NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Staten Island man has filed a federal lawsuit claiming seven police officers beat and sexually assaulted him during a drug bust in February.

Vincent Delgrosso, 26, alleges officers from the Staten Island Gang Squad pulled him from his car, threw him to the ground, pulled down his pants and sodomized him.

Delgross was arrested for possession of PCP.

According to the lawsuit, the officers threatened to shoot Delgrosso if he told any medical personnel what happened.

Delgrosso received medical treatment following his arrest and hospital records indicate he suffered rectal bleeding precipitated by trauma.

Photo of Vincent Delgrosso showing injuries to his face and back following his arrest in February.(credit: Handout)

Photos released by attorney Richard Cardinale show Delgrosso with lacerations and bruises to his face and head as well as welts on his back.

The NYPD has not commented on the lawsuit.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Come on people, sodomy is not acceptable no matter what the circumstance’s are. This is a sick a&% world we live in…..

  2. Richard Cardinale says:

    I am Mr. DelGrosso’s attorney. My client did not wait several months to file a complaint. He hired a another lawyer before me soon after the incident but the lawyer never filed a case. He came to me after learning that the first lawyer did nothing and I filed the lawsuit. Also, the NYPD did not take the pictures that were posted in the newspaper. The NYPD simply took a mugshot which they are required to do.

    1. cookie says:

      @RC., if you really are his lawyer, you would not be talking about the case at all.

    2. fact1 says:

      you are attorney?……. Something’s wrong………

    3. detective says:

      You got the PCP from him………….

  3. roy says:

    maybe they need to shove the cops night stick up the cops rectum cops suck

  4. The Juice says:

    Cops have to get their rocks off too. A lot of cops are amped up steroids and need a release valve. Sometimes it’s a family member … sometimes it is a suspect … regardless, someone is getting a beating.

    We are far too PC these days … in the past the cops would “tune up” their suspect and not have to worry much about repercussions. Now, since the Abner Louima case, cops cannot stuff a plunger handle up a suspect’s hind end or else they end up like poor Justin Volpe.

    Pretty soon cops are not even going to be able to shoot a suspect and then plant a throw-down pistol on him. No more shaking down pimps & ho’s … no more pinching a little product from drug dealers.

    Jeez, talk about taking all the incentive out of becoming a cop !!!

  5. mj says:

    if the cops did it i hope they fry … or better yet go to prison and have the same experience he had.

  6. TJ says:

    Looks like a decent sized guy. I could see him needing some force to be brought under control while high on drugs. They will be able to prove if he was sodomized with medical records and I hope if he was not, that the city can sue him including any future this waste of breath has for any costs incurred during this entire legal process.

  7. Scott says:

    Just another “upstanding citizen” minding his own business until the po po came rolling up on him. Poor guy, let’s just settle now for 10 or 20 million.

    1. A.R. says:

      Were those COPS gays, or what?

  8. Smash Crasher says:

    Sounds like you Welfare check wasn’t deposited today. Aw Shucks! No taxpayer money for crack and Ripple.

  9. Robert says:

    So, he’s high on PCP, doesn’t report incident for a few days and yet the “cops are guilty”. Are you all morons?

    1. mj says:

      well lets see…. the cops threated to shoot him if he reported it . DO YOU THINK THAT JUST MAYBE THAT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT ? btw WHERE does it say he was high on pcp ? i believe he was arrested for possesion.

  10. LG says:

    Being high on PCP may explain why cops had to use such force, he probably wasn’t feeling any pain.

    1. Danny says:

      And when did sodomy become an acceptable form of force?

      1. flashgordon says:

        They didnt state in this story that the drugs were hidden in his rear end!

        1. Kazoo says:

          story also didn’t state whether he was with his boyfriend prior to his arrest

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