'Dark Knight' Sequel Director, MTV Prepared To Shoot Amid The Protests Soon

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It was a wet day for the occupiers of Wall Street who are camped out in Zuccotti Park as rain moved through the area. It turns out they weren’t alone. It seems Hollywood is lurking.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane in Zuccotti Park

Blue tarps and soggy sleeping bags packed the park Wednesday as the sometimes heavy rain poured down on the protesters.

New Yorker Paul Spitz, who said he’s been camping out in Zuccotti most nights, said he thinks the weather can unite.

“This wonderful American movement has no intention of moving, even when the rain comes down,” he said. “We look to each other, it pulls us together. A pat on the shoulder, a hug, there’s something about the collective nature of something when it just may be right that inspires us to just hang in there and start the new day.”

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With The “99 Percent Blues”

But others who work in the neighborhood were hoping the wet weather will drive some of the demonstrators away.

“I can’t wait for rain or snow,” said one man.

The protesters mostly used the tarps to shield their campsites from the rain, but early in the morning, volunteers were bailing out water that had pooled in areas of the camp.

Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out in Zuccotti Park on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 (credit: Paul Murnane/WCBS 880)

Jason Bogart from Bushwick spent the morning handing out rain gear.

“Ponchos, umbrellas, big umbrellas, warm sweaters, plastic bags,” he said. “Help them store their stuff so that the water doesn’t seep in.”

If they can weather the rain and hold on for ten more days, the protesters could be in the new Batman movie.

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According to The Los Angeles Times, Christopher Nolan has reached out to the cast of The Dark Knight Rises and told them to be ready to shoot amid the protest.

MTV is also apparently looking to Occupy Wall Street for their cast of the Real World.

In what seems to be a casting call posted on Craigslist, MTV said it is looking for people between 20- and 24 years old and asking anyone taking part in the anti-Wall Street movement who is interested to contact them.

Meanwhile, donations keep pouring in to the protesters. The movement has earned $435,000 in donations, $85,000 of which has been given to the protest in person at Zuccotti Park.

The demonstrators spend about $1,500 a day on food and recently dished out $2,000 to wash sleeping bags, sweaters and jackets.

The movement has also reportedly spent about $20,000 on laptops, cameras and other equipment used to stream video online.

As the occupation in New York City continues to grow, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said protesters are camping out in the wrong city.

During a debate in Las Vegas Tuesday night, Cain said they are misdirecting their frustrations and should instead be outside the White House in Washington, D.C.

Cain said he’s not sure what the protesters’ demands are and asked if protesters think Wall Street will just write them checks.

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas also weighed in and said activists are simply protesting the 2008 Wall Street bailouts.

So what’s next on the agenda for Occupy Wall Street? A rally is planned for Saturday afternoon in Union Square to protest against police brutality.

How long do you think the OWS protest will last? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. Claude says:

    This OWS was a cute idea at first. But it has somehow morphed into a big hangout where people go to get free food and to steal from others. Sad that this is being given credence by people. And the HYPOCRISY is galling – Barney Frank supports this? HE IS ONE ONE THE PERPS WHO CAUSED THIS ENTIRE MESS!!!

    Pathetic. Rules for Radicals in full effect.

  2. YOU KNOW says:


  3. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  4. rob says:

    So the batman movie wants the dredges of society and people that look like animals in the movie. It may happen if the movie people can get past the stench of what these people smell like LOL

    And they bought laptops?? I thought they were against capitalism?? What happened there??

    I say the city block all open WI-FI in hat area. That would be funny, then hit them with CS gas and water cannons.

  5. Melvin says:

    Oh let me guess, Real World will consists of comely large bosomed blonds in daisy dukes, and male models bussed in posing in the rain to show off their ab six packs.
    Yea, right Real World.
    No one is going to put on TV some scrawny of flabby goatee protester that thinks the world is flat, because Al Gore says it is.

    1. Jason says:

      Sure they would. Where else could they find a relatively small area with so many stupid people to choose from to be on their brainless reality show?

  6. John Hasham says:

    An incoherent lot of bums! I just realized that could also apply to the Democrat caucus in Congress and the White House with delusional back-of-the-bus Barry and hair-plugs crazy Joe Biden.

    PASS THE BILL, Obama says. He’s making wild claims about how this will put people back to work. Excuse me, teachers, cops and firemen are municipal workers. And it is rather telling that Obama seems only concerned with government workers whose unions overwhelmingly support him, the generally highest paid and most secure employees in this economy. It should also be mentioned that NONE of the promises about the spending Obama has done to date have come true. The nearly trillion dollar stimulus failed to lower the unemployment rate. Of course that money was funneled to government also — no wonder nobody sees where the money went.

    These idiots in “Zucchini Park,” the “Zucchinians,” have much in common with the Democrats in government; they have no idea what they’re doing, either.

    I’m surprised the city, state or the federal government aren’t enforcing health code and EPA violations from this festering pig stye, oozing with indiscriminate feces deposits and the stench of unwashed humans wafting through the air like a noxious zephyr. Oh, that’s right, fines and enforcement only apply to tax-payers, not moronic hobos. Can you say CHOLERA?

    1. mperkins37 says:

      Cholera? What a blessing that would be. Too bad that they didn’t get all the lysteria laced lettuce & cantaloupes that were out there. F ‘EM

  7. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    I think the Occupy crowd should get what they are asking for – communist style dealing with them as a problem.

    So they want what they’re owed just becasue they draw air, hunh? In the days of the USSR they would simply disappear – overnight. There would be no witnesses (or any that would dare say they were witnesses) and they would never be heard from again. In the current communist China they would be told to leave and then removed from Zucccotti by overwhelming, brutal force – this does not include zip-locks on thier wrists and being carried in a civil-disobediant chant.

