Man Claims Demonstrater Urinated In Tupperware, Dumped Contents In Street

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — “Occupy Wall Street” is ending its fifth week, and some area residents are fighting mad over the chaos created by the protesters’ encampment.

As CBS 2’s Mark Morgan reports, some say the park is turning into a noisy, raucous headache that won’t go away.

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To the protestors, the sound of drums is the sound of democracy in action. But to some residents who live in the area, it’s just noise — and it’s becoming unbearable.

“There is drumming. There are trumpets. There are bugles. There are tambourines. There’s yelling and shouting and chanting late into the night,” resident Ro Sheffe said.

“If my daughter was drumming in my house for 14 hours … I’d murder her,” another woman said.

One drummer told Morgan his group has actually cut back their activity.

“So now it’s going shorter until 6 o’clock, so I think that’s reasonable for people who live around here and stuff,” Humo Duarte said.

Another concern of those who live or work in the area is where these people use the bathroom. John Tuttle works a few blocks away, and said some protesters’ behavior has become a health hazard.

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“I saw a gentleman who was actually using Tupperware containers to urinate in. He actually was dumping it in the street,” Tuttle said.

But not everyone is complaining.

“I haven’t seen it and I don’t smell anything when I walk around. I’ve been around the whole park and I’ve been here about three weeks … doesn’t seem to be a problem to me,” said Roy Sharkey of St. James, N.Y.

Urine, fecal matter and other things — unpleasant things — are all part of the quality of life issues people in the park are trying to control.

Until the two sides find some common ground the uneasiness between residents and protesters will continue.

Another public meeting to discuss quality of life issues is set for next Tuesday.

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