Boomer & Craig put football aside for a moment this morning to discuss the assassination of the autocratic ruler of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi.  Clearly a great moment for our country as a whole, but made a little sweeter for those who root for the New York Yankees, as early reports indicate that a 20-year-old rebel wearing a Yankees hat pulled the trigger.

From there it was on to the Jets, as Rex’s Gang Green prepares to take on a well-rested San Diego Chargers team this Sunday.

After uttering some out-there comments during a conference call with the San Diego media on Wednesday, yesterday we saw ‘Sexy Rexy’ do a little damage control and offer an apology to Norv Turner.

Craig was not thrilled to hear his boisterous head coach go on the defense, preferring rather he stood by his original comments.  Meanwhile, although he didn’t offer his official pick for the game, early indications seem that the Blonde Bomber believes that Philip Rivers and the Chargers coming off a bye week may prove to be too  much for the Jets to handle.

The guys also touched on the folks over at ESPN owning up to their gaffe regarding how they handled ‘their’ Dwight Gooden story, before offering a brief recap of the dinner party they two of them attended honoring St. John’s great Chris Mullin…

LISTEN: Yankees Fan Brings Down Gadhafi; Rex Backtracks (10/21)

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