    Be careful what you ask for kiddies. Communists don’t screw around. You worship Marx and Mao and Che but they would turn YOU to dust as soon as they could, should one of thier likeness take control.

    Now go shower, get a STD test and for goodness sake, make up your bed in mommy’s basement.

  8. Dwight Mann says:

    The protest is bizarre at best, and ineffectual also. . .
    End the Fed should be the call, and the NWO.
    These are the killers of the Republic. . .

  9. NancyM says:

    Here is the way I see this evolving:

    – The protesters maintain a reasonably peaceful, college rock concert type of protest until the 2012 election results are in

    – If Obama is re-elected, everyone goes home

    – If a Republican is re-elected, an organized faction with an agenda manipulates a violent crisis situation

    – The mob gets so out of control that force is required to protect people and property (against injury, fires, looting etc)

    – The Republicans are painted as fascist, dictatorial militarists in the press

    The goal is to get RID of the republican party and totally discredit conservatives.

    It’s really a pretty simple plan.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Both parties are guilty. Obama is no friend to the protesters either. We need a viable third party to represent the interests of the flesh and blood citizens of this nation, not the artificial constructs that have hijacked our government.

  10. David Huser says:

    According to the Daily Rash, Ron Paul visited the Occupy Wall Street demonstration and passed out LSD to the protesters! http://www.thedailyrash.com/ron-paul-hands-out-lsd-to-occupy-wall-street-protesters

  11. Brian says:

    -When they start getting sick who pays for it?
    -If they start a flu epidemic in nyc who pays for it?
    -If an 85 year old gets the flu as a result and dies what then?
    -If you do not have the sense to get out o the rain why should I listen to you about my finances?

    As for the filming and such ..of course some people are going to use these people. Makes money, increases their stock yields, makes it easier for those “evil” corporations to make money and for those who work for them to have better lives.

    1. jjazznola says:

      It looks like they have tents and plenty of rain gear. It wasn’t even cold out. I don’t agree with everything they stand for but it’s about time someone stood up in this country. God Bless Them!

      1. russell says:

        Someone did stand up in this country, they call it the TEA party. The difference between the TEA party and this bunch of flea baggers is the TEA party is a true grass-roots movement and this bunch is all Soros funded astro-turf.

      2. Billy Woody says:

        …and the remaining 91% of the people in the US who are working, taking care of families, etc. They aren’t standing up for teh country by being productive, hard-working citizens?

  12. Rafael says:

    I hope they start passing around the weird tasting koolaid, so i can have my city back! GOD BLESS the USA AND THE NYPD!!!!!!

    1. jjazznola says:

      You want your city back? It’s not like they have taken over. What an idiotic statement.

  13. rob says:

    at 26 ive spent 5 years in this city, watching my friends and i lose one job after another due to no fault of our own. were all over educated to have us work in a system that was built with major flaws, with the ignorance of people in charge and the greed of their practices caused. How many people with business degrees have jobs in business? how many people got funding to go for things like engineering or science or things that would help rebuild our crumbling infrastructure? the only thing those in charge were interested in was making money and making sure they stayed in power to keep collecting. if you cant see that, ask your kid, on the couch, searching craigslist all day looking for a job.

    1. John says:

      Are you a college grad? If so, I’d ask for my money back. Bad grammar, even worse punctuation and yet you want a high paying job. The only person in charge of your life is you.

      1. Anna says:

        HAHAHA so true. thank you John.

      2. rob says:

        hey genius, its a internet forum, not a senior thesis… ez daddy. how bout you stick to arguing my point, or didnt they teach you that in class?

        1. rob says:

          ps im working right now, charging more an hour djing than you make in a day. have fun getting up at 9am since you clearly wasted all the time you could be sleeping trying to trash kids who went to school tried to get a job and couldnt because the american economy is in the tank. good one guys. really. you sound like super human beings

          1. Marco says:

            Rob – you are a dimwit. Even on internet forum, you betray your illiteracy and poor intellect. I’m a couple of years younger than you, and I’m embarrassed that my generation produces good-for-nothing whiners like you. On the one hand you say people have no jobs ad talk about the greed of some…while on the other, you boast about how much money you make “DJing” (as though that is a profession an ‘over-educated’ person would have…lol) and make fun of a person who actually has a ‘regular’ job. You are as hypocritical as you are stupid. You are a loser.

            1. Rearden says:

              Well said… poor Rob is probably in the fetal position right about now.

            2. Rico says:

              Thanks Marco for keeping my faith in the intelligence and optimism of young people alive. I hope that you are not rare. The people involved in OWS have such a sense of entitlement — as though a system based in freedom owes anything to anyone. Many young people today actually do not understand what “liberty” truly means, and so they do not know how to function in any system that does not provide for them, tell them how to think, who to “blame” for their victimhood. In other words, this is a movement of young people calling for a system to essentially control them. This is a serious departure from the American experience, which by and large has been a good force in the world! We are witnessing a frighteningly helpless generation who are perfect puppets for the system of leftist tyranny that has historically moved in to civil societies in an attempt to consolidate money and power. OWS will do whatever it is told by the propaganda it is fed by the left. Watch as the left organizes them….

              1. Richard says:

                Well said

          2. rob says:


      3. Haines says:


        Rob worked hard for 7 years at Nassau community college and deserves a home, car, and 8 figure salary regardless of if he can read or write – or is it right? I always get those two confused.

