NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Jets needed a win in the worst way.

So they started out in the worst way, ending up with a win over the worst team.

Apparently, Rex Ryan decides on a captain by how much negative publicity you can generate during the week. So there was Santonio Holmes and Brandon Moore for the coin toss.

Holmes calling heads, the Jets win. Moore calling tails, the Dolphins lose.

Both electing to deceive us into thinking the two of them — and the team itself — everybody, the best of buddies.

You’re glad the Jets won the game, but let’s be candid. They won the game, but it’s kind of embarrassing to say you beat the Dolphins. So instead you say “a win is a win.”

Sanchez still has to prove he looks better on the field than in GQ. Plax and Greene, too.

There’s plenty to work on.

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