Body Ink All Over 'Tokidoki' Seen As Sending A Very Bad Message To Children

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The newest Barbie doll to hit store shelves is sparking controversy.

The doll sports several tattoos, and some parents say it’s sending the wrong message to their kids, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

Meet “Tokidoki Barbie,” the newest addition to the iconic doll collection.

She’s edgy — with pink hair, sky-high stilettos and a cactus-covered pet named “Bastardino.”

But it’s her body art that has some parents on edge.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for little girls to be having Barbies with tattoos all over,” parent Reye Griffith said Thursday.

Tokidoki’s upper body is covered with exotic-looking tattoos, including a large flower covering her chest and a tiger curls up her neck.

“I think it sends all the wrong signals for young girls,” said Mitti Hansen, mother to a 4-year-old girl.

Tokidoki is not the first Barbie to sport tattoos. In 2009, Mattel unveiled “Totally Stylin’ Barbie,” but her tattoos were stick-on and removable.

Tokidoki’s are inked on.

“Maybe if a little girl sees that she also wants a tattoo and I think it’s not good,” parent Latifa Zyne said.

But body art is a growing trend. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 in 4 Americans ages 18 to 50 now has at least one tattoo.

Tattoo artist Pablo Jimenez said Tokidoki is just a reflection of a more accepting attitude toward body ink.

“Tattoos, right now, is everywhere. It’s just about art. It’s nothing bad,” Jimenez said.

Tokidoki is considered a “collectible” and retails for $50 — much more expensive than basic Barbie dolls. Mattel said the doll is marketed more toward adult collectors than to children. Tokidoki is a limited edition doll — named after the fashion line of the same name. It is sold only on Barbie collector’s website.

“You will not find this in any toy store,” said Jim Silver, Editor-In-Chief of

Silver said Tokidoki is just the latest in a long line of high-fashion collector items meant for adults, not kids.

“These are high-priced dolls. They make dolls after big-time fashion designers like Bob Mackey, so these are dolls that kids generally don’t see,” Silver said.

Many parents said they’d like to keep it that way.

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  1. bullett says:

    The new Barbie looks like one of those “reality show” bimbos that are flooding the boob tube. I’m just wondering if they the give her tattoos, implants and piercing in the unmentionable areas?

  2. bubba says:

    Young gals with tattoos will look like circus performers when they are old. Don’t yield to the fashionistas, girls….

  3. Andrew says:

    Tattoos somehow “make” someone trashy or not? Tattoos determine one’s personality? Funny. I have a full sleeve, a college degree in philosophy, and make more than the average annual income.

    I can see that ignorance and idiocy still thrive in this country even in 2011. Keep it up, internet warriors!

  4. Bobby says:

    Does it come with batteries????

  5. Harry Ballz says:

    I am so gonna masturbate all over this doll!

  6. ratso111 says:

    nothing kills my hard on like fat on a female or tattoos on a female

  7. Shannon Callahan says:

    I want to know who her artist is. I would kill for a dogwood like that….

  8. Tina says:

    I want one LOL

  9. Nancy Morin Gagliardi says:

    I’d worry more about the viplent video games the kids are playing.

    1. Nancy Morin Gagliardi says:


  10. Shannon Callahan says:

    It is NOT the first Barbie with a tat. I have the 2009 Harley Davidson collectible Barbie and she has her entire back tattooed. And yes, it is an actual Barbie produced by Mattel

  11. JEFF GORDON says:

    This doll is bound to be a collector’s item – buy one if you can still find it in the store.Probably sold out.

  12. GFWSR says:

    Oh great, a doll with tramp stamps! What are we teaching our children? This is nuts!

    1. Shannon Callahan says:

      she does not have a tramp stamp. Where did you get that from?

  13. Robert says:

    Next is the “Porn Star Barbie” for next year…………. l

  14. Mike Jefferson says:

    I am so opposed to tatoos and yet the uproar over this doll is completely irrational. It’s a doll designed for collectors, not children. We have more important things to worry about, and a tat-n-tit Barbie is not one of them.

  15. Amy Lungu says:

    I so want my kid to have one. Why not teach our kids that everyone is different. Since when does having tattoos make you a bad person.

  16. VEG522 says:

    tramp-stamped Barbie, I like it.

  17. Tim says:


  18. Griz says:

    Whats next.
    Something to please the GLAD crowds?

  19. GhettoGirl says:

    Will Obama pay for my tattoo?

  20. Craig eliot says:

    Tattoos are vulgar. Period.

  21. Mark Jaggers says:

    I am waiting for black Barbie with a big ole white D*ck in her mouth and another big black d*ck in her A$$. “I will wait until threesome barbie come out before making a purchase for my daughter…

  22. Mark Jaggers says:

    where is Ni**ger Barbie?

  23. Mark Jaggers says:

    USA is over..prepare the children to fight.

  24. Sage49 says:

    Halloween, in American pop culture, has become a monument to bad taste. What had been a pagan holiday to celebrate the harvest and give tribute to the “lord of death’ evolved into All Hallow’s Eve, the night before All Saints day in early Christendom. This was a night filled with merriment and begging for treats. Unfortunately, this minor holiday is now a poor excuse for people to gross each other out and dress and act like fools. In some cities, it’s not even safe to be on the streets on Halloween. Really, aren’t we better than this?

  25. klg1956 says:

    How about Hollywood Barbie that comes with Botox…..her face comes saggy and you dip her head into it and her face gets tight…….or Los Angeles Barbie…..she comes with limp lips…..dip her head into collagen and her lips become full.