        1. rob says:

          seton hall. double major. poli sci/econ. sociology minor. what are your credentials. and moreso, what is your actual point? can you really dispute that the economy is in the tank? that our infrastructure is crumbling? that weve sent all our jobs around the world instead of looking out for #1? anyway, enjoy your miserable lives. ive got another record to throw. any requests?

          1. Jason says:

            Ahhh…. the ever useful political science with a minor in sociology.

            Rob, what drives a company to outsource? Would it not be the desire to remain competitive in their market? Think labor unions had anything to do with it?

            1. Jack Kennedy says:

              easy on rob…………….. he doesnt know any better as he is part of the entitlement set

              obviously, sucks to be rob and all his fellow entitled brats

          2. Marco says:

            Rob – don’t be so proud of spinning records. It’s not a real day’s work. And if you want to go toe-to-toe on credentials. I’ll give you the academic beatdown you deserve. I do have a record request though: play Beck’s “Loser” and take it to heart. Ciao.

            1. Pete says:

              well that’s why he does it marco. This fool doesn’t know a real day’s work nor does he want it. He’s too damn lazy.

          3. David from San Diego says:

            They shouldn’t pick on you, Rob. I hope you have a good night DJing and that you are playing some good dance music. No matter how bad the economy, and no matter how bad the future for all of us, you will always look back on these as great days. Enjoy 26, buddy!

            1. Ronervin says:

              Hey David- How do you think Rob’s DJ business would do if he had to depend on 99%ers for customers? Remember Maggie Thatcher’s famous advisement: “The only problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

          4. The Realist says:

            Thing 1… Why Seton Hall? You could have gone to Rutgers or some other public college and saved a bundle. (Before you ask, I went to Hunter with a math major and economics minor.)

            Thing 2… Your “political science” professors should have mentioned that there’s nothing scientific about politics.

          5. Its me says:

            Rob, Do you know, or when, to use that shift key? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that your keyboard may be broken.

    2. David from San Diego says:

      My friend, it is “free trade” with low-wage countries that destroyed our economy. We SENT all the jobs to China. The crooks on Wall Street were actually used by the government to create a credit economy to obscure the consequences of out trade policies until the last possible moment.

      1. rob says:

        lazy? hardly… i managed to have a conversation that put you on your toes while working software and machinery that would make your head spin like a record, and have worked at least 2 jobs all the way from the first day i could until now. they werent always ones i wanted to, but i did it anyway. david seems to know whats going on. there are idiots that you’re trying to lump me in with, and then there are people that understand what the hell is going on in the world. walk with blinders on if you’d like, but the chips have been stacked against ordinary citizens since the gold standard and ordinary american values went out the window, leading us to incur one debt induced recession after another. we didnt create the policy, banking executives did so at a time when people couldnt fight against it by creating the Fed, who has done nothing but increase the debt on everyone from ordinary citizens to foreign countries. if the people that create economic and financial policy were worried about the US citizen, we would be leading the world in science and innovation, rebuilding our infrastructure and bringing it to those nations who we loan to. we dont. not for some conspiracy as some say, but the “invisible hand” hasn’t been instituted and clearly, with you representing the ‘establishment’ so very well, neither has the “golden rule.” and dont dare try to accuse me of not working an honest job. the people that supposedly run this country and the institutions that fund it are stealing from the people they are meant to serve. remember, with power comes responsibility, and they’ve been robbing americans of the opportunity we all think of when we think of this country. I found a way to live my life the way i want to. if you want to live as a sheep that gets up and works the same dead end job and never sees your kids, then by all means continue. it is a free country after all. remember, we’re all in this together, and you should be in it for everyones well being.

        1. rob says:

          and @jason/marco… you forget the ever useful major in ECONOMICS. the other two put it into perspective. take a class, you might learn a thing or two. theres a reason 60% of our students go to business school, the business of america is creating money (99.9% of which doesnt exist as physical currency btw) and then working the system that created that money until it is totally useless and we are broke. hence the situation were in now. the corporations have paid for our “elected officials” and tried to shore up their bets on our economy by paying for candidates to bail them out when they screw it up, and then for a universal healthcare system to save our second biggest economic driver. And who do you think owns the media corporations that give you your news? theres a reason youre not hearing Ron Paul more.

        2. CB says:

          That’s an astoundingly free-market stance to take rob.
          Maybe you should think about whether you’re fighting for the right side.
          Here you have “found a way to live your life the way you want” while you are faulting these others who have done exactly the same. We do lead the world in science and innovation, especially when individuals choose to pursue those goals for a profit motive. It’s only when the government involves itself that the motive goes astray. Only government can spend a billion dollars on “rebuilding infrastructure” only to have something more dilapidated and pathetic than what was there at the start. When a private corporation… like say Apple (I bet you’re an Apple fan) decides to innovate for a profit motive, or build a new building, it spends what is necessary, employs talented people, and gets the most for its money. Steve Jobs lived his life the way he wanted too, and started -gasp- a corporation… one that recently grew to be the largest (by dollar value) in the world.
          I’m sorry, did I miss the exceptional innovation, or does that just happen with you “spinning” all your stolen MP3 files off of your laptop to entertain the people at the club who are happy to pay you handsomely for your time and services?
          Welcome to the conservative movement, you greedy, self-reliant, wage-earner. Here’s to hoping you can keep as much of the money you earn at the club tonight and that no government office comes along to claim their “fair share” of your efforts so they can send it off to Camden, NJ where their brother-in-law is busy ‘rebuilding the infrastructure’.

    3. ZudZ says:

      Oh, boy. Twenty-six, huh? Well, you are such a veteran of life’s consequences, we should all fall to our knees and hang on every one of your misspoken words! Grow some hair on your balls, go through some real loss and then get back to us.

