NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A wake was held Tuesday for a beloved Queens bar owner, who was killed over the weekend in a wrong-way crash.

George Gibbons, 37, closed up his “Gibbon’s Home” bar in Maspeth early Saturday morning and jumped in a cab to go home. His cab had only gone a few blocks when a wrong-way driver crashed into the vehicle on the service road of the Long Island Expressway.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera Speaks With The Victim’s Sister

The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene and police are now searching for that individual.

Gibbons was pronounced dead on arrival. His wake was being held in Middle Village. Family and friends are devastated by the loss of a man they said was so loved and cherished.

The victim’s sister, Bernadette Gibbons, spoke with 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera and pleaded with the wrong-way driver to surrender.

“Turn yourself in because what are you gaining by living your life as a lie? You know, living your life knowing that you destroyed hundreds, thousands of lives because anyone that knew George loved him,” she said. “Just come forward because we will find you.”

Bernadette said her brother had few drinks with her and other family members before getting into the cab. She also grabbed a cab going home and it was the last time she saw him alive.

“I left five minutes before him and his taxi was outside when mine was and he just said ‘alright, I’ll talk to you tomorrow tough guy’ — that’s what he called me,” his sister said.

The cab driver was taken to Elmhurst Hospital.

Flowers placed in rememberance of bar owner George Gibbons. (credit: handout)

A passenger in the wrong-way car also initially tried to run away before returning to the scene, the Post reported. That passenger was also treated at Elmhurst and was charged with possession of marijuana, the paper reported.

Carol D’Auria of 1010 WINS also confirmed that the owner of the wrong-way car was not the driver involved in the crash. D’Auria reported that police were able to track down the car owner and found out that the vehicle had been borrowed.

An article in the Post said the paper spoke with a Brooklyn woman who said she lent her car to a friend for a job interview, but she refused to identify the individual.

No arrests have been made so far and authorities are asking for the public’s help in tracking down the individual.

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Comments (13)
  1. billy healy says:

    will allways rember that smiley face and the good times rip big guy thoughts with family billy healy ex grandstand

  2. john says:

    if the police want the publics help why dont they tell us his name or show us a picture of him so we can help

  3. Genic says:

    What about the cab driver? Is he ok? Maybe the owner is related to the driver. I don’t know but it’s just crazy how they can’t find out who drove the car. I live down the block and for this person to go the wrong way on the service road he had to go the wrong way on a couple of other streets. Rip mr gibbons

    1. nycnyc says:

      I heard the cab driver died 2 days ago. Not sure why that hasnt been reported.

  4. Shirleyann says:

    I stood in line outside the funeral home for 40 minutes last night which shows how many peopla have been devasted by George’s death. I honestly believe that the driver of this car will be caught and punished but even then, his/her punishment won’t be half as much punsihment as he has put the Gibbon’s family through. It was heart breaking to see their faces last night, they are in so much pain right now.

  5. Bernadette Milinovic says:

    I was at the wake last night and let me tell you George Gibbions was loved – the line of people was around the corner – I do not understand how any one can live with them selves or sleep at night knowing that they have killed someone – but I do hope that the cops do find this person and he gets what he deserves.

  6. donie says:

    If the owner of the car know’s who borrowed it and is with-holding that information, can’t they be charged with obstruction of justice?

  7. Ben Nostramo says:

    When this sub-human being is caught the charge should be nothing less than Murder in the 2nd degree.

  8. Brit says:

    The owner of the car does know the person who crashed it! Folks, please read with understanding. The police haven’t made the name public but the owner has told police the name. The owner refused to give up the person’s name to the POST!

  9. chyatt says:

    Right? and the person who tried to flee, doesn’t know who was driving the car? I have a feeling it’s the owner of the car him/her self and are making false claims of the car being borrowed. This should be an easy one to solve.

  10. lomax says:

    so the owner of the vehicle doesn’t know who borrowed it?

    1. the internet says:

      yeah, and the passenger doesn’t know who was driving?

    2. Gerald Waldman says:

      I see nothing in the article that indicates the owner said he didn’t know who borrowed the car. It is quite possible he told the police who it was and they are still looking for that person.

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