  26. klg1956 says:

    Hey, New York, lighten up, you and Massachusetts are the leaders of America’s enlightenment today with your progressive movement bull crap degradatiion of our society……what’s a little tatt on Barb? Maybe they should make STD Barbie or Condom Barbie…that would make you feel much better, right, progressive and all? Just like school, Barbie would come with a banana and a CD instead of a New York teacher to show you how to use it, or these enlightened sex days of women teachers, maybe a teacher to put one on your private banana. Or Cap and Trade Barbie? Green Barbie? Oh, but then there wouldn’t be a doll, right without buying carbon credits or paying a carbon tax? Maurice Strong (Chicago), Al Gore and Obama are smiling all the way to the bank! Here’s a reality check for you….How about Unemployed Ken or “Welfare Barbie”…she comes with five kids and EBT cards (electronic benefits transfer–from the stupid hard working taxed American to the idiot sloth American Barbie lazy non-worker)….$600 per card per person per month–not a bad haul for slumming……You are idiots! Worry about the big stuff like losing your freedom or becoming a 3rd world country overnight. Be worried it’s not Sharia Law Barbie yet…because then it would come headless.

    1. Juliet Benson says:

      You are hilarious. I can’t help but agree.

  27. Trixlette says:

    Oh just get it over with already.The new Liberal Barbie line. Hooker Barbie. Drug Rehab Barbie.Welfare Barbie. Octo Barbie (ref to Suleman). Alcoholic Barbie. Trailer Trash Barbie. She and her friend Flash Mob Nikki, have big city adventures at local fast food restaurants. And the grand finale’ Abortion Barbie!!

  28. Real Rick says:

    Also known as S___ Barbie!

  29. digitus says:

    I think tramp stamps make their ass look big.

  30. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    Put your hands together for the Mattel set:

    “Welfare Ho Barbie” and “Pimpin’ Ken”

    1. klg1956 says:

      Funny! I’m still cracking up!

  31. digitus says:

    Had to toki and think about that one.

  32. Jasonn says:

    Tramp Stamp Barbie? Who wudda thunk it?

  33. Zaxxy says:


    1. digitus says:

      That would be cool tattoo.

  34. jma says:


    Do you like to wear the same dirty clothes over and over? That’s what a tattoo is like, wearing the same piece of dirty (most look dirty) clothing every day for the rest of your life.

    And that is how I will treat you; we will not be “equals.”

    By the way, I’m out and you read it…can’t unread it.

    1. Amy Lungu says:

      Just because you don’t like tattoos doesn’t mean it is dirty. What is wrong with understanding everyone is different. I don’t have any tattoos but I do not JUDGE someone by its cover. Isn’t that what we teach our kids not to judge a book by its cover?
      People with tattoos are not asking you to wear their skin so what is the problem?

  35. Brittany Turner says:

    worse than the tattoos is the fact that is that this doll will actually teach children that CACTUSES are DOGS. anyone who says the apocalypse is not upon us need only look at this abomination of a canis lupis chlorophyllius to know that we are rapidly approaching the end of days!!!


  36. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Jerks with nothing better to do. The pope seems to have nothing but love for pedophiles, Obama is a murderer, and kids seem to be getting dumber by the day. But a freaking doll with some paint gets peoples attention. Nice. So that’s the secret. Get them brains working people there is far more important crap to be worrying about.

  37. Shazamm says:

    Tattoos just look like big ugly birthmarks. Why anyone would want one is beyond me.

  38. Repent Amarillo says:

    It is another indicator of our failing nation. Turn to Jesus Christ. Repent and believe the Gospel. Homosexuals in the military. Next we’ll have a play Planned Parenthood clinic where barbie can get an abortion. She won’t get pregnant by Ken though because he’s homosexual and has his “friend” Steve. There is a play gay bar for them. Hey look! It the Barbie gay pride float! This nation is done. Stick a fork in it. When it collapses please turn to Christ and away from the insanity of sin that perverts and pervades this lost nation.

  39. RA0725 says:

    Used to have to wait for the circus to see a tattood woman. Now, tramp stamps all over the place. Maybe they should make a 60 year old version so these kids get a good look at what those tats will look like someday……blecchhhhh.

    1. generationgap says:

      these kids these days are being raised by your kids….chew on that for a bit

  40. Zues says:

    Tokidoki means “Sometimes” in Japanese.

  41. Dave says:

    About 10 or 12 years ago they produced the Butterfly Art Barbie. Soon after they promissed to withdraw the product from all the stores over the contraversy it created. The collectable dealers (myself being one of the duped) rushed out and bought them up as quick as we could, the company kept producing and selling the item with the majority of the sales going to collectble dealers. I have to say this is a SCAM to create contraversy and sell product as quickly as possible.

  42. Olrik says:

    Why don’t they make a 270 pound scale Barbie with g-string exposed in a Walmart that is next to her cracker trailor park community – a true reflection of modern american society…

    1. Mark Jaggers says:

      Yeah and a bunch of dumb Ni**ers next door asking for handouts also

  43. Dgerst says:

    I’ve been predicting the Pole Dancer Barbie for years.

    1. digitus says:

      I saw a pole dancer antenna ornament the other day. I about ran into a poplar.

  44. Stanley says:

    Do the regular Barbies come with a tramp stamp?

  45. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  46. Mark says:

    What’s next, been knocked up Barbie?
    Our society is taking the tubes fast and I’m glad I don’t have to bring another child into this world.

  47. mj says:

    obviously these people have no real problems in their lives if they can find the time and energy to get bent out of shape about this .

  48. FedUPnTexas says:

    My 2 granddaughters will NOT be getting the tattooed Barbie…neither their parents,or I will allow THAT to happen!!!!!

  49. bitters says:

    Body art? More accepting? A doll created for ‘adults’ only? Give me a break..

    1. Juliet Benson says:

      Ever heard of designer toys? You are a moron.

  50. Huh says:

    Its Bush’s fault

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