    4. CB says:

      News flash rob… and so many others…
      That Facebook website you are using to “organize” yourselves is a corporation – a big one, sucking in billions of dollars for it’s very wealthy founders.
      Twitter… is a corporation.
      That place paying you so much money to DJ – is a corporation.
      When you use your debit card (or daddy’s credit card) to buy your $5 Starbuck’s coffee, you’re supporting several billion-dollar corporations.
      All that money you are expecting someone to pay you for the brilliant mind you managed to bong-rip into oblivion at the once-hallowed Seton Hall… yeah, that would all come from corporations.
      YOU of all people, you the poli-sci & sociology double major, you the protestor, you the voice struggling to speak through the silver spoon in your mouth, you of all people should know that the socialist movement your group is begging for will not ever make you wealthy, it will not ever pay you the salary you are expecting, it will not ever make you into a billionaire, or a millionaire, or even make you independent.
      No, it’s the evil corporations and your own hard work that will do that.

      1. CB says:

        Believe me, I’ve worked for a state university for almost a decade and now I’m leaving it to return to a privately-held company that will pay me double what the great and glorious ‘state’ is willing to. It’s the company, to corporation, the organization with the profit motive that sees the value of people’s minds and talents. The state only sees masses that can be led, coddled, and herded into parks to stand in the rain, and suffer so their dear leaders can feast in warm mansions, courting money and support from the very people you are protesting.

      2. rob says:

        ya dude, ur clueless… im a ron paul fan, voted republican until i realized it didnt matter who i voted for. im a pro corporation guy. im also a responsibility fan and it is not the business of a corporation to buy elected officials and make them a subsidiary to corporate america. that is not free enterprise. that is robbery. silver spoon my ass… and i worked for everything i ever got. stop the hate… were all people sharing the same planet. lets start acting like it instead of children.

    5. Kelsey Golden says:

      The majority of life’s difficulties are self imposed and you stated the source of yours in the first sentence when you said “you’ve lived (in New York) for 5 years yet you cannot find a job.” It’s not the business people, it’s not “corporations” or “greed,” it’s that liberal voting habits have put your city’s economy completely down the toilet and your choice to stay there despite this is none but your own.

      If you really want a steady job and lower cost of living, the best course of action is to move to a part of the country that has these things. It’s not New York nor will it ever be again so long as the concerns of people like those at occupy wall street are shared by local politicians.

  14. Kip Noxzema says:

    I’m quite sure the producers from Jack@ss will be recruiting for this. What a perfect venue: idiots doing stupid stunts, without one brain cell between them.

    I’m so glad the State Run Media keeps covering this, as it shows the difference between Collectivist and Socialist numbskulls, dirty, taking drugs, living on the street, compared to the peaceful, clean, intelligent, and highly organized Tea Party Americans.

    Continue to show the contrasts and we will glide to victory in 2012.Glide.

  15. Jerry Frey says:

    An unscripted reality show, Occupy America is a populist movement in the tradtion of the nineteenth century Cross of Gold. Speculation (George Soros; hedge funds), long or short, oil futures, de-regulation, neo-liberalism, benefits the 1 percent connected class with no social benefit. Banks once organized and allocated capital in order to produce wealth, economic expansion, that benefited the many rather than the few. Globalists know no national loyalty and are detached from their nations.

    Get the $oney out of politics. Campaign contributions are the nexus of corruption in the capitol. Reduce the amount of money involved in re-election, which really is the name of the game, by promulgating free air time during elections. Keep the current system for primaries.


    History repeats itself: no leadership, no vision, no perspective, chickens have come home to roost…Selfishness.

    For example, there was an imbalance in trade between the Western and Eastern halves of the Roman Empire, along with high taxation. Consider: the government lost control of its borders — Goths, Franks, Suevi, Alans — and society experienced moral decay.

    NeilSalemMA Why does all this remind me of France in the 1780s and 1790s?

    Our system of free enterprise is a corrupt oligarchy of the wealthy that drives more and more middle class Americans into poverty, even while the very rich get much richer. As happened over 200 years ago in France, the people will eventually rise up.


  16. David of Ardmore says:

    The Real World is anything but… OW’s a movement of simpletons and political heretics at their most proudly belligerent moment.

    No wonder MTV is camping out with this Machiavellian stunt.

    1. Benny says:

      It’s like the world’s largest flash mob of seventeen-year-old know-it-all’s

      1. Jay Seibert says:

        Hey, they worked hard for their degrees in Gender Studies and demand the 9 figure salaries that go with them!

  17. ghostrider says:

    Does anyone even watch MTV anymore?

    1. the REAL world says:

      Hell no

      1. Leonidas says:

        We have college campuses indoctrinating college kids with Marxism and MTV corrupting the younger kids.

        Isn’t it time you supported the Youth for Western Civilization so we can bring some sanity back to college campuses?


        Do it today!

  18. Steve M. says:

    Most in the group did not seem prone to violence, and the political views of the participants may be too divergent to form a cohesive political party (I spoke with two people who were clearly pro-capitalism and who’s beef rested with the FED for its inflationary practices). So the likely outcome will be that the movement will disband.

    For up to date info and photos from somebody who works across the street. Please visit:


  19. DCnIL says:

    And with the gentle chirping of the crikets, I’m out of here.

    p.s. I hope it rains. 🙂

  20. DCnIL says:

    But the college educated (and their professors) are the ones sitting in their own filth?

