a minimum wage job waiting tables or something of that ilk to pay your debt instead of sitting around saying uh oh I can’t pay I guess.

      3. Drake says:

        The unemployment rate for collage graduates is 4.5%. That make 95.5% that have a job. Not a college graduate, then go to shcool or lean a trade. I earned my money and you’re not entitled to it. Get a job.

        1. DL says:

          Do you think if they forgive everyone’s student debt that those of us who actually paid in full by working the whole time get our money back too…I mean we didn’t take massive loans but some how are being punished. If I hadn’t had to pay college I would have $100K in savings in my bank account instead.

  31. Jack says:

    My favorite picture is the one of the guy holding a sign for Chase to pay back the billions they were loaned. I am pretty they DID pay it back …. LOL … Ironically many of these protestors don’t want to pay back their student loans as one of their demands.

  32. DanTe says:

    How can these lazy useless scu ms demand the money back when they’ve never paid taxes?

  33. J GEORGIOU says:

    its astonishing—people complaining about the right of others to dissent..all these complainers have jobs and are actually complicit in this tyranny by working for the corrupt oligarchs…the culture and mission of the corporation and devolved..serving the community is not even a consideration any longer..98% of elected officials have enabled this many of these complainers can claim to work for a good organization..that is still and morally responsible…wait til these folks lose their jobs.. alas –first and foremost..THIS IS A SPIRITUAL CRISIS>>>>END THE FED>>BRING BACK SOUND MONETARY POLICY>>>CLEAN UP AND SIMPLIFY OUR TAX CODE….BRING OUR TROOPS HOME>>>> GET TEH BIG MONEY(CITIZENS UNITED) OUT OF POLITICS…OUR COUNTRY IS NO LONGER A REPUBLIC BUT A CORPORATE OLIGARCHY..THE HOPE AND CHANGE PRESIDENT IS ONE OF THEM….RON PAUL2012….GOODNESS KINDNESS..LOVE CAN INDEED REALLY BE AMERICAN..IT IS UP TO US TEH CITIZENS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN…XOXOXOXOXO

    1. rj says:

      you need to use “spellcheck”

  34. Peter M Giro says:

    So why don’t they march on over to the White House?
    FACT:Obama received more money from Wall St than any politician for 20 yrs….
    Despite his rhetorical attacks on Wall Street, a study by the Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Project shows that President Barack Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any other politician over the past 20 years, including former President George W. Bush
    In 2008, Wall Street’s largesse accounted for 20 percent of Obama’s total take, according to Reuters
    By the end of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, executives and others connected with Wall Street firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup, UBS AG, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley, poured nearly $15.8 million into his coffers.
    Source: 1.The Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan watchdog group that tracks lobbyist spending and influence in both parties.
    Source 2: Occupy Wall Street dot org.

    1. Powkat says:

      Wall Street owns Washington. This way they are going to the source of the evil.

  35. Ben says:

    Bank On This: Poor Performing CEOs Staying Put

    Over the range of years studied—1995, 1998, and 2000 to 2007—found that the average rate of a CEO getting fired specifically for poor performance was only 2.1 percent. In addition, a comprehensive analysis of data from all ten years of all 2,500 companies studied each year found that even CEOs of companies in the bottom ten percent of performance—defined as those whose two-year total shareholder returns had fallen by 25 percent in absolute terms and 45 percent relative to regional industry peers after two years—faced only a 5.7 percent chance of termination in the next year.

    The turnover rate for European CEOs is significantly higher than for their counterparts in other parts of world, but that’s mainly attributed to more active succession planning. In 2007, the overall turnover rate for European CEOs was 17.6 percent, compared to 15.2 percent in North America, 10.6 percent in Japan, and 9.1 percent in the rest of the world. In addition, Europe has a planned succession rate of 8.3 percent, compared with 6.8 percent worldwide.

    The safest industries for CEOs include energy (5.8%) and industrials (8.8%). Industries with the highest level of turnover include telecommunications (21.7%), information technology (17.4%), and financial services (14.4%).

    And a CEO who is also chairman is more secure than one who is not. Half of all CEOs who were forced to leave their companies in 2007 never held the title of chairman. This compares to 26 percent who held the title of chairman at the start of their tenures, and 34 percent who served as chairman at the end of their tenure.

    1. Drake says:

      Oh, just a simple question…how did this study measure performance? And what “study” is this? If you’re going to state some stastics, you should also provide your source.

