NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — One of the pit bulls that nearly killed a woman on Long Island has finally been found. It was shot and killed by police earlier Monday.

The animals attacked a 67-year-old man and mauled 62-year-old Shashi Sharma in North Merrick last month, leaving her in critical condition.

Monday afternoon, police finally found the dog on Jerusalem Avenue as they were responding to a 911 call.

 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon Hears From Nassau Co. Police

Police chased the pit bull through backyards and woods before shooting it several times. It happened in front of Robin Bombara’s Precious Kids II nursery school. She told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon that everyone inside was terrified.

“To have 7 or 8 shots go off in front of a nursery school is really a big deal. I mean, I’m glad they got the dog, but you know what? I have children here and I have staff here…you know I’m very nervous about the whole thing,” Bombara said.

Bombara also said she is upset they weren’t warned about the shots beforehand.

Nassau County Detective Lt. Kevin Smith said officials had put out some warnings about 15 minutes before the shooting. He said no one was out in the area when it happened.

“We had already tried to put the schools on notice and to go into lock down,” Smith said.

Earlier this month, doctors said that Sharma came out of her medically induced coma. Sharma was attacked as she finished up her daily walk.

The woman managed to call 911 and officers arrived at the scene while the attack was in progress.

One of the pit bulls was shot and killed by officers who responded to the call for help back in late September.

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  1. Eve says:

    Why does one need 6 dogs? Breeding going on there? Hoarder in the making? Any more than two dogs in a house will cause problems for anyone even if their intentions are good.

  2. Lulu says:

    Can someone explain … why the name of the OWNER of these pit bulls NOT …. made public, is this a coverup or what?

  3. carl says:

    Well they allowed 10hrs with mom at the home even though the dog issue has been brought up by me on a number of occasions; dogs are owned by a convicted drug dealer who happens to be her ex husband who happens to live in same home. My son has complained that they “the dogs knocked me down” this also communicated to courts with a $300 an hour lawyer; basically I hear “until something happens we can’t do anything”. NICE thanks for the support.

  4. John says:

    I guess this dumb a** would have been happier if one of her kids in the school would have been mauled and possibly killed, instead of the Police Officers doing there jobs… time I think the Police Officers should try to reason with the dog, maybe bribe him with a chew toy or scooby snack, then place the cuffs on the dog and take him to a safe place………..idiot

  5. chiker says:

    interesting that the Police now have to warn people before they shoot a vicious dog.

    Perhaps the day care operator would have preferred to have one of her charges attacked by the dog.

  6. Franco says:

    When will we realize that these animals are vicious, they should be banned in the US, only idiots, criminals and morons would own these savage animals. We as a society must protect innocent people like these that were mauled by these killer, vicious animals….!

    1. Kelley says:

      you have no idea what ur talking about i work with animals and im more afraid of a min pin or a Chihuahua or a chow chow or a doxie (hot dog) biting me than a pit bull they are very sweet it really depends how they are raised just like most dogs and the discrimination is horrendous. people like you should be banned

    2. Eve says:

      Stupid comment. Like all black people steal and all long islanders are rich. It’s how you raise them, like people. You raise a child with fear and anger and you release an unstable human to society. This was a terrible ordeal to the woman. Do no other dogs attack people? Why I ask because I was bit y a Pomeranian. My neighbor was bit by a yellow lab. Maybe we don’t hear about other attacks from other breed dogs. What about the person responsible for the dog? Maybe we should ban him/ her from society. Spay/nuture and no pit bull breeding is the answer. There are far too many in shelters and these dogs have a terrible rep.

  7. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  8. BX Jim says:

    These dogs are just a product of the environment the real animals create. Its the owner that needs to be shot.

  9. Flo says:

    Most dogs have high prey drive. What happened to Ms. Sharma is sad. Responsible wners of pit bulls are aware of what their dogs can do. The owners are ultimately responsible for making sure their dogs are not a menace to society. It is the owners’ fault that this happened.

    Unfortunately, it’s this type of publicity that makes people think all pitbulls are bad. It’s sad for the breed because so many pitbulls are more docile than pomeranians.

  10. Marlene Haley de Luca says:

    What a racist remark!

  11. Fritz Von says:

    Police shoot half balck dog? Watch out officer, attorney general eric holder, mass murder of mexicans, is gonna get you.

    1. nhpmlongisland says:

      Even if that were true, an innocent person still has the right not to be mauled almost to death by a loose dog. By all means prosecute the owner, but you better believe I would approve of shooting a dog who was attacking a human being.

      1. Eve says:

        I agree. We wouldn’t object to shooting a person to stop him from attacking another person viciously would we? It is an animal though and it’s HUMAN must Now be held accountable and educated.

  12. Phyllis Sorrentino says:

    there are no bad dogs. just bad owners

    1. mak says:

      Tell that to Shashi Sharma. I’m sure she’ll really believe you.

      1. ed says:

        I think she will, it’s true.

        1. Amy says:

          I like Mak’s comment!

    2. Ziggy says:

      There are bad dogs and bad people.

    3. nhpmlongisland says:

      This reply was meant for you. I accidentally replied to Fritz.

      Even if that were true, an innocent person still has the right not to be mauled almost to death by a loose dog. By all means prosecute the owner, but you better believe I would approve of shooting a dog who was attacking a human being.

    4. Stephen Milhollin says:

      Bad owners have created the Pit Bull breed and other breeds of dogs that are not safe to have around. There’s plenty of statistics to back up the claim that Pit Bulls and other fighting breeds are wayyyy more statistically likely to kill the neighbor’s dog when the Pit Bulls accidentally get loose, or maul a little child, or attack some jogger. If you are foolish enough to own one of these dogs, then your day in court is coming.

  13. carl says:

    And to think Suffolk family court is about to allow my 3 yr old to his mothers house where there is a least 6 pitbulls. Oh, and court is tomorrow nobody appears to be concerneed. I wonder why it takes a mauling to get people to listen

    1. Fritz Von says:

      Try a little anti-freeze in the alpo. Another problem solved.

    2. William says:

      Why dont you collect every story of pit bull attacks in all the newspapers and present it to the court?

    3. Flo says:

      6 pitbulls in a home with a 3 year old is not smart. Unless your ex-wife has trained the pit-bulls and socialized them properly, she is not being responsible. Having to keep an eye on 6 pitbulls is a full time job when a child is around. Unless she is diligent and knows the nuances of each dog’s action, she making a recipe for a bad or even fatal ending. Your ex-wife should consider placing some of them in other homes who can take the time to make sure the dogs are good members of society.

      1. Amy says:

        I agree with Flo!

    4. Michael H. says:

      Pit bulls, when raised right, make great family dogs. Why would you assume that your child’s mother’s dogs are dangerous? Do you have evidence that they are vicious? Have they ever bitten anybody?

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