  21. not sure says:

    thank you public education system for this useless bunch of dim-witted, reason and logic free bunch of dopes. nice goin’

  22. DCnIL says:

    THe problem with making stuff here is LABOR costs keep going up, mostly driven by UNIONS, who funded O’s trip to the Oval Office. You can’t fire a bus driver with his GF on his lap, you can’t fire drunks endangering the public because the UNIONS will strike.

  23. DCnIL says:

    Yeah, Wig Wam Willie, or throw a bar of soap in the middle of them.

    When OWS runs the country it will look like like it does now or actually it will be like having ACORN all over again.

    I used to protest…oh wait we called that camping and it was a WEEKEND.

  24. TheRichRule says:

    In 2008, a year that saw the collapse of stock market, the implosion of pension funds, 401(k)s, and college endowments, the destruction of millions of jobs, and the worst recession since the 1930s, the top 25 hedge fund managers received $11.6 billion in compensation. However, there are 94.6 million nonsupervisory workers today who earn less than the average work did in 1973. Unemployment for 19 to 29 year olds is reported at eighteen (18%) percent. I’m sure that’s much higher than that.

    It’s the fault of Congress to let Corporate America send jobs that were created here to foreign lands. Every time I call a service center (Citicorp, for example), I get someone on the other line from the Caribbean or India. And I’m not knocking either the Caribbean or India.

    Our laws “must” be changed. If a product is sold here, then some percentage (like 50%) should be made here. Corporate America must be given an ultimatum to bring our job back to the USA–or have their products/services banned. If that’s not a solution, then these companies should not be given any tax credits (or any other incentives) to send our jobs overseas.

    Congress should be made up of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Today, it’s a millionaire’s club. That’s got to change, or more of us will fall into poverty.

    Furthermore, off-shoring U.S. jobs onto foreign lands should be a National Security issue–too boot. Corporate America shipped millions of U.S. jobs outside of the U.S. over the past 30 years. That in itself weakens this country because tax receipts fall, and, in return, puts stress on our federal (and local) budgets. Think about it.

    1. astupidowsperson says:

      you found us out ….where do you live so i can send you a BOZO badge

    2. dAWg says:

      Wow it is unbelievable how dangerously ignorant you are. There will be no “Corporate America” if Congress does what you suggest, it will just leave and become “Corporate China”. Then there would be even fewer jobs and things would be worse. Corporate America doesnt “send jobs overseas”, it has things done overseas because UNIONS DRIVE UP THE PRICE OF LABOR ARTIFICIALLY! If there were no unions, A LOT MORE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE JOBS, PRODUCTS WOULD BE CHEAPER, AND WE WOULDNT BE PRODUCING A SOCIETY FULL OF DEPENDENT BABIES. The rich you speak of PAY 90% OF THE TAX REVENUE THAT THIS COUNTRY TAKES IN AND GIVES BUMS LIKE YOU A FREE RIDE AND YOU JUST WANT MORE.

    3. Kip Noxzema says:

      I see you drink the Class Warfare Kool Aid. Don’t you realize someone, somewhere, is going to make more money than you? Create wealth through private enterprise for yourself, and stop worrying about others.

  25. Wig Wam Willie says:

    The best way to get rid of the protesters is to tell them that the gathering is really a JOB FAIR.

    1. Anna says:

      This is the best comment I have seen thus far concerning the OWS protest. Thanks for making my day.

  26. Richie says:

    These protesters are the ones that are representing the 99 percenters. Yes that means you and me. Don’t be a dummy, wake up and look at what and where we are today.
    These protesters are fighting a battle which is too much for the people like you that have no clue of whats really going on.
    Have your starbucks, your ipads, and continue to watch your little house on the prairie while making your stupid comments.
    These protesters need to be running America. Thank god these people are here on a mission and OWS will prevail. You just wait and see.

    1. astupidowsperson says:

      i think my doge is smarter then you

      1. not sure says:

        if this anarchy prevails we may as well just bulldoze everything, oh wait, i’ve seen what the result is, it’s depicted in a movie called idiocracy

    2. Kolaboy Davron says:

      You’re a miserable, useless fool.

    3. Eduardo says:

      Um, yeah, right! They have their iPhones and iPads and REI tents and North face Gear on…no corporate American products represented by these wizards of smart….what a joke!

    4. dln265 says:

      I’d be willing to bet that slight majority of the “protesters” own Ipads, and go to Starbucks regularly. When you’re living off student loans, your parents checkbook, or a nice college professor salary, you can take a few weeks out of your life to act like you’re “disaffected.” While these hypocrites stroke their own inflated egos, many unemployed, underemployed, and those that actually represent the real human condition in this country are actually trying to better their situation by….you know….working, or looking for work, or learning a practical skill.

      1. Jason says:

        LEARNING A PRACTICAL SKILL… pay attention OWS folk because this is the KEY to getting that nice salary you desire. Emphasis on PRACTICAL!



  27. DCnIL says:

    What to clean up the mess in the park? “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Still hope it rains. 🙂

  28. DCnIL says:

    If they are protesting Wall Street’s ownership of our government why aren’t they at the White House and the Capitol in Washington DC? The politicians are the people taking the money to get into office.

  29. astupidowsperson says:

    What smells better my farts or an ows protester?

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      76% of them will be Gay, Lesbian or Transsexual. Alll child pedophiles. MTV considers this “real” in the real world — a perfect sample of society.

      …which is why they have only 2 viewers left….oops 1.

    2. Big Bear says:

      If they smell as bad as MY farts, you’ve got those protesters beat!

  30. Geri says:

    They are protesting Wall Street’s ownership of our government. They are protesting the gigantic concentration of wealth in the hands of the top 1%. They are protesting Wall Street manipulation of markets and the fact that nothing has been done about “too big to fail.” They are protesting America becoming a third world country while the politicians are more concerned with protecting Wall Street than the other 99% of Americans.