    2. Stretch says:

      Would you mind explaining to me what a global ceo turnover comparison has to do with any of this.

  36. john says:

    we have become a scared society,years ago these bums would have been the politicians are oking disruption,filth,drugs,unsanitary conditions to get votes.i work downtown and these young hoodlums are drinking,drugging,urinating and defecating in the streets.they have no clue what they are protesting.they use i pods,cells,laptops,etc all owned by publicly traded companies.this is the communist infiltrators in our govts doing.mcarthy was right.he knew 60 yrs ago they were here.

  37. lina says:

    must be nice to having nothing better to do all day long than to sit in a park…Most of them have never held a job in their life or even have a clue what is going on.. say the idiot with the sign that says “chase, pay back our 97 billion”.. if you actually watch the news and try to keep up on what is going on .. Chase, GS and others arleady paid the funds back….I agree that they are greedy but these companies have people like you and me working there. the ones that need to take care of themselves, their families, and homes.. try working for a living instead of going to some pricey ivy league school on mommy and daddy’s dime….

    1. James says:

      Agreed, just goes to show how little thought has gone into this protest. I live just two blocks from the park they live in. It’s been miserable. Cops everywhere, they keep marching down our street blocking traffic, many look homeless and the rest are spoiled college kids who have no idea what real life is like. Mommy and daddy are paying their cellphone bills so they can tweet how oppressed they are. The whole thing is sad and embarrassing. And as you said, several of the banks, Chase for one, paid back their bailout, within a few months of receiving it.

      1. Barry Kravette says:

        James ,you live in a high rent district so you must be part of the problem. a one percenter .Have you talked to any of the people there? probly not,i have been down there 6 times and i am not homeless and or spoiled.I am retired and a disabled vet.stop lookind down your nose at people excercising their 1st am rights

        1. Joey says:

          Barry, you are a minority obviously. The protest is a joke. GO HOME. You embarass yourself and the country.

          1. Brother Crane says:

            Joey you are a MORON.

            1. Lostcustomer says:

              Brother Crane; You seem to be the MORON. The President is an embarrassment to this country and needs to be working on solving this countries problems instead of running around trying to be popular and getting votes for next years election. It would be nice to have a leader in the White House instead of what we have, a great orator who accomplishes nothing….

              1. rj says:

                actually he isn’t a great orator

                but he can read a teleprompter…got to give him that

              2. Brother Crane says:

                Who was talking about the President? The discussion[?] I thought was about the people in Occupy Wall Street. Get Bachmann’s teats out of your face and read what’s said.

                1. sammy says:

                  well the Occupy Wall Streeters are nothing but losers

                  which brought up the other loser…the President

                  which a loser like yourself couldn’t figure out

                  so get off your knees in front of Sharpton and Rangel

                2. Greg says:

                  Do you even know the bailouts were 2 years ago, your a little late. I dont feel the bailouts were right and I am against what they did, BUT it was 2 years ago, how can THAT be rectified now????? BY getting All these jackass politicans like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Frank out of office…….. Why cant they be recalled?

    2. Lucy says:

      Lina: Time to get yourself down to Zuchotti park and talk to the protesters yourself to find out who these people really are and what they stand for. Where did you get your notions about them?

      1. rj says:

        why waster her time …you are all a bunch of losers


        union drones

        who are wasting the taxpayers money on police OT to keep a watch on you

    3. Stretch says:

      lina; a mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open.




    “Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program ”

  39. Mike NJ says:

    When do you think the occupation will end? Come read about some insight into this occupation from somebody who is down there watching. Feel free to comment and let us know what you think about it.

    1. Morris Bergen says:

      It won’t end. I think their plan is to stay long enough to invoke “adverse possession” and claim ownership of the plaza for themselves.

    2. rj says:

      hopefully the cops can get in with pepper spray and clubs and clean the place up

      the sooner the better

  40. Les NYC says:

    I can’t wait for them to be kicked out. We should have a big party in the park for all the neighbors and businesses that have been so negatively affected by the roving gang of bozos. Issue is, we’d get kicked out of the park if we partied there- we’re just the tax payers and voters after all. These idiots can do drugs, defecate, drink, and sleep there.