    1. astupidowsperson says:

      They are protesting because mom told them to get a job.

    2. kbernatovich says:

      realy, I don’t get that from what I’ve seen. They seem like they want everything for free. Also, why are they in NY….they should be in DC at 1600 PA ave. If they can’t even get that right, how dumb are they?

    3. jpk says:


      How many companies fall under your definition of Wall Street? Where does Wall Street get their money from? Where do Banks get their money from? If you understand where the money comes from that goes to Wall Street and the banks and care about the 99% then you’ll understand why the Republicans. bailed out the Banks and Wall Street.(And why you should vote republican)( I’ll give you a clue: depositors and 401k participants).

    4. Anna says:

      America a third world country??? Woah, do you even know the whole alphabet?? Talk to someone who ACTUALLY lives in a third world country and I bet you might have a different outlook on things.

  31. DCnIL says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot. I hope it rains. 🙂

  32. astupidowsperson says:

    Where the cool aid i need to protest Wall Street…YES WE CAN or is change i can believe in

  33. DCinIL says:

    If the protestors had a single message it might mean something, but everyone of them is there for their own reason. It’s not a protest it’s a love-in, a faddish hang-about. As long as they stay the liberals will send moeny hoping OWS will become the Tea Party. No hope there.

  34. astupidowsperson says:

    Barack Obama (D)

    Top Contributors

    This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 2008 election cycle. The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

    Because of contribution limits, organizations that bundle together many individual contributions are often among the top donors to presidential candidates. These contributions can come from the organization’s members or employees (and their families). The organization may support one candidate, or hedge its bets by supporting multiple candidates. Groups with national networks of donors – like EMILY’s List and Club for Growth – make for particularly big bundlers.

    University of California


    Goldman Sachs


    Harvard University


    Microsoft Corp


    Google Inc


    JPMorgan Chase & Co


    Citigroup Inc


    Time Warner


    Sidley Austin LLP


    Stanford University


    National Amusements Inc


    WilmerHale LLP


    Columbia University


    Skadden, Arps et al


    UBS AG


    IBM Corp


    General Electric


    US Government


    Morgan Stanley


    Latham & Watkins


  35. Joey says:

    If Giuliani was still mayor, this “protest” would have ended 27 days ago. I’m just sayin.

  36. david says:

    Next of CBS: Survivor Zuccotti Park.

  37. sybo says:

    most of these protesters ranting about taxing millionaires have probably never filed a tax return. In an interview yesterday one was asked what the fair tax on a million would be…the reply was 100K (10%). That’s LESS that it is already…yeesh

  38. joe says:

    Do people know how hard it is to even become an investment banker? I am an accounting major who recently just got a job with one of the Big 4. Do you know how hard I had to work every day studying to get where I am today. While a lot of my friends were out partying having fun I was sitting away in the library studying my behind off.

    One of my good friends is an investment banker. Yes starting salary he is making around 80k, but he is working 80-90 hour weeks! The people who are making this money are working their tails off for it. Some people who decided not to work and not take the hard road shouldn’t be coming after the money I worked so hard for end of story!

    1. Tom says:

      You speak the truth Joe. None of these slackers are motivated to get off their butts and ACHIEVE. They only want to RECIEVE. Go Capitalism!!!

      1. Joe says:

        I also forgot to add that if you want to make the big bucks as an investment banker over 150k a year you need to pass your CFA exam. This exam if you manage to pass all 3 sections will take a minimum of three years since parts 2 and 3 are only given once a year. In addition each section of the exam requires over 500 hours of studying.

        So if you want to get paid like an investment banker, put in the work at college. Don’t just go out and party and be prepared to study for the next three years of your life after college.

        1. rob says:

          ya and so did the dozens of friends i had that went to business school, and then they got laid off in the huge failures and cuts like BofA through no fault of their own. so did a bunch of others that didnt go to school for banking but cared just as much abt their jobs and education. the only reason youre so out of touch with the reality of the situation is because they work you 90 hours a week like a slave in a system like that. any civilized society would never work people like that, to be out of touch with their kids, making them want to strive for something like their absent parents had due to a false sense of success.

          1. John says:

            Hey Rob,
            Maybe we can change our horrible system and become that utopia known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. I heard they’re not using it any more.

            1. rob says:

              or maybe we can practice the same system with a bit of responsibility? democracy and its economic counterpart capitalism need that in order to function properly, and right now things arent looking good.

  39. David says:

    The fact of the matter is this. If any of these protesters were offered millions in salary/bonuses from the Board of Directors of some bank, Wall Street firm or company there is absolutely NO DOUBT that the majority of them would gladly take it. Sadly, in hearing most of their interviews the vast majority don’t even know the basics of how the markets even work let alone running a company. The motivation here is much less about moral indignation about so-called greed and much more about envy and jealousy.

    1. Aaron Hyman says:

      I think your missing the point. There are lots of bad jobs that take lots of work. Just because you worked really hard at something, doesn’t make that thing good.

      1. Jason says:

        No, from his post I believe he understands exactly what this is all about.

        Yes, there are a lot of ‘bad jobs’. That’s the way it goes if you don’t put fort the effort to become skilled in a ‘good job’. Pay is a function of skill/training as well as the supply and demand of the ‘good job’ you wish to obtain.

  40. sybo says:

    I thought the owners of the park said that tarps and tents weren’t permitted in the park any longer…what gives???