    1. gun toting flag waving socialist says:

      roving gang of bozos? hate to tell you les -but you don’t know what you’re talking about

      1. Jack says:

        @gun toting flag waving socialist

        Wow what a ‘name you chose to display here. Does that make you an oxymoron or just a moron? LOL

        1. Lucy says:

          This “socialist” nonsense was made up by the tea party so you would have something vague and repugnant to be against. I don’t think ANY of the protesters would call themselves socialists, communists or hippies. You folks are big on baseless name calling. These are your fellow man, dear. You just happen to be one of the lucky ones who still has a job. Perhaps that will change soon and then perhaps you will understand what this movement is all about.

          1. edgar says:

            no you really are socialists

            no one made it up

    2. a guy says:

      The Bozos you are talking about are fighting for our rights and if you puuled your head out of your butt long enought , you might see that.

      1. John Galt says:

        No – they are trying to take my hard earned money. They aren’t productive and innovative so they need to loot off of those who are.

        “you can’t even get a checking account without paying”…that pretty much sums it up. Who pays the teller’s salary, or the guy who prints and folds your statement, or sorts the checks or maintains the ATMs?

        Looters and nothing more.

        1. Jude says:

          You think some little man prints and folds statements? You are so clueless. Please go hide back under your rock until you have something insightful to share. Banks pay for salaries and production supplies from a small fraction of the money they make by lending @ 5% and paying 0.1% interest on savings accounts. Much of the revenue also lines CEOs’ and executives’ pockets and pays for government lobbying and other palm greasing activities.

        2. sammy says:

          no they are taking our money

          we have to pay for the cops OT to watch them

        3. Stretch says:

          Those are operating expenses and are supposed to be covered by the difference between the interest paid on deposits and the interest received from loans taken from those deposits.

      2. March says:

        Exactly what rights are they fighting for? Please clarify your statement.

    3. sammy says:


      you are giving them far too much credit

  41. Craig Purcell says:

    A consumer boycott would hurt the corporations most so hit them where it hurts in their pocketbooks. The 99% are responsible for 70% of the economy with their consumer spending. Just stop spending for awhile and see where that takes things.

    1. Phyllis says:

      Craig, you have got it right. These creatures do not represent me and I resent them standing there chanting their “99%” nonsense. In my opinion, the cops just need to fall back and let it burn. Why should one single member of NY’s Finest get hurt dealing with these misfits. Trust me, if something went wrong, they would be dialing 911 and expecting an immediate response just like anyone else. Cops have one of the toughest jobs around – they have to stand there and take it when these animals taunt them, harass them but then they have to be ready to help them if something goes bad. You couldn’t pay me enough to do their job. God bless them for being willing and able for the most part to put their personal feelings aside and do the job.

      1. liz says:

        To Phyllis- I AGREE with you 100%. These FLEA-BEGGARS are time wasters and a total waste of my time and yours. They need to go home to mommy and daddy and stop getting in the way. They are non-productive, they are mis-guided and they also smell. They need to leave, go home, clean themselves up, and get a job. YES THERE ARE JOBS! Just not up to their standards I am sure.

        1. Jude says:

          Many protestors I saw appeared to be middle aged so mommy and daddy are probably dead… I believe many are union workers, teachers, retired folks, and, yes, students who do hold jobs and wash! You are ignorant. I walked through liberty square and interacted with people; they are normal,clean, average, educated members of our community. Why are you so judgemental and insist on stereotyping? We should all be united in the fight for the rights of the people, not corporations. Our government gives bail outs to irresponsible banks but will let the masses suffer economic hardships through job losses, foreclosures, and increased cost of living. The middle and lower class should be treated no different from the wealthy and the corporations!

        2. sammy says:

          well Liz

          I googled NYC population and got 8,175,133 and they got 2,000 people..and we know they aren’t NYers but let’s count them as such

          so they are the .02446 @

      2. Lucy says:

        I’m sure many of the cops down there side with the protesters. They have family and friends who have been done in by this economy too.

        1. sammy says:


          they are RAKING in the OT watching you MORONS

          They are LAUGHING all the WAY to the BANK….where they deposit a PAY CHECK….try it SOMETIME…it’s a WONDERFUL FEELING

      3. Stretch says:

        Evolution sure does seem to happen awful fast. In the space of one page I have evolved from hippie to socialist to drunken dope fiend communist to creature. It sure is nice to be loved. Thank you all for all of your kind words of encouragement.

        Support the mentally challenged…..TAKE A TEA BAGGER TO LUNCH !!!!!!

  42. ghetto bull says:

    These punks and collection of freaks need to get a beat down. Hire the mc donalds guy to do it.