  41. END THE FED or America will be Dead says:

    Dont be stupid,
    be a shmarty,
    come and join
    Ron Paul’s Tea Party

  42. OWS is Terrible says:

    a recent poll shows that 85% of the protesters have jobs, and 49% believe that TARP was neccesary (WSJ 10/18/11). If this was a bunch of displaced 50+ year olds that got downsized, I would understand. ANR the coal mining company can not hire people at $70,000 a year. That sure sounds like a living wage to me. I guess that is not enough for these hippies. Also, they would actually have to work, not update their blogs, surf the internet and tweet all day.
    Again, thats Alpha Natural Resources, and its $35 an hour to start. See ya’ protesters, enjoy the living wage, if you dare!

  43. IgnoranteElephante says:

    Here is a brief synopsis of what really happened.

    Government regulations and entitlement programs forced banks to write bad mortgages. The thought was everybody was entitled to home ownership even if they had terrible credit, limited income and assets, and were irresponsible.

    Millions upon millions took advantage of these regulations and abused them purchasing homes that were substantially above their means.

    They began to default.

    Traders who routinely buy and sell mortgage backed securities sensed that major defaults were on the horizon.

    These traders bought and quickly sold tons of these mortgage backed securities before the inevitable collapse making tidy profits.

    The usual buyers, investment banks, took heavy losses and some become insolvent and closed their doors. With the increase of mortgage foreclosures and bank failures, the federal government approved TARP and bought equity into some of these failing banks (and other companies). With ownership came more regulations.

    Meanwhile dispossessed and unemployed Americans increased in droves as their employers or their employers’ investments collapsed and their mortgages foreclosed, pensions, 401(k)s, and portfolios were lost.

    Not willing to admit that the regulations that required ridiculous and risky loans was the cause of this, the government and others pointed to the high salaries, bonuses, and junkets of the corporate types as the symbol and possible cause of everyone’s problems.

    Disillusioned, trust funded hipsters with an unearned sense of entitlement took to the streets to complain about this perceived “greed.” In the process, the government figures “as long as they’re blaming Wall Street, they’re not blaming us.” Wealthy liberal donors, a la George Soros, pour money into the cause in an effort to shield their “anointed and chosen president.”

    These hipsters figured, while they had the podium, they’d also tow the usual liberal line, and so the rage against corporate greed was accompanied by the cries against environmental abuse, the death penalty, police brutality, unfair trade, deunionization, and racism.

    The end result was hoards of dirty, slovenly sloppy misfits, who live in $3000 a month walk ups in Brooklyn, destroying a park and its surrounding community, complaining of corporate greed while “tweeting” on their IPads and Pods, dining on elegant meals, demanding something for nothing, and withdrawing whatever money that they need from their nice little trust fund set up by daddy back in Indiana and funded by the very same, evil Wall Street that they deplore.

    Looking at them on Wall Street, it is hard to figure out who is greedy. They don’t understand that most of the 99% of which they purport to represent can’t live the lifestyle that they were fortunate enough to choose.

    1. mak says:

      Perfect! Great post!

    2. Mark says:

      Succinct and directly to the core of the problem. Excellent commentary!


      Wow. Perfect analysis. Particularly with respect to government backed loans being the cause of the whole mess, The media routinely glosses over that part!

  44. ingrid swen says:

    How ignorant most of you are! When protesters protest and go through every inconvenience to do so, you’re talking about them not working and the park being dirty and the city having to pay for protests and how many expensive electronics the protesters have! How ignorant! Don’t you understand that these are exceptional times in America and the world? Don’t you know that our glory days are gone, and it all needs fixing? How stupid can you be? Some of you should refrain from commenting.

    1. Bugs Bunny says:

      Ah, shaddup!

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Inconvenience? What inconvenience? The inconvenience of living off of other people. These people should go back to Williamsburg or Park Slope where they came from. I go through the inconvenience of having to work 60 hours a week to earn my living. I don’t demand anything from anyone nor do I resent anyone who has more than I. These people were born with a silver spoon in their pocket, yet shun anything that they perceive as wealthy. Most Americans can’t afford the rents they chose to pay or the wine they choose to drink.

    3. Cookie says:

      I think you should be the one to refrain from commenting fool. Seriously you are demented to think that they are being inconvenienced. I don’t think half of the people protesting know what the hell they are protesting against .

    4. Big Daddy says:

      one thing we must realize is that we live in a materially saturated country. fifteen years ago, a furniture sales rep told me he was spending around $14,000 a year for his cell phone use for work. now, you see folks at the bus stop with a Hardee’s uniform on texting their little fingers off. used to be only the super rich had those super large-screen TVs. now you see those hanging on walls inside mobile homes. you can pick up a huge SUV, formerly a mark of riches, at any used car lot. the line that for so long demarcated the Haves from the Have-nots has disappeared. simply b/c someone has a laptop doesn’t make them rich, or indicate a trust fund. we almost ALL have these things.

      look folks, we are the worst economic times of my lifetime. this burgeoning French Revolution should be monitored carefully, as there’s only so long before violence will undoubtedly break out. anybody else here think that bailing out banks and car manufacturers is ethical, while large numbers of individuals don’t have jobs? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO’S READ ABOUT THE RECORD PROFITS THAT OIL COMPANIES POST ALMOST EVERY QUARTER?? but yet the country is dying economically, filling their tanks to look for work or go to work, while the Gulf gets destroyed, while BP posts record profits. but in all agreement with Herman, they should be outside the White House, or more specifically Congress, the roots of all Amurcan evil.

    5. astupidowsperson says:

      Shut up and get a job you bum

    6. prviatouring says:

      Somebody is smoking something somewhere.