  43. Bennet Cecil says:

    I am going to visit NYC this weekend. The mayor had better keep the city clean and safe if he wants tourism.

  44. Pete says:

    Bloomberg said Friday…
    “My understanding is that Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials threatening them and saying ‘we’re going to make your life more difficult,’”

    Simply stated after reading the above….
    Sir … you and anyone like you has just lost my vote.

    1. ???? says:

      Who lost your vote? The 99 percent or the 1 percent??

      1. Pete says:

        @???? wrote:
        Who lost your vote? The 99 percent or the 1 percent??

        To clarify:
        Bloomberg lost my support by how he is letting these people run rampant. It will only get more dangerous as they push the envelope. I am certainly not rich by the way, just an average person.

        1. DianaF says:

          Hi Pete: The protesters and their supporters are not ‘running rampant’ nor are they dangerous. In fact they are very much like you and me, just average people.I know because I have visited Occupy Wall St at different times on different days. People are having open discussions in small diverse groups about what the problems are what the possible solutions might be, everything from giving each American an investment of $1000 at birth to a widespread debt forgiveness program, without the constraints of bankruptcy – which has been done in other times and places. Come and join the conversation, bring your ideas!

          1. SelfSufficient says:

            DianaF — are you out of your mind!! Who is ‘giving’ each new child $1,000? How about becoming a responsible adult before you have kids. And who is going to pay for the forgiveness of debt. Don’t you get it? America is based on doing for yourself. I do not want anyone GIVING me anything. You all make me want to scream! And yes, I am at work, working my butt off to pay my own way. If anyone wants a handout please move to another country. I am not working to give it to you if you are able bodied.

          2. Sid says:

            Maybe like you – definitely not like me. For example: I do not defecate, urinate or fornicate in public PLUS I work and support a family and have paid my own way since I left my parents home when I was 21.

          3. sammy says:


            let’s NOT forgive YOUR DEBT

            PAY IT and WE’LL CALL IT EVEN

    2. Dominique Morisco-Boscia says:

      Bloomberg’s girlfriend is on the board at Brookfield properties

      1. Bob says:

        This is a true statement that gets omitted.

      2. sammy says:

        good for her

        now get out your lazy asses out of the park she sits on the board of directors of

  45. 99 percent of New Yorkers do not support protest says:

    Attacking the police is showing that they are protesting for no reason and just causing trouble.Peaceful protest would get message across much better.And those political leaders who support the march will never get re-elected you have a thousand marchers and millions of New Yorkers who do not support protest.Anyway you do the math you lose.

    1. DianaF says:

      There are probably a few provocateurs who are actually against the protests but pretending to be part of it, who are ready to cause trouble – attack cops, etc – in an effort to make the protesters look bad and provoke the cops to respond. Unfortunately the media gives these people too much attention, without questioning who they actually are and what their motives really are. The political leaders supporting the march have heard from their constituents, including union members, who have asked for their support

      1. Lostcustomer says:

        DianaF; Yes, the political leaders have heard from their constituents and have been informed that they probably will not get re-elected due to the fact that most taxpaying citizens do not agree with this protest. This “movement” is nothing but a bunch of dissatisfied do-nothings that don’t want to work and expect to have everything given to them. They seem to think that they shouldn’t have to work for years to get ahead and want others to finance everything. It’s time for the police to move in and break up this protest and prosecute the marchers for trespassing and disturbing the peace. It’s not their property; get off. Go get a job and do something productive.

  46. N Y P DrP I G S says:

    Shows the attitude of many pigs. I was waiting for a ride from someone once and asked one if he saw a certain model car pass by where he was standing at. Instead of a simple ‘no’ or ‘didn’t notice’, he said that “he didn’t have time looking for it”.

    1. Your a chicken says:

      Why would he respond to trash like you

  47. liz says:

    Comment: Z. Park has become Z. KRAP

  48. Jack L. says:

    I think they’ll still be here in the winter. Occupy Wall Street will become a tourist destination and a few of the organizers will become rich and become 1 percenters and then they will go away.

  49. TomNJ says:

    Winter cold will be here soon – and all this will just be another footnote on the history pages.

    1. Future shock for ya tom says:

      That is what historians will say when the USA deteriorates into an impoverished 4th world dictatorship.
      Primarily through the combination of ignorance and greed, sponsored by the Federal Reserve System and its Media (WCBS) cronies.

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