  45. Liam says:


  46. OWS is Terrible says:

    do these people think they would be better off if all the banks had failed. instead of salmon, maybe someone should donate free Economics 101 books. Indeed, the only TARP money that was not paid back with a massive gain, was the GM (union) money. If GM had filed, nobody would have stopped making cars (think Continental airlines 3 BK’s sofar). The only reason we bailed them out was to save overpaid union jobs. Finally, Obama only sold “part” of the goverments holdings at $33 a share, because he was gonna sell the “rest higher”. Now it is low 20’s. I though “anyone can do Wall st job”

  47. Michael Chaplin says:

    Here is a list of what was borrowed and what was paid back – NO it was not all paid back (saves you the trouble of reading the data)


    The Bigger point is they should have never been bailed out in the first place – Everyone talks about the poor who don’t work and always have their hands out but the simple reality is the banks had their hands out too and got 700 BILLION – that is one heck of a welfare check!

    I know you out there want to hold onto your glory days notions of the USA but those days are LONG GONE sorry to say and the banks, Washington, Bush and Obama are all part of the problem.

  48. mo says:

    Excuse me? The majority of the bailouts were paid back with interest. Is OWS going to pay back the costs of their occupation with interest? I thought not.

    1. filthy hippies says:

      QE 1 Was paid back with QE 2, which would be paid back with QE 3…

      Until America is an impovershed 4th world nation with all the GEWWS driving around in Mercedes and Audis talking about how dispicable the gpym winers are wallowing in their filth

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Take note who permeates both sides of the equation here. What group dominates both sides, protestor and banker alike?

      2. Anamial Farm says:

        Bernake feasts on the pork of unclaimed infants, yummy yummy in the tummy

        1. Blood Libel says:

          He puts the infants in his Matzoh.

    2. Three card Quantitative easing says:

      Yeah, they were paid back with more stimulis money!

      Wake up people

  49. SaraG says:

    They have to make it, they have to stay, OWS needs to happen in every city across the Nation and the world, these Banksters and Gov’t wasting fools, need to GO. OWS, OWS, OWS.. stay strong! The people who are “hoping for rain & snow” are anti-american capitalist pigs.

    1. Burro Hijo De Puta says:

      I hope it rains or snows.

      1. SaraG says:

        Gosh darn you!

    2. p-rick says:

      Get a job you maggot!

  50. disgusted says:

    un-freakin-believable. this has got to be a bad joke. They eat better than most (See the story in today’s NYPost for that one. A chef cooks gourmet meals for them.). They have expensive electronicst. They don’t work. They sit around and complain about the world yet they are the ones getting the free ride. And the city does nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zippo. Right is wrong. Wrong is right. And we pay for it out of our tax dollars. Their parents should be held accountable for raising such ‘the world owes me a living’se;fish spawn.

    1. SaraG says:

      @disgusted, YOUR tax dollars went to bank bailouts and 500+million for a bankrupt solar company and your complaining about people who want this kind of nonsense to stop??? You are a moron.

      1. Brooklyn McDirtyshoes says:

        *you’re complaining

      2. SG is a fool says:

        @SaraG, do you know what you are talking about fool? The majority of the bailouts were paid back with interest. Mo said it right. All I see at Zuccotti park is filthy. The protesters indicate that they are cleaning up the park themselves. That is not what I saw passing this morning. All I saw was filth all around and, people having sex in sleeping bags. The owners can’t even come in to clean becasue they will be met with hostility. I don’t blame brookfield properties, They don’t want to put their employess at risk of being hurt.

        1. Rafael says:

          RIGHT ON SG! I think all of their trust funds have dried up and now the fleabags are looking for a bailout!

    2. Arlinda says:

      So what if a chef wants to help by making them food with HIS money? That’s HIS business.

      Pataki authorized 1.65 BILIION dollars in tax-free Liberty Bonds for Goldman Sachs when he was governor. Goldman Sachs has harmed our economy more that OWS could ever come close to.

      1. C says:

        I almost hate to do this, but since GS must be such a horrible organization, I guess you must think the below programs (check the links) are a farce – oh wait, they have positively contributed to the success of thousands of individuals. Honestly, almost every Bank and major Corporation in the US wants to see more people employed and well compensated so that growth will drive their profits up. Yes, the banks made some very rotten choices in the past decade that contributed significantly to our current economic malaise, HOWEVER, ALL OF THOSE POOR CHOICES WERE DIRECTLY DRIVEN BY BAD GOVERNMENT POLICY. Those guys in Washington who answer to no-one, save public whim, have built entire careers on handing out the hard work of others. The idea that everyone in the world should be qualified to have a loan to buy a $500,000 or $1,000,000 home is ridiculous – its simply not mathematically possible. So instead Washington DC effectively legislated that lenders make bad loans (see Community Reinvestment Act) and squeezed profits so hard (see Mortgage Subsidization) that banks had to chase unqualified borrowers in order to stay in business. It amazes me that after watching the government legislate financial idiocy that people are suddenly surprised there is a problem. If you want to complain, then go to DC where the problem originated






    3. Michael H. says:

      Many protesters do work. Why else do you think the numbers swell on the weekends?

      1. Arlinda says:

        Um, free pancakes?

        1. Michael H. says:

          I’M THERE!

    4. kbernatovich says:

      who cares. Why is such a small group getting so much press? They have no message, no ideas (except gimme gimme more). What a joke. Stop the coverage and this ends in a day.

      1. The Sage Waitress says:

        The whole strategy was to squat until someone noticed. They were there a week or two before they started getting press, and now it’s just a circus. Give the media a little more time to get bored with them, and move onto the next fad topic.

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